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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 28, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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donald trump praising san diego's law enforcement after protests get out of hand. police arresting at least 35 people after a trump rally yesterday at the san diego convention center. welcome to a brand-new hour inside america's election headquarters i'm kelly wright. >> i'm patti ann brown. trump making appearances in california promising to help fix the state's water crisis. bernie sanders also making a run through the golden state today holding one of three rallies in santa maria after trump ruled out the possibility of a debate between the two. >> all right. let's get started. we have fox team coverage on all
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of this with will carr covering the democrats. but first let's begin with rich edson live in washington. >> good afternoon. donald trump brought his campaign to san diego. a city near the largest mexican border crossing in the united states. that brought hundreds of protesters. trump has called to build a massive wall on the border and deport millions here illegally. 35 were arrested. trump continues campaigning in california. he has enough delegates to secure the republican nomination. he's looking beyond the june 7th primary there. trump says he can become the first republican in nearly 30 years to capture the california state in general election. >> i am going to make a heavy, heavy, heavy play because i honestly think that we're getting these massive crowds all over the place. i actually think we're going to win california. >> trump also said he wanted to
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quote, so badly debate bernie sanders after hillary clinton refused to do so ahead of the june democratic primary. trump has reversed course. trump calls the democrat's nominating process rigged and said it would be inappropriate for him to debate sanders, the second place democrat. trump returns to the east coast this weekend. tomorrow he's scheduled to be here in washington, d.c. to attend rolling thunder. a massive motorcycle tribute to prisoners of war and those missing in action and a call for the government to aaccouccount them. a year ago trump angered veterans. trump denied mccain was a war hero adding i don't like people who were captured. back to you. >> thank you very much. rich edson reporting from d.c. now t the democrats and california looming large for both candidates. senator sanders as we mentioned about to hold a rally in santa maria, california, he's trying
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to pull off a major upset in that delegate rich state. and the latest polls show the june 7th contest will be close. will carr is live with that story. >> hey there, sanders is crisscrossing california today. he has three events scheduled and seems to be feeding off recent energy that he's getting coming off the latest poll that's come out from the public policy institute of california. that poll shows sanders is two points behind hillary clinton in california within the margin of error. a couple weeks ago, he was down eight points. so today he's making his case for electability. pointing out that the real clear politics average of polls has him up 10%, ten points on donald trump in a general election. whereas the same polls have hillary clinton and donald trump running neck and neck. now today sanders has not taken too many swipes at hillary
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clinton. instead, he has donald trump in his sights. again prodding and pushing trump to debate. take a listen. >> mr. trump has got to tell the american people why he thinks it is good for our country that we have a presidential candidate insulting mexicans and latinos. why he thinks it makes sense to insult muslims. to insult women and veterans. >> you hear a lot from sanders talking about momentum right now. he may be trying to tap into that. he's asking the dnc to remove two hillary clinton supporters from key convention roles. those two connecticut governor malloy and barney frank both of whom sanders is contending are in the bag for clinton. her campaign has not weighed in on that. she's taking to twitter to hit donald trump.
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take a look at this video she posted last night, criticizing trump's previous comments on workplace pregnancy. >> pregnancy is never -- a wonderful thing for the woman, a wonderful thing for the husband. it's certainly an inconvenience for a business. >> 548 delegates, including superdelegates up for grabs on june 7 june 7th for california's primary. it should push hillary clinton across the goal line. if bernie sanders wins, obviously, the optics heading into the convention would not be ideal. patti ann. >> will carr live in la, thanks. the investigation into hillary clinton's e-mail issues once again making the news. state department inspector general's audit released this week found she violated policies
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with our e-mail set up. the fbi investigation is hanging over her head. our garrett tenney has more from washington. >> every week we're learning more about hillary clinton's e-mail. that could continue for some time. in addition to the fbi's criminal investigation, there's also the civil case from judicial watch looking into clinton's e-mail practices. this week the conservative legal watch dog group released the transcript from the recent deposition of long time state department staffer. clinton has previously said her use of personal e-mail for work was widely known, but according to his testimony, he thought she was only using it to stay in touch with family and friends. according to the inspector general's report released this week, clinton never saw nor received permission from state department i.t. officials to exclusively use personal e-mail for work. and if she had asked for approval, they would have said no because it would be both a security risk and a violation of the department's recordkeeping rules. >> clearly, there's enough from
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the ig report from the leaked e-mails she is in trouble here. she's going to be indicted. anyone who says that this is not an indictable offense they don't understand what's going on with the classified information. >> clinton and her campaign say there's nothing new in the report and they're not worried about it hurting her in the general election. >> if i could go back i would do it differently. i know people have concerns about this, i understand that. i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture of what i have to offer, my life and my service. >> concerns among voters were highlighted in a poll in which 66% voters say they do not view her as honest or trustworthy. > the state department's damaging report is the first of what could be a series of official actions, critics say the clinton campaign has yet to offer a convincing explanation for her use of a private e-mail
