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tv   On the Record With Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  May 27, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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remember you. fair, balanced and still unafraid. breaking right now, chaos in california. nearly 1,000 protesters swarming outside a trump rally in san diego. inside thousands more there to protest. will? >> just in the last couple of seconds you see that officers here are arresting one gentleman who has his head shaved there. they are going to be probably taking him back into the convention center we have seen this happen a couple times here in san diego. let me set up up for you. throughout the course of the afternoon, there have been a
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couple thousand protesters out here for a long time. panel over to where this guy was just arrested. for a long time, a lot of the protesters were unionized, organized labor. about an hour ago, hundreds of the union members actually left. and they were, like i said, quite organized. leaving behind a number of protesters who were here for a have a right of different things. we start to do smell a lot of pot in the air. started to see more people with their faces covered and then at one point a couple of the protesters jumped up on a wall. got in some police officers faces. we saw some pushing and shoving going on then a couple of punches were thrown at the officers. the officer pulled at least one man over the wall and he was subsequently arrested. now, the police department has told us throughout the course of the day that they have a zero tolerance policy towards anything that happenings out here. i want to show you, kimberly, so just a short time ago, the rally let out here at the convention center. you can seat police presence
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and they have actually decided to let all of the people inside of the rally exit on the opposite side of the convention center so the san diego police department is funneling all the people who went to this rally down at least three or four blocks. there have been volatile moments. right now relatively peaceful. do you see the pushing and shoving every now and then and at least a handful of arrests, kimberly? >> any information as to how this became organized? you said fbi, there is influence and organization there? does this seem like something that was planned? >> yeah. absolutely excuse me for some of the language you may hear going on next to us. i don't know exactly when the trump campaign let everybody know that this was going to be going on. but they did have a couple days notice. so the union got together
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and notified everybody and had marches leading through the gas lamp, which is adjacent to the convention center here in san diego. several different unions. you mentioned the sciu. they marched all the way up here. very organized. there was dancing and cheering and marching. then they subsequently left that's when you have seen more of the scuffles and people being arrested here. >> having covered some of the past protests like we saw, the violence in new mexico and then you had anaheim, obviously, the protests there. do you feel like the police department with their zero tolerance policy has pretty good grip on the situation in san diego? >> i do. it's working out well so far. it's still in the middle of the afternoon. mexico that was a rally that happened at night. when it's dark out, i think people feel more embolden to do do even more. that's working out. we have got some more noise
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and craziness going on behind us right now. it's hard to keep up with everything if on in this crowd at one time. but i do think that the police department at this point has a handle on this. in other cities what we have seen is as rallies let out, that's when you can goat some of the conflict going on. certainly what we're keeping an eye out for right now. kimberly. >> thank you for that update. >> we're going to come back to will if anything develops out there, of course, in san diego. while protesters gathered outside, donald trump rallied his supporters inside the packed san diego convention center. fox news chief political correspondent carl cameron is live inside the convention center with the very latest. hello, carl. >> hi, kimberly, it's funny. when you talk about the demonstrations outside, there is usually some sort of ratio between the amount of civil unrest that happens outside of a trump event whether it's indoor or outdoor and how big the crowd is here. the indoor crowd was massive. there is no surprise there is civil disobedience in the
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street. trump had a. talked about civil lawsuit against him for trump university. he named names. he named the judge and so. people who complained about him. he named arguments for civil case which won't be tried until november. argued that it shouldn't even be held. that the case ought to be thrown out. it was interesting to see a presidential candidate sort of litigate in public his civil lawsuit problems apart from his political campaign. other than that, he had sarah palin introduce him tonight. she brought the house down. took her normal shots at the lame stream media as well as obama that and clinton. he toyed renicknaming who has has called crooked hillary and lien hillary. he has pivoted entirely to the general election. made it clear he has 15 states he is going to target in order to win the general election. many of them are blue
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states. in other words, states that barack obama has won in the last couple of cycles. and, he is not backing down in any way with his attacks on clinton and trying to basically make her the focus of it. he had said that he would be willing to debate bernie sanders. today he finally acknowledged that that was essentially a bluff to rev up crowds and perhaps annoy mrs. clinton by giving sanders more attention. he will be back to california, of course, the last states to vote come on june 7th. that leaves california still a couple weeks down the road. he will be back here a number of times because he has put california on that list of 15 states that he thinks he can win. it hasn't been run by a republican since ronald reagan the former governor of the state pulled it off. >> yes, inteed. electoral college bucket list sunshine state on there. other interesting developments within the g.o.p., carl. rubio saying now that is he going to support and help donald trump. what do you make of this? is the party getting united?
