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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 25, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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wednesday. two days ago, 17,855. it's been a good day. that should make neil cavuto happy. your world with mr. happy coming up next. i'll see you later. you wouldn't be happy once you head to the airport for the unofficial kickoff of the summer travel season. especially with the details we got from the tsa about the long lines awaiting to get to your plane. the latest recommendations, try to arrive three hours ahead of time to be on the safe side. you can imagine how that went over on capitol hill. doug? >> i'm going to destroy your narrative a tiny bit here. there has been a little bit of success. believe it or not in reducing weight times at some of the hardest hit airports. the tsa administrator testified that since reports surfaced first of that 450 number of
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passengers who missed their flights at o'hare. they have now repositioned some of the personality who made others who were part time tsa workers making them full time. enabling them to use their sniffer dogs more effectively. the longest wait times were 15 minutes yesterday. that's the good news. now, the bad news. the hc is short staffed. u.s. airports are seeing 740 million passengers a year. that's an increase of 100 million since four years ago. that while tsa's full time workforce has declined by 4% over the same time period. a lot of troubles ahead. >> thank you very much. >> the push today was for more personnel, which would be more money. automated bin systems, i have no idea what that means. that too would be more money. the hosts are making money. it isn't always about more money. what do you make of this,
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charles? >> well, we're talking about a budget that's already 7 $1/2 billion. i think we've all been through the airports. it doesn't take a rocket scientist to say you're wrong. one or two people checking the i.d. at a time. it's run so inefficiently. in a 2015 budget, they bragged. they bragged they had less money. they we want more professionals in the job. every time there's a mistake in the government, the blame goes to a lack of money. >> you know what's odd, the personnel have not kept up with the bigger crowds, we could talk about ways to overcome that, as doug was saying, shifting
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personnel around at airports based on demand. the knee jesh response always seems to be more money. if more personnel period were the answer, we should be flying pretty right now. but we're not. the airlines or should the airlines do anything to help out here? >> i think the airlines probably can and do, i know that there's a relationship with respect to first class ticketing. here's where they made a mistake. some of their preprograms, where you can get the preapproval for boarding have been a bust. they admit it's been a marketing issue. they admit they wish they had marketed this better. most americans, given the opportunity, or they know about the opportunity to go through this program and be able to wiz through the line, be able to go right through. faster than the first class line in many cases they would apply for it. this has been a mistake by this government. this administration to promote the good aspects that could
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work. i think airlines probably could and will play a bigger role if allowed to. we're dealing with massive bureaucracy here many. >> that's an understatement. arizona republican congress, martha mcsally with us. you were at today's hearing, what do you think of some of the pitches that the tsa was making? more money. reprioritizing things? where do you stand on all of this? >> they need to be using the manpower they have far more efficiently. admiral neffinger has been there less than a year. he inherited a dysfunctional corporation. things like, we have behavior detection officers who are trained to monitor people's behavior and identify where there might be some risks and how they're behaving. they end up standing in the backs of the lines and watching. we want them to be right up front. the ones checking the i.d.s, the tickets, right when you engage with them.
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that will put more agents right there serving the communities, making sure we're secure, and people are not waiting for hours in order to get on the airplane. this is one of the elements. the one i brought up today was, it's been reported that we've got difficult challenges in the manning, but we have a bunch of tsa agents that are supporting presidential rallies for candidates. concerts, sports events, and things that have nothing to do with the core responsibilities and the mission of the tsa. so i asked that question under what authority is it that you have tsa agents working at these other events. we can all agree we need to make sure we don't have terrorist attacks at events like that. there are better ways to do that. there are ways to peel off these tsa agents that have nothing to do with transportation security. >> i am curious what you make of the airline's responsibility. they're beefing up, not only deal directly with their passengers.
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but not to the point that they're going to roll back a lot of those checked lgage fees that are prompting a lot more people than normal to resort to carry on, which has cramped these lines. should the airlines do more? do you think the airlines could pitch in? >> well, think already are. we had a roundtable with airlines and representatives from airports like mine from all over the country last week. there's a hearing tomorrow morning with some of those representatives that will be in the public domain. airlines are already hiring additional people in order to augment tsa, to monitor the exit lanes, to manage the crowds. this is also a security issue, when you have long lines outside secure areas. it creates vulnerabilities for attacks like we saw in brussels that we have to be considering the elements of that as well. the airlines are stepping up in many cases, some of the larger airports are also hiring individuals in order to take up the slack where tsa is not being able to manage it.
