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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  May 27, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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345 days after announcing that he was running for president of the united states, businessman and real estate mogul turned reality tv star turned politician donald trump has officially clinched the republican party's nomination. getting the delegates needed today, to go over the top. this is "special report." good evening, welcome to washington, i'm bret baier, it's a day almost no one saw coming. donald trump has secured enough support from unbound delegates to win the republican presidential nomination on the first ballot. at the gop convention in cleveland. no pundit thought he would get
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in the race at first. his 16 opponents didn't take him seriously until it was too late. people thought his comments along the way, would surely end his run. and now, donald trump prepares for the general election as the republican nominee. likely pitted against democrat hillary clinton. today a small group of unbound gop delegates committed and put the exclamation point on an american political story unlike any other seen in decades. chief political correspondent carl cameron is at a trump rally going on now in billings, montana with the story. >> donald trump flanked by north dakota delegate who is pushed him past the 1237 needed for the nomination declared victory in a soft voice. >> north dakota made a big statement and i just really appreciate it. we will not forget it. >> the calm tone came in the wake of president obama's attacks on trump while in japan saying foreign leaders are rattled by trump who characteristically turned the
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criticism into a compliment. >> when you rattle someone, that's good, because many of the world as you know, many of the countries in our world, beautiful world, had been absolutely abusing us, and taken advantage of us. if they're rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing, john, not a bad thing. >> trump seizing on the state department's inspector general's report on clinton's use of an unsecured private email server, suggests she has bad judgment through a lifetime of brinksmanship. >> it's devastating, the report. there's no reason for it. it's just skirting on the edge all the time. and you look back at history and this is the history. >> trump through a curve at clinton by offering to debate bernie sanders. >> i said i would love to debate him, but i want a lot of money to be put up for charity. >> the senator taunted trump. >> i think it's important that somebody hold him to task. for his outrageously bigoted
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remarks against mexicans and latinos. against muslims, against women, against veterans, against african-americans and tell him to his face, that the strength of our country is our diversity. >> would you still want to ban all foreign muslims from the united states on a temporary basis? >> trump today conspicuously refused to say if he would follow through on his proposed ban on muslims entering the u.s. and addressed an energy summit in north dakota outlining his strategy to become independent. >> every dollar of energy we don't explore here is a dollar of energy that makes someone else rich and really rich in some cases. >> trump's team continues to evolve. after six weeks he's fired political director rick wiley who had clashed with others on the team. trump was disappointed the fundraising deal that wiley negotiated with the republican party. >> he'll head back to california
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tomorrow. bret? >> carl cameron in billings, montana thank you. president obama continues to inch his way into the november election campaign tonight invoking his fellow world leaders as you heard, what the president called their wariness of donald trump it came as president obama continues his far east tour. correspondent kevin corke is traveling with the president and reports from japan and a beautiful backdrop. >> the president is not running for re-election, but that certainly hasn't stopped him from weighing in on the presidential campaign. talking a great deal about it. almost as if he's chomping at the bit to get in there and run against the opponent on the gop side. and for his legacy. here on the sidelines at the g7 summit. the president was talking about the gop nominee donald trump. said he's shown an ignorant attitude toward world affairs saying international leaders have been surprised by the billionaire's political rise, but not in a good way.
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>> they are not sure how seriously to take some of his pronouncements. but they're rattled by it. and for good reason. because a lot of the proposals that he's made display either ignorance of world affairs, or a cavalier attitude. >> the president's comments coming as he enjoys his highest job approval numbers since his second inauguration, 51% of registered voters according to a latest wall street survey approve. same can't be said of hillary clinton who was strongly criticized for violating state department rules in a scathing inspector general report detailing her decision to use a private home email server during her time in the administration. the president was asked about that today as well. >> you know what i take it back.
