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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 25, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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67% went with red and 33% said white. i'm a white girl. mark likes his red wine from a box. danielle said today calls for a glass of -- what does it say? now live from the fox news desk. we begin in anaheim, california where donald trump is scheduled to speak any moment now. the presumptive republican nominee holding a rally across from disney. we'll take you back immediately as donald trump begins to walk on stage. has warned demonstrators to remain peaceful and he says his office will not tolerate any violence as seen last night at the trump event in albuquerque. another look here. you can see the crowds are sparse out there. some demonstrators have been
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gathering but so far no signs of any trouble at all. the police chief says officers are ready to take what he calls swift and decisive action should it be needed. it was pretty tense in new mexico last night and quickly spiralled. [ bleep]. demonstrators fought with cops and riot gear throwing rocks and lighting fires. some officers responded with pepper spray. more ahead from our correspondent who was there but for now this afternoon is all about anaheim. last month the city council there debated a resolution denouncing donald trump's rhetoric but when protesters fought with supporters outside city hall the city council scrapped the proposal. so far today the scene is peaceful and police say they are not aware of any large-scale m
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demonstrati demonstrations. hello, carl. >> reporter: the campaign is aware of the problems that this has caused and they've brought on additional security. there was a period of several months ago when trump's rallies began to make national news because of the up heaval in the parking lots and last night was an example of that. today here in anaheim inside it's been a perfectly normal warmup with no demonstrators showing themselves in the audience but they will as soon as mr. trump gets here. a little over a month ago the city of anaheim debated at length a resolution that would essentially have condemned donald trump for what they call his divisive rhetoric. that meeting itself caused a stir in anaheim and there were demonstrations of that meeting and ultimately the issue was
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tabled and no action was taken to either condemn or not trump and that caused big demonstrations and pepper spray and talk of tasers were raised at the time because of the controversy it caused. donald trump comes here today and you can bet the first thing he'll do is seize on the state department inspector general's report that suggests not only was hillary clinton have wrong to have used the private e-mail server she should have told the state department and she didn't do that. >> for decades every major candidate for president has released their tax returns and donald trump has not and there's more pressure today i understand. >> reporter: there is a lot of pressure. the senator from oregon is proposing legislation that would require presidential candidates by federal law to release their tax returns. the odds of this passing are next to nothing. it is clearly an exercise by the left to put pressure on mr.
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trump who has said he won't release his back tax returns until an eight-year long audit is completed. he hasn't been willing to release the back taxes that are part of the eight year audit and said when asked what his tax rate is he said it's nobody's business. corey lewandowski has said that he is worked very hard as a businessman to pay the lowest possible tax rate and trump has boosted about his willingness to litigation. >> thank you. will is monitoring the demonstrations in anaheim. it's looking peaceful. >> reporter: that's exactly right. there's a massive police presence out here. we've seen at least two dozen officers mounted here like you saw in albuquerque last night but what you don't have is the sheer number of protesters. we're on the north side of the convention center.
