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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 25, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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using #proudamerican. thank you for being with us tonight. have a good night, everybody. this is a fox news alert. rocks hurled at police and their horses and can you see the police and their horses are clad in protective riot gear trying to clear angry anti-trump protesters. this all happening in anaheim, california. we have never seen anything exactly like this outside a trump event. hours after a speech fox news correspondent will carr is live in the middle of it. will? >> good evening, greta. still a massive police presence out here. there are literally hundreds of officers still here swarming the streets of anaheim. we're about a block away from the convention center where donald trump held his big rally, 7,000 supporters showing up for that rally. about four hours ago. now, around the same time on the outside there were
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several dozen protesters. we are estimating maybe between 50 and 60 as the rally got out, law enforcement start to do try to get the protesters to disperse. what they start to do tell them to do is they were having unlawful protest. well, some of those protesters didn't take to that kindly. they started burning items. they started throwing huge rocks. eventually they were pushed by long lines of law enforcement, just like this on their horses. and they were pushed in to traffic. they started kicking cars. they started continuing to throw rocks, continuing to burn items. we're going to step over here to give you a better look, greta. and as they are doing this, law enforcement started to run out and start to do grab individual protesters and take them back behind the line, arresting them. we saw, when we were out here, between 7 and 10 people taken and arrested. there were a couple of times when law enforcement went out. tried to grab some of the protesters. they would run out. they would get behind some of the shrubs. they would start throwing
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rocks again. this play out at least probably more. law enforcement tries to continue to push. one law enforcement, one police officer and one protester. he said if you guys leave, we'll leave. obviously there is still, maybe, a dozen protesters intent on trying to create some kind of violent situation. members of law enforcement and police departments all across the country are going to have to take into account as this campaign moves forward in november. as donald trump continues to hold rallies across the country, you can see they are continuing to move up here. unclear exactly what they're doing. any time they have moved in these formations we know they have zeroed in on some of the protesters in the area. but, again, members of law enforcement all across the country are going to be having to take into account exactly how they are going to deal with these types of rallies and exactly what they're going to do when protesters turn violent,
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greta. >> will, thank you very much. and we're going to continue to monitor this tense situation outside the donald trump rally in anaheim. if things get more heated we will take you back there live. right now, that when the world is going on in the democratic party? is it imploding? first the breaking news, secretary clinton accused by the state department inspector general of not cooperating with this investigation. the inspector general also accusing the former secretary of not following the rules, specifically the one that pribilitied her from using a private email server. but that's not all. there is more chaos tonight for democrats. senator bernie sanders is now threatening a messy democratic convention. what does that mean? does that mean trouble in philadelphia? well it, doesn't sound good. and there is more. some democrats tonight are calling for dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz to get the boot. that can't be good. where is the current head of the democratic party? president obama guiding his party? not likely. he is out of dodge halfway around the world and all of this just a short time before the democratic convention. could it be any more chaotic
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for the democratic party? well, maybe. we still have not heard from the fbi and their investigation into the clinton emails. so i guess the answer is, yes, believe it or not, it could get even worse for the democratic party as they approach their division convention. now, many believe all this chaos on the left could help donald trump on election day. well, first, you're going to go inside that new state department inspector general report on clinton's email trouble. team coverage from our catherine herridge who has been covering the email scandal from the very beginning. lieutenant colonel allen west is here. >> good to see you, greta. >> first of all, what is this investigation? who did it. >> the state department's inspector general who is independent agency inside the state department that does audits of things that need to be looked at. >> who asked for it? >> i believe the state department -- well, the -- i mean, the inspector general doesn't need anyone to ask for it, specifically. i believe they have their own purview. >> this is separate from the
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investigation being done by the fbi. where does this inspector general report go? >> well, it's distributed to the public. it goes to the hill. it also is distributed today to the news media but, the key difference between that and fbi investigation is, of course, the criminal investigation. this is looking at whether hillary clinton violated any internal policies. what it did find was that there was internal guide dance about the use of personal email accounts and that she didn't meet those. there was a second issue of whether she met the federal retention standards for keeping records. under federal rules and it also took issue with that. >> all right. did she cooperate? did the inspector general in compiling actually media reports about 80 pages long. did she cooperate? >> no, she did not. she declined to be interviewed at the ig's request she also, four of her top aides declined to be interviewed or cooperate with the investigation. >> the other state department secretaries who were part of this report did, they cooperate? >> they did. not all of them.
