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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 27, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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many americans say this is ground breaking and it is a new era in diplomacy and the effort in finding world peace. >> at the same time there is so much concern in this specific ire yaw right now alone. you have aggression in the south china sea, you have north korean's nuclear weapons and ukraine and syria. that all had to be remembered as he was giving his comments there. that's why a lot of people were wait to go hear and make sure he didn't offer an apology. >> he's looking for alliances and friendships wanting to replace the battlefield with bonds of commerce and democracy something that has been going on around the world and ultimately eliminate the existence of nuclear weapons. >> one of the things he wrote in the guest book we were just handed this, we have known the agony of war, let us now find the courage together to spread
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peace and pursue a world without nuclear weapons. >> and many have said he is not going to be questioning their decision to drop the two atomic bombs in hiroshima but it did ultimately end world war ii but note it was a terrible thing that happened and historians will look on this knowing that innocent lives are lost in any time of warfare all of the way around. >> you are looking at video right now of the wreath laying ceremony. he talked about the death toll leading up to the bombings in hiroshima and nagasaki. the death toll of americans alone military number was around 250,000. in japan there are about 40,000 military stationed there, personnel and japan pays the
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united states about 2 billion a year to host them in japan and protect them as part of our alliance as you mentioned. >> we are going to be continuing to follow this. patricia stark will be covering this for us in a moment. >> but right now a fox news alert. other news we are following for you this morning. a desperate search at this hour for a teenaged girl snatched from the street on the way to school. her alleged kidnaper killed in a shootout with police. the search to find a 15-year-old girl. >> good morning patricia. >> good morning heather and anna. friends and family are desperate to find 15-year-old pearl pinson. she was seen being pulled by a man on a pathway to a highway. witnesses saw it they saw her face was bleeding and she was yelling for help as a man with a gun grabbed her away.
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this is the man investigators believe kidnapped the girl. he is 19-year-old fernando castro. officials say they knew each other but she did not go with him willingly. authorities spotted him an hour after an amber alert went out and a pursuit ensued. >> running in the trailer park. shots fired. shots fired. shots fired. >> officers eventually cornered castro after he crashed in front of a mobile home park. he was killed in a shootout with police. >> at this point we belief the suspect is probably fernando castro. >> the question remains where is pearl pinson. family and friends coming together fto pray for the safe return of pearl. >> i know she is out there. i know she is alive. i pray that you come home.
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we need you home. >> investigators are searching the area near the san rafael bridge where she was seen on surveillance cameras thursday morning hoping to find her. >> thank you. >> four minutes after the hour. bracing for another round of storms following a week of destruction. >> a tornado ripping through the northeast part of kansas as residents hunker down there. >> maria molina is life in abilene, kansas where we know a tornado touched down there. good morning, maria. >> good morning. wednesday evening the national weather service estimating the tornado that touched down across this area, a rural part of kansas north of the abilene town center getting an ef 4 status with maximum winds of approximately 180 miles per hour. so winds of 180 miles per hour. just to give you an idea of what kind of damage that powerful of a tornado can do take a look at the scene behind me we have a
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home on concrete blocks that this tornado tore apart. we see bricks torn apart from the toesh doe as well. after surveying the damage of the path of the tornado we notice a lot of homes destroyed and vehicles, power lines that were completely gone and not even able to be found across the area where they should have been and vehicles that were again smashed and really destroyed. yesterday we had to deal with also flash flooding as well. there were so many storms with heavy rain flash flooding became a big concern. we had a tornado touchdown northeast of our occasion in abilene, kansas. that tornado will be evaluated today. the strength to confirm the tornado. the threat in kansas continues
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yet again today. stage 4 if not made on that. they pummelled the area bringing in threats of tornadoes for more damaging winds and large hail. the threat today was lower than it was yesterday for severe weather. i want to point out on wednesday the threat was also relatively lower when you compare yesterday's severe threat out here across portions of kansas. we saw the massive ef 4 tornado rip through the area. we will have the way to get weather warnings across kansas, oklahoma extending through texas through the day today and portions of the midwest as the storm system continues to march eastward. flash flooding will be a concern in many areas from days of heavy rain reported in many areas. flooding another concern out there. >> i am sure residents in that region are thankful you are a hands on meteorologist.