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small airports like mine, they can't do that, they don't have the cash around to do that, in some cases when they filled the gap, they find that tsa agents go away and they never get them back. this needs to be fixed in the short term for the summer travel season, also for the long term. there's a lot of inefficiencies. the hiring process takes way too long. they're not using the personnel they have in the most efficient manner, they need better leadership development. they need to be using the canine teams more. there's a lot of different things they can be doing. >> thank you very much. >> in the meantime, ahead of that -- you might at least, if you invest in the market, feel a little richer as you head off. stocks were rallying today. advanced oil was the big catalyst today. i say oddly, we were within a stone's throw of $50. the highest we've been since last october. a lot of it has to do with the improving sentiment you're seeing world wide. that could tick up gas prices for you. they're still very low much
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certainly lower than they were a year ago at this time. they have been inching up, so this runup. remember when we got to $20 a barrel and people are saying, it's going to go to 10, it's going to go to 5? it still might. this continues to fuel a rally here, where people seem to think even if the federal reserve has a hygrade, we're okay with that. good for a whole bunch of issues. we'll see how long that remains the issue. >> in the meantime, donald trump speaking at a rally. he knows how to galvanize the crowd and the protesters. have you ever wondered what those who show up at these events, whether that's by design? it's appointment protesting. or is it a deflection on the part of those who don't want to focus on the protests going on within the democratic party? we report, you might be surprised. ess, legalzoom has your back. our trusted network of attorneys has provided guidance to
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donald trump still speaking in anaheim, making it clear he's on a roll here. he thinks he could easily win the presidency and maybe substantially so there are protesters at these events. of course he calls them out and they remove him. it got much worse than that last night in new mexico. at this rally, you look at the protester presence going on. you ever wonder whether these protesters are part of an appointment movement? will card in anaheim with the latest. what do we know today? >> hi, neil, i want to set the scene for you. we're at the anaheim convention center, on the north side here, there is a massive police presence. you can see there is a straight line of officers here at a barrier, and then behind them there's more members of law enforcement who are in partial riot gear. within the past couple minutes, they all put on their riot
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helmets, some of the protesters, there's only about two dozen, three dozen out here have started throwing items at the officers. what's interesting, there haven't been any donald trump supporters out here, the protesters have been verbally jarring with a couple street creatures. they really turned their anger on to the members of the anaheim police department out here, like i mentioned, they've been throwing items at them out here, obviously, they're also surrounded by dozens and dozens of members of the media here. the anaheim police department has been preparing for this for the past five they tell us they will let them peacefully protest out here, we've seen a lot of pushing and shoving. not much more. no arrests at this point. if anything does get out of control, they am be ready. on a broader scale, something that police departments all across the country have do be dealing with, they're going to
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have to figure out how they deal with crowd control and keep violence from happening on the outside of these rallies. >> donald trump is a specific target for these types of protests. i'm beginning to wonder whether even if he avoids controversy and problems at the convention, whether this is just going to follow him wherever he goes. he handled it well, but -- >> what are you hearing? >> i got you now, it's pretty loud. i missed half your question i'll tell you we've been to several rallies like this on the west coast. you do see some of the same faces with the protesters coming to this rally, we've spoken to some of the more organized protesters. they say that what they really don't want is the vigilante protesters showing up and creating violence out here, because they think that that actually helps donald trump in the long run. out here right now today, we probably have seen a dozen people with their faces covered.
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they're circling around, continuing to see if any trouble is going to break out. i want to emphasize that there are far more members of law enforcement here in anaheim this afternoon, and probably most likely members of the media as well. again, probably two, three dozen protesters on the outside of the convention. you have 7,000 supporters on the inside, as part of the rally, neil? >> thank you very much, will? scott brown right now, you see stuff like this, a big donald trump supporter. obviously, the overall crowd is big, protesters just -- even as a percentage are going to be big as well. do you think that some of these so-called appointment protesters are out to deflect attention from democrats and their disruptions in philadelphia a week after republicans meet in cleveland? >>. >> i think it's a little more basic than that.
