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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 26, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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martha: marked the daydown, the day donald trump made it over 1238 and essentially secures the nomination. let's talk about this with everybody . bill:we've got to roll p9 see you tomorrow . jon: we will take it from here. a major fallout from the state department report that was critical of hillary clinton's use of an email account as secretary of state state. i'm jon scott. heather: i'm heather childers in for jenna lee, great to be here. the 83 page report, very
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long, mrs. clinton's failure to adhere to government regulations and lacks record-keeping serving as america's top diplomat as well as failing to report several hacking attempts against her home set up. all of us in clear violation of state department rules and guaranteeing that this controversy which has dawned her presidential campaign not going away anytime soon. jon: chief intelligence correspondent katherine harris live in washington with the latest on all this. >> good morning. a year into mrs. clinton's tenure as secretary when two state department it staffers voiced concern about her email practices insecurity they were told quote, never to speak of the secretary's personal email system again. in january 2011 email from clinton it specialist brian pagliaro was struck an immunity deal with the government when he testified on capitol hill. documents to cyber attacks on the server in a single day query. quote, again we were attacked again upon the on a boat so i shut the server down for a few minutes.
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in another exchange with whom main about a government email accounts, he was deeply concerned for personal communications would be accessible to others. former state department officials said the findings are significant but do not affect the independent fbi criminal investigation. >> there are no direct legal consequences to the inspector general's report number one, there are factual findings in thereport. number two, they are going to make recommendations to ensure that something like this never happens again . reporter: despite public assurances that they want to be open, mrs. clinton and her most senior aides including then chief of staff sarah mills who policy advisor jay sullivan refused interviews with government investigators. a special recorder can't blame politics, an investigator who once worked for a republican senator. >> reports a few months back suggesting, affirming the fact that one of the top individuals in that office, the number two official in that office, had a
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connection, formerly worked for senator grassley workforce has been one of senator clinton's chief antagonists on this issue. reporter: but a deep dive on these regulations known as the inspector general tax of 1978 shows that the head of the agency involved in this case, mrs. clinton is required to assist in these investigations. it authorizes the inspector general quote, to have direct and prompt access to the head of the establishment involved when necessary for any purpose pertaining to the performance of functions and responsibilities under this act. it's also important to note the report found that no one approved clinton's use of this unsecured server exclusively for government business and this conflicts with many of her public statements that was approved by state security, john. jon: katherine harris joining us from washington, thank you you are welcome. jon: president obama commenting on the
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presidential race at a news conference from japan today. saying donald trump's statements have world leaders concerned. let's listen. >> they are right by it and for good reason. a lot of proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude to war. an interest in getting tweets and headlines instead of actually getting through what it is that is required to keep america safe. jon: let's talk about it with a couple political experts, penny lee is former senior advisor to senator harry reid and a senior advisor with ben strategies. john holds as president of calvary llc and a former chief of staff to senator mitch mcconnell. thank you both to both of you. penny, why is a president
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waiting into a political campaign? that's normally off-limits. >> oh come on. every president when they are sitting in the office is always asked about who is going to be replacing them so it is not abnormal at all but what he is saying is true. i just got back from two weeks in australia and i can tell you from everyone we spoke to whether it be high schoolers, business leaders or members of parliament there is great concern for the candidacy of donald trump and what he has been saying in twitter and his recklessness in words in which he describes world leaders, in which he describes the conflicts out there so there is a lot of concern on the world stage about the candidacy of donald trump. jon: josh, give us your take. >> with all due respect to my friend penny, it's one thing where when we have somebody that else that's going over
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and speaking to people and making observations but when the president of the united states goes overseas representing a country, it's remarkably irresponsible and remarkably unpresidential or him to weigh-in on a domestic political battle and effectively undermine one of the candidates that could very well replace him next january. in front of the world community and world leaders, saying to somebody is essentially unfit for office is incredibly irresponsible move by the president of the united states. jon: this president penny, promised a lot in his initial inaugural address that we were going to have six percent growth, things like that. hehasn't exactly delivered on the promises he's made . who is he to criticize donald trump? >> i think he's made a tremendous amount of progress and he is not a dictator as we know. he does have a coequal branch of government so there, you can't just say i want certain
