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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 25, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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heather's favorite store. more than 100,000 bats taking over a small town in australia scaring residents and making a mess. people can't kill these flying foxes, they're called, because they are a vulnerable species. they're looking at non-lethal ways to try to drive them away. >> i've got an idea. a tennis racket. a squash racket. >> "the real story" starts now. hillary clinton. here's the fox news alert. caught breaking the rules. state department inspector general pointing a finger of blame at mrs. clinton for mishandling e-mail while she was secretary of state. we've heard this before, right? but it is a new report today. hi, everyone, i'm gretchen carlson. new audit by the state department inspector general faults clinton for breaking federal rules saying she failed to properly safeguard electronic communications. chief intelligence correspondent katherine herridge is live with more. >> reporter: the state
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department says mrs. clinton and her team braoke the rules for e-mail. none of the key players then clinton chief of staff or aides gave interviews to investigators despite saying very publicly that they wanted nothing more than to cooperate and resolve any questions. republicans today were quick to highlight the contradiction. >> secretary clinton created this vulnerability. her statements on it thus far appear, at least on the surface at the beginning, to be untrue and she needs to come clean. you have a chance to come clean on this by being interviewed by the inspector general. to reduce to do that is just mind boggling. >> reporter: the report specifically accused mrs. clinton of violating department policy by not handing over all of her e-mails when she left office. asked about a popular e-mail today which was about clinton getting a state department e-mail address, officials admitted that it was not publicly released and it should have been under these foia
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lawsuits. it appears it was withheld because it was damaging to her public explanations. >> very interesting. what is the response, if any, from the clinton campaign? >> the clinton campaign statement today seemed to be an effort to spread the taint by emphasizing one finding that there's been widespread problems at the department with e-mail use. campaign spokesman brian fallin said while political opponents of hillary clinton are sure to misrepresent this report for their own partisan purposes with be in reality the inspector general documents just how consistent her e-mail practices were with other officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail. though i would add that none of them had private servers exclusively for government business. this is what mrs. clinton told reporters 15 months ago when she was confronted on the e-mail issue. >> i'd be happy to have somebody talk to you about the rules. i fully complied with every rule that i was governed by. >> were you ever specifically briefed on the security
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implications of using your own e-mail server and using your personal address to e-mail with the president? >> i did not e-mail any classified material to anyone on my e-mail. >> since that statement, of course, more than 2,100 e-mails containing classified information have been identified and also separately today, that romanian hacker who first revealed clinton's use of that private e-mail account cut a deal with the feds in a virginia court. he has agreed to fully cooperate in any future grand jury investigation or trial. intelligence source familiar with the fbi probe recently told fox that his case shows that clinton exposed national defense information to foreign hackers and created risk and exposure for the government. gretchen. >> the story that never goes away. thank you. for more, monica crowley.
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here's the report. 80-some pages. what makes this different from the fbi investigation? >> well, it actually dovetails with what the fbi is looking at. the fbi investigation is running on two tracks. the possible mishandling of classified material and a broader investigation in to possible violations of public corruption laws, meaning whether or not mrs. clinton co-mingled her work at the state department with the clinton foundation work. that is actually the "why" of why she had a private server, why she was operating on private e-mail accounts. that's the bigger part of this investigation. but what the state department ig is reporting today, two things jump out at me. first of all, that she did not have permission to do this. she has stated repeatedly that everything she did was "permitted." her words, not mine. what they're reporting today is, no, she did not have permission to do this and if she had asked permission she would have been denied. >> the interesting thick is we just heard from one of our
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spokes people, he also sent out a tweet in a shortened version of that message. gop will attack her because she's running for president but ig report makes clear her personal e-mail use was not unique at state department. in other words, everybody does it so it makes it okay. but the big difference here that albright and kerry and powell and rice, condoleezza rice, did not do was they didn't have a private server at home. >> correct. two points on this. one, they didn't have private e-mail servers exclusively for official government business the way mrs. clinton did. the second point to keep in mind is mrs. clinton as secretary of state actually fired an ambassador strictly for using private e-mail for government business. so she was holding her underlings, ambassadors and others, to one standard while she knowingly was operating under another standard. >> let's change topics because there's so much going on in the political world today. house speaker paul ryan saying today he has not yet made a decision whether or not he is going to formally endorse donald trump for president despite trump coming ever closer to
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clinching the gop nomination. the speaker on today to say he doesn't have a timeline for when that decision will be made. the reason we are talking about this, monica, is because there was another news organization that said he was going to endorse him today. >> right. so the speaker felt compelled to say no, i'm not quite there yet. look, speaker ryan, i have em e enormous respect for him, but with this long drawn-out decision whether to support donald trump is looking like a drama queen and, b, looking like he is following because many of his rank and file republicans in the house across the country have now backed donald trump. donald trump will be the republican nominee for president. he's the speaker of the house. he is supposed to be leading his troops and he runs the danger now of looking like he is following behind in what is clearly inevitable for the party. >> i'm not sure what's going to change in the way in which trump is commanding his campaign that would suddenly make paul ryan come forward. i'm not saying he should or should not.
