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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 25, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off? i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut. e-mail. >> republicans are piling on the criticism and mrs. clinton is pushing back. >> what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration turns viulent. officers in riot gear clashing with with the protestors outside of the donald trump rally. with another event hours away, police say they are ready. >> the taliban chooses a new leader that is denouncing peace
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talks. how the u.s. killed the predator in a drone strike. and the earth opens up. a sinkhole in one of italy's most beautiful cities. swallowing cars and endangering people. it is all "happening now". we begin with a fox news alert. a state audit department targeting hillary clinton and state department for the e-mail use and weak management. welcome to second hour of "happening now". i am jon scott. >> and i am heather nault. that is coming in the end of the primary season. the biggestitate to weigh in for the national convention. donald trump moving forward after a chaotic event in new mexico. watch this. wow.
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alburquerque police said antitrump demonstrators became violent as they clashed with the police there and trump supporters. >> make sure he knows we don't accept the message. >> these people have no clue what goes on. they lie to themselves. the hand upony cap person has a right to rally. >> and the convention center in anaheim, california. you are looking live at the scene there. very peaceful for now. officials are taking extra precautions to make sure today's events are not a repeat of last night. we are waiting a hillary clinton event in california to see if she responds to the state department audit. we have fox team coverage. mike emmanuel is following the democrats in california. and first we go to johnathon
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hunt with more on the demonstrations in alburquerque. >> reporter: it started peacefully and passionately with hundreds standing in the spot where i am now in front of the alburquerque convention center. it quickly descended in chaos when hundreds broke through a flimsy police line. they rushed cross the street and tried to break in to the convention center and banging on the doors and shattering one pane of glass. police moved in with horses and all mounted officers were on the scene and then the protestors threw rocks at those officers and indeed at the horses. smoke grenades went off and small fires lit by the protestors burning t- shirts and
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flagses. police bedpan to push the protestors away from the convention center. and some more interested in violence than political protest began to jump on the patrol cars that were lined up in this area. and one arrest was made. and we are not aware of more than that one. still the volleys of rock thrown at police many of whom were not in full riot gear. they didn't a peer to be prepared. there was pepper in the street for four hours and it was not in the police until 11 time time 30 and 4 hours or so after it all got going that the police got a grip on it and the crowds dispersed. after this display, jon, you
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have to believe that every police force in which donald trump will hold a rally will be on high alert and we hope to learn lessons from what happened here last night. >> johnathon hunt, live in alburquerque. thank you. hillary clinton set to hold an event in california. we are waiting for the reaction to the state department audit that she poorly managed the e-mail. mike emmanuel joins us from california. >> reporter: hillary clinton's spokesman said she took appropriate steps to preserve and release her records. tweeting that the gop will attack hrc because she is running for president. but the report makes clear that personal e-mail was not unique
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in the state department. clinton is campaigning in california and expected to do an event in california. she went to tv to announce donald trump. >> he can't just make announcements and call immigrants murderer ares and rapists and insult wimbledon and people with muslims and everything that he does. i don't think that's the way we want to appear to the rest of the world. >> reporter: bernie sanders is doing large rallies all over california and shows no signs of giving up and calling for a political revolution. with sanders saying wasserman
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schultz saying she would not continue if he was president. >> do you think the process is not fair by wasserman schultz. we have good relationships with many people in the dnc. i have conversations with the dnc people on a regular basis. and many have been put off in the way debbie wasserman schultz has run the whole thing. >> reporter: final note. hillary clinton won washington state primary. that's because they handed out delegates after caucuses in march. >> thank you. there is a lot happening on the campaign trial right now. for more reaction, we'll look at our white house correspondont. and daniel helper on line editor of the clinton standard.
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daniel, let's start with you. this inspector general report, the clinton campaign is trying to pooh- pooh it. and the republicans trying to make a out of it. why does the truth lie there? >> we with are still getting it out and haven't read it all. finally the state department is officially saying that hillary clinton broke the rules and so there is long speculation and comparison to her action to the rules and now well is an official word from the obama administration, not some republican group or conservatives on capitol hill saying that she broke the rulings. another key element of this, we learned that hillary clinton and others did not cooperate with the report and investigators. now they had long pledged to cooperate.