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server. tammy bruce is a radio talk show host, basal sniekle is a formal senior aid to then senator hillary clinton. thank you for joining us. she's been claiming all along she was given permission. the inspector general says that's false. if she had asked the answer would have been no because it violates the rules. now she says no, i just thought it was allowed. tammy, that is not what she's been saying, has she been lying? >> well, it's an interesting dynamic when you separate out lying versus misstating versus misremembering. it doesn't matter. because it really doesn't confirm the concern of the american people that she's not honest, she's not forthcoming. the bigger problem i saw also in her explanation is, she explains it that the rules sort of indicated i could, but, you know, that's how i understood it. and what that says to me is this is a woman who wants to be the
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president of the united states who doesn't understand how to act ethically without a set of rules, apparently, telling her what to do. there might be a rule that says you can do x and there is what you can do and what you should do. she's been using the excuse that the rules were unclear and i read it that way. this is about leadership. this is about what's understanding what's appropriate. i think that's what troubles people when it comes to principles and ethics. >> she says other secretaries of state have had home e-mail addresses. home e-mail addresses, that's not the same thing as a server. do you believe that she's been misleading the public? >> no, and i obviously completely disagree with -- >> i figured you would. >> but, no, i don't think that was misleading. look, her predecessors did the same thing. >> no, they did not have servers they had home e-mail addresses. >> they used the private e-mail something other than state department e-mail which has been used the first time with john kerry. the point is she took the e-mail outside of the sort of state
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department server. her predecessors have done the same thing. anyone that's worked in government knows that oftentimes government is not sort of up to date on technology. if they felt -- republicans and democrats -- felt this was a better more efficient way of commuting with the heads of state or communicating with stakeholders, this is the path she took. she's owned up to it. she said this was a mistake. she said she shouldn't have done it. i don't think there's anything in the report that shines new light on this issue. >> this report is just the beginning, just a review. we have the inspector general's report that came out. the ig is the watch dog for the state department. we have an fbi investigation. nooigz interviews underway in this federal lawsuit brought by judicial watch. and the house select committee on benghazi. a lot of smoke does it mean there's a fire? >> some of the complaints she
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didn't speak with the state department investigation. you can't blame her for that though because there is the separate investigation with the fbi. if i was her attorney i'd advise the same thing. the problem is she can't win. because there are so many scandals and so many investigations, no matter what decision he mistakes she can't win. it's going to appear as though she's trying to hide something. this is what it reminds the people about, that there's constant scandal. constant corruption. constant questions, constant evasi evasion. see, you might disagree, but this is why 66% of the american people don't believe her. >> there's no constant scandal or investigation. the only reason it's constant is because donald trump is bringing up stuff from the 90s that was discredited -- >> these investigations have nothing to do with trump. >> she's got four million more votes in this race. it's clear there are people who trust her, believe in her in her ideology and her ability to
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deliver for middle class households. to me, whatever sort of polls or whatever is saying about the correlation between these e-mails and her trust levels, i don't see that impacting what's happening on the ground among voters. >> you know, regarding the fbi investigation, hillary clinton has been insisting it's a security inquiry and that has nowrector james colmy to come out and say it is an investigation. the word investigation is in our name. i've never even heard the term security inquiry. the term security inquiry apparently tammy is just something her spin doctors came up with? >> you can't blame them. this is why she's got a team of people. this is a battle for people's minds. there's a whole section of americans and millennials and others who don't know the clinton past. they might not know to attach what's already baked into their behavior. in this case her team has a duty to try to make things not seem as bad as basil is doing a very
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good effort to do that. facts don't care about people's feelings. facts don't care about what your spin is. the fact is a fact. the internet and broader coverage, people are getting more information and are going to be able to come to their own conclusions which is why this is a race about trust and ethics and honesty. hillary is not -- >> you talking about hillary or donald trump in terms of what facts are? >> hillary is not winning women or millennials. she's losing them to an old man socialist. >> i would disagree. talking about the role that facts have. apply that to donald trump. not hillary clinton. >> have to leave it there. thank you both as always for joining us. kelly? thank you. we are awaiting an update from the national hurricane center on a major weather system that's promising to turn the memorial day weekend into a soggy one for
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the southeast. a tropical depression is moving toward the carolina coast bringing heavy wind and gusty winds. beaches are open and there are already warnings for swimmers out there. our senior meteorologist janice dean is live with more details. janice? >> hi, just as you mentioned we're expecting an advisory coming out at 5:00 p.m. eastern time from the national hurricane cent center. we'll see if the storm has strengthened into tropical storm bonny. we're seeing outer bands moving on shore in south carolina. not great beach day for the coastal carolinas. unfortunately we've got lots of rainfall as well as winds and if we could switch to -- there we go. there we go. there's my maps. tropical depression number two. 5:00 p.m. comes out. we think it will make land fall around the charleston south carolina area tomorrow morning and linger along the coast. that means we'll see a lot of heavy rainfall and strong winds rip currents are going to be a big risk along the beaches.