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but trump is continuing being the trump that we've known for the last year. >> of course. and he is not going to change going into november. >> he's not going to change. so if paul ryan is looking for some sort of decorum change or something else more conservative, i'm not sure he is going to ever have that perfect day to do the endorsement. >> i understand if people like paul ryan have some reservations about the way donald trump would govern as president. but donald trump has gone more than half-way in trying to meet those concerns and people like speaker ryan. he's put out a list of supreme court nominees. he's put out a tax plan. he's talked about illegal immigration, building the wall and so on. he has laid out an agenda that is clearly conservative in so many respects. so i'm not sure what more they're looking for here. and again, speaker ryan runs the risk of looking like he's following rather than leading. >> here is some nighttime reading for you. >> i've already been through much of it. but thanks. >> i'll pass it along to you. see you next week. meantime, violent protests
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erupting outside the donald trump rally in albuquerque, new mexico. those protesters showing rocks, and bottles and even burning t-shirts. throwing them at police. no respect. officers in riot gear responded in pepper spray and smoke grenades to try to disperse the crowd. who was behind -- this is the million dollar question. who was behind these protests last night? >> reporter: well, it started, gretchen, as a well-planned, well organized peaceful protest put together by a couple of local groups here for whom immigration is the major issue of this election, along with a couple of unions. but those organizers who or arch ve -- orange vests and were trying to keep the peace quickly lost control. a core group of about 200 protesters broke through, banginban
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banging on windows, they were driven back by mounted police officers. at that point protesters started throwing rocks at officers. smoke grenades were fired back by the police. then a lot of the protesters started trying to set fire to trump paraphernalia, t-shirts and flags. so the peaceful protest that was organized and well planned eventually those organizers simply lost control to a group that was clearly more bent on violence, gretchen. >> so the albuquerque police department, were they prepared for all of this? >> reporter: frankly, gretchen, i've seen a lot of protests, been around a lot of riots. i have to say, initially at least the albuquerque police department did not seem prepared to deal with this kind of violence. when the protesters initially broke through the lines, it was a very film zi police line. we also saw around a dozen officers in riot gear, full riot gear. the rest weren't even wearing helmets while they were being
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showered with rocks and bottles. eventually reinforcements came in and the albuquerque police department, over four hours of street battles, cleveland performed a great job ultimately. only one arrest that we are aware of took place on the streets of albuquerque and eventually after those four hours of running battles they eventually got control of the streets once again, gretchen. but it was a tough job for them. >> we'll see if there are more protests today in california. jonathan, thank you. time for my take. i know it is early to be laser focused on presidential polls and what they say about the upcoming race, but a couple nuggets jumped out at me in the recent abc news/"washington post" poll. first, didn't know there are more registered republicans than democrats. so check out what happens when trump and hillary go head-to-head. clinton's six-point lead, 48%-42%, over trump among all adults switches to a win for trump 46%-44% among registered voters. interesting. but it was the change amongst
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certain groups from march to may that really caught my eye. start with millennials, almost always going democrat. in march trump was getting clobbered by clinton among young people 18 to 29. but in may, trump's gone up 17 points to almost tie clinton 45%-42%. then there is this -- people who voted for barack obama in 2012 and who they would pick now, yes, 76% of obama voters say they'll still choose hillary clinton but 15% say they're going to go with trump while only 6% of former romney voters will change parties to go with hrc. that's a seven-point advantage to trump. in what could be a very close election, seven points that could make all the difference. one state trying to take an aggressive new step today when it comes to gun sales. what they're doing that has some people up in arms. literally. plus, we're going to have this.
