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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 26, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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>> good morning. that song will wake you up as will the beautiful view of new york city. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this thursday morning. i am heather nauert. >> i am heather childers. thank you for starting your day with us as always. bombshell reports right now. the clinton e-mail investigation wide open. state department inspector general reports the former secretary of state broke the rules by using a personal e-mail server. garrett tenney is here with how the clinton camp is responding. this new roeport will only hurt clinton and her case. they looked at several past
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secretaries including for bad cyber practices. it is particularly critical of hillary clinton. notable is an incident in january 2011 when her personal e-mail was targeted by hackers twice in the same day and had to be shut down. she was one of only three officials that used nonstate department e-mail accounts for a day-to-day basis. they declined the request for an interview for state investigation. they related use to her personal e-mail. they know never to speak of their personal e-mail again. clinton was aware of them using a nonsecure blackberry for their e-mail. last year clinton spokesman brian fallon defended her e-mail
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practices. >> there was no evidence that this personal server was preached successfully. >> how do you know that. >> they looked at the security logs for the server. >> you don't buy they got into the server? >> nothing to support that. >> any hacker worth his money would know how to cover up his tracks. republicans were quick to look at this new report. this under scores what we already know. she can't be trusted. the highest diplomat of the united states the secretary of state deliberately broke agency policy to serve her own interest. her use of a private e-mail server not only violated department policies but it was a clear security risk. we will hear more defending this in the next couple days.
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>> garrett tenney life for us. thank you. >> this report giving trump direct aim at his rival. >> she is as cooked as they come. bad news from reports downwards were good. >> that is where anna kooiman joins us. >> donald trump as you saw there hammering the democratic frontrunner the secretary of state and how she handles benghazi. >> by the way, by the way, with benghazi and with our ambassador. that's all hillary clinton,
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folks. clinton targeting trump. >> he said profiting, profiting off working people losing their homes would be, and i quote, a good result. a good result in donald trump's world is he gets his and you get hurt. >> over a second day in a row more chaos and protests over trump rally this day in anaheim. at least 14 people were arrested there. it comes after a night of violent protests. thugs who were flying the mexican flag. breaking overnight donald trump and house speaker paul ryan speaking by phone signaling an endorsement could be close. heather and heather? >> anna kooiman. anna, thank you. another story to bring you right now. a monster tornado rips through america's heartland overnight. that twister on the ground in
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rural kansas for an hour and a half and at least 25 homes were wiped out. take a look. >> maria molina is on the phone at the center of the devastat n devastation. hope you are staying safe. what can you tell us about the scene now? >> we flaw out here in anticipation of the weather that hit the area. the forecast did pan out unfortunately, and we have local reports of tornadoes touching down in kansas east of celina but across places like oklahoma outside of the city of tulsa. we heard a report of a toesh doe touching down there as well. severe weather up and down parts of the great plains and also large hails as large as
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baseball. flash flooding another big concern for the storms. all of the severe weather including places like kansas and nebraska in portions. it is ejecting and moving eastward. we will be seeing an elevated threat for more of the severe weather perhaps stronger and more widespread. anywhere from texas up through the parts of the central and northern plains. there is potential for more large hail more devastating wind gusts and also violent tornadoes. >> maria molina live for us. please be careful out there and our prayer for all of those folks. >> you still hear for maria? now to another fox news alert.
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one of new york city's most popular concert. look at this. >> screaming and running for their lives as gunfire explodes at a plaza. one person killed three others injured after rival crews got into a fight backstage. the concert came to an abrupt end. this is before ti could even take the stage. >> one shot it was gone. >> no arrests have been made. anl attack may have been planned. one is in custody at this hour. another we are told is being hon tored with an electronic bracelet. the other two walked free from what they consider to be strict
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conditions. the prosecutor not elaborating. right now the group is not linked to the attack on the brussels airport and metro station that left 32 people dead. we will bring you more as we get it. >> a brand new government watchdog report revealing the failed u.s. gun running program will recover from at least 69 murder scenes. fast and furious may remember it allows known criminals to buy weapons in the u.s. in hopes of tracking the guns to mexican drug cartels. kingpin el chapo was rearrested this winter. >> 10 other states joining texas in suing the obama administration now challenging the white house directive to force schools to allow transgender students to use the bathrooms they believe best matches their gender identity. the states are now asking the federal court to decide to
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declare that directive unconstitution unconstitutional. they are accusing them to conducting a massive social experiment side stepping the process. coming up at 7:45 texas attorney general ken paxton will join "fox & friends" about the lawsuit what he is leading in the state. >> have you heard about this. rob lowe reportedly in talks to join kelly ripa as co host of "live" more than two weeks after michael strahan's rocky departure. you may remember all of that drama surrounding his move to good morning america, ripa refusing to return until strahan was gone saying the execs never told them about the changeup. >> i love rob lowe. i can't get enough of him. this isn't the first time his name has been thrown around. he was in the running for the job when regis philbin left the show in 2012. he was my teenaged crush. >> i love the commercials he was
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doing where he was two characters. i like that. >> right. right. >> the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. a major melt down. tense moments with an airplane when a woman throws a temper tantrum flailing about on her back and the whole thing caught on camera. >> the new report about her e-mail scandal. is the campaign about to collapse? close confidante of hers on deck to weigh in.