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people are urged to stay off the beach and out of the water. look at the sea surface temperatures. this is the gulf stream. this storm is crossing over warm hours. this could strengthen into our second named system. that would be bonny. there is joyour future radar. not a good beach day along the coast on monday. the rain will linger up towards the midatlantic and northeast. unfortunately, not a great beach day along the coast for the memorial day holiday. >> you can say that again. talk about a party pooper. >> watch you on fox. >> exactly. >> and you. and patti ann. russia's president calls the u.s. missile defense shield a threat to his national security. we'll tell you what he is promising to do. we're getting brand-new information from the plane crash
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involving a vintage world war. 2 plane. kelly sits down with a former member of santana's band. how he's using his talents to inspire others to go after their dreams. >> make america great again. we can do this. we can do this. yes, we can believe for greater things than what we're doing. it's going to start with us trying to pay attention to each other.
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i thought i married an italian. did the ancestrydna to find out i'm only 16% italian. so i went onto ancestry, soon learned that one of our ancestors was eastern european. this is my ancestor who i didn't know about.
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divers get to the wreckage of a vintage plane out of the river. witnesses say they saw smoke coming from the single engine plane before it went down. the old p-47 thunder boat was taking part of fleet week activities. they say the plane suffered engine trouble before the crash. entertainers often amuse us with their talent and interpretation of current events. comedians zero in on what political candidates are saying and find human in the details of
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those speeches. singers and song writers use it to encourage us. life is what you make it. hold on tight to your dreams if you believe you can do most anything beyond the dream. ♪ make america great again >> leon patillo working on his brand-new song make america great again. he said the song is not an endorsement of donald trump but is a message of hope for america. >> make america great again. we can do this. we can do this. yes, we can believe for greater things than what we're doing. it's going to start with us trying to pay attention to each other. ♪ if you try you do most anything ♪ >> at the tender age of five leon was paying attention to his teacher who discovered he had a god given ability.
1:22 pm
to play piano. >> there was a special gift inside of me. and so my mama bought a piano and set it up against the window. which was really weird because all my friends are outside playing football. that's where everything started. ♪ ♪ i donate my life to you today and every day ♪ >> leon's music has not stopped. his talent paving the way to land the musical gig of a lifetime becoming the lead singer for the superstar carlos santana. >> i did three albums with him. i did festival and i had one song on the moonflower. >> with gold records, a joint world tour with another successful group, earth, wind and fire, it seemed like the sky was the limit for leon. he sensed something was missing in his life and in the lives of the fans he entertained.
