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tv   Hannity  FOX News  May 27, 2016 10:00pm-11:01pm PDT

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we're having such a good time. watch the whole thing. people love... first of all, it's different. yes, yes. they love the rink, they love the grand hyatt... well, it's interesting to hear you talk about, welcome to this special edition of "hannity: clinton versus trump." these two candidates appear to be headed for a historic clash in the general election. tonight for the hour, we're going to show you what a clinton versus trump 2016 matchup would look like. take a look. ♪ >> he doesn't mind if other countries get nuclear weapons. he has said, let's go back to torturing people. >> i haven't even started with crooked hillary yet. we haven't even started. >> what trump says about foreign policy is not just offensive, it's dangerous. >> hillary can be beaten.
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you got to go to the e-mails. you got to go to the foundation. >> raising doubts and questions about our values. about our intentions. he is a loose cannon. >> we can't have four more years of obama and i think it's going to be obama-like. >> honestly, the things he said about the economy are just frightening. >> she's not bringing back jobs. she doesn't know the first thing about it. >> the kind of language coming from donald trump is hateful. >> the only card she has is the woman's card. she's got nothing else going. >> if fighting for women's health care and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in. >> the one person she doesn't want to run against is trump. believe me. it will be fun. it will be fun. >> one thing is for sure when it comes to the clintons, their political machine is going to launch a relentless attack
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against donald trump. now, we recently asked fox news contributor, former speaker of the house, newt gingrich about how mr. trump can counter the coming wave of smears from the clintons and their allies. let's take a look. so, i'm talking to donald trump about strategy. how do you defeat hillary? i think on every major issue that i can think of, from energy, to the economy, to health care, to the military, there are dramatic differences and i think this is going to be another choice election. but doesn't donald trump have to frame it that way? >> yeah, look, i think two things are going to happen just because of his nature. i think it's going to be a small election and that between two personalities because he can't help himself and she's so vulnerable, and it's going to be a huge election about really, really big policy differences and i think both are going to occur smo occur simultaneously and be mutually reinforcing. what's going to happen, this is
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going to surprise you, i think you're going to see us replace red and blue states with green for trump and orange for hillary and see trump will be competitive almost everywhere in america because the potential today, for example, when he's on your show, he's in 435 congressional districts. and the messages about corruption and decay -- just if you said to every person when they go to the airplane and they're really mad because they're standing in line for an unnecessary extra hour, this is the hillary clinton/barack obama failed bureaucracy with the unionized leadership that is failing america. wouldn't you -- you know, wouldn't you rather have a businessman run it so you can actually get through security and get on your plane? just take that one example and you're going to have dozens of those examples between now and the election. >> you talk about the democratsdemocrats, themselveses, out in nevada and while there, barbara boxer is speaking and talks aboing about hillary, she's being booed
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unmercifully. to watch that type of chaos, i know the media is focused on the republican side, is amazing. i want you to watch this and respond. >> okay. >> i present to you senator barbara boxer. >> thank you so much. thank you so much. we need civility in the democratic party. civility. because the whole future of the country is at stake. that when you boo me, you're booing bernie sanders. go ahead. you're booing bernie sanders. bernie is my friend. >> look, i'm a natural skeptic, but when you read the exit polls in west virginia where 40% of bernie's supporters will not go to hillary but to trump, and then you see such chaos in nevada, and booing at the very name of hillary, maybe you're right, maybe this whole map gets transformed. i'd like to see that happen.
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>> look, you got the same thing happening in alaska where they were booing the national chairwoman because she is so openly bias in fave or of hilla. i think there's a poison in the democratic party system with the superdelegates in way nobody ever thought about back when they invented these folks because the superdelegates by definition represent an aristocracy who are layered on top of the elected delegates and i think you're going to see a real fight at their convention. in fact, i predict their convention will be much, much more contentious, have much more conflict and have much more anger than anything that will happen in cleveland. and that will be a huge shock to the national media. >> you're really saying the republican path to 270 where they have to thread the needle and get florida, north carolina and ohio and new hampshire and iowa and new mexico and colorado and nevada, this is all bets are off this year? you think this map will be transformed in a major way?
