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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 25, 2016 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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good night from washington. "the o'reilly factor" son. good night. >> get back! [shouting] >> the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. >> more violence directed at donald trump. this time in new mexico. who is behind it? we will tell you. [whistle] >> sir, we need some help. >> sir. [chanting] >> black lives matter not only intruding on freedom of speech but also putting all americans in danger. we will tell you exactly how. >> donald trump was drooling over the idea of a housing meltdown because it meant he could buy up more property
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on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? >> also ahead, senator elizabeth warren continues to attack trump. is she promoting herself to run with hillary clinton? caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor combines right now. i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how black lives matter is killing americans. that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. first, the stats, and they are stunning. since the ferguson chaos, murders in the u.s.a.'s auto largest cities are up close to 17%. and much higher in cities with large black populations. in chicago, for example, this year alone, shootings up around 80%. why? because chicago police have stopped stopping suspicious
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people. so-called pedestrians stops are down 90% in the windy city. when you fail to police people proactively, people commit more crimes. the media will not spotlight that much of the violent crime in america is being committed right now by young black men. in fact, black males between the ages of 14 and 17 commit homicide at a rate 10 times higher than white and hispanic male teenagers combined. and blacks of all ages commit homicide at a rate 8 times higher than whites and hispanics combined. conclusion? there is a violent suspect culture in the african-american community that should be exposed and confronted. enter the black lives matter crew which roams around the country presenting a false narrative that police officers are actively hunting down and killing blacks. here's the truth. police shot whites at a rate of 50% in 2015.
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bliss shot blacks at a rate of 26%. in addition, black lives matter is now infringing on freedom of assembly and freedom of expression. in chicago, at depauw university, this happened tuesday night. >> hello, darling. [whistle] >> sir? please. >> we need some help. >> sir, please? sir, please. [shouting] [shouting get a job. get a job. >> there is no question black lives matter is affecting what we do here in the u.s.a. a new book by heather mcdonald entitled the war on cops have a new attack on law and order makes everyone less safe leaves out the threat from the radical group which attacks come stat a policy placing police officers where violent crime
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is taking place. here is a quote from miss mac donald. in terms of economic stimulus alone no other economic program has come close to come stat. in new york city businesses that had previously shunned drug infested areas. offering residents a choice in shopping and creating a demand nor workers. children could ride their bikes on city walks swowt their mothers worrying they could be shot. the crime victories of the last two decades and the moral support on which law and order depends are now in jeopardy thanks to the falsehoods of the black lives matter movement. so, summing up, thousands more americans are being murdered because police are being more passive. since the ferguson situation and the black lives matter protests. talking points believes every american should know that should know the truth. sympathetic media and many race hustlers are backing black lives matter and the final indignity, members of the group have even been invited to the white house.
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and that's the memo. now for the top story, reaction. with us here in new york city, eric guser, an attorney and political commentator. the unintended consequences of the black lives matter movement is a rise in murder. do you buy that? >> i don't buy that at all, bill. >> the stats are just an accident? coincidence? what? >> the police officers need to do anywhere jobs. if they did their jobs effectively then that would calm down the murder rate. because the police officers, after ferguson, they say we are just not going to police because we are being held accountable for what we have done. then they are not doing their job. >> you cede that the police something less aggressive then? >> oh, that's true. >> you just say it's less aggressive because what it it was was abusive and they have stopped being abusive. is that the point you're trying to make? >> some of the abuses have been brought to light. for example, many police departments have gone to body cameras in order to hold police accountable for the things that they do.
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>> or visa versa. >> right. >> people pull out their camera phones. if the police officers are doing the right thing then they are going to be okay. that was the problem. >> do you believe that black lives matter has a right to interrupt that speech at depauw university and turn it into a circus? >> i don't necessarily agree with what they did at depaul. >> necessarily? what does that mean? >> i don't agree with what they did at depauw. >> you think that's wrong. >> i do think that's wrong. >> do you believe that black lives matter has put out a propaganda about american police, generally, hunting down young black men when the stats show twice a many white men are killed by police than black men. >> that is not propaganda. let me tell you why. in many communities when you are being overpoliced or harassed by police or being stopped unnecessarily by police, that's what these young people are experiencing. so they are talking about their truth and what they experience on daily basis.