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some spoke to representatives. i believe collin powell did speak to the ig. that was the one that the ig specifically mentioned as having personal email before with the key difference, you know, secretary powell used publicly available personal email account whereas he didn't have this private server in his basement. you know, was arguably less sciewsh. >> all right did. she have notice? as i went through the report, the thing i was looking for was whether there was any indication that she had notice that she should have had this private server or email account. >> these were written policies. they were available to her. the ig specifically said secretary clinton took office opposed to secretary powell took office these rules were very clear what was supposed to happen with personal email accounts. then in 2010, two people in the information management office raised the issue of whether her practices were meeting the federal standards under the records retention policy, and they were essentially told by
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their supervisor that there had been a legal review, that it was found that they were, that it was approved, and that they shouldn't ask about it anymore. what the ig says is there was no such legal review and there was no such approval. and had she asked, it would not have been approved because of security concerns. >> one of the things it says in november of 2010 in the report that the deputy chief of staff for operations discussed the fact that she had the private emails and it said -- and even sent an email to her that we should talk about putting you, remember the eliseing email address to the department. her response was let's get separate address or device. i don't want any risk of the personal being accessible which, of course, when i saw it didn't say i want to protect the state department email. it says i want to protect the personal. >> i can't speculate about what secretary clinton's motives were. certainly by controlling access to her server, controlling those records, it would have made it more difficult for anyone to forward any of those emails in the future. gave her an extra measure of control about what emails got turned over to the
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department after she left office and what she holds on to and declares to be private. >> michael, thank you very much for joining us. >> thank you. >> biggest worry over secretary clinton's email is security. according to the report 2010 woman to information officers raised concerns over use of personal email. when the officers went to their boss they were told to never speak about secretary clinton's emails again. fox news correspondent catherine herridge is here. michael, we just talked about this. what does this mean? >> there is an important addition to this episode. the supervisor when they were approached by the inspector general to verify that he told his employees to basically put a lid on it, lawyered up and would not speak to the ig. so that, to me, is extremely significant as well. >> now, this is the investigation internally at the state department. >> correct. >> this report. this lengthy report. and there is another investigation, the one being done by the fbi. that one, tell me what the status on that one is. >> okay.
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so the fbi criminal investigation is effectively winding down if you will. they start the periphery and start moving in to the center and they interviewed a number of mrs. clinton's close aids and the question is whether she will agree to an interview herself. i don't know the status of whether she has been approached. but, as you know, the person who was the last to be interviewed by the fbi typically is the target of the investigation. >> or the most important one. >> correct. >> i don't think she has received an official target letter as i understand. all right. she didn't cooperate, according to the report with the state department is there any information about that, why she didn't cooperate? >> there was no information in the ig report, but it does conflict with her public statements that she wants to cooperate and that she has encouraged her subordinates to cooperate. as we know this was not the case with the ig report. the ig report doesn't really have legal implications for the fbi investigation nor
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for the federal lawsuit over the emails. but it's another data point by independent observer that the rules were not followed. it severely undercuts her public claims that she was following the rules and that it was approved. >> may have more of a political implication, unrelated to the criminal investigation or the fbi. >> what i would say about the fbi investigation and can i only go on what we have learned through our ongoing report something that they are doing things in a professional and independent manner. if they want to verify a particular chain of events or facts they are doing that independently or not relying on the assessment of outside bodies. >> catherine, thank you. don't go away. >> i won't. >> former florida congressman lieutenant colonel allen west goes "on the record." good evening, sir. >> good evening. how are you? >> very well. the ig, the inspector general report the state department is not politically flattering for the state department.