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>> of course it is. darrell issa one of the first to endorse marco rubio was on stage with donald trump tonight. and despite all of the never trump, stop trump republicans who have resistance to him, that group started out fairly substantial has been shrinking pretty much daily. and for mr. rubio to say that he is not going to oppose donald trump and be willing to help him may not be so much a measure of his affection for the billionaire as it is his disaffection for hillary clinton. that's really the primary motivation for republicans who don't particularly like donald trump's policies or many who say lack of policies but compared to hillary clinton, for most on the right, it's a no-brainer. >> that's the whole point. if you want to put hillary clinton in the white house, you know, if you do then keep being negative about the g.o.p. nominee. all right. carl, thank you so much for that update. all eyes are on donald trump. trump is making a big push to strike gold in california. trump is trying to flip the traditionally blue state and get a huge win in the november election.
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>> i am going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy play. we are getting massive crowds all over the place. i actually think we are going to win california. plus i have property here. i have employees here. so we are going to make a big thing. >> and with donald trump closing in. hillary clinton launching a new campaign ad in california. the ad features the voice of holiday super star morgan freeman. >> her work has been about breaking beariers and so would her presidency. which is why for every american who is not being paid what they are worth. held back by student death or a system tilted against them and there are far too many of you, she understands that our country can't reach its potential unless we all do. together. a stronger country. >> and if trump wants to win california, he will have to win big with women,
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independent voters and hispanics. so, what does he need to do? let's go to the expert. former arizona governor and donald trump supporter jan brewer goes "on the record" with us tonight. always a pleasure to have you with us. what kind of advice you can give to donald trump so he can get these crucial votes? first of all, he wants california, tough to do that as you know. it hasn't been done since 1988. how you can make it happen? >> exactly. and i'm a california girl. i was born and raised over in southern california. it's going to be tough, but i think he has a very, very strong message. that message, again, is the same all over the country. donald needs to talk about jobs. they need jobs. security. and i think given the fact that he has been so strong on veteran issues that when he speaks about the veterans, he is speaking about the whole families. and that includes all the veterans spouses and we all know that there is many, many. >> good point. >> and their children.
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i think if we get that message out to those people, they will really rally around him. donald loves this country and he has a great story to tell. given the fact that the concerns are the same across the country, the crowds have been huge. he just has to keep repeating that over and over and over again. kimberly, i think you will agree with me as a woman. this clinton administration, you know, she believes that women vote belongs to her because she is a woman. women have more issues than just because you are a woman you're going to vote for me because i'm a woman? no. you vote for me because i'm the best candidate. and i reject that i think that if they are smart,they are going to listen and they will make their vote count for the issues that are going to effect them and their families. >> you bring up a great point. it's demeaning to women to say that they would just choose someone just simply because of the basis of their gender and not the basis of their ethics, competency to hold the
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position. i'm quite concerned, governor, you didn't anyone to vote for you because you were a woman. because you were skill set and best person for the job. >> absolutely. did i not. some people would say i'm going to vote for you because you are a woman. i say no don't vote me because i'm a woman. voted for me because i'm the best candidate and i will do the best job. i had meant that sincerely. most women feel that way. we don't want anything handed to us because we are a woman. because we are the best. we have don't best job. with hillary that's not true. she hasn't done a good job. she has been vetted for 37 years. we can go down that trail and that path. we can see things that we as women would absolutely disagree with. >> all right. well, is he lucky to have you on i didn't his side. powerful voice. governor, always a pleasure. thank you. >> thank you, kim. >> and developing right now. brand new information in the secretary hillary clinton email scandal. a newly released tringt showing a long time state department official thought
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secretary clinton was using her personal email to stay in touch with friends and family. fox news chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge joins us from washington. catherine, hello. >> thank you, kimberly. look, while mrs. clinton has said she handed over all of her emails. this inspector general's report identifies three emails that specifically deal with the setup and management of the server. not among the 55,000 pages of emails that were lee leased. the state department said this omission was not a big deal. i'm sure you understand these emails are critical because they give us an insight as to why mrs. clinton set that up server which appear to do be an effort to control the government records. one of the emails comes from 2011. mrs. clinton is asked if she will have a account because the email she is sending from the clinton dot email address is getting caught in the spam filters and not reaching state department staffers. of course a government account would be searchable under the freedom of