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hillary clinton herself said she would answer all questions. she has not done so. so a lot of questions do remain. congressman meeks is a democrat and providing what the democrats say being the issue there. here's his take on the audit. >> what the report said there were systemic problems for even prior secretaries and so they have to all get together. secretary clinton has already said that she's cooperating and ready to work with folks and do whatever she can. and given up all of the e-mails. that is old news and that is looking in the past and e-mail started to becoming more. >> congressman tray gowdy had
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this to say. if anyone wonders why the investigation is not yet complete, the malfesance in this report are exhibit a and proves that the committee faced serial delays from day one. coline no great surprise that the democrats and republicans on capitol hill are seeing the report very differently? >> that is not a shock. that's the argument that the clinton campaign are saying. republicans will seize on this and twist the ig report. but there are important points to note that undercut things that hillary clinton is saying. she said she complied with the rules and did nothing wrong. but the report makes clear that she did not comply with state department policies and practices. and clinton campaign said past
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secretary of states used personal e-mail. but hillary clinton is the only person that set up a private server and used it exclusively. and important to note by the time he was secretary of state it was clear how you handle e-mail at state department. her predecessors used it infrequently and not clear rules were in place. >> one more statement from the republican national committee. although clinton long claimed her practices were like those of past secretary of states, the report said she was in clear violation of the record act and her e-mail exchange with a top aide and under further underscores her sekress.
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and we haven't heard from the fbi that is conducting its own investigation and probably not a good day in clinton world? >> certainly not. it is probably not good day for obama administration. we are looking at this in the context of a presidential election. but also in the obama administration. here he has a secretary of state mishandling classified information by its own admission now and that raises serious questions of what president obama was doing and running his own administration. it goes beyond the clinton administration, i am sorry, the clinton campaign and how it is it playing out there and really touches a lot of other scopes and going to be a lot of people who have to answer for this ig report that came out today. >> let's talk quickly about the trump protest in alburquerque last night.
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and another one to come and police say they are ready. in some ways, it seems this kind of violence plays to the strengths that trump is displaying on the campaign trail? >> the protestors are not helping their argument by throwing things at police officers and letting these protest turn violent. american people are allowing nonvirent. it doesn't help the anti- trump crowd. how will donald trump respond orphan the flames. you can see him calling the protestors thugs. and so it will be interesting to see how he proceeds from here. he can sews the high ground when the protest turn violent.
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and it is not violent in the confines of his rally. >> does this give hillary clinton anything to a track trump with? >> it might. it depends on how trump hand up upon -- handles this. he wants to do it well, assertively and not as though he is encouraging it. >> he did point out many of the protestors in this american city were waving mexican flags. that's one thing he made sure his twitter followers knew. >> an american automaker recalling a popular model. new concerns over the eygptair investigation. some top officials find themselves disagreeing on what the evidence shows, we'll
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explain that. and the tsa administrator taking heat over the long security lines. he has a suggestion, and passengers say that is not happening. we'll be right back. hoggan you're late for work.
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. >> ford is now recalling some of its top selling trucks to fix a fluid leak that reduces braking power. the recall covering more than 270000 s- 150 pick ups affecting the 2013- 14 models that have three and half liter v- six engines. there have been nine crashes but no injuries. ford is working to supply dealers with parts to fix it for free. so listen up if you have a f- 150. there is confusion on what caused eygptair 804.