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explanation other secretary of statement you have the situation where incomplete emails where we certainly can draw inferences about whether or not she was interested in the problem or whether or not she knew about it so your thoughts tonight on this report? >> well, it just continues to add to very troubling situation for secretary clinton. you kind of went through that earlier. it continues to underline her trust worthyyness when she says that she operated within all the legal boundaries and now we have the ig saying that she did not. you add that the with email scandal and classification issue that the fbi is looking at. the fact that governor terry mcauliff, a very close clinton con if i can't is now under under investigation. you find you have a candidate that is completely on the defense and when she can't talk about those policies. she can't talk about foreign policy. she can't talk about the
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economy, either. >> what i don't understand is where was her staff? because i tepid to think that some people who didn't grow up in certain error might not know so much about technology. staff. staff she has the cheapest staff. she has lawyers. where was everybody? people knew about this. why didn't they say anything to her. why didn't they speak up? >> well, greta, it's very simple. if you surround yourself with kool-aid drinking sick sickofance. they did not provide the right counsel. they said this secretary of state, we have different rules we follow for ourself and they did not believe that anyone would call them on that. i think that's one of the critical aspects of leadership. not to surround yourself with people that are going to worship you and be yes
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people. they will do the right things to make sure that you are following all the right processes and procedures. just the same as do you with your production staff. >> certainly evident from the report that somebody knew something. what i don't get is who knew what, where, and when. somebody knew something and everybody seemed to ignore it or look the other way. congressman, thank you, sir. >> my pleasure, greta. >> and a clinton campaign spokesperson releasing a statement saying, in part, as this report makes clear, hillary clinton's use of personal email was not unique and she took steps that went much further than others to appropriately preserve and release her records. today respond to do the inspector general's report. >> we do now have records management and cyber security policies that would make it hard to approve this kind of outside system to replace your official email. you know, secretary clinton has said publicly, she
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didn't -- or she would not make the same choice again. she has also said she did not seek specific approval for this system. while people were aware of her use of personal email. no one had a full and complete understanding to the extent. systematically every month we went through this 55,000 pages of emails that she gave to us, through the foia process. we he had at this at this edited them. we only dealt with what we received from secretary update on the email story. secretary clinton's email server. catherine who ple why? >> the remaining hack his or her goes by the name gucifer
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pled guilty to two relatively minor counts. is he looking at about seven years or less. in exchange he has agree to do fully cooperate with the fbi and the justice department in any current and future investigations, including testifying before a grand jury or even testifying at trial. and gucifer is important because it's through his hacking activities that we first learned about the clinton account and that she was using this email specifically for government business. >> all right. is the prosecutor convinced that he hacked into her email account? or is there some sort of gray area on this? >> i can't speak for the prosecutor. i know he told under the circumstances that he hacked her account. >> that's what gucifer told you? >> right. >> did the prosecutor in court today say gucifer hacked into secretary clinton. >> no.
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he confirmed he hacked the account of sydney blume that who is one of mrs. clinton's closest advisors it was blumenthal who exchanged emails with mrs. clinton sensitive classified information. if you follow the chain, she was using a personal server. she was sending sensitive information to blumenthal which made it vulnerable to a foreign hacker. i was told that that could amount to gross negligence in this particular case. >> nobody thinks that secretary clinton is selling secrets, national security secrets. people think that she was insecure with. >> careless. >> careless is the word. >> careless, okay. that she disregarded and disregarded any of the rules and her -- and was arrogant about the rules. that's the allegation. >> that's right. >> not that she is selling anything. >> no. and what i would say about the hacker is that the u.s. government does not typically extradite hackers unless they have stolen a lot of money or they have
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accessed the government system. that was not true in this case. plus, they extradited. >> from romania. >> from romania, when his sentence was not complete. that's also unusual. it just is beyond belief that the u.s. government, the fbi and the justice department would spend so much time, money, and resources to bring a guy to the united states to plead guilty to two relatively minor charges. he has got something that they want and, based on our ongoing reporting, to me, this i don't believe in coincidences in this particular case. >> catherine, thank you. >> you're welcome. >> and can the 20167 candidate strike gold in california in the battle has all the makings of a blockbuster shoot them up hollywood movie. that's next. why do some democrats want debbie wasserman schultz out? the head of the dnc but her your insurance company won't replace the full value of your totaled new car. the guy says, "you picked the wrong insurance plan."