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you heard from carl there's about 7,000 people inside and about two dozen protesters out here. some had their faces covered and they seem to be looking around to see if there's going to be any trouble. there's a number right here who have been circling around a man with a horn who has been talking loudly. they're saying donald trump has to go but not the number of protesters that we've seen at other events and what i really want to leave you here with is the sheer number of police officers that we've been seeing out here all day. they tell us they've had five days to prepare for this and that they are not leaving anything to chance. they are prepared for anything that could potentially happen out here but as you've seen it is fairly peaceful at this moment. >> thank you. back inside we'll take a live look and you'll see they're getting ready for donald trump's arrival. his people have been warming up the crowd for the past at least 35 minutes or so. he was scheduled for high noon and we're expecting him any moment. you think e-mails will come up
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in this matter? we think they probably. let's bring in glenn hall. the matter of these tax returns is not going away. there hasn't been a major presidential candidate since at least the 1970s that hasn't released them. there's a lot of pressure there and curiosity about what he's paid as there is in every election cycle. how much is this pressure mounting now. >> you see it mounting from mainly the other side of the political spectrum. people saying this must be that he's hiding something. we had corey lewandowski saying he paid the lowest possible tax rates. some people wonder how low is that. >> the last tax returns that are available from donald trump he paid zero. >> exactly. we're talking about a longer period of time. that creates ammunition for those who would attack him. you can imagine some of his supporters saying i wish i was paying a low tax rate and maybe
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he'll help me do that. >> we have to run the country. i think part of the questions about his taxes has been he says he supports the military and there were questions about the event he held on the same night of the debate where that money doesn't seem to have changed hands yet and it's not a matter that's going go away. >> there's a lot of inconsistencies out there. he's got a lot of work to do to put real policy on the table. >> what do you make of the -- paul ryan today held a pen and pad with reporters today and he said look i'm not ready to endorse -- there was speculation about maybe whether paul ryan would come around. he and paul ryan have such -- the differences in their opinions on policy are so -- there's such a gulf there. is there any indication when or if paul ryan and the republican establishment might come along. >> the fact that the story is out there and maybe it's coming from the trump campaign hoping
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to push the process along, paul ryan understands political leverage and he's trying to use what he has, the endorsement, to try to extract some promises on donald trump towards the positions that he wants to see the party going with and also that he thinks are necessary in order for his caucus to continue to rule in the house. >> doesn't he have to make a political calculation as all politicians do about where things are going to be in four years and how closely he wants to hitch his wagon to trump's engine here. >> exactly. the gop wants the white house and they want it bad and they have not been able to seize it yet. donald trump right now is their only opportunity in this round so i can imagine over time and we're starting to see it more and more of the party starts to align around the candidate so they have the best opportunity to get the house, senate and the white house all under their control. that's what they really want. are you betting on the next cycle? i'm not sure how that will play
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out. >> the republicans said in their autopsy of the last cycle that what they need is more hispanics and women. >> right. >> bring it forward to the episode with the new mexico latino female governor of new mexico. he ripped her apart yesterday and i assume there's some calculation there or is the thinking this is just instinct on which he's been running for the past nine months. >> who knows with donald trump, right? sometimes he has a very slooued kak lack. she has not been supportive of him. she's criticized him behind closed doors and to her face and i think he may have been putting her down a little bit to say people who aren't with me they are against me but if there's going to be yununity in the par it's going to come from trump. >> i wonder how much of that is the same message he's been sending to people all along. is this a message to people who would cross him, if you cross me
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i'm going to get my followers and take you down. he said last night she's a terrible governor and if i were the governor here you wouldn't have these problems. how much of this is a message to others who might cross him? >> there are people who think that and it could very well be. it's also with donald trump he is putting the marker out there that he's got a strategy, follow him. if the others aren't following him, they're not the candidate, they're not the nominee. he's clear about it's got to be his way. >> trump's way or the highway. >> seems to be. >> thank you. we're watching that event in anaheim. it's not unusual for these things to start late. we've had suggestions before they want to build up the excitement, after all this is about showmanship. he said that from the very beginning. sounds like they're ready. let's listen. >> are you ready to send bill and hillary packing? are you ready to stand up to wall street? are you ready to end the foreign
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wars and put america first? are you ready to fight the terrorists? are you ready to stop the onslaught of radical islam and are you ready to make our communities safe, secure, prosperous, then one more time so they can hear you all the way in washington, d.c., i want you to shake those marble conference tables and get those special interests sweating bullets like never before, are the people of california ready to elect donald j. trump? god bless you. god bless this state and god bless the united states of america. thank you. >> in a moment they will introduce him. let's take a quick commercial break. the donald trump rally after this. real cheese people get big flavor in every little, bitty bite. new sargento snack bites, with 20 calories per stick, you can grab 'em, skewer 'em, pop 'em. just don't ever call them mild. new sargento snack bites, big flavor in a little bite.
