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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel and all of you for watching. i'm paul gigot. hope to see you next week. feeling the heat. hillary clinton taking the weekend off after a stinging report on her personal e-mail i have server. what means for her. this young woman filing suit against the feds for failing repeatedly to deport the illegal alien career criminal who shot her dead. the important mission to remember her. to have to see his daughter in his arms dying and crying for help and a mother who lost a daughter. who wants anybody to go through what they went through? looking live now at arlington cemetery this memorial day weekend as we await a wreath lane at the civil war unknown
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monument, one of many ceremonies to honor fallen heroes across the country this weekend. good saturday to you on this long weekend that officially begins summer. nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. >> welcome to america's election headquarters from washington. you are looking live at a bernie sanders rally in santa barbara, california, due to start any moment. sanders is the only candidate hitting the campaign trail today. he's holding three rallies in california ahead of the state's june 7 primary. polls show sanders and clinton locked in a tight race heading into the delegate-rich contest. sanders has vowed to amass as many delegates as possible to try to win the democratic nomination but the current delegate count doesn't favor sanders. california offers 475 democratic
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delegates which explains why bernie sanders is spending so much time campaigning there before the june 7 primary. hillary clinton is pretty close to locking up the nomination, just 73 delegates shy of hitting that magic number needed to clinch. >> especially when you count super delegates. bernie sanders' supporters hope hillary clinton's e-mail troubles could be bernie's gain in the delegate count for the democratic nomination. this week brought a scathing state department inspector general report on her e-mail practices, but it does not end there. now everyone is watching to see what will happen with the fbi's criminal investigation. we are following the story from d.c. >> reporter: you can bet the fbi is closely watching these developments. in addition to the fbi's criminal investigation, and the i.g.'s report that just came out, there is also the civil case from judicial watch looking into clinton's e-mail practices. this week the conservative legal watchdog group released the transcript from its recent deposition with a long-time
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state department staffer, louis lucas. clinton previously said her use of e-mail for work was widely known but he said he thought she was only using it to stay in touch with family and friends. the report issued this week shows that several low level staffers raised questions about the security of her e-mail setup they were told it had been approved and to never bring it up again. in fact, according to the report, clinton never sought nor received permission from the state department i.t. officials to exclusively use personal e-mail. those officials told the i.g. if she had asked for approval, they would have said no, because it would be both a security risk and a violation of the department's recordkeeping rules. all of this combined with what we already know makes it appear there was a concerted effort by clinton to control her e-mail records by skirting federal recordkeeping laws. >> clearly there's enough from
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the i.g. report, from the leaked e-mails, she is in trouble here. she's going to be indicted. anyone who says this is not an indictable offense, they don't understand what's going on with the classified information. >> reporter: despite the contradictions between the i.g. report and clinton's previous statements, clinton and her campaign says there's nothing new in the report. she did nothing wrong and they are not worried about hurting her in the upcoming election. >> as i've said many times, if i could go back, i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this. i understand that. but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life and my service. >> reporter: those concerns were highlighted in the recent latest fox news poll, where 66% of voters said they did not view her as honest and trustworthy. leland? >> garrett kenney, thanks. for more on how all this is affecting the democratic race for the white house, "wall
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street journal" white house correspondent colleen mccain nelson has also been covering the democrats for the journal. great reporting. glad to have you. we heard that statistic, 66% of voters don't find clinton honest and trustworthy. is the e-mail scandal resonating with democratic primary voters rather than general election voters? >> at this point, it's a little bit of a moot question just because she's on the march to the nomination and is not going -- the math is on her side. so she's not going to be derailed. but it does fuel the existing narrative that she can't be trusted. so she has been out there saying this was allowed, i didn't do anything wrong, it was permissible to use private e-mail but the report says very clearly it's not. >> do you think bernie sanders campaign, shall we say, regrets we don't want to hear about your whatever e-mails anymore? >> well, at this point, they're not showing any signs of regret. they are certainly holding firm to that.
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points for consistency, perhaps, but also perhaps a missed opportunity. even with this report now in hand, bernie sanders is still not attacking her on this. his campaign manager, his surrogates are still not talking about this issue, so it certainly could have been a useful issue for them at this moment leading up to this moment, but they just won't go there. >> if you had talked about this race about a year ago, this should have been long over. you should have been back here on your couch in washington, not still on a plane every other minute. we're 58 days to philadelphia. how worried are hillary clinton's folks that there's not really a coalescing of the democratic party around her, even if she does win the nomination it will be contentious at best? >> well, this is a challenge and at this point i think the clinton campaign is trying to assess exactly how steep of a challenge because part of the problem is they don't know exactly what bernie sanders wants. he's showing that he's willing to not only contest every primary but he wants to fight over things both big and small related to the convention.
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so it's not just that he wants to influence the platform or that he wants a prime time speaking spot. even this morning you saw bernie sanders' campaign coming out fighting, asking to have two particular clinton surrogates removed from convention -- they're fighting every little fight. >> what do you think they want? does he want to be vp? >> i don't think that's what he's after necessarily. that seems like a pretty far-fetched idea at least in terms of what the clinton camp wants. i don't think that's a gettable target for them. but they certainly want to influence the platform, they want to they say change the system. they call it a rigged system. >> you watched the video from nevada where the bernie sanders supporters felt as though they had been slighted there at the state convention in nevada. they started throwing chairs and all those kind of things. are the clinton folks getting ready for these kinds of disturbances in philadelphia? >> well, they are.