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2016 presidential candidates invading the state of california. presumptive g.o.p. nominee was met with protests and got pretty intense as police squared off with protesters outside his rally in an anaheim. what are they doing to rev up supporters. >> hillary, i say crooked hillary. [cheers] >> she's as crooked as they come. >> i don't know, he seems to have something about women. i don't know. [ laughter ] i do love -- one of my favorite trump comments in the last couple of weeks is he does have foreign policy experience dealing with russia because he staged the
11:22 pm
miss universe pageant in moscow. >> she had a little bad news today as you know from some reports came down, weren't so good. but not so good. inspector general's report, not good. >> i want to fix our schools, our bridges, our roads, our ports, our airports, our water system. >> donald trump wants to build a wall. >> i was being hit by pocahontas. [ laughter ] >> pocahontas. pocahontas. that's elizabeth warren. i call her goofy. no, no. goofy. she gets less donathan anybody in the united states senate. she gets nothing done. nothing passed. she has got a big mouth. and that's about it. >> i am tired of people running for president who just do nothing but criticize america. i am tired of people so nothingive about our country. do we have problems? well, of course, we have problems. if have you been alive
11:23 pm
longer than an hour, you have got a problem. i speak from experience. so what do americans do? do we either cower down and moan and grown about how -- groan about how bad things are? or do we make promises we can't keep and get people more more frustrated and angry. >> if she wins, and i hope she doesn't, if she wins, you better get used to it, because you have nothing but turmoil and nothing but four more years of obama and you can't take that. >> and the final test is will the president unify us? or further divide us? i see a lot of evidence that donald trump is a divider, not a uniter. >> the "on the record" political panel is here from the "boston globe" victoria and from the hill a.b. stoddard. a.b., quite a tape that we just watched. who is the uniter, do you
11:24 pm
think here? >> well, i don't -- i don't think either one is running a really, you know, pleasant and upbeat and forward, positive thinking campaign. i think that donald trump -- the republican party, he went after new mexico's governor last night because she is not on board with him. and basically told people in new mexico she does a terrible job. i think that hillary clinton is not running on her own record. she is running against donald trump now. her negatives are just as high as donald trump and in some polls higher. she is trying to run against donald trump. he runs against her and that's negative, too. >> she has a big problem though because she may be running against donald trump and she has got senator bernie sanders saying biting at her heels and he says it's going to be a messy political convention. and she has got the head of the dnc, debbie wasserman schultz now an ally. not all but some democrats want her out of there. >> the fact that hillary clinton has not wrapped up this nomination is the same
11:25 pm
fact that, same reason that donald trump is the republican nominee. i mean, people are angry, antiestablishment year. if this carries on into the convention in philadelphia more democrats, right, i mean it could hurt clinton even more going into the general election. >> i don't know. i think she is having a terrible time with this whole situation. i mean, this a.g. report or i.g. report, rather today, i mean, it's not the fbi report. but it certain solid unflattering, accusing her of not cooperating. that's not a good sign. >> no. it actually shows that many assertions she has made about the email story are not true. and there is an email captured in there between her and uma abedin where she says that as you mentioned before earlier in the show she doesn't want herself accessible. this goes to the thinking that she actually created a private server on which to store government documents that belong to you and me and the rest of the taxpayers and subsequently deleted possibly some of them. now, forget the security
11:26 pm
concerns. she is not allow to do do that what the ig report said today is she was never allowed. she didn't ask. if she had asked, she would have been denied it that's bad for her in terms of what the fbi is working on right now. >> is this sort of a snapshot? this she is going to get the nomination and is she going to rise above and this is all of this going to be meaningless? >> i think something was really interesting to me today was it should have been a slam dunk day for donald trump because of this hillary email server news. and, instead, had you headlines about him criticizing the new mexico governor. saying that romney walked like a penguin other gratuitous attacks on republicans. you see the risks of his more spontaneous style. you know, clinton might -- who knows. that seems to be the daily refrain. >> i guess buckle up. we don't know where we are going. >> a.b., victoria, thank you both. big trouble over at the dnc. why are some people calling for congresswoman debbie wasserman schultz to be
11:27 pm
fired? that's coming up. baltimore states attorney marilyn mosby. she is now blast
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developing right now, baltimore states attorney marilyn mosby now finding herself a detective defendant. "the baltimore sun" reporting two baltimore police officers in the death of freddie gray are suing in civil court. officer white and port remember suing mosby for invasion of privacy.