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things and have it happen so you have seen, look, he take our country from when we were losing 800,000 jobs a month and had 33 months of straight economic growth or job growth, private-sector job growth. he righted the ship on a lot of different things and stabilize especially on the economy. he has elevated the debate and had some engaging conversations with regard to bring the coalition together on our foreign policy questions, domestic issues especially as addresses healthcare and other things so i think he has a lot of successes on climate change and gathering 240 nations to get together on this climate change . there's been a lot of great progress he has made so i think someone who has been sitting in the oval office for the last six years is absolutely of authority to get his assessment of where the race is. jon: go ahead josh. >> i was just going to say, effectively what he saying is the world community is routed by. i can imagine is anything donald trump has said or done at this point that has rattled our allies any more than what president obama has done conducting his foreign-policy. we are talking about somebody who had a full nuclear deal with iran over the objections
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of one of our greatest allies in israel. the world community has plenty of reason to be rattled about the state of affairs of policy and it has nothing to do with donald trump. jon: penny, again i think back to when we elected him president and sometimes it's hard to reach back more than eight years but he had been a the illinois state senator and had a limited period of time in the u.s. senate, was still trying to find his way around the hallways there when he announced his presidential campaign so experience isn't necessarily the hallmark he brought to the office and i guess you have to look at ... go ahead. >> when you have a candidate such as donald trump who said his greatest foreign policy advice is me myself and i and he is able to have diplomacy because he staged a miss universe pageant in russia, and that he has called our leaders in the south or the
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mexican leaders in the south racists and he's called chinese officials corrupt and has already had a resolution in the british parliament saying they don't want him to come over. you do have example after example of things in which donald trump has either said or engaged in that does cause great concern among world leaders. jon: josh, when you look back at the accomplishments that she cited of the obama administration, bill clinton famously said when he was president that the american people generally get it right. it looks like at least the people voting in the republican race thus far have decided donald trump is the guy they want to represent them. he has clearly tapped into something among american voters. >> that's right. whether the president likes it or not, donald trump is the nominee of the republican party, hillary clinton may well be the nominee for the democratic party, one of the
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two is going to be the successor to barack obama. the bottom line is he has a greater responsibility to pontificate on his opinions of what he thinks of the two candidates overseas. this is president of the united states and he's going to have to take office in january 2017 and have a story to speak on behalf of the american people with world leaders and it doesabsolutely no good to have the previous president undermine him to start jon: josh, penny lee, a couple of political experts, thank you both . >> thank you. heather: to japan as president obama attends the g7 economic summit ahead of tomorrow's historic visit to hiroshima. that is where the united states dropped the atomic bomb in the final days of world war ii. ushering in the nuclear age.
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senator cowell joins us live from the iwo jima memorial. dog? reporter: this memorial is a reminder of the terrible toll that americans suffered in their campaign to rid the world of totalitarianism in world war ii. a lot of people have forgotten that three of the six koreans depicted in this memorial actually lost their lives on you og month after the flag was raised atop mount sarah baci. they were among 7000 eat us deaths on you og month, 7000 us casualties and it would only get worse as the campaign progressed toward japan itself. a lot of veterans are really happy to learn that president obama will not be apologizing forthe atomic bombing of japan but his visit to the peace memorial in hiroshima is very controversial . >> he is the first american president to go to hiroshima and that is sending, to me, a symbol of apologizing for america. we have nothing to apologize. reporter: under the ancient japanese code of chino, the way of the warrior it was disgraceful to surrender, the highest honor late in death. it was a code practiced by a few johnnies of the day but by virtually an entire nation. people tend to forget there were seven people million
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people killed by the japanese empire between 1931 and 1945. people in the 40s don't remember the terrible carnage that occurred in world war i. >> as allied forces advanced closer to japan, the suicidal spirit among the japanese soldiers only increase, culminating in the battle of okinawa. 12,000 americans died there, more than 50,000wounded and it was a small taste of what might lie ahead . >> the fanaticism with his incredible which led the us leadership to estimate that if in fact an invasion of mainland japan would be required, therewould be over 1 million us casualties . >> that number has been somewhat controversial, i will just say the number may have been 250,000. still, that's an unbelievable figure but the
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destructiveness of the atom bomb actually paled in comparison to conventional bombing of japan. take for example one raid on tokyo in march 1945 where incendiary bombing leveled 10 square miles of the city, that's about two thirds the size of manhattan. the death toll among civilians, 100,000which was twice the death toll of nagasaki . heather, back to you. heather: [audio lost] away live for us, thank you doug. jon: now a new hearing on the long wait times for airport screenings that forced thousands of passengers to miss their flights. one day after the tsa chief about that help is on the way with hundreds of new screeners set to be added before summer travel season kicks into high gear. today, lawmakers hearing more about the problem from the airline industry. peter is live in washington with that story.