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it's interesting because bernie sanders supporters are applying for permits to demonstrate in philadelphia, so the question is what exactly are they planning to do. the bigger question is what is bernie sanders going to do to try to guide them. >> can they do much after what happened in nevada. >> exactly. it's kind of incumbent upon them to offer guidance and say let's keep this simple, be supportive of hillary clinton ultimately. it's up to him to kind of lower the temperature in philadelphia. so we haven't seen any signs yet of whether he's going to do that. >> where does this go from here in terms of california in about ten days, and then what happens between california and the middle of july, let's assume for the moment now the fbi doesn't indict her. >> so in terms of unifying the democratic party, that's a key time period, the five and a half weeks. at that point, hillary clinton will have enough delegates to be the presumptive nominee. so the question at that point is
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what is bernie sanders going to ask for. is he going to ask that debbie wassermann schultz, the democratic national committee chairwoman, step aside, is he going to -- does he have a list of demands. the clinton folks certainly are signaling they are willing to work with him. they just want to know what he wants. >> maybe he doesn't even know what he wants at some point. colleen, appreciate you being here. we will follow your reporting. >> thank you. illegal immigration one of the hot button issues of 2016 and it's getting more heated with new developments in the debate. parents of kate lynn steinlee killed allegedly by a mexican immigrant deported five times is suing the federal government, specifically blaming the sheriff who released the suspect from custody without notifying immigrations and custom enforcement or i.c.e. >> making himself the king, he is deliberately circumventing
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the law that was in effect for the city and county of san francisco. he acted without authority. a complete abuse of authority in ismemo. >> a civil case like this, the legal issue is whether the government and its taxpayers can be held liable for the actions of a criminal. case law is well-established that they cannot be held liable. >> i.c.e. will not comment on pending litigation but said in a statement that agency officials have met with the family to express their deepest sympathy for the family's loss. donald trump has used the steinle case to boost his argument for building a wall along the u.s./mexico border. at a trump rally in san diego yesterday, hundreds of people turned out to protest against his stance on immigration. as you might imagine and you can see, things got out of and as protesters flung trash and pushed over barricades. police were forced to step in
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and arrested at least 35 demonstrators. we have the latest on the fallout from the rioting in san diego. >> calling them thugs, donald trump's san diego rally featured angry protesters yesterday, aside from the arrests the police department added that nobody was hurt and no one destroyed any property. while trump, like many republicans, encountered strong resistance in california, he faced especially strong protests in san diego. a city near what's reported as the largest land border crossing in the world. trump has called to build a wall on the mexican border and force that country to pay for it, and says he wants to deport millions of mexicans in the u.s. illegally. while in california, trump says he has a shot of winning that state in the general election. despite his very poor polling among key demographics in the state, trump says he can be the first republican in more than 30 years to win california. >> i am going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy may because i honestly think with getting
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these massive crowds all over the place, i actually think we're going to win california. >> he also said he wanted to debate bernie sanders so badly. democratic front-runner hillary clinton's refusal to debate her democratic challenger ahead of the california primary, trump enthusiastically said he would fill that void. sanders said he was ready. now trump has joined clinton in rejecting sanders, saying in a statement quote, based on the fact that the democratic nominating process is totally rigged and crooked hillary clinton, debbie wassermann schultz will not allow bernie sanders to win. now that i'm the presumptive republican nominee it seems inappropriate that i would debate the second place finisher. donald trump will be in washington, d.c. speaking at rolling thunder, a yearly motorcycle ride through d.c., honoring the military's prisoners of war and those missing in action. back to you. >> lot of questions about how exactly trump's comments will play considering he's been critical of p.o.w.s in the past, especially john mccain.
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thanks, rich. liz has more. after the 2012 election, republican leaders stressed the need to reach out to the hispanic and minority communities as the rnc gets ready for the july convention in cleveland, they have named wyoming senator john barrasso to head the committee, writing the party's 2016 platform. he's drawn a line in the sand for donald trump saying no presidential candidate has ever fully embraced the platform but we expect absolute acceptance of it. joining me to break it down, president of latino partnership for conservative principles, alphonso aguilar. thank you for joining us. appreciate it. before we look forward, i want to take a step back and look at the 2012, there was a gop growth and opportunity project released, almost 100 pages on all the things the gop can do better to reach out to the hispanic community and other minorities. fast forward to today, we are looking at another election. have they taken any of those
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recommendations and have they come to fruition? >> absolutely. i was part of some of those conversations. i think reince priebus should be commended for the work he's done to engage the hispanic community. the rnc is doing a great job in establishing key contacts in battleground states to get latino support. we saw results in 2004, specifically cory gardner in colorado, a state where the latino vote is decisive. a good conservative who was constructive on immigration. he did very well with latinos. so i think that the rnc has done as much as it can. the question here is what has changed everything is certainly donald trump. you may have a great infrastructure to promote your candidate, but if the candidate's not likeable, if latinos reject him, you are going to have a hard time selling him to the latino community. the question is, at this point, they are rejecting donald trump
10:15 am
but can donald trump change the tone of his comments on immigration and his positions and perhaps become competitive to latinos. >> perfect segue to my next question. i want to play a sound bite. he was talking about the latina governor of new mexico, susana martinez. take a listen. >> we have to get your governor to get going. she's got to do a better job, okay? >> okay. so we hear there, you had actually addressed this shortly before, but is this him hitting on the hispanics necessarily, are they offended by this type of comment? >> no. not at all. to try to say that hispanics are offended because she's latina, it's the worst kind of pandering. it could backfire for democrats if they continue that line. look, i thought it was silly. he's going after susana martinez because she didn't show up at that rally and hasn't endorsed him.
