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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 26, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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>> there you go. >> nice to meet you. >> nice to be here, sean. >> our time is gone. thanks for yours. this is mike huckabee, sean hannity, good night. >> o'reilly factor is on. tonight: >> it's the same story. it's not an issue that is going to effect either the campaign or my presidency. >> hillary clinton continues to say she is not in trouble over the email situation. but the "new york times" and "the washington post" both are disputing that. tonight, a hard look at whether secretary clinton will be indicted. >> this is not. they proved it by opening their bathrooms to perverted men. >> states suing obama administration over access to transgendered locker rooms. >> who did america defeat in the revolutionary war? >> germany? >> not germany. >> russia. >> also ahead, memorial day
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weekend upon us. do americans know anything about the holiday? >> what does your gut tell you. >> my gut is not telling me anything right now. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪ hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching us tonight. how much trouble is hillary clinton really in? that is the subject of this evening's talking points memo. yesterday. attorney general of the state department harshly credit soyuzed hillary clinton for private business on email system. steven went on to say mrs. clinton did not seek permission to circumvent the rules. most damning of all, the ig reports that hillary clinton refused to talk with him about the violations. each federal agency has an
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inspector general who is in charge of investigating alleged wrongdoing. now, this is a major development because the fbi is already investigating secretary clinton for possible criminal wrong doing. and he provides motive. mrs. clinton refused to use the government email because she, herself, feared that some of her correspondence might be made public. reaction to the story came quickly. >> overnight clinton's first response to that report, telling univision her emails won't be an issue. >> it's the same story. it's not an issue that is going to effect either the campaign or my presidency. >> she's as crooked as they come. she had a little bad news today as you know from some reports came down weren't so good. but, not so good. inspector general's report not good. >> now, at the state department itself, there was
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this. >> you know there were attempts but none of them were successful? how do you know that none of them were successful? >> i just have to refer you to. >> how do you know that because the report does not say that none of them were successful? >> i apologize, actually. i misspoke. >> all right. >> with you i will say. i just would refer to you secretary clinton's team for questions about the security of her system. >> all right. talking about hacking there. and mr. toner is being ridiculous referring questions to clinton's team? come on. you are insulting us. hillary clinton is banking on the fbi not recommending charges. if the agency does, it's over for the secretary. but if no indictment is forthcoming, voters will most likely shrug especially because her base is so arden dentally anti-trump. summing up, not a good wednesday for hillary clinton. and that's the mental mow. reaction from former federal prosecutor rudy giuliani.
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full disclosure, you are a fierce critic of hillary clinton's. >> yes. i'm a republican. >> i want you to examine the situation from the investigative angle. what does this ig report mean in the overall investigation. >> bill, i have prosecuted republicans and democrats almost equal number when i was u.s. attorney, associate attorney general. remember what the? er general has found she violated the federal code of federal regulations. the federal code of regulations is just an explanation of federal statutes, in this case 18 usc section 1924 which makes it a federal crime to remove without permission a confidential document. >> that's what they got petraeus on. >> that's exactly what she did. >> but it's the same statute they got petraeus on. >> the report is true makes out a clear, overwhelming violation of that statute. >> but she really didn't remove anything. she just didn't use a secure
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service, right? >> she removed it to her house. >> oh, i see what you are saying. you are saying she removed the communicative apparatus. >> to her house without seeking permission. >> without seeking permission. >> it says if you remove government. >> she didn't physically remove anything. she just set up a new server. >> which had the effect of physically removing the records. >> information flow. >> from the state department to a private place for which she did not obtain permission. she also committed perjury. she signed a document stating she returned all documents to the state department. she didn't return all documents to the state department. her destruction -- forgetting her destruction of the 45, 55,000 emails. >> shah that she erased. she says she erased. >> erase something called destruction. that's a federal crime. once she used this phone as
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a government phone, it stopped being her private phone. her private right to this phone ended. the government has the right to see everything on that phone. the minute she used it as a government phone. she didn't have the right to destroy those 55,000 emails. and what i would argue is those 55,000 emails are really the ones she doesn't want us to see, maybe communications with bill over the clinton foundation. >> yeah. >> maybe communications over benghazi. >> do you think the fbi has those emails now? because you can reconstitute them. you know that? >> i know you can. >> they have the server. >> obstruction of justice. >> if you were a federal prosecutor, and all the things that you have said. >> right. >> are born out by the investigative agency. what would you charge hillary clinton. >> i would charge her on the unauthorized removal of government records. she never thought.
