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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 25, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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about life after the beatles, telling the bbc he was depressed after the world disband rocha, who wasn't? he says he hit the bottle, even thought about giving up music altogether then started his band wings, got back to writing songs and he still performing this summer, has concerts this summer and he's so awesome so yes. bill: james rosen would not have the sun come up tomorrow. thank you paul. "happening now" starts now. jon: i have tickets to that show. heather: do you really? jon: i do. southern california police on high alert as we await the start of another donald trump rally following a night of violence in the streets of
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albuquerque, new mexico welcome to "happening now". i'm jon scott p7 i'm heather dower to come in for jenna lee. police in albuquerque calling it a riot , take a look. [shouting] you can see the protesters as they clash with police, throwing rocks and bottles. that peaceful demonstration as you can see quickly turned to chaos. officers responding with smoke grenades and pepper spray pickup inside the convention center, presumptive nominee mocked those proposals and had several removed from his rally. jon: let's go to national correspondent john robertson alex anaheim california right now . reporter: good morning,
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people starting to arrive for a trump event which begins in about four hours time. unclear what's going to happen here. we are not too far away from costa mesa which a month ago violent anti-trump demonstration just a short distance away from disneyland. space mountain there, we could have a bit of a thrill ride here today as well. there was one last night in new mexico, thousands of protesters mostly peaceful until the sun went down. trump had left the building before what police described as a riotbroke out, people throwing bottles and rocks at police, breaking through barricades, smashing the door at the front of the convention center. police and horseback had to push them back , pepper spray, smoke grenades and the number of police officers injured, at least one person was arrested. at the rally last night in new mexico donald trump pushing back hard against an issue that could become a potential problem for him, his 2006 pronouncement that he was looking forward to the housing bubble bursting so he could get in there and take advantage of it. hillary clinton hammering trump on that in an ad, trying to turn it into a mitt romney 47 percent moment. donald trump trying to prevent that from happening,
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here he was last night. >> i see this lowlife tonight, i see this low life, she puts on an ad, did you know that donald trump was rooting against housing because he wanted housing to go down because you wanted to buy in and they got some clips from me many years ago where i'm saying, i'm going to buy. i'm a businessman, that's what i'm supposed to do. if she did it she want to buy at the top. reporter: donald trump doing everything he can to draw hillary clinton's negatives. last night, even mocking the sound of her voice. listen to this. she is a total lightweight, believe me. i want her speaking. she always uses the teleprompter.i want her speaking. we are going to win north and south and east and west. she screams, it drives me crazy. she goes, and donald trump is a terrible person. and he wanted to buy housing when it was at a low point. who the hell doesn't? reporter: donald trump this morning on twitter weighed in
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on the disturbance in albuquerque. the protesters in mexico were thugs who were flying the mexican flag, the rally inside was big and beautiful but outside criminals. tonight donald trump holds a second fundraiser in as many days for the republican national committee, it's the home of the big republican donor, $25,000 a pop, he could raise an awful lot of money for the party this evening. jon: john roberts, let's hope it stays peaceful in california. heather: jon: a fox news alert. the inspector general of the state department is just out with a report criticizing hillary clintonfor her email use , saying among other things that secretary clinton should have preserved any federal records she created and received on her personal account by printing and filing those records with the related files in the office of the secretary. she also should have surrendered all emails dealing with department business before leaving government service.
