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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 27, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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you like that -- it's on sale. >> it is. we launched it on stay >> have a great weekend. >> give yourselves a round of applause. bill: the drive to 1,237 is officially over. now donald trump is offering a glimpse how you plans to win in november. that is the headline. martha: donald trump back on the trail talking about his campaign strategy. how he plans to pill it off in the general. he says he sees states in play that republicans barely visited in recent years. >> i want to focus on 15 or so
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states because we have to win. i want my energy to be put in states where it could go either way. we are going to play heavy in california. and we are going to focus on new york. by the way, i'm going to win michigan. normally a republican would not go to campaign there. i'm going to win michigan a lot. i have been talking about michigan for five years about what's happening with the horror show with closing the factories. martha: trump also laying out his new attacks against hillary clinton. he says she has declared war on the american worker. >> 15 state, that will mean a lot of travel in the last five
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months or so. it's only 6:00 in the morning. donald trump got on his plane to come up here from los angeles. we are expecting there may be some protests at this rally. however, there have been admonishments and editorials in the "fresno bee," saying keep it cool and don't tolerate the violent punks. since he went past the 1,237, donald trump making a full pivot toward the general election. at a press conference in bismarck, north dakota, trump hammering hillary clinton for her email server. here is what he said yesterday. >> this was all bad judgment, probably illegal. we'll have to find out what the f.b.i. says by the.
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it's devastating. there is no reason for it. skirting on the edge all the time. you look back at our history, this is our history. it's a very, very harsh report. reporter: donald trump tried to sideline hillary clinton by throwing down the gauntlet to bernie sanders saying, let's debate. donald trump said his campaign and the sanders' campaign have talking about the possibility of it. both donald trump and bernie sanders seem eager to meet each other. trump insisting it would be a charity event for charities associated with women's issues. martha: he also pushed back against president obama who speaking about him in japan said he was rattling world leaders. reporter: president obama said
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in japan that world leaders were rattled by the prospect of donald trump becoming president. that he's ill informed. yesterday at that press conference in bismarck i asked him if he wants to respond to president obama. >> when you rattle someone, that's good. many of the countries in our world, our beautiful world, have been absolutely abusing us and taking advantage of us. if they are rattled in a friendly way, we'll have great relationships with them. if they are rattled in a friendly way, that's a good thing. reporter: rubio saying yesterday he will go to the convention. he will release his delegates and speak on donald trump's behalf. donald trump tweeting out marco rubio should run for his senate seat in november. they need to win that senate
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seat in florida and he's the best one to do it. martha: very interesting how it comes around. bill: let's analyze this with "digital politics" editor chris stirewalt. president obama and hillary clinton used the word "rattled." >> the democrats are being careful not to portray him as risky as risk coul c conotes up. you will hear danger, danger, danger. hillary clinton's goal is to disfallify trump and that's what she is trying to do. >> i think he's upping to get in this thing.
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15 states in play. that's the argument trump is making. is he right? here is the map from four years ago. >> obviously he's right in that he will have to fight in florida ohio and virginia. without those states, you don't see a path, unless of course, then the next bunch of states he mentioned where he talked about minnesota, he talked about michigan, and he talked about northern white states or overwhelmingly majority white states where his coalition which is dominated by white males can do particularly well. he mentioned maine and other places. especially pennsylvania that have pendantallizingly close for republicans in the past. they believe if they can get blue collar democrats to come into their column, they can win them.
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they haven't won them since 1992. but for trump it doesn't matter, he's not doing the organization, the republican national committee is. bill: but the map looks similar to what republicans have faced in the past. what's the logic? >> the logic is this. you witness marco rubio who says he will speak on trump's behalf. he's trump positive now. he was called a conman before, now he's in. the republican coalition has come together. it won't be as good of a coalition among republicans as it was for mitt romney or john mccain. he will now relentlessly aggressively go find voters.
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focus on things like being anti-intervention on the world stage. focus on get out of nato and those other things. find white dude wherever white dudes may be, be they minnesota or wherever, necessity must be with trump. bill: all the white dudes. good analysis. >> big story about the 180 at the rnc. so is trump right about throwing out the play book for winning as you all were just discussing? we'll get more into that in the next hour. we are talk about how it end up looking essentially the same as far as the electoral votes. but this has not looked like anything i have seen before. so you have to wonder. bill: a lot of these republican leaders, they are in or out. to watch them gauge their
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commitment daily is fascinating. martha: president obama became the first sitting u.s. president to visit hiroshima since the u.s. dropped the atomic bomb on that city 70 years ago. leland vittert is with us. how did it go and what did the president have to say there? >> depending on who you are and what you think of the president's visit you can make your decision on how it went. if the question is would he apologize for the use of the atomic bomb. he did not use the words, "i apologize." but critics will tell you his message was just the same. president obama the first sitting u.s. president to visit
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hiroshima since that fateful day in august. >> we sit here and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. we force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. we listen to a solemn cry. reporter: in the past the president has envisioned a world without nuclear weapons. he spoke on that theme today, saying we need the courage to see beyond the logic of fear. he did not talk all that much about the courage of the american gimplets who died in world war ii. >> a pair of navy fighter jets collide mid-air. details on this dramatic rescue of all four pilots. plus this today. >> we are going up against a candidate who will say anything,
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do anything to take us backwards on every issue and value we care about. the last thing we need is a bully in the white house. martha: expect to hear a lot more of that as hillary clinton warms up for attacks against donald trump saying he's running a fantasy campaign. but with the nomination not clinched, is she focusing on the wrong opponent. bill: the man who wrote "clinton cash is next. >> it's shocking to see what she did. more than anything else it's bad judgment. put some distance between you and temptation
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>> i knew past secretaries of
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state used email. secretary kerry did for a period of time until the triewls were clarified. they were not a model of clarity and it seems there is still more work to do on that. i believe it was allowed. but that's not the point. i said it was a mistake. i provided the department with all the work-related emails that i had. >> she is with a public strong defense. hillary clinton doing interviews saying everyone did it. with me peter schweizer, author of "clinton cash." good morning to you in florida. lewis lukens has given his deposition. who is he and what did he do at the state department. >> he's a long-time state department employee. he has been there since 1989.
