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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 27, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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thank you very much for joining us. >> "the real story" with gretchen starts now. good afternoon. thanks so much for joining us. donald trump going full bother in california today despite already clinching the republican nomination. this is "the real story." trump has more than enough delegates to secure the nomination thanks to all those unbound delegates who have now pledge their support in north dakota. but he is still stumping, as can you see here, holding rallies in fresno and also in san diego. california voters hit the polls on june 7th. we have team coverage, at the trump protest happening just outside the speech venue. and carl cameron is live in san diego where we start with carl.
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carl, he's been talking about energy and all that. what's today's speech about? >> reporter: well, it's mostly about trying to woo voters. women, business folks, blue-collar voters he's been courting all across the country. it is important to note this particular event today and this trip was planned long before donald trump clinched the nomination with the delegates from south dakota a few days ago. he comes here and he's competing for california no longer really in the republican primary. he's already looking forward to the general election and california is a long-standing democratic strong hold, a blue state that barack obama won twice, and yet he's been saying for last few days that he thinks he can within here. he's also picked out 15 states that he intends to campaign and concentrate on most in order to win the nomination, and most of them are blue states like minnesota, wisconsin, pennsylvania, ohio, florida, all states that went blue for -- when barack obama won them and that he intends to play hard in.
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and today he may have picked on his new fight with environmentalists. he said while he's done very well environmentally, the drought here in california, there is a tremendous water shortage that particularly up in -- around bakersfield and northern los angeles and northern california. the drought's been terribly horrible and had a terrible impact on agriculture here. so trump is saying that part of that is because of overexertion and overenthusiasm to protect endangered species. so now he's saying he's going to turn water back on if he is elected president which would be an incredible feat and one that would certainly be liked here but the environmentalists aren't going to like it. i know i said south dakota earlier. it was north dakota. >> carl cameron live for us in san diego, california, thanks. >> you bet. well, police are on guard wherever donald trump shows up these days for possible clashes between his supporters and anti-trump protesters. crowds of protesters gathering today outside the fresno
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convention center, the site of a trump rally later on. lines of police officers separated the two camps. adam, what are police preparing for today? >> reporter: they were out here overnight about three hours before this rally began people started to gather. the rally was about half-an-hour or so late. there is a couple hundred out here right now, they've been loud, stamping on trump signs. all sorts of chants in english and spanish here, labor groups are here, anti-trump groups, as far as hillary clinton supporters and supporters for bernie sanders. there is probably about 50 officers right here alone with about 25-foot no-go area. it's been peaceful so far in the sense they have only been yelling back and forth. you can't really get to either side if you are on one side or the other. but it has been loud. again, the problem in this part of the country, carl alluded to
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it, you have two very distinctive groups here. you have some conservative groups here, obviously a very conservative part of the state, but you also have a lot of immigrant rights groups here, thus the separation and the ongoing chants here against trump. also a lot of chants using the now-famous rap song "f donald trump" that's been going on as well. they are doing a good job here basically keeping everybody back from each other. i will also note when someone of a minority representation goes in to a trump rally, there is a lot more yelling on this side because that individual they feel should be over here and visa versa. a lot of fights going on here when it comes just to verbiage. not physical. but that's what the officers want here in fresno. >> thank you outside that trump rally. the tsa is trying to get ready for its peak summer travel season. with memorial day weekend tsa workers are adding thousands of overtime hours to try to cope with all expected crowds. this is just ten days after passengers -- well thousands of
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them in fact missed their flights. some were stuck in security lines for more than three hours at chicago's o'hare airport. mike tobin has a look at how things are today. >> repeen that big crush that was feared here at o'hare with the overflowing lines. the line is increasing as people are getting out of work and people booked their flights for after work, but the tsa is trying to combat what is expected to be a record travel summer by adding some staff. they are asking congress for more money so they can convert thousands of part-timers into full time. in the meantime, you have people showing up here at the airport some three hours early to make their flight and they're not happy about it. >> it is a nightmare. really. because we had to wake up very early to make sure we catch our flight. and we are very angry about that and about disorganization. >> you can't get around it. you just have to adapt. and it is not fun. but there is no other way to get