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>> look, i believe, and you heard it here for the first time so you can keep this and play it later on the air. just as there were once reagan democrats, i think there are going to be trump americans and they're not going to be people who rush in and decide they're republican the next day. they're going to say, look, to make america great again, i'm going to be for donald trump. they're going to be in all 50 states. they're going to be in places you never expected. i think we're going have a new map. as i said. replace red and blue because it's the old order. replace it with green for trump and orange for hillary and have a very different map by election day. >> is there something symbolic about green and orange, a particular reason you chose those two colors? >> well, green is both for the economy and because it will drive the environmentalists crazy. >> yeah. >> and we were just looking for an appropriate color for hillary and orange somehow seemed to fit all the different news stories recently. >> and all these exit polls that we saw, in every state, all say the same thing. jobs and the economy. i always say 95 million
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americans out of the labor force, median income down, home ownership levels low. 50 million in poverty. 46 million on food stamps. we double the debt. all these things are really weighing heavily on people's minds. i think that's why immigration resonated so much in this campaign. but i also think that americans feel that washington's so broken, it just doesn't work anymore and it's going to take somebody to go in there and just literally start over. you know, and transform the whole culture. >> i think that's right, but i want to go back to the first half of what you just said. we were visiting my mother-in-law, bernita, in whitehall, wisconsin, over mother's day and callista went up to the dollar general store and said to the lady in this small town, 1,400 people. she said i hope you're having a good day. she said, i don't feel well. she said, i hope you can go home and rest after you're done here. she said, no, i have to work two job, i don't get to rest.
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callista came home almost crying. she said when the system is broken down to a point where partly because of obamacare and its rules about how many hours you can work, partly because of the general decay of the economy, you end up with folks who are over and over being pushed to that they feel like they're on a treadmill with no hope. that's why donald trump when he pledges to make america great again is suddenly giving these folks a reason to believe again. >> you know, it's funny because i had a conversation earlier this week on my radio show, a guy from north carolina was in the construction business. well, he can't find work there so now he's in the, you know, exterminating business temporarily while going to school at night so he can become an i.t. guy. that's what his life and reality is like because things are gotten that bad but people don't seem to talk about it. >> right. i think that tells you how out of touch the politicians are with average americans and you don't get any sense of urgency
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in washington. >> none. >> but for normal everyday people this is an everyday urgent problem. >> mr. speaker, thanks for being with us. appreciate it. >> thank you. coming up, donald trump is holding nothing back. we'll show you highlights from our interview with the presumptive gop nominee. also tonight -- are they going toer be view paula jones, kathleen willey? one case it's about exposure, groping and fondling against a person's will. >> and rape. >> donald trp turns up the heat when describing bill's past misconduct with women. how is that going to impact the general election? laura ingraham will join us coming up later. the e-class has 11 intelligent driver-assist systems. it recognizes pedestrians and alerts you. warns you about incoming cross-traffic.
