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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 28, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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step in here. we've seen in other cities where police cars were destroyed. it couldn't take a whole lot. s to it back to you. >> we're going to keep it right here. we'll bring you the very late e as the he's a member of the fast and furious family and family sticks together. scripps national spelling bee ends in a tie for the third year in a row. la-a-m-
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l-a-m-e, lame. >> welcome our guests. nancy reagan was wrong don't just say no, just say jono. his favorite song is weird al, i lost on jeopardy. former white house speech writer. she has more flair than a waiter at friday's katie. and his last name is spelled the same forward and backwards. so can you trust him? next to me, mom comedian paul otto. okay. let's start the show. on friday he tweeted in florida two legitimate candidates on
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ballots. i won't vote for clinton and after years of asking people to vote i won't abstain. interesting. he added, if you can live with a clinton presidency for four years, that's your right. i can't and will do what i can to prevent it. give us a name, rubio. who are you voting for? some people think his tweets mean he's backing trump and rubio supporters are upset. one respondent, worked my [ bleep ] off for you. you said he can't be trusted with a nuclear arsenal, how do you unsay that? yeah, how do you, do you say just kidding? >> no, you have to say it backwards. then it is undone. >> trump said some things. trump seems to be nice to him now. he said he won't call him little marco anymore. >> marco is in between rock and a trump. i get it a vote for hillary is a
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vote for hillary. a third party candidate is essentially a vote for hillary. i think what is best is for him not to tweet. why does he have to say who he is voting for. i understand he wants attention, the limelight. i think he is deciding if he wants to run for senate again. i think i heard that on tv. i could be wrong. >> trump tweeted recently. he said marco should run. he has the best chance to run. run marco. >> when you are receiving compliments, you want to be like thanks, dude, i guess i will vote for you. >> things got heated. you have to have a cooling off period. i say don't talk until after the convention. >> rubio looks like a cheap date if this is what is going to win him over. >> there's nothing wrong with that. >> that is true. >> when you look at the situation, you have to include that donald trump was right about his negotiating skill. the first rule of negotiating never negotiate with yourself. the entire republican party is
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doing that right now. rubio hasn't gotten anything from trump that justifies this softening. you have seen it more so with rick perry, who said trump was a cancer and said he would be willing to be vice president candidate. >> trump said marco should run once again. >> i like how we go from small hands to little marco to hair force one and then everything is cool all of a sudden. you can't attack and say someone is unfitter a job and then everything changes. >> they all say that. didn't sanders say that about clinton. >> another thing to bash them and another thing to say they can't run as a president. it is insane to me. >> do you think he should have done the nuclear code thing, he
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said the man is unstable. >> might have a point. >> here's where we kiss and make up. the republican party he won the nomination, right. >> it is fine. he can say whatever he wants. he is following trump's lead. i will say one thing and act like i didn't say it and lie and go crazy and maybe they will like me then. i don't think he will vote for donald trump. >> you don't? >> no. i think he will go to that booth and write big marco rubio on the paper. >> we will never know. because votes are private. >> i think he will be out campaigning with him. in other endorsement news, martin says he is supporting trump. no word who jerry sandusky and bill cosby and joe mackey did.
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>> what did joe do? he is a good guy. >> i didn't say he was a bad guy. no word on who he is supporting. i got a chance to speak to him. >> hi, morton. it is tom. >> i repeat my prior question. >> tom from fox news channel. it is on at 3:00 a.m. a lighthearted comedic take. >> what can travel around the world while staying in a corner? >> what? >> it is a riddle. what can travel around the world while staying in a corner? huh? a stamp. [ bleep ]. >> i have another one. [ bleep ]. >> we had to bleep that. i think he is a misunderstood guy. >> i think we should go get him. >> he is a rich, kind of playboy.