1:16 pm
this is democratic playbook 101. it's happened to me, to every high profile race. you want to have people protest. you have one of your supporters doing something, either defending him or herself. reacting somehow. they put it out on youtube, facebook, twist the narrative. there's no doubt in my mind that these are paid very well organized from the dnc, move, black lives matter. a lot of those folks ganging up and basically this is the prelimb. this is the training ground for what's going to happen in cleveland and obviously they need to be ready. >> the irony might be then that we have an amicable convention where the establishment has rallied around donald trump. a lot of folks are going to be zeroing in on protesters outside, events like this. what do you think of that, and whether it actually takes away from donald trump's big moment. >> when you see mexican flags
1:17 pm
flying all over the place, it emboldens him and the supporters that it is the greatest country. it can be better when you see people who are anarchists who are basically hurting, police officers and their horses and damaging public and private property. it just goes to the essence of why donald trump is running. he's running to make sure law enforcement, we have their back. unlike this administration, who puts targets on law enforcement's back. i don't think it's going to be a violent -- sorry, a conflicted convention at all for the republicans. i think the real problems are going to be in the democratic convention in philly. >> you know, now that i got you here, donald trump, speaking of mexico, made a point of singling out susan martinez. we're told on a short list of potential running mates. but after donald trump just sort of eviscerated her on the stump,
1:18 pm
you have to wonder whether no slight is forgotten or because she couldn't immediately endorse him, or for that matter, express any interest in being his running mate, and then he just piled on her. was that just phied? >> it's hard to see what's going on behind the scenes. you look at people like lindsey graham. lindsay was incredibly nasty, now he's like, i love donald. that's kind of how it works. >> should he be doing that now? he captured the nomination, essentially. and yes he was speaking of someone who's still not too keen on him, but let bygones be bygones. why single her out in new mexico, that she's a horrible governor. to a crowd that ate it up. i almost thought he was talking about a democrat. shouldn't he be focusing on november and the prize in november? >> well, you and i do things a little differently, that's why people like him, he's not a traditional candidate.
1:19 pm
he's going to do what he feels is right. >> how does that help party unity? >> it helps party unity, because not everyone's going to be with him. we knew that, we know that a lot of these establishment folks who are there, the elite part of the gop, they're not going to be there. we're going to back fill that with a lot of the reagan democrats, the people that have never voted, been part of the process. the middle class who feel they've been left behind. i think it will offset -- i'm hopeful they'll reach out like they've done with lindsey graham and others and figure it out. we still have a long time to go. >> scott brown, thank you very much. we're getting our reports that the europeans have had it with the syrian refugees. >> they have all but locked down their borders to make sure no more come in. we're doing the opposite. we're committed to 10,000 by the end of this year.
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this is how the europeans are trying to deal with very restless refugees. you can't blame them, they have been penned up, and they're acting up. even if the overwhelming majority are peaceful, what their intentions are. it's scary enough for the europeans to say, that is it. we are locking down these borders hard, just as we in the united states are opening them up, sticking to a promise to bring in as many as 10,000 by the end of the year. former usf co commander says, go slow, be careful. at this point no one's listening, what do you make of
1:24 pm
it? >> when you look at the administration, we had a go slow process, we built that up by putting senators in jordan, lebanon and iraq, where the state department's over there are trying to vet these people. there is no real way to vet these people to ensure that they don't contain some people like isis or trans national terrorist groups it's scary we are ramping up to allow more in here than we did before. >> when we talk about bringing the right refugees here, those that are fully vetted, there is no way to fully vet them. then is the administration lying when they say they have been or will be fully vetted opinion there's paperwork on a precious few? these people are fleeing a very war torn nation, they're trying to keep their children and families safe.