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we're in japan, don't we have something in asia we want to talk about? i've already said a lot about that, those issues, i think those are better directed to the campaign. >> all this is playing out against the backdrop of the g7 summit where security cooperation continues to garner much of the talk and this is ahead of the president's much-anticipated visit to hiroshima. bret? >> kevin corke live in japan thanks. the clinton campaign is in full damage control mode tonight. the candidate herself is finally coming out to respond and frankly spin the state department inspector general's report into something more of a slap on the wrist. instead of a knockout punch with an fbi investigation still pending. senior political correspondent mike emanuel is with the clinton team in san jose, california tonight. >> it took hillary clinton more than 24 hours to respond to the state department's internal watchdog report that was critical of her use of a private
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email server. >> it was allowed and the rules have been clarified since i left about the practice. having said that i have said many times it was a mistake. and if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> reporters had tried asking her about the report but she ignored the question. >> she initially left those questions for her press secretary to handle. >> hillary clinton has answered a lot of questions about it. there's no new information that came to light in this report. the use of personal email by officials at the state department was allowed. >> instead, clinton is trying to fire up union support saying this is a make-or-break election. >> to everyone who has faith, a hostile management, a hostile legislature, a union-busting governor or all three, help is on the way. >> the latest poll of public
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policy from california. clinton's lead in the golden state has evaporated. she was up seven percentage points over sanders in march. now it's clinton 46, sanders 44. sanders appears to be feeling it. >> on june 7th, let this great state tell the world. you are prepared to go forward with a political revolution. >> sanders has come out strongly in favor of california's adult use of marijuana initiative. >> i personally believe that legalizing marijuana is the right thing to do. >> now the clinton campaign is being forced to advertise in california. it's expected to be a six-figure ad buy starting tomorrow in response to sanders spinning $1.5 million to drive home his message. >> you have the power to choose a new direction for the democratic party. >> the clinton team is downplaying the need for her to
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win california. noting she should have enough delegates after new jersey's prime. but they don't want sanders with the one with momentum heading into the convention. >> thank you naxt inspector general's report may have turned the clinton email scandal into a full-blown political crisis for clinton. what is next? chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge has the latest from clinton tonight. >> my email use was widely known. in the department throughout the government. and i have provided all of my work-related emails. >> for a second day, the clinton campaign was on the defensive after the 83-page inspector general's report illustrated deep conflicts between her public claims and its investigative findings. pressed on the discrepancies, the department spokesman suggested clintoned a her team were not up front. >> there was only a partial
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understanding of how much secretary clinton relied on personal email. >> clinton insisted her personal email practices were in sync with her predecessors. >> this report makes clear that personal email use was the practice for other secretaries of state. but it was still a mistake. and as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> but the report found no other secretary of state had a personal server. colin powell used his personal email to contact people outside the office. and he worked with the state department to secure his account. condoleezza rice and madeleine albright did not use government email for personal business. clinton suggested her marathon congressional testimony about the benghazi terrorist attack had covered it. >> i have talked about this for many, many months. i testified for 11 hours before the committee, the benghazi committee. >> during the 2015 testimony, her emails were not the primary
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focus. and the inspector general found despite public assurances, they want to be open, clinton and her aides refused to cooperate. quote in addition to secretary clinton, eight former department employees, declined oig request for interviews. the 1978 inspector general act shows there was a requirement to help and not even the secretary is exempt. separately the fbi investigation is zeroing in on clinton's email practices and possible violation of public corruption laws. asked whether an interview has been scheduled -- >> no, it's not. but i have offered since last august and i am looking forward to seeing this matter wrapped up. >> even with the final primaries looming, the fbi director recently told reporters there's no external deadline and no special rules for anyone under fbi investigation. bret? >> catherine, thank you. the house has voted down a routine energy spending bill over a dispute concerning gay rights. democrats added an amendment to the measure regarding how federal contractors deal with
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lgbt people that led many in the gop to oppose it. many democrats did not like the bill over a provision they say defends north carolina's law requiring people to use the rest room that confirms with their biology, no the their sexual identity. the dow dropped today, 23, the s&p 500 was down a fraction, the nasdaq grew 7. up next, some members of the navy say under president obama, the service is not ready to go to war. we'll explain. first, here's what some fox affiliates around the country are covering tonight. fox 7 in austin, texas. the president of baylor university is demoted and the football coach fired over the school's handling of sexual assault allegations against players. ken starr, the former monica lewinsky investigator will remain as chancellor. coach art briles was faulted for running his own investigations into those allegations. fox 32 in chicago, protesters demanding a minimum wage hike