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a live look, anaheim, california. donald trump is in the arena. we're expecting an announcement and we'll take you live for it when that happens. we reported on the commotion at the trump rally in albuquerque last night. on twitter said that the presumptive republican nominee called the protesters thugs and criminals. check out some of the video from last night. [ bleep] [ bleep]. police used smoke grenades and pepper spray to break up the
12:15 pm
crowds and demonstrators burned t shirts and jumped on cars. cops say the officers needed treatment after protesters threw rocks at them. our chief correspondent was in the middle of it last night and he's live outside the convention center where the rally took place. it looked like it got out of hand quickly. could you feel it coming? >> reporter: yes, absolutely. it was a relatively well organized and peaceful demonstration to begin with but clearly there was an element in the crowd bent on violence. the albuquerque police department seemed ill prepared for it when it came. as donald trump was speaking inside the convention center, the crowd surged across barriers through what was a very thin police line at that point. they tried to break into the convention center smashing windows and then finally the mounted police all seven of them moved in. at that point the protesters started throwing rocks at the horses and the police officers.
12:16 pm
there were smoke grenades fired by the police and then we saw protesters setting fire to trump t shirts and flags. i have to say the albuquerque police department did not seem at that point to know quite how to deal with the violence they were facing. >> is there a sense for who these people were? are they politically minded people? are they some combination? >> reporter: combination. certainly this was an organized event by a couple of local groups for whom immigration is the number one issue in this political season. a couple of unions involved as well. they had organizers here but those organizers were powerless as the police were to prevent the violence and there was a hard core who seemed far more interested in violence than they were interested in any kind of political policy. they were the sort we saw jumping on and stomping on patrol cars. they repeatedly threw rocks at
12:17 pm
the police. many of those police officers were not in riot gear. they didn't seem to have those kind of resources with them. they fired smoke grenades and at some point when he they county up with the crowd they fired pepper spray but it took them some four hours by my calculation before they were able to restore anything like peace to the streets of albuquerque. >> all right. thank you. the rally in anaheim today completely peaceful by all reporting. our team on the ground tells us that donald trump is next on the agenda so he should be coming up to the podium at any moment and when he does we'll take you live there. meantime the state department general says hillary clinton did not follow up the rules when she set up a private account and e-mail home server but clinton staffers say the investigation backs up something they've been saying all along. we'll hear from both sides if there's time before trump. that's coming up.
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u.s. state department inspector general reported today that hillary clinton did not follow department guidelines when she used a personal e-mail account and private e-mail sever as secretary of state. the inspector general says an internal investigation found secretary clinton did not get approximator mission to set up the system and information officers would not have approved such a request if she had made one because of security risks. the inspector general said secretary clinton should have sur runded all e-mails before leaving government services and because she did not do so she did not comply with the department's policies that were implemented in accordance with the federal records act. clinton says she has turned over all work related e-mails.
12:22 pm
she insists she never sent any information or received any information marked classified but she says the private e-mail setup was a mistake. today the clinton campaign responded, the inspector general documents how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who use personal e-mail and there's no evidence of any successful breach of the secretary's sever. >> reporter: the problem with the campaign's explanation ask that no other secretary of state used a personal e-mail sever exclusively for government business and an embassador was fired for doing what clinton did. at times the state department briefing seemed uncomp fabl as the spokesman blamed long standing institutional problems. >> our recordkeeping -- we could
12:23 pm
have done a better job at preserving e-mails and records of the secretary and the senior staff going back several administrations so back to before secretary clinton. >> reporter: and despite public statements that they wanted to cooperate the 83 page report found that mrs. clinton and her team passed on interviews with government investigators. republicans today were quick to highlight that condition diction. >> secretary clinton created this vulnerability. her statements on it thus far appear on the surface to be untrue and she needs to come clean. you have a chance to come clean on this by being interviewed by the inspector general and to refuse to do that is just mind bogging. >> reporter: the report found that one year into clinton's time as secretary of state two career staffers at the state department went to their boss
12:24 pm
and said they were concerned about clinton's personal e-mail use and they were concerned the system was not secure and they were told by their supervisor never to raise or speak of her e-mail use again. >> a lot of viewers probably remember there was a ro mannan hacker that said he made his way into her sever and it sounds like he's going to pay for that. >> reporter: he's made a deal earlier today. i was in the virginia court where the hacker pled guilty to two hacking charges including the untloerzed access to the aol account which first revealed the use of the e-mail address. there was no mention of the fbi claim or the claims that he hacked the clinton's server. >> you accessed a lot of accounts. >> yes. >> was the clinton sever easy or hard. >> both. easy for me. for everybody. >> reporter: one of the