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thank you. six minutes after the hour donald trump now has the magic number earning more than enough delegates to seal up the nomination. his $10 million challenge to debate bernie sanders getting a lot of attention. garrett tenney has more. >> no doubt trump was the presumptive nominee. now it is official. yesterday 28 unbound delegates supporting the billionaire businessman earning trump to 1239 delegates, 2 more than required 1237. there are still a slew of primaries left. they will have plenty of cushion going into the convention. there were not any fireworks for trump following the big news. he was quite soft spoken. >> north dakota made a big statement and i really appreciate it. we will not forget it. thank you very much.
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>> and forget the trump wine and steaks. the billionaire businessman posted this photo on social media of him celebrating on his plane eating mcdonald french fries. it is building between trump and bernie sanders before the june primary. this comes after the decline to debate hillary clinton's democratic rival. >> it appears donald trump is prepared for debate. i am very excited about it. it is going to have to rent out the largest stadium you have in california. >> nothing is scheduled or official but talks are on the way. clinton is not taking the trump sanders debate seriously. she is only worried about the general election. >> i understand they said that was a joke. i am looking forward to debating
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donald trump. >> the latest polls shows sanders closing the gap between h bernie and clinton. it puts sanders well within the poll's margin of error. a couple of weeks left to go sanders trying to go into the convention with all of the momentum with a win in california. >> garrett tenney live in washington, d.c. thank you so much. marco rubio saying he's willing to speak at the rnc convention for trump and releasing his delegates. that is significant. >> the time is 9 minutes after the top of the hour. dramatic new video showing the moments leading up to a deadly concert shooting just released. police make an arrest. >> hitting the roads for the holiday he can wouldn't end. you are not alone. what to expect if you are flying or driving. >> remember this mug shot that went viral? the man snoknown as the hot mug shot guy? ee want to know from you what
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>> 13 after the top of the hour. president obama making history moments ago becoming the first sitting president to visit hiroshima since atomic bombs were dropped in world war ii. kevin cork has been traveling with the president. he joins us live now. good morning, kevin. >> good evening. thousands lined the streets in anticipation of the president's visit to hiroshima in anticipation of the visit. the remark we were able to bring you on fox news channel. you are right. he becomes the first sitting u.s. president to visit the city
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devastated by the atomic bomb back in 1945. the president making a very important and i am passioned speech here today that was well received. he came here as part of the g 7 summit. as you made his way from the g 7 summit. they sparked their dedication to the service and their country. the eternal flame of the tome at the hiroshima memorial where many of the attendants were survivors of the blast with the 104,000. a poignant reminder of the pain of the past and promise of the future. >> we must change our mind set about war itself to prevent conflict through diplomacy. strive to end conflicts after
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they have begun. >> the president taking time not only to make the remarks but spent time with survivors. he was very happy to do so. obviously they were elderly seniors with the devastation of the past and these two nations have become not just allies but truly friends on an international level. aski something you don't hear often you don't want to over look the fact that the city of nagasaki was devastated by a similar attack a few days later 74,000 killed in that bombing and the president did mention that during his comments. a poignant day in japan. for now back to you. >> quarter past the hour on friday morning. video released of a deadly
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shooting at a new york city rap concert. watch as they bust in firing at least five shots at the ti concert. >> the bullets et sending 1,000 pans running for their lives. four people shot including his gunman their body guard the only one to die. he faces an tame presidented murder charge but it could be more. >> the af flew ensaw teen's mother with through 30,000 dollars before the pair took off. video surfaced of him drinking at violating the prison sentence. he wanted to avoid jail time for a 2013 drunk driving crash infamously explaining he was too
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spoiled to know any better: >> good news if you are hitting the road for memorial day weekend, gas prices a the record level. >> we are here with how much drivers could be saving. good morning. >> good morning. most people drive this weekend with i is good if you -- we are going to talk about this later. here's where you are right now. gas prices rise since 12005 right now. this is the highest traveled volume we seen since 2005. meaning everybody is doing something, most of them are driving. 89 percent of americans are going to drive this weekend. they are saving, get this, about $15 billion overall in gas prices being lower. that's a $15 billion savings. that's amazing. that's a huge number. >> speaking of sayings, though, that's not the only way to save
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money. >> there is amazing deals out there. i wanted to start with some of the good deals for veterans this weekend. for park admissions and active duty personnel and families. kings island is one of the big resorts i wanted to point out. restaurants are getting great deals. red robin, hooters, shoneys they are giving great discounts for meals for veterans. i wanteded to give all of you something for the general public. appliances, lawn mowers. you can get 40 percent off at sears as well as discounts on tools. macy's j.c. penney's and kohl's has good deals as well. >> the nba championship promotion. say you live in new york city
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and the away team wins the game against your team you get a free taco. why are they doing this? most of the time in a conference finals the home team has been winning. taco bell will be on the hook for a bunch of free tacos. if the away team wins against your team go to a taco bell between 2 and 6:00 p.m. the next day and get a free taco. >> you could say you were going for the losing team. >> cheryl, thank you. 19 minutes after the hour on this friday morning. a frightening new reality the antibiotic resistant super bug doctors have been dreading. what you need to know. >> the jeopardy jokester, you either love him or hate him. the reigning champion making the internet explode with his
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♪ ain't got time to make no apologies...♪
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>> it is the biggsest threat to the world today. an antibiotic resistant super bug made it to the u.s. a woman has been diagnosed with a rare form of e coli. they have effective drugs to treat her form of e coli. health officials are concerned with how kweekly the super bug can mutate warning this could be the end to antibiotics as we know them if it isn't contained.
