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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 27, 2016 8:00am-9:01am PDT

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. martha: we want to thank all those who have served in our military, the families of those who have been lost having memorial day, we will respectively given grace on monday. thank you. bill: see you next week. jon: donald trump finishing up a strong week with a campaign trick through california and the presumptive republican nominee has enough delegates to win thenomination on the first ballot in cleveland. good friday morning, i jon scott .heather: i'm not jon scott, i'm heather childers,
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it's been a long week but it's friday, i mean for jenna lee. from holding a campaign event today in fresno and just a few hours after that he will head out for a rally at the san diego convention center. jon: john roberts joins us live with the latest on the fronts swing through california, john? reporter: good morning, you can see from supporters going into the arena in fresno for a rally at 10:00 local, it's 1:00 this afternoon and over on this side of the police barricade a group of protesters. so far everything felt peaceful. there's 100 people here. there was an editorial present published in the presidential be encouraging people to keep it peaceful same cool will score more points. don't tolerate violent thoughts and at this point they are making their point. everybody's got something to say here. at one point both sides were both chanting usa at each
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other. it's likely these protesters will have ample opportunity to express themselves because donald trump went past the magic number of 1237 yesterday which means when it gets to the convention, he will likely win on that first ballot. now a folded to the general election. yesterday in bismarck, north dakota unveiling a strategy where he's going to put more than a dozen states in play including the state of california which hasn't voted republican as 1988. here's trump. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win. and i want my energy to be put into states where it could go either way and we're going to play heavy as an example in california. reporter: donald trump also trying to put new york in play which hasn't happened for a long time. he's going to spend a lot of time in california wants to make this a focal point of his campaign which is widely challenged bernie sanders to a debate here in california. donald trump said yesterday the two campaigns have actually had conversations about it and both trump and bernie sanders seemed quite excited about the idea. >> i'd love to debate him but
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iwant a lot of money put up for charity so if we can raise money maybe for women's health issues or something , if we can raise 10 or $15 million for charity which would be an appropriate amount, i understand the television business very well, i think it would get high ratings i'm very excited about it and they're going to have to rent out the largest stadium you have here in california. reporter: donald trump will be here the next couple of hours or so. one point we should make to is that donald trump appears to have completely buried the hatchet with former competitor marco rubio, rubio says he will go to the convention in july and releases delegates and speak in favor of donald trump. trump tweeting out yesterday he thinks that rubio run for his senate seat in florida again this november as opposed to getting out of politics, the polls showing
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rubio is the one best able to retain that senate seat. trump says run marco so people seem to be coming together which is very interesting given the divisive nature of this campaign so far . jon: and it could be the place down below has frozen over because those two had buried the hatchet. one interesting development. john roberts on the campaign trail with donald trump, thank you. is to clinch the nomination at the gop national convention as hillary clinton finishes a tough week with the release of my highly critical report on her private email use. she still faces a challenge from bernie sanders. that is keeping her from focusing on donald trump. joining us now from austin texas, karl rove. former senior advisor and chief of staff to george w. bush and fox news contributor. carl, youpegged it for those who didn't see it earlier in the week, you wrote a piece for with this headline. live from is going to have a very good week , hillary
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another bad one. and you went on to say in there that fronts lead in the fox news and washington post abc polls as well as his improvement in all four poles came from doing better with independence, they will be even more volatile and suggestible the change than normal and it could move to clinton as the democratic contest moved to an end so a good week for him thus far. but he somewhat on the bubble. >> he's got challenges i had. i wrote that last time. i do this now every sunday night and monday morning for, summarize the previous week and suggest what the next week my brain and i think he will have a good week because this process of consolidation of republicans falling in behind their nominee in those four poles from the previous week, he had between 83 and 86 percent of republicans, that was up from somewhere in the 60s to low 70s a month to six weeks before so he's consolidating the republicans