1:25 pm
they're trying to go places. the bottom line is, european's open their borders, welcomed all these people in, and now look at what the problems they're having. wire trying to have a go slow process. the administration ramping up to help the syrian refugees. i don't know how we can absorb them here. there is no proper way to vet them unless there's intelligence to vet them. >> what do you make of donald trump's solution to this. to go slow on allowing muslims into the united states? >> i think we have to pause, we have to take a look. when you look at the syrian refugees, the one question i have, why is the christian world taking them in? why is not one country in the middle east, taking these refugees in, when they're right next door, they could go there, they're there brothers, they have cultural similarities,
1:26 pm
religious similarities. yet none of them are going there, they're all coming up to europe and the united states. you have to ask these middle east countries, why aren't you taking them in, why can't you do the vetting. why can't you -- >> i'm sorry, i understand you support what donald trump wants to do, put a temporary freeze on muslims coming into this country until we sort this out? >> i don't think it's going to be a freeze on muslims, it's going to be a freeze on the process, to ensure it's going right, that it's doing the correct thing? and we're getting the correct vetting these people need. >> i don't want to hear too much of the politics, there is some confusion in the republican ranks about whether to go full throttle and support donald trump and those who are skeptical. paul ryan has been holding off on fully endorsing donald trump earlier today. now we're getting word is that donald trump is here, we're
1:27 pm
going to have a phone call tonight. what does that say to you as a guy who obviously wants peace with his parties, and messages that are united. both parties. an indication that at least some republicans, it's not all that way yet. >> well, when you look at who is showing the hesitation in supporting donald trump. many of them one way or another are connected to the establishment or getting pressure from their donors, they're comfortable with this new brand of politics that donald trump is bringing to the table. >> you put paul ryan in that bunch? season the he concerned this guy is going to be serious? >> paul ryan is a phenomenal leader for the republican party. by the same token, he needs to recognize that right now, the republican party like it or not is evolving, the american people are speaking. and overwhelmingly they chose donald trump as the guy they want to put out front, that they want to put in the oval office,
1:28 pm
they believe he can in a very dynamic and disruptive way shake up the system and trying to change some of the things that need to be changed. we are $19 trillion in debt. we are going to have to solve that. we have a military that is decreased in capability and capacity that has to be fixed. i think the american people in their gut are trusting donald trump to do it, because no one else will. >> commander, always good. have a safe memorial day weekend. >> looking forward to it, and riding with rolling thunder again, neil. >> good for you. and your service. >> in the meantime, you remember what the commander was saying about the $19 trillion in debt? that really bothers. he can't let go of it. which is why ronald reagan's former budget guru, the guy ronald reagan took to the wood shed. he's questioning the establishment and saying, this guy donald trump, sure, he's a loose cannon, maybe just the cannon we need.
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donald trump surrounded by fans. a few supporters and protesters. he urged guards to remove. they did. there's no denying the crowds he generates or the unusual support from the wide variety of people he's getting. remember the guy ronald reagan took to the wood shed for questioning his policies? >> he's worried about the debt he had then and approaching now. he thinks we need someone like the great disrupter. >> we have been going down the same path now, and what has it led to. a federal reserve that's out of control. they have had the interest rate at zero for 90 straight months. >> the fact that they might
1:34 pm
start raising the the first hike since december, you welcome that? >> i welcome that, but it's a pinpri pinprick. have you to recognize that the interest rate is the mother's milk of speculation when it's at disappear row. wall street funds itself on the interest rate. it's generated the most spectacular run, over evaluation of oefrg. bonds and stocks. >> i have a feeling that they're not going to -- they're going to find any excuse -- they might. i don't see them doing it. and they'll seize on any reason not to. obviously the markets change their minds if they're ready and okay with that. i know you feel that will be good. >> there's been a brave front in
1:35 pm
the last couple days, if the fed is going to raise rates, that must mean everything is swell. when has the fed gotten it right about the economy? >> didn't see the crash coming in 2000. did it see the housing bubble, the wall street meltdown in 20 o 8. >> the bubble it's creating now, or did it project the gdp growth rate for the last six years running? the answer is no, no, no. it's always wrong, it's lost. it has no clear view of the future, and, therefore, for the markets to conclude that everything is all better that we're moving upward ever higher is a huge error, when we get to where i think we're going, which is a recession, there will be massive panic and selling on wall street. >> i would say by the end of this year and next year. we're 84 months into this
1:36 pm
so-called recovery. as tepid as it's been. the longest one in history is a little over 100 months. >> you mentioned donald trump as being a welcomed figure because he's a great disrupter, yet he's said nothing about reigning in entitlements or doing anything to address government growth. he wants to send more on defense. i'm thinking, david stockman has no idea what this guy's like? >> i think ien not very happy with what he said about entitlements. you need to. >> well, what i like is that he's not schoolinged in all the rationalizations. all the theorys that washington has been running on. >> he -- we don't need anything there. >> i think maybe he'll discover the facts of life. and at least he recognizes that 19 trillion of debt is more than we can live with.
1:37 pm
that if we continue down this path it will be 30 billion within a decade. i think he at least has some sense that debt can be dangerous. he's had a lot of experience with it. >> i don't think we have that option. essentially that's what fed policy leads to. they're determined to have 2% inflation. what does that mean? after a 30 year government bond, it's worth 55 cents on the dollar fp if that's not a default, a huge haircut, i don't know what is one way or another. with out right default some day down the road if we keep going this way about we can't live with this you said it seems like
1:38 pm
donald trump is closer to getting it than hillary clinton, by your definition either way by the end of the year, whoever comes in will be coming into a recession. >> whoever is elected will inherit a recession. after all, if you expect four years of no recession, that's 140 months from when the last -- >> the argument, you could stretch it out? >> you can't say that in light of what's going on in the world we have a deflationary recession merging everywhere in the world. china is a massive speculative mania that's going to collapse any day. >> how do you think donald trump responds to china. he thinks we're on defense with them earlier in the campaign he talked of tariffs.