12:25 pm
interesting elements of the plea agreement is that he says that he will fully cooperate with any current and future nvginvestigan and he's willing to testify about before a grand jury and a trial and an intelligence source told fox news on the e-mail issue is that his testimony is potentially very important because the hack of of the account shows that clinton's e-mails were exposed to foreign hackers and that in itself created risks. >> thank you. president obama arriving in japan today ahead of his historic visit to hiroshima. on friday he will become the first american president to visit the site of the atomic bombing. he said he will not apologize for the attack. today the president held a news conference with japan's prime minister. abe says he has no plans to return obama's gesture by
12:26 pm
visiting pearl harbor. the president visited another former enemy, vietnam. he announced he's lifting a ban on weapons sales to that country. billions of dollars are involved. we're watching the trump event which is going on now or they've just ushered all the rest of the people back to their seats and we have every reason to believe that donald trump will be coming to the stage in just a moment. he's often about 30 minutes late so the timing would be about right. a look at senator elizabeth warren's attacks on donald trump and how he's responding. and word that the democrats may be looking to replace the dnc chairman on the hot seat. stay tuned. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite.
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as promised donald trump has arrived for all of us. believe me he's going to speak now. e-mails anybody? >> good to be with you. good to be with you. thank you everybody. so here's what happened. i got here and they all said we have a great crowd. we don't have time for the national anthem. i said yes, we do. we have time for the national anthem, right? and we have a young lady that is going to sing it and i said what are you doing and she said i was supposed to sing but they had time because of the television cameras they couldn't do it. i said guess what, we're going to do the national anthem, okay. so sherry come up.
12:30 pm
♪ ♪ o say, can you see by the dawn's early light ♪ ♪ what so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming? ♪ ♪ whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fight ♪ ♪ o'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming? ♪ ♪ and the rockets' red glare the bombs bursting in air ♪ ♪ gave proof through the night that our flag
12:31 pm
was still there ♪ ♪ oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave ♪ ♪ o'er the land of the free ♪ ♪ and the home of the brave? ♪ [ applause ] wow! great voice! thank you. so when i got here, there was a group of a couple of hundred women, great women, and i didn't know about this and they were in one of the conference rooms and
12:32 pm
it was packed and i spoke to them for a little while and i said where are you all? you're in the audience someplace here. and i said bring some of them up. where are they? come on up. come on up here. these people, look at them. they're women that love trump. i'm telling you, women do like me. i'm telling you. [ applause ] >> god bless america! [ applause ] >> thank you god for sending us donald j. trump to be our next president of the united states of america. [cheers and applause] he's a job creator. he's a father. he's an american patriot.
12:33 pm
>> go have a good time, okay. thank you. thank you everybody. thank you. thank you. thank you. boy, there were hundreds. this was a representative group. thank you very much. chinese-americans. chinese-americans. [cheers and applause] good. hey, it's our leader's fault. it's not the chinese fault. they do take advantage of us, folks, but it's our leaders fault because we have leaders that don't know what the hell they're doing. believe me, they don't know what they're doing. it's been an amazing few weeks. last night we got the state of washington and now we have more votes than ever cast in the primaries in the history of the republican party. [cheers and applause]
12:34 pm
that's big. that's big. and what we have is a movement. we have a movement. last night you know we were in new mexico and it was beautiful and we actually, you wouldn't believe it to watch television, within that arena it was so -- it was like a lovefest. it was beautiful. packed, packed place and outside they showed some other things but it's one of those things. a lot of flags. thank you. thank you. don't worry about it. don't worry. don't worry. that's all right. the police will get them out. hey, do we love our police? do we love our firemen? we love our police and we love our firemen. they do an amazing job. they don't get credit for the job they do. so i began and we had 17 people running for what we're doing
12:35 pm
right now today and right now it's myself and it was supposed to be hillary watching us get to the convention and then they said we may not even be able to finish in the july convention. we were going to need another convention in august. they didn't know what they were going to do but it wasn't going to happen and i said i think they're wrong. i think we're going to make it easily and boy did i turn out to be right. did i turn out to be right. and everybody said the pundits back there said that hillary as i say crooked hillary, crooked hillary, she's as crooked as they come, she had a little bad news today as you know from some reports came down weren't so good. but not so good. inspector general's report, not good. but i want to run against
12:36 pm
hillary. i just want to run against her. look, i don't know if you're going to be able to. it could be we're going to run against crazy bernie, that could be. it could be crazy bernie. he's a crazy man but that's okay. we like crazy people. i hear they want to put biden in. i hear they're going to actually slip joe biden in and he's going to take bernie's place. no, i hear they want to slip in -- because i will say the system is rigged against bernie, 100%. get them out of here. get them out. get them out. get them out. out! out! out! out! don't hurt them. see what i say, don't hurt them.