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>> the pc police are at it again. don't say you are starting to quote start a family because it is offensive. that is according to washington magazine he had core bill o'reilly sullivan. he writes this, start a family devalues in i couple who doesn't happen to have any kids for whatever reason. the phrase can hurt single people without children and we should be sensitive to the world we live in. >> before he learned how to crawl a 6 month old baby is trying to water-ski. it is creating a firestorm on social media. >> carley shimkus here now with what is going viral. >> good morning ladies. check the record books on this one. a 6 month old baby water-skied across a 700 foot lake making her quite possibly the youngest person to ever do so. incredibly, she can't even walk
2:25 am
yet. her parents are professional water-skiers. they say her daughter trained three weeks for the big event. >> how do you train a 6 month old? >> they pulled her across the carpet on skis. >> this jeopardy winner what's the deal with them? >> the internet is buzzing about raining jeopardy champion. he has been winning so easily he used his final jeopardy answer to taunt alex trebek. some loving his confidence others saying he's plain cocky. he is a boss ruffling trebec's feathers is always hilarious. someone better beat him on jeopardy today. i don't want that smug face on my tv any more. see if someone can take him down tonight. >> should be happy for the extra buzz he is getting talking about him. >> how about the new hot mug
2:26 am
shot. >> remember this mug shot that went viral? is the man known as hot mug shot guy. now there's a female version. social media is talking about a social media mug shot. twitter users dubbed her prison bae. she has been charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping and first degree battery among a whole lot of other charges. >> she is very pretty. >> she has that going for her. >> she sure does. >> thank you so much, carley. a travel nightmare. we have been telling you about this. tens of thousands of bags and passengers missed their flight thanks to the long security lines. >> what you can expect if you are traveling this memorial day weekend. >> this memorial day weekend kicks off our start to our all american concert series. you are looking live at our "xb"fox and friends" mraz sdmrplaza.
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>> a fox news lart. a desperate search right now for a girl who was abducted off the street on the way to school. >> i know she is out there. i know she is alive. i pray that you come home. we need you home. >> the man accused of taking her just shot by police. we have the breaking developments. >> over the threshold. donald trump celebrating as we hit the magic number becoming the republican nominee as new polls show a dead heat between clinton and sanders in the crucial contest in california. the teens saw an american flag crushed to the ground but refused to let it go. the photo going viral showing you what it means to be a proud
2:31 am
american. "fox & friends first" continues right now. >> a little wham for you as you are waking up wherever you are. the sun rising over new york city as we head into the memorial weekend. >> it will be a great weekend. >> good morning to you. i am heather childers. >> 31 minutes after the hour. i am anna kooiman. great to be with you. >> a desperate search for a teen girl snatched.
2:32 am
>> they are trying to find the 15-year-old girl. what can you tell us? >> they are desperate to find pearl pin ton. she was seen being pull bide a man on a pathway to a highway. she w her face was bleeding and she was yelling for help as a man with a gun dragged her away. this is the man they believe kidnapped the girl. 19-year-old fernando castro. penson did not go with him willingly. >> running in the trailer park. >> shots fired. shots fired. shots fired. officers cornered castro.
2:33 am
he was killed in a shotout with police. >> the suspect is dead we believe he is probably fernando castro. >> i know she is out there and she is alive. i pray that you come home, pearl. we need you home. >> investigators are searching the area near the san rafael bridge where castro was seen on surveillance cameras thursday morning hoping to find pearl. let's hope they do. the back to you guys. >> absolutely. >> thank you patricia. to another big story this morning. a tornado ripping through the northeast part of kansas damaging homes in its wake. look at that right behind the homes there. a short distance away this golf ball sized hail through this home. maria molina is there for us.