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information act. and that appears to be something she wanted to avoid. she says to her aide yuma abedin that we don't want emails -- on to a deposition in washington, d.c. the federal judge in the civil suit. the freedom of information act lawsuit took the unusual step of allowing these depositions. one today with cheryl mills. this is sort of a limited discovery to understand how the email system was set up. and then also this guy called lewis lieu lieu -- lukens he was involved in the logistics for mrs. clinton's computer work. what he said in the deposition is when he saw her using the personal email account. he thought it was only to be in touch with friends and family. though mrs. clinton has said that her use of the email account was widely known within the state department. he also said he saw her using the blackberry on the executive floor of the state department outside her
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office. that's really important. that area is considered a secure area. the problem with using a blackberry in that area is it can also act like a microphone if that's hacked. that is, appears on its face, another violation of the rule, kimberly. >> so many developments in this story on a day-to-day basis you wonder how this is going to play out before the election. catherine, thank you for that excellent reporting. >> you are welcome. >> new attacks on secretary hillary clinton. >> the state department inspector general throws gasoline on the fiery controversy over hillary clinton's email. >> how much trouble is hillary clinton really in? >> if you connect the dots, she violated the law. they haven't said so. she violating the rules. but the rules spring from the law. >> what the ig is saying this is law breaking. >> she has at least violated two federal laws.
4:15 pm
perjury and obstruction of e here all day. about 12 others also. i can't see how with that report you don't recommend an indictment. >> so the question, is secretary clinton properly handling the scandal? democratic strategist jessica erhlick and u.s. spokesman to the united nations rick grenell, they are both here to go "on the record." we will get to the bottom of this, aren't we, rick? what do you think? is she handling this right? every day there is something that comes out. first the state department audit by the ig and now this. >> look, the facts are devastating for hillary clinton. she didn't accept the email address. she didn't accept a classified email address. so all of the information that was coming in to her was at jeopardy. she didn't secure the classified information because she didn't even have the proper email addresses she refused to take from the state department. so, the only way that she can really get out of this is to pretend like it's a political scandal. she needs to pretend like the republicans are just
4:16 pm
ginning up something and this is all phoney. that's exactly what she is trying to do. the risk that she runs with this is that as the fbi investigates this, and as they get into the details and what catherine herridge just pointed out with her email, it's devastating news. because clearly there is enough from the ig report from the emails she is in trouble. she is going to be indicted. >> that's a bold prediction. jessica, your thought on that? >> i don't think so. i don't think that anyone thinks the report while not great it was also more about the rules and not any law-breaking. that's what we saw as attorneys we know when a report comes out if they're pointing to something specific, they will point to it, and it was a very in-depth report, and that didn't happen. they are doing the depositions and moving forward but there has been no smoking gun yet. you know, i think it's one of those things where people who -- it doesn't help her. the whole entire email scandal for months now certainly has added fuel to
4:17 pm
this fire of people who find her untrust worthy. we have seen that in polling over and over again. but, it is not going to effect anything really more so going forward. i don't see people who are for hillary suddenly being like oh no the ig report. gosh that's changing everything for me. i think most folks, especially on the democratic side are sort of like bernie. enough already with the email. let's get back to the subjects we are really concerned about. >> what does she need to say and do, jessica to get the voters to come over to her side? there is tremendous amount of people that are all the way for bernie sanders. she still hasn't been able to close the deal yet. she is in big trouble in california. when you do the exit polling, people say the email scandal does matter. >> it goes to the idea of trust worthy. the more she is out and speaking to people and talking about her ideas and work and what she has done and will do, that's really what motivates people. that, i think, is what we are going to see going
4:18 pm
forward, particularly as we move to the convention. a platform is reached. the people are all coming in together, into the fold and working together more. so and, you know, as we go, especially, it's going to be interesting, too. there is this contrast is going to happen. right now it's still back and forth between bernie and hillary. which is good and part of the process. once it becomes hillary and trump, the contrast is so fast that i think people will definitely be like, gosh. >> how can trump use that to his ad vantage? would you tell him hammer her with that? like a debate? et cetera? >> look, i think the reality is that trump is not going to have to hammer this too much. the fbi is conducting an investigation. and whether jessica and the democrats want to admit this, there has been multiple smoking guns. we have seen hillary clinton tell jake sullivan, her staff, to cut off the markings and send the information on an unclassified system. anyone who says that? this is not indictable