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number two charge her with obstruction of justice for destroying the emails that she destroyed during the pendency of an investigation. >> if her argument. >> benghazi investigation is what i'm talking about. >> her lawyers make the argument she didn't know she was violating the law by erasing the emails. would that argument have legal weight? >> no. first of all, it would be absurd that the attorney general wouldn't know. i have to believe -- >> -- well, she is not the attorney general. >> i'm sorry, secretary of state. >> no. when i worked for the attorney general, i was briefed on these laws. everyone who has a secure clearance. >> what she is going to say nobody told me this and toll lynn wowl '. >> you don't need knock the to be guilty of a crime. >> but believe. i'm not saying it disparagingly we want to be fair here.
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violated two laws perjury and obstruction of justice. >> we would be al here all day. >> what could comey will come. >> comey is a very good man, very honest man. i have great confidence in him. if he were not to recommend an indictment here, i would be greatly disappointed in his professional. >> would you be shocked though? it's a political thing, you know. >> so i recommended a special prosecutor for my attorney general during an election year, ed mease when i had to do it. i didn't want to do it. i didn't think he was guilty. >> just remind people we are talking about. >> special prosecutor law says you couldn't clear somebody. >> in what case was it? >> it was the wetay case. if you couldn't clear somebody in 90 days, you had to authorize a special prosecutor. i did that during election year. i sued the teamsters election year. >> he give me odds he comes
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back with the indictment. >> i hope 60, 40? that he does? >> yes. the report makes out clear violations of the law. >> >> the inspector yen of the state contempt department has just given comey the reason to do it. >> he has putin comey in oposition hard explain how he didn't recommend an indictment. >> knows that's what i said. >> much stronger reporter uber liberal says hillary clinton is not. >> not seeking permission is the key to the violation. mr. mayor, thank you. 11 states now say they will sue the obama administration over this transgendered locker room controversy. we'll have the latest. upcoming book killing the
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rising sun. president obama is also dealing with that this week. we'll have a special repo allergies.
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"what are you?" now i know. discover the story only your dna can tell. order your kit now at . factor follow up segment tonight. as you may know there is much outrage over the obama administration to schools open rest rooms and locker rooms to transgendered individuals. that means in theory that young girls could be showering next to young boys who believe they are girls. the states protesting are texas, alabama, wisconsin, west virginia, tennessee, arizona, maine, oklahoma, louisiana, you talk, georgia. all suing the federal government. with us now in new york city eric bolling and geraldo rivera. first of all, do you understand the emotional outcry dependence this on a physical level that a 11, 1-year-olds don't understand
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emotionally that prance gendered is being ordered to come in the same locker room. >> i don't think there is much to do in real life there is a woman hysterical in target. it's not theoretical. if the order goes through, it could happen. >> if these states, bill, continue to oppose this title 9 stuff, they will be bankrupting their commercial. >> that won't happen. >> disney won't play, papal, bank, springsteen, ringo starr. is the south going to cut itself off culturally than the rest of the country. >> if most of the states and i believe that will be the outcome, if most states join in this like obamacare, the tide will change and maybe bruce string stein who is a radical leftist won't but most of the other
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entertainers will. >> the other ones are going to realize there are too many states that they can't sing in. >> remarkable. >> i hate to part words it's a federal issue. they are demanding this on all the states meanwhile holding, in texas alone, up to $10 billion of funding back if texas doesn't play ball with what president obama and the left. >> that's going to be blocked. >> of course it is. why are they even doing this? what's the point to this? because he want to appease some gender political group? >> they obama administration and people who support them as a cill rice -- civil rights issue. >> we are number 27th in science. >> and the russians beat us. >> you can be concerned with both. let me turn this around on you. to make a big deal out of, this the obama administration polarizes the country. if you took a poll, you know what the poll would show, all right? where are sanctions on sanctuary cities in where