2:34 am
good morning, maria. >> good morning. national weather service crews. homes are completely destroyed. reports of 15 to 25 homes damaged out here. now estimated to have had winds of 180 miles per hour. we had to deal with additional weather. to add insult in injury, they are not only left to clean up the pieces but left to deal with flooding and also what's left with the belongings being pretty much washed away out here. it is really a heartbreaking story across portions of kansas, the risk for severe weather continues today and also for more floodin across kansas
2:35 am
damaging winds and hail and tornadoes. eventually a severe weather threat. they move out of the plains states. let's head over to you in new york. >> 35 minutes after the hour. donald trump now has earned enough delegates to seal up the gop nomination. in the $10 million challenge debating bernie sanders getting a lot of attention this morning. we have the latest on the race for the white house. >> anna, good morning. 1237 is the magic number we have been talking about for months. yesterday in north dakota when the state's 28 unbound delegates committed to donald trump did what he thought was possible by clinching the party's nomination. there are primaries left as well. trump will win more delegates adding to the total and have
2:36 am
plenty of cushion going into the convention. after the big news the billionaire businessman celebrated on his plane posting this picture on social media of himself enjoying mcdonald french fries. he may have another debate with democratic candidate bernie sanders. both men agreed to a debate after hillary clinton declined to debate sanders in the primaries. nothing has been scheduled but they are looking forward to it. >> i think we will get very high ratings. it should be in a big arena somewhere and we could have a lot of fun with it. the biggest problem is bernie is not going to win. i would debate if they want to put up money for charity. we have had a couple calls from the network already. >> i am going to ask him why he thinks we shouldn't raise a $7.25 starvation minimum wage.
2:37 am
we are going to ask him how come he thinks climate change is a hoax. >> a month ago she held a lead in the golden state now she is just ahead by two mounts. a win would bring him into the national convention. >> president obama is making history moments ago. the first sitting u.s. president since atomic bombs. kevin cork has been traveling with the president. he joins us live. good afternoon. >> yes, good afternoon from hero
2:38 am
shema. a dramatic day through out. we got here earlier and we thougsaw the streets were lined by japanese in anticipation of his arrival and his remarks. making history becoming the first sitting u.s. president to visit the city site of the atomic bombing. the president is here in japan for the g 7 summit but made his way into this direction earlier today stopping at the u.s. base and he met u.s. personnel and thanked them for their dedication and service to country. the memorial had people in attendance that killed 140,000. the pain of the past but a promise of the future without nuclear weapons. >> you must change our mind set
2:39 am
without war itself to prevent conflict through diplomacy. the strive to end conflicts after they have begun. >> the president also meets with survivors he held hands with others. nagasaki was also bombed back in 1945 and they were over looked. the president made a point to mention them as well today. back to you in new york. >> live in hiroshima. thank you so much. 39 minutes after the hour. a criminal cowoman comes face t a criminal inside her home. >> whthey have her. >> frightening moments while the burglar he is ram sansack the h. you won't believe how this one
2:40 am
ends. >> a new lawizing up on criminals. you wouldn't order szechuan without checking the spice level. it really opens the passages. waiter. water. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> 36 million americans expected to take to the skies. long waits continue at the airports across the country. >> we have what we can expect from the tsa. >> good morning. >> good morning, ladies. it is shaping up to be one of the worst years for travel. summer hasn't officially started. american airlines executive testifying before congress says so far this year 70,000 american airlines passengers and 40,000 of the airlines checked bags have missed flights. the statement made at a congressional subcommittee hearing after hundreds of people ended up on cots and blankets because the tsa security lines
2:44 am
in chicago caused this em to miss their flights. that was one day may 15th. tsa spokesperson says if you are going to fly this weekend be the early bird. >> first thing you should do is get to the airport early. get to the airport at least two hours before domestic flights. that gives you enough time to find parking. you are not the only one flying. there will be a line when you have to check your bags when you get your boarding passes when you get in the rest room and then you have to check in. there will be a little waiting all t all of the way around. >> 10 percent of americans are planning to take to the skies this weekend. either with a i you slice it, i hope where you are going is going to be finun. getting there is not going to be fun. >> other news. the teenaged girl home alone when she comes face to face with a pair of robbers. she frantically texts her mother when the pair started knocking on the door of their oregon home in graed daylight.