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but he's got room to grow. he's got to get, no republican has ever been elected president in a two-way race without having 91 and 93 percent of the republicans in their camp and getting about half again as many defectors, that is to say getting 11 to 13 percent of democrats to defect and he's got some work to do getting that done but i will tell you this john, i did not think are week would be as bad as it turned out to be. i thought it would be bad with that inspector general report, but it's absolutely devastating. all four things she's told us about the emails, that it was approved and permitted, that wasn't true. that there were no attempt at hacking, that turned out not to be true. that she was going to cooperate totally and be transparent, that turned out not to be true. that there was no classified information across those networks, that turned out not to be true. that inspector general report
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because it is a jaw-dropping lease and indictment of the former secretary of state from the democrat appointee and inspector . jon: we still don't know what the fbi is going to do. >> that's right. all her primary victories thus far won't matter if it happens before, if she or people close to her get indicted before july 25, beginning of the democratic convention. there's going to be a lot of soul-searchingdone by democratic leaders as to whether they should go through with nominating her . jon: what you think about this dance donald trump is doing with bernie sanders, suggesting he want might want to debate sanders if the money is right and the money goes to charity? >> he better be prepared to debate sanders because sanders would love to be on the stage with him and he's got 2.4 million donors whose contributed an average of $27 each to give him $212 million. the idea is his people coming up with $5 million for charitable donations and having trump having to match
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it, that could happen and we would see a debate in the next 10 days before june 7 and katie bar the door when that finishes. jon: but that obviously would not be new good news for hillary clintonbecause her two main competitors would be stealing the spotlight . >> it would. and look, he'sin a bad place . it's only one pole but one pole from a pretty respected group, ppi c showed the california rates narrowing down to it two-man race. it doesn't matter whether she wins or loses in terms of delegates. she is 78 delegates away from having the majority at the convention and they have 930 delegates yet to go. if he gets let's say 50 percent, that is over 400 and 65 delegates and she will be having a margin of 300 some odd over bernie sanders, or the number needed to win so
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600 some odd over bernie sanders so she's going to be the democratic nominee but it sure would be a black eye if she ended up coming out of california with a loss rather than a victory . jon: as for trump, he has moderated , of his earlier campaign proclamations. for instance, he seems to have backed away from the idea of a total ban on muslims entering the united states. >> he now says it's a suggestion and he showing flexibility on other things. this may be good, maybe bad. the one reason he's drawn orders and refused to bow to political correctness and people think he's a strong guy even if they don't necessarily agree with what he does. i think it's smart to try to put these things in the rearview mirror but let's wait a while and see how well that plays with the people up there. as i said in that piece, he consolidated the
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republicans but the other key element is the independents have moved towards him and in all four of those polls, he's made significant movement among independents. he led independence in three out of four poles the week before and was tied in the final one, cbs new york times but that group this year is particularly volatile and this may be a little bit of hey, i like him now because he seems to have become the republican nominee. the question is, what do they do when he consolidated people say all the contests are over, she's got the majority, she looks like she's going to be the nominee. does she enjoy a similar movement of consolidation among republicans and grab some of those independents back? jon: you got a tradition to uphold, let's eat if you are spot on with your predictions. karl rove writing in monday. heather: happening now, president obama on his way home after a landmark visit to vietnam and japan. just hours ago, he became the first sitting us president to visit hiroshima where the us
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dropped an atomic bomb 71 years ago , leading to japan's surrender in world war ii. the president laid a week to honor the victims and spoke with survivors. leyland vendors is following, joins us now live from the white house with mort. reporter: the president did not use the word i apologize when talking about harry truman's decision to drop the two atomic bombs on japan but his critics say his message and tone of his visit was all the same. he was the first us president to visit the roe shema where hundred 40,000 people were killed, that fateful day in august.>> we stand here in the middle of this city and force ourselves to imagine the moment the bomb fell. we force ourselves to feel the dread of children confused by what they see. we listen to a silent prayer.