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he bought the wu tay clan album. >> he was trying to bring up to market pras prices. he wanted to make a profit for his investors. >> the devil. >> it seems he and trump would be seeing eye to eye but trump said he is a spoiled brat. >> they are a couple of fighting fish. they are not going to like each other. war-like maniacs they don't like anyone but themselves. >> isn't it nice, though, that he does live chats? he likes to keep in touch with fans. >> i don't think there is any sentence that you could associate with nice and him. i think he is satan's side kick. a horrible human being and pathetic we give him more attention and more platform to have a voice. >> he's out there. he's making himself accessible on live chats. >> doesn't mean we have to promote it. >> he maybe going to jail. should he? >> i'd love to give you a
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substantive answer to that question. i can't get past the fact the man has the most punchable face in america. >> why? >> in trep ration for this, you google most punchable face, he is the event horizon of punchable faces. no escaping it once you are in there. >> we have had guests that say he is the most punchable man. >> i'm going to defend him. i think he is misunderstood. he is a businessman and knows how to make money. he has to answer to shareholders. >> he's saying a lot of things that other republicans are saying. in his tweet he's like i'm not going to vote for hillary. i will vote for trump an he needs to pick a vp who isn poli it's an ugly game. what's wrong with that? all of that is accurate. he should pick a seasoned political vp. >> i think trump said that so
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they are seeing eye to eye. trump clinched the nomination and celebrated with a big mac as i predicted. he made a fast food stop in california where he is campaigning ahead of the june 7th primary. look at the trump private jet. nothing feels as good as mixing luxury with mcdonald's. >> oh, yeah. i have my high-end shoes on and bring a paper bag as a purse. >> it's great. i think trump is shrewd shrewd. he knows how to come across to the average american. he is really working it, isn't he? >> this keeps him away from the mitt romney stereotype. this is like the road to bankruptcy 18 months after you win power ball. you slap your name on the side of a private jet and eat mcdonald's while you are on there and a brilliant bit of
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marketing. this is like the guy the first time he has a girl to his house he accidentally leaves his poetry book out. oh, i didn't see you there, america. i happen to have a meal from your favorite fast food location and it is the medium mcdonald's meal, a hamburger and diet coke. he has even figure out the schizophrenia of american fast food. >> do you see trump's tweet? he said i have never seen a skinny person with a diet coke. >> he did say that a few years ago. but i see eye to eye with him. when i do something good i treat myself to wendy's number six. >> what is that. >> spicy chicken but this is what you do. i'm about the food revolution and taking care of my body but when you do something great you celebrate with fast food. you deserve it.
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>> chick-fil-a doesn't charge for extra sauces they throw them in the bag one after the other. >> they give you what you want which is what trump is doing. he's playing to his audience. the diet coke thing is a nod. that's how i always look at it. this is a con. he is always just sort of winkin' at the camera and the diet coke to me is that -- >> why? >> he is saying this is an act. it is all an act. there are crumpled up hundred dollar bills in there. >> come on, he has to eat. >> he wants to share a coke with liein' ted. what's wrong with that. >> i don't believe it. i think he will take a mask off at some point and say i don't want this crazy job. i don't buy it. >> i have friends that think he wanted to make make a name for himself and got over his head. okay, i guess i'll be the president. i will make $400,000 a year. whatever. >> so he wants to put a wall
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around the border a you don't think it is fake, right? >> i think he is trying to get somebody to call him on it. he is waiting for tom hanks to be like ork. i will be the president. which he could do. he could decide to be the president. everybody would vote for tom hanks. >> he is america's favorite guy. >> tom hanks. >> now it is time for, katie couric was caught making deceptive edits in her new anti-gun documentary. look at the scene that never happened. >> let me ask you another question, if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> that stunned silence was
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fake. they used different footage to make it seem she stumped the chumps but they answered her using real words. "the new york post" called it a grotesque de deception and said yahoo should fire her. katie doesn't agree. she hasn't said anything herself but someone called an individual with knowledge of her thinking told the there was no factual error. this is not a mistake. it is a substantive mistake. it could have been avoided. this was a poor decision that was maefd and it involved silence. is her friend a robot? what kind of statement is that? she regrets doing something she didn't really do. it reminds me about hillary's answer about her e-mail server. >> my use of personal e-mail was allowed by the state department. it wasn't the best choice and i certainly have said that. i have will continue to say that. that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> yeah. i chided in to hillary.