1:23 pm
>> i kept hearing i'm not satisfied. i'm here at this thing and smoking drinking, trying to find a way to live my life but i'm really not happy. i can kind of feel that in people's spirit even though they were clapping and smiling. i said, man, i got to write some songs to kind of answer that question that i'm hearing. you know, kind of in my spirit coming from them. ♪ the magic of love goes around the world ♪ >> leon then left santana launched a solo career in contemporary gospel music writing songs he believed could inspire people to reach for higher goals and pursue their dreams. ♪ love is still the answer ♪ to life's mysteries >> leon's success as a song writer and performers comes from his ability to encourage people. to have hope. instead of despair. ♪
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♪ the lord is my shepherd >> leon launched ready to rise, an arts and music foundation that helps children in las vegas pursue good character and education. it's part of leon's effort to make america great again, beyond the dream. ♪ make america great again ♪ make america great ♪ a place where we can have faith again ♪ ♪ yes, i believe that we can >> thank you for being who you are. the good thing he's doing about this program in las vegas. las vegas has one of the highest high school dropout rates in the country. so to have someone of his caliber and status working with the kids, says everything. >> yeah, oh, good for him. such a great guy and a fantastic
1:25 pm
voice, too. great all around, thanks. a group of doctors says brazil should postpone or cancel the olympics due to the zika virus. there is concerns here in the u.s. what is the plan to fight the deadly virus? vladmir putin issued a new warning this time to two countries hosting the u.s. missile defense system. hear what russia might have in store for them. thank you.
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1:30 pm
disease. bryan llenas has the latest from new york city central park. >> the world health organization and the centers for disease control agree moving the olympics summer games from brazil which is the epicenter of the zika virus to somewhere else doesn't make sense. it won't make a difference in how the virus is spread world wide. back here at home, the cdc is warning americans of a potential outbreak of zika virus in the coming months. memorial day weekend is the start of summer. it's also the start of mosquito season. the cdc though is still for congress to approve $1.9 billion in funding they mead to fight zika. congress chose to go on its two week holiday recess yesterday without passing a funding bill. which means proper funding is now likely weeks, if not months away. >> in a public health emergency, speed is critical.
1:31 pm
a day, a week, a month can make all of the difference. when ebola was getting out of control in july of 2014, i said that we needed 300 ebola beds in west africa. 100 in each country and needed them within 30 days. it didn't happen and within a few months, we needed 3,000 beds. >> zika virus is the most harmful to pregnant women. the virus is link today the severe birth deeffect microcephaly. for most people it charges mild systems and rarely does it cause death. there is no vaccine for zika. the virus is spread by certain type of mosquitos and their bites. it can be sexually transmitted during unprotected sex from an infected man. states like here in new york, they are fighting zika already. taking precautions by putting
1:32 pm
larvaa cide in standing water. mosquitos can lay hundreds of eggs in just a bottle cap full of water. >> bryan, thank you. the president of president putting two european nations on notice over the u.s. missile defense shield. vladmir putin telling romania and poland the shields presence in their countries is a threat to russia's national security. putin says moscow will retaliate. nato insists the system is purely a defensive measure to protect europe should iran acquire a nuclear weapon. joining us now is general jack keane retired from the u.s. arm and a chairman of the institute for the study of war. a former vice chief of staff from the army. thank you for joining us,
1:33 pm
general. >> glad to be here. >> the u.s. says the system is to defend against iran which is working hard to expand the reach of its ballistic missiles. putin says that -- iran took care of the iran threat, we have the deal with the iran now. so that threat doesn't even exist anymore. does he believe that or this about undermining nato? >> he knows full well that this is a very limited capability. it is a defensive missile system. he knows that the iranians are testing ballistic missiles that are capable of reaching europe. he knows all of those facts. he knows that -- the fact that iran has never given up the pursuit of a nuclear weapon. the real reality here is that putin has been working very hard to undermine the national treaty organization and particularly the relationship between the united states and european nato. and this actually strengthens that relationship. because this is u.s. deployment capability, u.s. equipment, u.s.
1:34 pm
military personnel going to eastern europe to strengthen this alliance deal with an adversary called iran. that is good news for nato and that is what's got putin upset. this is bluster on his part. he is not under any circumstances going to attack those defensive missile sites which means war with nato over defensive missiles that are in position against the iranians. >> putin spoke about this issue in greece. here's what he said, quote, we keep hearing it's not a threat against russia. of course it's a threat to us. it can easily be modified to have an aggressive capability. what do you say to that? >> well, we could reconfigure it. the amount of missiles that are there are not offensive capability. he knows that and so do all of his military senior people. people like myself. that's the reality of it.
