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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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we read them all and we'll use them tomorrow on air. nice to have you back this weekend. >> thank you. thank you for joining us. >> see ya. ♪ ♪ hello, everybody. welcome to a new hour inside america's election headquarters. we begin this hour with the golden state and the political fight under way between the gop and the democrats. with less than two weeks to go until california's big primary there has been the drama on the campaign trail. take a look at images from last scene outside donald trump event in san diego. tensions running high there between his spotters and critics. police arresting 35 people in that incident. meantime, the high-stakes standoff continues between democrats bernie sanders and
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hillary clinton. the polls are showing the race really close between those two and one even declaring a dead-even heat. sanders is holding severallies today in california. we have live fox news team coverage. from washington, d.c. but first, will carr in l.a. is what's at play with the democrats in california. will? >> hey there, bernie sanders really pouring everything he's got into california. this is his last stand before heading into the convention and the race here has really tightened. take a look at some of the latest poll numbers. bernie sanders has pulled to within two points of hillary clinton. that's within the margin of error. keep in mind he was down eight points just a couple of weeks ago and he's trying to use that momentum on the campaign trail. he's crisscrossing california today. he has three big events, coupled
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with his 28th wedding anniversary. sanders in santa barbara this morning is saying that he's still pushing donald trump for that debate. also criticizing trump quite a bit, calling him a pathological liar and a dangerous potential president. >> if we can win here in california and do well in the other five states that are up on june 7th and i think that's likely to happen we're going to go marching into the democratic convention with a lot of momentum. and i believe we're going to be marching out with the democratic nomination. >> sanders also said he wants the dnc to remove two hillary clinton supporters from key convention roles, those two connecticut governor dan malloy
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and barney franks. the clinton campaign has not weighed in on that and she doesn't have any events scheduled today. yesterday she was in oakland. at the same time, she took a veiled shot at donald trump. >> i think one of the best ways i can be a good partner is to lift up what's working and lift up people who are trying to work together. and using the white house and i like to say, yes, we can use the white house as a bully pit, we don't want a bully in the white house but we can use the bully pulpit to talk about issues. >> hillary clinton and donald trump are running neck and neck right now. not the same for bernie sanders, he's actually beating trump by ten points and bernie sanders this morning said in santa barbara he will not only beat trump but demolish him.
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uma. >> the fight under way indeed. turning now to the gop and tensions that triggered protests for the trump xwan. more than a thousand protesters outside the san diego convention center as confrontations erupt toward the end of the trump rally inside the venue. inside that convention center spilled outside. let's get more from rick edsen. rich. >> reporter: good afternoon. donald trump's promise to build a massive wall on the u.s./mexican border and send mexico the bill helped launch his successful campaign to secure the nomination. he took that campaign near the busiest mexican border crossing in the united states. some protesters threw water bottles and fought with police after making nearly three dozen arrests.
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the san diego police department said no one was hurt nor any property damaged. trump has no active republican challenges that day, instead he's looking to november. trump said he could become the first republican in nearly 30 years to win california in the general election and for a time he was willing to start debating democrats there, enthusiastically offering to take on senator bernie sanders after hillary clinton refused to. >> i want to debate him so badly, i'd love to debate bernie sanders. but people say, i said give $10 million, $15 million to women's health issues. the networks want to keep the money themselves. that's one thing. then the second thing is, we got the nomination yesterday, right, so we have the nomination. >> trump has reversed course, in a statement, he said the democratic convention has rigged the election to favor hillary clinton.