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>> high five, tom. good work. >> at least she answered, though. it would be nice to get katie's comments on record. fortunately our friends at reason magazine have envisioned how katie would answer if she could. >> there are some timeless skills you need to hone in order to be a good journalist. that is you need to learn to edit and edit well. there are so many opportunities progressive editing or whatever, that i wish i studied journalism more rigorously. it is no surprise or surprise that i don't necessarily understand journalism, but i'm in the process of trying to figure it out. and it leaves me with a feeling of profound inadequacy. >> libertarians are clever people. should she be fired. >> this is the power editing. the same reason we are on 20 seasons of "the bachelor." these reality shows do it all
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the time. >> 100%. i call it the new definition of silent but led deadly. >> that's all i came up. >> you make a good point. joanne you love these reality shows. >> i do. >> often times it will paint these people out who be someone is the villain, someone is the crazy drunk, someone embarrasses themselves and they blame it on the editor. going to a reality tv show you understand that is the narrative they are trying to paint. a documentary should not try to paint a narrative. it should be good journalism and what they are doing by editing it makes gun rights activists look like they are not confident many their stance. they don't know how to present their arguments with that silence. it is really it might make katie couric look good. like hillary with her server might make her look good to voters but don't you need
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someone with more character than that and say, you know, this is what i am doing. >> especially when you are trying to convince people. this documentary is clearly propaganda but if you are going to do propaganda, don't you think, troy, first of all, don't let the gun guys record their own -- they recorded so they had the first mistake. >> first mistake and a lot of cases the cover-up is worse than what they did initially. they have said, this isn't an accident. nine seconds of silence that didn't happen in the room. it is not an accident. when they were pressed for the explanation if you read what the publicist said, we inserted that strategically as a place for the audience to collect their thoughts. in other words, hey, mouth breathers here's some space. you asked if she should be fire. she is global director at yahoo, isn't that worse than being fired. >> it is new media. she is the marquee name and i'm sure -- yahoo is not doing
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great. >> this is a documentary that as i understand it was going to air on the epipicks network, total of eight viewers. i will tell you those eight viewers will not care about this. because documentaries like this are not made to seriously explore the issues but to validate the priors of people watching them already. how many people do you know that have gone to a michael moore documentary and said that was great. i want to see the counterpoint. >> exactly. that's what it is. i love documentaries, but i take them with a grain of salt. >> sure. >> as do you? >> everything is a lie. there's no truth. this is a lie. what she did or whatever did. that is deceptive. i heard about this on npr and they were the ones that said -- when npr says you are anti-gun propaganda is off base you are doing something wrong. they are trying to help you out.
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>> the thing is they have been doing -- i think the anti-gun people, they don't understand why they are not getting that ir way because it seems there are tragedies and they think it is so obvious that there has to be more gun control and they are not getting it. i think they are pushing too hard. don't you think? >> when you are 100% convinced that you are right and don't want to listen to anyone else you tend to stick to your guns. >> yeah, that is what happens. >> they are stubborn jerks like everybody. >> like everybody. okay. time to take a break. when we come back, i will reveal the backstage demands of certain red eye guests and get ready to rock your barbershop world. friday june 10th in nyc.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm a patricia stark. san diego police and fire personnel remain on the scene at the convention center. friday afternoon, hundreds of donald trump supporter and protesters squared off against each other after a trump rally ended. both sides screamed at each other and threw empty water bottles. police in riot gear dispersed the crowd. police say 35 arrests were made. a wrongful death suit against the city of san francisco and two federal agencies. the young woman was shot and killed on a san francisco pier by a man who was shot in the country illegally. the suit says the sheriffs department failed to notify federal immigration officials he was being released from jail. he was a seven-time convicted
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felon. divers recover the body of a pilot of a plane that crashed in the hudson river friday evening. the plane was taking part in fleet week activities when it crashed two miles from the george washington bridge. firefighters say the plane was having engine trouble shortly before it crashed. it went down near the spot where chelsea sully sullenberger landed with 155 passengers on board back in 2009. at least one person is dead after torrential rains flooded the austin, texas area, three others are missing. officials say a number of mobile homes have washed away. 50 people have been rescued since the rain started thursday morning. 40 elementary school children will be spend the night at school after their buses could not get through the floodwaters. i'm patricia stark, now back to "red eye." for all of your headlines, log
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on to fox university of georgia is sorry they give in to ludachris' demands. the rapper was hired to perform during one of the school's football games. fans were outraged after it was revealed his demands were a box of condoms, bottles of vodka, cognac and pe troen an because he is a huge billy joel fan a bot of red and a bottle of white. in his apology he stated few things in my professional life have bothered me more than this situation. this guy has had a charmed life. having my own show i know how difficult it can be to deal with guest demands.