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are they? >> this was i will considered move by the obama administration. >> sanctuary city answer. >> you are talking about a totally different topic. >> no. the fall government orders. >> sanctuary cities i will be glad to debate you. >> i have a solution. >> so do i. stay on. >> can i give. >> i i want you to answer this question. it's my show. >> they make a big deal out of imposing transgendered locker rooms. >> right. >> okay. with the threat of if you don't do it we will take money from you. >> right. >> but they don't do anything about sanctuary cities if you don't obey stated law you you're going to lose your funding? >> i will now since you forced me, i will answer -- >> -- thank you. >> your proposition about sanctuary cities. i believe in sanctuary cities. i believe that municipalities have the right -- >> -- but they don't. >> to give priority to their law enforcement as to the laws that they determine are the most important laws to
8:17 pm
enforce. >> you are an anicus. >> new york has 1,100,000 undocumented people is there any problem that you see? do you see any problem in new york. >> they revoke the law. you don't defy federal law. these states suing aren't defying. they are suing to block. >> may i now go back to the proposition that we started. >> you can't answer that question. >> the problem with transis it is not defined. transgender person somebody who suddenly says i'm now a girl? >> yes. in this law it is. yes. >> i agree. so here is the solution. i want transgendered defined scientifically. what is it? >> then they go v. to go to the operating table and that hurts. >> one uniform. >> i want someone to say this is what transgender is it's a protected class. i deserve a definition. >> is that bolling.
8:18 pm
>> let me finish. diocese. my sister irene was the principal, superintendent of schools. here's what they do. you get a teacher's note. you are a transgender. one definition. >> a doctor's note. >> doctor's note. eric is really girl. here is his note. can he go to the girl's room. >> no. he can't go to the girl's room unless is he transsexual and get the operation. >> go ahead. >> i don't know where i'm going. >> you nail it on the head. why is it that on the sanctuary city the feds, they say nothing on marijuana. they say nothing. >> marijuana is a different story. >> it's the same thing. >> not in colorado they are not. >> that's a state law. >> they are picking and choosing. they are north holding funding back if you sell marijuana legally in colorado. >> is it protected class under title 9 under the federal law?
8:19 pm
>> i don't have any problem with that. >> you have no problem with it doesn't it just behoove the federal government to define what a transgender person is? it has to be more than i say i am so i am. >> it's under 18 they get a special facility. that's it. >> that's the way. >> and all three of us. i want everybody to think about this. go to your dad and ask for a note that says your transgender. >> your doctor not your dad. >> unless your dad is your doctor. >> marcus wellby. can i have a note on transgender i have to give it to sister mary. >> that's how crazy this country has become. directly ahead, why do some on the left want to wipe out gender differences? why? one school district in virginia taking very aggressive stance on that. and, later, "watters world," a memorial day edition. this one will make you laugh, but also make you cry. upcoming. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips.
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gender. by the fbi. joining us now from washington shannon bream. fox news correspondents. so, bremen, tell me about the public school system in fairfax, virginia, and what they're doing with gender. what's going on? >> well, this is the tenth largest school district in the country. what they did was vote last year to expand these definitions of what they're going to teach and their family life curriculum. they talk about personality and masculine and feminine traces that develop over time. they are going to teach the students that identity biological gender, general identity, including transgender. gender role and sexual orientation that has a lot of parents very upset. they don't think this is the kind of thing that they want their young kids learning about. >> what grades do we start?