4:19 pm
offense does not understand the nature of classification. i sat there for eight years. the details that you have to guard national security and classified information are very clear. it's very clear hillary clinton did not do that. she is not above the law. >> yeah. and rick is right. she sat down with an fbi agent to discuss exactly how she is supposed to handle her emails and the server and all of that and signed a document that she would comply and boast of those are blown out of the water already. jessica and rick, thank you so much for being with us here tonight. >> thanks, kimberly. >> thanks. >> this is a fox news alert. deadly flooding in texas. two people killed when more than 16 inches of rain fell in just one day. and that's not all. there is breaking news from the national hurricane centered as well. fox news chief meteorologist rick reichmuth is tracking it all in the center. rick? >> hey, kimberly, there is so much going on here across the plains. all week long severe weather, numerous tornadoes and really large ones, more today although not as strong, the tornadoes not as big, and as damaging. we might see a few more
4:20 pm
tonight he especially where we see this yellow. here across parts of texas, when that's where the serious rain has been the last day or so. 20 inches of rain in a day. record breaking flooding. history in texas. that's causing really incredible flooding. more rain to pull into the houston area. that's going to be with us throughout the night tonight and maybe a tornado or two spinning up from this. a couple other things going on. more rain here. continue to see that flooding threat and we're going to be watching first real high temperatures of the season across the northeast this weekend. get ready for a lot of 90-degree readings. we're going to break records there. you said it hurricane season starts wednesday. here we go. a tropical depression likely become a tropical storm bonnie overnight and make landfall tomorrow evening somewhere along south carolina. not a huge weathermaker in the form of hurricane surge. that sort of thing. rough day at the beaches and of course so many people out there this weekend. got to watch that. >> fantastic. thank you for update.
4:21 pm
long lines are snarling our nation's airports. with the surge of holiday travel things might be getting worse. a live report coming up next. dnc chair's head may be on the chopping block. that's right. she is fighting to keep her congressional seat. the man trying to take her down, next. [dad] can i enter the kingdom of the two fairies? [daughter] you have to say the password. [dad] is it...giggling goldfish? [daughters] no! [dad] smelly jelly? [daughter] uh-uh. try again. [dad] password's coming in! [daughters yelling] no! [vo] you work hard to protect what matters. that's why we're proactively advancing our security to develop strong authentication technologies that go beyond the password to protect your accounts. [dad] wait, wait, wait. what's the password? [daughter] stinky feet. [vo] wells fargo. together we'll go far. [phone buzzing] [engine revving] [engine revving] [phone buzzing] ♪
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respect to the current chairperson. if elected president, she would not be reappointed. >> debbie has to make a decision going forward because what we all have to focus on now is how we unite and how we defeat donald trump. >> i think a lot of people dnc who have been very put off by the way debbie
4:25 pm
wasserman schultz has run this whole thing. >> she is sort of the prime target for the sanders forces clearly i favor her opponent. >> we have to figure out how to get along. we have to land this plane. >> the calls are growing to see dnc chair debbie wasserman schultz booted from her job. she is taking the blame for all of this 2016 democratic chaos. and many say she has not remained neutral and favoring secretary hillary clinton over senator bernie sanders. on top of that debbie wasserman schultz is locked in a congressional battle to keep her seat in florida. her opponent tim kanova thanks for being with us tonight. thanks for being with us this evening. why should the voters choose you over debbie? >> debbie wasserman schultz has failed to represent her district. she has been distracted to say the least with her duties as chair of the democratic national
4:26 pm
committee she has not performed that well as share of the dnc. we see how divisive she has been. not doing well representing her district like we said. on issue after issue, she has been taking a lot of special interest money. she is a political inside his or her looks out for her own interests before those of her constituents. >> what do you think is one of the worst things about her? the critics say look, she is in the bag for hillary clinton. she has not been fair. a lot of the sanders supporters feel alienated and the fix is in. >> well, it's certainly interesting how few debates that she scheduled for the presidential primary. and she has been dodging debates against me as well. just last week she got a local union friend of hers, dan reynolds to try to engineer an endorsement from the central labor council without ever screening anyone. so, it's a perverse view of democracy when you can have elections without debates. you can make selections without screening. it doesn't show a real faith in democracy.