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reporter: in the past, the president has envisioned a world without nuclear weapons and he spoke about that today saying we need the courage to escape quote, the logic of fear. noteworthy that he did not talk all that much about the courage of the american gis who fought and died in world war ii. the president's visit to hiroshima has reignited the debate about dropping the atomic bomb. while some modern historians argue dropping the bomb at hiroshima and not a psyche was necessary, attend to spiking the football top military leaders we say we need to remember who we were fighting. >> fanaticism was incredible which led the us leadership to estimate that if in fact an invasion of mainland japan would be required, there would be over 1 million us casualties . reporter: those estimates also had countless japanese casualties as well. right now the united states
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provides most of the protection defense for japan and while president obama was there in japan heather, he actually got a lot of lack about the tens of thousands of us troops patient there rather than any kind of thanks for out trouble. back to you. heather: 70,000 troops i believe patient there. thank you. in just a few minutes, asia analyst gordon chang will join us with a closer look at relations between the us, china and the rest of asia. he will talk about why it's important the president is trying to drive the narrative in asia instead of beijing with a message of reconciliation be on police searching for a kidnapped teenager after officers shot and killed or accused of doctor. what witnesses say they saw just before thatyoung girl disappeared . plus, what doctors are doing for a patient infected with a superbug that is resistant to
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treatment with antibiotics. also, we want to hear from you. you think a possible donald trump versus bernie sanders debate will hurt hillary clinton? our live chat is up and running. go to and get your thoughts into that conversation. >>
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jon: a look now at headlines we are following today. police in southern california are still searching for a missing teenager after a shootout killed her accused of doctor.witnesses saw a man driving 15-year-old girl kingston on a freeway overpass wednesday morning. a new hampshire man changing his plea to guilty on charges that he kidnapped a 14-year-old, sexually assaulted her andheld her against her will for months . john sentencing nathaniel kingsley to 90 years behind bars. the victim who is now 17 attended yesterday's hearing. closing arguments set to begin today in the myrtle trial of actor michael j, former cast member of the shield admitting to shooting
8:18 am
and killing his wife in their home in front of their young son. heather: and now toholiday travel . as americans deal with crowded airports, frustrating security lines of course. right now lines at chicago's o'hare airport seem to be moving. the tsa lacing dozens of new agents there to speed up screeninghopefully, that is where mike jolin is joining us live with the latest. hi mike . reporter: there you are. hello heather. every time i have been sent to the airport to cover the cost of travelers, you don't see the big lines. things are clipping through and this is the standard line for tsa screening. let's go into this experiment we been doing through the day. let's tsa project line is any better. a part of the solution, you heard the tsa recommending people go ahead and get certified to go through the project line. that requires you getting online, paying $85 and ultimately showing up at your appointment to get screened
8:19 am
for the tsa project. a lot of people are doing that and sometimes we see and particularly at midway airport that tsa lines are longer than the standard line so we are coming up on it right now and also you can see one of the culprits a contributing factor, all the wheeled luggage that people are bringing through because they don't want to pay for the extra fee to get their baggage on board and they don't trust the airlines to deliver the bags. now you're looking at the tsa project line and frankly, it isn't any better than the standard line. people will say it moves through a little faster but it's just about the same size as the standard line, just past that you have a priority line. if you fly a bit and build up your line you can go through the priority line and of the three that looks likeit is the fastest . as we are talking about holiday travel, a lot of concern in the tsa she has been on capitol hill talking about efforts his agency has made to try to get things moving faster. >> clearly the summer travel
8:20 am
season is going to be busy and in the short-term, tsa airports, congress and travelers working together can improve the passenger experience while we maintain security that we need . >>. reporter: you know the error o'hare is the epicenter of delays. if o'hare sneezes, usa aviation catches a cold but as we are looking at travel going through o'hare, 1.7 million people expected to travel as we can, it's not bad. heather: stopped charging for checked bags and then people will carry all those suitcases with them thank you so much mike . jon: or go to the airport with less, you know the drill . public health officials sounding the alarm after researchers say one patient in the us as a superbug. that's a bacteria resistant to nearly all antibiotics. laura ingle live with more
8:21 am
from our studio. reporter: this is what doctors across the us have been dreading for years. that a bacteria would emerge that they wouldn't be able to fight even with what they call antibiotic of last resort. yesterday health officials said a 49-year-old woman in pennsylvania is the first reported case with an antibiotic resistant strain of e. coli. the discovery serious enough to be on the department of defense's radar after the dod was tapped by president obama to be part of an advisory council on combating antibiotic resistant bacteria. the woman went to a with symptoms of a urinary tract infectionand the bacteria was found in her urine. the patient reported no travel history in the last five months , makingthis all the more concerning. >> we know now that the more we look , the more we are going to find and the more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. we need to do a very comprehensive job protecting antibiotics so we can have them and our children can have them be six while this is the first case in the us, it's not the case in the world. public health officials were
8:22 am
alerted in november of cases in china which created great concern within the global health community. it was later discovered in europe and canada as well. we will continue to follow the story you want thank you laura. heather: firing up the grill this weekend? good news for you and your wallet. >> olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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shoshow me more like this.e.