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live from america's news headquarters. i'm patricia stark. calm returns to the area around the san diego convention center after protesters and donald trump supporters squared off against each other. hundreds from both sides gathered after the rally ended screaming and throwing empty water bottles. police in riot gear dispersed the crowd. as many as a dozen were arrested. police and fire will be on the scene throughout the night. divers recovered the body of a pilot of a world war ii vintage plane that crashed on friday evening. the plane was taking part in fleet week activities when it crashed two miles from the george washington bridge. the pilot is believed to have been the only one on board at the time of the crash. i'm patricia stark, back to "hannity." for all of your headlines log on
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to welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: clinton versus trump." the presumptive gop nominee is not shying away from going after the clintons and their very long list of scandals. recently i sat down with donald trump. here are some of the highlights. one of the top things i would ask you often is your judicial philosophy. you mentioned, as i said, scalia and thomas. they are what we call originalists. >> right. >> constitutionalists. >> correct. >> you are a constitutionalist. >> correct. correct. and i'm also -- i want high intellect, great intellect. these people are all of very high, high intellect. they're pro-life. and so that's my list. and we are going to choose from, most likely from this list but at a minimum, we will keep people within this general realm and, again, i have a lot of people that have conservative that really like me, love everything i stand for but they really would like to know my view, because perhaps outside of
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the defense of our country, perhaps the single most important thing the next president is going to have to do is pick supreme court justices. >> will have an impact for generations to come. >> generations. i will say, if hillary clinton, who's doing very poorly in this whole rigged system that sanders happens to be in, but if hillary clinton for some reason wins, your country will never be the same because she's going to put disasters on the supreme court. >> i watched your daughter, ivanka. she had to say, my dad's not a groper. this is referring to a "the new york times" hit piece. i have interviewed three people that know you well. two that were featured prominently in that piece. we have rowanne brewer lane. carrie prejean. and a woman that actually came from war-torn bosnia that worked for you and ran a lot of -- was a vice president for you. >> right. >> three women. they were absolutely livid at
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"the new york times" piece. we now discovered that this particular writer had been tweeting negative things about you. this is supposed to be the paper of record. 20 pages and it's now been completely debunked. does that anger you? >> first of all, i have to thank those women. rowanne, carrie. all of them. because dthey were written from -- >> a girl from utah, too. >> a girl from utah. said i kissed her on the lip in front of her parents, a thousand of people. she's come out and said this is crazy. by the way, it's not the worst thing. look at what clinton's green throu gone flu withrough with all of problems and things he's done. >> you'd said about hillary, she's totally controlled by wall street. you got the clinton global initiative, literally funneling money to a friend, that broke. you obviously have the e-mail server scandal. you got the benghazi scandal, you have the abuse of women
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scandal. she said that she's going to appoint bill clinton to run the economy. isn't that the job of the president? >> first of all, bill clinton is one that signed nafta. in the history of our country, that's been the worst trade deal ever. >> isn't that her job? >> what that has done to this country, that has cleaned out our factories. i mean, i go -- i just went through new york. we won in landslides. new york and maryland and pennsylvania and connecticut, all of these places. i toured them because, you know, i wanted their votes and they were all great. they have been cleaned out. 50% down with manufacturing. almost every one of them. 45% to 50% down. these companies have moved to mexico. they moved to different -- nafta is a disaster. it was bill clinton's deal. he's the one that signed it. and for him to be involved with the economy is a joke. okay? it's a joke. now, people didn't see the effects until later because nafta took effect a little bit later after he was done. nafta's probably the worst -- one of the worst deals we ever
10:17 pm
signed in this country from the standpoint of economic development or jobs. >> it seems like she almost wants to run with him. let me ask a more important question. the clinton foundation beyond funneling money to a friend labeled by the secret service, energizer, special friend of bill's, but a more important issue. you talk about abuse of women, their personal lives, besmirchment. the clinton foundation took all this money from saudi arabia. saudi arabia doesn't let women drive, can't vote, can't go out in public without a male relative. they have to get permission to go to school or work and women are told what to wear. now, i've never been able to find a quote of hillary, the clinton foundation took millions from the saudis, of her criticizing the mistreatment of women there. >> but you have other cases and you have many other cases in there and, you know, they talk about women and the abuse of women and forget about abuse by him directly. look at what's going on and look at who gave them a lot of their money. so, and what -- >> do you think --
10:18 pm
>> what did all of these places where they give millions of dollars for speeches, what dhid they get? they got a lot. you know that. >> in other words, they're buying influence. >> the press isn't covering it. >> to me, that's possibly -- the e-mail to me, when you talk about national security -- >> they certainly bought their silence silence. >> you have to look at the e-mails of being something very, very serious, very special in terms of being horrible. what did all of these countries and others get in return for paying millions of dollars for speeches? they got a lot. >> here's, i think -- i want to give you all the latitude you want. you understand the clintons. you know their tactics. you know they set up their own war-room. you know they'll say anything and they got the media. how does donald trump strategize the tactics you are going to use, how do you defeat her? >> i think the public is very smart. you know, i've beaten a lot of people over the last year. you know, many of them are
10:19 pm
friends of yours. 66,000 negative ads. and the public got it. they understood. there were a lot of them were false, moest of them were false. some not so bad. many of them were false. i won florida in a landslide. you've never seen so many ads. i won florida. so many places. landslides. all of them landslides. indiana, landslide. if you went to indiana that last week, there was nothing but negative ads on donald trump. >> the stohe golf tournament at your place -- >> it's incredible, i have a golf tournament. the world championship of golf. cadillac. and adam rose -- adam scott who ended up winning the tournament, it's in between, we're waiting to give out the trophy and every commercial prior to that was, like, negative hit ad on trump, trump, trump. i'm screaming at people, turn off those televisions. they were all over the place, right? they were all over. look, they're going to tgo afte me, i'm going to go after them. if she gets in, i think our country will never recover.