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he said, quote, now that i'm the presumptive republican nominee it seems inappropriate to debate the second-place finisher. trump said of senator john mccain a prisoner of war in vietnam, he's not a war hero i like people who weren't captured. so, as we have been reporting the up upcoming california primary is set to be close between rivals hillary clinton and bernie sanders. polls showing they're locked in a statistical tie. joining us now with more on where all this may be heading, by now mrs. clinton likely expected she would be women into
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the general election fight against donald trump. but she's been fighting for votes in advance of california's june 7th primary against bernie sanders. who's not backing off and continues to criticize her. given those opt ix right now, what's the fallout if sanders actually beats her in the golden state. >> look, it's not good for hillary clinton. there's not a likely sense a unless she's indicted she'll lose the democratic nomination. if she can't put bernie sanders away, wonder if this conventional wisdom if she'll easily steam roll donald trump in the general election is right either. >> they can't envision taking this primary fight all of the way to june. on top of this, her camp still
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reeling from this state department report detailing a series of missteps by mrs. clinton when she decided to use a private e-mail server while she was secretary of state. this certainly hasn't helped the campaign at all, has it? >> no, not at all. it plays into donald trump's hand. he's famous for branding his opponents, low-energy jeb. for hillary, it's crooked hillary. she's trying to portray her as someone who shouldn't be on the stage with her or in jail. whether or not that's true, that's the type of brand that's donald trump is trying to put on her. >> hillary clinton is down playing the report, saying it's old news. and she's slow-walking the release of those e-mails and continues to do so with some still missing. how do you think this is going
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to play out with bernie sanders' supporters in california right now. >> what's interesting, bernie sanders has been so reluctant to attack hillary clinton on the e-mail scandal. in one of the first debates, he said he doesn't care about the e-mails. now that seems like that's a mistake the e-mails have risen again of a position of prominence to hurt hillary clinton. if you talk to democratic supporters on the ground, that's not an issue that concerns them. so far through the primaries, the democratic primaries, the e-mails haven't been an issue to hurt hillary clinton. >> even if sanders, let's say he does win california but mrs. clinton moves on ahead of the nominee because she has the superdelegates, where do you think sanders' folks are going to go? >> well, one of two things are going to have to happen.
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either hillary clinton is going to give some concessions to bernie sanders to get those. bernie sanders's supporters onboard for his candidacy or hoping that donald trump is so particularizing to the bernie sanders' supporters even bernie sanders doesn't get completely onboard with a hillary clinton candidacy, they'll still rally behind her. she really needs those people if she's going to beat donald trump. >> lot of sanders' supporters saying they're going to sit out if sanders doesn't take on the nomination and go on and win it. obviously, she has the process in place to win that nomination. they're not going anywhere those guys. they're vocal about their opposition of the process. >> not only sit it out, some evidence, some polls show as many as 1 in 5 bernie sanders' supporters may support donald trump.
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there's a possibility that a segment of those bernie supporters could go to donald trump and of course that's not good for hillary clinton. >> bernie sanders continues to call out donald trump to debate him. initially donald trump initiated the idea now he's backed out. what does bernie sanders gain by keeping this challenge arrive sf. >> because that would raise his profile, put him on the stage with the republican nominee. so, it would kind of build his brand. donald trump is backing away, there's one offer of $20 million from legendary boxing promoter bob uram who said he would stage it on pay per view. i think a lot of americans would like to see it. like reality tv takes over politics. it would certainly be entertaining. >> it would be great reality tv
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and great summer entertainment for so many of us. okay, thanks so much for joining us. really appreciate it. >> thank you. and a little later on in our show you'll see from a senior adviser to the trump campaign. we'll ask her why donald trump is saying no thank you to a bernie sanders debate. clearly the summer travel season is going to be busy. in the short term, shgs sa and congress working together can improve the passenger experience while we maintain security that we need. >> that was the head of the tsa at a congressional hearing earlier this week on the many frustrating challenges confronting that agency this summer. this weekend is the official kickoff to the summer season and for now the nation's travelers may be catching a bit of a break as the memorial holiday weekend
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gets under way. the tsa is adding additional security lines. travelers are reporting that lines are moving a bit more quickly than they were a few weeks ago. many passengers though remain skeptical on whether the problems can be fixed for good. joining us now is a member and former member of the house transportation committee. thank you. >> good to be with you on this memorial day weekend. >> we have been hearing reports so far for hold day travelers at the nation's airports things are moving a bit easier, taking the bigger view, are you confident that tsa can finally overcome its tarnished image. >> image is one thing, but getting it right, they have had 15 years, part of the reason that the new administrator came
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in and cracked down on screening is, just before he was named and took office there was a media-leaked report that tsa had failed 95% of its time in proper screening. so, he came in and ordered this crackdown. unfortunately without a plan b. now we have talked to him. we're trying to get him to pay attention to not using all these resources to screen 99% of those people in the lines who pose no risk. you need to take the tsa government resources and go after people who pose a risk, where our threats are, not those folks the average american traveler being punished because of their failure. >> you know in the hearings on capitol hill this week, you and other lawmakers heard a great deal of angst about those who expressed concerns that the agency hasn't taken its job
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serious enough and hired qualified agents. there's been a lot of the talk that the government needs to step out of this business and let private security companies take over, do you agree? >> well, absolutely. it was never set up to mushroom into a 58,000 person bureaucracy, 4,000 in washington making on average $104,000. tsa needs to get out of the personnel business, back into the security business. they fail at being a big hr business. they can't hire. they had 5,000 vacancies. they hired about 520. they can't retain 30% of they hired in the first year. they're engaged in this huge operation of a bureaucracy.