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. 's jon: fox news is america's election headquarters. with donald trump challenging bernie sanders to a debate after hillary clinton turned down a invitation from fox news. the senator said game on the via twitter. trump says first there has to be a big donation to charity with the tv network
8:26 am
presumably putting that bill. no takers so far. should we hold our breath? let's bring in judy miller, investigative reporter, author and fox news contributor and lynn sweet, washington bureau chief at the chicago sun-times. judy, bernie sends get the biggest stadium you can find and let's put on that debate. should we mark our calendars? >> well, if you can find a network to host it. why not?everything else we believed about the rules of the political game have proven to be incorrect. at least when it comes to mister trump. i can't remember a precedent for the presumptive nominee of the republican party inviting a man who is not going to be the democratic party nominee to a debate but hey, it's vintage trump. i don't think it's going to happen but it's another thing that shows why we have to keep on covering donald trump's. jon: i suppose for bernie it's a win-win lynn because the holes he's proud of pointing to the polls he says if he were to run against some of he would be him, no better place to show than on
8:27 am
the debate stage. >> away for bernie sanders because unless something dramatic happens, he's not going to be the democratic nominee and if he remains on the stage it will give them massive exposure to continue his fundraising but he does this at his peril. i don't think it will, i agree with judy because he would have to know that he's walking into a situation where it will give an enormous audience to donald trump just to bash hillary clinton and he would have to decide whether he joins in on some of the criticism or he backs off. it's risky, risky to do this. jon: and both men are bashing hillary clinton right now, judy. he's still fighting a two front war absolutely and that's what's driving her crazy. that's what got to be even
8:28 am
more painful than the state department inspector general's report which was really pretty awful for her. on top of that, she has donald trump and bernie sanders making the same argument. trump and sanders actually driving her to the left. this was not a good week for her and she i think seems a little bit at a loss as to how to handle it. jon: lynn, what about the coverage of that ig report? hillary clinton's campaign would have you a, there's nothing here. move on please but as karl rove ticked off earlier in the hour, there were four major claims she has made that proved not to be true according to the inspector general. >> well, it is a common way on the part of pr people when they want to downplay damage and information to say it's old news. okay. the reporters see past that and the ig report on hillary clinton's email has gotten extensive coverage so it couldn't make the story go away. jon: i want to turn our attention to another issue, the producers of a new katie
8:29 am
couric documentary on gun violence are now accused of deceptive editing, first take a look at this clip from that produced these called under the gun. >> so there are no background checks for gun users. how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? jon: that's a room full of gun rights supporters from virginia, they obviously look stumped but in a full audio recording of the interview you can hear how they answered her question directly. listen. >> how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking in to say a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun? >> well, if you're not in jail you should still have your papers and still have a gun. >> so if you are a terrorist or felony ... >> and if you've done time, you should have every right.
8:30 am
>> the fact is we do have statutes so that the federal and state level that prohibits classes of people from being in possession of firearms. jon: judy, i know you're not a big advocate of handguns but what about that kind of editing? you know, i think she was trying to make a point. weirdly enough, i think the answers of the people who support that idea that terrorists, potential terrorists should have guns would have been just a as damaging if not more so. i don't know why they chose to edit it that way . it's her show and i think she can do that but i think people understand that the issue is much more complicated than that . and katie couric has made no secret of her own views on this. jon: i disagree. i just don't think you can take a question and edit in silence in place of the answers that were actually given but lynn, i give you the final word on this topic. >> even though the quotes
8:31 am
when they came eight seconds later, the quotes were accurate. it was on tape. you should or whoever edited this needed to be aware that the seconds created an impression that was different than how it unfolded in the real interview and it's an unfortunate pieceof editing . jon: ethics is the network on which it ran. they gave us a statement which reads in part, well, first they logged katie couric at the director and then they said ethics stands behind katie couric and their creative and editorial judgment. we encourage people to watch the film and decide for themselves. of course they want you to go out and watch. >> i think i'll get my ideas elsewhere. jon: thanks very much for joining us, our media panel today, judy miller, lynn weeks c7 coming up, as president obama flies home
8:32 am
from a landmark trip to asia, leaders of the g-7 nations adjourn with a big worry. what to do about chinese aggression in the south china sea. gordon chang is here up next. >> protection now comes with an incredible double your money back guarantee. always discreet is for bladder leaks and it's drier than poise. try it, love it or get double your money back. always discreet.