10:16 am
that's it. >> he's an equal opportunity, if you will, offender. >> democrats don't understand that they don't have a hold on the latino vote. latinos understand that both parties have played politics with them. it's a very sophisticated electorate. as we look at the polling, some of the polling that has been done even by fox shows that while trump is in the 20s, hillary clinton is in the low 60s. not the same level as barack obama. so you know, they have questions about her. >> there you have 62% for clinton, 23%. what you're saying is that she's not necessarily the best alternative. >> exactly. they are not flocking to hillary clinton. and that presents an opportunity for donald trump, if he's able to pivot and try to attract latino voters with a more constructive tone and position on immigration, and i think he actually has left the door open for that when he talks about the undocumented. he says he wants to go back but
10:17 am
then he wants the good people to come back to the u.s. what if he were open to having a talk that mexicans could go to their consulate, register and given a path to legal status within their country? something like the would be acceptable to latinos. i think donald trump has an opportunity but i think those changes and that change in tone needs to happen right now. publicly, i denounced him when he made that comment about mexican immigrants. i denounced his positions. i'm not ready to support him or vote for him. but he needs to do some work. but he's a force of nature so it could happen and he could become competitive with latino voters. he is certainly changing how we think about politics and certainly -- >> in every way. >> in every way. even with latinos. >> thank you so much for joining us. wish we had more time to talk about the convention. thank you for your insight. we appreciate it. >> thank you for having me. for more election 2016 news, don't miss fox news sunday
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tomorrow. chris wallace has an exclusive interview with trump campaign manager cory lewandowski. now that trump has enough delegates to secure the nomination, what's the strategy moving towards november? check your local listings for air time. this holiday weekend is one of the busiest travel times of the year, and given the recent horror stories of airport security wait times, travelers were worried. however, those who departed yesterday report being pleasantly surprised as they moved through security rather briskly. authorities opened extra screening lanes and used bomb-sniffing dogs so a lot of passengers could skip taking off their shoes. recently the tsa took heat over long wait times at major airports, hours of folks waiting in lines. if you decided to go by ground, aaa says cheaper gas is why more people are hitting the road. the organization predicting a 2% increase in car travel, the highest total since 2005. you have to wonder if they can open extra lanes and bring in
10:19 am
dogs yesterday, why they couldn't have done that for the weeks that people were waiting in line for hours. >> they did get a lot of heat. >> finally, finally, they listened. amazing how that works. millions of americans may need to put their holiday plans this weekend on hold. tropical storm warnings go up along one coast. details are coming up. record amounts of rain bringing deadly floods to texas. parts of the lone star state are under water. is there any relief in sight? >> yes, we are watching a very active weekend. memorial day holiday. will it rain on your parade? we will tell you after the break. texas authorities say two people are dead and the search is on. for four more following severe storms and flash flooding. that's not this story. this is the tomb of the unknown from the civil war at arlington national cemetery. after a long day,
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a fox news alert, bernie sanders has taken the stage at santa barbara community college in santa barbara, california, the first of three rallies the democratic presidential candidate is making in the state, trying to shore up votes for the california primary.
10:24 am
let's listen in. he's talking about the gop front runner. >> mexicans and latinos, why he thinks it makes sense to insult muslims, to insult women and veterans, and to insult african-americans. and if i have the opportunity as i hope i will to debate mr. trump among many other things, i would ask him why he thought it was a good idea to launch the so-called -- be an active part of the so-called birther movement. remember that birther movement? with that birther movement, it was about not just disagreeing with president obama. you have the right to disagree with anybody. what he was trying to do is to delegitimize the history of the
10:25 am
first african-american president in the history of this country. that's an ugly thing to have done. now, what this campaign is about and why we are doing so well is that we are talking about the real issues that are impacting ordinary americans. and the other thing that we are doing which is very very radical is we are telling the truth. >> you have been listening live to bernie sanders. he is holding a rally in santa barbara, california at santa barbara community college there. he's been talking about the gop nominee donald trump. he brought up the birther movement and he said it was an opportunity for donald trump to delegitimize the first african-american president. of course, if he makes any more news we will bring it to you live. that's bernie sanders. texas authorities say at
10:26 am
least two people are dead and the search is on for four more following severe storms that led to flash flooding. among those still missing is 21-year-old darren mitchell, who posted this terrifying photo online, waiting for the photo, before eyewitnesses say his car, wow, imagine seeing that inside your car, before his car was swept away. >> once it flipped, you didn't see the truck. >> he got out his truck, he got in the bed of his truck, he got back out the bed of his truck, he got on top of his truck. then all of a sudden he got back in his truck and like maybe 10, 15 minutes after he was in his truck, it just flipped into the water. >> i want my grandson. i want to put my hand on him. i want to know he's here with me. i don't want to think he's out there. >> the area is between houston and austin were the hardest hit.
10:27 am
some folks had to be taken out of their homes overnight as evacuation orders were given. the storm moved out of texas last night but officials are bracing for more thunderstorms in that area already waterlogged this weekend. >> looking now at the atlantic, a tropical storm warning is in effect for south carolina coast. it's expected to hit the region tonight. meteorologist janice dean is tracking the storm at the fox extreme weather center. >> well, the tropical season doesn't officially begin until june 1st but we have our second named storm we think probably within the next couple of hours. tropical depression number two heading towards the coast of south carolina, already feeling some of those outer bands, rain bands, also going to see some rough surf and rip currents. right now, winds are at 35 miles per hour. we are expecting as this potentially makes landfall tomorrow morning to strengthen. it is going over some very warm water and our next advisory
10:28 am
comes out at 2:00 p.m. we have to see what the national hurricane center thinks but right now we think a landfall around the charleston area tomorrow morning, then it kind of hugs the coastline, giving much of the east coast not a grea great-looking weekend, unfortunately. the gulf stream is right here. that's why we think it will strengthen a little bit before it makes landfall tomorrow morning but regardless of wh bonnie or not, we will see heavy rainfall, definitely rough surf, rip currents and very strong winds. tropical storm force winds for coastal south carolina as we go through sunday. much of sunday, then into monday. taking a look at the tropical forecast for this year, so we will probably have bonnie within the next couple of hours, but we are counting on maybe an average season. so just because we have had two named storms or possibly two named storms with bonnie, it doesn't mean that we are going to have a very active season. we have to see. obviously june 1st is the official beginning of hurricane season. a quick look at your memorial
10:29 am
day forecast, storms across the central u.s., again, watching texas very carefully, and then along the east coast is also going to be wet because of what could be tropical storm bonnie tomorrow and monday. back to you. >> janice dean, thank you so much. back to politics. now that trump is the last republican standing, some local and state leaders that had backed his rivals are switching sides and throwing their support his way. up next, we talk to one arkansas republican who did not additionally endorse trump but has since changed her mind. plus the general election is up for grabs but when it comes to halloween, one company has already picked their winner. up next, some of the faces you may get to hide behind. >> i think in 2016 the trump mask will completely sell out. because he's getting quite popular. i prefer him. we built up a huge stock pile this year.