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they need to get out of that and collect information on how who poses a risk. set our watch list and set our protocols, conduct audits and get a handle of security in connecting the dots. those who pose a risk we can stop them before they get to the gate or on a plane. >> from those hearings this week, do you come away expecting any real changes right now in terms of what you're looking at and also what about the airlines? i mean, airlines are also responsible for part of the problem, first of all, they're charging higher fees for carry-on bags. are there efforts under way to get airpolines to change? >> whether a bag is carried on board or it's diverted to being
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checked all those bags are checked. so, it's going to get checked in line or a backup possibly checking, we only about 124 of 430 airports that have in-line checked baggage automated smgs that's the best. you have over 300 airports that don't have that good checking. so, you could have yourself more at risk checking more bags because the hand-checking of those checked bags has a terrible failure rate. so, that's put out there. other things are put out there. we don't give them enough money. the republican congress has given more money than the administration requested each of the last three years. >> is there a political will then to turn it over to private security companies? >> i see a transition. i think everyone is fed up with them, get them out of that business.
12:18 pm
but, again, i think you still need certain government responsibility. set the standards, conduct the audits. filter in the information that we get from intelligence to the people that are working on lines. sometimes, they hear it after the media reports it. the system is not seamless and it needs to get that way to make certain we're protected against the terrorist attacks. i think we can change it out. i'm going to offer a reform bill. let's see what we do. >> going to the airport three hours ahead of time for domestic flights is a real, real cumbersome ordeal for travelers across the country. thank you, sir, for joining us today. >> good to be with you. thank you. now i'd like to hear from you, given those long lines and frustrations at the airports, should the tsa be phased out in favor of the private security
12:19 pm
companies? tweet me. shifting gears now, tragedy in new york city during the annual fleet week celebration, a vintage world war ii airplane crashes into the hudson river the fate of that pilot and what caused that crash. plus, could the first tropical system of the summer be brewing in the atlantic and how could it impact your holiday plans. next. on this memorial day weekend, we honor those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. her story, retracing the steps of her fallen husband. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. welcome back, everybody. divers pulling the wreckage of a world war ii vintage airplane from the hudson river after it crashed last night. witnesses saying that plane made a sharp turn with smoke erupting from that plane before it went down in the hudson river two miles from the george washington bridge. it was taking part in the annual fleet week celebrations in new york city. it was having engine trouble shortly before the crash.