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>> we heard that 70,000 american airlines passengers have already missed flights because of this new problem with long lines at tsa checkpoints and since we area day away from one of the busiest travel weekends of the year, there's a big push on capitol hill to prevent that 70,000 number from going any larger , experts testifying on the hill said this morning that having specially trained canines handy at security checkpoints speeds things up and officials representing short condos and midway airports said having dogs screen flyers there cuts the wait times from as high as 90 minutes all the way down to 20 or 30 minutes but there aren't always dogs around at airports so one official from american airlines today suggested it's time to start asking under other agencies to borrowtheir canines . they have renewed calls to privatize airport security but there is a sharp disagreement among experts about how safe that would be. >> we really see that as long asthe operation is properly resourced , we are able to
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have both effective and efficient screening in either model. >> we haven't privatize workforce on 9/11 and we saw what happened. this country was brought to its knees. reporter: look for a new bill addressing these problems later today, john. jon: peter doocy, thanks very much. back in a moment. this is lulu, our newest dog.
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sticks to this better than it sticks to lulu. that's your hair lulu! mom, can we have another dog? (laughing) trap and lock up to 4x more dirt, dust and hair than the store brand stop cleaning. start swiffer ing . jon: right now some crime stories we are following. a confession in the case of a missing florida woman. please say tricia hogg's ex-husband admitted killing her and disposing of her body. steve williams, us airmen now charged with second-degree murder. the producer of an hbo series is one of two men arrested in the death of a young new york doctor.
8:19 am
police c say he and another man were with the doctor when she overdosed on cocaine and alcohol in october. they were arrested on federal drug charges. and concert chaos as shots ring out before a hip-hop artist took the stage. the shooting outside a new york city concert venue let one person dead and three others wounded last night police say the motive is unclear at this point. heather: new information for you now on the egypt air disaster as investigators try to push together what happened in those final moments before the crash that killed 66 people. and crewscontinue to search for those black boxes . john he has all the latest developments and joins us live our mideast bureau in jerusalem . reporter: heather, egypt has brought in hired private french firms to help in the search for those critical black boxes . that search continues and what made it difficult is just the depth of the sea, it goes down as far as 10,000 feet. that said, these two companies, the first one deep ocean search specializes in what it calls ultra deepwater activities. it was involved in the search
8:20 am
for malaysia airlines flight 370 and the company is known in this particular industry for locating a world war ii shipwreck, 16,000 feet deep in the atlantic. it was a cargo and passenger ship that was torpedoed by german u-boats. the other company, how some are, specializes in unmanned underwater vehicles, basically unmanned submarines and equipment that can go as deep as 20,000 feet so obviously these companies are very specialized in this kind of deepwater activity. i reached out to both companies for comments, haven't heard back to see if they could expand a bit on their role. that said, while some debris and wreckage and horse body parts have been found, the planes critical boxes as mentioned have not been found. the cbr host recorders and data recorders and time is of the essence because the transmitting signals from these boxes ceases at 30 days and we are now eight days into the search and obviously
8:21 am
grieving family members want answers and part of the problem getting those answers is as we mentioned yesterday heather, there's been conflicting information and challenging statements coming out from egyptian officials about number one, the flights path.didn't make a sharp 90 degree turn, the dramatic drop in altitude, 37,000 to 10,000 feet and also, one source saying according to the ap that the body parts indicate an explosion while the chief of egypt's forensics team said that is false and the mere assumption. that said, as far as the family members go there is a vigil being held today at the cairo opera house so obviously again, they are looking for answers. heather: conflicting information from the very beginning. john live for us, thank you. jon: a judge finds
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millionaire businessman how harris not guilty of murdering his wife. it was his fourth trial. how harris will be on us live to tell us why he says this case is not over yet. >> think fixing your windshield is a big hassle?