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around the country quickly, and so you just have to stick it out. >> getting here three to four hours before your flight time? that's ridiculous. they've got to do something to speed this process up. >> reporter: so the big delays are really a combination of three things -- increased travel volume, record levels expected this summer. you have decreased staffing. tsa is adding staff, but that's coming from a five-year low. aside from that, you have this proliferation of the wheeled carry-on baggage. nobody wants to pay the baggage fee, they don't trust the airlines to get the bags to the destination so they are carrying on and that slows up everything in the line. >> so what are the airlines doing now to try to help? >> well, the ceo of southwest says this is an all-hands on deck type of situation. so southwest, jetblue, they're dedicating staff to help out with the ts a-line. american airlines and delta are spending some $4 million so those staff can go and manage some of the lines and also sort those bins. that frees up the tsa staffers
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to dedicate themselves to screening passengers. >> all right. mike tobin, great to see you. enjoy your weekend. thanks so much. new video coming in of some serious flash flooding taking place in texas. some areas getting so much rain that emergency crews are out responding to cars swept away by high water. those floods leaving neighborhoods looking more like lakes, and then in the midwest part of our country, a tornado warning forcing evacuation of kansas city airport yesterday. travelers forced to find shelter in parking garage tunnels. our chief meteorologist joins us now with a look at how long the severe weather will continue. what are we facing? >> it is a really rough week all week long. we probably had seven days in a row of tornadoes across the plains. that one around the kansas city area yesterday was very scary. but a lot of areas saw tornadoes yesterday. five different states all across the plains. we have more severe weather today to get through. we have a very slow moving system that's been out across
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the west. brought some snow across some of the cities in colorado yesterday. but we're finally seeing it begin to shift a little bit off towards the east. as it does, one more day of severe weather, though the tornado threat today significantly lower than has been the last few days. i think we'll see some hail, some wind, maybe still a tornado or two but not like we've seen the last few days. but we've had so much rain that is causing problems. tomorrow we're also going to see severe weather threat but it is far, far diminished. but the rain is still there. take a look at some pictures out of the houston area yesterday. houston in the last 12 months has had four to five 100-year floods notice area withhich is absolutely incredible. we've seen so much flooding in the area. the batch that fell yesterday was very concentrated. we saw some batches that saw up to 12 inches of rain in a very short amount of time. there is no way you are not going to get incredible flooding. hillary terrain.
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we will see more rain in the next couple days but farther up in the eastern parts of louisiana. we had incredible flooding in shreveport recently. more rain in that area. the other thing, we are heading in toward the hurricane season. it starts on wednesday. just before it we are talking about the holiday weekend, a potential tropical-like system moving in toward the coastal areas of the klein national weather service, rip currents, lot of wind, lot of rain. not a great weekend, unfortunately, on the beach for so many people. >> we are praying for people and their safety out there, especially in the plain states. moments ago donald trump renewing calls for a one-on-one debate with senator bernie sanders. listen. >> and we do get much bigger crowds than him. we get much bigger crowds. and i want to debate him so badly! i'd love to debate bernie. >> of course. well, could it really happen? plus, hillary clinton on the defense after a scathing report contradicts her claims about how she used her private e-mail server. a closer look at the findings and what they could mean for her
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welcome back. a teenage girl in oregon works up courage to confront two burglars who broke into her home, then ends up sending them running. the intruders ransacked her house. jenson clark hid in a closet underneath a blanket. in order to keep her cover she texted her mom from that closet, and she then called 911. >> ma'am, i don't want you to do anything that's not safe for you. okay? >> i know, but my daughter is in
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the room with some burglars. >> i texted both of my parents telling them both that i loved them just because you don't know. but i didn't know what else to do. >> what a brave young woman. well, when the burglars eventually found her in that closet, jenson yelled at them and told them to get out of the house. what did they do? they actually got out of there after she scared them off. police eventually caught them and put them behind bars. let's talk some politics right now. donald trump is live in fresno, california. he is still going after hillary clinton after she continues to defend that private e-mail server that she set up in her home basement. even after the state department's bombshell report on that controversy, that report finding that no approval was sought or given for that personal server at her home. and that state department staff who complained about it were
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told, "never to speak about it again." clinton and top aides stonewalled and refused to be interviewed by the state department inspector general, an obama-appointee, by the way. then in 2011 the clinton's server was attacked by hackers. clinton and staff failed to report those attacks in violation of government policy. also in 2011, clinton was warned of blackmail risks from hackers of private e-mails. and in 2013 she failed to save or surrender her e-mails, all according to the report. clinton violated government policies established in accord with the federal records act. joining us now to talk about the impact, host of the allan combes show. as loisa boothe. welcome to you both. good afternoon.