12:24 pm
torrential thunderstorms are being blamed for at least two deaths in texas at this hour, three others are also missing following the severe storms. their vehicles swept off the roadways. forcing more than 51 water rescues. emergency officials are now bracing for even more heavy rainfall. and are keeping an eye on local river and waterways who are expected to rise even further. meanwhi meanwhile, another storm system off the east coast, moving to the carolinas at this hour delivering heavy rains and gusty winds. senior meteorologist janice dean with the first big tropical storm of the season. >> we're expecting an update from the national hurricane center at 5:00 p.m. eastern tile time. we think has the opportunity to become our second named storm of the season, we had alex back in january. we can have tropical storms at
12:25 pm
any time of the year. let's take a look at tropical depression number two. 35 sustained winds. we're already seeing reports of wind gusts in excess of 25 miles per hour. there's the official track, we think it makes land fall tomorrow morning near the charleston area and kind of lingers along the coast, not a great weekend for the southeast coast for memorial day weekend. we'll see land fall or at least a brush cross across the southeast coastline. we'll see this moisture streaming in from the atlantic up to the mid-atlantic and the northeast for monday, for holiday plans, keep that in mind and keep an eye to the sky. in terms of rainfall, we could easily get 4 to 6 inches along the southeast coast, that carolina coastline and up towards the mid-atlantic toward
12:26 pm
the northeast. the wind gusts the worst of it is going to be tomorrow morning throughout saturday and sunday for south carolina and north carolina. again, uma, we believe this is going to become our second tropical storm, the name will be bonnie. a we'll keep you posted. >> thank you very much. >> of course. his name is linked with a life-saving technique that's used all over the world. how dr. heimlich found himself at the right time at the right place. now, donald trump now saying he won't debate bernie sanders. so, why did he change his mind? you'll hear from a senior adviser from the trump campaign next. >> trump goes around, he's a bully, he's a big, tough guy. mr. trump, what are you afraid of? why do you not want to see a debate?
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for a quick check of what's making news right now -- devastating lightning strike in paris injuring eight children and three adults. they apparently had taken shelter around a tree in a big storm when that lightning struck. in michigan, new report revealing the price of replacing the water pipes in flint due to the lead crisis now nearly double the original estimates. all right, turning back to politics, a showdown between senator bernie sanders and donald trump may not happen on the debate stage. but it's already taking place on the air waves. senator sanders using pretty choice words to call out donald trump for withdrawing his original offer to debate. take a listen. >> i hope that he changes his mind again. i mean, mr. trump is known to change his mind many times in a day.
12:32 pm
and, you know, trump goes around, he's a bully, he's a big, tough guy. well, mr. trump, what are you afraid of? >> bernie sanders asking mr. trump what is he afraid of. joining us now is a senior adviser to the trump campaign. thank you for joining us. >> thanks for having me on, great to be here this afternoon. >> lot of folks are buzzing about this original idea to have this debate between sanders and trump. mr. trump originally said he would be open for the idea and now we're hearing that donald trump is saying thanks but no thanks. >> i think this is real simple, donald trump was interested in the idea but ultimately decided it wasn't appropriate because the democrats' system is so rigged. bernie sanders won't be the democratic nominee and hillary
12:33 pm
clinton will, although she had trouble locking up the nomination. at the end of the day, everyone knows that hillary clinton will eventually become the democratic nominee. trump didn't feel it was appropriate to debate no one other than the nominee. he has to set his sights very clearly on hillary clinton and focus on defeating her so we can make some serious changes and put america back on the right track. >> do you think he got caught up in the moment when the idea was first proposed on live television, you know w the a talk show host's idea of putting those two together. >> again, i think he thought the idea was interesting but i think he feels the same way the rest of us do is, we can't take bernie sanders and put him in the debate stage when the real target has to be hillary clinton. she's going to be the eventual democrat nominee and it's too important to put anything at
12:34 pm