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let's talk about that as well as this violence on the campaign trail with patrick griffin, former campaign consultant to president george hw bush, president george bush and romney. jessica tulloch is also with us, democratic pollster and strategist and senior political strategist at shown consulting. this ig report which is voluminous, jessica, goes on to suggest that previous secretaries of state also broke the email rules but it really comes down on hillary clinton, saying that she did not comply with the department policy. how much of a campaign issue is this going to be going forward? >> i'm not sure this is something that has been hanging around for the past year but i do think it has an effect. we know that hillary clinton has low point for honesty and trustworthiness rating and that there where bernie sanders is shown in comparison so it does hurt her and the longer this hangs around the more she gives to the other side and reports that bernie sanders has been
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picking on her a lot as he's her opponent has posted her competitor in the primary. so i think that as that continues to hurt her, i think she's going to be indicted? no, i do not think that but it's not helpful obviously be on this is not patrick obviously. anything from the fbi or the justice department but it doesn't help when the inspector general of the department that you just left four years ago is out with a report like this. >> yes, this plays into the narrative, john of hillary clinton as jessica said being perceived as untrustworthy. it also plays into bernie sanders narrative that the system is rigged and no one gets a fair break and the clintons live by a different set of rules. it's not helpful. as a matter of fact in advance of the idea that the old clinton's back with their drama, back with the stuff they've always done or a problem for democrats in a
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election that's about change be on let's get to the violence and some of the other issues we are seeing on the campaign trail. she is going out, hillary clinton is going out for a rally in southern california today after unleashing a new attack against donald trump, she's accusing him of rooting for the housing crash. there's an ad about that. let's listen. >>. [ominous music] i sort of hope that happens because then people like me would go in and buy. jon: you heard donald trump's response a moment ago in that report from john roberts. he says yes, i'm a businessman. that's what i do. he seems to be brushing it off. is an effective jessica. >> mark sked is the ad effective? i'm not so sure considering donald trump said he could stand in the middle of fifth avenue and shoot someone and none of his supporters would
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abandon ship and is it really going to be that useful? what it does is it sets up elizabeth warren who is clinton's new attack dog and i hope this means she will be endorsing her soon as she's taken some of the clinton taglines and is using them, going after trump hard. i think really with the donald trump effect, very little is going to slow him down unfortunately. this will give you some pause but then they will go back to the fact that he's a businessman and he's explained everything that context. why do i trade to pay as the taxes possible? i'm a businessman. why would i bet against the housing market? i'm a businessman and when this capitalist argument is resonating i see little that's going to stop him in terms of an ad like that be on is that an ad that elizabeth warren can make effective? >> last person who should be making that argument is elizabeth warren who flipped houses in the late 1990s that she and her husband purchased. in some cases she made between 350 and hundred 80 percent profit, can you imagine that? elizabeth warren actually
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made a profit and those profits make what happens on wall street according to her pale in some ways. elizabeth warren is the worst possible person to come forward for hillary clinton. in an election it's about authenticity and disruption. she is the last person to come out, particularly on something like this and attacked donald trump for trying to do precisely what he said he does. he's a business guy. he had his real estate. that's something that's amazing about donald trump. he tells it like it is. i do business guy, this is what i do for a living and that's what i did. it appears elizabeth warren has read the art of the deal because she practices the same medicine. >> if i could push back, elizabeth warren is a true hero. she is. you can laugh all you want but that's a fact. her approval ratings are extremely high and bernie sanders is not necessarily the choice of the progressive left, they would rather have
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had elizabeth warren in this election. so to see say she's a possible person to do this, have to push back but i don't think that's true. jon: jessica, until this morning i wasn't aware that elizabeth warren had bought foreclosed houses with her husband and flipped them after the housing crisis. it seems like i'm not sure that is widely known among her supporters. >> it is and i'm not sure how widely known it will be going forward. everyone has skeletons in their closet. all this will continue to come out but my point is that elizabeth warren has true progressive credit. the way he's going after wall street and the way she unabashedly wants to redistribute money which is a key issue of the left makes her a powerful force and i hope that she is fully behind hillary clinton as we move forward. jon: i wouldn't describe it as a skeleton in the closet necessarily. i wish i would have not been heavily invested in real estate before the crash and i wish i would have purchased houses and flipped them but if you're going to do that,