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trump has hit her hard on her trustworthiness and her trustworthy numbers are now dropping. how will doubling down, as she is, claiming that this server was allowed, how will it affect her numbers going forward? >> well, the server was allowed. in fact on page 5 of the ig report it talks about that. it also says that the federal records act was not changed until 2014 after she was secretary of state, and explicitly states in the report that non-state servers are permitted as long as records are kept. >> alan, you talk to anybody and they will tell you that that is absolutely incorrect. but lisa -- >> let me bring you in, lisa. >> no, the report by the state department inspector general, who, mind you, was appointed by president obama, explicitly shows that she broke state department protocol and she also ignored warnings. they said that the amount that
11:17 am
was hacked was being increased exponentially. she failed to recognize that and lied in the process. it is a big problem for hillary clinton. her integrity and honesty is at stake here. and it's at question. what's exceedingly clear is hillary clinton intentionally set up a private server around private e-mail account to circumvent congress and circumvent future foia requests. she also lied to congress and lied to the courts as well. >> there is no evidence she lied to congress under oath. >> she failed to turn over e-mails and she actually signed documents -- >> i'd like to point out that there is a whole bunch of stuff in this report we have not yet said. for example, it talks about colin powell not having turned every, up to this date -- >> he didn't exclusively use a private server and -- >> alan, to be fair, there is a big difference between having a private e-mail account like back in the '90s when only some people were using e-mail, and setting up a private server. >> if i could just -- probably be safer on a private server?
11:18 am
i actually wonder if colin powell were running for president, would we be pearl clutching. >> alan, she didn't exclusively use any private e-mail server. she set this up in 2009 with the foresight to intentionally circumvent congress and future foia requests. >> let me just mention, anyone who spent time in washington, d.c. in a position of government knows that a private server, much less private e-mail, is not acceptable and is a risk. >> and she was warned by the state department repeatedly for doing exactly what she did. she was also dishonest to the state department and her staffers actually rebuked warnings for doing exactly what she was doing. >> that's the problem, she's being held to a different standard than other secretaries
11:19 am
of state. >> let's talk about the bernie sanders potential and donald trump debate and whether or not that might happen. bernie sanders just stepping up to the podium right now talking about a debate in california ahead of the state's june 7th primary. here's bernie sanders, and we will get your reaction on the other side. >> you made it possible for us to have a very interesting debate about two guys who look at the world very, very differently. >> what do you think is going to happen? will we have the capitalist meets the socialist? >> oh, it would be genius and it would be ratings gold. that's a good idea for both donald trump and bernie sanders to partake in that kind of debate. because what they are able to do is both focus their line of attacks against hillary clinton. she won't be able to defend herself. they can bring up everything from her putting her national security at risk with her private e-mail and private server to her failure to release the wall street transcript.