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heather: more than 70 years after the us dropped two atomic bombs on japan, new debate on whether it was necessary to end world war ii.
8:36 am
as president obama visits peace memorial park in hiroshima and lazily to honor the victims and the first sitting us president to do so, to visit hiroshima tells survivors the deadly technology demands a quote, moral revolution and joining me now is gordon chang, and asia analyst and author of the coming collapse of china, thank you for joining us. >> thank you. heather: we carry the president's words and the ceremony this morning as we began fox and friends. what was your impression? >> the most important thing is the president was sending a message of reconciliation. he was setting the agenda for the region. for too long, the chinese have been driving events with provocative actions and what we've beendoing is merely reacting. what the president today was doing was proposing an agenda for east asia. that's important because we need tomake sure our allies united because we need to restrain a very belligerent china . heather: he promised he would not apologize , he offered none. >> he didn't and he actually
8:37 am
talk about japanese aggression almost directly, not quite and i think that was important also because prime minister all they needed to hear that. everyone wants him to go to the arizona memorial and pearl harbor, i hope that happens and president obama going to hiroshima, that puts pressure on the japanese leader to do so . heather: some people argued that his appearance there, just his appearance would serve as an apology. >> some japanese will take it that way and people in the region will do so as well but when you listen to the president's words, he just really, i don't think put the two together. an important thing here is that the president was into the japanese people, we will stand with you. we are your friends. we are your allies.because the chinese want japanese islands, they're putting a lot of pressure on tokyo and now the japanese do feel insecure. heather: we needto talk about that because it's somewhat ironic, just today as the president is there in japan,
8:38 am
wrapping up the g summit as well we have word , fox news exclusive with some of this satellite imagery showing drones with stealth technology over islands in the south china sea. >> and the chinese are actually militarizing the south china sea despite what chinese president pledged to president obama in the murdering ace date visit. the other chinese have violated every single promise not only to us but to countries in the region and it's important for the united states to show that we are working with our friends such as vietnam where the president dropped the arms embargo. that's an important message to beijing to say we need all the friends we can get and we will arm into the teeth. heather: the g-7 summit, those leaders also issued a message to china as well. >> and beijing was very upset about that because they thought the g-7 should really just restrain itself to economic matters. the g-7 wasn't united on a lot of issues, especially currency manipulation by the
8:39 am
japanese but nonetheless, he did come together on the geopolitical issues and those are the ones that are important right now, especially as china is putting drones and aircraft missiles and aircraft onto those runways. heather: gordon chang, thank you for joining us. john? jon: a fox news alert heather, hurricane forecasters releasing their atlantic outlook for this dormant season which begins on 1 june. we are already watching a system that could developinto a tropical depression and put a damper on holiday plans along the southeast coast . there were 11 named storms last year, slightlyless than the average . this year, bill keating is live in our miami bureau with that report. b6 just today a hurricane hunter plane will be flying from florida directly into that still developing tropical system out there in
8:40 am
the atlantic between bermuda and the bahamas. this will help with holiday weekend forecast for sure and that's still five days away from the official start of hurricane season. in maryland, the national oceanic and atmospheric administration is giving its annual hurricane reason forecast. the next speaker is going to be diverging those numbers so until we have that, let's take a look at what colorado state university, its renowned meteorological department put out for this year. 2016, csu believes there will be 12 named storms, five of them hurricanes, two of those will be major category three, four or five. these numbers, we still don't know from noaa yet but last year we saw four hurricanes and two majors but integral things to keep in mind this year. is on the way out and that should mean less windshear in the caribbean and atlantic which
8:41 am
helps break apart but in storms before they become hurricanes. plus, we are already seeing warm atlantic waters out there so this could be an average season historically, possibly a little higher. we should find out any second now. tropical storm erica last year pounded and devastated the island nation of dominica south of puerto rico. the rainfall does mudslides, fatalities in half $1 billion in damages and hurricane joaquin last year pounded the eastern bahamas as a category three, taking down a cargo ship and its 33 crew members. this memorial day has the potential to be memorable for rain, particularly people living in georgia and the carolinas. the national hurricane center now getting this system a 90 percent chance of becoming a tropical or subtropical storm by tomorrow. if it becomes a named storm, its name will be bonnie. keep in mind we are coming off of three seasons in a row, three years in a row of under average hurricanes so