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he deals with technical matters assisting the secretary of state. according to his testimony, he had conversations with secretary clinton and senior aides. this whole issue she wanted to have emails related to personal matters for family. he offered to set up a laptop. she said city wouldn't be convenient, that she didn't know how to operate a laptop or computer. he said he assumed the email situation would set up so she could have a private email for personal reasons. we now know that of course a lot of official state department business went through that server as well. bill: he tried to set up a laptop and it didn't happen. he gave her a blackberry. you read through this deposition. what did it tell you? >> the clinton story keeps
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changing and it doesn't make sense. one of the points they made repeatedly is they did this for convenience purposes. she wanted to use the blackberry for convenience purposes. but as mr. lucas points out in his deposition, you have purposeful dead zones where blackberries can't be used. secretary clinton when she was in her office had to leave the office to go into the hallway to send and receive emails. that's not convenient. again and again they shifted the story and i think it will continue to get worse as it circle tightens. bill: you listened to her defense this week, why do you say that? the defense has changed and the explanation did not make sense. the story is shifting.
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>> she deleted more emails than they kept. so they are trying to argue that she actually sent more private and personal emails than they did on official business. there are gaps on the emails that are released. despite the claims they made, they turned over all the professional emails they had. we know there were emails from general petraeus. that she never turned over that were personal, as we get into the details, the problem gets more difficult for her. bill: lukens is the first to be deposed. cheryl mills is today. what is the expectation how this unravels from here? >> i expect the cheryl mills
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deposition to be more contentious. she has also been a personal attorney for the clintons. she invoked attorney-client privilege at previous discussions on this matter. i think what is happening with these depositions that judicial watch is doing, it will make it harder for them to make the arguments that this was an innocent mistake or there is no big deal here. >> we happened to have you on since the state department report came out two days ago. how and where has this story moved since releasing that report. it has gone from a he said she said scenario. you have the state department itself coming out and saying she violated these rules.
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it's really violating the law. and that it was done so intentionally. that this was done with design. so, you know, this is no longer a dispute about what might happen and what the significance of this is. you now have the agency at the stated department saying this was a problem and you had rules that were consistently broken by secretary clinton. bill: thank you, sir, in tallahassee today. martha: incredible footage of a deadly shooting. a rapper opening fire as he was set to perform. what prompted him to pull that trigger and who got caught in the crossfire when we come back. can the tsa turn things around for the traveling public.
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bill: murder backstage at a concert venue in new york city. minutes before he was to take stage a rapper known as troy av got into a deadly shooting with another rearp. a 30-year-old friend of the rapper died at the hospital. two others inside that venue for injured as well. martha: airports across the country bracing for the busy summer season, and the tsa is struggling to keep up with
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travel demand. the head of the agency says he believes they are ready, ready for the challenge. >> clearly the summer travel season will be busy. in the short term tsa airlines, airports and travelers working together can improve the traveler experience while we maintain the security we need. martha: mike tobin is at o'hare in chicago. how's it going there? >> if you are expecting an alarming image of a security line snaking out the door, it's not that bad right now. i want to go down here to answer the question. if you do any better by getting your tsa precheck certification. of course, to do that you have got to pay $85, you have to make an appointment, and show up at your appointment which is the hardest part of the whole
6:27 am
program. the cause for the backup is it's an all of the above answer. a lot more people are carrying wheelie cart. they don't trust the airlines and they don't want to pay their $25 fee each time they fly. we are arriving at the tsa precheck line. frankly it looks longer than the standard line. if you look just past that, the priority line. you have to fly a lot to get the point for priority. so everything you thought you knew in term of getting through the line faster with this visual at this point in time is not really any faster. in terms of all the point you get as far as speeding thing up, arrive at the airport early, don't carry bottled water. don't carry a weapon. but if you have carrying a
6:28 am
weapon through security you have got bigger problem than waiting in line. martha: i make it appointment and the day comes and work gets in the way. i notice when i go to the airport that sometimes my closest airport, newark, they don't have a precheck line. has the tsa said anything special about how they are trying to handle it. here in chicago some 150 employees have been concerted from part time to full time. they approved the use of overtime. here is the. i focused on security, revise the alarm procedures and trained the entire workforce. we are holding ourselves
6:29 am
accountable to high performance. reporter: dealta airline is bringing up some of their staff to do the thing you don't have to be certified for. mike were thank you very much. hillary clinton saying the possibility of a donald trump presidency is dangerous. >> the only thing standing between donald trump and the oval office is all of us. and i mean all of us. bill: the likely democratic nominee unloading on trump saying she's ready for whatever he throws at her. but should she be worried about bernie sanders at the moment? >> bernie sanders talking about a possible debate between him and donald trump. what was that all about? >> i feel like i can continue
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martha: the likely democratic nominee, hillary clinton unloading on donald trump. she said she is ready for his fantasy campaign and says he is unfit to be president of the united states. >> the only way to assure ourselves and the rest of the world is to make sure donald trump, this loose cannon, never gets close to the white house. >> we know a lot about donald trump. he roots for himself, not for you. he wants a good result for himself. he doesn't care who gets hurt in the process. that's not the kind of person
6:34 am
who should be the president of the united states of america. i'm ready for his fantasy campaign, and the outrageous things he's going to say. martha: fantasy campaign. juan williams, co-host of "the five." i thought it was interesting she used the -- you can feel the coined phrases coming together. the loose cannon thing you hear a lot. then she called it a fantasy campaign which reminded me of something bill clinton said when she was running against president obama. he called it this. >> there is no difference in your voting record and hillary's, give me a break. this whole thing is the biggest fairytale i have ever seen. martha: a fairytale, a fantasy, but you know how that worked
6:35 am
out. >> we are seeing the formation of the message for the campaign, and the message is clearly they think donald trump is a reality tv startr star and that's what boosted him. but they will say the down side of that, my profile, high name i.d. for donald trump, he will be portrayed by the american people as someone who is not worthy of the office. i think it was more in the idea it's a dream, a fantasy. a first-term senator from illinois. can it work with donald trump who was a reality tv star? >> it's interesting when you look at the things she is using. he's a loose cannon and he's dangerous and he doesn't care about you, he only cares about himself. you can picture donald trump turning that right on its head
6:36 am
and saying who do you care about? >> she is trying to turn two of donald trump's strength with voters against him. after the paris attacks, donald trump went up in the polls. and people said, well, i think donald trump projects strength. so his poll numbers went up. they are trying to turn that strength into dangerousness. the clinton campaign may think donald trump's unpredictability a feature and not a buzz. she is trying to make trump seem he's more of the same. the message i'm look out for the little guy has been a part of donald trump's success. martha: if anyone has articulated a battle against donald trump, it's elizabeth
6:37 am
