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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 27, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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i think it will be a powerful moment. based on where i am standing i may not be able to see that, but we will be able to see that and it is something we are looking forward to here, patricia. >> live from hiroshima, japan, thank you so much and enjoy this historic event yourself today. >> and unfortunately we are told we will not be able to receive this speech at the
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marine air force base live. we apologize for that. we will be getting to the memorial address though at approximately 4:40 eastern time this morning. we will be able to see those ceremonies live. we hope to bring that to you. let's go ahead and get you to "red eye". >> and he was born in canada. >> thank you for having me, tom. >> gavin, you know you don't talk during your introductions. >> happy to be here. >> sitting next to me is the host of the gavin mcginnis show. let's start the show. >> bernie sanders is catching up in california. he is virtually tied with hillary clinton ahead of next month's critical primary. clinton is expected to secure the nomination that night even before the polls close because
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of her commanding lead in what is called super delegates. but wait a second. could some of those super delegates switch sides? sanders retweeted a link to a new song called super delegates and by a band called the 99%. see if you can tell what the message is. ?oit -- ♪ we'll find a way to change your mind ♪ ♪ sire delegate >> that song is growing on me. >> it is getting better. >> sanders retweeted the link and already the song is sweeping the nation. >> that's the way, the way it goes. >> will this world wither and die?
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will we find a way to survive? >> change your mind ♪ >> you're a fool. >> you can't be bought ♪ >> they call it the super delegate challenge. that's exciting, isn't it? gaff? >> yes. dash. -- dash. >> what do you think of sanders? that's huge. >> they invented a new type of music. it is sexy country jazz. >> it is. what is that? >> it is like dr. hook or something. >> it is sexy insult country jazz. the you're a tool line is to me the heart of that. >> it makes you -- it makes you as a man you want to wear like black socks and a t-shirt and nothing else and be prancing around your living
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room. >> that's why it is sweeping the nation. you have seen the video. >> it makes men sexy again. so often women monopolized being sexy to music and it is a great example of how we can be seductive in just a t-shirt and black socks. >> it is a silly song, but it is good about reminding people about the system. the system they will change. this super delegate thing is kind of corruption, isn't it? not technically, but it is. >> anything that brings donald trump and bernie sanders together is clearly an instrument of the devil and it should be regarded with suspicion. you can see trump out there and saying that bernie, he is getting a rough deal and it is essentially
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this song. >> what do you think if he does win california obviously hillary will still win, but it will generate the sense that she doesn't deserve the win. >> i always want more of hillary being gently infuriated by people not giving her that which she perceives to be her due. i am up for that. if california can give me that i will forgive california. >> we are talking about california. >> when does this happen? it is all of a sudden like a hot state. >> i want to say tha you for having me on. it is great to be with the a-team here. gavin, good to see you jie. it is quite a crew. >> i don't know the california primary. that song is terrible. it is literally the wore -- the worst song. it is the worst song ever. >> what about "we built this city on rock and roll." >> second. >> i like the harmony in
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that. >> but joanne, they are probably like a fish-type band. they are a jam band and probably into bernie and hanging out. maybe you have to be a little stoned. >> imagine that concert. >> i didn't hate it though. a lot of people have been reporting this is the worst song ever which obviously means there is subliminal messages that i think it is inconstantly good super delegate, there is not a lot that rhymes with it. you try to feaux rhyme words. it has too many sill labelles. >> it is the word super delegate that is not -- it shows you that there are some delegates that are more important than others right there in the name, right? >> it is a give away. >> i like things that are super though. it sounds good.