11:20 am
so it would be pure ratings gold, entertaining and politically beneficial for both of them. >> it's beneficial mostly for trump since he is the republican nominee. ber in i will not be the democratic nominee. it only hurts hillary clinton. it is good for bernie sanders in terms of promoting his brand. it is good for donald trump, whether he wins or loses that debate, because it takes people away from hillary clinton. he's really who benefits most from it. >> it would be kind of like the 1980 "miracle on ice" between the u.s. and russians on other side. the socialists and capitalists. thank you both so much. researchers say that they have found patient zero, a woman infected with bacteria resistant to the so-called last resort of antibiotics. so will this bug spell the end for antibiotic treatments? plus, the governor of virginia, a champion clinton fund-raiser, under federal investigation. and his story seems to change almost daily. listen.
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welcome back. growing concerns of a new super bug here in the united states. health officials say that a woman in pennsylvania has been diagnosed with a strain of e. coli that is considered to so-called antibiotics of last resort. this is the first time this has ever happened in america. experts say that that super bug could signal "the end of the road for antibiotics all together." this sounds like a big deal. >> it is what doctors across the united states have been dreading for years, that a bacteria would emerge that they wouldn't be able to fight, even with what they call the antibiotic of last
11:25 am
resort. now yesterday health officials said a 49-year-old woman in pennsylvania is the first reported case of having this antibiotic resistant strain of e. coli. the discovery, serious enough to be on the department of defense's radar after the dod was tasked by president obama to be part of a advisory council on combating antibiotic resistant bacteria. the woman went to clinic with symptoms of a urinary tract infection and bacteria was found in her urine. the patient reported no travel history in the last five months, making this case all the more concerning. >> we know now that the more we look the more we're going to find. and the more we look at drug resistance, the more concerned we are. we need to do a very comprehensive job protecting antibiotics so that we can have them and our children can have them. >> reporter: this is the first case in the u.s. but not the first in the world. health officials were alerted in
11:26 am
november of last year of cases in china which created grave concern within the global health community. it was later discovered in europe and canada as well after pennsylvania's governor, tom wolfe, became aware of the threat in his statement with being he released a statement which reads, in part, we are taking the emergence of this resistance gene very seriously and we will take necessary actions to prevent mcr-1 from becoming a widespread problem with potentially serious consequences. the safety of pennsylvanians is our utmost priority. the cdc says it will continue to work with the state health department in pennsylvania with this first u.s. case to see how the woman may have been infected. heather? >> newsroom, laura. thank you. a politician closely intertwined with the clintons now caught in the middle of his own controversy. why the governor accused of taking illegal campaign donations can't seem to stick to his story. plus, donald trump telling marco rubio to run for re-election in florida? why is he doing that after
11:27 am
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aaa says lowest gas prices in more than a decade are the cause for all the travel. ford says a fluid leak can reduce braking power in the f-150. ford will replace it for free. ford will create five positions within the company aiming to reduce the unemployment rate for u ticauti. terry mcauliffe under an fbi investigation regarding donations from a chinese businessman. on monday, he said, "i'm not sure if i've even met the person, to be honest with you." two days later he said, "i think we probably met one or two occasions." today we learned that mccakauca
11:32 am
live invited this business plan to clinton's perm residence where is he said to have briefly shaken clinton's hand. the story apparently changing once again. peter, tell us a little bit about this event at mrs. clinton's house. how exclusive was it? >> it depends on who you ask. the mcauliffe campaign says it was large. but the chinese doctor said he was 1 of about 100 guests for the fund-raiser for terry mcauliffe. but "time" magazine reports the democratic front-runner around the controversial busy man did shake hands at the event and a few weeks after very briefly crossing paths, one of mr. wang's companies donated half a million dollars to the clinton foundation where terry mcauliffe sat on the board. now wang has also met with bill
11:33 am
clinton twice over the years, including at an event at bill clinton's house in new york. but hillary clinton, not accused of any wrongdoing. all thing fingers are pointed at the virginia governor who is, according to his lawyer, being investigated for allegedly lobbying the u.s. government on behalf of this chinese entity whose business interests contributed more than $11 hu$10 to the mcauliffe campaign, though mcauliffe says that never happened. >> so he thought enough of him to have invited him to the event at the clinton's house. what is the governor now saying to defend himself? >> he is blaming the constantly changing story line about just how well he knew this guy on a faulty memory saying that he doesn't remember everybody that turns up at fund-raisers to give him money. governor mcauliffe also says he wouldn't even recognize wang if he walked right up to him today to say "hey." heather? >> peter live in washington, thanks. a fox news alert now.