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jon: he is a familiar figure to viewers of this program, a millionaire businessman accused of murdering his wife, found not guilty by a judge in new york two days ago. cal harris has been tried four times in the last 15 years since his wife's disappearance. michelle harris went missing on september 12, 2001. her body has never been found. there is was twice found guilty in her murder but both convictions thrown out on appeal. his third trial last year ended with a home jury.
8:26 am
then a trial before a judge who found harris not guilty in his fourth trial which ended this week. now harris and his attorney say this case is far from over the 20 me now, cal harris and his attorney bruce marquette. now, you say it's been a 15 year nightmare. when you heard the judge's verdict this week, what first went through your mind? >> just, we were just relieved. it was good to know that this chapter in our lives was put behind us for good. and they turned around and just hugged my kids. we were all emotional, obviously. this has been a long haul, it's been up and down and i've been ripped away from these kids three times now, sent to jail, sent to prison, the first time for the indictment, second time for the first trial, second time for the second trial and it's just been absolute torture that my children and i have been through and no one , no
8:27 am
one deserves to be treated like this, especially by our government. jon: the part of this story that you say might not be over yet, you're considering legal action against the state or perhaps the county? >> absolutely, no question. we are going to go after the county district attorney who brought this case to trial, the first two times, gerald kean and we are going to go after state police specifically the lead investigator on this case , bruce andrews multi-wino had a personal vendetta in this because her father, john andrews used to work for me and i fired him. he should have never been on this case. jon: there are so many details here that to the average viewer make you look guilty or at least complicit in your wife's disappearance. you two were divorcing, you had had kind of an acrimonious divorce, you were still living under the same roof. her blood, evidence of her blood was found in your home and as you know, most homicides are committed by a
8:28 am
person close to the victim so how can you completely say that police messed up the investigation of this case when there is so much evidence that frankly pointed in your direction? >> if i can interrupt for a second, there's not a significant amount of evidence that ported towards cow. there's a dearth of evidence that pointed towards california a judge at the appellate division level and a judge at the court of appeals level said there was insufficient evidence to even let cal be brought to trial. that's an enormous fact that people forget about. prosecution has a very low bar to clear to get sufficient evidence to bring the case to trial and the judges at every level but there was insufficient evidence to even bring him to trial. they had virtually no evidence at all that cal was involved in this either then a minute, less than a quarter of a piece of abstaining in
8:29 am
the house that they thought was michelle's blood. people lead in their own homes. to have that small amount in their own home is not a significant thing. anybody who's seen crime scenes would know therewas not a crime scene . this was an outrageous prosecution that never should have been brought against california the evidence we were able to develop against the two men from texas is much more inculpatory than whatever it is they had against california cows should not have gone through and his children should not have gone through what they went through for the last 15 years and enduring for separate trials. >> the two men from texas, one of them used to live not far from cal and michelle and it was at your behest, bruce that the burn pit was excavated this year, the burn pit on the property where the guy used to live. tell us what they found their . >> they found evidence of her clothing. we had information from multiple sources that these two men earned what he clothing in that burn pit the day after michelle disappeared and so rather than ignoring the evidence like police did, we investigated it.