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>> there is a way to make it seductive. >> keep your tongue in your mouth. >> gavin, will the democrats change their system and make it more democratic, which it isn't now? >> this is a fox news alert. i'm patricia stark. president obama is making history this morning uh rieferg in hiroshima, japan. he is the first u.s. sitting president to visit the site of the first atomic bombing conducted in -- during world war ii. he is addressing the marine corp air station in hero -- huh hiroshima. let's listen in. >> we see the strength of our alliance on display right here. this base is a powerful example of the trust and the cooperation and the friendship between the united states and japan. american marines working side by side with japanese self-defense forces to protect
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the peace and engage with our partners throughout the region and assist with humanitarian aid and disaster relief. you have responded to flooding in the philippines and tie -- thailand and devastating cyclones in bangladesh president you played a part in the relief efforts in the earthquake and tsunami. together you have saved countless lives across the region and we could not be prouder of that. your service is rooted in the shared values of today's japan and today's united states. the values of freedom and the values of democracy and the value of human rights and the value of rule of law. our alliance is not just essential to our two countries, but a sense of stability and a foundation for prosperity in this region and around the
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world. you are the foundation for the walt of life. i want to close with a story that captures the essence of our alliance. you are out here i know. there she is. captain snow is an osprey pilot, and in the aftermath of the kumamoto earthquakes last month, she and her squadron flew missions to bring humanitarian aid and supplies to those in need. one jap meet family was so -- japanese family was so worried about their house collapsing that they spent seferlg -- several nights outside. thanks to your efforts that family and so many others received food, supplies and what they needed. now this family is expecting a baby girl in june. when they heard tessa was the one who
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flew the mission to help them. they decided to name their daughter tessa. they want their daughter to grow up with the same qualities that tessa has, honor, courage, commitment and a willingness to help others. aren't those the core values of the marine corp? qualities that for generations defined our men and women in the uniform. the qualitieses that represent the best of our two nations. because of your service and our shared commitment to freedom, this region will prosper and we will continue to spread hope wherever we travel. i am very proud of you. i am very grateful to our japanese hosts. i couldn't be prouder of the men and women of the u.s. armed forces. god bless all of you. god bless your families.
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god bless the united states of america. thank you very much, everybody. [applause]. >> you've been listening to president obama speaking at the marine air corp air station in hiroshima. he is making history being the first sitting president to visit the site of the first ever atomic bombing conducted by the u.s. in world war ii. in a wreath laying ceremony an arch money you -- arch money you meant -- monument he will pay tribute to those who died on august 6th, 1945. a second atomic bomb three days later killed 70,000 more. after the wreath laying ceremony president obama and japan's prime minister will talk to survivors who have been invited to the event. we will take you back live to hero she ma -- hiroshima for the wreath laying about 4:40 eastern.
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>> if you are enthusiastic about something you get to the truth. as long as there is passion and people are looking it up, you will get to the truth and the truth is trump. >> what do you think of this idea about the debate? i think it would be great if they debated. >> definitely. it is like pack yow and merry weather -- pacquiao and merrywethether. neither of them have much neck. >> why dis president -- why does president hillary come on fox news and debate. what is she afraid of? >> she has everything to be afraid of because she would look foolish. she would recognize the fact that she cannot win her own game m she is not even winning her own game. i do thepg -- i do theng a debate between bernie and
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trump and sander supporters when they realize our candidate is not getting the nomination could well vote for trump. this would be a win for trump in every aspect of the debate. >> that's what he is looking for i think that's inflated. last night we played a clip of trump and revealed his new slogan. >> i want to set records with women and not with men. the hell with the men! >> the hell with the men. he believes that so strongly it is now his campaign slogan. the hell with the men. we asked you to come up what -- up with other slogans. trump 2016, bronze, clothed and testy. that is an anti-trump but i like the slogan. the truth can always be negotiated. i think she is anti-trump too, but that is actually pro-trump if you look at.
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it and we shall over comb. i think trump would even like that one. thank you to those who participated. moving on. the h in hillary's logo also stands for hunk. two shirtless dudes show up to learn more about the candidate. they pled to hillary to let them stay. one said they are making us leave because we don't have shirts on. guys, you know the rules. no shirt, no shoes, no being able to hear corrupt politicians speak. hillary took it in stride. >> i have to admit i am a little distracted looking at them. so i will look this way -- >> sexy. >> the speech went on and judging by the men's nipples they enjoyed it. later they even got to meet
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her. >> that was dignified and very presidential. what do you think, joanne? >> i think they have made a great career out of going to different rallies. they have been to trump's cruz's rubios. they literally have been trying to go around and doing outrageous things. hillary, good for her. they made it exciting. they added excitement for her. what they should have done is said you know what, i am giving them an i'm with her shirt for free. >> she could have stopped and had them removed, but i think she made a wise decision. >> nothing gets me hot and
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bothered like democratic campaign stops. i actually threw my bra at elizabeth warren. >> bill clinton is telling them to take their top off. >> do you remember when a woman flashed -- she wanted bill to sign so pulled up her shirt? do you remember that? >> no, but it is a classic example why women shouldn't. . >> what about the guys? >> when you see black people not supporting them even though they are not paragans of injustice, you don't like it. it is not pallettable not to see blacks supporting the black victim. even if she was totally none corrupt i would still just --
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it gives me a bad taste in my mouth. >> a man enthusiastic about hillary for president, it is so true. >> katherine, what is your theory m when i see a guy who says he is for hillary or bernie. he seems a little soft. >> the question is snot diswren deer pacific -- the question is not gender pacific. i don't see gender. >> did you president he look like the guy who is loading the dishwasher? >> can you wrap it up for me? >> really? we are doing that right now? okay, hillary will give them shirts and they have to wear them or they will go to jail. >> i think that's it.