11:34 am
the family of skate steinle filing a lawsuit. an illegal immigrant shot and killed her last year in san francisco. that gun that was used to kill her was allegedly taken from the bureau of land management agent who had left it in his car. theste the steinle family is suing. pressure is mounting on former presidential candidate marco rubio to run for re-election of the senate. rubio insisting during his white house race that he would not seek re-election, but donald trump who ridiculed rubio during the campaign has now tweeted this. run, marco. that kind of encouragementment. rubio says he would be willing to help the presumptive nominee.
11:35 am
listen. >> donald trump asks you to speak on his behalf, you would do so? >> yeah. i want to be helpful. i don't want to be harmful because i don't want hillary clinton to be president. look, my policy differences with donald trump, i spent 11 months talking about them so i think they are well understood. that said, i don't want hillary clinton to be president. if there's something i can do to help that from happening and it is help ifle to the cause, i'd most certainly be honored to consider that. >> talking about speaking at the convention, but the other issue is go he to get back in and run for senate. welcome to you. later on in that interview he started talking about maybe running for that senate seat. it sounds like they're kind of keeping the door crack open a bit. >> yeah, certainly republicans would love for rubio to run for re-election. there is a big group of republican candidates currently running for rubio's seat but a lot of them really haven't impressed and particularly the
11:36 am
people here in washington, the big republicans, aren't really impressed with any of them. and so i think just from outsiders' perspective, if rubio were to run i think he would probably have a better chance of winning than the other republicans. so he's facing a lot of pressure. and while rubio has said he isn't going to run, he sort of softened that stance over the past couple of days and politicians change their mind all the time. no becomes yes pretty quickly. >> though he did say in an interview that a good friend of his was running. he kind of wanted some wiggle room. but on the other hand, jeb bush was once his good personal friend. >> that's right. lieutenant governor carlos lopez cantara is running for the senate seal. i can imagine a deal cut where a lieutenant governor could maybe do something else and maybe rubio could step in. so again these things seem very implausible until all of a sudden they happen. >> so let's take a look at the current balance of power.
11:37 am
these down ballot races are something people are talking about in the house and senate. current senate makeup, 54 republicans, 46 democrats. there are some concerns on the part of the gop of hanging on to republican control. you look at two states in particular that you think could go from republicans to the democrats. tell me about that. >> that's right. our crystal ball ratings we call illinois with be wisconsin which are held by republicans right now, and leaning to the democrats meaning that we think that the democrats have a better than 50%-50% chance to win those seats. so if you assume that the democrats win those, that's 2 of the 4 they need to get to a tie in the senate. then they would five to have outright control depending on who the vice president is. then ohio, pennsylvania, new hampshire and florida, toss-up states, all the republican-held toss-up states, it shows the importance potentially of rubio's decision, because if he runs for re-election and proves
11:38 am
to be a stronger republican candidate than some of these other candidates, maybe that's the difference between republicans winning the senate or losing it. >> bottom line, they just want to win. just looking at that picture again, you had some toss-up states. florida, nevada, pennsylvania, ohio. typically the republican presidential nominee will do a whole lot to try to ensure that republicans maintain control of that chamber. donald trump has just recently started to talk about that a bit saying we need to keep control here. is he doing enough to help candidates across the country? >> certainly it seems like some natural republicans are unhappy with trump's commitment to building a ground game that would help them down ballot. where's in an era where presidential and senate votes are pretty highly correlated. you wouldn't expect a democrat to win florida, for instance, and a republican to win the senate seat. maybe it happens, but you would expect most of the key swing states that have senate races to vote the same way in both races.