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look at this from john bolton. here's mike baker's. you see what i mean? okay. what do you think of this? ludachris? >> i think we are not capturing the full glory of this writer. >> agree. >> you only listed four items it is a full page. that is 12 font. >> the condoms fall between low sodium v-8 an gardenia scented scandals. it sounds like they were doing an orgy at a restroom. it is disappointing. >> it has a lot of sodium. >> and two type of almonds of therein. >> if you are going to look at a
12:26 am
writer like this you want a led zeppelin era, if you are not taking brown m&ms and flying in a white tiger with a vial of lsd. >> i would prefer they be from bed, bath and beyond. >> he wants them to save money. >> high quality at an affordable price. >> how would you get through a fraction of this after performing 13 minutes reason you in and out here? >> that's the whole idea. you know the answer. you are on stage for ten, five minutes but you have to get to the gig, get ready, blot your head with those bed, bath and beyond towels sglr 0. >> or a whole loaf of bread. >> organic. >> i think he gave him his grocery store list so he could trick them. this is confusing and takes $65,000 for 13 minutes and why
12:27 am
do they want us to buy all of this him? >> what's your favorite on the list? >> i like one -- no. there's so many good things. the white t-shirts, batteries. he has lighters on here. i want to burn t-shirts with ludachris in his backyard. >> joanne, you are a professional. ludachris, i'm not familiar with his entire canon but he is a musician and works hard and has to be in tip-top shape. they are spending a lot of money, give the guy his almonds. >> i have performed at a lot of venues and get changed in what ends up i being the men's bathroom. so as long as i'm not stepping in urine i'm a happy girl. my question is, yeah, you are performing 13 minutes, maybe you come an hour before sound check. i don't know what you have to do but there's no way you are getting through all of that. does he get to take all of that stuff with him?
12:28 am
>> you can. i have seen people take stuff with him. >> it is not him that wrote the list. it is his people. >> they want a party. >> he probably requested unsalted almonds and his publicist requested everything else. >> you know what i need coconut water. >> no problem, you got two cases. >> coconut water is great. hydrating, potassium, prevents cramping. >> and assorted snapple. >> higher in sugar than you think. >> coming up, another scathing enindictment of our views expressed so far and red eye the podcast is back.
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fancy-pants peanut butter? a big screen television? you haven't even bought a sofa yet! a motorcycle?! when your father finds out, he's gonna flip his--
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shoes with two buckles? what do you even need two buckles for? mr. big shot, buying whiskey shots for everybody in the bar. from the looks of it, i'd say nobody even remembers. feed the pig!
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welcome back. time to see what we got wrong and what we missed. andy? >> hold your applause until the end. >> oh, sure. >>. [ applause ] >> come on. what did i just say? what did i just say, katie. >> can't get enough. >> hold the applause until the end of my existence. >> that's going to be a weird funeral. >> like in new orleans, it's cool. marco rubio, or rub rub-o as you call him.
12:33 am
political hack, that seems harsh. >> didn't andy say that. >> i don't know that you should have gone that far. >> think people got that? let's dispose one once and for all. >> i hope they did. otherwise they would think let's dispel once and for all. >> great show. >> you said rubio hasn't gotten anything from trump to justify him doing this but the trump tweet telling marco to run for senate came after what rubio says. there's a deal going on here. >> if this is what it takes to win over rubio maybe he should have been president of the nuclear -- for whales, marco. >> you said you like how we go from small hands to supporting him. he said he was a con man and couldn't be trusted with nukes, et cetera. i don't see how you go from that
12:34 am
to voting if the guy. >> we could do a ludachris list for compliments or lack thereof that went back and forth. >> we are not going after ludachris. >> sorry, my bad. >> martin endorses trump. you said they are like fighting fish. is this him losing this fight? is he the beta here. >> trying to bring attention back to him. afternooning up his douchiness. >> apparently there's a germ reason word for punchable face, it is. [ speaking german ] . it means face in need of a fist. >> word for everything. great country. >> sometimes that's not good.