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welcome back this saturday. one of trump's supporters is arkansas attorney general lesslleslie rutledge. she is 100% committed to trump and will be one of his delegates at the convention in cleveland. earlier this week she tried to square her want for a strongly conservative candidate and supporting trump. >> they have all been pretty exciting. i think this will be a real opportunity for republicans to come together to get behind donald trump and to win in november. >> you have been behind donald trump for awhile now. are you seeing more republicans getting in line, especially in a place like arkansas where evangelicals are so important? >> well, donald trump won arkansas and i am supporting the presumptive nominee, donald trump. we are seeing republicans across the country come together behind mr. trump because republicans know that four more years of barack obama is not what we need
10:35 am
and that's what we would get from senator clinton. we want a strong conservative to ensure we have a strong national defense, a strong economy, strong conservative doesn't necessarily mean that social issues, although those are very important to me, but we have to look at what's important to every day average americans. >> even when you talk about a strong national defense, this is somebody who at times sounds like an isolationist. >> but it's important that we support our military, support our veterans and donald trump has gone above and beyond in stating how he will do that. what we know is what we have is not working. that's what we have to change. >> on that note of what we have to change, one of the key issues for donald trump going into the general election will be this issue of the gender gap. it's always existed for republican candidates. at least the polling indicates that for donald trump it's going to be a lot worse. what is it possible for him to do to change that, especially with conservative women as yourself? >> well, i'm a conservative woman, i support donald trump. hillary clinton offends me. she offends me because she wants to put women into a box as if we
10:36 am
were single issue voters. we are not. women care about jobs, we care about national defense. that's what donald trump brings to the table, a strong leader for national defense, jobs, growing the economy. women are not single issue voters. secretary clinton would have us out to be that. >> you think that's a fair criticism in terms of the donald trump has a problem, if you will, in terms of dealing with women and his perception by women? >> well, it's a problem because it's a created problem by the democratic left, by hillary clinton's machine. donald trump does not have a problem and will continue not to have a problem with women once they see his policies, what he stands for, once they see the republican party coalescing around him which is what we will do after cleveland. i'm convinced that donald trump will be the next president and women may not come out in a majority for him but we will support donald trump. >> what has to happen in cleveland to your mind to really coalesce the republican party around donald trump? not necessarily in the convention center where you are going to be a delegate but on tv for the millions who are going to be watching?
10:37 am
>> you will see the leaders of the republican party, the elected officials listen to the grassroots. the grassroots have spoken. people across the country have spoken that they want donald trump to be the next president. we want to elect conservatives up and down the ballot, not just in the white house and donald trump. >> there's a lot of fear out there among very smart republicans that donald trump will absolutely kill down ballot races, whether it be attorney general races in arkansas, whether it be the governor's race in missouri, senate races in pennsylvania and other states. folks are worried. you don't think that's a reasonable fear? >> unfortunately, those very smart republicans as you say have been wrong for the last year. they have been wrong every single election, every primary. they have said donald trump won't win and he's won. that's what we need. we need an agent of change. he brings change, he brings leadership. hillary clinton represents what is wrong with america, the same old big government establishment. >> thank you very much. >> thank you. >> good to have you. let's take a look at the lighter side of politics. the way this political year has
10:38 am
unfolded it's a good bet presidential candidates will be a hot halloween costume this year. at least that's what one factory in china is banking on to make big money five months from now. workers are cranking out masks of donald trump and hillary clinton hoping they will be a halloween hit right before the general election. so i wonder if they are betting correctly. i used at "usa today" . in 2015 there was no characters that were any type of political figures that were popular. we'll see if they bet correctly. >> i wonder if by october people will be kind of tired of this and want halloween to take a break. it will be four or five days before the election. >> i bet they hope they are not tired. >> the chinese are putting a lot of money into it. maybe they know something we don't. back now to the news. thousands of proud americans are heading to the national mall this memorial day weekend to honor the ultimate sacrifice made by some of america's
10:39 am
bravest fighting men and women weechlt wi we will be joined by two stars taking the stage at a concert tomorrow night. one veteran paying it forward to honor soldiers who never made it home. his story after the break.
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10:44 am
>> memorial day is not just about cookouts and going to the beach. it's about honoring the military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. sunday night at the u.s. capitol we get a chance to salute those who protect the many with the national memorial day concert. one of the celebrity co-hosts, joe montegna and mike love from the beach boys are here in studio with us. thank you so much for joining us, gentlemen. i can't tell you how much i appreciate it. joe, it's not our first time meeting and not our first time talking about this concert. before we talk about how much memorial day means to all of us, i want to get some of the details about the event this weekend and what you're looking forward to most, because you have been part of the, this concert for years. this year in particular is special for you. >> yeah. well, it's got the beach boys there. that makes it very special right there. but we've got an eclectic group of performers, beach boys, trace
10:45 am
adkins, katherine mcphee, the young man who just won "american idol" and performers like gary sinise, we have been cohosting the show for 11 years together. it's just a combination of music, dramatic readings, all in 90 minutes which people can carve out 90 minutes on memorial day weekend, it will give them an idea why this holiday is set aside and why it's so important. >> we talked in the break before we came to air about the theme. every year there's a new theme, new highlights. what is so poignant about this year? >> this particular year we will focus on a couple things. it's the 50th anniversary of the conflict in vietnam. one of the stories we will touch on that. we have a story that will touch on the fact there was this tremendous battle in world war ii, we have some of the survivors actually present. we will also do a special segment on arlington cemetery, where 400,000 of our past military veterans are buried.