10:20 pm
it will never be able to recover. i'm not only talking about supreme court justices. i'm talking about the whole -- honestly, she can't negotiate with the chinese. she can't negotiate with japan. she can't negotiate with vietnam. it's not her thing. it's not her thing. number one, she won't want to do it and number two, i don't even know if she knows it's a real problem. and it will basically be four more years of obama and maybe worse. and coming up tonight on this special edition of "hannity" -- are they going to interview paula jones? are they going to interview kathleen willey? one case it's about exposure. another case it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> donald trump calls out bill clinton for his scandalous past. what impact will that have on a general election? laura ingraham joins us to react. and later tonight -- >> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it. >> hillary wants to put bill in
10:21 pm
charge of the economy if she becomes commander in chief? so is bill and all his baggage going to help or hurt hillary in a general election matchup? monica crowley, doug schoen, weigh in. that and more when this audi pilotless vehicles have conquered highways, mountains, and racetracks. and now much of that same advanced technology is found in the new audi a4. with one notable difference... the all-new audi a4, with available traffic jam assist.
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welcome back to this special edition of "hannity: clinton versus trump." hillary clinton and donald trump have been trading jabs over who's better for women. on this program, donald trump turned up the heat in this debate and called out bill clinton for his past behavior toward women. watch this. >> i looked at "the new york times." are they going to interview juanita broaddrick, paula jones, are they going to interview kathleen willey? one case it's about exposure. in another case, it's about groping and fondling and touching against a woman's will. >> and rape. >> and rape. >> big settlements. >> $850,000 to paula jones. >> and lots of other things.
10:24 pm
and impeachment for lying. >> smearing. besmirchment of women. >> losing your law license. he lost his law license. okay? couldn't practice law. and you don't read about this on clinton. >> let me ask you -- >> now, "the new york times" and if you look at stephanopoulos, these are like the pipe organs for hillary clinton. >> joining us now with reaction, the editor in chief of, fox news contributor, laura ingraham. amazing thing, i know this is hard for us to believe, maybe it shows how old we're getting but the fact is -- >> speak for yourself. >> -- there are a lot of millennials, they don't know the stories, don't know who juanita is, paula jones, kathleen willey. they're learning it for the first time. i got to believe they're not going to react well to it. thoughts. >> think about the climate on college campuses today, sean, with consent -- you have to sign your consent for certain nocturnal activities and, you know, they -- >> what are those activities
10:25 pm
again? i'm kidding. go ahead. >> sexual. >> it's true. you got to sign a consent form to get permission. >> so last time i checked, bill didn't get consent. >> that's right. >> written or otherwise from juanita broaddrick. you and i both interviewed her. we talked about this before. i don't think i have interviewed a witness when i was a lawyer, practicing law, at the same law firm that defended paula jones, i don't think i'd ever interviewed a witness who was as credible as i heard when she was first interviewed by lisa myers for nbc. when i personally interviewed her for tv. >> do you remember -- >> she was so credible. >> -- what lisa myers said when they were hesitating about airing the interview? the problem is you're too credible. and then i interviewed her and you interviewed her. >> right. yep. >> i'll be honest, it was very hard to listen to that story. i found -- >> it was chilling? >> i found it believable. i found paula jones believable. and kathleen willey. i believe them all.