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maybe you can't criticize donald trump for doing the same thing. >> i don't think elizabeth warren and donald trump have ever done the same thing. it's a scale issue. jon: patrick, go ahead. >> i would say this. hillary clinton's biggest problem is nobody buys her credit. not the progressive left because bernie sanders is still here.people in the middle don't buy her credit. her problem is taking an inauthentic person like elizabeth warren who claims to be an indian which was not true. she claimed she is a friend of the little guy, she always talks about that but the way she rails against it, she's a do as i say not do as i do politician which is precisely hillary clinton's authenticity problem. if elizabeth warren is the best she can do to make someone like hillary clinton more of believable she's going to have to keep looking. jon: five months to go as i say quite often. patrick griffin, jessica carla, thank you. heather: right now congress taking action at the house
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hold a hearing on those long wait times at airport screening lines. that causes thousands of travelers to miss their flights recently. the head of the tsa now admitting he does not have enough staff to handle demand that peak travel times and peter neff injures testimony comes to stay after the man in charge of security operations at the tsa kelly hogan was replaced.the differences lie following this live in washington today. hi peter. reporter: lawmakers hammering the head of the tsa over those long airport lines, especially going into the memorial day weekend and heavy summer travel season. >> today we face of crisis at our airports. we've already headlines. three hour-long security lines, 430 american airlines passengers stranded overnight in chicago o'hare. travelers from atlanta, charlotte and alaska waiting forever to be screened. i directed a review of the screening operations. we must match operational capacity so demands of
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projected and real screening volume and we are continuing to work closely with the department and congress to adjust appropriations to allow us to match resources with mission demands. reporter: the tsa blames the long lines on more travelers, fewer tsa workers and tighter security after terror attacks in europe and possibly in that egyptair crash. tsa screen 449 million travelers in the first five months of this year, 57 million more than during the same period last year and it has 5800 fewer topline screeners than in 2011 but critics also blame the long lines on tsa mismanagement. that could help things this summer, tsa adding 800 new screeners who will begin offering a real-time checkpoint weight time app through it's my tsa app for travelers and will text and automated then moving system. chairman mccall says he will introduce legislation to reform tsa staffing.
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heather: peter, thanks. jon: an update on the search for a missing washington state couple. the gruesome discovery police made, plus the latest on the hunt for a suspected killer still at large. also, conflicting reports about what might have brought down egyptair flight 804. coming up, what investigators are saying today. also, we want to hear from you. you think donald trump versus hillary clinton, those attacks have become too ugly? have you been listening? our live chat is up and running. go to and join the conversation. >>
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cry stories we are keeping our island. police found two bodies believed to be those of a missing washington state couple. two brothers are accused of murdering them, one man arrested last week after giving himself up.
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the other remains on the run. new information and evidence collected in the search for a missing idaho toddler. the little boy disappeared during a family camping trip last summer. his parents who are considered suspects have denied any wrongdoing. police believe the child was either accidentally or intentionally killed. a 38-year-old mother of four was shot dead in a home invasion in salisbury north carolina last night. another person in the home was in the head with a weapon and hospitalized after the attack. police are investigating. heather: regulation nation and the white house releasing a final inventory of proposed federal regulations , more than 2000 of them so what do
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they do and are they worth it? and what would a clinton versus trump presidency look like when it comes to all of those regulations? shannon bream takes a look, she joins us live from washington. shannon, this is the latest dumping of all these regulations from all these federal agencies, what's going on? >> twice year the white house is supposed to publish this list of all the regulations in the pipeline from the department of education to the epa and beyond. this latest onefiled by the obama administration shows a mountain of executive action as the president prepares to wrap up his time in office. the newest report shows more than 3000 federal rules and regulations at various stages of being proposed . since president obama took office, the number amounts to 20,642, the single most expensive regulation yes here was the epa's clean power plant which comes with a price tag of $7.2 billion a year by executive order, president obama has cautioned federal agencies that the regulations quote, must protect public wealth, healthcare and safety and our environment while promoting economic growth, innovation,
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competitiveness and job creation. critics say that balance has been achieved, pointing to a real-world federal regulations of $2 trillion a year and most of those laws and rules come from unelected bureaucrats. >> a lot of these regulations, people don't understand. these are being put on the book by bureaucrats, not my lawmakers. these are not going through lawmakers congress and having lawmakersvote on them , we got 277,000 employees at federal agencies in washington and around the country coming up with new rules that cost the average taxpayer a lot of money and deciding how they are implemented. we spent a lot of money on that alone. heather: republicans and democrats alike sing both sides of the isle have at advocated for too much of their power to federal agencies who do not exactly show a trump versus clinton presidency would be much different unless there's an overall. heather: we might have an overhaul this fall. always great to see you. jon: you are on an african safari, the camping trip of a lifetime.