risk and divert our attention from anything other than defe defeating her on election day. >> going forward, as you look ahead to the convention, the rules within the democratic party are signalling good news for the trump campaign, as long as they fight it out for this nomination, even if hillary clinton becomes the eventual nominee it gives mr. trump the opportunity to continue to gain momentum does he not? >> absolutely. i think he's in the best position before. hillary clinton is actually having a much harder time uniting democrats than donald trump uniting republicans. donald trump has beat out 16 other very good and qualified candidates to become the presumptive nominee, he ee's ha hard-fought primary. he's in a much better position
12:35 pm
going into his convention than she going into her convention. >> we're hearing more and more about reports behind the scenes about folks who are considered established gop types now moving towards donald trump in a different way and actually some lending their support, talk a little bit about the insights into how that's going and how that's coming together, for a while there, there was so much angst between both sides, the established folks were saying, never trump and now you're seeing more agreement that he's going be the nominee and so, therefore, there are more people joining the campaign train. >> it's real simple, they see the contrast and they know what it's at stake if they don't get behind donald trump, hillary clinton could become the next president and that's not only for them but for our country and we can't allow that
12:36 pm
to happen not only for established republicans, rank and file republicans, grassroots. not just for republicans, americans are starting to see what a terrifying thing it could be to have hillary clinton in office for four years and continue on the obama administration's damaging policies we have had for the last eight. hillary clinton is ultimate washington insider and donald trump is the ultimate outsider. people are looking for a major shakeup and only one person in this race that can offer that and that's donald trump. that's why he's done so well in the primaries and why he's continuing to do well and why he'll be the next president. >> talk about this being a different year altogether, there are reports from different sources people supporting bernie sanders and very upset about the processes taking place within the democratic party are actually saying if he does not
12:37 pm
become the nominee ultimately or if he's not given the kind of respect by mrs. clinton that he deserves, they're going to go ahead and vote for donald trump. is he going to make an actual outreach to those voters who have been supporting bernie to join his team? >> absolutely. we're making an outreach to everybody. that's one of the great things about this campaign, it's not just trying to unify republicans, we're trying to unify the country. trying to bring all americans in, whether they started out supporting bernie sanders, hillary clinton or donald trump. to make a policy shift from the past eight jeers. >> thank you so much for joining us. appreciate it. all the best to you. keep us posted. >> thank you. great to be here this weekend. the centers for disease
12:38 pm
control calling for quicker action from congress to protect pregnant women from the zika virus. the u.s. is already seeing nearly 550 travel-related zika cases but the house left for 34e moth memorial day weekend with any legislation to combat this diseases. we have more on the concerns about this outbreak. brian? >> reporter: the head of the cdc said the zika virus is quote, tragic, end quote that it can cause severe birth defect. with this serious threat spreading around the world, the frustration is congress decided to take a two-week recess for the memorial day weekend without a compromise on the zika virus. before the can cdc gets the
12:39 pm
proper funding to fight this and prevent a major outbreak of the disease in the coming summer months. president barack obama asked congress for $3 billion to fight zika. >> memorial day weekend hurdles the start of mow quito season in the u.s. we have a narrow opportunity to scale up preventative zika virus measures. speed is critical. a day, a week, a month can make all the difference. >> reporter: zika virus is the most harmful to infected pregnant women. the virus is linked to severe disease that she rings a baby's head. now, zika has spread by mosquito
12:40 pm
bites and it can be sexually transmitted also during unprotected sex from an infected men. only two species that carry the zika virus. this map shows the travel range in the united states. it's called the aedea aegypti mosquito. no one has yet to get the virus while in this country. it hasn't been transmitted yet. with summer here, mosquito season here and apparently the cdc trying to get money there's a concern. >> bryan, thank you very much. well, this weekend we're pausing to remember the brave men and women who proudly served our country. like this man, chris horne, he lost his life in afghanistan now his widow is works tirelessly to
12:41 pm
help other families. you'll hear her story, live, next.