1:39 pm
if you read the chinese press, they're not fans of his. he comes in, are we looking at global trade friction? >> i think there's going to be enormous friction. >> with him? >> with either trump or clinton. >> it doesn't matter who gets. >> we have been living beyond our means for 30 years. >> we're not done. weighing in on big financial types and what they make of this race. alan greenspan will be my special guest on fox business network. you'll get a chance to see a little bit here as well. what he makes of all the spending that's going on, and why he's a bipartisan bachelor himself when it comes to republicans and democrats dropping them all on fiscal responsibility. alan greenspan exclusively with us tomorrow donald trump has wrapped up his speech, but protesters have not, they still gather outside. donald trump is signing
1:40 pm
autographs for fans. this is the normal drill here, obviously, the goal is to get them out safely. we're keeping an eye on that, and keeping an eye on these protests. what's behind them? after this.
1:41 pm
. . . . . .
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and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. you see the mexican flag outside the donald trump event. keep in mind there is a great deal of the democratic party, a lot of democrats are focusing on ways to avoid a convention of anywhere own in philadelphia in july. real clear politics. the first thing a lot of these guys are saying is, well, maybe, maybe, maybe we have to make serious overtures, that is the clinton camp to bernie sanders?
1:44 pm
what do you make of the notion of just adding sanders to the ticket to do that. >> that would be an easy way to win over bernie sanders supporters. i could see something less dramatic. maybe putting a liberal democrat who aligns very closely with bernie sanders on the ticket. i haven't seen a lot of proof in this primary. a lot of signs that hillary clinton and bernie sanders are necessarily compatible as running mates. he's older, just like hillary clinton. >> that's true, usually in a running mate, you're looking for someone who will balance out the ticket in a number of ways. also in terms of personal biography, in terms of gender. he's older. he's really to the very far left of the party. hillary clinton could find a compromise -- >> i know what you're saying,
1:45 pm
let me ask you about another move? debbie wasserman schultz ticked them off to the point where they want her out, they don't think she's been very fair, open, even in this whole process, get rid of her. >> there are a few scenarios we could see my out here. first would be to oust debbie wasserman-schultz. that would be a pretty dramatic move especially in the midst of a presidential election, that is the less likely scenario, when her term is up, i think she's going to be under a lot of pressure to leave the dnc, she hasn't won over many allies in the party, not only in this election cycle, but more broadly, she hasn't made a lot of friends among democrats. she's made a lot of mistakes publicly and behind the scenes. i think that would probably be
1:46 pm
the more likely scenario, we could see some big changes in terms of the party infrastructure, in terms of the people who are running the party. >> what about the ones that push to get rid of the super delegates? that could tick off the sanders fans too, this is a -- if you did it now. our guy could have a shot. >> right. so this is something that we're likely talking about in terms of the next election cycle. reform for future presidential primaries, it's worth noting that super delegates haven't been around forever, so they came as a result of reforms to the democratic process a few decades ago. nominating unelectable candidates for the general election. and so they could be taken away. another option for sanders supporters that some people have pitched publicly is making sure that there are no closed primaries in the primary process. independence should be allowed to vote in democratic primaries.