10:26 pm
i've interviewed other women as well. it's a pattern of behavior that would make anybody with a conscience and soul feel horrible. >> and they -- and using your position of power to intimidate women and treat them like just trash, like they're a piece of trash that can be discarded, used, discarded, thrown away. modern day feminists used to tell us that, wow, i mean, rape exists just by a boss being involved with his underling. a boss with a young woman as old as monica lewinsky or even kathleen willey just by nature of being in the workplace, that wasn't consensual. that's what a lot of feminists believe. the question, of course, here is the idea that hillary clinton is this great bridge to female voters. i think a lot of female voters need better jobs, they need more opportunities, they want an economy that works. and they want a credible leader who actually puts their
10:27 pm
interests first and we know when it came to individual women who were abused by her husband, hillary clinton was fine to see them cast aside and in often cases attack eed savagely. >> here's the thing. she's running as a champion of women. okay. so then now -- of course, they use the gender card. every election cycle on the democratic side. >> yeah. >> now these other issues come up. not only do these incidents happen, but then there was an orchestrated smear campaign against all of these women. that's a problem. and there's one other issue that very few people seem to want to talk about. the clinton foundation has taken millions and millions and millions of dollars from countries that practice sharia. like saudi arabia. and women can't drive, they're told how to dress, they can't vote, they can't go out in public without a male relative. and they need four male eyewitnesss for rape in some of these countries. >> of course. >> so my question is, she took that money. now, i've searched high and low. i don't ever see an instance
10:28 pm
where hillary clinton spoke out against those countries that gave her foundation millions. is it a fair conclusion that they bought her silence? >> i think the idea of foreign governments giving massive contributions to a foundation run by a couple with one former president and another likely presidential candidate and current, at that point, secretary of state, that in and of itself has the appearance of such impropriety regardless of whether they thought they were getting anything for the money or not. the mere appearance of it in legal terms, in legal understanding, and she's a lawyer, is just obscene. >> laura, here's a question for you. >> it's obscene. >> would you -- let's say withdrew have a foundation. would you take $1 million from the saudis knowing how they treat women? >> never. >> never. >> never. blood money. wouldn't want it. honestly, people two there and give speeches and do debates and
10:29 pm
i wouldn't give a penny to the saudi economy. not one penny if i could avoid it. i certainly hope i don't have anything invested there. i don't think i do. >> by the way, that's a big issue, too. now you're talking about trump wants coal mining, he wants to drill, he wants fracking and wants nuclear, all of the above. hillary is against all of those. that means we'd be dependent on the saudis. >> exactly. she wants to destroy the coal industry. a lot already has been destroyed. i think americans have a long memory. i think the 9/11 report, attempt to withhold those pages. obama opposing what congress did to allow the 9/11 suit to go forward. i think all this ties together along with the foundation, along with the past. these people are just corrupt people. they are corrupt people to the core. >> are you calling hillary crooked? >> we don't need anymore corruption. >> crooked hillary? >> i said corrupt although crooked hillary sounds better. it flows off the tongue better. >> all right. thank you -- >> corrupt clinton. >> we appreciate it. coming up next on this special edition of "hannity" straight ahead --
10:30 pm
>> my husband who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you knows, he knows how to do it. >> going to put her husband in charge of the economy if she wins the white house. but donald trump is exposing why that could be a bad idea. when we come back, monica crowley and doug schoen, they weigh in. later, donald trump released a list of potential supreme court nominees he would pick if he wins the white house, so how do trump's judicial picks compare to those types of people hillary clinton would nominate? all that and more on this special edition of "hannity: clinton versus trump" continues. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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the rain which started thursday morning led to dozens of rescues. 40 elementary students were trapped in their school. severe thunderstorms near houston caused 40 flights to be cancelled. tensions flaring on the korean peninsula. north korea threatening to fire at south korean warships if they cross the disputed sea border. it comes after the they fired two warning shots. the actions they say are reckless and it will fire without warning if more trip ships intrude on the border. i'm patricia stark. now back to "hannity." welcome back to this special edition of "hannity." it's clinton versus trump. after eight years of terrible fiscal policies under president obama, america now is looking to revitalize its economy and during a campaign speech in kentucky, hillary clinton said she will deploy her husband,
10:37 pm
bill, to handle that all-important task. watch this. >> my husband, who i'm going to put in charge of revitalizing the economy, because, you know, he knows how to do it. and especially in places like coal country and inner cities and other parts of our country that have really been left out. >> didn't she say she was going to put coal companies out of business and coal miners out of work? donald trump responded tweeting, "how can crooked hillary put her husband in charge of the economy when he was in charge for nafta, the worst economic deal in u.s. history?" here with reaction, fox news contributor monica crowley. former clinton pollster, fox news contributor, doug schoen. i think, how does she mention coal like this after she said she's going to put coal mining businesses out of business and coal miners out of work? >> that's very simple, because under the work of myself and others, bill clinton won kentucky.