10:46 am
so those three themes will be prominent in the show along with everything else. >> mike, as one of the performers at the event, you have had a lot of highs in your career, lot of your viewers are probably really excited to see you on set this afternoon, and excited you are participating in the event, in the concert tomorrow night. but as a performer, i really see you light up when you talk about the opportunity to honor the service men and women. why is that? why is it so important for you to perform? >> when we were doing what we were doing, and they had to do what they had to do, our music gave some of our guys in particular in vietnam a sense of hope and joy and home. our music brought home to them in the midst of adversity. this bangle i got from a fellow who got it in the central highlands of vietnam and he gave it to me as a symbol of a gift to me and i wear it every day. i take very seriously the fact
10:47 am
that, you know, our music has meant so much to so many people. not only to people who are in service but their families, their children, their parents, their grandparents, everybody's affected by the sacrifices that these people have had to make and have made. i think it's phenomenal that joe and gary have been doing this for 11 years. actually, joe has been on i think as an actor -- >> 15 years. >> so we are newbies for this. but our music meant a lot to the people at that time and thankfully still does. so we will be doing "california girls" and "sloop john b" and "good vibrations" and "servinur usa." >> when you talk to these machine and women, some are very young and some are of a totally different generation, what do they tell you? what is the message of memorial day? >> i think one thing that i especially learned is that memorial day for a lot of people
10:48 am
listening had people in service or lost people in service, lot of times people think well, it's a nice weekend for indianapolis 500, we will have a barbecue. what you can learn especially from watching this concert is that it's kind of what mike touched on, all these things that bring us together and music has been such a great part of linking generations together, and if you watch the concert you will understand that not only is memorial day not a secondary holiday, in my mind it's our most important holiday. because without memorial holiday there is no other holiday. that's the one that provides us all the freedom to have the other holidays. >> couldn't have said it better myself. thank you both for joining us. good luck tomorrow night. thank you. you can watch the annual national memorial day concert at 8:00 p.m. eastern sunday. tomorrow, you don't want to miss it. we will have joe montegna's cohost gary sinise and jack farley, who is being honored at the event. coming up after the break, you can see now we are looking
10:49 am
live at arlington national cemetery. the tomb of the unknown soldier. stay with us. more news after the break. ♪
10:50 am
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10:52 am
>> featuring a 1915 oscar
10:53 am
winning documentary. he went on to become an entrepreneur and now the army general was fired and anything but idol. he joins in the most important work of his life. >> this country, i don't need a political candidate to tell me. the greatest country. >> the retired general is not shy about his love for america or willingness to fight for her. his com bad leadership was on full display on two tours of duty in vietnam. >> you have to have the courage to do what needs to be done. you have to set the example and take the action. >> and lead from the front? >> you don't have to be the leader every time, but be prepared to join us. >> it decorated war vet continues to receive honors
10:54 am
including west point's graduate award. >> rather than look back on his own military career, he likes to pay it forward and honor america's future warrior. each year he returns to his alma mater to present a pistol of the rugby team and cadet at the institute who shows strong potential to lead in combat. >> to serve at the tip of the spear. it's important. not everybody wants to do it. i never found a crowd at the frontline. >> he doesn't take that lightly. having witnessed dozens of young man making the sacrifice in war. >> that's the tragedy of vietnam. every day of my life. >> in marion, alabama, fox news. >> coming up after the break, imagine hospitals filled with
10:55 am
patient who is have an infection that can't be fought with the strongest antibiotics. it's a very real possibility with the super bug here in the u.s. we will have a report on that alarming story, coming up. before i had the shooting, burning of diabetic nerve pain, these feet learned the horn from my dad and played gigs from new york to miami. but i couldn't bear my diabetic nerve pain any longer. so i talked to my doctor and he prescribed lyrica. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, muscle pain with fever, tired feeling or blurry vision. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs, and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica. don't drive or use machinery until you know how lyrica affects you. those who have had a drug or alcohol problem may be more likely to misuse lyrica. now i have less diabetic nerve pain. ask your doctor about lyrica.
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the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture so i can keep being a sweet dreamer. tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you. >> hillary clinton lies low after a danny report comes out. all to himself and donald trump
10:59 am
said he has a 15-state plan that will take him all the way to the white house. >> and two baltimore police officers charged go on the offense with the city's top prosecutor. we will talk to the attorney representing the officers. >> on the memorial day weekend as we remember military men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. we hear from a captain about what this day means to him. >> this hour two. nice to be with you. >> welcome to america's election headquarters in washington. we begin with the fallout over hillary clinton after a tough week. the state department inspector general issued a stinging report on her use of a personal e-mail
11:00 am
server for government work. it brought condemn nation on capitol hill. >> people wonder why people are so upset in washington for what they see as a culture of corruption that doesn't address the fundamental issues. time and time again, we heard secretary clinton and her use of a private e-mail server was consistent with policy. the report just released yesterday said otherwise. it reveals a host of other inconsistencies. >> the clinton campaign said while political opponents are sure to misrepresent the report for their own partisan purposes and in reality, they will document to show how consistent her e-mail practices were with those of other secretaries and senior officials at the state department who also used personal e-mail. time to separate the politics for what is really at stake for
11:01 am
her. this form former secretary of state runs for president against bernie sanders and others on the republican side. joining me now, sarah with the washington examiner. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> i want to talk about her response this week and how it evolved throughout the week. all of it being very nonchalant. would you agree or disagree? >> i would agree. this is something that doesn't expose any new details and trying to cling to the argument that her practices were no different from form secretary of state colin powell. that is just not represented. >> that is not necessarily a true statement. her practices were different and it was unprecedented that the secretary was using her own personal server. >> exactly. set up a server system in her basement.
11:02 am
colin powell occasionally used a commercial account. you couldn't e-mail anyone outside of government. if he wanted to e-mail anyone he didn't work at the state department, hoe had to ooze a personal account. >> does the inspector general have any impact with two totally different entities with the investigation? does it speed up the process? >> it doesn't have impact because there two entities and they don't have the capability. what it suggests is that the fbi is working at the consistencies. some of the things they have been saying are blatantly false and even democrats have been forced to concede that. now we have reason to doubt these statements that they will
11:03 am
wrap up. someone in the federal government already discovered real problems with it. >> "the washington post" had an interesting pie chart. i also want to get your reaction. at 50% of secretary clinton's e-mails were seen personal and with held. those have not been taken into consideration. you can see it there on your screen. who deems those e-mails to be personal? was a third party brought in to say you were talking about your daughters and no one needs to read about this? >> no, it was hillary clinton and her legal team and i am glad you brought that up. that gets to why this is problematic. if she was losing the official account as she was supposed to, it wouldn't have been her call to decide what was the federal record and what was not. all of them are subject to the freedom of information act.