12:35 am
you said this is an ak that trump isn't eating mcdonald's. i think this is his only authentic one. >> you think so. that he eats like homeless people food. >> i that is a cheap shot at a fine american institution. >> he likes mcdonald's. he does. >> hillary clinton and katie couric, an individual with knowledge of her thinking, it is such a a lame way to respond to this. especially when the response it is that that big of deal and it was the director's fault. come on. face the music, tom. >> i'm surprised. she's not coming out and making a statement. >> troy, you took a cheap shot at epics saying it had eight
12:36 am
viewers. it has 10 million subscribers, sir. >> the documentary when it airs will have a total of eight viewers. >> you don't know that. >> that's my point. no way to false fie it. win. >> all right. i will give you that. tom you said least hillary answered the question about the e-mail and said she should have done things differently. no really. the reason she gave for doing it don't match up with what the inspector general said were her actual reasons. >> i guess -- i was giving her credit for having words coming out of her mouth instead of a robot spokeswoman. >> here's how badly hillary is lying about this. msnbc is calling her out. >> wow. >> i know. >> when can we address it as being super boring. it's not an interesting story. >> the e-mail. >> it is boring. there's no oral sex involved. nothing. >> hang on. we haven't seen all of the e-mails yet. >> that's true.
12:37 am
we don't know. >> considering she barely knew how to e-mail -- >> e-chat was a euphemism. >> okay. >> ludachris, tom, for some reason you didn't bring it up during the discussion but i managed to get in your barbershop performances. four copies of leave it to beaver the complete series dvd collection. seven copies of the family circus treasury, seems odd. 17 fresh pairs of dockers khakis, 28 waist. >> you want to be prepared. >> three packs of hanes white t-shirts. white t-shirts must be kept separate from khaki at all times. not cool. >> little normal. >> one ruby's costume haunted house collection dotted clown costume. >> that's not for me. that's for our baritone.
12:38 am
>> one boning knife, one oil drum and 50 gal s hydrochloric acid. for a barbershop show. >> we are a quartet. we have all different needs. don't pin it on me. >> now i'm going to your show. >> troy, you noted on ludachris' list condoms were next to low-sodium v8 juice. i'm not sure what the issue is here, he is trying to stay healthy. >> hydrated. >> you think he gave the whole grocery list to trick them. i don't think it with uz to trick them. i think it is to save him a trip to the supermarket. >> i'm proud of us for not calling the list ludachris. we didn't take the cheap way. >> you said when you perform in the city you get changed in the men's bathroom.
12:39 am
i hope your show does not go to north carolina. >> no, i would boycott for sure. i love the men's bathroom. now that ruins this. this was going to be the outof context moment of the night. >> as long as i'm not stepping in urine, i'm a happy girl. >> easy to please. >> and if you are wearing a sock it is even worse. >> good pageant answer. >> i like that would be your writer. >> my writer specifies i am supposed to step in urine. >> keeps you humble. >> you need a better agent. >> andy looks done. >> way done. >> thank you, andy. >> when we come back, can you spell everyone gets astro fi because the kids in our next story certainly can.
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live from america's news headquarters, i'm patricia stark. republican donald trump isn't interested in sharing a stage with vermont senator bernie
12:44 am
sanders. trump previously said he would love to debate sanders but now he thinks the one on one showdown between the two would be inappropriate. sanders is hoping trump will change his mind. u.s. air strike killed the commander in fallujah. iraqi troops are looking to surround the city and storm in to take out isis troops. in massachusetts, services held on friday for fallen officer ronald tarantino, jr. he was shot and killed during a traffic stop. police later shooting and killing the suspect. hundreds of mourners packing the church and attending the services while standing outside. 150 of the world's top doctors are urging the world health organization to postpone or move the summer olympic games in rio de janeiro because of the zika outbreak. it is known to cause birth defects in newborns if the mother is infected while pregnant. brazil is one of the countries seeing a large outbreak of the
12:45 am
virus which the w.h.o. is calling a global emergency. north carolina police department is backing out of this summer's gop convention in cleveland. the chief of the greensboro 't prepared and not covering compensation and physical exams for the officers to cover the event. they were planning to send 50 officers. the cavaliers are heading to the nba finals again. the cavs routed the raptors in game six. this will be back to back appearances for the team. they will play the winner between the oklahoma city thunder and the warriors. i'm patricia stark. back to our late-night slam dunk of fun "red eye." to be or not to be that is the question. have you ever heard that line. the third straight year the
12:46 am
scripps national spelling bee has ended in a tie. jairam hathwar and nihar janga both made it through 25 grueling rounds of 25 rounds of spelling words no one heard or used. janga spelled hhh and then hathwar went in for the tie feldenkrais. here it is. give it up. >> then he went for the hug. while the two boys shared a trophy the other contestant got their hug at the end.