10:38 pm
and if she's going to revitalize her brand, she needs the clinton record which is welfare rear reform -- >> those are newt gingrich's -- >> no -- >> that would be newt gingrich's record. >> it takes two to tango. we tangoed with the republican congress -- >> look, i have tapes of bill clinton saying we're going to balance the budget between seven and nine year, between eight and ten, seven and nine. back and fort. >> we got it done quicker. >> bill clinton, pete domenici and john kasich got him to go along with their plan. >> he did this speech in june of 95s 95, he did the deal, he was re-elected. >> in one sense, monica, doug is right about thirs, bill clinton had a capacity to deviate from his indoctrination, unlike the current president. the end of welfare as we knew it. it was driven by the republican congress. that was the newt gingrich
10:39 pm
agenda. >> that's exactly right, sean. look, bill clinton is a completely different ball of wax from barack obama who is totally ideological and a committed leftist. bill clinton was a pragmatic centrist and actually wanted to get things done to improve the economy. look, the problem with hillary's formulation about putting bill in charge of the economy, the economy is the number one issue for all voters. jobs and the economy. since it is so important to the nation as a whole and to voters, then why isn't bill clinton running for president? >> so she's using bill clinton -- is this like a two for one deal, she's trying to maybe feed off his personality because she's a weak candidate? >> that's right. she's not her husband. donald trump has an excellent point, he raises nafta which was a problem. during the clinton years, the strong economy, much was driven by the dotcom boom which turned into a bust and also bill and hillary clinton presided over the expansion of the community
10:40 pm
reinvestment act which helped to drive the financial crisis. >> that's a good point. >> years later in 2008. >> there's a range of differences. hillary clinton is against fracking, she's against coal mining, she's against drills. >> true. >> energy wise, she would make us dependent on foreign governments still further. a lot of jobs are lost because of that. it's the engine of our economy. on that one issue, alone, and on top of tharktt, immigration, sh not going to build a wall. cheap labor, driving down the costs -- >> by the way, bill clinton was on what to me and you was the right side of those issues. he was also for limiting immigration -- >> who's going to be in charge if she wins? >> i hope bill clinton is in charge as she says of the economy. >> she's running on behalf of bill and bill will take over? >> he's a better politician with a gett better record. >> he'd be a better president? >> i agree with that, too. >> why should people -- >> because i think her agenda will be better than that of the republicans. >> she doesn't seem to listen to
10:41 pm
her husband very much. >> she should. i wish she did. that's an open -- listen to bill. >> you're basically saying, yeah, she should do trump's policies but you rather him do it and not her, that's, monica, that's a -- >> i'm saying -- as monica said, a pragmatic centrist agenda. that's bill clinton. >> if she's going to be the first woman president, she's going to have to rely on her president to govern for her? the way doug is describing it, he's going to be the fpresident >> bill clinton is relatively popular in the democratic party, in the country at large, sean. problem is, he's not running. she is. what she's essentially doing is running a nostalgia campaign. >> there's one other point, though -- >> like taking you back to fleetwood mac in 1992. that's going to fly in 2016. peep want a change agent. >> donald trump put him front and center in terms of his behavior, conduct, and treatment of women and hillary's enabling and i think there's a whole generation of young people that are already rejecting her that
10:42 pm
probably would reject her more as they learn what we know all too well about him. >> yep. two things about donald trump taking on hillary and bill clinton here, number one, the country wants a change agent. and hillary clinton is the candidate of the status quo. and secondly, donald trump has shown himself to be a totally unconventional candidate who is willing to go there with the clintons. the clintons have been protected by the press for about 25, 30 years. donald trump is going to make sure that that no longer holds true. >> and sean, if the issue becomes as it did in 98s , the issue ofba bill clinton's persol life, he left with the highest approval rate ever. i would advise, monica would agree i think, that donald trump run on the issues, not on bill clinton -- >> i will tell you this, between hillary taking the saudi money where they treat women horribly and the clinton foundation, all of her other scandals includes what happened in benghazi,