4:27 pm
>> all right. well, let's talk about your fundraising. you believe that you have been given -- have you been bullied by the support of bernie sanders endorsing you. you received about $2 million in donations and many of them from out of state. what do you attribute this to? >> i think there is a growing grass roots movement in this country, progressive movement for change. bernie sanders is certainly leading that movement a lot of. senator sanders endorsement and we have still been raising money pretty well ever since. you mentioned we get a lot of money out of state. small donations, less than $19. we are not taking any corporate money where my opponent is taking a lot of out-of-state money but it happens to be from corporations. we got more donations in the state of florida than she got and she had a 12 year head start. >> who would you want to
4:28 pm
replace her with at the dnc? who would be your pick? >> my pick? i haven't given much thought who should replace debbie wasserman schultz. i think it is time for a change. she has become a divisive leader of the party. now is not the time to be divided going into a convention. i certainly hope we are able to make a change. she should be no longer spending her time on national politics. she should be back here in the district in florida's 23rd. and she should be debating me and letting the voters of this district have the opportunity to hear a debate she owes it to the voters here. >> looking to give debbie wasserman schultz a pink slip. hillary clinton thinks she already won the democratic nomination. senator bernie sanders is not backing down. hear what he just said next. stay with us. m is a coach...
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[ technician ] ask him whatever you want. okay. ♪ do you think my sister's prettier than me? ♪ [ laughs ] [ male announcer ] research, price, find. only helps you get the right car without all the drama. >> this is a fox news alert. tensions boiling over outside the donald trump rally in san diego. we saw protesters take off towards this rail station and moments later the rest of the crowd swarms. fox news will carr is live with all the chaos. will? saw come out, loop around and afternoon.
4:33 pm
one point just a few minutes ago, we saw a number of protesters come over here. this is actually where the metro train in downtown san diego crosses. some of them jumped over this fence and got on to where the rail comes through. now, they are actually announcing on speakers now that if people do not leave this area, they're going to be arrested. this is very similar to what we have seen in other cities before police started making larger arrests. so, right now, you can hear on the loud speaker, they are saying it in both english and spanish that people need to leave or else they will be arrested. scott, come back over here. i want to show you can see -- these are all protesters right here. we're going to walk through here. on that side is the gas lamp, which runs adjacent to the convention center into downtown, san diego. a number of protesters and supporters have pretty much met right here at the beginning of the gas lamp. police have had to shut the streets down here and shut a
4:34 pm
lot of the businesses that simply had to close. can you see this long line of officers right here. keeping a close eye on everything that's going on. they are asking us to back up so we are doing that. so right now is a volatile situation, kimberly as we have seen it kind of ebb and flow throughout the course of the afternoon where things got violent for a couple minutes and then it dies down. right now things have kind of revved back up, kimberly. >> okay. as you mentioned earlier in your report, you said the police said in san diego they have a zero tolerance policy as it relates to these protests. people being in an area they are not supposed to. earlier there was violence erupting when punches were thrown at officers. it seems now just from the level of volume that things are escalating there what do you attribute it to? >> i think it's because of all the supporters got out. the police officers did a good job of pushing them a couple blocks away from the protesters, the supporters that is but then they made
4:35 pm
their way back down here. some seem to want to get into it with the protesters. we have also seen the protesters get a little more brazen. just a couple moments ago we saw one guy actually climb up this sign right here. and he tied a donald trump piñata that they had beaten up to the metro sign up there. then he climbed back down. we also saw within the past couple of minutes people burning donald trump hats and shirts you can smell a lot of smoke a mix of burning his memorabilia and pot as well. it seems like more than 1,000 people out here right now. but it's hard to tell when you are right down in it, kimberly. >> okay. you can't make this up. pot smoking. donald trump piñata. lighting things on fire. what do the police do when they are basically causing fires? they can't do that. are they moving in? are they shutting it down? is the fire department
4:36 pm
there? what's going on? >> so what they did, the two groups, the supporters and protesters converged with each other. what the police officers did instead of arresting people they did a good job of separating the sea of people. pushing the supporters to one side of the street, the protesters to the other side of the street. their top priority is to stop any potential violence that could go on here instead of worrying about individual arrests. we have seen a handful of people arrested but right now i think that they are just trying to do their best to keep a potentially volatile situation from getting worse. >> you know, earlier, we had discussed that -- on the five. that at night fall as well things can get a little bit more intense under the cover of darkness. people get a little bit more bold and brazen. right now you still have some daylight left in california. i imagine the cops are going to try to do their level bust to clear this out before night fall.