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>> get back, guys. >> just a regular day with an explosion in the middle of a downtown sidewalk. what caused that spot to suddenly go up in flames? and the head of the tsa testifying on capitol hill today. how he's trying to put an end to those massive airport security lines. oh, but, by the way, he's blaming you and me, too. you won't believe this one. >> when i talk about chicago, understand we're also doing the same thing at the other top airports because -- well, chicago was a preventable incident in my opinion. thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement?
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today. in other states deciding now to join texas in filing a lawsuit
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against the government, against the obama administration now, on that transgender bathroom directive that the president put out a couple of weeks ago. so there is going to be a press conference about 45 minutes from now in the northern district of texas where this lawsuit was filed today. but now the big news is there are a total of 11 states, ten others joining texas. we are talking about alabama, wisconsin, tennessee, arizona, maine, oklahoma, louisiana, utah, georgia, west virginia. they are now among the 11 states. here are some of what they are saying. they are saying it is unlawful to rewrite the title 9 laws on gender discrimination and they're also saying that this is turning schools into laboratories for massive social experiment, and that's why they are against the directive coming from the obama administration. big news coming up about 45 minutes from now when that press conference takes place. we will debate this just a couple of minutes from now as we now have 11 states going up against the administration.
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more on this in just a moment. meantime, another big story because one of the biggest fears of gun owners might be coming true. hawaii wants to enter the names of gun owners into a federal database now. national rifle association up in arms over it saying, this is an extremely dangerous bill. exercising a constitutional right is not inherently suspicious. hawaii will now be treating firearms as suspect and subject to constant monitoring. letly, why is this good proposed law? >> well, in my opinion, it is a good proposed law, one, because i think it will stand the test legally. when we look in the past at the supreme court, they definitely want to continue to give power to the states. two, i think it assists with law enforcement. three, i think it does something that, in a sense, universal background checks could do. when you have somebody who has
11:18 am
committed a crime or we know in other instances should be refused to be registered to obtain another weapon, this would do that. this could cut down on crime and it could certainly make law enforcement's job easier. >> but the logical question, lars, what about all those people who aren't doing anything wrong and constitutionally have a right to own a gun, and now they're going to be in some federal database? >> the sad thing about leslie's response is it shows she's not a gun owner, she doesn't know anything about it. when you go to buy a gun in an american gun store, you go through a federal background collection. it is called a form 4473. background checks are already done nearly universally except with private transactions between friends and family. canada tried this for a decade and a half, throughout the entire country. not just one state. at the end of 15 years, they had spent $1 billion. it invaded people's privacy. they admitted the whole system
11:19 am
was very hackable and the police themselves said it didn't catch a single criminal or solve a single crime. >> so if you have that sort of in your back pocket, leslie, it didn't work in canada -- by the way, it is still a constitutional right for people to own and bear arms. then there is this little wrinkle to the whole story. cost of this database is going to be put back on people who own guns! is that fair? >> well, you want something, you pay for it, especially when a state or federal government is proposing it. that's no big surprise. but with regard to canada, we're not canada, lars. we do things very differently here. as a matter of fact, the reason people own guns -- how many people own guns, even the type of guns here, is very different than our neighbor to the north. when we look pat a database though, lars, when you register, you go in and you said, we have background checks. when you fill out that form for a background check, what kind of a system is that information entered into and looked at, and by whom?
11:20 am
when we have people reporting who owns guns, how do they obtain that information? >> lars, i want you to answer that. because you are correct, there is a background check. >> god bless leslie. we've been friends for years. but the fact is there isn't a national database now. and gun owners and americans who believe in the second amendment don't want it. when i go buy a gun, they run a background check throughout the entire country. it goes through the national crime information system. when i come up with a criminal accusation, domestic violence, terrorism or a criminal conviction, i can't buy the gun. but, the record is kept by the gun store. the federal government, under the brady act, said we will destroy the records at the federal level after six months. in other words, they established that you have the right to buy the gun, then they don't keep a database. databases are kept primarily so the government can later engage in confiscation. >> that is the belief of some people. and i know there's two sides to the story and that's why we're debating it. but this may be happening, folks, in hawaii.