warren. let's look at this. >> what kind of a man does that? i'll tell you exactly what kind after man does that. it's a man who cares about no one but himself. a small, insecure money grubber who doesn't care who gets hurt so long as he makes a profit off it. martha: she used to be this numbers cruncher, wonkish, going against wall street. i'm amazed she has gotten into the twitter mud with donald trump and they are slinging it at her big time. >> there we have elizabeth warren unplugged. no more harvard academic proper senator from massachusetts. she is unleashed and unplugged and going after him in a way going after trump's skin because
6:38 am
it's calling her pocahontas and goofy. this is on the level of reality tv, but she respond with a passion i don't think we see from hillary clinton. it's intriguing. possibly a vp pick? martha: i think she is keeping her powder dry. she hasn't endorsed her. she is the on democratic dpee female senator who hasn't endorsed hillary clinton. she said we have to work out our nomination process. >> she is respecting sanders. martha: if sanders is able to close this gap, is there a scenario here for a contested convention, for an elizabeth warren element here? >> it's hard to manage it goes all the way to a contested convention. but it's remarkable that donald trump wrapped up the nomination
6:39 am
process on the republican side before hillary clinton on the democratic side. this far left socialist-like kind of view will make a play at a minimum into the democratic platform. they pulled the party far to the left. elizabeth warren and bernie sanders represent perhaps the soul of the party even if they are not collecting enough delegates for bernie sanders to be the nominee. martha: she is the paul ryan of the democratic side. she is someone who democrats see aspirins and she gets the crowd going to no doubt -- juan, do you think -- the question back to you. there is a lot of reasons to think she might be a very formidable presidential candidate with hoik. do you think hillary clinton would ask her? >> hillary clinton said she is open to having two women on the
6:40 am
ticket. when you think about elizabeth warren, you have got to come back to that bernie sanders populist base. these people are more focused on the economic argument and the socialist point. but that's the power at the moment in the democratic party. that's what animates people. >> i think donald trump is worried about that. thank you very much to both of you. have a great weekend. good to see you. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate. >> that's right. >> about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> oh, boy, do you look at it differently. that would be some debate. i think it might be one of the highest rated events in television history. >> the goal would be to have it in some big stadium here in
6:41 am
california. >> has anyone contacted you? >> your network. your boss contacted us. he said you are fired. bill: bernie sanders keeping an open mind on the debate proposed with trump. trump was on the show the night before and said he would face off with sanders if they could raise money for charity. hillary clinton turned down a debate with her democratic rival before the contest in california. martha: can you imagine? it would be like a soccer match, a football matchup in england where you have to divide both side with a little wall in the stadium to make sure everybody kept it safe in there. we'll see. will they do it? who knows.
6:42 am
in the meantime, a navy training drill takes a scary turn forcing rescue crews into action. bill: the state department praising the progress against isis. we find out where the terror group is gaining ground. >> we believe there is a decrease in the number of fighters travel together conflict. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite. this family needed their windshield replaced but they're daughters heart was set on going to the zoo. so guess what, i met them at the zoo. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪
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martha: the coast guard saying four u.s. navy pilots have been rescued after two fighter jets collide in mid-air. the jets were conducting a training mission at the time. all four pilots, which is great news sustained only minor injuries. good news.
6:46 am
>> you think we are turning the tide. you think there are fewer foreign fighters coming into the middle east and therefore less of a risk to the united states. >> i think there has been a decrease in the syria conflict. but an increase in other areas like libya. isis continues to attract new followers and they continue to associate themselves with existing insurgencies. that's a problem. it's not something localized in iraq and syria. bill: the state department admitting isis is growing elsewhere other than iraq and syria. progress or not. is it real? >> within iraq we are gaining territory. but as the state department spokesman said. they are metastasizing to cancer.
6:47 am
they have these islamic terror groups that are affiliated with isis. >> have you been able to pinpoint why iraq and syria is no longer a draw for these fighters if indeed that's true? >> we have done and better job of shutting down the flow of foreign fighters. we have gained back some territory. but it's been 20 months since president declared our goal to defeat and degrade isis. it took four years to defeat nazi germany. we are making some progress. but islamic terror has been me as sizing, it's a growing and real threat. >> you look at new threat. jack keane told us there are 7,000 isis fighters in that country now. >> nobody knows the exact numbers, but it's a growing threat. it's a breeding grounds for
6:48 am
additional terrorists. we need a committed coalition of the willing of the civilized world, and we have to be denation. we -- we have to be tenacious. we cannot let up. bill: march of this year, senator johnson, u.s. not taking isis seriously enough. were you convinced in this hearing this week that that's changed? >> no. we are making some progress in that area, but it's me as sidess metastasized and it's growing. refugees coming through the visa waiver program and the southern borderer. individuals from somali and pakistan and syria being picked up in central america. bill: you came into the hearing with three questions, all three of them pertaining to that
6:49 am
issue, how do we keep folks here at home safe. the answers you got are what? >> inconclusive. we are making some progress. but i don't think we have the intelligence gathering capability. we are not getting the human intelligence. president obama wants to shut down guantanamo. we should be questioning them over a long period of time. but we have got to have a long-term commitment to this. >> there is a campaign component to all of this. would a wall make a difference? >> in certain places, absolutely. walls prevent illegal immigration. we need a functioning guest worker program. but we have all kinds of incentives in our law. we have to end those incentives. bill: i know you have got gotten on board the trump train, but you would support him on that. >> we need to strengthen our
6:50 am
military and defeat isis and secure our borders. bill:ill you endorse him? >> i will support those goals. no two people agree on everything 100%. so you look at those big issues, and on those big issues we are in agreement. bill: i'll put you down for a maybe. >> i'll support those goals. martha: a dangerous super bug showing up in america for the first time. the head of the cdc said it could mean the end of the road for antibiotics. bill: a former state department adviser is speaking out about the hillary clinton email and server controversy. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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martha: researchers announced the long-dreaded super bug has aneartd united states for the first time ever. the cdc says its arrival could spell the end of antibiotics. >> reporter: it's what doctors have been dreading for years, that a bacteria would emerge that they couldn't cure even with an antibiotic of last resort. a person in north carolina. the woman went to the clinic with symptoms of sewer nary tract infection. she reported no history of traveling in the last 5 months
6:55 am
which made this even more concerning. >> the more we look at drug resistance the more concerned we are. we need to do a better job protecting antibiotics. unless we have better securedship we'll lose these special drugs. the last-resort antibiotic is used to treat super bugs. and this latest strain is unstoppable. health officials were alerted last year of cases in china which created concern within the worldwide health community when they found the resistance in pigs, raw pork meat and a small number of people in china. it was discovered in canada as
6:56 am
well. the statement read we are taking the emergence of the resistance very seriously. and we'll take actions to prevent ncr1 from becoming a problem with serious consequences. the cdc says it will continue to work with the state department to see how the woman may have been infected. martha: republicans coalesce around donald trump. they are now joining in on the crooked hillary attacks trump created. chris wallace up next. >> as i say crooked hillary, she is as crooked as they come.