4:37 pm
>> yeah, that's absolutely right. in albuquerque, we saw people get very brazen because that rally happened at night. kimberly, as i was just talking, you were asking that question. i want to point out to you right down here. this is fifth avenue in san diego right at the gas lamp and for the first time we are seeing officers in full riot gear here. they have their helmets. their batons, their vests on. we have not seen that leading up throughout the course of the afternoon. so obviously law enforcement here in san diego taking this very seriously at this moment. although we haven't seen any more violence break out as of right now. kimberly. >> all right. we will be checking back with you. monitoring the situation, will, in case there are any new developments. and we will get right back on it oak okay. holiday weekend travel might be a nightmare. long security lines backing up at airports across the country. we take you live to one the busiest straight ahead.
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this is a fox news alert. protests breaking out of the donald trump rally in san diego. police in riot gear are beginning to surround the protesters. fox news will carr is there. will, what happened during the break? >> hey there, kimberly. while you guys were in commercial. things have continue to do escalate. we saw several people arrested, taken away. and then we have continue to do see the members of law enforcement in full-out riot gear continue to come closer and closer to this crowd. we have been telling you throughout the course of the day that the san diego police chief has told us that they are going to have a zero tolerance policy for any violence that would break out. can you see a long row of officers here. this is where we have seen several of the arrests taking place within the past couple of minutes. it looks like some of these protesters have decide to do do a sit-in. the reason why officers are keeping a close eye on this. is they have actually been telling people they cannot stay in this area right now under any circumstances. or else they will be
4:43 pm
arrested. over to my left, it looks like there is more movement going on. you have so many people on this side of l street. many of these are protesters. they end up clydeing with donald trump supporters as they were coming out of the rally here. which has led to several arrests. a little bit of violence here. they have been burning flags and posters and kimberly, it looks like hard to tell what is going on over there officers are keeping a very close eye out as to everything going on here, kimberly. >> you mentioned about the donald trump supporters. what's been the reaction from those supporters when confronted by the violence and the chanting and the anti-trump protesters? >> some have taken it pretty well. others have decide to do get in the protesters' face. i don't know if you can see this. i see several officers with their batons up.
4:44 pm
it likes looks like a serious situation. that's where we have seen protesters mixing it up with supporters. to be honest, we have seen people on both sides look like they want to get into it with each other. there were certainly a number of donald trump supporters who wanted to leave who simply did that they were screaming u.s.a. screaming things i can't repeat on television. obviously they kind of collided right here not too far from us, kimberly. >> yeah. will, good point. we want to apologize to the viewers for anything they might be hearing. also signs that may be visible. we do our best to make sure keeping appropriate standard as you see violence is escalating again. go ahead, will. >> kimberly, i just saw a couple bottles being thrown at officers over here. past rallies we have seen the same thing. and that's really when
4:45 pm
officers stop letting people be peaceful and when you start to see a lot more arrests. we're walking up around here. can you see these demonstrators locking arms in front of the officers. they are facing, they are covered out here. the officers, again, forming this line, leading up l street here in san diego where it appears we have a number of the protesters and the supporters who have collided here. this is definitely gone from peaceful demonstration on both sides to what has really escalated into a volatile situation. >> so, and also, will reporting that he saw a number of situations, one, in particular, where bottles are being thrown at the police officers. you see that the mood is getting a little bit more rambunctious, violent. people now doing a sit. in officers telling them they must clear the area or they will be arrested. and arrests have, in fact,
4:46 pm
happened. all right, we're going to check back with will as the situation develops in san diego. today. all right. and the "on the record" political panel is here. from the "the washington post," philip bump and from the "wall street journal" john bussey. we were seeing this unfold and there is a lot of back and forth saying this is what you are going to get if donald trump is the next president of the united states. you can only imagine the convention in cleveland, john? >> in cleveland, and in the run-up to cleveland. look, nobody is in favor of violence. nobody really toler rates this. on either side of the political spectrum it is something to think about. how did. so seeds get sown. there was incendiary language in the campaign. a lot of it from donald trump punch a protester in the face language. sometimes when you set a tone it, plays out in the campaign after that. we are seeing a little bit of this here.