8:24 pm
i don't even understand your definition. i would already be in the d category. when do they start this? what grades? >> these particular lessons are going to start in eighth grade and go into high school. >> all right. so eighth grade and then into high school. and they are basically trying to teach the children, from what i looked at, that there is really not a lot of difference in gender. even though we are man and woman, boy and girl, we are really the same. isn't that right? >> well, there is talk about masculine and feminine qualities, how things develop over time and how things are fluid. >> they're fluid? i love that word fluid. so they are fluid. so on tuesdays, thursdays, and sundays you can be butch and then on monday and wednesday and friday you can be katrina. now, that would get expensive in the wardrobe area, bream. >> i'm going to have to sign you up for the class, apparently. >> this is the nonsense putting out. the gender is fluid. because they don't want anybody to feel bad if
8:25 pm
they're a certain way, i guess. i guess this is all p.c. >> things can change. listen, the school board wants to make it clear that parents can opt out of this. one of the school board members that voted against this told us a number of parents have complained because they are having trouble finding opt out forms. if you want to opt out, sign this form and turn it in and your kids don't have to listen to this. some of the kids who have opted out of some of these classes in the past have been left to sit in the hallway while their fellow students have the class. >> i would opt out because, you know, look, it's hard enough to raise children being frank and honest with them about your value system. you want to give that value system to somebody who thinks gender identity is fluid? is that really what you want to do? i want to talk to somebody who believes that right here on the factor. i want them sitting with shannon is sitting. i want them to explain how gender identity is fluid. now, one more question for you, ms. bream. your whole life, have you ever felt that you wanted to
8:26 pm
be named eugene? >> no. >> okay. >> and that's the name i would have picked. >> you know my point. >> i got it. >> my whole life i never got up one day and said, gee, i really want to be kathleen. and i'm not trying to disparage this. this is so far out of the mainstream. but these school districts are just crazed now on this gender issue. let's get over fairfax virginia is in virginia, obviously. the governor of that state is some kind of trouble. tell me what. >> there is an fbi investigation of $120,000 donation given by a chinese businessman to a governor terry mcauliff's campaign. mcauliff says there is no wrongdoing but this businessman, is he a chinese citizen. is he a permanent resident. so you are allowed. there he is. you are allow to do donate to political campaigns. >> how much. >> 2 million. this investigation is whether mcauliff was a foreign agent.
8:27 pm
whether he represented foreign sources here in the united states. he says so far there has been no evidence of any wrongdoing. >> the fbi is looking to see if the money came to mcauliff because of activities that mcauliff done before he was governor? >> they say it goes back 10 years into his bank accounts and personal finances. this is when he was involved with chinese companies. one company green tech has chinese investors as automotive company which -- >> --do you know if he ever got a paycheck from chinese people? >> well, maybe from green tech because he was the chairman. we don't know any other evidence beyond that. >> so it's a complicated situation. there are certain things that american citizens cannot do vis-a-vis foreign businesses, correct? >> can't take money from china, 1997, investigators thought that the chinese intelligence agencies did try to donate to the clinton campaign and the dnc to influence the election. but no one charges. >> somehow $2 million found its way to the clinton foundation while mcauliff was on the board, right? >> has nothing to do with
8:28 pm
the foundation. the lawyer. >> tangled web of intrigue here. all right. we will stay on the story. thank you, guys. plenty more ahead as the factor moves along this evening. bernie goldberg has some thoughts on telling the readers not to stress out about school girls and boys showering together. don't get upset about it "watters world." the memorial day edition. >> could america fight in the vietnam war? >> korea? >> that was the korean war. >> we hope you stay tuned to the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic. cameras and radar detect dangers you don't. and it can even stop by itself. so in this crash test, one thing's missing: a crash. the 2016 e-class. lease the e350 for $499 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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impact segment tonight. president obama is in japan meeting with world leaders. tomorrow he is schedule to do go to hiroshima where the u.s.a. dropped adam bomb at the end of world war ii. remarks will be watched for any rising sun. how america vanquished world wod war ii japan. mr. dugard has written five killing books with me. this will be the sixth. you went to hiroshima a few months ago. what did you find out? >> i did. from historian's point of view it was great. like i went to -- i knew the city so well from looking at aerial photographs i didn't need a map to get around. what i found was in some ways they down play the history of the bomb. in some ways they glorify
8:33 pm
it. the place the bomb actually dropped is a small memorial kind of hidden back in a back alley. the museum itself, the -- i will say they are a little bit -- compared to the nag knack. in that museum they take a point of view. we write about this dugard and i, they take a point of view. what is that? >> the point of view is it was the war of american aggression. they see themselves as the victims of our aggression. >> in this museum. is that clear to the tourists? >> it's very clear to the tourists. we're very bad if you are go to the museum in tokyo even worse. when you get into the hiroshima museum as you walk through it there is no acceptance of the fact that they might have -- at some point, brought this on themselves. >> every point dugard, at every point they brought it on themselves.