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i joined the marine corps and i went from there to vietnam. i was in top ration four days when the battalion was ambushed and then all hell broke loose. at that time i started leading the company. and we got everybody out. i had the opportunity to lead on the field of battle. this memorial day weekend we bring you the poignant story of one afghan war widow, the wife of army specialist of chris
12:46 pm
hornet who was killed back in 2011 at the age of 26. now jane is helping advocate for the memory of fall en soldiers. she's the first war widow to visit afghanistan. jane joins now with her story. jane, welcome. thank you so much for joining us today. >> thank you so much for having me today. >> the loss, of course, we can't begin to imagine what it has been like for you and your family. i know that making this journey that was so important to you and you say that it's not about closure, you really wanted to see for yourself where your husband fell, where he took his last breath and you say, not only did he died but that a part of you died as well. you talk more about this mission and why it's so vital that you made this journey. >> absolutely. going to afghanistan was one of
12:47 pm
the most profound and incredible experiences of my entire life. never did i imagine that my husband would be one of over 2,000 that had given their lives in afghanistan. it's so foreign to us in america what afghanistan is really like. i wanted to see where my other life gave his life and honestly where i left my heart. >> what did you come away from that journey. >> i was able to speak with troops, find out how their deployment was going and what they needed. to go over there was so amazing for me. but the greatest thing about the whole trip for me is that i went over and i showed the enemy they may have killed my husband but they didn't win. the american spirit will never die and terrorism will never win. to set foot in the country and show the enemy they'll never win
12:48 pm
and that america will always be strong was incredible for me. >> that's absolutely wonderful for you to say and i know that you and your husband shared a close bond and that of course he was quite patriotic himself. talk to me about the relationship the both of you had together. >> chris was an incredible man. a man of honor. he was very, very strong willed. love his country more than anyone i have ever met. i was talking to his parents in the car on the way over the studio. his dad told the story of on 9/11, how he said i got to quit school i'm going to go fifth. he wanted nothing to serve his country. the reason we fell in love we both loved our country and we both wanted to do something to better the nation. >> you're making a difference in
12:49 pm
a truly profound way by making this journey and encouraging other family members to visit afghanistan. why do you believe that this will actually lead to more dialogue in a positive way going forward. because right now, there's so much controversy about leaving our troops there, whether or not they out fought for the right reasons and whether or not we made the right decision because the taliban is making inroads. again. >> it's fascinating to me how americans are sick of the wars that they haven't fought. in afghanistan, we're in a very vital point. we have been over there for 15 years, it's america's longest war and it's very, very important that we hold the line over there. we're at a critical point where the afghan forces are finally taking over, they're finally strong, but we're there to
12:50 pm
assist them. it's important that we continue to be there and be their partners as go forward. so that terrorism in that country is eradicateded and we give them a strong foot to stand on. >> talk general dunford there. >> general dunford to me with in. it was amazing to be able to go with him, to spend time with him and his incredible team. and just to see his heart for the troops and his heart as a servicemember the highest ranking general in our nation it was it greatest honor of my life to be able to go with him and with someone of his valor. >> you are an amazing woman. we thank you from the bottom of our hearts. keeping your husband's memory alive, working in behalf of all of these families who really are true heroes in every sense of the word. we appreciate the effort you're making. continue to keep up the good fight. thank you so very much. we ask you to keep chris in mind this weekend along with the
12:51 pm
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♪ remember that cartoon? well the owner of an illegally parked flintstones car in florida has been found. there are still lots of questions. here it is. a life sized replica complete with a cutout window in the shape of a bone. key west police posting this picture online in hopes of finding the driver. they updated it to say they found him or her but have not released any other details. well, a 96-year-old retired surgeon used the heimlich maneuver to save a woman. that surgeon happens to be dr. henry heimlich himself. the one credited with inventing the maneuver. he said this is the first time he got to use his own technique to save someone from choking. earlier we asked you should the tsa be phased out in favor of private security companies? so many of you have been weighing in with your answers.
12:56 pm
christopher bishop says private companies have proven time and again to perform tasks more effectively and efficiently than government agencies. john adds no, they should not. higher chance for corruption less oversight. i thank you all of you who decided to weigh in. that's going to be a wrap for me on this weekend. we thank you so much for joining us wherever you are. hope you make it a great day and a great weekend. have a great day everybody.
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donald trump praising san diego's law enforcement after protests get out of hand. police arresting at least 35 people after a trump rally yesterday at the san diego convention center. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters i'm kelly wright. >> i'm patti ann brown. trump making appearances in california promising to help fix the state's water crisis. bernie sanders also making a run through the golden state today holding one of three rallies in santa maria after trump ruled out the possibility of a debate between the two. >> all right. let's get started.


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