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>> but they don't understand the big picture on why they are being stopped. in chicago, the stat is stops you are talking about and that you don't like are down 90%. okay? 90%. shootings are up 80% counselor, do you see any correspondence between not stopping and the rise in shooting? yes or no? >> i'm not sure. >> you're not sure it? >> depends on the rest of the statistics. >> shooting is a shooting. >> but you are talking about stopping verses shooting. if the police officers had their presence and they were doing their jobs instead of pulling off and not doing their jobs, then they would possibly reduce the crime. >> i don't understand. if you arlinier thinker and police in chicago, 90% don't stop suspicious people anymore. and then correspondingly the shootings have risen 80% it, seems to me that the policy
5:08 pm
of not stopping suspicious people is leading to the rise in shooting. are you disputing that? >> i am saying that it depends on the rest of the data, bill. >> that data stands alone. >> no, it does not. >> sure it does. >> any type of data with any that statistics there are other that were can go into it. >> i don't know what. >> a shooting is a shooting and the lack of police stops are a lack of police stops. >> are deaths up as well. >> in chicago violent crime is up in almost every category. theft, i'm not sure. counselor, good debate. we appreciate you coming in and taking the fire. >> thank you. >> more violence at a trump rally. we will tell you what transpired and who is behind it the state department says now hillary clinton is to blame in the email situation. judge napolitano says that conclusion is serious. up ahead. i take pictures of sunrises.
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another violent display at a trump rally this time in albuquerque, new mexico. >> throwing rocks behind the police line now. pepper spray from police. tense are in overnight in alba alba quirky. demonstrators on top of cop cars, starting fires. some agitators. others protesting with a purpose. >> we are here today because the people of albuquerque specifically do not want donald trump in our city. >> we're not going to tolerate trump hate and the speech. we don't support what he stands for and this is what the people are here demonstrating? all of it escalating after trump's rally ended. supporters streaming out as police barricaded a shattered door at the convention center trying to stop protesters outside from getting in. >> several albuquerque police officers are being
5:13 pm
treated for injuries. joining us here in the studio, eboni williams and monica crowley. what do you think about the protesters, monica. >> there were two main groups associated with organizing the protests to begin with one is called the southwest organizing project and the other is progress now, new mexico. these are basically two community organizing progressive groups, professional leftists. we also know that unions had a hand in some of this, but it's unclear which unions were involved. >> so we don't note unions, eboni. the southwest organizing project, apparently tried, according to jonathan hunt, fox news correspondent and reporting from there, tried to keep the peace. >> that's right, bill. they were actually putting themselves and their bodies in between the law enforcement and the very violent aggressive nasty protesters trying to calm them down and telling them that they were there for peaceful demonstration. >> but it didn't work. >> no, it didn't. you know what really took me affront, bill. when you look at this, some of those people were wearing bandannas on their face. not only is that lawless. it's reckless and proves to be a coward because people
5:14 pm
want to do know who they were and what they stood for. when you have a mask on, i'm already suspicious of your intention. >> this is being done by design, obviously, to create a kind of a chaotic environment around donald trump it can go two ways and mexican flags were visible at this protest which we said here on the factor that's going to give trump more votes. >> absolutely. >> all right. but, if you continue to do this, and you create chaos, you are going to get what i call the vietnam effect, is that people are starting to go, gee, do we really want this kind of turbulence in the white house? i think that's behind a lot of this. >> yes. well, the professional left has been at this for decades and they are very good at it it's been b. stoking chaos. in some cases stoking violence in these situations in order to tear down the existing order. tear down the exsithing
5:15 pm
system in order to replace it with whatever the left wants. we have seen this for a long time. but, to your point about it helping donald trump this time around, these kinds of protests riots, this kind of violence reaches a saturation point. and they no longer have the impact they once did. so we saw it in march in thinking where bill ayers was there. we have diminishing return with these. doesn't pack the same punch as it did with vietnam the iraq war or even. >> i know i will get mail why am i covering it? i'm covering it because it's in the news why eboni do you think right wing people don't do this. the history is left wing people do this. >> i want to point out that all left wing people that have done it haven't been in nasty and vial. many have been successful talking about the civil rights movement. >> vietnam nasa j. >> talking about older.