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>> i will tell you, when i am a businessman, he is a world class businessman. i speak well of everybody. if people ask me about politicians i speak well. when they ask me about hillary she is wonderful, everybody is wonderful, that's the way it is. including contributions. they ask for contributions, i give contributions. so you were full of (bleep). >> a state department audit finds hillary clinton broke federal rules bay using a private e-mail server while she was working as secretary of state. will this cripple her campaign? >> here to weigh in for us this morning is the former 2016 campaign advisor. she is also a fox news contributor. good morning. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. >> what do you think this means for hillary clinton and the election? >> well, i think that we have taken one more step to putting
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this incident behind us. they want to be focusing on the issues that affect them and their pocket books and their desire to be able to pay for their kids to go to college. i don't think there is anything new this report reveals. i think it boils down to hillary clinton made an innocent mistake. >> it is heather nauert. good morning to you. it shows she broke the rules. how do you say that is an innocent mistake? we know classified information waudz trance fored in the private e-mails. >> i don't think there was any malicious intent with the series of events that led to this. when the department of justice report comes out we will see the dire impact of this, that
2:16 am
someone, her political enemies want. >> she does know and knew at the time there was an attempt to hack the server on several different occasions. back in september of 2010 she was told she would perhaps move this over to the state server. she expressed concern at the risk of personal e-mails and those becoming accessible. she knew this was not protocol. >> i think that when you look at probably the person who has been the most scrutinized politician in our lifetime, maybe in any one's lifetime i can understand not wanting to have her personal e-mail potentially be accessible. now again, it was a mistake. was there malicious intent behind it? no. is this the issue voters want to be focused on? is this what they want us to be talking about heading into
2:17 am
november? i think absolutely not. the report needs to come out and that will further vindicate and help us move on from this situation. >> you say the about this, but voters don't trust hillary clinton. let's look at the recent fox news poll released a few days ago. is hillary clinton honest and trust worthy, now, yes. 31 percent no. 66 percent that's up 2 percent from march and up also from january as well. voters simply don't trust your candidate. >> i think it is interesting that when you look at hillary clinton's favorables, when she is not running for office those numbers are pretty remarkable. they are pretty high. when she is running for office or any one is running for office those numbers will change. certainly with hillary clinton it is slightly different. she is running two campaigns now. she is running against bernie
2:18 am
sanders and running against donald trump. once this comes down to two candidates it will be. from 42 percent to 60 some percent. that is pretty remarkable. it was a simple mistake. if not why would members of her team not be interviewed. if it was a complete mistake why not be interviewed by it? oo what we heard is they were parptis pating fully with the doj process. some questioned if he had partisan motives he started running this in the investigation at a parallel track. hillary clinton answered many questions. her aids sat down with the
2:19 am
department of justice. >> it is the investigation she participated in. have a greated day. we will talk to you real soon. the time is 19 minutes after the top of the hour. we are not dead yet. cutting off benefits to veterans that they were deceased when they were very much alive. >> a fearless little boy fights off two masked men with a fluffy toy.