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stay tuned. as we just told you, nearly a dozen states now trying to flush the president's controversial bathroom directive down the drain and that could lead to a big legal battle. plus, here's some news wine lovers can drink to. it is national wine day. we're toasting the beverage by making it our question of the day. and it is also because i love it. what's your pick? red or white? we want to hear from you. tweet your answer, red or white with the #therealstory @gretc n #therealstory @gretchencarlson. that's supposed to be red. most of you are red wine drinkers. come on, white! come on, white! that's my pick. their windshieldd but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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fox news alert now because we're going to take you to a state department briefing. they're answering questions right now about this big report that came out today, inspector general's report of the state department and hillary clinton's use of the private server and private e-mail when she was secretary of state. let's listen in. >> -- we didn't do a great job that the report says that when that's not actually what the report says. the report says there were systemic failures and management weaknesses and a general lack of oversight. that's not we didn't do a great job. that's you had -- do you believe that official was correct in making that statement? >> you know, look, i'm not going to parse the expression he used to acknowledge the fact that we, like many federal agencies, were not doing enough to meet the requirements of records management and preservation. i think we've acknowledged that.
11:26 am
i've acknowledged it just now on the record. and yet moving forward, we believe we have set in place at the direction or under the direction of secretary kerry efforts to fully comply and meet and improve our records management and preservation system here at the state department. you know, i mean again, i don't mean to broaden the lens here, but agencies across the federal government have been working to adapt to unbelievably enough, because e-mails have been around for a while, but the fact that we live in an e-mail dominated business environment these days, and yet we still were relying up to a few years ago on this print and file system which is inadequate. we recognize that and we have set in motion -- so your
11:27 am
question -- or your allegation notwithstanding -- >> it is a question whether the guy was truthful in that statement. i don't think the cloak of anonymity should be sufficient for not telling the truth about what a report says. >> i don't think it was -- so, sorry, brad, i'll get to you in a second. with all due respect, the "cloak of anonymity" was a background briefing that we set up which is a common practice. all of you know in this room we do background briefings all the time to add a little more depth and context than we might add regularly on record for a lot of obvious reasons, so we can give your guys more information or share some of the inner workings on this. i'm going to finish on this. there is not any effort to spin this or any effort to hide or obfuscate what the information is. but i will also acknowledge that one of the reasons we did this on background acknowledging the fact that other people who were privy to this report before it
11:28 am
was publicly released chose to leak it to members of the media. so the see the dynamic here. none of us are clean on this, so to speak, in the sense that you guys all got the report leaked to you. many of you did. but not all of you did. and in an attempt to address that, we held this background telephone press conference to try to address some of your questions. we had no choice. but it is always our preference that this stuff is released publicly, then we can discuss it publicly. >> the implication -- >> we've been listening to the state department spokesperson who is talking about the fact that they had to go on the record this afternoon to talk about this audit that came out, talking about secretary of states and their e-mail practices. the interesting thing here is that the four former secretary of states before hillary clinton albright, powell, kerry and rice, they all were interviewed by the inspector general for this report. hillary clinton and her team denied any request to be interviewed. that's a big question. so state department taking
11:29 am