8:42 am
whether that cycle continues, we should hopefully know any second butas soon as we get the numbers we will share them with you .jon: bill keating, interesting. heather: coming up, hundreds of passengers forced to evacuate when an engine fire breaks out on their plane. what we are hearing about this frightening incident. , a texas grand jury indicting the mother of ethan count, remember him? we tell you about the charges she is facing and what it means going forward. means going forward. >> u need safelite to come to the zoo we'll come to the zoo! only safelite can fix your windshield anywhere in the us. with our exclusive mobileglassshops. and our one of a kind trueseal technology, for a reliable bond. service that fits your schedule. that's another safelite advantage. ♪ safelite repair, safelite replace. ♪ igoing to clean betteran electthan a manual. was he said sure...but don't get just any one. get one inspired by dentists, with a round brush head.
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heather: happening now, the mother of, remember the affluenza teenager who killed four people driving drunk and high on drugs? his mama now has been, she has now been taken into custody and she is being charged, facing charges of hindering the apprehension of a felon and money-laundering in connection with her travel with ethan to mexico last
8:46 am
year. officials believe ethan and tonya fled the country and when video service online appear to show him violating the terms of his probation. a former federal prosecutor and troy slayton is a criminal defense attorney and former prosecutor and able to join us now with more insight, thank you for joining us. frederick, i'll start with you. explain the charges she is facing andwhy . >> why is quite frankly, they asked me this woman is a doctor frankenstein who created the monster that was her kid that basically killed four people. that's not really in the wall but that's the reality of the matter. what she's charged with his money-laundering and hindering apprehension and money-laundering is investing money to further a criminal enterprise and if it's the $30,000 that we heard that it is, that's actually a class iiird degree felony in texas and punishable by not less than two years in prison and not more than 10 which in my
8:47 am
opinion is what she should get. this is the kind of behavior that created the monster that was her kid . heather: troy, what do you think? why are prosecutors going after those charges? >> because of exactly what fred said. they were able to get what they wanted from ethan and they have a lot of egg on their face. there's been a lot of public scorn for the rather light sentence he received but this is what i call the mama bear syndrome. it's not hard to see how a mother or any parent would want to protect their child and yes, fred says this is, she created a frankenstein here but parents all throughout the country do whatever they can to protect their child, even if sometimes that means committing a crime. i'm sorry, that's not the way i was raised and that's not the way i raise my four sons and to say there was egg on the face when this kid there is for people with and after 350 i think is kind of repugnant. my mother. >> but fred, he didn't go out there with the intent to commit murder.
8:48 am
[overlapping conversation] heather: troy, i have a question and i'm wondering about the past of ethan's mother and father themselves. he has this millionaire father fred, his mother tonya who you saw there, they have a past of their own. facing or accused of morethan 20 crimes ranging from speeding to assault . so will her past specifically play into what takes place in terms of her charges and sentencing? >> ultimately , ... >> fred, prosecutors every day take into account the criminal history of the defendant that comes before them and this certainly doesn't appear to be her first rodeo with the law. that will absolutely play into any plea negotiations and any potential sentence imposed by the judge. heather: fred? >> if i was a prosecutor
8:49 am
there wouldn't be any plea negotiations. she the indictment. this is the kind of conduct that undermines the entire judicial system and for this woman to help her son is a criminal prosecution, i hear what you're saying. a parent should help their child up to the point where they break the law and she stepped overthe boundaries. she didn't step over them, she dumped over it and paid $30,000 and flew over it all the way to mexico. as far as i'm concerned, this lady gets what she deserves . heather: what will prosecutors need to show their case, to prove their case. >> . [overlapping conversation] they have to show she intentionally use money to aid in the commission of a felony and the statute actually talks about what they have to show. in this instance that's not going tobe hard. he knew her son had to report for probation and she help and not be there . heather: troy, you get the last word. >> look, people go out and they drink and drive and some horrible things can happen but that doesn't mean it's murder.