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>> that's a passenger kicking and screaming. an out of control airline passenger. all of this was caught on camera by another passenger. flight attendants praised for calmly trying to get the woman off the floor. she was taken to the hospital for treatment. >> an emergenman tries to stop in washington, d.c. scenes like this are more common than you think. they have this every ten-days with 37 incidents reported in just the last year. there could be even more of those. officials at several airports and the tsa withholding some of the details afraid that the
2:24 am
information could expose vulnerability. >> the government saying we are not going to talk about security just trust us. >> san francisco racking up 41 breeches in the last 12 years, the most of any large u.s. airport, las vegas and philadelphia round out the top three offenders. i am from the government, can you trust me? >> just trust us. come on. >> there is just a few more weeks before apple's worldwide development concert. >> we are on the radio with exclusively on sirius xm 115. >> it is my favorite time of year. it is nerd olympics. there are plenty of rumors about a very secretive company will
2:25 am
unveil at their annual development conference. the tag line for the event, game changing. you can see from the invite messages that disappear. tim cook has been talking a lot lately about healthcare and the role in apple watch can play in keeping tabs on your vitals. the apple watch only about a year old now. we are seeing rumors apple may move further into the home automation space with the amazon echo what you can talk to to control home automation and future net things of home and lighting and what have you. mac book pros will be thinner, lighter and pack more power. this rumor surfaced recently. they could have touch id for secure access to your lap top. touch screen like strip that could be added above the key board that could give the lap top unique abilities. this is the less sexy part. they are going to update the
2:26 am
software that unares under the fo hood of your iphone ipad. suri might make her way on to your desk top. lots of cool stuff that we will know about in just a few weeks. maybe they will have that one more thing. i am a huge fan of the one more thing. that's always the good part. oh and everything is free. something fun like that. >> who doesn't think software is sexy. >> software developers are already sending me hate mail. it is exciting but not visually stimulating. >> thank you so much. >> an adorable little kid going viral for an incredible act of bravery. take a look at this. a fearless 7-year-old standing up to two armed robbers. you can see it happening there. the little boy punches one of the robbers in the stomach with a fluffy toy not once but twice before being shoved out of the way. the robber got away the boys
2:27 am
being called a hero. baby see, baby do. check out this clefer toddler imitating the family dog to get some treats. the adorable baby spins around while laughing contagiously in this viral video. that is too sweet. the dog is on two legs you can't help but love that. terrific. what a great little guy there. >> they are going to be best friends. >> 18 months or so, look. >> the time is 27 minutes after the hour. it has been a bad 24-hours for hillary clinton. there's a new report putting her at fault for the e-mail and server scandal. >> the fallout she is facing as donald trump takes direct aim. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> it is thursday may the 26th. a fox news alert. hillary clinton in hot water over a scathing new report over
2:31 am
the private e-mail server. donald trump taking direct aim. >> hillary, as i say cooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today. >> could clinton's e-mail violations krip tell her campaign for president? >> widespread devastation. monster tornado is creating chaos destroying a dozen homes. maria molina is on the ground. she is tracking the latest for us. >> the secret training the actor went through more than a decade ago. we will tell you about that. "fox & friends first" continues right now.
2:32 am
>> good morning to you. welcome to "fox & friends first" as we say good morning sunshine. i am heather childers. >> i am heather nauert. it is half past the hour. thank you for joining us. a bombshell breaking clinton e-mail scandal wide open. >> inspector general report showing the former secretary of state broke the rules by using a personal e-mail server. >> let's get to garrett tenney with how the clinton camp is responding this morning. >> the campaign says she did not break any rules by exclusively using her private e-mail server. while there are several ongoing investigations surrounding this issue, this new report makes it
2:33 am
clear the security risks involved were not close to clinton or her staff. it was twice in one day after it was targeted by hackers. former secretary of state found clinton was one of three officials who used nonstate department e-mail accounts for clinton on a day-to-day basis. he was interviewed by the ig during the investigation. the cyber security related to clinton's use of personal e-mail for business was no secret to several state department it staffers either. when they raised the issue they were told to never speak of it again. when clinton herself was asked about the risk associated with using a nonsecure blackberry for her e-mail quote, i get it.
2:34 am
spokesman brian fallon defended her e-mail practices and said everything is above board. >> they were using personal e-mail for the purposes, a report today by the ig found 90 plus different pop level officials in the state department dating back to the bush administration used personal e-mail for work purposes including secretary powell and including secretary kerry. >> while that may be the case this new report was particularly critical of clinton. the fact that republicans were quick to jump on it priebus reince stated she was in violation. ruling out a state at the present time department e-mail address only further shows her motive for secrecy. this debate over her e-mail will not be going anywway any t
2:35 am
soon. >> thanks for that report. donald trump has fresh ammunition taking direct aim at his rival. listen. >> she is as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today as you know from some reports came down that weren't so good. but not so good, inspectorrepor. >> anna kooiman is here live for us this morning with that part of the story. hi there, anna. >> donald trump hammering the democratic frontrunner overnight in his rally in anaheim, california taking aim at everything from hillary clinton's record during her time as secretary of state, the e-mail scandal and how she handled benghazi. >> if you look at what she did with libya which is a total catastrophe with libya and by the way with benghazi and our ambassador.