5:16 pm
women's right and women's sufferage movement. >> it was controlled by dr. king. but you are dodging my question here throughout the dzhokhar cadz we have not seen these kind of violent on the right. tea party is an example. >> marginalized communities feel like they need to be more aggressive to get their choice heard. this is an affront oppressed and marginalized. >> when you have the federal government ordering schools to r. how any gender to shower that's oppression. >> many people don't agree with that they should also have a first amendment right. >> you will not see traditional conservatives go in and attack police officers. >> can i tell you why as a conservative, because conservatives when they have these kind of frustrations they want to reform from be with the city isn't rather
5:17 pm
than from outside the system and tear down the system. on the right there is more respect for authority, for law enforcement, for the military, for authority in any form. >> that's a good analysis. when you think that you are already on the outs from inside the system, monica, it becomes harder to put your confidence there it doesn't in any way justify. >> a lot of these people want to tear the entire system down. >> right. >> and they write in traditional conservatives don't want to do that. >> good analysis. thank you both. directly ahead, glenn beck, who will he vote for next november? we will also ask him with the facebook controversy. and, later, miller on who president obama might pardon next. those reports after these messages. for up to three years and be covered. so no matter where you go, your peace of mind and confidence
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as you may know glenn beck has been a vocal of donald trump and hillary clinton. who is he going to vote for? he joins us from dallas. i don't know what you are doing there, beck, but please stop. >> magic. >> i missed you. that's how commented i am. where have you been? hanging with the facebook guys? >> i was trapped in a fudge factory for a while. >> it shows. i ate my way out. >> you do have the fred mcmurray look. say hello to chip for me afterward. >> fred is great. what's his face is still sleeping on the couch. november beck goes to cast his ballot and who gets it? that would be for me and me to know alone. >> you are not going to tell. >> i have had my uber fill of endorsing candidates. >> you don't have to endorse. who would you vote for? you don't like either of
5:22 pm
them he we know that. >> i don't know yet. i looked into austin peterson this week. mary matlin left the g.o.p., became a libertarian, and this week while interviewing austin peterson, she comes out and endorses him. mary matlin. >> i don't even know who austin peterson? who is austin peterson? >> he actually worked for the judge for a long time there at fox. i mean, you are so far up in your -- >> -- i'm way above the judge. >> tell us who he is. >> you are almost like a god. >> thank you. who is he. >> is he a libertarian president for candidate. >> so you may go libertarian? >> i don't know. >> you may go narrowed? you might right in your own name? >> no, i won't do that. >> it's hard for me to believe traditionalist like you would go for hillary clinton. >> no, are you kidding me? >> so she is out. >> absolutely never hillary. >> you don't like trump. are you listening to trump? might he persuade you? >> i don't think he tontle
5:23 pm
wants to ter persuade. >> is it possible he could win you over to some extent? >> well, i suppose -- i mean, there is enough time, i guess, for me to be hooked on heroin. i might be so strung out that i would be like. >> analogy that we want to make trump heroin but, okay. we will say that you are looking at all possibilities except for. >> there are two i won't. >> secretary clinton. you are not looking to her. >> no, i'm not. >> going out to california to hang with zuckerberg and facebook people. >> may i point out here? you have noticed a pattern? i'm not good at making friends bill, you have noticed that. >> i like i don't know why more people don't like me. >> that they don't like you? >> i'm not good at making
5:24 pm
friends. all they know is the pills bury out beck not the inside beck. >> it's all the frosting is in the inside. gooey goodness. >> whatever. tell me about zuckerberg and facebook you are invited obviously they wanted you out there. did you go in a little t-shirt like he has? >> no. i actually wore a shirt and pants which is unusual for me. i believed him as the report has come out exactly what he said was happening was happening. >> what. >> there is no intentional bias that is institutional. he did say that, look, we are surrounded by liberals. and he said there are liberals working here and bias may happen with human
5:25 pm
beings. he said but it's not institutional bias. and he said we're working on ai to get the people out of it. he said it is not in our best interest. we want conservatives to come to us. we want people to trust. he started with the sentence that i thought was amazing. he said, look, we have a problem and we know it here is the problem. you don't trust us at all. and when something like this can happen, and nobody calls, which becomes this huge story, we know we have failed conservatives. so we want to fix that. you believed him. you thought it was sincere. did you have any one-on-one time with him? >> well, you know, usually the chicks did me. no, i don't have no alone time with him. >> beck, i have a question for you. come on over here. how could you have possibly become this successful? >> no, he didn't ask me that as well. >> i was concerned bill,
5:26 pm
that there were conservatives at the table and they were the progressive republicans that were talking about quotas and sensitivity training. and i don't want to read into their intent other than to make things better. but that's not what we do. >> no, i agree. >> as conservatives. we need to have editor or editors that are as fair as zuckerberg can make them be. he is the guy. he said look, i don't think this is fair. if you do it again you are out of here. believe me, that will turn around real fast. >> what he said was very telling statement. he said, look, this isn't a problem just in america. america, i think, is 10 or 20% of their audience. 80% is global. he said we have this problem in every country all around the world. he said it's very difficult to do this all around the world. we're trying. that's why we are trying to take people out of it. >> you know what? all i have to say is this.