11:04 am
even the ones that she signed off on. that's a real problem because he was able to hide anything that potentially she thought might be embarrassing. >> you talk about embarrassing to her political career. all the people around her, why was this never stopped? were there people in her staff? >> there is a major part of her story by the inspector general report. she has said that everyone knew it wasn't a problem, but and she never sought approval. and actually told anyone who were asking questions never to speak of the e-mail. she made a decision on her own and if the state department had known this was going on, they would have put an end to it. >> thank you very much for joining us. really interesting. >> thank you.
11:05 am
>> in addition to the headache, or rival, bernie sanders refuses to go away. he finished up a rally in santa barbara and is the only candidate on the trail today. two events in california that the delegate-rich primary is less than two weeks away. hi, will. >> bernie sanders on the anniversary today. he is crisscrossing and has three events scheduled. he is locked in a tight race with hillary clinton. the institute of california poll, he is only trailing clinton by two points and trying to use that momentum on the trail and speaking out against climate change and low wages and also continuing to push for a debate with donald trump even though the republican nominee came out yesterday and said at this point he is not interested
11:06 am
in that. in an interview with bill mahr, he passed on the chance to take a swipe at hillary clinton over the e-mail controversy, but why california is so important for the democrats in philadelphia. >> i would think it would say to the establish that the the people are sick and tired of establishment politics and economics and they want real change in this country. >> and still if we can win here in california, i think we have a shot to do that. >> he wants them to remove two hillary clinton supporters and former representative barney frank. he is saying they are in the bag for clinton now. so far her campaign does not weigh in on that. she doesn't have events scheduled, but she is in oakland
11:07 am
where she wants to be a champion for cities like oakland and took a shot at trump at the same time. >> i really think one of the best ways i can be a good partner is to look up what is working and trying to work together and using the white house, i like to say it's a bully pulpit. >> 548 delegates up for grabs for the democrats on june seventh here in california. that would most likely push her across the finish line to become the presumptive nominee. if she loses, the optic won't be ideal. >> depending on how many super delegates she has to rely on to get to that magic number. thank you, sir. >> this is scary called a super bug.
11:08 am
it's more like a super villain. a woman in the united states has been confirmed to have an infection that is resistant to the typical last resort antibiotics. >> a doubling revelation who said a 49-year-old woman in pennsylvania is the first reported case of having an antibiotic resistant strain of e coli in the u.s. >> the medicine cabinet is empty. it is the end of the road for antibiotics unless we act. >> discovered after the woman went to a clinic with symptoms of a urinary tract infection. the same type of resistance to a last resort drug has been seen in humans and animals in china, europe, and canada. the patient reported no travel history in the previous five months.
11:09 am
>> we need to do a comprehensive job protecting antibiotics sore we and our children can have them. >> tom wolf said he is working with the cdc and defense department to coordinate a response to the discovery in his state. we are taking the emergence of this resistance gene seriously and we will take actions to become a widespread problem with potentially serious consequences. >> there is no link to the pennsylvania case. fox news. that's here in d.c. president obama is back at the white house after a historic trip to asia. the commander in chief returned to washington left evening just a day before. he was the first president to
11:10 am
visit hiroshima and more than seven decades ago. he renewed calls for an end to weapons and didn't apologize for the decision to drop the bomb. that capped off the five-day-trip to both vietnam and japan. >> the u.s. military has off base as well as cancel any celebrations for the future following the arrest of the former marines suspected of killing a japanese woman. a moment of silence was observed on the island mourning her death and honoring her memory. >> we are here today because all of us have suffered a tremendous loss and as americans or okinawa ans. >> they come over the future of
11:11 am
a key air base. >> a survivor from a deadly capsized migrant boat off of libya is speaking out about the tragedy. you can see the video they are watching. that happened back on wednesday. the man was on board the boat when it overturned as mi grants rushed above deck to escape an approaching shed. >> meanwhile, they greeted migrants from flimsy boats and last week they were in a port and the italian coast guard said
11:12 am
at least 45 migrants died as a number increases with warmer weather during the summer. >> fists were flying at the anti-immigration protesters crossed police lines and began kicking each other using flags as weapons. they moved in with pepper spray to separate the rival group. seven people were arrested in the protests. >> this was another successful landing for the space who fell away on a barge off the florida coast.
11:13 am
they hope to transport astronauts next year. it is notable that that is a successful landing because they had a number of unsuccessful landings in the past. you have to wonder in terms of when nasa and the astronaut will be comfortable enough to go on those. >> you see what goes into those making the landings possible. >> that sound you just heard is good news for nasa and the crew aboard the space station this morning. progress is being made to inflate the expandible activity module. that's the first test of a habitat designed to create larger working and living spaces. today was nasa's second attempt to expand after initial
11:14 am
operations yesterday were unsuccessful. >> just about an hour ago. that's a civil war and unknown soldier in the cemetery that contains the remains of more than 2,000 soldiers. they died on the battlefield. we want to hear from you this memorial day. this memorial day you can tweet them and we may share them later in the show or even tomorrow. >> coming up after the break, vladimir putin selecting
11:15 am
something and we never miss an opportunity to show the shirtless vladimir putin. nations could end up in the cross hairs and we will tell you what that's all about after the break. >> johnny depp's divorce case takes an ugly turn. what she told a judge just yesterday. >> plus, ships ahoy. sailors take a bite out of the big apple. the latest turn in fleet week. exciting times, coming up. incredible bladder protection from always discreet
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back to politics this saturday, nice to have you with us. donald trump is turning his attention to the general election. this week he announced a 15-state strategy to win the white house and that includes some states that republican nominees don't often focus on. when we look at the politics average, it shows an uphill battle for trump in key states, currently hillary clinton tops him in florida, ohio and
11:20 am
pennsylvania. more on this from doug smith. the director for kent strategy. first to you. as we look towards the general election and donald trump saying i will go here and there, does that seem smart to you? >> yes. donald trump is unorthodox and that is why he is successful. people are saying we will go to a broker's convention. i think he is a great strategist. if he can lay out a broad plan and a detailed plan, i think he will do well. >> what is scarier for you? a donald trump who continues in the way he is right now, all over the place and i am against this and that and is barn storming and going to california or a far more disciplined donald trump who evolves out of the convention and starts focusing on west virginia and pennsylvania and focuses hard on
11:21 am
ohio? >> i don't think we will ever see a disciplined donald trump. i am not worried about that. >> fair enough. >> i think he chose no sign of changing. it's more out rageuous and i give them credit. it worked so far. worry will run into a lot of problems. he will be on the ground. secretary clinton spent months and months building an incredible ground game. he will do an incredible job and getting people to fold in the general election. >> he had a great ground game and great grounds. a ground game is a ground game. donald trump is appealing to all. that i have latinos who said they can be the reagan democrats. they are latinos. he can reach out to different sectors that hillary clinton is losing. >> but it's donald trump when talking about it. but it's hillary clinton who has
11:22 am
a ground game and is not that popular and has high unfavorables? >> i think fall will be a challenging time. name me a state that romney won that she competitive. donald trump has a tough ride. going out there and fighting for the votes, it is going to be ground work. >> romney is established now. he represents the establishment. donald trump is anti-establishment. >> name a state that romney lost that trump can win. >> pennsylvania, florida and ohio. i'm not a gambler. >> if we have the idea -- look at the map of the 17 states that he said could conceivably be in
11:23 am
play. all 15 states he compete in. he is putting in a state like california, a state like maine or virginia, are these states ones that you are worried about? >> hillary clinton is worried about all the states. a smart strategy to have. i do think that what we saw in the primary and the public will be a very different thing. donald trump is impressive. he came out of nowhere and took out an impressive field. what we will see is the general one on one. i love following his twitter feed, but he needs policy experience. he has none. >> when he debates hillary, he is going to have to. she is great at debating. he is going to have to dig more in a detailed way.