questions today. was there knowledge? and if so, were steps taken by the state department? were any other e-mails withheld? this story is far from over. we continue to cover it here at fox. other big stuff happening today though. whisper campaign behind the scenes targeting that woman right there, the head of the dnc. why some dems may now be saying down with debbie. plus, a new push to speed up airport security lines. yes, please! as the head of the tsa appears in the hot seat on capitol hill. guess what? it might be your fault. really? >> administrator, american people are angry and frustrated as we head into the busiest travel season of the year. starting this memorial day weekend. and they deserve answers. this crisis didn't just come out of nowhere. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee! in means protection plus unique extras only from an expert allstate agent. it's good to be in, good hands. bottom of the hour here on "the real story." you won't believe this story. head of the tsa today going before members of congress to testify about the nightmare security lines we've all been facing at airports across the country. peter neffenger telling lawmakers his agency is working aggressively to try to fix the situation. after travelers reported waiting for as long as three hours. meaning that they're missing flights and they're losing their baggage. here's some of it. >> when you look at what happened, this is a surge that was anticipated, it was known. it was a failure to get some things done in advance of that. we've proved that by fixing it pretty quickly. >> failure to get things done
11:34 am
even though they get a ton of taxpayer money. doug, is there any progress in reducing these long lines as we move into the summer travel time? >> well, there has been some success in reducing wait times at some of the hardest hit airports like o'hare. tsa administrator peter neffenger testified today since reports surfaced of over 450 passengers missing flights at o'hare, they've repositioned other personnel, made some part-time into full time and enabling them to use sniffer dogs more efficiently. >> it has resulted in a significant change in the chicago picture. the tribune reported in today's paper the longest wait time was 15 minutes today. >> reporter: but neffenger admitted the agency is short staffed. airports are seeing an increase in 1 million passengers since a year ago, that while tsa's workforce has declined by 4%
11:35 am
over the same period. the greatest cause of bottlenecks comes from the increase in your carry-on luggage saying the number of carry-on bags has quadrupled, blaming it on airlines charging more for checked baggage. that along with intense screening following 9/11 has led to exceedingly long lines. the agency says it is also lose 1g 00 screeners a week contributing to the problem, the lag time between recognizing a potential shortfall of staffers, then hiring and training new ones. >> you'd think that the first thing they might do is go to the airport and say, hey, since you are making record profits because gas prices are down, maybe you shouldn't charge for bags anymore! instead of blaming you and me who are going to travel and waiting three hours. it's ridiculous. you'd think that would be the first thing. >> the airlines are swimming in profits now because of those low fuel costs. you would think they would take some measures to remedy that with reducing baggage fees.
11:36 am
i doubt that's going to happen. >> i'm going to start something on that. i'm angry about this. all right, doug, thank you. back to politics now. bernie sanders and hillary clinton in the campaign countdown to the all-important california primary. whoever thought that would be so important june 7th? rivals for the democratic nomination barnstorming across the state two weeks before that showdown with 475 delegates at stake in the golden state. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is live for us in beautiful salinas, california today. >> reporter: hi, gretchen. hillary clinton is doing a range of events as she campaigns here in california. she will address a room full of supporters here in salinas later today. this hour clinton is in orange county, california, talking to some supporters and is expected to also continue going after donald trump. she is also taking to daytime television and going on offense against donald trump. >> i don't think that's the way we want to appear to ourselves or the rest of the world. so i do think, as this election
11:37 am
goes forward, he's going to have to be held accountable. i certainly will do my part to make that happen. >> reporter: the strategy for clinton seems to be trying to define donald trump early on in this general election cycle and basically tell the supporters basically going after trump early. >> so the thing is though that sanders says he's in it until the end. what is his strategy to possibly win california that would be a humongous blow to hillary clinton? >> bernie sanders is doing a lot of large rallies all across california. says he wants to address in a grassroots way at least 200,000 california voters. he continues out on the rally trail, essentially calling for a political revolution and sanders is trying to fire up his supporters to win here in the golden state. >> we will win because we have the energy, we have the
11:38 am
enthusiasm -- and because people know that, given the crises we face, it is too late for establishment politics or establishment economics. >> reporter: if the democratic race is over, it is clear bernie sanders did not get the memo. he is clearly trying to win here in california. gretchen? >> yep. they're both battling it out, mike. thank you. speaking of battles, rumored battle behind the scenes to get rid of the dnc chairwoman, debbie wasserman schultz, before the party's convention in philadelphia. nmiki, are they going to dump debbie? >> i hope they do! >> really? >> right now there is -- >> really.