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>> coming up, is there anyway to stop frats stop partying? hint, absolutely not. >> toe go! toe go e toe go e. >> i love "revenge of the nerds." the original and not the second one. >> it is the battle to the death in nyc. details atom shillue -- at tom
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this is a fox news alert and i am patricia stark in new york. moments ago president obama made history as the first sitting president to visit hiroshima.
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in about an hour the president will attend a wreath laying ceremony to killed those by the atomic bomb that devastated hiroshima sift years ago. the president and japan's prime minister are expected to talk to some survivors who have been invited to the event. before the event the white house made it clear the president is to the there to apologize, but rather to remind the world of the terrible toll of world war ii. the state department says there are 65 to 85 guests on hand for this ceremony. in other muse donald trump reaching the number needed for the nomination. trump has 1,239, two more than he needed. trump will likely get more on june 7th when the final six states hold primary elections. trump is facing challengeds and working on unifying republican party and earn the
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endorsement of house speaker paul ryan. >> at least two tornadoes touched down in texas. one hit a prison northwest of houston. severe weather flooded roads and spawned one other twister. meanwhile tornadoes striking kansas for a second straight day and fortunately no reports of injuries there either. i'm patricia stark and now let's get you back to "red eye." for all of your headlines go to fox are you watching the most powerful name in news. fox newschannel. >> i was over at the daily caller this morning researching a story on seven bikini mishaps that have to be seen to be believed. and another story caught my eye. a new study in the american psychological association says
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trying to curb campus drinking among greek organization does little to no good. the mega study looked at 21 initter vengeses. interventions that the researchers said show limb assisted efficacy in reducing con consumption and problems among fro interpret tee and sororityies. additional research is needed to drm the best approach. how about no more interventions and no maury search -- no more research. your study shows nothing has worked and nothing will aside from dismantling greek life altogether. the daily caller knows -- describes the campus greek organization as success pools of death and disseminating content, and property damage.
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i think somebody who was not invited to a frat party is holding a grudge. study, study, study, gavin. don't we have enough of these? >> you could not be more right. it is so profound of what it is is sabotage. as one of those guys we never really thought about ourselves. we were plugging along and doing our thing and somebody said you're evil and you're evil. then i'm going to take a look for a second and then we start to go i'm border line gay for white males a the this point. i said we're awesome. these frats are amazing. the stuff we invent is incredible. i never looked at us before you said we were evil and now that i look at it, we rule. >> maybe the study is a good thing.
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guys, i was never in a frat, but i feel like i could have been. >> i could have been too. i find no value in the greek life thing. it is all bro-y. >> what is wrong with bros? >> i hope i don't have a boy so it is not in the greek life. >> it paints n a unflattering peck tour because it is all about drinking culture, and isn't that right? ladies? >> it is not the drinking. you can find that with the guy who lives by himself. you don't need a fraternity to binge drink. it is the hazing mixed with booze. sometimes i think hazing isn't that bad. really. some schools classify having
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underclassmen be designated drivers for those who are drinking. that's hazing. no, that's being a big brother or sister. the more dangerous ones where you have to do this many shots in an hour. >> isn't hazing you put a spoon in your mouthy to walk a ? >> when i was a kid if you farted and didn't say -- >> oh my gosh, where -- >> i think the problem is the booze. the reason frats are possible is it is hard for 18-year-olds m so once again we learn
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shocking lesson of the day, prohibition does n work. >> if you are active frat, are you anti-american. >> what about the cause and affect angle. maybe frats uh tract people who want to live a life of drinking. >> what are these intar vengeses? >> they remind them if you get really drunk you may do stupid stuff. >> people are more inclined to join a frat if they love drinking. people die in frats. >> like two. have you ever seen animal house? it is our constitution. the founding father has theirs. it is america as it should be and it is a wonderful film. >> before we go to a break, name five breakfast cereals.