11:24 am
the great thing about trump is this. he speaks in a broadway. he is giving a broad audience. >> what he talked about is broad and that's not going well for him. he needs to focus on national security or the economy. every time we have a panel and somebody said donald trump needs to do this, he doesn't do it and he wins. how do you argue with success? why is the general election different than the primaries? >> hillary clinton and liberals want to change the arguments. you have a flawed candidate. if you didn't, i don't think donald trump would be as popular as he is today. she represents the obama administration. >> the american people are smart people. up until now, i'm an insider and i'm sick of this. as the fall comes around and people start to focus, they are going to see the challenges and
11:25 am
what we will do in the fall. that's when hillary clinton is going to start to bring it out front. that's where donald trump is going to suffer. the lack of knowledge. >> we will see indeed. it is 164 days until the election. i suspect we may have you back to talk about this. angela and doug, thanks for being here. hollywood gossip took a dark turn. johnny depp faces new accusations in his divorce case. what those are coming up. it has been a year since marilyn mose bee laid out charges and now she faces charges of her. the attorney in the latest lawsuit. plus -- the army's second highest ranking civilian.
11:26 am
he shares a memorial day message for us. >> we need more americans to say to their nieces and nephews and grand kids. veterans are more likely to be successful because you love your country and you are more willing to give back to it. at red lobster's
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11:30 am
>> russian president putin will host u.s. missile defense shields. he made those remarks while on a two-day visit to greece. they are defensive and moscow said they threaten russians's security. they said the shield is to
11:31 am
protect from iran. they were declared operational and another part is getting ready to be implemented in poland. >> militants are building as they lose ground elsewhere in the country and neighboring iraq. we have the latest on the fighting. hi, john. >> isis launched an offensive and they have moved in to villages in the crossfire at this point. hmong the towns, isis answered the town pushing rebels out. that is between aleppo to the
11:32 am
south. this may be a major flyer out fighting the government and isis militan militants. they show that isis still has t theability to capture new territory despite recent losses in iraq and ramadi comes to mind and other parts of syria as well. fighting in aleppo between rebel factions put more strain on the u.s.-backed rebel fighters already struggling to survive. they will keep together along with the thousands of innocent civilians caught in the crossfire. as far as that goes, the un estimates as many as 150,000 people remain trained between the border and again the city is about 13 miles to the south.
11:33 am
they reported they have to shut down on the outskirds. >> john, thank you. >> in an all but unprecedented move, all but two police officers in the case of freddie gray are suing. critics blasted her over the news conference announcing charges and it sounded a lot more like a speech than anything resembling a call to justice. rep sending those two officers, both african-americans in their lawsuits against marilyn mose bee. seeinga i prosecutor as a
11:34 am
defendant, pretty unprecedented or totally? >> relatively, however the circumstances in this case absolutely warrant it. >> when you talk about the circumstances, you think of him having immunity and granted for official access. >> that's correct. >> how do you get past that representing the two officers? >> a prosecutor's job is to look at the evidence and look at the facts and the conduct of the alleged perpetrator and determine whether or not a crime has been committed. then prosecute that person if there is a determination of a crime that has been committed. there is no evidence that supports any of the charges that have been brought against my clients and really against all six of the officers. >> and a judge agreed with you in part. not one of your clients. the officer was found not guilty
11:35 am
by a judge on monday. you didn't hear from them as they watched back you heard from her all the time. including this news topic. >> i heard the call for no justice, no peace. your peace is sincerely needed as i work to liver just justice for freddie gray. i will seek justice on your behalf. this is a moment. this is your moment. >> why don't you think we heard from her now that one trial ended in a mistrail and they were found not guilty. >> i'm not cher. i think she is in a very, very difficult situation at this point in time. she had very civil strils and had a heavy purpose with very little evidence to support the allegations and the charges she
11:36 am
brought. >> there have been a lot of discussion as to what her motivations were. are we going to pull back the curtain to charge them with the other officers? >> i certainly intend to pursue that. that goes to the crux of the case and the clip that was just played, she seemed like a tolltician. it was words as a prosecutor. >> you are an a-elected official or a prosecutor. per in this particular instance, the officers were charged for purposes of assuaging the crowd and quelling the riot. that was the impetus and the
11:37 am
motivation behind it. it wasn't to prosecute them for illegal conduct. >> how are the cases against the clinds. he had to be charged and how did that this play out. they are convicted of something and does the case go away? >> these civil cases brought the count because there was an impending statute of limitations. that will impact. >> important to note that your purpose is a lot lower than hers going forward. appreciate you being here and what you find in discovery. >> in other news, johnny depp cannot communicate with his estranged wife after she shared
11:38 am
photos allegedly showing bruises on her face after a fight with depp. she said he also threw her cell phone at her face. the couple had only been married for 15 months when they announced the split. >> investigators are search searching for answers and this time a fighter. we will have the latest on what happened and how, coming up. plus, the olympics are set to kickoff in rio about two months from now. the zika virus has some calling for the games to be postponed or moved. following the story of what zika could mean for us here at home. >> the world health organization said despite the concern, the olympics should stay in rio.