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you wake up to this. that's a lie andlicking the outside of the tent . how this frightening scenario ended. old man. plus a notorious hacker who claims he breached hillary clinton's email server faces a federal judge this morning. the latest on his case and what it could mean to the clinton campaign. >>
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heather: new information on the egyptair crash as the head of the egyptian forensic team now dismisses a suggestion that an explosion brought down that plane. let's check in with connor powell live in jerusalem with more on that. hi there connell. reporter: we seen this before when that russian jet crashed in the sinai desert several
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months ago, one egyptian official offering information only to have another egyptian official contradict that information. yesterday an egyptian forensic investigator said the remains were so small that blast was the only logical explanation for the destruction of flight 804. of the 23 body parts so far collected by egyptian officials, none reported to be any larger than the size of the palm of your hand though no sign of an explosion has been detected. today the lead egyptian forensic official, dismissed the idea of an explosion, contradicting what another investigator had previously said. he said today it's simply way too early to draw any firm conclusions about what brought down this egyptian air flight. egyptian investigators continue to say that jet didn't show any signs of technical problems before it left paris, raising the
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question of why they go down? that's really the unanswered question everyone is trying to figure out. the main issue right now is trying to find these black boxes. egyptair officials have hired two companies that will help in the recovery of these black boxes. it's a deep-sea area where the plane is believed to have gone down and these two new companies are said to have the ability to search down to depths of 3000 meters or so and it's believed that the black boxes and the jet remains are at least that deep but bringing these companies will be a huge help. the u.s. navy says it's also there to help , lots of other companies offering to help so is a large effort right now, egyptair bringing in new to new companies to find a black boxes the seventh trend on doing the calculations of that 10,000 feet so that could be way down there, i certainly hope they find it. connor, thanks a lot.
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jon: justin, the romanian hacker who claims he easily breached hillary clinton's personal email server pleading guilty this morning in federal court to two counts of computer hacking charges. tied to his illegal intrusion into systems belonging to former usgovernment officials including former clinton advisor . chief intelligence correspondent catherine harries at the us district court house in alexandria virginia with that. reporter: i was sitting in the courthouse behind me about 15 feet on the romanian hacker who goes by the name of guccifer and during that 35 minute hearing, he pled guilty to the two counts of unauthorized access of a protected computer and also aggravated identity theft. what he's looking at now is somewhere between two and seven years and a fine of about $250,000 but under the nine county indictment he faced far worse charges. there was nothing in the plea agreement today or said in court about the ongoing fbi investigation of mrs. clinton's emails and his claims that he access the server in march 2013. he broadcast those statements in interview with fox news.