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>> you have to name five in seconds. >> you can't name five. >> it is half time. see if you can notice anything different about andy tonight and don't forget "red eye" pod cast is back. sob scrim on fog newt -- fox
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welcome back. cheerios, captain crunch,
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crack lynn o's and oat bran. time to find out what we got wrong. >> oat bran? >> camille foster is at the "red eye" news desk. >> i am having trouble keeping everything organized. i don't have -- i didn't having a success to andy's abbicus. i will try not to screw this up badly. we start of on with bernie's song which was a free song. all of the complaining does president -- doesn't seem fair. they gave it to us so they can enjoy it. it is empirical and it has been played 96 million times on the internet alone and almost certainly more than that in real life. it is terrible and it is awful and it is deplorable. greg -- >> how is time square?
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>> it is a projection on the screen. that is quite obvious because you are wrong. you suggested this is the worst songs of all time. would you not agree? >> i do like rebecca on friday. >> you like that song? >> it is a good tune. >> not much hope for you. >> brutal. >> you talked about sexy, country, jazz, black shocks and t-shirts. there is a lot going on there. why are you enthusiastic about this owfl, owfl song. >> i think men can be xexy again. in the 70s they would wear short shirts. remember burt reynolds was in "play girl"? we westbound attractive again. >> you are sexy. >> i am sexy? >> that is true.
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you have a smooth fitting blazer. >> i appreciate that. i almost want to only talk to you. >> this is the whole half time. >> i am trying to do a good job. >> you are one of my favorite people. you suggest this coping involve a lot of insults dosh -- this song involves a lot of insults. >> i worried for the target of the -- >> i feel fine. insulting them was by me. was that the best and most persuasive approach the songwriter could have done. >> i am not entirely sure. you also had issues with the super delegates. i think you said it is not fair and undemocratic. >> it seems that way. do you think it will help a
12:36 am
third party run. >> i i am not so sure the animosity ought to be good for third party candidates and it is good for america. what will we do with all of those other things like in the pesky supreme court. he knows. >> you are right. >> it is the checks and balances. >> we should be care. >> are you going to tell them you don't live in a -- >> if you can keep it? >> you can't rhyme anything with super delegate. >> they did regret which is an almost crime. >> you can have phrases. you can do magelenhits. there seems to be a ticking point to hold down the for the
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here in his absence. the trump-sanders debate, the debate that may not happen you said there were 57 debates and actually 500,000 debates. they are not over. they are still going on. >> i blacked out so i probably missed some. i will avoid watching those. >> they should. they should. we would all benefit from that. is there anyone that would not want to see this debate? >> hillary clinton. there is one person. >> all more reason to see it then. >> and she should get the money. >> donald suggested it would go there. i may have screwed something up in the transcript here gavin, but i recall you saying trump ander about knee are
12:38 am
populous and hostile to immigrant labor. trump is not uniquely dishonest, but appears to be uniquely devoted to lying. that seems like a real change. what happened? >> i took lsd before the show. repeat what i said back and it sounds foreign to me. i don't believing -- i don't believe that. >> it connected you to the truth. >> you lick -- you libertarians are going to sink america. every vote not for trump is a vote for hillary. come over to the dark side. we need you. get on the death star, storm troopers. the distracted by topless people at a rally thing, isn't that a sign of deficient leadership? i would imagine that when you get 2:00 a.m. phone call she
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was clearly lying. >> he was not remotely attractive to the young men. >> i think she handled it well. she has a big distraction and people upset rallies all the time. i think it was net positive. there has not been a great deal of enthusiasm. >> wee have seen footage of her cheerleaders trying to get people to clap along and they just don't. this is con constant excitement and finally hillary made the spotlight. >> you follow the news closely, do you suspect we will see more pop -- toplessness.
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>> my question is what if we have the genders and parties reversed. we will have reached and said something so unbelievably awful. i love women. >> that's all i got. >> that's all you got? usually at the end andy says i'm done. he doesn't mean it because he wants to go often high says i am done with a little resentment. we will be right back and we will make a believer out of all of you.