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demonstrate outside mcdonald's corporate headquarters, they want $15 an hour. mcdonald's says it raised pay to $1 above local minimum wage at company-owned stores last year. a live look at los angeles from our affiliate there, fox 11, the pier, one of the big stories there tonight, a software problem results in the groundstop for all flights at l.a.x. this morning. the glitch occurred at the faa's approach control in san diego. the agency says the problem was quickly fixed. but there were residual delays. it doesn't help on a business sis weekend. tonight's live look from the beltway from special report. i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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new satellite imagery obtain by fox news shows a chinese drone on a contested island in the south china sea for the first time. the photos also show movement of surface-to-air missiles on the island making them more difficult to target. it comes as navy captains testify on capitol hill they don't have enough ships and submarines to meet the growing chinese threat. the navy is just the latest service branch to complain about a deterioration in muscle and
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morale. under president obama in the military. correspondent rich edson has the story from the pentagon. >> on capitol hill, u.s. navy captains testified about going to war, as the government cuts defense spending. >> there's no chance -- >> those are days that we will never recover. >> our deployments have gotten longer. >> president obama's defense budget request says it insures the u.s. military can protect the homeland, fight terrorism, project power and win decisively against any adversary. these officers say they're scavenging for parts. >> normandy is in operational phase, but i have 13 parts cannibalized from my ship to support the current strike group getting ready for deployment. >> these navy officers note growing aggressiveness from china, raesh, north korea. iran and international terrorist organizations, they join those in the marines and air force who have reported similar issues to fox news, saying they're short
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the number of operational aircraft to train. >> they have to ask for parts, quit taking my jets. >> there's a price to be paid for budget gridlock, particularly with the department of defense, we have, there have been warnings for some time, readiness and training would be one of the things to suffer through the course of skrest ration. >> the united states has reduced expected military spending by about a trillion dollars. over a decade. democrats say they would agree to more military spending if republicans increase spending on infrastructure, education and research. they point out that the u.s. military spends as much as the next several nations on defense. republicans argue the u.s. has far more military responsibilities than other nations, amid growing and unexpected challenges. the pentagon maintains the pentagon can do its job and and is satisfied that the united states can deter adversaries.
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rich, thank you. a pair of navy war planes collided off the coast of north carolina today. four crew members ejected and were plucked out of the ocean by a commercial fishing ship. the coast guard said they suffered minor injuries but are in high spirits. they were on a routine training mission. president obama will be walking an incredible fine political and historical line in just a few hours, he will become the first sitting u.s. leader to go to hiroshima site of the world's first war-time use of an atomic bomb. skeptical observers will be listening for anything that even approaches an apology. correspondent doug mckelway looks at what's on the line for president obama. >> as world war ii grows more distant. contemporaries increasingly ascribe to the theory that the atom bombs were unnecessary.
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one that the president's visit to hiroshima may enforce. he was asked if he will apologize. >> no, because i think it's important to recognize that in the midst of war leaders make all kinds of decisions. >> but the president's mere appearance at hiroshima bothers some. >> he's the first american president to go to hiroshima. that is sending to me a signal of apologizing for america. we have nothing to apologize. >> long before pearl harbor, japanese soldiers had demonstrated a penchant for barbarity. in her book, "the rape of nanking" the author describes how the invasion of china, chinese troochin japanese troops raped and massacred thousands. under the book of the way of warrior, it was disgraceful to surrender, the highest honor lay in death. it was a code not practiced by a
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few as in the jihadis of today, but by virtually an entire nation. >> people tend to forget there were people killed by the japanese empire between 1931 and 1945. that was not lost on the decision-makers of the time. >> as allied forces advance across the pacific closer to japan, the suicidal spirit among the japanese soldiers increased, culminating in the battle of okinawa. 12,000 americans died there. more than 50,000 were wounded. sailors desperately fought kamikazes from the sky, while soldiers rooted out suicide defenders from fortifications, amid a landscape of bloated bodies and mud. it was a small taste of what might lie ahead. >> the fanaticism was incredible. which led the u.s. leadership to estimate that if in fact an invasion of mainland japan would be required, there would be over a million u.s. casualties.