8:30 am
we dug up the burn pit with a forensic anthropologist who found a knife lady, a button, a key, fabric that matched michelle's clothing in terms of the color and a broth along with other items indicating that the clothing was burn in the spirit. we found the truck that one of the men drove in 2001 and we did a forensic search of that truck in louisiana and found staining blood but not sufficient dna to match michelle's. there was a lot of work by a lot of people that went into this case from cows perspectives starting with joseph cawley, his first attorney all the way through till now and thankfully, thanks to judge mott for doing the right thing and thankfully cal has been exonerated and won't have to worry for the first time in 15 years about going to prison for something someone else did.
8:31 am
jon: cal, there were those first two convictions overturned then a hung jury. why go with a bench trial? why face only a judge this time and put your feet in the hands of one man? >> after going through three trials and watching what jerry keane did in the first two trials and what kirk martin did in the third trial, it was clear they were playing to the jury's emotion and what i experienced is that they would say things and do things in front of that jury that they know they can't say and know they can't do. my attorneys would jump up and object and the judge would admonish the district attorney for what he said and did in front of the jury and say look, you want to strike that from your memory. for a layperson, that doesn't work and i witnessed it three times so i knew that was going to happen again in the fourth trial and i opted to go with the best trial so that would eliminate part of that and also eliminate the emotional part of that.
8:32 am
99 percent of their case, what they present to the jury's emotion, they are playing tothe jurors emotion and i didn't want to go through that again . >> this really was a case that was long on sympathy and short on evidence . p1 bruce, we are going to have to say goodbye. the computer is about to cut us off. the attorney and cal harris. >> thanks for having us thanks for having us. jon: we will be right back. ♪ offers free cancellations,
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minimum-wage protesters targeting mcdonald's headquarters today just as company officials are holding their annual shareholder meeting. mike tobin live in oakhurst illinois with that story. reporter: john, it was a very long demonstration, wasn't a very big demonstration and didn't get outside of all the demonstrators, several hundred were here to the mcdonald's headquarters campus on oak brook illinois. as you mentioned, the timing is because this is the annual shareholders meeting. they shouted things like we work, we sweat, put 15 on our check, a reference to their demand for a $15 minimum wage. and rancid told foxbusiness maria bartiromo, these people are going to protest their way from low income to no income. >> if you look at the robotic devices that are coming into the restaurant industry, it's cheaper to buy $35,000 robot than it is to hire an employee is inefficient, making $15 an hour bagging french fries. it's nonsense.
8:37 am
reporter: mcdonald's spokesperson lisa mccombs said mcdonald's provides hundreds of thousands of people with jobs, oftentimes their first job. the statement reads in part, we offer mcdonald's employees the opportunity to develop valuable skills and work ethics necessary to build valuable careers beyond our restaurant. mcdonald's offers people programs to help them finish high school, even to get into college. people at the demonstration say $10 an hour is not enough to raise a family on. the counterargument is you're not supposed to raise a family on minimum wage, it's meant to be a transitional job you want mike tobin, thank you. heather: to a fox news alert, the associated press reported that donald trump has now clinched the republican nomination for president. 1237 delegates needed and mister trump now has 1238 this comes after some of the unbound delegates told the ap they will support him at the convention so let's talk
8:38 am
about it with larry sato, the director of the center for politics at the university of virginia. thank you for joining us. >> good morning. heather: larry, the trunk train has folded and reached that magic number, what you think? >> give credit where credit is due. not just to donald trump of north dakota, the unbound delegates to the smart thing that we used to see at conventions where states would buy to provide the final votes to put somebody over the top so trump owes north dakota, north dakota owes trump but generally speaking, obviously it is historic. nobody has ever done what trump has done when a major party nomination with his business background as opposed to a governmental or military background. heather: you think we may see other unbound delegates follow suit? >> yes, some of them will be unhappy that north dakota got in front of them but maybe they will hold events with balloons falling and confetti and you will make a big media
8:39 am
splash, i don't know but i expect that to happen. >> meantime on the democratic side, let's talk about that. a new piece from uva center of politics caught our attention on hillary clinton's battle for the democratic nomination. the new unity, once all that and senior columnist alan abramowitz whiting quote, an examination of survey data from the 2008 presidential election suggests that unifying democrats may actually be easier in 2016 than it was in 2008. the major reason for that is that donald trump is a far less attractive alternative to disgruntled democrats than john mccain was in 2008 and no matter what sanders does, someone else could be extremely helpful when it comes to unifying democrats once the primary contest is over, president obama. larry, do you agree with that? is it go to unify the democratic party
8:40 am
and is going to be easier than it was in 2008? >> i think that will happen. i don't know when it will happen but i think it will happen because we live in a very partisan lee polarized iraq and on the crystal ball, we also predicted long before others did while the republican establishment was still bulking at trump, we predicted that the rank and file would join together behind trump faster than anyone thought they would and sure enough, that's exactly what they've done. i think the same thing will happen on the democratic side civilly because we live in this very partisan era. >> i was looking at the comparison between 2008 and 2016 and if you take a look at the unfavorable ratings which we continue to talk about in terms of clinton and donald trump, is at 61 percent, trumpet 56 percent but then when you compare that in 2008, john mccain and barack obama, there unfavorable ratings were significantly lower at 32 percent so will that play a role?