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live from mark's news headquarters i'm patricia stark. president obama visits the historic and helicoptered grounds of hiroshima. it is the last stop on mr. obama's landmark journey to asia this week becoming first iting -- sitting american president to visit the birthplace of the nuclear age. u.s. forces dropped the atomic bomb seven decades ago. his first stop in hiroshima was the air station. >> is as president i made sure the united states is leading again in the asia pacific m. this region is vital to our shared security and pros spear tee. >> his next stop is the peace
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memorial park where he will lay a wreath at the dome structure to honor those who died in the blast. the white house is making it clear that president obama is not there to uh poll gids, but to remind everyone the terrible toll of world war ii. >> and g7 leaders wrapped up their annual summit with a pledge to tackle major risks to the global growth. it includes threats 23r the terrorist attacks and violent extremism. a commitment to stimulate the sluggish economies by creating jobs and beefing up confidence during the uncertain times. they endorsed plans pour airport security. severe weather is battling the nation's midsection p flooding is widespread this morning. tornado warnings have also been popping up across kansas with several reports of
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twisters in the northeast part of the state. so far no word of injuries or death. i'm patricia stark and now back to "red eye." for more news go to fox fox >> the only thing justin bieber hates more than his fans are fan gifts. the pop star was caught on video cruelly tossing a present out his car window. the item? an argentine flag was from a 15-year-old girl who waited for hours. as bieber's car was leaving she threw it into an open window. she said i apologize a thousand times. he grabbed it and looked at me and threw it out to the pavement and shut the window. bieber has yet to address this insurance -- incident. gavin, i know you are huge bieber fan. he is busy and he has a lot of
12:47 am
fans. >> it was a major disaster. we need an apology from him. not only that, he should take a coat hangar and put it there until it is red-hot and burn his forearm. >> that would get a lot of hits. you can see a u-shaped wound. >> he is justin bieber. he is swamped 24/7. >> shame on you for having your window down if you want to avoid your fans which he is -anymore and he is not taking selfies with the fans. if you are pulling out and you want to avoid seeing your fans don't have your window down. >> that's a very practical
12:48 am
approach. >> call me crazy. >> katherine, was he asking for it. >> i don't care. >> wait a minute. you don't want to do this story? >> no. i want him to apologize for me having this segment and the entire store of avita. >> crng he may be good at it. we are forgetting that no one rolled out the red carpet for this guy. he sang hits way into the hearts of america even though he is from canada via youtube. >> and a flag from argentina is not a great gift. i would rear be gifted socks. >> thank you. i disspies justin bieber. i don't see the appeal. he is a rambunctious rebel. i heard he was banned from performing in an general tina.
12:49 am
wondering if he can be banned from performing in the u.s. >> he it is as if the economic activity. he is 3u9ing gals in the seat. >> 21 years old and he is worshiped by millions of women. he has endless cash. if i was that age there would be a dead prostitute rolled up in the hotel room. >> this is one more reason we shouldn't let the immigrants come and work here. >> when the fans give celebrities i made this for you. >> like they should be happy he didn't use it for toilet paper. >> what does he have a shrine? >> they make cake covered in bacon. >> that would be amazing. >> don't go anywhere. robots are next and cookies.
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we will close things out with a bedtime story.
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would you let a robot
12:54 am
enter your home? what if it was carrying cookies? a computer science student at harvard tested what happens when a small robot asked to be let into a building. >> hello. will you let me in? >> no. >> why not? >> that girl is the new role model. >> most people, 80%, were just like that woman, no robots allowed. when the robot showed up with cookies most humans happily opened the door. watch. >> hello. would you let me in. >> cookies!
12:55 am
>> he is laughing because the box contains fig newtons which everybody knows they are not cookies. >> they are fruit and cake. on the label they call themselves cookie, but i don't think they are. >> i feel leak it is accurate m i am never eating a fig newton again. >> you say that makes sense. that's terrible m. >> about this robot. i think this makes sense. >> free market capitalism. when they saw the robot there, invading someone's property. somebody is out there trying to make money and hustling. i don't want to impede the market and that is what is so great about america we love jobs and that's why donald will be president. >> greg, what do you think of the cookie robot? >> these are harvard
12:56 am
students. if they see a robot with the cookies they are not getting in the dorm. do you think it would work in the not so smart areas, what do you ?ing? jay i don't know. theetts kids at hunter college -- >> you went after hunter in a big way. >> i got your number. >> and they are coming after you. >> they watch us in the student union at 3:00 in the morning. >> have you ever brought cookies to a job interview? >> no, but i should that is a great idea. they brought my robe. really robots are a minority, are they not? there are not many of them. we need to embrace them and treat them well. we should be trusting -- essentially they say you hospital trust robots but i think it is awful. when did we become such an awful society. >> 10 seconds, katherine do
12:57 am
you trust robots? >> i do. this happens in my house. i have a rumba. it said can i come in and clean your carpets? yes. >> it works. good night, everyone.
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345 days after announcing that he was running for president of the united states, businessman and real estate mogul turned reality tv star turned politician donald trump has officially clinched the republican party's nomination. getting the delegates needed today, to go over the top. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, it's a day almost no one saw coming. donald trump has secured enough support from unbound delegates to win the republican presidential nomination on the first ballot. at the gop convention in cleveland. no pundit thought he would get


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