11:39 am
and so trump's performance may be very important in determining whether republicans hold the senate. >> all right. we'll see if he gets out there. thank you so much. here's what america is clicking on today. chinese designers revealing plans for a ground-breaking new bus that would allow commuters to breeze through traffic. gliding over cars in its path. no way. y . john draper's convertible is up for auction in a few days. it is a bird, it's a plane, it's an eagle with your ale? a company in canada launching beer delivery -- this is just for me. i love this. this is perfect. beer delivery by eagle! we should have invented this. we're americans. we think like that. but they did up there. after troubling admissions by the tsa about the travel woes it's been having trying to cut
11:40 am
down massive security lines at airports, agency is asking people to show up at least two hours before the flight. one of the busiest airports, ms. w -- midway, is where we find our jeff flock. >> reporter: you really didn't have to show up two hours in advance. i'm going to explain why as i show you the security line at midway. back with a full report in just a moment. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar. januvia works when your blood sugar is high and works less when your blood sugar is low, because it works
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moment when a semi-truck jackknifes on the middle of a busy highway. you see the run-away big rig barely making it on to the escape ramp. truck almost disappearing in a cloud of white tire smoke. the ramp instantly slows down the semi as the gravel rock brings it to a stop. transportation leaders say that the video is an important reminder of why highways need those runway ramps, especially outest west in those mountainous areas. lots of people en route to vacation destinations right now for memorial weekend, the unofficial start of summer. more than 1 million of them are traveling by plane. that means more people passing through airports that are already really swamped. jeff flock is live at midway airport in chicago. how are things looking? >> reporter: well, they expected huge lines out here today and there are a lot of people, even hired a band to try to play and maybe soothe some people's nerves. tsa really had its act together today. maybe if dutch spins around
11:45 am
here, i'll show you part of the reason why. this is the ts a-line here. i say line, there really isn't a line. you just pass right through. one of the reasons is that little guy back there in black. that dog. they have canine teams out here and if they sniff you going through, you can divert into the priority precheck line rather than having to go full security. so that has really helped to manage the inclusion of people into that precheck line and sped things up. from reports we're getting from all over the country, very few problems at tsa lines today. i think the only question is as the summer goes on, they knew there were going to be a lot of eyeballs on them today. they're ready for it and they've done it. will this continue all summer? that remains to be seen. >> we hope that will continue all summer. maybe peemd weople were scared those past couple weeks. >> that was awful. two heroic very special
11:46 am
veterans are coming up next. they're putting their skills to work to build for america's bravest. life changing homes that help fellow vets whose lives were changed by war. and our trivia question today. who was the only president to serve overseas during world war i? the answer is coming up next. can't wait to share it with you. real is touching a ray. amazing is moving like one. real is making new friends. amazing is getting this close. real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live.
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seaworld. real. amazing ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ ... ... ... ...
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back to our trivia question of the day. i'm having a lot of fun with this because i'm getting texts from friends who think they know answer and they really don't. who was the only president to serve overseas during world war
11:50 am
i? the answer -- harry s. humtruma. dwight eisenhower also served but he served state side. hope you had fun with that. a touching story ahead of memorial day. yesterday our own gretchen carlson sat down with two incredible men working on an amazing program, building homes for injured veterans. watch.