11:39 am
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all john deere compact tractors come with an industry-best, six-year, no-cost powertrain warranty. workers are searching for clues after a small world war ii airplane that crashed into the hudson river on friday night. scuba divers recovered the body of a 56-year-old man and officials have not confirmed he was a pilot. the plane was smoking before taking a dive forward to water. >> the world health organization said there is no public health justification for postponing or cancelling the summer olympics in rio because of the zika outbreak in brazil. it came after 150 experts called
11:44 am
for the games to be delayed or played elsewhere. they confirmed more than 500 travel-related cases in the united states. with the start of summer and mosquito weather upon us, live in central park. how much off did you put on before heading out to the great outdoors? >> a little bit. it's memorial day weekend and the start of summer and mosquito season. the center for disease control is warning americans need to prepare for a potential outbreak. zika is spread by mosquitos and harmful to pregnant women causing birth defects. the real frustration actually lies with capitol hill. barack obama asked congress to approve $1.9 billion in funding to fight zika and get with the
11:45 am
congress meaning a compromise bill is likely weeks if not months away. every day passed puts more people at risk of sicka virus. >> this is unpress debted and tragic. it has been 50 years since we identified any pathogen that can cause a birth defect. and we have never identified a situation where a mosquito bite could result in an infection that causes a devastating bifth defect. >> so far there has been 591 travel-related zika cases in the united states. it has not been transmitted in this country, but this is summer and millions are traveling and now we can expect a number of cases here in the united states to go up.
11:46 am
the virus is spread by specific mosquitos and bites and through unprotected case with an infected man. the main thread to to pregnant women for the shrinking of the baby's head or brain. they don't need to go to the hospital and the deaths are rare. they are preparing and dropping insecticide within and around marshes. we can give you a sense, a bottle cap in and around your home is enough for a mosquito to play hundreds of eggs. that's what they need before this summer. >> even the drugstores are capitalizing off of this.
11:47 am
thanks, appreciate it. >> we are looking live at pictures from arlington national cemetery as the nation remembers the brave americans who gave the ultimate sacrifice. we will bring you the story of one veteran working tirelessly for the men and women and uniform. thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck. and i quit smoking with i'm chantix. i had a lot of doubts going in. i was a smoker. hands down, it was, that's who i was. after one week of chantix, i knew i could quit. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven
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staff sar jnt morris recovered a fallen come read in vietnam. >> we leave no soldier behind. >> took out several enemy bunkers and kept going even after he was shot three times. >> i told him if i go down i need someone to take him out -- >> above and beyond the call of duty. we couldn't celebrate this holiday if it weren't for the men and women who protect our country's freedom. as he settles into a new chapter.
11:52 am
memorial day for me is special. i lost 19 in my unit. >> reporter: as the nation pauses the memorial one draws inspiration from the men and women in uniform every day. >> i won't forget those men that i served with and i will do everything in my power in this current role to make sure that we never forget their ultimate sacrifice. >> that role is the undersecretary of the army, second highest civilian position. patrick has his dream job, years in the making. >> i served since i was 19. i served in the u.s. congress but he asked me to come back to the team and this capacity to help lead our army. >> murphy has taken an unlikely journey to get to this moment. he exchanged jumping out of airplanes for a desk job.
11:53 am
pennsylvania voters elected them to the united states congress, the first iraq veteran to hold that title. he served two terms and for the past five months, murphy has been the acting secretary while the senate confirmed eric fanning. >> it's being back home, these men and women are the best our country has to offer. >> reporter: he visits them across the country on a regular basis. bridging tradition with technology and making top brass officials more approachable. because serving, he says, is a privilege. >> we need more americans in our military. when you have the longest wars right now in the u.s. history and less than 1% that serve we need more americans. >> reporter: his passion for the military is infectious. his determination is unwielding. like he's still jumping out of airplanes every day. >> i think the next president,
11:54 am
please remember our veterans are civic assets. our veterans aren't victims. more likely to be employed, more likely to be small business owners than civilians. we have a lot to be proud of. >> patrick murphy is a perfect example of what the success can be. >> in many, many ways. >> a rising star. >> great piece. >> thank you. all right, as we continue with memorial day, this memorial day tradition, fleet week, we'll take an upclose and personal look at some of the fiercest fighting ships as a they visit new york harbor after the break. i have asthma...
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♪ sailors docked at the big apple for fleet week. of all the festivities one of the most moving events was at the ground zero, the september 11th memorial. several members re-enlisted or were promoted -- we can see the ceremony. new yorkers are getting a close look at some of the ships in fleet week. they can learn more about the work they do keeping our nation safe also an opportunity for the young sailors to head into new
11:59 am
york city. >> i love fleet week. we asked you to share with us photos of men and women in uniform who you're honoring and remembering this weekend. here's eric's grandfather who served in the korean war and this is bronze star winner colonel william, jeff's honoring his service this memorial day. this photo is off thomas lee blankblanks, he's remembering a staff sergeant adam and telly has been sergeant broomhead for a little more than 13 years. he served our country in iraq. wonderful pictures. thank you so much for sharing that and of course, we're endebted to all the service members who are protecting us and our freedoms this holiday weekend. >> indeed. keep the tweets coming. we read them all and we'll use
12:00 pm
them tomorrow on air. nice to have you back this weekend. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> see ya. ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. welcome to a new hour inside america's election headquarters. we begin this hour with the golden state and the political fight under way between the gop and the democrats. with less than two weeks to go until california's big primary there has been the drama on the campaign trail. take a look at images from last scene outside donald trump event in san diego. tensions running high there between his spotters and critics. police arresting 35 people in that incident. meantime, the high-stakes standoff continues between democrats bernie


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