11:39 am
>> yes, absolutely. i think there is a coordinated organization effort right now to reform the democratic party. #reformthednc is trending on twitter. it is something that i think a lot of hillary supporters an bernie sanders supporters are very aware of. the democratic party since 2008 has lost over 1,000 seats from the local level all the way to the national level, yet we've been racesing more money than ever. i think that's attributed to the fact that the democratic party has centralized. it's taken a lot of party power away from state parties. it has been focusing on raising money from hedge funders on wall street. yet the problem is we're not winning. whose fault is that? that's debbie wasserman schultz's fault. she fought against consumer finance reform. >> your take is so fascinating, because i didn't think you were going to say that at all. brie, i thought she was going to say that because you tend to like bernie sanders, that you felt like wasserman schultz was tipping the scales to make sure that hillary clinton won by giving, you know, lousy debate nights like a saturday night and not doing a lot of debates.
11:40 am
then this whole superdelegate thing. >> yeah, exactly. i think the larger story is that this is the end of the obama era. debbie wasserman schultz is the chairwoman who obama appointed to that position in 2011 and now her own party -- or i should say factions of her own party are publicly criticizing her. i think the party's attempts to maintain the establishment and the status quo really aren't working and it is backfiring. >> there is interesting there would be talk amongst other democrats, nomiki. because of course bernie sanders supporters don't want her in that position anymore. at least a lot of them. but that other democrats now would be pondering this because, isn't it all about trying to bring the party together? i mean if hillary clinton's going to be the nominee, how are you going to get those bernie sanders supporters on board to vote for her? >> i think one way would be to signal that they're willing to reform a lot of these policies, by putting someone else in charge. let's not forget, just two years
11:41 am
ago president obama quietly was trying to oust debbie wasserman schultz. and what debbie wasserman schultz did was she created a whole team of surrogates to go out there and claim that president obama was being antisemitic and antiwoman. so that kept her in charge. this is not how a chair should be acting. they should talk about unifying the party. the democratic convention committees were staffed, not one person under the age of 3445. majority of veterans are under the age of 45. >> a lot of surprises coming from the democratic side in nomiki today. brie, i owe you next time. sorry. we had a lot of breaking news today. . in the bathroom battle as we just learned, ten states are now joining texas today. they have just filed that lawsuit against the white house's sweeping transgender directive for public schools. why they are going to court to fight that directive. we'll have a legal debate right after this. >> the law is very clear.
11:42 am
there's nothing in the law that allows for these guidelines. there's no allowing of the change of definition. congress is the one that would have to change the law. in this case they haven't done it.
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see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. hey, shepard smith on the fox news deck. donald trump set to take stage the top of the hour in anaheim, california. we'll have live coverage, this after a night of sometimes violent protests outside a trump rally in new mexico. in anaheim though, so far no signs of trouble. think trump will talk e-mails? that's a fair guess. we'll get our trump on top of the hour on "shepard smith reporting." big fox news alert now. we are awaiting new legal action against the white house's sweeping transgender directive which instructs public school districts across the country to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms that match their gender identity. texas set to announce its legal
11:46 am
challenge minutes from now as the state's lieutenant governor explains the problem he sees with this entire directive. >> what he said in this policy is, if you don't follow my guidelines, i will withhold federal funding from you. that's blackmail. we will not be blackmailed by the president's 30 pieces of silver. if they want to keep their money, keep their money. they're not going to buy our children. they're not going to tell families what to do. we will find a way in texas to find the dollars if they want to pull the money. >> joining me now, former prosecutor, defense attorney and president of the brooklyn bar association. janice is a former prosecutor and defense attorney. johna, can states, now 11, sue the obama administration? >> what they are doing right now is preekti ipreemptively harmed. nobody has to follow it.