10:43 pm
lying, the 13-minute video that came out is devastating. people think she's a liar, dishonest and untrustworthy. she's got much more in terms of problems than i think you know. >> well, i do know what her problems are. that's why she needs bill clinton. >> ow. ouch. >> telling the truth. >> wow. she needs bill. >> she does. >> ouch. >> that's the truth. coming up tonight on this special edition of "hannity" -- >> outside of the defense of our country, perhaps the single most important thing the next president is going to have to do is pick supreme court -- >> which will have an impact for generations to come. >> generations. >> donald trump has now put out a list of potential supreme court picks if he wins the white house. so how does trump's list compare to possible judging that hillary clinton would try to avoid? jay sekulow and kimberly guilfoyle, they weigh in next. as this special edition of "hannity: clinton versus trump" continues.
10:44 pm
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we have reaction from jay and the hit the i look at this loois list and true to his word and he released these names. i heard nothing but praise. . and it's a there's general praise for this list of candidates. some of the best and brightest in the country. the list was made scalia proud. strong choices. >> i have not heard of criticism. you have known a lot of these justices and had experience argument before the supreme court. ten, 12 times, right? >> this is a great list. if there are donald trump detractors out there, it can't
10:51 pm
be on judicial philosophy or the names he put forward for justices to the supreme court. you have former clerks of justice scalia, former clerk of justice rehnquist. they share the same judicial philosophy. no one on the list that is not well qualified. the aba will rank them as well qualified. you lack at the judicial appointments. donald trump is right when he said the lasting legacy of a president is often the supreme court nomination and the supreme court justices and someone has to argue before the court i will take any of them. right now without question these are great nominees. no wonder the left is going ballistic right now. >> we were assured that chief justice roberts would be an originalist. that didn't work out well. >>. >> just had a conversation with people who closely watch the supreme court and they said this looks so good.
10:52 pm
but what about roberts. what happened with obamacare. people are worried about potential -- keep in mind roberts chief justice of the court. the pick, the selection has to be important. the next president of the united states may very well have the opportunity to really shape the court. >> you are talking about the supreme court for generations here. i believe two generations and the impact is significant. at the end of the day these are great nominees. you mentioned chief justice roberts, the differential here is nothing against chief justice roberts, i have known him a long time, these individuals have long track records of opinions. that bodes well, i think for the supreme court. >> this also politically will help donald trump. those maybe conservatives op the
10:53 pm
fence this is probably the defining issue as we have been talking about for generations to come. people who are constitutionalist with a tremendous amount of brief and writings behind them to support their position, well vetted. there's been wide praise, including the heritage foundation. federalist society as well have come out and said these are people they would support. the best and brightest. when you look at the list here. >> the only criticism -- >> something interesting that i liked about the list is you have state supreme court justices on this. -- >> right.
10:54 pm
>> these individuals have a lot to offer. everything doesn't have to come from the same pipeline. i think to have a supreme court is a great idea. look. a lot of cases originate out of the supreme court. >> and we're the right age, too. >> yes. kim ber sli not. i'm almost 60. >> you're way older than oj. kimberly is before you. coming up more of "hannity" right after the break. stay with us.
10:55 pm
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