2:45 am
the teen hiding under a blanket in the closet when they eventually got inside. it wasn't long and they found her. >> then something unbelievable happened. >> i side you guys need to get out of here immediately. >> brave girl. she scared them off but they were later found and arrested. >> heather, a photo that would make you proud to be an american going viral this morning. this is 18-year-old coal rescuing an american flag from hitting the ground. it was posted on facebook he called his grandmother saying he had a problem. the flag has fallen and he held it up until someone came to the school to raise it again. it came from continental, ohio 2 has been shared more than 60,000 times. >> many more at this moment i
2:46 am
bet. >> big movies coming out this memorial day weekend. we are going one-on-one with jennifer lawrence ahead of x-men. >> brian kilmeade is live with what's coming up on the show. >> summer is officially here. our all american summer concert series will be beginning k superstar dustin lynch. we have brand new turf. brand new turf unleashed here. also looking at a tug of war on this very turf between the marines and sailors. we will also be saluting those who serve from world war i up until today including looking at what the president said today in hero shema in japan. we are talking about donald trump going over the threshold. hillary clinton picking up the phone and trying to explain herself and her e-mail shenanigans. this will be a huge show. a fun show. don't miss a moment of "fox and
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this weekend, moviegoers will have a chance to go down the rabbit hole once again. "alice through the looking glass" hits athlete -- theaters today. but is it worth your dollars? the man who knows, kevin mccarthey. good morning to you. >> good morning, heather. here in d.c., we have the film festival, the sundance for troops. it's a great weekend for movies in general. first off, we have apocalypspoc.
2:51 am
the usual suspects, one of the greatest movies of all times. this movie deals with the first mute tant ever. essentially the x men at the time fight apocalypse and defeat him. the quick silver sequence is phenomenal. that scene in days of future past, where he runs around in slow motion, that scene is done here with a 3,000 per frame phantom camera. that looks unbelievable. it's a little too negative at times. some of the dialogue is cheesy. it's not as good as days of future past, and i gave it a 3 1/2 out of 5. one of the stars of the movie is
2:52 am
jennifer lawrence. she plays mystique. she's part of hunger games and x men films. what if her catnis and mystique meet? >> i see them fighting. >> who would win in that fight? >> mystique. she only likes akita when he's dying. as soon as he's almost dead, she's like oh, my god. >> that movie opens up today. i gave it a 3 1/2 out of 5. i recommend the 2 d even though it was shot in 3 d. the 3 d didn't add much to the story line and the third act of the film is a little too cgi heavy. the sequel of alice in wonder land.
2:53 am
she's traveling back in time to save johnny department dsh depp's character, the mad hatter. another problem with this film is a little too long at times. it could have used some head headedityi headeditying, but the over all visual experience, i think it's better than the first "alice in wonder land" as well. lots of great films out this weekend as well. great talking to you as well. i'll be back on "fox & friends" at 6:20. >> i remember the pac-man suit. when you were interviewed the rock? >> that's funny. i walked in the room with my pac-man suit and him and kevin hart were fighting over which one was putting me on their snapchat. they were arguing. it was a great suit. >> see you on "fox & friends."
2:54 am
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here's what's happening for you today. president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since world war ii. he laid a wreath at the official memorial park. thanks to low gas prices, $2.26, more americans will be hitting roadways. 4, 3, 2, 1, zero. lift-off. and spacex is preparing to pull off another stunning feat launching a rocket from cape canaveral and landing in the atlantic ocean. the blast is set to take place at 5:40 p.m. eastern time. time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. first the good. third year in a row, the scrips national spelling bee, a 13-year-old and 11-year-old were declared co-champs. >> they were so good that the
2:59 am
bee actually ran out of words. listen to what they had to spell to take home the win. >> a-i-s -- >> a-f-t. >> that is correct. we're talking to the champs in the 6:00 hour of "fox & friends." the bad. new york city is about to get a whole lot dirtier. the city council voting to decriminalize things like drinking alcohol out of paper bags, littering and urinating in public. finally the ugly from being bullied to school hero, the epic take down from a boy who said enough is enough. oh! >> oh, my god. >> wow, the boy using some flawless mma moves, embarrassing the bully. good for him and drawing cheers from his classmates.
3:00 am
>> as we kick-off memorial day weekend, we want to know what makes you a proud american, facebook or tweet us at fox friends first #proud american. stick around for country music sensation dustin lynch who is performing live. good friday morning to you and your family. it is may 27th, 2016. i'm ainsley earhardt. just moments ago, president obama became the first sitting president to visit hiroshima since the atomic bombs were dropped. so what was his message to the japanese people and to the world? meanwhile, the magic number, 1237, and donald trump just clinched the republican nomination. so how does a billionaire celebrate? take a look at that. on his jet. you can see he's got a big mac, fries and it looks like a coke. or is th


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