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they are pushing back on the suggestion that human remains induponicate an explosion took down the plane. jon? >> jon, actually egypt's forensic chief is challenging the reports that came out that the body parts found thus far. officials indicate that there was possibly an explosion. that is the prevailing theory. so far, jon, debris and wreakage has been found in flight 804. what started this, the ap, the associated press quon theed a senior egyptian official. because the human remains are so small it is likely there was an explosion. but the head of the forensic authority in egypt said that is
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mere assumption and false information that is being put out there. the prevailing theory is that the explosion brought the plane town. the country civil aviation minister said a terror attack was more likely than a mechanical failure. there are contradictory and challenging statements about p the plane's flight pathing and that it made a sharp turn and the dramatic loss of altitude to 10000 feet and adding to the over all speck oulgz and confusion. jon, we saw that last year in the russian metro jet when that jet was brought down, officials say one thing and some another. the search for the black boxes and what is making it difficult, jon, the area they are search nothing the mediterranean sea
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goes as far as 10000 feet deep. >> thank you, jon. the u.s. takes out the taliban leader in afghanistan after tracking him and targeting him with a drone strike. we have new details on that operation and who is tasked to take his place. plus, the fight is on in iraq to wrestle the city of fallujah from the grip of isis. how isis is threatening the civilians that want to escape the violence. we'll go indepth with our military general jack keane. or not in vests. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. [ park rides, music and crooooh!unds ] [ brakes screech ] when your pain reliever stops working,
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> a fox news alert to bring you. new face of terror. taliban announces the new
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leader. after mansour was killed over the weekend. it took place in pakistan and demolished the car that mansour was riding in. it is off limit to u.s. drones but u.s. tracked mansour as he visited family in iran and laid the trap before he went to pakistan. we'll have our fox military analyst. general, thank you for joining us. what is significant about talking out the taliban. >> one how he did it and where it took place. we mentioned in the information monsour was accomplished taliban leader. he took over from the taliban, omar. and omar was conservative and
10:26 am
stayed in pakistan and never went in the operational side of the field. mansour took over the time when the united states announced it was stopping combat negotiation. he shut down negotiations and stepped up against the afghan security forces in the east and north. so much so, today as we speak, heather, they have retaken territory to a degree going all the way back to the u.s. invasion in 20 interior one >> they control more territory. >> i bet our men and women serve nothing the military feel like kicked in the gut. >> that is outrageous. >> he's gone and significant. but the new guy that is named, what can you tell us about him? >> he's more like omar in
10:27 am
a since. hands off and religious background and no military experience. it remains to be seen how long he will stay. the united states leadership hopes he restarts negotiation to establish a peace accord. we'll have to see. >> the fact that this took place in the drone strike. was that done without pakistan knowledge. >> without. the only target is al-qaeda. we have no permission to go after anything else. what is frustrating to all observers and the united states military in particular. there were two places the taliban operate out of. they live and train. there cross kabul.
10:28 am
>> it is like safe bases to go for r&r. >> here's what is even worse. the pakistan military, we have the facts provide intelligence to the taliban leadership on afghan and u.s. prayings and done it for years and provided them training and also they have provided them resources. this continues to this day. >> that is chilling. i want to ask you about iraq. there is something significant taking place. the iraqi government is going into fallujah and civilians are threatened if you try to leave we'll kill you. >> fallujah was taken by isis. that got everybody's attention. fallujah is not that far from bagging about. what this operation is about by the iraqis, is that you've been
10:29 am
p reporting on all of the terrorist attacks taking place in baghdad p. there are hundreds of people killed. many of the bombs used are coming out of ied factories in and around fallujah. and that's the reason for the operation. this was a city close to 400000. there are 50,000 in the city now. and not surprising, isis doesn't want them to go because they will use them as shields and thwart american air power. >> you mention ied operations in fallujah and using citizens as human shields. we could have this conversation ten years ago. >> bee took down fallujah twice in that year. and we lost 80 americans and
10:30 am
killed 2000 of the iraqi al-qaeda. fallujah has been a hot bed for sunni militias and where al-qaeda began. >> we'll watch what happens in fallujah. general jack keane, thank you for joining us. jon? >> new efforts to make it harder for cuban refugees to stay in the united states. will the so- called wet foot, dry to the policy come to an end. >> and hillary clinton and long time friend terry mccaulif under the investigation of the fbi. could that affect clinton upon's presidential campaign. our panel debate ps, next. >> there is no wrongdoing allegations. my legal team fully vetted this individual and he's been a green
10:31 am
card holder since 2007 and so we are confident.
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. .
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sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones there is growing concern among the democrats that the investigation in the campaign finances of virginia goff p goff terry mcauliffe could negatively impact hillary clinton's campaign. the governor is a long- time friend of the clintons and worked with the clinton foundation in the past.