5:27 pm
i get a clip file every day of internet stuff that pertains to the factor. i never see on yahoo, which is my primary server any of these conservative websites quoted, ever. and that just tells me it's skewed to the left. what do i know? i wasn't invited. zuckerberg doesn't like me. >> that's true. did he say that when we were trying to figure out which bathroom to use. fox news is the biggest source of news on facebook. >> as it should be, beck. thanks for coming on. nice to see you. >> thank you. good to see. >> you plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. state department now says former secretary of state hillary clinton made serious mistakes in the email fracas. wow. and miller on whether taxpayers should bail out puerto rico. and maccallum on why elizabeth warren continues to attack donald trump. we hope you stay tuned to those reports. llergy relief, they wont.
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impact segment tonight. bad news for hillary clinton today. the former secretary of state being investigated by the fbi for security because she used private email while conducting national security business. today, the state department announced mrs. clinton's conduct violated government rules here now to explain further chief judicial analyst judge andrew napolitano. when i see these stories, they don't resonate with me
5:32 pm
anymore. >> get tired of them. >> north tired of them. there is a bit of cynicism involved. i think some the viewers feel the same way that the system is so arcane, disorganized, complicated that people go it doesn't matter how much they find out, nothing is going to be done. you think today is a big deal. why? >> i do. i also think a lot of people share your view. today is a big deal for a couple of reasons. first, it directly refutes a statement she has made dozens of times. it was allowed. we now know it was not allowed. >> stop. the state department said today what she did using her private server would have been forbidden if she had asked. >> correct. >> and she never asked? >> correct. which was the second point i was going to make. she never even asked. >> but then she will say i didn't know enough to ask. >> she signed a two-page statement under oath on her first day on the job, which was given after she had a two-hour tutorial by two fbi agents telling her about the proper care and legal
5:33 pm
obligations for state secrets. and in that oath, she swore that she had the obligation to know how to care for state secrets and to recognize them. >> general. it's general. >> enough to get her a jury trial. >> yes. if this oath had said i will not use my private server conducting state department business, then you got her. >> you are right. it's not that specific. because nobody, not the fbi. not even her it people knew about it here's what is new in the report today. her server in her house in chappaqua went down a couple of times. when it went down, the blackberry wouldn't work. and the state department it people said here, use a state department blackberry. and she said through her assistant yuma abedin, no, because we are concerned with the freedom of information act. so, she went dark. and she had documents verbally read to her rather than transmitted to her through the state department
5:34 pm
email she was concerned about the freedom of information act knowing what she was doing? >> what does this tell the fbi? it shows intent. you don't have to prove intent talking about espionage. prove it by gross negligence. there is ample evidence of gross negligence. but avoiding the transparency laws shows a consciousness. >> let me restate so everybody understands. two times, you're saying, her private server went down and her machine device didn't work? >> we don't know how many times but it was more than once. >> more than once. so the state department said use our server and our devices and through her assistant came back no, we don't want to do it. did they actually say because of freedom of information? >> yes. right in the email, which i had not seen before today. bill, it's 55,000 emails. >> so that shows a calculation. >> absolutely. >> and a calculation shows that she was trying to get around the rules. >> correct. and that feeds into the fbi argument. now, the fbi is very smart.
5:35 pm
i believe they already knew before today everything that was in here. >> do you believe that she is going to be indicted? >> i believe there is ample evidence to indict her. the only way she wouldn't be is if the president or the attorney general. >> do you believe the fbi is going to put forth that evidence to the public? >> yes. whether she is indicted or not. >> do you believe that will happen before the election? >> i believe it will happen before the democratic national convention in philadelphia. that's two months from now. >> okay. knap, there he is. thank you, judge. >> my pleasure, bill. >> when we come right back, it will be miller time. should taxpayers wailout puerto rico and who will the government bail out next? think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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♪ so nice, so nice. this summer, experience us virgin islands nice. book 4 nights at before july 16th to receive the fourth night free, plus 350 dollars in spending credits. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the miller time segment tonight, as we reported, president obama's pardoning a lot of convicted felons. dennis miller has been watching that very closely and as predictions for the future, the sage of southern california joins you now from santa barbara. all right, miller, who is going to get pardoned? >> well, billy, i just want to see these are the final day pardons. these are the big ones.