6:57 am
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martha: hillary clinton doubling down and pushing back on an inspector general report, saying that she broke the rules by using her personal e-mail for government business. clinton repeating her claims that she did nothing wrong. welcome, everybody, to a brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm martha maccallum. bill: that makes me bill hemmer. [laughter] saying she did not know what the rules were and, more or less, it was not her fault. >> well, you know, this report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under other secretaries of state, and the rules were not clarified until after i had left. but as i've said many times, it was still a mistake. if i could go back, i'd do it differently. and i understand people have concerns about this, but i hope voters look at the full picture of everything that i've done and the full threat posed by a donald trump presidency. and if they do, i have faith in the american people. bill: so there you have that. peter doocy live in d.c.
7:01 am
do we expect more from hillary clinton about the server? will she say something perhaps today or not? >> reporter: bill, she's not mentioning it at her rallies. she said yesterday she thinks she's already gone into enough detail about the thought process behind setting up that server. >> i testified for 11 hours before the committee, the benghazi committee. i have answered numerous questions. we have posted information on our web site. and the information that we had is out there, it's been clearly public. >> reporter: clinton also continues devoting most of her energy to donald trump who she refers to now as a loose cannon. she does not really attack bernie sanders, instead talking of joining with him to unite the democratic party. until that uniting happens, though, clinton needs more money. a campaign e-mail this morning told supporters her donations are down since april. bill: there's a lot of commotion about a debate between sanders
7:02 am
and donald trump. is that going anywhere, peter? >> reporter: now we've got sanders and trump both saying that they want to do it. sanders adds that clinton backed out of a california debate, so he thinks that this is going to be his one crack at it. and now they may have some help setting up a debate, because a prominent boxing promoter has stepped up. he says that he will set everything up. bob air rum is quoted as saying it would be the biggest pay-per-view of all time. i'm not going to charge crazy prices. i'll take a fee, and i'll put a guarantee up, and it'll be for charity. trump obviously said that he wants to do it if it's going to raise at least $10 million for charity. and in california bernie sanders thinks he's got momentum on his side. he thinks by primary day he will have spoken to at least 200,000 supporters at his rallies. bill: they could raise $100 million. i mean, let's get ready to rumble. in this corner, peter doocy. martha: picturing a boxing ring and the shorts.
7:03 am
all right, so the rnc slowly beginning to rally around the party's presumptive nominee, in fact, they're borrowing one of donald trump's favorite nicknames for hillary clinton, and they've used it in the latest rnc web ad. so they're saying, we give in, we surrender. we're going crooked hillary. here's a clip. ♪ ♪ >> the laws and regulations in effect when i was secretary of state allowed me to use my e-mail for work. that is undisputed. >> no evidence she had requested or received approval to use her personal account for official business. >> and you've said it was allowed too. >> yes, it was. >> who allowed it? >> it was allowed under the rules of the state department. and, again -- >> so nobody signed off on it. >> no. martha: chris wallace joins us now, the anchor of fox news sunday. chris, good morning. good to have you back. >> good morning to you, martha. martha: talk to me about the fact that the rnc is embracing,
7:04 am
or giving in -- one or the other -- the sort of name-calling practices of donald trump. in that ad the rnc calls her crooked hillary. >> yeah. you know what's so devastating about that ad? it's all true. usually there's a certain amount of license in political attack ads, one side attacking the other. but in this one they've used hillary clinton's own words x they use either the actual words from the inspector general's report or newspaper accounts, as you could see there, from "the new york times" and other legitimate reporters that there's no kind of political spin here. it's her words and then the reputation that came out of the inspector general. and as they point out at the end of that ad, this was her own state department that she ran for four years and a democratic obama-appointed inspector general. so what's really damaging about this is it's all factual. martha: you know, it's uncanny in many ways how donald trump has come up with these sort of
7:05 am
monikers for the people that are his opponents. and in time after time, they've sort of stepped in and tried it on, and it's fit them perfectly in one way or the other along the course of this campaign, at least in the minds of voters. who knows whether it will work for him in the general election. it's a whole different ball game now as you look at that. but when you look at the facts of what we learned this week about hillary clinton's situation, how damaging is it in her campaign? >> well, you know, i keep asking myself that, and the answer is we don't know until we see polls. obviously, it bolsters the argument that she was not forthcoming and that she did something wrong with the e-mails. and, obviously, she's already taken a heavy hit on that when you look at her honesty and trustworthy numbers which are heavily underwater. whether it's going to change more minds or not, i don't know. but again, i think the most damaging thing is not the new facts, it's the source. it's the fact that it came from an inspector general appointed
7:06 am
by barack obama in the department that she ran more four years, and the investigation was ordered by her successor, the democratic secretary of state john kerry. so in that sense, it's damaging because this isn't coming from a republican committee, it isn't coming from the benghazi committee and democrats or independents can dismiss it and just say, well, this is partisan warfare. this is as independent or, if anything, pro-clinton a source as one could have. and they're still finding fault with her. whether it's going to affect her, i don't know. because, you know, you've got to figure the people who were upset by the e-mails were already upset, and people that weren't upset weren't going to be persuaded by new information. but to the degree that it gives republicans something to talk about, that it blunts the attacks on trump, and lord knows he's a target-rich environment as well, it certainly keeps hillary clinton on defense. and, remember, it was just this week that she was trying to make a big deal about the fact that trump back in 2006 was quoted as saying that he kind of hoped
7:07 am
that the housing bubble would burst, because he could make a lot of money. it seems like a somewhat damaging line of attack. well, that's just gone. we forget about that now because we're all talking about this. martha: yeah. it's the effective counterpunch again from donald trump in turning that around, and he embraced that statement. that's what i should do as a real estate executive, buy things at the bottom. what about this debate, the bernie sanders/donald trump debate talk. what do you make of it? >> well, i've got to say i'm having great trouble concentrating on this because the image that one of you presented of bernie sanders and donald trump in boxing shorts -- [laughter] with gloves on in a ring, you know -- bill: you watch -- >> -- it's something i'm going to have to get out of my mind, and it's going to take some time. [laughter] i don't know, it certainly makes sense from sanders' point of view. he's behind, you know, it makes him look like, you know, he's willing to stand up and debate and defend the democratic party's ideals when hillary
7:08 am
clinton was unwilling to debate him. i'm not quite as sure from trump's point of view but, you know, trump never met a big event or a huge crowd that he didn't, wasn't attracted to. and he was very clever in saying let's make it about women's health and women's charities. obviously, one of his concerns r when it comes to women's issues, the gender gap. and for him if he's able to raise $10 or $15 million for women's health issues, that kind of would help him in that area. it would be must-see tv. martha: i mean, you know -- >> as long as they don't wear boxing shorts. martha: i'm picturing the robe, i'm trying to think of the little phrase that each one of them gets. they're basically two guys from new york, so it would be fun to see them do that. chris, thank you very much. it's good to see you, sir. don't miss chris this sunday. corey lewandowski will be on the program with him, plus senator