10:35 am
mcauliffe said in a ro interview there is nothing to worry about p. >> i had my lawyers reach out and they confirmed that there is no issues that they have of wrongdoing. but it is unfortunate that you get leaks out. and they have responsibility, but you live in a political world and this is what happens. >> we'll talk to david avila. and basil smiekle. director of the new york democratic party and former senior aid to former senator clinton. basil. terry mcauliffe said nothing to worry about here? >> no, i am not worried. one is hillary clinton implicated in any of these investigations? it brings up buzzwords like
10:36 am
clinton and foundation, but there are no implications of wrongdoing on her part. and if this governor is investigated, will it hamper his ability to deliver votes in the general election. i don't think that is the case. he is a prolific fundraiser and i am confident that what legal issues needed to be taken upon care of in the front end of this, that they were indeed addressed. >> david, it is my impression that the fbi is a agency that doesn't like to waste time and resources, they have worked on it for a year. if there is nothing there, why is the investigation under way. >> time will tell if the laws were broken or not. terry mcauliffe has been the bad guy for the clintons for decades. he has airline miles going back
10:37 am
and forth to china for the clintons. this long- term has less impact on hillary clinton than today's news that she openly broke the e-mail laws and rules of the state department and the fact that she has to defend being the third term of barak obama which is a direction the country doesn't want to go in. >> it is true that hillary clinton and the mcauliffe has been intertwined for a long time. it would seem that problems on him reflect on her? >> i am not so sure if that was the case that she was conducting or engaged in behavior that is untoward and somehow intertwined as you said with any perceived wrongdoing that the governor has done. it is no secret that the
10:38 am
clintons and the mcauliffe has a relationship for decades and he was a strong fundraiser and head of the dnc for several years. these relationships go back a long time. it doesn't seem like there was any wrongdoing here. and the governor said the individual had had a green card. and so, i guess they will take the vetting process at its word. there is i don't think anything that implicates or hurts her in the general election. >> we started out with the audit, the investigator general audit that mrs. clenton had the and it is two parties are approaching it differently. the republicans say there is a lot of smoke and ought to be fire. democrats say it is much ado about p nothing. basil, again to you. the report comes down on her and saying she was trying to be
10:39 am
secretive and do things with the e-mail that was not permitted by the federal government. >> this is true about her four predecessors. and the challenge that the government has it lags behind the available technology and we all know that to be the case. if you ever worked in government, you know what exists in the world doesn't necessarily come to the halls of government in a swift manner. and so whatever hillary clinton did. she talked about this and said it was a mistake on her part and acknowledged the drip, drip, drip of this investigation it hurt her, but again, there is no criminal issue here. and i think that is the key thing. there is no criminal issue here. and again, there's nothing in here that she hasn't admitted to. david, i think he is saying it is old news.
10:40 am
>> it is some what comical, the main response is that other people did it. are we forecasting that should hillary clinton be impeached. she's not and different. bee had a president resign before. it is a funny argument only to be more funny the fact that every time the elite in the country see or hear anything from a trump supporter it is reflective of donald trump. yet nothing that a clinton supporter said or does is a reflection on hillary clinton. the hypocrisy at best and sad at worst. >> we'll continue to watch it. there is more to come on this e-mail situation. >> new efforts to end the wet foot, dry foot cuban imdpragz. under the current law they are able to stay here.
10:41 am
and law makers call for an end to that policy. more cubans are headed to the united states. phil keating is live in miami to explain. >> reporter: hi, heather. right now migrants are stuck out on a coast guard cutter and in miami the federal judge has a determination to make to get them ashore permanently. the question the judge has to decide. is the light house considered the u.s. mainland or not. if it is, the cuban refugees will get to stay in the u.s. and if not, they will be shipped back to cuba. >> to get to freedom and about to get to freedom, someone picks you up on the water and said your feet are weight and you go
10:42 am
back. that is very sad. >> the cuban migrant flow to the u.s. has been surging since obama and castro has been surging. the report for the policy is eroding in congress. each the cuban american celligation thinks it needs to end because the welfare benefits are abused. they have refugee status. and it afforded cuban authorities rights with the abuse. >> this is costing the american taxpayer 400 million a year. people claim to be cuban refugees and traveling back and living in cuba and receiving
10:43 am
federal benefits. >> cost guard refugee are expected to top 3000 far higher than six years ago at 400. heather? >> i am struck about senator are rubio said sending that money back home to cuba. that is something else. thank you for bringing that to us. >> reallying about. >> fleet week getting under way in new york city. we have a front row seat to the festivities and it looks like a massive clean up effort. a massive sinkhole wallowing dozens of cars. >> and this is caused by a viulent tornado. we'll have the latest next. too bad. we are double booked: diarrhea and abdominal pain.
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10:47 am
have a huge mess on on their hand. after a giant sinkhole opens up on the road and swallowed dozens of cars. it measured 600 feet long. it happened on the banks of the famed river. and it was caused by a crack in the undergroundwater park. two residential buildings were evacuated as a precaution. they are going to be busy cleaning it up. >> trail of devastation in kansas caused by tornados, two homes were destroyed and two people injured after the violence tore through the area. one homeowner speaking out what they went through. said somete house and her and my boy went to the bath p rom. everybody's fine. that is all that matters.