2:36 am
remember? that's all hillary clinton, folks. >> hillary clinton ignoring the state department's ruling instead targeting donald trump. >> he has been profiting off working people losing their homes would be and i quote, a good result. >> donald trump's world he gets his and you get hurt. >> a donald trump rally 14 people were arrested. it came after violent protests in new mexico. he called the rioters thugs who were flying the mexican flag. >> anna kooiman joining us live. thank you, anna. switching gears completely. take a look at this monster tornado ripping through
2:37 am
america's heartland overnight. can you imagine that coming straight for you? sh you can expectly specially i were on the ground. at least 25 homes wiped out. >> oh my god, dude. >> maria molina join us on the phone. she is in chapman, kansas. >> right now we have found the damaged path the tornado left behind. >> the area we are in is just to the west of what was called chapman and able lean. we are seeing trees torn apart, we have seen cars that have been destroyed and also power lines down the road.
2:38 am
>> yesterday we came out here because of the threat for tornadoes today. yesterday turned out to be an active day not only in kansas in our area but also across other areas in parts of oklahoma, also across areas much further north into minnesota there was a reported tornado and many reports of baseball sized hail and damaging winds. forecast for today is for the severe weather to continue. it will be eastward and bringing in an elevated threat, even greater than what we saw yesterday anywhere from texas to kansas again and also in nebraska the threat for violent tornadoes damaging winds and large hail continues. >> chaos is murder inside of city's most popular concert halls. >> you see it right there. people screaming and running for their lives and gunfire explodes
2:39 am
at a ti rap concert at irving plaza. rival groups reportedly got in some sort of fight backstage. the concert came to an abrupt end before ti could statake the stage. >> thousands of our nation's heros cut off from health benefits because the va wrongfully declared them dead. they were trying to crack down on fraud today. they messed up the records for more than 4200 veterans halting their benefits. the va says it is impossible to track down how this happened. but they plan to restore those aga benefits. >> take a penny, give a penny. you will still fail the breathalyzer test. >> you understand? >> what? >> the suspected drunk driver
2:40 am
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>> fun in the sand and the pool. could the water make your kids sick? >> joining us live from the skyline hotel in new york city, medical a team doctor mark seigel. >> it is a little early. the key is swim safety. not a lot of people understand that. number one cause of accidental
2:44 am
death among children, drowning. we are talking safety from jim spears the founder of slim jim. he is also the president of the water safety foundation. it is three s's. the first is safe water. tell us about that. >> it has three concepts a free idea where access can happen in water on and around the water. the first one is safer water. put fences around your pool that are at least 4 feet high. >> you told about someone drowning in a pool that didn't have that pens. >> we had two clients they slip zipped themselves into taent. they rolled into the pool in a tent and they couldn't get out and they died. >> the cdc is focusing on keeping the water clean. 80 percent of the water in public pools is filthy.
2:45 am
we have to check ph, bromide. can someone come to a pool with a strip and say it is safe to swim? >> it doesn't mean you are going to know exactly how clean it is you are checking the chlorine and the ph. chlorine kills # 9 percent of all issues in the water. >> what about safe people? >> safe people is learning how to swim. learning how to swim from a reputable swim school in a safe space. to have a water watcher as you were doing today with a water watcher tag. they are not on their iphone or ipad not stepping off property to check a phone inside the house. >> the third one is safer response. that is knowing what u around your pool. water safety action plan around your pool. you have safety equipment around
2:46 am
your pool. we have a lifeguard with a peterson belt. this is what you use in the water. two-ways to use it. i can swim out to the dock out here and i could put it around him. >> by the way -- >> i bring him in. that's one way. or i can if he is further out i can throw it and pull him in. >> you said something about in hollywood it is no the way it is in real life. what is it like in hollywood? people flailing? >> hollywood is all of the action help, help i am drowning. >> how is it in real life? >> people are drowning without a sound. there's water in their vocal cords they cannot yell or scream. they are panicked. most of the time they are not facing toward safety. >> really sad. we have to stop that from happening. >> important information going into memorial day especially for children. dr. seigel, thank you.