8:50 am
absolutely and what happened here was tragic but the long here was trying to protect her child from going to prison, from all the horrible things that happen in prison and i think that parents around the country can understand that parental instincts. heather: a mom who even saw get off on several crimes she committed herself. fred, troy, thank you for joining us. jon: a brand-new treatment to help opioid annex kick the habit. why doctors say an implant could be more effective in taking a pill. and the special honor for a vietnam veteran with a history of helping others. >> and it keeps my investments fully mobile... even when i'm on the move. sign up at and get up to six hundred dollars. looktry align probiotic.our digestive system? for a non-stop, sweet treat goodness,
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jon: let's get a look at what's ahead on outnumbered on this friday, sandra and kennedy, what's going on? >> hillary clinton pushing back against that that report on her state department email practices. they are mistake was permitted at the time. but these reports say the opposite. >> plus, campaigning like it's 1999, donald trump targeting all those clinton scandals from decades ago. will the strategy work? >> and the us has its first blue lives matter law but critics are saying giving police extra protection weakens hate crime laws. all that and we got so much more for our hashtag, one lucky guy, geraldo rivera joins us. is going to be outnumbered at the top of the hour. jon: although on a holiday weekend, we love it. >> it's a holiday. heather: that's a good one. the fda approving a new kind of medication to help people overcome opioid addiction.
8:55 am
it's an implant called pro design and it can be inserted under the skin, releasing a drug used to treat opioid addiction that reduces withdrawal symptoms. doctors sing a six-month treatment could mean acts off opioid painkillers or herring , 2 and a half million americans are addicted to some kind of opioid, experts say new treatment could be a game changer and it should be available by the end of next month . jon: retired army general and vietnam veteran taking home a special honor. west point presenting brigadier general john doctor johnson with its distinguished graduate award. jonathan sperry live in atlanta to explain how the vietnam that is paying it forward. reporter: half a century after his service in combat, john bunsen continues to inspire future military leaders. watch.
8:56 am
>> this country is a great country. i don't need some political candidate to tell me it's a great country, we got a great country, the greatest country on earth the six retired general.bunsen isn't shy about his love for america or his willingness to fight for her. his comment leadership was on full display during two tours of duty in vietnam. >> you have the courage to do what needs to be done, set an example on a daily basis and take the action necessary to kill the enemy . lead from the front. you don't have to be their leader every time but by golly, be prepared to join them. reporter: at 81, this decorated war vet continues to receive honors including west point's distinguished graduate award rather than look back on his own celebrated military career, bunsen likes to pay it forward and honor america's future warriors. [applause] each year bunsen returns to his all modern to present a pistol to the captain of the west point rugby team and the cadets at marion military institute who shows on potential to lead in
8:57 am
combat. >> to motivate kids to serve and serve at the tip of the spear. >> tip of the spear, very important to you. >> veryimportant because not everybody wants to do it . i never have found a crowd that would wind. >> inspiring story, john, back to you. jon: thanks. olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless.
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jon: we're back in an hour. "outnumbered" starts now. ♪ ♪ sandra: this is "outnumbered." i'm sandra smith. here today, host of kennedy on fox business, kennedy. also from fbn, dagen mcdowell is here. democratic strategist julie roginsky, and today's #oneluckyguy, we welcome back the host of geraldo rivera reports, geraldo is here and -- >> yes, ma'am. sandra: please, with all due respect, you are outnumbered. >> i love it. kennedy: you're wearing a snazzy lapel pen. >> oh, thanks.


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