8:34 pm
they attacked everybody. you go to heir regime that today and as you mentioned the war museum in tokyo, what you get there is we didn't deserve this. we the japanese didn't deserve the destruction that was put upon us. do they blame america outright for dropping the a-bomb? >> very, very subtle. shows a lot of things like the mushroom cloud and there is a lot of victimization and yes it was a horrible thing that that happened. at the same time, the adam bomb did not make the japanese surrender at the end of the war. they were going to keep on fighting until it finally came to the point they could not fight anymore. >> we make that quite clear that the japanese were not ready to surrender at all dugard and i had a very hard time getting clearance for certain documents and pictures we wanted to use from the japanese. and finally they said no. they wouldn't give it to us. why? >> the problem is the
8:35 pm
hiroshima peaceful museum where obama is going to be speaking, owns the rights to the an dick dotes and vignettes from all these survivors. and their job was to get these out to the public. their job is to get these in front of people so the people know the tragedy and horror of what happened. >> did you explain the killing books reached millions and millions and the best selling nonfiction books in the world? did you explain that? >> it didn't matter. >> it didn't matter at all. >> we had to go back and take these great vignettes, moments where people talked about what they felt and endured. >> don't tell the reader because we found a way dugard and i were sneaky guys. we found a way to get it in. but they wouldn't let us have all the historical documentation that they had accumulated because, again, they don't trust the foreigners. they don't like the book anyway. >> i think it's one of the best in the series so far. >> we pay you to say that.
8:36 pm
[ laughter ] >> i know. what we're going to say about what happened -- >> -- we will get this trouble. are you ready? >> people will be. >> anybody rooting for japan not going to like this book. dugard and i can take the heat. we take the hit on every one of them. >> your friends in california won't even talk to you after killing reagan. >> i think it's going to be worse after this one. >> thanks for coming in here. again, we are watching president obama's appearance in hiroshima very, very closely. "killing the rising sun" will be out on the 13th. when we come back, bernie goldberg on the charlotte observer offending many of its own readers. "watters world." a memorial day edition. we're coming right back. hey you wanna go for a ride? we showed these everyday experts... i'm a police officer. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day,
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of od employees, ...who make sure the millions of products we ship arrive without damages. because od employees treat customer service... our most important delivery. od. helping the world keep promises. thanks for staying with us. i'm bill o'reilly in the bernie segment. as we reported the charlotte newspaper he had toward in this way. the thought of male genitalia that n. locker rooms might be distressing to some. the battle of equality has overcoming discomfort gay
8:41 pm
sharing marriage realizing it was not nearly as awful as some people imagined. that's kind of far out there when talking about school kids showering together. we asked editorial editor of the charlotte observer taylor batten to come on the factor. he says he has too much going on there in north carolina to fit us into his schedule. joining us now from miami, a person not nearly as busy, the purveyor of bern nod mr. goldberg. how do you see this? >> i will get to the charlotte observer, i will segue way to that in less than a minute. let me tell you my take on the overall issue. >> sure. >> i think we have to separate the bathroom issue from the shower/locker room issue. because i think they are very different the bathroom issue for me is a nonissue.