8:41 am
>> that part of the picture, absolutely and you are right to point to that. a lot of democrats had a favorable view of john mccain but people misinterpreted that and thought well, because they liked him they would vote for him. no, we were in that partisan era back then to and democrats or democratic leaning independents go with their party just like republicans and republican leaning independents do as we've seen this year. you are going to have the same kind of process on both sides so the democrats are delayed because sanders has had such a strong challenge to clinton and it's going all the way through the end of the process and maybe beyond. >> couple other things, bernie sanders by no means is an established candidate and then you have hillary clinton, the established candidate running against him and she's got all sorts of problems. you had the idea report that came today, the looming fbi investigation and then being painted continuously as the ultimate insider so does that work against her? >> yes and the other key
8:42 am
point here is that the most intense bernie sanders supporters are young voters. you know what? they are easily turned off to politics and it's not going to be easy to get them in foods and excited for the general election. that is going to be hillary clinton's real challenge with sanders voters and i don't know that even bernie sanders can't excite them enough to get them to the polls. heather: we will see what happens. she says the convention is going to be a messy one so anything can happen. thank you so much. we appreciate. >> that's a lot. jon: pretty good stuff. heather: right on target. jon: president obama at the g7 summit as he prepares for his historic visit to hiroshima. he took time out to comment on the race for the white house. we take a look at what's at stake on this trip.>> use clorox disinfecting products.
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heather: justin, president obama in japan for the g7 summit where he commented on the race for the white house here at home. world leaders have good reason to be rattled by donald trump who just clinched the republican nomination, that's according to the ap new delegate count. this comes as president obama gets ready to visit hiroshima tomorrow, becoming the first sitting president to do so since the us dropped the atomic bomb on that city and his japan trip will also focus on recent aggression in the south china sea. joining us now is michael awesome, the director of japan's studies at the american enterprise institute and the columnist on asia for the wall street journal. also the author of the upcoming book the end of the asian century, thank you for joining us thank you for having me . heather: first of all, i'd like to get your thoughts on president obama commenting on donald trump today. did you think that was appropriate? >> well, i don't think a
8:47 am
foreign visit where he's meeting heads of state to refer back to the people who are going to succeed him as potentially being dangerous for america's interest is very helpful. the truth is however that donald trump in particular has said a number of things that have worried our allies both in terms of issues of trade war, potentially over currency manipulation and policy that both japan and korea could go to nuclear under his watch so there is reason that our allies are concerned that the president is just stirring the pot for whoever comes after him and i don't think it was a good thing to do. heather: on the president visited hiroshima he said, the white house said there will be no apology. but what type of message does this trip send to people here at home and to our allies? >> i think what the president has said he's going to do is try to book in his presidency by calling once again for a world without nuclear weapons like he did in product in 2009 area problem is that things have gotten so much worse, in fact the nuclear
8:48 am
part of the global security environment has gotten so much worse thatthat's not really what people want to hear. they know it's not going to happen . first of all, it's how he's going to protect them from a nuclear north korea or potentially nuclear armed iran but more importantly, the visit to hiroshima is an outstanding opportunity to talk about what happens when we do not defend global order, when we do not defend the security of nations around the world. we get horrific wars and result sometimes in things like hiroshima. that message from an outgoing president would be very well received byregion and the world that is extremely worried about what's coming up . heather: i was listening to an interview you had given a couple days ago and you made a comment, you said history is only as good as the lessons we learn from it or something along those lines. so what lesson should president obama be learning and what is he not doing correctly? >> that's a great question. i think the first lesson is
8:49 am