12:47 am
i think that is the guinness book of world records most hugs in a minute. >> most high fives in a minute. >> i do. >> you have the most high fives. >> that is a true story. >> what do you think of this spelling bee? it is tense. i think a lot to put these kids through. >> it was awesome this year. the 89th annual putnam county spelling bee was incredible. that one kid was a brat. the clip we didn't roll is where he started to mock him for getting the word wrong. did you see that? >> i did not. had some people complaining. it was like a debate. like this year's debate. >> it will used to be really academic. now it is a cultural thing,
12:48 am
right? i think it is great. you are right. there's some ego applied. you saw the one kid freezing out the other on the high five. little known fact, the finalists, same writer as ludachris. turns out. but the tie, as any sports fan will say, the tie is the lamest way to resolve this thing. they have had a few recently. sudden death overtime. one of the kids has to die, sudden death. >> what's the deal with the -- it's the foreign born kid or the children of foreign born, especially east asia. they are good at spelling. why? >> i believe it is discipline. often times because of the culture and the families they are very -- they pride themselves on the fact that -- because generations are shorter. the bilingual you think, they have to learn a couple of languages. >> that could be it, as well but i think it is a discipline thing
12:49 am
for the most part. but what do i know? i would rather they learn a practical skill. you can spell maserati but can you change a tire? it seems frivolous but a lot it has to do with word roots. it is good for foundation of language. >> it is good for memorization and recall and testing, not life skills. i have a huge problem with the tie as well. what that doesn't teach you is competition. i'm sick of this era of everybody gets a participation trophy. be more competitive here. >> we made a reference to that in the story. the thing is it's not like a participation trophy. >> it is a not a legitimate sport. if the spelling bee wants to kick it up next year there has to be a winner. >> it is important for
12:50 am
12-year-old children to suffer. >> agree. you need to finish it. if they can't outspell each other they need to fight. get them in the octagon. or at the end, cover up the tag, you spell his name. whoever gets it right wins. >> that's the hardest part. fantastic. congratulations to all of the kids. coming up, with ve more buzz than a computer.
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insects are not just for squashing under your shoe. they are for eating. the edible big bug industry hopes the next trend will be meal worms. they are gluten free and packed with protein and farming them lowers greenhouse emissions. here in the western world we only eat them when we ride our bikes real fast. join me as i now eat a
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handfulful of these crickets. i said don't put it in the script because i wasn't going to do it. oh, wait. these are actual crickets. grab a spoon, guys our not going to eat crickets. >> no. >> anyone on the panel going to eat crickets. >> can we get a side of honey mustard. >> you know what the crunch is, exsew skeleton. >> i will eat it. ready? >> you are not. >> why not? >> it will get in your teeth. >> i thought it proved. >> are you serious. >> why are you doing this, kind of smoky. >> quit being a hero. this is gross. >> whole thing. you are going to have to bm in 24 hour and there's going to be a whole cricket in there. >> everybody has to eat them.
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>> no. no, no. >> i'm not trying to be a hero. i found myself in many social situations where there have been insects and it's dumb. we are not going to eat insects in america anytime soon. >> they used to pay people $50,000 on "fear factor" and you are doing it for free. >> i'm rubbing the legs in between my teeth as i eat them. >> you are trying to get the sound. >> you are. >> i can't believe you guys aren't eating these. >> very easy to believe. >> on tv. >> what do they taste like? >> smoky flavor and then under the smoke tastes like you are eating an insect. >> wonderful. >> can i get one of these giant drinks, please. >> so, would you ever eat bugs? >> if my life depended on it, absolutely. i'd pull a live situation, if it
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was me and you in a plane crash i'd probably eat you. >>. >> going knob sushi the next era. >> not going to happen. >> see you next time. i thought my bladder leakage meant my social life was over. wearing depend underwear has allowed me to fully engage in my life and i'm meeting people. unlike the bargain brand, new depend fit-flex underwear is now more flexible to move with you. reconnect with the life you've been missing. get a free sample at
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"special report" is up next. sympathy but no apology, president obama walks a political tight rope at hiroshima. this is "special report". good evening. welcome to washington. i'm bret baier. ing the world to, in his words, ponder a terrible force unleashed, the president did not mention how that terrible force may have saved a million american lives possibly lost if a ground


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