11:47 am
if they have federal funds pulled for not following it, no one's been larmd. this is a way for states to say we don't like it, we're not going to follow your directive. we're not going to wait for to you pull our funds. >> one, when the lieutenant governor talks about the 30 pieces of silver referring to jesus christ, that's a lot of silv silver. pulling federal funding from schooling in texas, you are talking about millions and millions and millions of dollars. the part about this whole debate, gretchen, i did a little research. do you know what percentage of the united states population identifies as transgender? >> less than -- .03%. yes, i know. >> we're talking about hundreds of people here. but they're hiding behind title 9 which was something to protect women years ago that when schools discriminated against women. president obama says the way we didn't allow schools to discriminate against women, we are now not going to allow schools to discriminate against transgender. >> how do they know anybody's doing any discrimination. but texas believes and ten other
11:48 am
states think this is bribery. >> i agree with those states. this is not something obama should wave his federal wand over and fix it. it is not a one-size-fits all fix. if a school is having an issue, like arthur correctly pointed out, it is less than 1%. if a school is having an issue, let the schools deal with it. you can't just blanket this solution. >> the blanket moves from bathrooms to locker rooms and to other situations. this becomes a huge problem. by the way, we're not just talking about the people who identify as transgender. we're talking about a bunch of people who might just decide that day and they might have other things going on in their mind about what they want to do in the bathroom. >> the point that you're alluding to, we now live in a society where we're always protecting, we're always taking overprecautions to thwart a .001% of something from happening. the story you did earlier about the airports. what percentage of people are going to blow up a plane? miniscule. however, everyone suffers.
11:49 am
so here there could be some miniscule amount of people who would take advantage of this to hurt somebody so we need to are consider that when we are making these types -- it is such an easy answer. have one single bathroom like we do here at fox that's for one person. whoever goes in goes in and uses that one bathroom. the whole issue is solved. >> i don't know what they do with locker rooms but that's a good point. they say public schools are turning into laboratories for a massive associate experiment rewriting title 9. >> in a sense, they are rewriting title 9 because i don't think it applies here. that was designed -- >> for gender. men and women. >> educational programs and activities. where you change your clothes and where you relieve yourself is not a program or activity that we need to protect by title 9! it's something that should be done on a case by case basis when and if there is a problem. >> jonna is right, for this to be a real case, there has to be a real victim. there needs to be a rosa parks. there needs to be someone who won't go to the back of the bus
11:50 am
and i'm not aware of that happening yet. >> all kids can get discriminated against regardless of whether you are transgender. >> a fat kid like i was or anyone else. >> like you were. >> i was. >> i would like you later. i've got do go. mcdonald's employees not loving it when it comes to their pay. they've been fighting for a raise but who ends up paying for that wage increase. it just might be you the customer. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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welcome back. active duty sojers and a wounded veteran reached the summit of mount everst. theyshed light on the battle that veterans feel every day.
11:54 am
the only female on the team retired a staff sergeant who lost his leg while serving in northern iraq. the team faced harsh weather conditions with temperatures below zero and wind speeds as high at 65 miles an hour. hats off. congratulations. a wage war between mcdonald's and employees. a second protest is now planned for later today and there will be more apparently tomorrow. workers say they want more money and the right to unionize but critics say the higher wages will come at a price. jeff is live from oakbrook, illinois. how big was the protest. >> reporter: this is the rock n roll mcdonald's and now they're on their way to the corporate
11:55 am
headquarters. hundreds of workers, many of them mcdonald's folks walking off their jobs and other people bussed in from kansas city, louisiana, to make this case for $15. it's a movement that's growing and a lot of people say it will cost them their jobs, maybe even lead to automation and maybe lead to higher prices at mcdonald's, but that could be. >> are they not afraid that their protests will mean they could lose their jobs? >> reporter: it's funny. you would think maybe they would but i talked to one protester today who said she's worked at mcdonald's for 2 1/2 and she says that is not her worry. listen to what she told manage he. >> if i lose my job at mcdonald's the labor force and the labor market is over sat rated with low wage jobs. i'll find another one. >> reporter: it's oversaturated. that means she says i could find
11:56 am
another job so bring it on. big protests at this annual meeting. about 8,000 people expected. >> i know you'll be covering for it. we'll be back right after this. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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12:00 pm
67% went with red and 33% said white. i'm a white girl. mark likes his red wine from a box. danielle said today calls for a glass of -- what does it say? now live from the fox news desk. we begin in anaheim, california where donald trump is scheduled to speak any moment now. the presumptive republican nominee holding a rally across from disney. we'll take you back immediately as donald trump begins to walk on stage. has warned demonstrators to remain peaceful and he says his office will not tolerate any violence as seen last night at the trump event in albuquerque. another look here. you can see the crowds are sparse out there. some


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