5:40 pm
i wanted to get in early with my bracketology because pretty soon everybody is going to be doing predictions. i wanted to be in there first. in the number five slot, i have got jamal who was indicted and convicted of killing, and i think it's important we mention the victims here 1981 philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. now, he is not to be confused with billy maumi. four spot leonard peltia who killed ron williams and jack koeller and he and mumia both lend themselves to these free peltier. number three spot mark rich. he died a few years ago.
5:41 pm
democrats they are compulsed give him a pardon. >> bill clinton gave him the pardon. that's the eric holder thing. rich is interesting because we reported on this extensively, the worst tax sheet in american history. never went to prison. >> do you want to heart first line in the "new york times" obit? imagine this. this is the "times" opening. a shrewd, swash buckling oil trader. can you believe how they spin that? how about a slime because. mark rich gets the number three slot because they always give it to him even though it's emeritus now because he has croaked. number two, we have got joanne -- she has a muslim name. i'm not going to say it because people will accuse me of coming down on muslims. killed a new jersey state trooper warner forester.
5:42 pm
she is still down -- she is down in cuba. and i think what it will eventually happen there is when president obama cleans out gitmo, he will turn it over to chesimard and she will become the scarlet o'hara of this cuba -- and she will live down there. number one who is going to be pardoned on the last day, the incredible two headed transplant, no not rosy grier but bill and hillary. hillary is probably going in for the private server thing. bill, you throw a dart, baby, there is a lot of reasons there. but,. >> you know, people have now got to watch the incredible two headed transplant with rosevelle gear and ray. it rivals bore delo of blood. >> i tell you bordello of
5:43 pm
blood pays for my dental benefits. >> i love you getting those vampires. puerto rico is broke. they owe billions of dollars. they can't pay it should the american taxpayer bail them out, miller? >> well, this is money spent with our new best friends in iran is the way i look at it i don't want to divert money away from iran to go to puerto rico. listen, i did research on this because it was such a serious subject you gave me. i felt forced to study. so thank you for that. >> you're welcome. >> i don't think we are going to give them actual taxpayer dollars. there is a program promesa. the first three letters are puerto rico oversight. what it does at this point is making it more lenient for them to declare bankruptcy without actually declaring it they get some of the protections of bankruptcy. at this moment it's not about tax dollars. i said that's the most serious answer i ever get on here. if anybody in puerto rico is watching. advice don't become a state.
5:44 pm
stay unincorporated territory because this thing is going down and you don't want to be riding it when it's going down. lastly, billy, can i read something real quickly? it's a good, serious thing. it's about things like puerto rico, why people are so bummed out that they have to keep paying taxes for all these things. it comes from a great book. it's a note by amity, forgotten man about the great depression. by william gram sumner. 1883 essay called the forgotten man, first yale sociology professor. this sums up all the animus in america for paying too much taxes. as soon as a observes something which seems to him to be wrong from which x is suffering, a talks it over with b. a and b then propose to get a new law pass to do remedy the evil and help x. their law always proposes to determine what c shall do for x norbert case a, b, and c should do for x. c is the person i want to know. c is the forgotten man. set man who is never thought
5:45 pm
of. he works, he votes, generally he prays but he always pays. c is rising up in this country. >> dennis miller, if you followed that turn in your quiz right after the program. and an update on who wants to be president. reno, nevada sold out. thank you, all. atlanta and biloxi, mississippi, 90% sold out. denver, 85%. me he can sun in connecticut sold out for evening show and special tickets for father's day show at 3:00 p.m. dad will be thrilled if you give him tickets to see miller and me. why senator elizabeth warren attacking donald trump almost every day? and then the tip of the day, legends and lies the patriots. we will show you a clip moments away. allergies. and i'm doing just fine.
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on the cheap. what kind of a man does that? a small, insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt, so long as he makes a profit off it. >> one footnote, ms. warren used to teach at harvard where they have banned the word drooling. here now to analyze fox news anchor martha mccown. >> i think she likes donald trump, don't you? >> no. >> this is a woman who is reserved. who is not a bomb-thrower, who has done very little in the senate. she is not a high profile senator. all of a sudden she is don rickles. what's going on?