12:37 pm
i say that for the television cameras. do not hurt him even though he's a bad person, folks. bad person. bad person. is there any place more fun to be than a trump rally? [cheers and applause] right? even one that's like 12:30 in the afternoon. i mean, there's just nothing like it. i love it. i actually love doing it. i love doing it because we are having an impact. they say like has never happened before. you know, so many of the pund pundits, many of them cannot stand me. they said he'll never run and if he runs he won't do well and he'll never put in his financials. i put in financials that are the biggest numbers they've ever seen by far, they were so unhappy.
12:38 pm
they were so unhappy. they said he'll never sign four may that's where you sign your life. and then it started. june 16th it started and we had a total of 17 and then boom one out, two out, three, four, five. one after another. six, seven, eight. and then they said, oh, we better start taking him serious because you know i was the one that knocked out that first eight. i did that single handedly. they said we better start taking him seriously. they spent $100 million, 66,000 ads, i am not kidding you. i saw it on fox so it has to be true. 66,000 ads and i said to my people i was watching television in florida and i said there's no way i can win.
12:39 pm
how can i possibly win. every single ad is a negative ad and most of them are false. there was a little truth to some of them, i'll be honest but for the most part they were false. i was being hit by everybody. i was being hit by the republicans. i was being hit by pocohantas. that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. she gets less done than anybody in the united states senate. she has a big mouth and that's about it. they used her because hillary is trying to be presidential. she's stopping with the shouting, okay, but then i listened before and i'll be honest with you i cannot listen to her. i cannot listen to her. can't listen. so i've been hit -- i've been
12:40 pm
hit by 66,000 ads. negative ads. and i said no way. and we won florida in a landslide. won it by 20 points. [cheers and applause] it sort of began -- i did actually very well in iowa. i came in second. i should have come in first and we'll explain that to you some day. but i tell you what, i went to in f new hampshire. i was not supposed to win new hampshire. bush was supposed to new hampshire. i won new hampshire in a landslide. then we went to massachusetts which we won almost 50% in massachusetts. he's got a tom brady shirt. yes, because tom brady loves trump. tom brady's my friend. i kept wondering how come i did so well in massachusetts. i think tom might have had an
12:41 pm
impact on that. by the way, he's a great guy. in indiana, did he help. did bobby knight help? so i went to all these different places and was winning in big, big numbers and i'll tell you what was really exciting. in south carolina we didn't get the endorsement of the governor. we got the endorsement of the lieutenant governor who is a fantastic guy and everybody else was endorsing different people and the evangelicals are very strong in south carolina and the military, the military -- we love those evangelicals, right? and the military -- the military is very, very strong in south carolina. everybody said that that was not going to be trump territory and i won south carolina in a landslide. [cheers and applause] and we won alabama and arkansas and kentucky. we won the entire south in a landslide. [cheers and applause] we won almost everything.
12:42 pm
and then we came to new york and you know the nice about it from the standpoint of people that aren't in new york, i love that, latinos for trump, believe me -- believe me, i love that. [cheers and applause] latinos for trump. by the way -- by the way, you're all here legally. you have houses, you have homes. we're going to keep your houses and your homes. you're going to have them forever and your jobs aren't going to be taken away by people that are just coming across the boarder and you don't know where they're coming from and you don't know where. and you know what, more and more and i'm seeing it latinos for trump, they have groups forming. i have great relationships with the hispanics. we're going to do very well with the hispanics because i'm going to create jobs and jobs is what this country needs. we need jobs. [cheers and applause] we need jobs.