1:47 pm
that's something bernie sanders supporters would be excited about. it will be too light for him this time, remember that bernie sanders isn't about himself, this whole campaign is about changing the system. and that would be one way to go about it. >>. >> thank you very much. i want to go back to anaheim, californ california. if you think donald trump dealing with these protesters, a lot of mexican flags there. what if if i told you he has a bigger worry within his own party? forget about getting them to his side. why hasn't he closed the deal with paul ryan? will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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since 2000, the number of people on food stamps in new mexico has tripled. we have to get your governor to get going, she has to do a better job, okay? your governor has got to do a better job. she's not doing the job. >> now, at first i thought he was talking about a democratic governor, no, he's talking about the republican governor, susan martinez, picking her out because some say she has not really flipped out over him or avidly shown her support. for that matter in even being his running mate. did he respond ten-fold back? mark steiner is with us right now. mark, the thinking is this, it comes on the heels of reports that paul ryan still isn't ready to endorse donald trump. he made as much in a remark this morning. the two of them, mr. ryan and donald trump is going to be speaking tonight. shouldn't trump be at least trying to cool it with the
1:52 pm
public remarks, against these guys? >> well, he would have, neil. except that this two-term governor, who is term-limited and the head of the republican governor's association, whose state was hosting the only rally that the republican nominee was having in her state said she was too busy. at that point, as trump does. he was going to hit back. and i think frankly, i think she had it coming to her. >> so you don't think there's any pull-back. if she had it come to her. i understand what you're saying, do you think he should be wasting his time on this sort of stuff. >> because he's made so many overtures and had such success winning over the party much more quickly than even his most loyal fans thought. why waste time on her? >> well to his credit, i think it shows how nondiscriminatory he is, when he believes he's been snuffed. and in this case he was. he's going to hit back on whoever it is. and she's vulnerable, frankly. >> you think this was a warning
1:53 pm
to others in the party who might be reticent or might be holding back? >> that's exactly it. if you look at a trump presidency starting in january 2017 what does that say to members of congress and the senate, who don't get on board with his agenda? he will use the bully pulpit very effectively and he'll use it with laser beam focus. if he has to. >> paul ryan, he did talk to "reuters," i'm not quite ready to support donald trump. i'm sure that might have triggered this phone call they're having tonight. do you think there's a period at which paul ryan would serve as the chair of the republican convention as the highest-ranking party official in the country, that they've got to do so soon? >> yeah, he's got a little less than eight weeks, and so you know, maximum. so really i think, i think what you're going to see is this conversation is taking place tonight. i think probably before june 7th, when trump officially
1:54 pm
becomes the nominee, paul ryan will do the right thing and he'll set the right example for the rest of the party. this game has been playing i think -- >> i like the way you say it, kind of like tony soprano. he's got to do the right thing. >> ultimately. >> i hear you. >> he does. >> either get on the trump train or get left back at the platform. >> we shall see. in the meantime, in other news controversy, the victoria's secret catalog is going away. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
1:55 pm
going to clean better than a manual. he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head. go pro with oral-b. oral-b's rounded brush head cups your teeth to break up plaque and rotates to sweep it away. and oral-b delivers a clinically proven superior clean versus sonicare diamondclean. my mouth feels super clean!
1:56 pm
oral-b. know you're getting a superior clean. i'm never going back to a manual brush.
1:57 pm
it's over, america, the victoria's secret catalog is over. you won't be able to see it any more. this calls for kennedy, a libertarian view of no more catalogs what do you make of this? >> clearly the government has to intervene, neil.
1:58 pm
they cannot stop the catalog. >> no, that's not true. of course victoria's secret has to evolve, they've got so much competition from specialty retailers online. brick and mortar and that's what they're going to do. it's brick and mortar or the internet for their customers. >> you were saying? >> they're going to have the online. you can get it online like you can with all of these sort of venues, so it really that much of a loss? >> it's a big loss for them. they've been losing money hand over brassiere, they're going to save $150 million by not sending out those pages that women and men love so much for different reasons. >> over the years this may surprise you, because i'm always in search of the truth, i talked to victoria's secret models, that's just the kind of guy i am, if it's news to you, it's news to me, i'm always amazed over the years i've chatted with
1:59 pm
them, how thin they are, they're really, really thin. it hits you when you see them. there's a great demand on these poor ladies, isn't there? >> ythere really is you call it thin, i call it genetic superiority. >> they may have a lower body mass index. >> they knew how attractive, what a draw it was, how much the fashion show -- but i was wouldn't ferg they're part of a dying empire now? >> because the models are so thin? >> no. >> if they can feed the models, they can bring back the catalog. >> what if you just have dessert and think about dinner later on? >> maybe that's how they stay so thin. >> hit for tat on that, young lady. kenne kennedy, you're the best. we thought it deserved a libertarian view. the victoria's secret catalog is
2:00 pm
gone. like any item we're abreast of it. see you tomorrow. i'm greg gutfeld with kimberly guilfoyle, ebony williams and eric bolling and dana perino. on the fief. so here's what we learned from the loserpalooza in albuquerque last night. no protester could explain why they were there. beyond employing a combination of f-words and gesturing fingers. not a complete sentence among the cretins. oddly their printed signsy articulate, but they weren't. that's what we call a clue. someone sponsored this action. they also look out of shape, clearly not living in a competitive environment, unless it's a contest in grievances, i


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