11:31 pm
former homicide detective ted williams and former prosecutor katie phang. katie, who is suing and what's the story behind it? >> so, interestingly, it's alicia white and officer william porter. they have not gone to trial excepted for officer porter still standing retrial. what's amazing two counts each of deaf fan immigration and false light this opens up civil discovery as you and ted know which makes you wonder are these officers actually going to sit for depositions and invoke their fifth amendment right against self-infromincrimination had when they are represented by attorneys representing the city and sheriff's office which has already been sued. >> one of the reasons why they had to file is because the allegation is from the press conference a year ago and they are up against a statute of limitations if they didn't file. so they are stuck. >> this thing is unfortunately dead on arrival. there is a supreme court decision emler that says that a prosecutor has salute
11:32 pm
immiewnt for information that she provides irrespective of whether it was wrong or right during the course of her office. >> all right. here's what i think. forget these two police officers. officer nero, if you are listening out there. i would ask your lawyers to look at the malicious prosecution. that's a different civil cause. and, of course, he has been tried and acquitted because what malicious prosecution is, is when a defendant did not have mosby in this instance whether or not she had probable cause or reasonable grounds to support the original case or whether she did it basically maliciously. if you go to the judge's decision, that acquitted him, found him not guilty, the judge says the defendant, meaning nero was not present at the time of the arrest. the arrest was the basis of the lawsuit. he says there are no credible facts to show that he was involved in the touching of mr. gray or anything. so if i were officer nero's lawyer, i would hit the law library tonight looking admahlicious prosecution. that case was so over the
11:33 pm
top. i don't know if he meets the elements, but i think it needs some research. your thought, katie? >> yeah. it actually does meet the elements. we talked about it the other night that nero's attorney should l into malicious prosecution. what's great about a malicious prosecution lawsuit, greta and ted, you can get punitive damages. can you get jacked up damages against the defendant. now, listen, the city hats already paid $6.4 million to freddie gray's family i wonder if they will pay are in more if this lawsuit. >> we know about billy murphy. >> billy got paid. i can tell you, unfortunately, even if nero did this and i would hope that he could prevail, but the way the law is as of now he would not be able to prevail on a malicious prosecution. >> it's a very tough sell. i'm telling you if i were his lawyer i would hit the law library tonight. >> i don't think you could with the judge. >> katie and i would try it.
11:34 pm
>> we're together. >> officer nero don't call ted. is he not even interested. katy and ted, thank you both. developing right now the head of the dnc is on very thin ice. the hill is reporting that some democrats on capitol hill are talking about booting debbie wasserman schultz. there is fear within some democratic circles that she has become too divisive and cannot unify the already very splintered democratic party. supporters of senator bernie sanders say wasserman schultz has tilted the scales in favor of secretary clinton. democratic strategist joe trippi goes "on the record." good evening, joe. >> good evening. >> okay okay, joe. so what's the problem here? >> it's been a tough back and forth primary. and debbie wasserman schultz, the chair, has become a lightning rod for a lot of the anger on the bernie sanders side and his supporters. i mean, when he has been talking about it's all rigged, you know, she is the chair of the party. so there is clearly
11:35 pm
animosity and division there the question is, look, we need a unified party, is she so much of a lightning rod that she has become sort of decisive figure. in other words, tougher for her to unify. but, look, it's really rare for either party to change chairs at this point in a nomination fight and in a general election. it would just be amazing to me if she ended up not being the chair all the way through the 2016 election. >> there is a lot of surprising amazing things this 2016 election cycle. >> that's true. >> one is she was very close to secretary clinton in 2008 when secretary clinton challenged then senator obama for the nomination. and then you have got the situation where she only had, i think, six debates and senator bernie sanders wanted more debates. governor martin o'malley wanted more debates. there was some suspicion she was doing that to protect secretary clinton. now you have the situation where bernie sanders has
11:36 pm
endorsed the primary candidate running against debbie wasserman schultz. it's gotten nasty within the democratic party. wouldn't you grow. >> it's absolutely gotten nasty. she is the prime target for the sanders' forces. i mean, look, he is deciding to oppose her in her own primary for her re-election. so, that's definitely the case that the issue though will be look, this is going to be the nominee of the party, whoever -- if it's sanders, she is in deep trouble for sure. >> let me just interrupt you. who can fire her if she is going to get fired? would that be the president if that were even possible as the head of the party? >> i don't really see that happening. look, i think if debbie wasserman schultz is not the chair of the party as we move forward, it's because she has decided that she -- that for the unity of the party and to give the nominee the best chance to pull the party together that it's best for her to step
11:37 pm
aside. i think she would have to make that judgment. she has always done what she thought was best for the party so we will see what she decides. >> okay, joe, thank you for joining us. we will bring the viewers. in now is your chance, viewers at home on twitter. should debbie wasserman schultz congressman keep her shown head of the dnc tweet yes or no. we will show you live votes throughout the show. the airline is now hiring outside help to track down the plane's black boxes. french and italian company are joining the search. the plane's flight recorders are expect to do give investigators the key clues as to why that plane crashed into the mediterranean sea. some debris has been found, including body parts. some investigators say those body parts point to an explosion. egyptian officials are dismissing those claims. and live "on the record" last night, we showed you these tornadoes. they were incredible. well, next, you are going to seat damage. plus the head of the tsa
11:38 pm
force to do answer questions about long security lines. his answers, they may not
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test test.