8:42 pm
transgender person ever assaulted anybody in a bathroom. but, 70% of transgender people have said that they were either verbally or physically assaulted while trying to use a so, if we're concerned about safety, maybe we ought to rethink hot real victims are. secondly, if a boy honestly thinks and identifies as a girl at some point in his life, i don't mean some wise guy in junior high school who says i'm a girl today. this is a serious thing. if he identifies as a girl, let him do into the girl's bathroom and go into a stall and nobody knows what goes on there. >> couldn't there be a separate bathroom facility? not hard to do that. >> it may be in some cases in restaurants and places like that. okay. if they could do that, great. but i think the shower/locker room issue is very different. i think parents have every right to say i don't want my child dressing, undressing,
8:43 pm
or showering with kids from the opposite sex. that is not being a prude. that's a legitimate position. >> liningly from the opposite sex. you have to say that because then the argument comes back oh they are really not the opposite sex and all that. let's get to the press coverage of it. >> let me do that because i think for me that's the most important part. "the charlotte observer" and others who have liberal vows have used the word discomfort. i have heard this a lot. the point that they made and the part that you read is that we have to get over our discomfort to advance civil rights. well, you know what? sometimes the majority does have to get beyond its discomfort. if people didn't like integration 40 years ago, too bad. get over your discomfort. but this is very different. sometimes the minorities have to get over their discomfort. sometimes people in the protected class have to get
8:44 pm
over their discomfort. and in the case of showering, and dressing and undressing in locker rooms, i think the minority has to be concerned about the majority's discomfort? intrusion into traditional families and all of that? that's another matter and i totally agree with you on that. >> but that dove tailed into the charlotte observer. >> the way barack obama handled it was all wrong. i want to get that out. >> i will submit to you that if we went down to north carolina, where you have a residence, okay, and theres with a poll about north and south carolinaens, do you support transgendered people showering in the locker room of their choice? all right. i would submit to you it will be 80% 20% against. >> right. >> "the charlotte observer" then takes this very explicit position, even mentioning explicit terms. is that self-destructive? can you -- the anger vented
8:45 pm
toward a newspaper? that's in trouble anyway. the circulation is plummeting anyway. >> you raise an interesting point. and i'm going to have a position. you probably don't agree with. newspapers should not be concerned about business or circulation when it comes to writing editorials. they should not do a focus group and say this is what our audience wants. let's give them an editorial to post circulation and boost advertising. i'm sure this were newspapers in small towns in the old south in the bad old days of segregation. >> sure. that pandered. >> that wrote editorials in favor of civil rights. >> i'm not trying to say editorialize in a way that's going to be monetary gain. i'm trying to say that this newspaper. >> they may have hurt themselves. >> this newspaper is so out of touch, all right, with the people that it purports to represent. that's why that pinhead
8:46 pm
wouldn't come on here. he knows he can't support his position in any way. i mean, if they were as noble as you are trying to make them out to be. this guy would be sitting here instead of you. you know what? we are sincere people. this is what we believe and why we believe it is he hiding under his desk. >> if we have time i will get to that in a second. >> we don't. we just have 30 seconds. >> i want to make it clear you do editorials if you are a newspaper based on what you believe, not based on whether your audience is going to like it. if i were advising that editor, i would have said if you promise me this is not going to be barney frank revisited, i would advise him go on with bill o'reilly, start out by saying we appreciate the other side's point of view. woe understand the other side's point of view. we have a different point of view and he laid out the argument in editorial. >> come on with him. i would even let you sit next to him. all right?
8:47 pm
so if he gets sweaty you can say this is what he real will he means. >> bernie goldberg is going to russia. watch out for putin over there. if you see a guy topless, you know, watch out. watters on deck. the memorial day edition. you might laugh. you also might cry. watters is next. americans... ... 83% try to eat healthy. yet up 90% fall short in getting key nutrients from food alone. let's do more. add one a day women's gummies. complete with key nutrients we may need... it supports bone health with calcium and vitamin d. one a day vitacraves gummies. trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief man, it's like pure power at your finger tips.
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back with the segment tonight. watters world. first big weekend of the summer, memorial day is here. many of us will be off on monday. we sent watters out to see if the folks know anything at all about the holiday.
8:51 pm
♪ >> do you know why we're all off on monday? >> memorial day. >> excellent. what does memorial day commemorate? >> oh, god. why did you pick me to do this? >> why do we celebrate memorial day? >> i'm not sure. >> to celebrate all of the people who have given up a lot for us and our freedom. >> correct. who did nerk defeat in the revolutionary war. >> is this a history quiz? you didn't tell me that. >> too late. >> french, right? >> russia. >> russia. >> germany? british, the british. >> actually, i'm english. >> sorry. >> who won the civil war? >> asia. >> the soviet union. >> i will say france again.