7:09 am
jim lankford will react to the hillary clinton e-mail scandal. did she put national security at risk? that's the big question for the doj. that is the essential question behind all of this, and that is coming up sunday on fox news channel. check your local listings, don't miss it. bill: 41 secret service agents facing disciplinary action after they dug around for dirt on a congressman. the punishment stemming from a report from the dhs inspector general, that's department of homeland security, that found agents went through the personnel files of congressman jason chaffetz. doug mckelway's on that story out of washington. what prompted all this in the first place? where did it start? >> reporter: well, bill, it appears to be a simple case of underhanded pay aback by members of the secret service who were just unhappy with representative chaffetz because he had been investigating a series of problems at the agency. an ig report found that dozens of individuals within the secret
7:10 am
service improperly accessed on some 60 different occasions the personal records of chaffetz when he applied and was rejected for a job in the secret service years ago before he was a congressman. the information was leaked to the press. the matter was referred to the department of justice, but doj declined to prosecute. now jeh johnson, the secretary of homeland security, has taken action himself. he reviewed the conduct of 57 secret service personnel including 11 senior executives. 41 are being disciplined ranging from a letter of reprimand to some being suspend without pay for up to 45 days, and the person who leaked the information to "the washington post" has resigned. johnson found no reason to punish either the director or deputy director, bill. bill: how did we first learn agents had been looking around the files? >> reporter: the ig found that the secret service staffers improperly breached chaffetz's
7:11 am
records only 18 minutes after a hearing in which chaffetz attacked the service for its lapses in perhaps. chaffetz be responded by saying, quote: it shouldn't have happened, and it should not happen again. bill: amen to that. doug mckelway in washington, thank you, doug. martha: donald trump giving a bit of a preview of his strategy for the general election including how he could win, he he says, 15 battleground states or compete in them. we'll talk to rnc communications director sean spicer. bill: also airline passengers forced out of the terminal into the parking garage. the threat that sparked evacuations at a major american airport. martha: and the state department says use of private e-mail servers is a lesson learned but at what cost? ambassador john bolton's here to weigh in. >> this is, you know, i hate to say it, but it's a learning experience. we have learned important lessons. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
7:12 am
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7:15 am
bill: another day of severe storms triggering tornadoes and severe flooding. let's start in texas. heavy rain causing big problems there. 95 miles north of houston, the images here. at least one tornado also reported in that storm, dozens of homes damaged and at least three destroyed. further north in kansas several tornadoes damaging buildings and knocking down trees in that state. this comes a day after a tornado tore through an area near topeka, kansas. martha: admits using a private e-mail -- hillary clinton admits
7:16 am
using a private e-mail server was a mistake, but just how costly was it? a state department adviser tells "newsweek" that clinton's communications that they called sloppy may have blown some counterterrorism operations. the department also saying the e-mail blunder is a, quote, lesson learned. >> you know, this is, you know, i hate to say it, but it's a learning experience. we have learned important lessons. we're not the only federal agency, frankly, that is also addressing these challenges, but we're trying to move forward, and we're trying to address it. martha: ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and a fox news contributor. ambassador, good morning. good to have you with us today. >> glad to be with you. martha: i'm curious what you think about the spokesperson saying, you know, this is a lesson-learned kind of situation. >> you know, it's kind of mind-boggling. indeed, it is a lesson learned. the best you can say is he also said we didn't have all the facts before, and he seems unwilling to defend hillary
7:17 am
clinton. i thought this report was devastating. it demonstrated that for over a year now she's been lying about the permissibility of doing what she did. she never got permission from anybody. in fact, the longer it went on, the clearer it became that they couldn't ask permission because if they did two years into it, it would expose everything they'd done before. i think the recitation of this chronology really should give everybody all the political pundits who have been following her talking points, should give them a real case of heart burn. they've been deceived. martha: yeah. i mean, when you look at the list of breaches, i find what he said to be, you know, the learning experience part of the equation you can understand from one small perspective which is they seem to be behind the game on technology and, you know, the kind of devices that people use and their ability to track them, but they asked many times there was a protocol that was ignored. they asked for those e-mails to be turned in as soon as she was
7:18 am
done with that office, it took two years. i don't think you can sugar coat how uncooperative she was with their investigation. i don't know why they feel the need to, you know, sort of paint it that way. >> yeah. well, look, there's no doubt you can't do what she did. you just can't do what she did and get away with it. a human person doing what she did would have been disciplined, their security clearance would have been removed, they could well have been fired. and i think the way that she and her staff treated the inspector general's investigation tells you something. they wouldn't, by and large, speak to the inspector general. why? because they were no longer state department employees, they couldn't receive disciplinary penalties, and they were desperately afraid of violating -- remember this one -- 18 united states code section 1001, false statements to a government official. martha: exactly. >> i think they knew they were in trouble, they didn't have any intention of cooperating with this. and let's be clear, this was a very limited report. it does not get into the issues
7:19 am
that the fbi's been investigating. i think it's almost certain the bureau cooperated with the ig to make sure that path wasn't taken. so this is, this report really tees up, i think, the decision we're going to see from the justice department sooner rather than later. martha: yeah. i want to get a quick thought on something i mentioned in the intro which is this former department official who says that he believes there's sloppy communications which may have jeopardized some of their operations in the philippines and in iraq. nick merrell, her spokesperson, said it was patently false. any thoughts on that? >> well, i think there have been indications from material that's been withheld from public view, that is to say it's been classified or executive privilege claimed about it, that could well involve those kinds of operations. and let me just say, again to emphasize, it's not just the e-mail. her use of cell phones and ipads and laptops that were not secure exposed them to being
7:20 am
taken control of by foreign intelligence agencies that can use, for example, the microphone in your cell phone to transmit to them. so it's her verbal communications as well as the e-mails that are in jeopardy here. martha: all right. one last thought because you wrote a very strong piece on the president's visit to hiroshima. your thoughts on what you do perceive as an apology. >> look, he is a very subtle speaker. he didn't use the words "i apologize," but most of his apology tour stops in the last seven years he hasn't said that either. he essentially said harry truman missed the moral point about using nuclear weapons as if barack obama thought that there was an alternative. let's be clear. what truman did, in my view, was not just militarily correct, but it was morally correct as well. winston churchill had said that to invade and conquer the japanese home islands would require, churchill's phrase, effusions of american blood.