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>> you access a lot of account, marcel. is the clinton server easy or hard? >> for me it was easy.for everybody. reporter: what i have here is the plea agreement and the key section is about cooperating with the us government. it's very expensive and it says the hacker will cooperate in grand jury testimony and in further investigations and debriefs by us authorities and he also would need to be polygraph at a 24 hour, seven day a week basis at the decision of the us government. what's important about that cooperating piece is you typically see that in conspiracy cases. not in cases involving computer hacking. so when they crafted this deal and he agreed, there is
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an expectation that in the future he will remain in virginia and will be available to the fbi as well as the us attorney in any ongoing investigations and our ongoing recording has shown there is thisconnection , this interface if you will with the clinton email investigation by the fbi. jon: so potentially other shoes left to drop. reporter: that's an understatement. he basically today has agreed to fully cooperate with the us government and he if he does not fully cooperate in issues that are beyond the plea agreement he will you lose the agreement altogether but this is highly unusual or hacker to be brought to the united states when he has not finished his sentence with with a very specific intersection with the ongoing fbi criminal investigation. it is not a coincidence and today we saw that laid out in the finding of facts in the plea deal. jon: a lot to read into that. catherine harris, thank you. heather: we are getting new information on a terrifying encounter in the great outdoors. one couple on the camping trip of sorts of alifetime in
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the african nation of botswana . they discover a couple of lions, watch this, as they look water off the outside of the tent. the couple are on the inside of the tank. they are apparently thirsty because there was a downpour overnight. the couple managed to stay calm enough long enough to capture this video. they say the door of their tent was wide open the entire time. luckily they were not harmed. around these animals, they say you have to remain still and calm and no sudden moves be on the job. heather: thing they did that. i do not think i would have the guts to shoot that video be on it took place in the college on the national park, the name comes from the, hari word meaning incredible thirst . heather: they were thirsty, workday? they wanted that rainwater the one that's right. more millennial's doing something that has not been done in more than a century. what is and why it's happening. also, senator bernie sanders
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and he is staying in this race until the convention. how his candidacy could haunt hillary clintoneven after the primaries are over. we go in depth .
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. heather: business a to bring you now on the day after not served, triple digits. let's take a look at the down right now, up 162 points. let's check in with lauren simonetti at the foxbusiness network.
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>> hi heather, after 213 point yesterday from the dow, a two percent pop or the nasdaq, go marching higher. it could be investigators are getting comfortable with the idea of highest interest rates from the federal reserve next month. also seeing poor oil prices pushing your $50 a barrel, that is a seven month high. it's losing energy company stock prices today. a new report shows supply fell more than 4 million barrels last week and this all coming ahead of memorial day, 30 millions americans expected to travel, most of us driving or paying $2.30 to fill up today. that's $.16 higher in the past month but $.44 cheaper than last year and i got another story for you guys. highlighting a new reality in many households across the nation, adult children
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children living with mom and dad. pewresearch center fined 32 percent of millennial's aged 18 to 34 are living with their parents, that is more than those living with a spouse or partner . the reasons here are very but they include high rents, low-paying jobs , big student debt bills, postponing of big life events like getting married or buying a home and simply nice parents willing to cook and clean and do the kids laundry. what you guys think, you have kids? heather: as a mom of little boys i would like nothing more than my boys to live with me forever. >> even in their early 30s question mark. heather: even in their early 30s i'd be thrilled to cook for them. as long as they pick up their dirty socks, i don't need to do that. heather: as a new mom i'm sure you will too. jon: america's election headquarters, the battle is not over in the democratic presidential candidate and that is sparking concerns that senator bernie sanders candidacy could damage hillary clinton in the general election as sanders releases a new ad ahead of
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the california primary in which he calls on voters to choose a new erection or the democratic party. >> what choice do californians have in this election? the biggest one of all. you have the power to choose a new direction for the democratic party. to break the back of a corrupt system of campaign-finance that keeps a rape economy in place. jon: joining us now, brian joyce, radio host of the brian joyce show and former congressman joe walsh, a republican from illinois and syndicated radio talkshow host. thank you both of you for being here. >> thank you john. jon: congressman walsh, let's start with you. you heard some of bernie sanders rallying cries in that snippet of his campaign ad, the economy for instance area how is that flying and how does it affect more importantly hillary clinton's campaign? >> i think we are in uncharted waters here. i think hillary clinton,