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tornadoes ripping through kansas with absolutely no mercy for anything in their paths. last night we brought you this video as it happened. today we take a closer look at the tornadoes damage. >> this absolutely crazy. >> wild pictures of a tornado outbreak tearing across the midwest. the violent storm carving a path of destruction. >> this is straight north of us, three quarters of a mile. >> oh my gosh. oh, there is a house over there. >> right here "on the record" last night you saw this tornado slamming into dodge city, kansas. can you see the debris being thrown around in more than 06 mile-per-hour winds. [sirens] and the swarm of tornadoes not stopping there. just a few miles south in fort county, kansas, the storm smashing buildings, throwing power lines to the ground and propane gas seen
11:43 pm
here leaking right in the middle of the road. and in scott county, kansas, watch as a tornado forms in the sky touching the ground in this incredible time laps video. and in bristol, oklahoma, a tornado paralyzing this town forcing neighbors to quickly scramble for cover. >> a tornado come right through here. i heard it i was in inside the living room looking out. when it started coming this way, i went on toward my bedroom. >> former west in yuma county, colorado, at least two tornadoes touching down bringing dangerous golf ball size hail with it. >> it's on the ground. it is on the ground. >> the hail was loud. it was just beating on the windows. it took out a few of the windows at the house. >> and now people picking up the pieces and bracing for more wicked weather later in the week. >> yes, and brace yourself. more extreme weather is on the way. "on the record" is monitoring for more tornadoes throughout the country. get ready to speed read the
11:44 pm
news. look at this. a giants sinkhole opening up. it happened in florence, italy. the massive sinkhole measuring 600 feet long. 20 parked cars swallowed up in the tourist area. water pipe burst flooding the area and causing the giant sinkhole. the good news, no one was injured. the cars, well, they didn't fair as well. and hulk getting a big win in fight against gawker media a florida judge denying gawker's motion for a new trial hogan sued gawker and won $140 million in damages when posted a sex tape of hogan. nine figure award. gawker is currently appealing the verdict and that's tonight's speed read. and this was incredible. a heart warming moment. 18 years in the making. back in 1988, connecticut police officer peter gets rescued a a-year-old jozy from a deadly fire. the officer performed cpr and saved the little girl's life. fast forward to now. during jozy's graduation
11:45 pm
from eastern connecticut university. officer was once again at her side. >> we're a block and a half from the hospital. we're not going to wait 10 minutes for an ambulance to get there scott drove. jumped in the back of the cruiser. did cpr on her and when we got her to the emergency room, she was somewhat back and the emergency room did their magic and brought her back. >> he saved my life. is he a guardian angel to me. >> to this day, jozy still has the teddy bear officer gets gave her at the hospital. and you have seen those airport lines. now that tsa says it has a plan. but do you buy it? a live report
11:46 pm
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♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. the head of the tsa grilled on capitol hill today. the agency tasked with keeping you safe when you travel is facing fierce
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criticism. hours' long lines causing passengers to miss flights. mismanagement and 95% failure of security tests. >> today we face a crisis at our airports. three hour long security lines. 430 american airlines passengers. stranded overnight. more than 3,000 bags failed to get loaded on to planes on time. >> i'm a field commander and i have resources, i know what my mission is. then i want to be able to do that to the best of my ability and reach out as i need for additional help. >> already told hands are tied and they're being directed by washington, d.c. >> well, i have new leadership now that isn't following that model. >> okay. >> and i have made it very clear that they do. and i'm checking on that. to make sure. >> things like that shouldn't take an act of congress as you know. >> it took an act of me and i said, look, that's the way things have to happen. i do think we are at a lower staffing level than we need to be to meet peak commands
11:51 pm
at peak periods. >> this is unacceptable and it's time for congress to act. >> the head of the tsa enacting new plans to speed up airport screening. 768 screeners will be added. incident command shift officers to shorten lanes. the it sa is working to auto mate the movement of benz for carry-on bags. make a difference? correspondent matt is in chicago with more on the plans. matt? >> good evening, greta. a lot of those measures are making a difference here in chicago. we have noticed much shorter lines in comparison to the two hour lines we have been reporting on. people are still waiting a very long time and tonight the tsa is urging people to get to the airport three hours before their flight. people say that is just unacceptable. it seems now the only relief in sight is that tsa precheck option.