5:50 pm
>> i think she is enjoying her moment. she is sort of the paul ryan of the democratic party. she has not endorsed hillary clinton. she is the only female senate member who has not endorsed her yet. >> is that right? i didn't know that. >> she is. her rhetoric gets a ton of attention. and everyone is so focused on this election right gets a t attention. everyone's so focused on this elist ever legislation right now, she may have regrets about not running. i think she's kind of priming her spot for the future. >> she may be a little less left than sanders, but it's the same thing. i'm saying to myself, you know what, i think she might want to get attention as a vp candidate here. >> she might. there's a lot of speculation about that about. >> that would mollify the bernie people. >> it would energize voters who are so unenergized by hillary clinton.
5:51 pm
>> i don't know if they want this uber left ticket. >> if they stay home or come out for trump fp that's going to be a negative for hillary about. >> two women? >> yeah. i think on some ways two women on a ticket would be a much bigger deal than just hillary. >> i think you may be right, i think this may be a vp play, pure speculation. you know this facebook thing. you're not on facebook, are you? >> i am, but i'm not particularly active. >> i don't know how you get on it. there's now a trend to do ridiculous things on facebook, so that other people will then watch you do ridiculous things. this is now becoming a criminal justice problem. >> that's right. >> roll tape.
5:52 pm
>> you get -- [ alarm ] >> the paintings, let's go. everyone, let's go. please grab a painting, come on. please. >> that was in london, england, correct? these guys were simulating a robbery? >> wearing stockings all over their head. this group is called troll station. there's more than 7 blg hits on youtube for people who are searching for pranks. pranks are becoming extremely popular in the youtube world, people searching for pranks. this one in particular led to the guys getting arrested. right? >> daniel jarvis was arrested.
5:53 pm
he got 7 months for being the ring leader. they did something else, where they mock kidnap someone. >> they went down old bailey. i used to live there. british justice system is a lot quicker than the u.s. justice system. the leader got seven months in prison. >> the other guys got lesser offenses and some got off with fines. they're trying to make a statement with this guy. talk about disrupting. these people are terrified. >> this stuff is really out of control. >> factor tip of the day, legends and lies, the patriots, we'll give you a sneak preview, the tip, upcoming. i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back on my long-term control medicine. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece
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legends and lies. father's day four weeks from sunday. we have one of the greatest deals ever. if you buy a bill o'reilly membership for them. get a free dvd of the movie 13 hours. any book is free, and the membership. we hope you'll all check it out. the no spin news, now the mail. cynthia silky. how can you ask people to save money, and tell them to buy things on your website. >> question the farrah sees would enjoy. as you know, all the money i get from billo' is donated to charity. plus things we offer enhance your life. it's not some ashtray from yellowstone. you and krauthammer sound like
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old out of touch guys. there's nothing to say money could be in a savings account for 10 years and earn no interest. >> protecting yourself from ulter disaster. phil from hawaii. your take on money was right on. we posted the points on bill o' kimberly said, the health care system is free. thank you for that clarificationp loretta. do you think bernie sanders will run as a candidate? >> no, too late. >> you are contributing to the pollution of the english language when you use the word mad instead of angry. shame on you. >> you may want to unwind a bit. >> every night my 8-year-old walks around the house saying, name and town and keep it pithy.
5:58 pm
like the tike opine, rob. millersville, maryland. just finish ed killing reagan. i'm glad you mentioned that. thank you for reading the book. >> the factor tip of the day, legends and lies a brand new season is upon us. both adults and kids will enjoy it. you learn a lot, fun to read, fabulous gift. then there's legends and lies the patriots. the tv program debuts sunday june 5th on fox news channel. we tell you the truth about american icons. >> despite the popular poem by longfellow, paul revere is not alone on his midnight ride. patrick dawes and three others
5:59 pm
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6:00 pm
again thanks for watching us tonight. i'm bill o'reilly, please remember that the spin stops right here. definitely looking out for you. exclusive new pictures just in to the kelly file from the all out chaos on the campaign trail. with less than two weeks to go before the last big primary contests, angry demonstrators directed at donald trump and his supporters. earlier today, mr. trump took his message to the people of california. where he was greeted by about 150 protesters. while it started out peacefully, a handful of people are in custody after rock throwing and attacks on innocent passersby. last night it was