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>> this is a letter that president truman wrote to a newspaper columnist in 1963, long after the war ended. he wrote quote i knew what i was doing when i stopped the war that would have killed a half million youngsters on both sides if those bombs had not been dropped. i had no regrets and under the same circumstances i would do it again. and this letter is not confidential. the destructiveness of the a-bomb paled in comparison to the conventional incendiary attacks on upwards of 60 japanese cities, one such attack on tokyo in march of 1945 leveled ten square miles of that city. an area roughly two-thirds of size of manhattan. it killed 100,000 people. roughly twice the toll of the nagasaki a-bomb attack. bret, back to you. >> doug mckelway live in arlington, thanks. soldiers are placing nearly a quarter million u.s. flags near doug at arlington national cemetery as part of a memorial
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day tradition. today's event is known as flags in members of the third u.s. infantry regiment are putting the small flags in front of more than 230,000 grave markers. when we come back, a documentary on gun violence under fire. willful deception or just sloppiness?
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the makers of a new documentary on gun control are dealing with fallout over what a appears to be a deliberate attempt to make gun rights activists look bad or confused or even stupid. but anchor katie couric is standing by it. fox news media analyst and host of fox news's media buzz, howard kurtz show us what the fuss is about. >> katie couric is venturing into the gun control controversy with with a documentary called "under the gun." >> i wanted to understand the psyche of gun owners in this
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country and what they were afraid of. >> the epics network shows couric interviewing a gulp. >> if there were no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> but that sequence with its eight seconds of silence was edited in a misleading way. here's what's actually happened. >> how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking in a licensed gun deal aernd purchasing a gun? >> well one, if you're not in jail, you should still have your basic rights. >> and the conversation quickly continued. >> the fact is we do have statutes, both at the federal and state level. >> virginia league president phillip vancleave who was at the taping said he was shocked. >> the problem was it made our members look like they were
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idiots. like they couldn't answer a basic straightforward question. their eyes were diverted in the video, they were looking down. almost looking ashamed. >> the director who said the gun owners are being duped said my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question. i never intended to make anyone look bad and i apologize if anyone felt that way. couric, the executive producer backs her director and says she's very proud of the film. but van cleave remains angry. >> katie couric does indeed owe us an apology for what she did. it's the least she could do. >> a source familiar with cou c couric's role said she questioned the edited silence but deferred to the editor's judgment. >> thank you. venezuela is reaching a breaking point. economic chaos, the breakdown of basic services such as health care and food and the effort to remove a deeply unpopular president there have resulted in
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violence in the streets. correspondent steve her gaarrig tells us what's behind the situation. >> along the national highway in southern venezuela, passenger cars pull in front of a truck carrying rice and looting begins. middle-aged venezuelans, men, women with families stop their cars to join in and grab what they can. national guard forces nearby do little to stop it. in this exclusive video obtained by fox business, a man can be heard saying people are hungry and the last resort for them is to steal rice. overall, the economy and the nation with the world's largest oil reserves is cratering, in part due to socialist price controls. inflation is running at over 500%. the highest in the world. lines at grocery stores begin before dawn. people get in them even though they don't know what is available. this man waited for five hours
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and was allowed to buy two jars of mayonnaise. >> translator: this thursday i couldn't buy even this. even this. because there was no food to buy. in my house, i don't have anything. >> production is coming to a halt. due to inability to get basic items, spending days waiting in the summer heat. venezuelans are furious with their government. protests against president nicholas maduro are a daily occurrence, but efforts to have new elections have been slowed by the court. international concern continues to grow that the shortages could spark violent unrest. venezuela's president, a former bus driver, blames the u.s. for his country's economic troubles and warns of a coming u.s. invasion. >> steve harrigan in miami. we'll monitor this. donald trump now has enough delegates to put him over the top on the first ballot in cleveland. but what will his campaign look
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like once the development today? the all-star panel is next.
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they would say his visit is even an apology but supporters and
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many americans say this is ground breaking and it is a new era in diplomacy and the effort in finding world peace. >> at the same time there is so much concern in this specific ire yaw right now alone. you have aggression in the south china sea, you have north korean's nuclear weapons and ukraine and syria. that all had to be remembered as he was giving his comments there. that's why a lot of people were wait to go hear and make sure he didn't offer an apology. >> he's looking for alliances and friendships wanting to replace the battlefield with bonds of commerce and democracy something that has been going on around the world and ultimately eliminate the existence of nuclear weapons. >> one of the things he wrote in the guest book we were just handed this, we have known the agony of war, let us now find the