7:21 am
and to save that, truman ordered the dropping of the first two atomic bombs. it was the right thing to do. if ronald reagan had gone to hiroshima, he would have made that point. martha: it's a very strong piece. e recommend everybody take a look at it today. john bolton, thank you, sir. bill: 21 past the hour, what is the key to donald trump winning the white house? he says he can win over women voters. the polling numbers tell a different story. sean spicer here live to talk about it, but first, here is trump just from yesterday. >> looking for absolute competence. i fully expect that we will have many women involved with not only, i mean, i've had it with the campaign, but we're going to have many women involved. and i think that you're going to see that, and you're going to see that very strongly. protection
7:22 am
7:23 am
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bill: word from overseas china apparently taking more provocative action. for the first time, beijing has shipped a drone with stealth technology, one of the artificial islands it's been building in the south china sea. fox news obtaining this image of the drone from about a month ago, this comes on the heels of reports that china intends to send nuclear-armed submarines to patrol that part of the sea. rich edson, what do we know about that now? >> reporter: the satellite images show a long-range reconnaissance drone capable of flying up to 40 hours. the drone appears to be unarmed and does not have the capability of firing missiles. image sat international provided the images to fox. the satellite took them last month. other satellite images show recently-deployed surface-to-air missiles on the same island arranged in a manner to make them difficult to destroy. a senior pentagon official
7:26 am
refused to comment citing a desire not to discuss intelligence matters. the pentagon's press secretary noted the defense department has concerns about china's behavior in the region, bill. bill: so this is just the latest, right? by china in the south china sea. of just bring us up to speed on what we have learned from this. >> reporter: sure. and this is one of the more contested areas in the world. more than $5 trillion in cargo passes through the south china sea annually. china deployed this drone to woody island. taiwan and vietnam also claim the farther to the south in the spratly islands, china has constructed 3200 acres of artificial islands. the pentagon says the u.s. navy has conducted three so-called freedom of navigation patrols since october, sailing shibs nearby and sending a message that the united states recognizes much of that area as international waters. china has scrambled fighter jets in response. president obama says he denies
7:27 am
the is taking sides between the countries that are claiming these islands, though he notes that china has the power to begin a dialogue to settle these disputes. bill: that's good context. rich edson on that story in washington d.c. thanks. martha: bill o'reilly calling out the state department for referring to the clinton e-mail blunder as a, quote, learning experience. >> mr. toner's being ridiculous, referring questions to clinton's team? come on. you're insulting us. martha: could hillary clinton's campaign be in serious trouble? our political panel weighs in. bill: also beam us up, right? high-tech lasers, space lasers that could take us to mars. is that possible? a former astronaut here live to explain. stand by. ♪ ♪ olay total effects
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♪ finish♪ ♪ >> hillary clinton is banking on the fbi not recommending charges. if the agency does, it's over for the secretary. finish but if no indictment is forthcoming, voters will most likely shrug. summing up, not a good wednesday for hillary clinton. bill: so that's the case that o'reilly lays out. what do you think about that? tony seig, fox news contributor, david goodfriend, former staff secretary to president bill clinton. gentlemen, good morning to both of you. attorneyny, so rile -- tony, so reilly right? >> i think where he errs, if i can say that, is that i think regardless of what the fbi does with this, this is a brutal report with the potential of being devastating. remember, this is the state department inspector general appointed by barack obama,
7:32 am
reports to john kerry. this is not a partisan -- on the republican side -- attacking hillary clinton revealing that she never got the approval to conduct this private server, that she never reported attempted hackings, that she never even cooperated with this investigation, didn't allow eight of her top aides to cooperate. and the most chilling part of this, bill, is when low-level staffers brought this to her attention and top-level attention, they were silenced and intimidated. and all of these things reinforce what the american people intuitively know: she's not credible and not honest. bill: okay. just cut through all this, tony. in your view if there is no charge, do voters make her pay a price for that? >> i think they have, and i think they will continue to. not her base though. bill: david. >> well, here's something you don't hear me say very often on fox news. i tend to agree with bill o'reilly on something. bill: that's okay. >> that's okay, right? i've been on his show, and usually i disagree, but sometimes we agree. and here's something i really agree with. whatever the department of
7:33 am
justice does here, that should be the end of the matter. so that also means that if the department of justice does not bring a case against hillary clinton, that should be the end of the matter. but we all know that donald trump and the republican party will keep beating this dead horse no matter what the department of justice says. so illed challenge -- i would challenge donald trump to agree with bill o'reilly, but he'll never do that, because he just keeps beating the dead horse. now, 11 hours in front of a benghazi committee, her willingness for over a year to be able to testify. i think we all see a lot of smoke, but we don't see fire. on the ig report, this is old news in the sense that people have pointed to this ig's behavior, feeding some information to the republicans on the senate judiciary committee -- bill: he's appointed by president barack obama. >> it doesn't matter. he was recommended -- bill: doesn't matter? >> it doesn't matter. bill: all right, that undermines the credibility of that claim. >> he was recommended by
7:34 am
republicans. bill: stand by. david, she sat for 11 hours and sat for zero minutes with the state department ig. would not even sit for an interview. the first, the only one who refused, david. >> sure. and as i said, we've all seen the accusations that this ig is not fair and balanced like you guys are here on fox news. i tell you what i'd like to see. now, this will never happen, so i admit it up front. i would love to see the securities and exchange commission investigate donald trump -- bill: all right. bring it back to -- [inaudible conversations] bill: tony. >> donald trump's not under criminal investigation by the fbi. >> put him under investigation, i'd love that. >> your candidate is, and this is an independent inspector general which just shows you the desperation to continually minimize something that potentially disqualifies her. this is an unprecedented breach of the publi trust. she hid it, worse off was the motive identified by this ig, so
7:35 am
her server would never be under the freedom of information act that would allow transparency more her conduct. so this, again, is not a partisan attack, it's not a vast right-wing conspiracy. this is an obama administration appointee being hypercritical toward a secretary of state who violated every protocol, who clearly violated some sort of law. it's up to the doj to decide whether or not that rises to criminality. but remember, doj will never indict her. the doj employees have given over $100,000 to her campaign. >> oh, now that's interesting. listen to what just happened here, bill. already the republican talking points are getting past what's going to be the decision of doj to try to blame and keep this to stick on hillary clinton's -- >> it's a fact. it's not a talking point. bill: just cut through this, guys. >> o'reilly said whatever the doj does should be the end -- bill: david, tony -- david, the issue here is every time she takes questions, she has to answer to this. it's not going away.