12:43 pm
there's another one. hispanic, look at that sign. i love that sign. let me see that person. hispanic female veteran. three great words. three beauties. three great words. that's so nice. thank you. [cheers and applause] the hispanics, i have thousands of hispanics that work for me, people from mexico and people from all over. they're great people. what i'm going to do very easily, i do it naturally, we're bringing jobs into our country. we're not going to let other countries take our companies away from us so that everybody like carrier, like ford, like in a nabisco all these people get fired and it's not going to happen any more. whether you're hispanic or latino or whatever you might be,
12:44 pm
we're going to create jobs in our country and i'll tell you who is going to be one of the great beneficiaries the african-american population in our country is being treated very, very unfairly. african-american youth has a 59% unemployment rate. we're going to bring jobs into our country, folks, and we're going to get people working for really good numbers because that's what happens. it's going to be a beautiful thing to see and i will tell you the hispanics are liking donald trump. now it also helped that univision settled with me. that was nice. i thank you. we're going to have a lot of great people and a lot of great things happening in our country. we're going to have so many great things. so what happens -- a guy says i love your hair trump, you believe it. this is what i have to go through. this is my hair, you do know,
12:45 pm
right? right? it is my hair. whether we love it or late ihat it's my hair. so we went to south carolina. we won a state that we weren't supposed to win. we won it in a massive landslide. we then went all over the place. then we go to nevada and nevada was amazing. nevada, by the way, had exit polls of hispanics where they vote and they leave and they're doing polls and i won in a landslide all of the exit polls with the hispanics and i won nevada very big. and what i liked about new york -- okay we get to new york. we get to new york. i end up -- the people know me the best. new york is a critical place. it's a krit place. that's good. i'm critical too. we get 62% with three people.
12:46 pm
these guys, these dishonest people, because they are the most dishonest people in the world, they're the worst. but you know i remember early on i had like 12 people running and i'd get 32% or something and i'd have 34% and they'd say he did not crack 50%. now when you have 12 people you can't get 50%. abraham lincoln could not get 50% okay. so we go and we win and we keep winning and in new york i won massively, won everything. then we go to pennsylvania, a state that we are going to do so well in november. we go to pennsylvania, maryland, connecticut, we go all through the whole area. we had five, delaware, rhode island, we win all five. we win every single county in every single state. now the opposition is starting
12:47 pm
to get a little bit tired, but they said don't worry, indiana. that's the firewall. indiana. so that's the firewall. so i got a little lucky because about a year and a half ago bobby knight called me. i don't know bobby knight. he said this is coach knight. how much championships did you win coach. three and he had the last undefeated team in college basketball. he almost did it twice. the year before he had one loss. he blames himself. he says tell them it's my fault. i said i'm not saying that. he's tough and smart and they love him in indiana. i love you too. he says but we love you. i love you. but here's the thing. so in indiana i say wow indiana usually by that time -- wow indiana is a big factor and a friend comes up and said if you
12:48 pm
could get bobby knight to endorse you that would be fantastic. i said he called me a year ago and he said you should run. he said you're tough and smart and you're what we need. you love the country. he gave me the whole thing and i wasn't decided to do it. i said i can maybe find it. forget about the iphone stuff. i lift it up, thousands of papers, i lift it up and there's his number sitting right there. that's from god, okay. bobby knight's number. and i call up bobby knight and he goes, i've been waiting for you to call. and indiana next week. he's a great guy and he came and endorsed me and we just won that state. we won with women, with men, with young, with old, with rich, with poor, with blue collar, with white collar. we won with everything.