4:47 pm
that does not in any way say this is acceptable. i think the authorities are showing a heck of a lot of restraint at this point aring if to respond appropriate i can't tellly to this. >> philemon, what you see is these are the anti-trump protesters that are doing this and not the donald trump supporters as will reported. some of them were brazen, maybe answering back but shouting u.s.a., certainly not throwing bottles or trying to trade punches with police officers. what about a measure of personal responsibility about people being able to peacefully protest, state their opinions but not violate others' ability to be able to listen to the candidate of their choice? >> sure. so i think it's very important to remember that we are talking about a protest with hundreds and/or thousands of people of whom a very small percentage have been acting out. we have seen that repeatedly in protests the last couple of years. small subset of people who go there to cause drama. who are the ones being dramatic about this thing. what i think we are seeing here to john's point, we are seeing sort of the
4:48 pm
manifestation of the tension in this race. typically happening where there are s. a large hispanic populations there is a lot of frustration with the hispanic community with donald trump. and i think what we're seeing here is that tension sort of brought to light. yes, i think as the rest of this campaign progresses. we are going to see more of that i think it's important to keep in mind the scale of what we are seeing here is a small, small subset on both sides of the equation. >> you saw what will was saying, they have a donald trump piñata that they hung. they are burning donald trump memo more beal i can't. they are waiving flags. they are also engaging in violence and then there was the repeated references to pot smoke. there are people that are going to go out there to interest v. fun and make problems for other people. they are considering this some kind of sport if you will. >> yeah. or they are in to politics and they are intent on having their view heard. i mean, the last time i'm trying to recall when the last time we saw this kind of thing begin to unfold at
4:49 pm
political events, have to goc back to 1968 and the democratic convention. nowhere near as bad as that. so, points out, this is a very tiny group of people it does underscore. hillary clinton calls donald trump a, quote, loose cannon, unquote. whether you have this kind of violence or this kind of demonstration, again, it's a very small bit of people acting out. it plays in to that narrative for hillary clinton. >> it also helps donald trump who can also say look, this is the attention i'm worried about. i want to make america great again and secure. these are the sorts of things i'm concerned about. >> thank you for being here with the breaking news tonight. excellent job. the "on the record" team is monitoring the donald trump protest in san diego. things have begun to turn violent. stay with us for the very latest.
4:50 pm
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of pa paragraph this is a fox news alert. the nypd is reporting that they believe a small plane may have just crashed down into the hudson river. police are saying it is on the knowledge side of the river near the upper west side of manhattan. there are local reports that three people were on board. as we get more information, we will bring it straight to you. now, we go back to fox news will carr live in san diego where protests out a donald trump rally have turned violent. will? >> >> hey there, kimberly, yeah, the last couple of minutes donald trump protesters and supporters have been throwing a number of items at each other out here. we have seen bottles thrown. we have seen shoes thrown. somebody had a. we saw a couple fights break out between supporters and protesters. they actually surrounded this police car that i'm standing at right next to me. so, we're on l street here in san diego. and the thing that i also
4:55 pm
want to take note of is if you look down here to my left on l street, guys, go up and get a high view, the riot police, the law enforcement officers in riot gear have lined up here and they are simply watching this. which goes a bit against what we were told by the san diego police chief earlier today that they would have zero tolerance for violence. we have seen quite a bit of violence and if you can turn and see one more time, there is just a sea of people, a lot of aggravation, a lot of anger toward each other here. donald trump supporters and protesters clashing on l street here in san diego. and at this point, they are just being allowed to basically do whatever they want to, kimberly. >> okay. will, what about the safety of people trying to leave the area, some of the supporters that were attending the rally. are police assisting them with making safe passage? [chanting] >> we have basically seen police try to funnel people away.