7:36 am
>> well, that is your -- sorry, not your, bill, that is the republican party's hope, that it won't go away. bill: i watched her. no, no be, i saw her on msnbc, on cnn. it's everywhere. it's not going away. >> bill, you and i both know that the reason it keeps coming up is because it's being fed as a story. and that's fine. we'll talk about it until the cows come home. but i agree, listen, let me ask you this. bill, let's trade roles for a second here. bill: all right. >> do you think the media will still talk about it after the doj makes a decision? bill: well, we'll see about that -- let me answer! you asked me a question. it depends on how she answers the question whether or not they are satisfactory. >> okay. bill: so i just did your job. gentlemen, thanks to both of you. we'll see you in a week. >> she's been lying, that's why it's still a story. bill: thank you, gentlemen. martha: so we are about to head into memorial day weekend, and we will pause to remember those
7:37 am
who fought and died for our country as we attend parades and celebrations across this country on monday. our wounded veterans and the groups that help them like soldier strong, for one example, live memorial day each and every day throughout the year. we've got an inspiring look at what happened this week when, once again, soldier strong donated an exo suit to the v.a. hospital this time in minneapolis, minnesota, giving quadriplegic veterans an opportunity to stand, to walk, to exercise their minds and their bodies which is so crucial to their development and their recovery. it's multi-beneficial to have this experience of being upright. the suit is designed by exo bionics holdings. it's the 12th device donated by soldier strong, and you all have helped in this effort over the last couple years, and we truly appreciate that. if you would like to help again, is where you
7:38 am
want to go. we thank you for your generosity in the past, and we encourage you to do the same, because you see this program is thriving, and it is helping more and more people all the time. thank you for that. bill: awesome stuff. and you're associated with them and have been doing some good work for them. martha: yeah. if they want to reach out and do something bigger than attending a parade, this is one example. bill: it's what this weekend's all about. martha: it really is. and we need to remember that. bill: so what's the plan for november, folks? donald trump says he's got his sights on 15 battle dwrownd states. can he make up ground there? we'll talk to the communications director for the rnc. he is our guest on deck live, next. ♪ ♪ if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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7:41 am
bill: your national spelling bee thisr ends in a tie. three years in a row this has happened, a tie. watch. >> h-a-f-t -- >> that is correct. [cheers and applause]
7:42 am
[laughter] bill: i didn't catch the word, did you? martha: no, i didn't either. bill: that's a 13-year-old sharing the title with an 11-year-old. they each receive more than $40,000 in cash and prizes. three years in a row, a tie? are you kidding me? martha: they can spell everything. there's nothing they can't spell. bill: they need to make it harder. they're always winning. martha: i like their spirit. they seem fine with being tied. bill: do they? martha: you don't think so? bill: just want to win. w-i-n, win. [laughter] martha: donald trump revealing his strategy to beat hillary clinton in the general election. the presumptive nominee telling a crowd in montana he plans to focus on states that are not normally very receptive to republican candidates. fifteen states including delegate-rich california where he says most republicans don't even go for dinner.
7:43 am
sean spicer is the rnc communications director and chief strategist, good morning. good to have you here. >> good morning. martha: what do you think? california, new york, michigan, how is this going to work? >> i'd love to go to california for dinner. [laughter] it could be nice. look, i think that donald trump, like no other candidate, puts states in play because he speaks to a much broader electorate than has traditionally been the case. so he's right when he talks about states like michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin that traditionally have not been republican states. they've been more of a blue shade of purple. but i think because of his appeal to especially working class americans who have felt left out of what's going on especially in the last eight years, that there are states and areas of this country that haven't been in play for a while that are definitely going to be in play. that combined with hillary clinton's negatives are a huge factor why you're seeing some of these states come in that have not been traditionally part of the winning map. martha: i gotcha, but new york? i mean, have you looked at the
7:44 am
numbers -- i'm sure you have -- the numbers of democrats in new york far outpaces the number of republicans in the state of new york. i mean, how do you do that? is it tactical? is it possible? >> well, again, i think that traditionally that's how, you know, you look at a map, you see how many republicans, how many democrats, is there an opportunity to win here. i think the interesting thing about this race is, one, as i mentioned before, donald trump isn't a tradition allocate. he is someone who has a level of celebrity. he is talking about a message that is really focused on making in this country better, bringing back jobs, and i think that resonates with a lot of people who have either lost their job or haven't seen a wage or feel like the company they're working for isn't taking care of them. he'speaking to, he's an outsider that's looking to change the system to focus on jobs, to not make any more political excuses for why things aren't getting done. and you contrast that with hillary clinton, and it's setting up something where you're not looking straight at
7:45 am
demographic and political numbers, you're looking at people who feel a certain way who have felt disenfranchised, even traditional voters, there are a lot of folks coming into the system, frankly, that haven't been involved in politics or haven't voted in the past. and that's where i think we're able to look at these states in a way we haven't in the past. martha: big numbers, big turnout in the primary process, and i think anybody who thinks they can call this game based on the previous games is, has already given up doing that because they've been wrong time and time again. you know, after the last go-round when mitt romney lost, there was a lot of discussion, a lot of soul searching at the rnc. there was a exhaustive report that was done on how to turn this thing around next time and how to do better. and here is a quote from a piece that was written about this in bloomberg business, and let's just put that up on the screen and take a look at it. it says: the key to revival was to put a kinder, gentler gloss on the old, stalwart republican
7:46 am
ideals, free trade, small government while reforming immigration laws to entice non-white voters who were tuning the party out. is this opposite day? i mean, this is the absolute op is sit of what you -- opposite of what you got when donald trump reached 1237 yesterday, sean. >> i mean, that's one reporter's take on what the report said, so let's be clear. i think the media trying to interpret what we need to do is not exactly a fair interpretation of how we're going to win this election. but as i mentioned before, that report was written, you know, before donald trump got into the race. and i think what we can definitely say is this has not been a traditional race, that nothing has gone according to script or how traditionally things have run. he's added an element of energy, of intensity, and it brought in people that have not been part of the process before. so, again, i think that looking through the prism of the last few cycles and saying this is how we win before is done so