2:47 am
>> always have a water watcher on hand. >> the time is about 15 minutes until the top of the hour. he is back. the internet prankster who just scaled the hollywood sign in a come back four years in the making. >> i want to you pull up and return to the tower immediately. >> first steve doocy is live on the plaza with what is coming up on "fox & friends." good morning. >> god morning to you. coming up, we face off against the military on this mud run. it is officially called the civilian military combine. it is ab obstacle course. it will be fun. abby will be doing it in the first hour between 6 and 7 eastern. those are john -- john wayne's son remembers his father. it would have been his 10 #th birthday. we are cooking with bo deedle.
2:48 am
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nine minutes before the top of the hour, space shuttle columbia explosion and a tragic moment in iconic history. now we are learning that the actor tom cruise could have been on board secretly training with nasa. cruise played an astronaut in "the oblivion." but he was part of a deal for voicing a film for the agency.
2:52 am
cruise's dreams were smashed after the explosion and that incredible loss of life. well, johnny depp now getting divorced? he and amber heard cited irrecuable differences. johnny filed a response through his lawyer rejecting amber's claim for support. the couple has no prenup. heather? talking about how long they have been married, i think it is 13 months. two decades after the first independence invasion, earth is faced with a new extra solar threat. >> we convinced an entire generation that this is a battle that we could win. we sacrificed for each other no matter what the cost. and that's worth fighting for. >> independence day resurgence, the sequel to the 1996
2:53 am
blockbuster hits theaters soon. so we'll step into the fox light with michael tamara. i can't believe that was 1996. >> 20 years ago. we were so not born yet. >> i wasn't. >> it's finally back, it's long-awaited, the sequel that this producer is at it again. will smith is not in it. >> he's not going to be in it? >> no, but his son from the original movie is back with a big starring role. i recently caught up with the cast in washington, d.c. and we talked about my scene, i actually shot a in albuquerque while onset. i'm not sure if it's going to make it, but we talked a little bit about that process. >> you were really good. >> show the line that you did. >> how many times did you have to say it that day? >> all day long. probably about 100.
2:54 am
>> that's showbiz. that's the art of movie making. you have your close-up, your wide shot, your medium, your master -- >> for me, i just find when i do emotional scenes, i try to save the money shots for the close-ups, you know what i mean? sometimes if you're crying all day 16 hours, you kind of run out of fluids. >> i have to say, it was a pain-staking process. one scene took about 12 hours. they shoot from every single angle. >> where's the clip? >> we don't have it yet. it's very special effects laden. but we have the exclusive clip that we'll show you in the next hour of "fox & friends." the movie comes out june 24th. >> very cool. we'll watch for that very reason. >> there you go. >> and to check out all our information, go online to foxnewsmagazine and we have pictures from the shoot last
2:55 am
year. >> that's so cool. movie star. well, still to come, it's six minutes before the top of the hour. and memorial day travel is expected to be at an all-time high. we have a brand new warning that is expected from the tsa today. and living out the american dream, the stunning photo of a west point cadet. have you seen this? it is going viral for good reason this morning. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet were the first in my family to graduate from college
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two minutes until the top or the hour, here's what's happening today. a bombshell new report from the state department showing hillary clinton intentionally broke the rules sharing and storing personal e-mails on her private server. the head of the tsa back on capitol hill as he warns long lines, as you can imagine, that could get even worse. he said staff shortages and lack of funding are to blame. and 38 million americans expected to travel this memorial day weekend. the second highest number of travelers on the road. that's a lot. time now for the good, the bad and the ugly. first the good, a west point gradual watt making his american dream come true. the haitian board cadet said he never thought he would achieve the honor of serving the united states. congratulations. we're so thrilled to have you. next, the bad, a suspected drunk driver gives himself up to police. >> you understand? >> probably just take me to jail. >> what? >> probably just -- just give me
3:00 am
the dui. >> a 25-year-old first tried to trick police by sticking a penny in his mouth. finally, waving a flag saying "i'm back." he made headlines two years ago in florida for a hoax bomb. "fox & friends" starts right now. good morning to you, it is murz, april 26. i'm ainsley earhardt. meanwhile, you have heard hillary clinton say this many times. there's brand new evidence she broke the rules and lied about it. >> i guess it's not that big of a deal. and just how


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