12:49 pm
we won indiana. and we won by the way, big. for me very important. we won with the evangelicals. you saw that. we won with everything. and then everybody said okay it's time to let trump go and do what he has to do and now i'm doing it and we have a person running for office who is not equipped to be president. she doesn't have the temperament to be president. she's got bad judgment. she's got horribly bad judgment and that was stated by none other than crazy bernie. i mean, bernie -- bernie said -- bernie said that hillary clinton has bad judgment. now, if you look at the war of iraq, if you look at what she did with libya which is a total ka tastfy and by the way, by the way, with benghazi and with our
12:50 pm
embassador, remember -- that's all hillary clinton, folks. let me tell you something if she wins and i hope she doesn't but if she wins you better get used to it because you'll have nothing but turmoil and you'll have nothing but four more years of obama years of obama and you can't take that. our system and our country can't take it. you remember the famous ad, when they call at 3:00 in the morning who's going to be there to call. she was supposed to say, i'm going to answer the call. she was sleeping. they called, they kept calling. did you see hundreds and hundreds of e-mails and calls, they kept calling, and she was sleeping, folks. she was sleeping. i don't sleep much. we've got to make changes, remember this, it's going to be
12:51 pm
about security. we're going to have great security. we're going to have great borders, we're going to have the wall. we're going to have the wall. we're going to have that wall. [ chanting ] >> two weeks ago the border patrol -- they're great people. border patrol agents, these are people that will know anything about the border than anyone else. other than sheriff joe arpaio. sheriff joe knows about the border and he endorsed me. two weeks ago i got a call that
12:52 pm
the border patrol wants to endorse you, they've never endorsed a candidate in history. and 16,000 border patrol agents endorse me. when i spoke to one of the top people. i said, let me ask you this question. it's very important to me. let me ask you this, it's a very important question. you're endorsing me, and you want to see it stop. how bad is it? they said, mr. trump, you have no idea. we have the equipment, we have everything. we're told to stand back and let people flow across like swiss cheese, okay? i said to them, so i think we need the wall. how important is the wall? they said, mr. trump it's absolutely vital. the one man said, it's an absolutely important tool. it may be the most important
12:53 pm
tool to stop what's going on, mr. trump. so i felt good when he said that, i don't want to be wasting a lot of times. if i didn't think it was going to work, i could turn that off in two seconds. when i asked the people that know more about the border than anybody how important is the wall, and they tell me it's vital, in other words, it's a vital tool, it's an important tool it's maybe the most important tool they can think of. we have to build the wall, we have no choice. [ chanting "build that wall" ] >> build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall. build that wall.
12:54 pm
build that wall. so we're going to build it. who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico. >> well, not according to mexico. mexico's going to pay for a wall to wall in its own people. dorn ald trump in anaheim, california, we'll be right back.
12:55 pm
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12:58 pm
problem for a lot of agencies. some are using programs that are more than 50 years old. the obama administration has pushed for upgrades. the gao states the budget will be $7 million less than it was in 2010. a giant sinkhole swallowed dozens of cars today. florence, italy, not florida. >> this is crazy, you see as you see, firefighters are on the scene. where a huge sinkhole engulfed two football nields. a water main broke underground. >> i can see that they already built a wall. >> yeah. >> that didn't solve any problems? >> this was right by the famous
12:59 pm
bridge, tourists come here to shop, buy jewelry, rescuers are pulling cars up, trying to remove all this debris, and no reported injuries were reported. >> that's the good news. >> yeah. >> thank you. a guy in a spiderman costume climbed the tallest building on the planet in 1991. for more than seven hours, dan goodwin used a rope and suction cups. cops later arrested him at the top. a few months later, goodwin climbed another one of the city's skyscrapers, the hancock building. he made it all the way up. a daredevil was on top of the world 35 years ago today. speaking of on top of the world. look at what the dow did on
1:00 pm
wednesday. two days ago, 17,855. it's been a good day. that should make neil cavuto happy. your world with mr. happy coming up next. i'll see you later. you wouldn't be happy once you head to the airport for the unofficial kickoff of the summer travel season. especially with the details we got from the tsa about the long lines awaiting to get to your plane. the latest recommendations, try to arrive three hours ahead of time to be on the safe side. you can imagine how that went over on capitol hill. doug? >> i'm going to destroy your narrative a tiny bit here. there has been a little bit of success. believe it or not in reducing weight times at some of the hardest hit airports. the tsa administrator testified that since reports surfaced first of that 450 number