1:35 pm
again, this is bluster, this is intimidation. certainly if he can intimidate poland or romania to take these things away because he's threatening them with actual military retaliation he'll take that. he's a bully. he's always thrown his weight around and a lot of times he wins but this time he's not getting to win. >> the missiles system is live in romania. putin says he's obliged to guarantee russia's security. he's not clear on what the tipping point would be requiring a response or what that response might be. do you think he has a red line or is this as you're saying all talk? there's no way he's ever going to actually act against this. >> putin's red line would be an offensive capability where russia was actually being threatened by nato's conducting an operation that would be
1:36 pm
attacking putin. none of these signals are there nato has no intention of doing anything offensive against russia. everything nato is doing is defensive against russia. frankly what nato is doing is not even enough to deter the aggression that putin is about. clearly, his next step is the baltics he's putting in place a lot of the conditions to intimidate those countries. he wants to force the collapse of nato. this is intimidation because he's got something in front of him he doesn't like that's strengthening the alliance. >> we should point out this missile shield originally was supposed to be deployed back in 2009. president obama canceled it. it was part of the reset with russia. you believe that was a poor decision? >> well, yes. that was good decision at the time to put these missile defense in place. remember what happened unsolicited overt nature on the
1:37 pm
part of the obama administration to concede these missile batteries to russia with the thought and the hope i may add, that russia's ways would change and that was called foreign policy reset. that has blown up in our face. why? we have occupation of crimea, we have the occupation of eastern ukraine. we have the military intervention into syria. all of these organized by putin backing up the assad regime who has killed 400,000 people now and displaced over nine million people. genocide for sure in syria and putin has been behind that. that's the reset that we got with russia. and what a major foreign policy failure that was. >> all right. we're going to have to leave it there. general jack keane, thank you as always for joining us. >> good talking to you. a birthday party turns into a near deadly disaster. check this out when a lightning bolt streaks out of the sky hitting nearly a dozen people. we will tell you how they're now doing. and a shake up in donald
1:38 pm
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a fox news weather alert. bonny has been upgraded. the tropical depression is now tropical storm bonny. it is the first tropical storm to threaten the united states this year. watch and warnings have been issued in parts of the carolinas. south carolina could get up to three inches of rain. they're warning of flooding, storm surges and rip currents along the coast. so be aware. speaking of storms there could be a political storm as changes are rocking donald trump's campaign team. just a couple of days after he earned enough delegates to clinch the republican presidential nomination. trump firing his national campaign director this week.
1:43 pm
raising questions about the level of civility inside the trump camp. the washington examiner's chief congressional correspondent joins me now from washington to weigh in on this particular issue. thanks for joining us, good to see you this afternoon. >> great to be here. >> donald trump has won the republican presidential nomination, moving forward, will have enough of an organization that can provide him with the kind of ground game he's going to need to compete against his likely democrat opponent, hillary clinton. >> that's a big challenge for him. he's operated lean and mean coming up to this point. that's what made his campaign so unique and made him a big success. but he does have to change strategies a little bit heading into the general election. the ground game is really important. he doesn't have the staff and he doesn't have the infrastructure. so what he's done, as i think smartly, agreed with the republican national committee to
1:44 pm
kind of outsource that part of the campaign to them. because they have spent years building up their voters ground game and infrastructure in preparation for the 2016 election. i think that's going to force the two sides to have to work together, which they haven't done much of. but it's going to give trump a way to keep doing what he's doing best, getting out on the campaign trail and exciting the voters. and having the rnc work all the details out which has not been much of a focus for trump's campaign so far. >> absolutely. as we watch this week and agree that none of us have ever seen a campaign run like this one, trump says he plans to compete in states where democrats have traditionally held the majority. so what can he expect as he competes in these blue states like and new york and have the rnc helping him? would that be enough to win? >> that's a great question. he has brought in new voters. and the big question mark is,
1:45 pm
who are these voters? and what are they going to do in a general election? can he expand his base which plateaued a bit during the primary season. i think you're seeing growing pains within the campaign. you mentioned the firing of the national political director. i think that's not uncommon in political campaigns that have those kinds of conflicts. now, i don't think it will interfere with him if he's able to work with the republican national committee to work a good ground game in these states and bring in voters that weren't there before. i think this will help him make up for some deficits that some fear he'll have in the general election. we're talking women and minorities. >> exactly. i'm glad you went to that. women and minorities. hillary clinton on the other hand has a team of public relations staffers who can help get her message out to that diverse group of voters. whites, blacks, women, hispanics you name it. she's reaching out to them. does donald trump have the capability? will he need if if he's going to reach out to those groups who have a lot against him right
1:46 pm
now? >> well he doesn't have the staff to do that. but i think the second question is more important. does he need it. in fact, talking about internal campaign turmoil, the clinton campaign is now debating amongst themselves whether they're doing the right thing going forward. they have all these communications staff in place doing outreach. yet they fear it's not going to be enough to take on, really, an unconventional approach by donald trump. and so there's a lot of debate going on within the clinton camp now, as to whether they're doing the right thing. because as you said, this whole trump campaign has really created a whole new set of ground rules. no one is sure what's going to work best going forward with, really, a whole new group of people getting involved who weren't in the past. we have sanders voters, trump voters. clinton is not sure how her message can get across in that atmosphere. >> thank you for your comments and perspective. and, obviously, we're going to toss this up in the air and wait and see what happens between now and the convention in november.