4:56 pm
and i don't know if you can see it looks like somebody just threw an egg up on to one of the windows of the hard rock hotel here on l street. just one of the many items we have seen being thrown here. police have been trying to funnel away from here. but we saw all of these officers in full riot gear walk all the way down l street here. we thought they were going to try to separate some of these people. but then they stood up here at the corner of l street and sixth avenue in downtown san diego. they are simply watching all of this. [cheers] >> now you have got the crowd cheering. they are donald trump supporters here in the hotel. can you see items are being thrown. it's pure chaos out here right now, kimberly. we are north seeing a whole lot that law enforcement is doing to stop any of it. >> when, in fact, the two sides were clashing with one another throwing things back and forth, shoes, eggs, et cetera. did anybody step? did anybody get arrested?
4:57 pm
>> we have seen a handful of arrests over the past 30, 45 minutes. as can you see, i see another postal that was just thrown. they have just swarmed this street. >> why are you [bleep] interviewing. >> i want to show you the riot police. now, inching up. here we are going to stand off to the side in front of this police car so that they don't push us over. but they are inching up obviously, it looks like they may have had enough of all of this, they there are at least 1,000 people on both sides here, who have just collided on this street. and as we were told throughout the course of the day, the san diego police department would vice presidential. they are asking this guy who was just sitting on the cop car to stand up. is he getting out of here. they are inching closer, closer, they have their batons ready their masks are down, and they mean business here, kimberly, it looks like. they are going to approach
4:58 pm
this crowd of people and do whatever they can to disperse this potentially continuing violent situation. >> and you see there in san diego, police in riot gear now, which they were not in earlier. that show of force is there. and as will pointed out, officers moving, hollandeing the line and moving forward closer. but if you notice doing it in a very slow pace. not to escalate the situation. you see the protesters there, as will reported, people throwing bottles. throwing eggs and some interplay back and forth. a clash between donald trump supporters and anti-trump protesters. >> >> kimberly, you get the feeling it's going to be any second that these officers are going to come in. >> was that the donald trump piñata? >> by looking at them. >> that was. we have seen about four or five and that just got destroyed. a plastic bottle was just thrown at this police car behind me. and this -- okay, it looks like it could get bad over
4:59 pm
here. scott, turn right. so, a number of people have surrounded this car. this cop car right here. they are shouting at each other over the cop car. and there are no members of law enforcement here. the only sign of any law enforcement is the actual police car and, again, the swat team members of law enforcement and riot gear behind us are continuing just to stare at the situation. you continue to see things thrown back and forth. people are watching from hotel rooms just in amazement that this is going on right now in downtown san diego, kimberly. >> well it, just seems to me that the police need to move in at this point to shut it down because things are going in the wrong direction with violence escalating at this hour in san diego. >> yeah, absolutely. i mean, this really seems like if you were going to have the zero tolerance policy that they preached all day that you would step in here. i mean, we have seen in other cities where police
5:00 pm
cars were destroyed. and it wouldn't take a whole lot. people toss it back to you. >> will, we are going to keep it right here. new york will bring you the very latest as the violence erupts. and right now, join o'reilly. i will be cutting in. >> "the o'reilly factor" is on. tonight: >> the most fascinating presidential campaign of this generation. >> we are all together going to make america great again, folks. [cheers] >> donald trump setting his sights on hillary clinton and taking on the tough foreign policy questions. >> the oil is the main thing. >> okay. >> got to cut off the oil and we have got to keep the oil. not give it right back to them. we have got to keep the oil. >> we have a full hour of my highlighting interviews with mr. trump since he sat down with the factor last june. >> i have been dealing with politicians my whole life. all talk and no action. >> the trump phenomenon begins right now. >> we are going to win, win, win. >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone. the factor begins right now. ♪ ♪


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