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john, is going to have a real challenge here trying to get ernie's reporters. we are in a populist moment like this country hasn't seen in ages. we are upset with and disgusted with politicians. that's what hillary is. i know a lot of talking heads out there are saying that like hillary supporters who came around to obama in 08, bernie sanders people are going to come around to hillary this year. i don't think that's the case. she's going to have to make a deal because bernie supporters want nothing to do with politicians. this is unbelievably different. jon: he was asking there for changes in the democratic party. let's make substantial, long-lasting changes. the guy wasn't even a democrat when he started this campaign. >> right. this to me john is the height ofhypocrisy . for bernie sanders to be lecturing democrats on how they should run their party and tweak their message, he's
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not even a democrat. if bernie sanders has been this big of a problem with how corrupt the party is and how corrupttheir messages he could always do the honorable thing which is run as the independent he is but no, he wants to have the jews and the power and the money of the democratic party but it seems like he's trying to have two ways . jon: so as hillary clinton tries to take on donald trump, she's trying to obviously address him, ignore bernie sanders but she really can't, can she? when she's getting attacked by sanders and he's promising to continue to do it all the way to the convention. >> john, i think she's got to focus on trump but i really do believe she's going to have to at some point in time close the sale with what's driving bernie supporters. they had it with the political system, they had it with both parties. she's going to have to convince them. do i think that bernie sanders supporters are going to help get trump elected? number what will get elected is always mexican flags
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flying at these protests but hillary is going to have to close the deal with bernie supporters. jon: but if people are tired, brian of politics as usual, hillary clinton represents the politics of this country for the past 30 years, doesn't she? >> i think the congressman has a point. hillary will have a tough time closing the deal with some supporters but this is just astounding and i've been saying for so long that nobody snatches defeat from the jaws of victory better than liberal democrats. up until week ago, both bernie and hillary were beating donald trump by double digits in every single national poll and this week donald trump is pulling even and he's actually i had of hillary clinton and democrats have nobody to blame but themselves for this. whether or not hillary is an insider or a lifelong politician, guess what question mark so is bernie sanders so the bottom line is for better or worse, democrats have to do it,
8:41 am
republicans have done it which is get behind their man or woman because the american voter , one thing they don't stand for his weakness and indecisiveness. they want to see somebody look like a strong candidate and right now donald trump looks like a strong candidate and democrats look like they're not sure ofthemselves . jon: both clinton and sanders are pouring money into california. bernie thinks he has a real chance of winning it and taking a huge chunk of the 475 delegates at stake. if she goes into the convention having lost to the largest and biggest state, do you think that's possible? could she was california? >> i do. i think hillary's left-wing california just for morale and perception. i agree with bernie. hillary is going to be the nominee. bernie is going to have to endorse hillary and put his arms around her but john, i don't think hillary could lose california. i think it would be such a psychological blow that i think her campaign would really be hurt by it. >> obviously and they're
8:42 am
going to have to spend a lot of money brian just trying to fend off bernie sanders . >> absolutely. this is the kind of thing that hillary does not want to be worried about right now. it seems to me like the entire country including donald trump knows that this price is down to
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here about 14 years of abuse is insignificant to render a successful hearing. there's no way her filing for divorce or texting him an update about his son's baseball game rises to that level. heather: the defense is trying to argue that it was in the heat of passion. he was so upset because she was asking for divorce. is that going to lessen his sentence if he's convicted? >> that's their job. they are trying their best to reduce his sentence. here's a man who called the police, told them he shot his wife and did it in front of their children so what the defense have to do is say look, he did something bad but let's make it a lesser sentence and give him another chance at life. this is a horrible case and all but the defense world has been there where you have absolutely nothing to go on so you have to make think literally out of nothing. heather: so concerned about those little boys, what a
8:49 am