1:47 pm
thank you, have a good day. happy memorial day to you. >> and you. well, some people just can't live without their cell phones. a new study says the phones might actually shorten your life. should we worry? every time a pga tour professional sinks a hole-in-one, quicken loans is giving one lucky winner reason to celebrate. one shot from them. one mortgage-free year for you. it's the quicken loans hole in one sweepstakes and you could be the next winner. enter today at for your chance to win a year's worth of mortgage payments.
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a group of people struck by lightning at a birthday party in paris. four of the victims are reportedly fighting for their lives. french officials say the victims were trying to get shelter under a tree when the lightning strike happened. . a new federal study about potential cell phone dangers launching a fresh debate. researchers at the national institutes of health bombarded rats but with cell phone radiation. the study found tumors in 2 to 3% of male rates. females were not affected at all. and the rats not exposed to the cell phone radiation died much faster. let's bring in anesthesiologist and writer and columnist. you do it all. thank you for being here to talk about this important study.
1:52 pm
this is a common device that we use every single day. people are talking on their cell phones. should we be alarmed by this study? >> we use cell phones u bic to usually. we can't walk across the street. billions of people use it. even when there's a small increase, we are concerned. you have to remember, people say cell phones are safe to use. when these types of studies pop up, it does raise concerns and we have to keep asking these questions. >> we're talking about the amount of radiation. tell me about this and is it cause for concern if i'm constantly holding a phone to my head as i'm using it? >> it's important to understand that there's two types of radiation. one is nonioning and low frequency and energy. it's not strong enough to cause changes in our dna which cause the cancers. however, what we're seeing is that these types of radiation are increasing the rates of these rates. we have to be concerned about this. so we just don't know at this
1:53 pm
time. >> okay. so are there some precautionary tales that we can glean from this study infection, should i use a different sort of device along with my cell phone, like an earpiece? >> i recommend keeping it away from your ear. trying to use the speaker phone, try to use the hands-free device and text more often. there are some devices called emf covers that are being introduced. also, people like to sleep with their cell phone underneath their pillow. try to avoid this. there's no reason for exposure. for those with children, their brains are not completely developed. their skulls are not as thick as ours so we need to make sure that we try to keep it away from their heads. >> that's a very good point. now, you, of course, are in the medical community. when doctors like yourself see these studies coming across, you don't get alarmed but does it cause you to at least look attic
1:54 pm
causes of potential cancers because of radiation exposure? >> absolutely. what is interesting, i want to point out that since cell phones have exploded into use, the rate of brain cancer has decreased. so we do not see that there is exactly a cause and effect but as a mother, as a consumer, of course i want to take the precautions with trying to keep it away from my ears and not sleeping it under my pillow. we just don't know. it's going to take more definitive studies before we get a clear answer. in the meantime, again, we can make choices to try to decrease our risks. >> dr. nina radcliff, thank you. >> thank you. we pause as a nation to remember those heroes who sacrificed so much for us.
1:55 pm
>> we got into the airport first light. >> and spotted 50 to 100 of saddam's soldiers coming towards us. exposed to enemy fire and he was firing his weapon at the enemy position. >> it was a deliberate decision. >> paul smith gave his life in order to protect his men.
1:56 pm
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♪ today i have the honor of introducing a man who needs no introduction. that man is my father. ♪ he would be the best president. >> is he a confident guy. he's an amazing guy. anything he's ever touched turns to gold. >> he's fed up with what is going on in this country. >> he speaks in not one little word sound bites. >> who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> i know my husband is strong, tough, great leader. >> he doesn't get enough credit for


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