11:52 pm
viewers coast to coast tell us it's not working at many airports. the tsa tells us it does stop accepting precheck some airports busy airports in new york when the demand is low that's infuriating to the passengers who paid the $85 and paid for the background check. people who prepaid wait 6 months to get appointment. dashing folk's hope to get one before the summer travel. the tsa administrator as we said is taking the blame for, this greta. is he apologizing for the mess. is he asking for patience. almost 800 additional agents will be in place by june 15th. we'll see if that makes a difference in any of this. greta? >> matt, you know, talking about the lines how inconvenient it is to everybody. nobody is talking about 95% failure rate when they did the mock exercises of trying to check sneak explosives through the tsa lines. >> he has taken responsibility for that we have seen increased safety measures here at chicago
11:53 pm
o'hare's airport. most people i waiting in the lines say it is worth it. they understand this is all to counter terrorism. we will see if the tsa stepping up its game will improve that safety and people waiting in libraries, greta. >> matt, thank you. okay. maybe i'm wrong about this. but i just don't see any of you disagreeing with me with what i'm going to say off-the-re
11:54 pm
11:55 pm
11:56 pm
11:57 pm
let's all go off-the-record. how about someone using his head. i'm talking about those who run the tsa. it's bad enough tsa 95% of the time flunk the mock explosives test. but what about those lines? can't they figure that one out? long lines are because there are choke points at security. why the choke points? because of all the bags people are carrying on board. it's not that difficult to figure that one out. duh. even the tsa administrator admits there are four times more bags in the last couple of years. now passengers are carrying
11:58 pm
on board everything but their kitchen sink. why? two reasons. if you check your bag, it's likely to get lost or end up in some other city or it takes forever for the airline to unload it the second reason is because the airlines in their great wisdom are charging extra money to check bags. so no one wants to check bags. so think about it. what if, instead, the airlines gave great service. got your bags quickly to your location offloaded them and didn't charge to you check a bag but instead charged us $50 for any carry on item beyond one. people would stop bringing everything they own on board and thus through security and this would end the congestion at security and move a lot faster. before tsa spends millions of dollars, your dollars, trying to come up with a complicated solution for those lines, why not do the obvious? at least try it for two weeks. see if i'm right. that's my off-the-record comment tonight. tomorrow do not miss an on-the-record special. meet the trumps. have you ever within dered how the trumps really live?
11:59 pm
we'll take you inside the trump home for a rare, private tour. plus, find out how donald's wife melania feels about the media. >> is the media fair to your husband? >> not always. not always. >> in what way? >> they are not fair to me, too. >> in what way? >> they say stuff that not true. they don't say the truth. they write stuff that -- they don't want to give him credit. they don't want to say how -- how smart he is, what he will do. what he can accomplish. they don't want to give him credit. >> do not miss "on the record." meet the trumps tomorrow night at 7:00 p.m. eastern right here on the fox news channel. that's all for now. protests though are growing outside of jimmy kimmel's studio in los angeles. donald trump is taping there for tonight's show. fox news will monitor presses. we will see you tonight at 7 p.m. eastern for our special "meet the trumps."
12:00 am
good night from washington. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck. >> coming up on the big show. steven king, david eggers and others sign a petition against trump glad they found the one thing people read less than books. and they dislike hillary clinton because she doesn't have hobbies. the last person to suggest that was vince foster. and a company has a giant ball you can go into to survive a tsunami and hurricane. it is also something you can go to for people. >> she is


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