horrific situation for them to go through. >> i feel like this rags out there, and waste taxpayers money. it would have been a better position for him to plea out especially since he's not denying his guilt. save the taxpayers and kids trouble. heather: i want to ask you both about another case we've been following. there's a new york millionaire accused of murdering his wife, cleared of wrongdoing. calvin harris has been on trial four times over the past 15 years since his wife died. the first two convictions overturned. his third trial ended with a hung jury. his wife michelle disappeared september 11, 2001. her body has never been found. a judge at his fourth trial found harris not guilty yesterday. is this case done? is this it? >> maybe but i feel like we would have said that 10 years ago. the irony here is that he fulfilled or started his sentence after that initial conviction, he would only be 40 years away from freedom so
8:50 am
in a way he's been serving this sentence of this ongoing pressure and another interesting thing to me about this is the da never once made a public statement for how many trials we've gone through. i'm quite surprised they didn't try to get some type of opinion p7 the most important thing here is the person who murdered her is found. what happens to the case now? >> the case is still open. whenever there's a not guilty verdict, the case remains open although police believe the guy who did it, the third time is the charm but it's for time is the charm. heather: i want to go to the prosecution and say we had it with this case. >> the prosecution, their problem is closing their file but the police must have an open investigation because a person legally, the person has not been found guilty of the crime. heather: there was another man she was reportedly seen on that day, the defense argued all on somebody else was responsible but we will keep an eye on that case until someone is brought to justice for it. thank you both. john? jon: san francisco taking a new stand on its sanctuary city, nearly a year after the
8:51 am
death of kate steinle, an update ahead. >>
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jon: almost at the top of the hour, that means outnumbered time. sandra and harris, what do you have? a damning report. >> and audit might be us state department finding hillary clinton failed to comply with federal records policies in using her secret email server as secretary of state. her top aides also chose not to cooperate with the review. is it time for hillary clinton to worry? plus the va secretary who likened delays and veterans health care to waiting in line at disney giving a kind of , sort of apology. is that anywhere near enough? and the seat six hour workday for some for the same page.
8:55 am
where is that happening? critics say it's not a good idea. >> wediscuss all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy, offers timer outnumbered at the topof the hour. jon: i hope he's ready . >> we do to . jon: see you then. >> thank you. heather: new information to bring you now on san francisco's controversial sent sanctuary city policy. the board of supervisors voting to uphold strict protections for people who are in the country illegally. this coming a year after a mexican national with a long rap sheet was accused of killing kate steinle along a popularour senior correspondent adam housley is live outside san francisco city hall with the latest . reporter: it passed last night, very little changes at all to the sanctuary city line san francisco. what he did was reaffirm the law already in place, a controversial law is the killing of kate steinle
8:56 am
nearly a year ago as you walked along the waterfront, killed by an illegal immigrants that customs enforcement had been seeking for some time. what happened last night was basically see a city where they clarified the policies and protections for illegal immigrants in san francisco. the measure call for law enforcement to notify immigrations and customs in enforcement only if the defendant is charged with the vital violence client has been convicted in the last seven years. that would be the only time city workers including police officers could disclose immigration status area . >> this legislation we are supporting today is going to do exactly that for seniors to report the process for families in the midst of a big crisis of deportation across the country. reporter: a san francisco sheriff and resisted the limitations same she wanted greater discretion on her own. she did not have to follow this plan and we have yet to hear from the family of kate
8:57 am
steinle and also theman accused of her murder has yet to go to trial heather . heather: live from san francisco, thank you. we will be back in just a minute. (stranger) good mornin'! ♪ (store p.a.) attention shoppers, there's a lost couple in the men's department. (vo) there's a great big un-khaki world out there. explore it in a subaru crosstrek. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. .. it's the semi-annual sale! save $500 on the memorial day special edition mattress with sleepiq technology. know better sleep. only at a sleep number store.
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jon: heather and i will be back in an hour. heather: "outnumbered" starts now. we will be back soon. >> fox news alert. a new stuttering hillary clinton's email server scandal that could cause some turbulence in her 2016 campaign. we learned the state department audit found the former secretary of state did not comply with federal policies on records. it also criticizes her for failing to turn over her email records promptly and reveals her top aides chose not to cooperate at all with the review. this is "outnumbered". sandra smith, nationally syndicated radio talkshow host megan mccain and kirsten powers.


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