8:52 pm
>> germany? >> this is not good here. >> russia? japan? >> the north versus the south >> north america versus south america? >> who won the civil war? >> the civil war, that was us. it was europe, france and america. no. wrong. i am terrible at history. >> who won the civil war? >> the mother in. >> the north. >> >> the union, baby. >> i'm a civil war buff. >> i want to party with you, cow buoy. >> do you know what the civil war was about? kind of a big one. what was the civil war about? >> freedom. >> slavery. >> yes. >> do you know what the civil war was about? >> not right now, no. >> when will then be now? >> soon. >> who did america fight in world war ii.
8:53 pm
>> france. no. france was on our side. you said that, right? no. >> you really have a thing for the french, don't you? >> russia. >> china. >> the french. >> who did america fight in world war ii? the nazis? >> and who bombed us in pearl harbor? >> the japanese. >> very good. who did america fight in the vietnam war? >> korea. >> where did you come up with that? >> i have no idea where i came up with that. >> france? is it france? why are you laughing at me. >> what a spectacle. >> who did we fight in the vietnam war. >> vietnam. >> and we still didn't win. who did we fight in the cold war? >> spain. >> japan. >> america, we're always in a war. >> france, they always bring us into it.
8:54 pm
i don't know why. sweden. >> you mean switzerland. >> united states. >> who did the united states fight in the cold war. >> the french. >> if we would have fought the french it would have been easier. >> russia. >> do you know who fought in the cold war? >> us and the save some kolings. >> the cold war, do you know what that was about? >> freeing the slaves. >> do you know why it was called the cold war? >> because it was cold. [ laughter ] >> anything you want to tell o'riley? >> i'm a premium member. >> i'm watters and this is my world. >> you're who? >> figures the premium member would know everything. poor french. they got hammered. we recently did a watters world where he visited trump tower.
8:55 pm
after that i received a few e-mails asking if we're going to hillary clinton's. we'll have that for you with watters world on tuesday. factor tip of the day, how you can give back on memorial day. the tips moments away. if you've gone to extremes to escape your nasal allergies. try clarispray. new, from the makers of claritin. with the #1 prescribed ingredient. and nothing is more effective at relieving your sneezing, runny nose and nasal congestion. return to the world with clarispray.
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8:58 pm
shooting. dr. chris, your yofr simplification of the correlation can be dangerous. many feel that fewer police stops and shootings have a casual relationship. i hope they feel that way because the two two are a perfect example of cause and effect. fewer stops, more shootings. vancouver, canada, mr. o'riley you said that police shoot twice as many back people and white. the rate should be 6 to 1. but when you factor in the crime rate the shootings of blacks by cops is rather low. colonel david black burn, thanks for having the turj to ask the black lives matter issue. people are reluctant to address the subject because they'll be called righteousist. bill, i'm confused, your new book says it's written by david fisher. did i miss something? fair question. i am the executive producer of
8:59 pm
the tv series, legends and lies patriots. david fisher writes up the details in a vsh entertaining way and i edit. that's the collaboration. it's different than the killing series where martin and i are cowriters. thomas, houston, missouri, giving a free dvd of the movie "13 hours" pushed me to be become a bill o'reilly premium member. excellent to have you. this weekend we'll give everybody an opportunity to hear the no spin news, an audio newscast for pm's only. if you want to see miller and me live, denver, atlanta, biloxi, details on the website. factor tip of the day, if you want to do something nice for memorial day, help the massachusetts fallen heroes fund. raising money to honor american vets and help their family. big events in boston, fenway park and the harbor.
9:00 pm
check it out. mass fallen thhe i got to run. have a niceweekend. the spin stops here because we're looking out for you. breaking tonight, donald trump and yours truly, an exclusive right here. good evening. welcome to the kelly file. i'm megyn kelly. tonight an in-depth look as we bring you the rest of our interview with donald trump. he made up the rules as he went along. against all odds he is the last man standing. he took down 17 rivals and even went off certain members of the press, some of whom you know very well. how did he get here and how far can he go? we put those questions to fur of the most accomplished men in politics today. men who have their finger on the pulse of presidential politics and have for the last