on, when you need to be realistic and when you need to be idealistic with mark after seven years in office, it's time to be realistic about the dangers we face not just in asia and the south china sea but all around the world. i think the sex second lesson is to make clear to those who have elected youand those who depend on you around the world that you understand that there are times when inaction can be more dangerous than action. that when you don't ask, you embolden aggressors and when you send messages of your resolution or confusion , that things don't usually solve themselves and i think the final and third answer for lesson he needs to express to the world is that he understands and america's unique role, this is a global system from which we benefit but if things continue on this path it's going to be harder and harder to keep them in a way that all of us will be able to look back and say we did our best to pass yourchildren stable and peacefulworld . >> michael oslin joining us with insight, thank you . michael, is of course the author of the forthcoming
8:50 am
book the end of the asian century.thank you. jon: political turmoil with protesters taking to the street again, what they are demanding from the government. olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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8:54 am
it that found out she violated email much will all this for her? plus, president obama slams trump on the world stage. will this help hillary or lott rhyolite trump's base? >> good discussion there and katie couric gun documentary accused of misleading viewers. is this mainstream media bias? we show you the video. all that plus our hashtag one lucky guy, outnumbered at the top of thehour . jon: you know people are going to want to watch. >> i hope so john. jon: see you then. heather: now to venezuela where protest is intensifying against president nicholas maduro. protesters demanding authorities stop stalling over a recall referendum against the president. meantime, he is calling the referendum quote, not viable. katie joins us live from miami with those details . reporter: heather, it's basic shortages in the economy driving this anger in venezuela and some of those shortages are most dramatic in the companies hostels. both hospitals showed a complete absence of basic medications for cancer and heart patients , one body left in the corridor either because of more was full or
8:55 am
no refrigeration, bad sanitary conditions as well. the odds for an infant to survive inside of venezuelan public hospital, three times lower than they were three years ago. the economy overall in this country which has the world's largest proven oil reserves is simply cratering. inflation now at over 500 percent, the world's highest. people get in line before dawn and wait for who knows what is inside the store. one man waited for five hours, allowed to be by two jars of mayonnaise. basic items like sugar are simply gone, the coca-cola bottling plant had to stop its output so it's really hurting production and when you talk to people on the street in the hot summer sun who been waiting all day, they are angry. >> this thursday, i couldn't buy even this. even this, because there was no food supply. in my house i don't have anything.
8:56 am
>> a protest against the socialist president nicholas maduro have become an everyday event. they are trying to force his recall in new elections but so far the courts have slowed that down and the real concern internationally is that these huge shortages could spark violent unrest in the world's largest oil reservecountries. heather, back to you . heather: thank you. jon: bad story that happened there. new next hour of "happening now", destruction in the heartland as this monster tornado leveled entire neighborhoods. a live report from the disaster zone coming up. and space x attempts another rocket launch and landing today. what can we expect?
8:57 am
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9:00 am
we're going to be talking about that more in the second hour of "happening now." heather: yep. he reached that 1238, actually, one over what was needed. we'll be right back here, as you said, in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. sandra: this is a fox news alert. donald trump reportedly reaching the number of delegates needed to clinch the republican nomination for president. this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, kimberly guilfoyle, co-host of "after the bell" on fox business, melissa francis, nationally syndicated talk show host meghan mccain, and we welcome back to the couch senior editor for the national review, jonah goldberg is here and, sir, you are outnumbered. welcome back. >> it's great to be here. sandra: i noticed your twitter profile, your picture, is a dog. >> yes. [laughter] sandra: is that your dog? >> that is my departed, dead dog. >> oh!


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