7:47 am
without a candidate like donald trump who brings an entirely new element, energy and degree and desire into this election cycle. hillary clinton has one set of rules, most americans don't trust. and it's a dynamic, frankly, we haven't seen in electoral politics ever. martha: yeah. it's fascinating to watch from our perspective, that that's for sure. mitt romney is speaking out in a "wall street journal" piece today, and he is seeing himself as sort of the lonely voice, becoming increasingly more lonely in his sort of quest to to keep donald trump from winning. he says he will write in a candidate if there isn't anybody that he likes. he says that the reason he was motivated to make that speech against donald trump was this: i wanted my grandkids to see that i simply couldn't ignore what mr. trump was saying and doing which revealed a character and temperament unpit for the leader of the -- unfit for the leader of the free world. what do you think about that whole thing? >> i have a lot of respect for
7:48 am
governor romney. he was our standard bearer in 2012. i think he's done a lot of good for this country, for the state of massachusetts and for this party. that being said, donald trump ran a race. he bested 6 other candidate -- 16 other candidates. he got the most votes in republican history. the voters made a decision that they think he speaks best to the direction they want this party to go, and they agree with the solutions that he's offering. i think it's incumbent upon all of us who are good conservatives who want to defeat hillary clinton, who want to make sure that we have a supreme court for the next generation that recognizes conservative values, that we get behind it and get behind this movement, get behind this candidate. because not doing so, frankly, is a vote for hillary clinton. it is putting hillary clinton in the white house. and there is really no other way to describe it. and so, again, while i have deep respect for the governor, i think that we have to understand that the consequence of not getting behind the voters' choice in this election is, in fact, electing hillary clinton. and it's not about just four years, martha.
7:49 am
it's not about the additional spending or exivetive orders. it truly is the trajectory of this country for a generation because the courts will hand down decisions that will alter the trajectory for a generation if not longer. martha: very quickly, because i've got to go, what if elizabeth warren -- do you think she might be the vp candidate with hillary clinton, and what do you think about that? >> i think it would be awesome. one, because we could replace her with a good republican senator in massachusetts, so that would be good. two, again, i think as far left as they continue to go towards socialism and communism, that really sets up a stark difference between the choice the american voters are going to have this november. i think you're going to see more of the same, more of the establishment from, more pandering from the left and from hillary clinton. and i think donald trump's going to give us an opportunity to really change and shake things up in washington to get a government that's responsive and provide the solutions that this country truly needs whether it's the tsa, the v.a., the irs, whatever.
7:50 am
we need a government that's responsive to the people, and that's the direction we're going in. martha: sean, you guys are busy, i know -- >> happy memorial day, martha. martha: you too. thanks a lot. bill: space lasers that could shoot you to mars, that might happen, but you have to keep watching to find out how. next. ♪ ♪ (politely) wait, wait, wait! you can't put it in like... ...that, you have to rinse it first that's baked- on alfredo. baked-on? it's never gonna work. dish issues? cascade platinum... powers... through... your toughest stuck-on food. so let your dishwasher be the dishwasher. see? told you it would work. cascade. think fixing your windshield is a big hassle? not with safelite.
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7:54 am
>> doing great. bill: i think of lasers, i'm thinking about the doctor's office. >> yeah, a little different. bill: this is far from that. what is it? >> it's actually far from now too. the technology they're trying to develop they're hoping in 20 years would be available. the idea is to harness the power of a laser, shoot it at an object that's in space to propel it further away from the planet. and this was something that was announced, stephen hawking was part of it, a billionaire from russia is funding it, so it's kind of this entrepreneurial, commercial space/science endeavor. first, the idea was to send these little sensors to omega -- far away from here, to our closest star system. bill: that's a long way. >> that's a long way. but these are small little wafers. so now what they're proposing, what they hope to do in in addin to being able to do that, larger objects, larger spacecraft and even spacecraft with people in them.
7:55 am
you can't go as fast, but you may not have to go as far. sending people to mars is not as far as sending a -- bill: riddle me this because i have a hard time imagining this, you're using an object to help propel another object deeper into space? action/reaction. >> what they've calculated is that the energy in the laser, you know, we could start accelerating an object and do it for quite a ways and get it going so fast that it can cover a large distance, a great distance in a fraction of the time that we can go now. so they're calculating even a larger payload which would be a spaceship with people in it, let's say. it's going to have some weight to it. could get to mars maybe in a few weeks or a month instead of the six, eight months we're talking about now. bill: so you've been up there. >> yes. bill: is this possible? >> i think it is possible, and i think it's really important, because if you look at technology and travel, transportation, you think air to space, you know? we started with propellers, we
7:56 am
went to jets and we got to rockets, and we've kind of been sort of stuck at the rocket, liquid, solid-fuel rockets. you make some improvements, but we're kind of stuck. if we really want to go far distances, we need to have a new way to get there. what you see in science fiction is way out, but this is maybe something in 20 years with the technology advancements in lasers, maybe we can get there. bill: you once told me the biggest challenge we have is getting away from our own planet. >> exactly. it's in the wrong direction, it's up. right? it's hard to get away. [laughter] propulsion technology is really a key to us. it solves a lot of problems. bill: great to see you. >> happy memorial day. bill: congratulations on the intrepid. >> yeah, we thatted a great gala -- had a great gala. the kelly twins, the vice president was there. it was a really good evening. bill: thank you, mike. martha: how come bill and i weren't there, mike? bill: what's up with that?
7:57 am
martha wants to know why we weren't invited. martha: we'll be right back. the most beautiful hair ever, with our strongest pro-v formula ever. strong is beautiful. ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ >> . >> . ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪
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♪ take you wherever you go. ♪ . martha: we want to thank all those who have served in our military, the families of those who have been lost having memorial day, we will respectively given grace on monday. thank you. bill: see you next week. jon: donald trump finishing up a strong week with a campaign trick through california and the presumptive republican nominee has enough delegates to win thenomination on the first ballot in cleveland. good friday morning, i jon scott .heather: i'm not jon


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