10:48 am
>> dramatic video captured the tornado rolling through. the weather center warning about damaging winds and isolated tornados in the region today. and flooding is a concern especially as they push in the midwest. >> fleet week kicks off in new york city with a parade of ships sailing in new york harbor. our le, is joining us from the uss baton. lea, what a great day having serve in the navy and out there with the men and women. >> it feels wonderful to be on the uss baton. this is pulling in new york among my fellow sailors and marines. i served with. some of them have never been to new york city. and they are standing here as the ship is pulling in and
10:49 am
waiting to greet people and see new york city for the first time. and of course, sailors from here and waiting to see friends and family. you can see a lot of fans waiting for fleet week to begin. this is official kick off. parade of ships as the uss pulls in cross from the uss intrepid that is now a mu assume. we are on a assault ship. sort of the role thing and operational ship right now. i hopped on a helicopter and now out at 6:00 a.m. and started up the hudson and past fort hamilton where we had a 11 gun salute and rendered hand salute to the world trade center and stat u of liberty. it is an amazing time. it is all about the tailors and
10:50 am
marines and interacted with the people from the local environment. it is everything they have to offer. wonderful exciting time here. back to you, heather. >> it is to you. >> it is always so fun to see those men and women around the city and try to buy them a beer. we hope you don't rejoin the navy. navy's great but we want you to stay here with us. >> talk to you soon. fox news alert. bueno park, california, actress jamie lee curtis, introducing hillary clinton who is obviously pouring a lot of resources into california. this is the first time she has spoken since the state department audit faulted the former secretary of state over her e-mail usage. it says she disregarded the agency's guidelines for avoiding cyber security risks. hillary clinton taking to the microphones there. we're going to listen, monitor
10:51 am
this campaign event if mrs. clinton addresses the e-mail controversy, we'll bring it to you here on "happening now." >> so, good morning. you don't let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you. twell what if i told you that peanuts can work for you? that's right. i'm talking full time delivery of 7 grams of protein and 6 essential nutrients. ever see a peanut take a day off?
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i don't think so. harness the hardworking power of the peanut.
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hi, everyone. i'm gretchen carlson. state department's inspector general report puts a lot hf blame on then secretary of state's dealings. what does it all mean for her run for president. a top tsa official blaming you and me on capitol hill saying we bring too much luggage and we don't line up in the right lines. and they want more money. after bernie sanders says that he would fire the head of the dnc, whispers from other dems saying maybe it is actually time for debbie wasserman schultz to go. "the real story" on all that just six minutes from now.
10:55 am
the head of the transportation security administration fielding tough questions from lawmakers about ridiculously long lines at airport security checkpoints. hundreds of people missed their flights over the weekend. in chicago, travelers report waiting as much as three hours to make it through security! director peter neffinger say something he needs more staff and also that the agency's pre-check program could help shorting those lines but the program has its own problems. live at chicago's o'hare airport with more, matt finn. >> reporter: the lines here today about 30 or 45 minutes, much less than the brutally long lines we have been reporting on. but don't be fooled, because as you know, these can fill up very quickly and turn into a two-hour wait. the tsa is warning this summer could get very messy. there is just a long list of reasons why the tsa says it
10:56 am
simply can't handle the crowds. so right now it seems the only immediate solution is to get that tsa pre-check. critics say at $85 a piece, it is just a ploy for the tsa to make money. you have to wait for up to six weeks for the application, and it doesn't always work. we decided just had a travel co irte tell us he was turned down at laguardia. right now your best bet, if you have travel plans, go to, enter your zip code and that will locate the nearest office where you can perhaps get the pass and beat these really long lines. >> matt finn in chicago, thank you. talk about bats in the belfry, in one small town they're in every nook and cranny. that's my worst nightmare!
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♪ ♪ there's people who care where i'm going ♪ ♪ and good friends to welcome me home ♪
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our "final 30."
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heather's favorite store. more than 100,000 bats taking over a small town in australia scaring residents and making a mess. people can't kill these flying foxes, they're called, because they are a vulnerable species. they're looking at non-lethal ways to try to drive them away. >> i've got an idea. a tennis racket. a squash racket. >> "the real story" starts now. hillary clinton. here's the fox news alert. caught breaking the rules. state department inspector general pointing a finger of blame at mrs. clinton for mishandling e-mail while she was secretary of state. we've heard this before, right? but it is a new report today. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. new audit by the state department inspector general faults clinton for breaking federal rules saying she failed to properly safeguard electronic communications. chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge is live with more. >> reporter: the s


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