11:51 am
the first time around, basically had a surgery three weeks out of the fight and then take a cast off and get back in. so no big deal there, but the second time, i was shot in the neck, and a spinal cord injury, c-6 vertebrae was charged. so, also a right lung was damaged pretty heavily, and -- but got out of there because of the heroic actions of the guys i was with. so here today to talk about it. >> we want to thank you for your heroic service yourself. know you have been able to move into smart home, and josh you are part of this program. who knew there was such a long wait list for veterans to get into these homes. why are you lending your
11:52 am
support? >> you're right. it is a long list of deserving veterans that really need one of these homes. what really inspired me about this is, ben is an absolute stud. i got to go to his house? jacksonville, alabama, and met his family, and it was an opportunity for me to really see first hand how it affects the family, how independent this guy was and how spirited of a human being he is, and was ever to get into the service and go to war like he did. that spirited sort of natured doesn't go away. even when he has been injured. and he is an independent guy, very strong guy, and these houses allow these veterans who have been severely injured to get that independence back and to live a normal life, and i think it's really important as
11:53 am
americans to do whatever we took help these men and women. >> totally. >> to go about their lives after the come back. >> ben, understand you moved into your smart home. what's the best part? >> the best part? i would have to say the bathroom that i have. probably the best part. >> well, fantastic. >> just the way i was able to design it. >> you got to have input into your own smart home as well, and i think it's so cool that josh was able to come down and visit you there as well. know so many of our viewers want to help. what can they do? >> they can go to our, they can call 844-bravest. we're looking to raise as much money as we can to help gmc to build the rest of the homes that need to be built. right now there's 45 built or in the process of being built, and we need to get over 200 service
11:54 am
members need these homes. so, we're asking people to donate. all the, you can learn more about the program, and it's fantastic. i'm really proud to be part of it. >> we're putting the numbers up on the screen. >> i love this guy, even though he is a -- >> even though he is was. >> jacksonville state fan. north dakota state beat jacksonville state in the football championship last year so that was the first thing we talked about. he is a big crimson tide fan. >> you had to get that in. >> i had. to it's all i got, man. >> he served our country in the military, josh, and so a special thank you to ben tomlinson today, sergeant, thank you for your service on this memorial day weekend. josh, thank you for being a great american and helping this organization. great to speak to you both. >> take care. >> thank you. >> a terrific program. help out if you can.
11:55 am
we'll be right back. we remember those who served our country in an incredible way. want to tell you about something that one group of soldiers does every single year to commemorate their fallen brothers and sisters. with usaa is awesome. homeowners insurance life insurance automobile insurance i spent 20 years active duty they still refer to me as "gunnery sergeant" when i call being a usaa member because of my service in the military to pass that on to my kids something that makes me happy my name is roger zapata and i'm a usaa member for life. usaa. we know what it means to serve. get an insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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a korean air jet catching fire as it prepared for takeoff at tokyo airport. firefighters telling more than 300 passengers and crew members to evacuate the plane, which was headed to seoul, south korea and officials say as many as seven people may have been hurt. took crews an hour to get the fire under control. the airport closing the runway and temporarily grounding all the flights. crews are not sure what caused
11:59 am
the fire. what amazing car company giving new opportunities to our wounded veterans. several former british officers founded a company called cap star, specializing in hiring veterans to drive the cars and work in management. they say it's a way to help former service members suffering from injuries and ptsd to transfer out of the military and into a new civilian career. >> it was hard. when i found cap star, told myself if there was any shot at success for me in life, in the civilian world, this was my chance. >> what do your parents and family and friends say to what this job has done for you. >> a complete 180. >> the car service company started in london and is now operating in new york with luxury jaguars and escalades. they were an amazing bunch. the drivers are all veterans, many of them in iraq and afghanistan. a touching tribute ahead of memorial day. arlington national cemetery
12:00 pm
holding its annual flags in ceremony in honor of our fallen military heroes. soldiers placing an american flag at every grave marker, covering more than 200,000 graves in a few hours. an incredible story. thank you for being part of it. >> a day after locking up enough delegates to christopher the nomination, donald trump is looking ahead to the general election. hillary clinton is trying to move beyond her past and the e-mail controversy. fox news sunday anchor chris wall has with me to talk about it. college students trapped inside a cave with water rising quickly and time running out. incredibly frightening moments but they made it out. i'll talk with two of them to find out how they managed to stay calm and survive. and have you heard about the new law that makes it a hate crime to attack police and other first responders? it's all ahead this hour.


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