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tv   Fox Report Saturday  FOX News  May 28, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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airlines in the airports need major staffing. but tsa was not in the game. >> we are up against a hard break. thank you for being with us. best luck. go big or go home. could donald trump be too big for the republican national convention? i am patty ann brown in for julie banderas and this is it the fox report. new tonight, sources inside of the trump come pain are telling fox news that the presumptive nominee is is looking into giving his nomination address in a large sports stadium. one that is far bigger than the quicken sports arena. none of this is set in stone. but trump said he wanted to add more excitement to the republican national convention. plenty of excitement on the democratic side.
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bernie sanders barnstorming california today. he closed the gap on hillary clinton there, but trails her by a wide marge anyone the delegate count. will carr following the fight between sanders and clinton. and city officials are trying to men myself security concernses? >> reporter: cleveland is planning to present an over vow for the security scheme for the republican national convention. cleveland's government is addressing rumors that the city is unprepared to handle the convention. this after the greensboro police department resended the offer of 50 officers. donald trump secured the delegates for the first ballot in cleveland. 35 protestors were arrested as
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they threw water bottles outside of's trump rally in san diego. and police say no one was hurt and no property was destroyed. a thousand protestors in san diego. the big pest city by the mexican border. trump's plan to build a wall and have mexico pay for the structure helped to launch his campaign. >> in a general election against the democrat, vice-president george. bush defeated michael duka kiss. trump will make a play for california in november. >> i am going to make a heavy, heavy play. i think with getting the massive crowds all over the place, i think we will win california. >> while trump flirted with debating bernie sanders, the
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republican changed his mind. he said it would be inappropriate for the presumptive gop nominee to debate the second place democrat. trump is scheduled to attend rolling thunder in dc, a massive motorcycle tribute to prisoners of wars and those lost in action. it was a year ago, trump angerred veterans that he likes those that were not captured. patty ann? >> thank you. you can catch more political coverage on fox news sunday and andrew with trump campaign manager corey lewandowski. that is all tomorrow on fox news sunday. check your local listings. bernie sanders burn p --
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burning up the campaign trail rally in california. he had more than 400 democratic delegates up for grabs, california is the biggest prize. it could be a tight race. sanders is closing in on hillary clinton. but making little mention of her on the trail today instead of donald trump. >> i hope that he will change his mind again and have the guts to stand up and have a debate p. >> my first question to donald trump, why he thinks it is a good idea to insult mexicans and muslims and women and veterans? >> all right. will carr is live in los angeles. what else is sanders saying today? >> reporter: patty ann, he is fired up and riding a wave of
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energy after that last poll from the public policy upon institute that shows him two points behind hillary clinton. that is important. just's couple of weeks ago, he was eight points behind hillary. he still believes he can pull off an upset and the shows sand sand up on ten points and shows hillary clinton one point on trump. sanders needs as many people as possible to vote for him in california. >> we are going to go marching in to the democrat convention with momentum. and i think we're going to go marching out with the democratic nomination and if we get the
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democratic nomination, mr. trump is going to lose and lose big. >> besides going after trump, the democratic socialist stuck to the trump speech. he talked about campaign finance reform and increasing the minimum wage and free college for students. >> how much does it cost to go to college in germ no and scandinavia. it is it free. those countries are smart enough to understand that invest nothing the young people is investing in their future. and that is a lesson that we have to got to learn. >> reporter: we heard about sanders with the momentum. asking the dnc to remove two key
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hillary clinton supporters in roles. it is now reporting that the dnc rejected the request. are we hearing anything from the clinton camp today? >> reporter: she yesterday was in oak hand and sat town in a chicken and waffle restaurant and talked about their concerns on the local economy. she has gone after donald trump on twitter. she critized his previous comments on work place pregnancy. >> pregnancy is never. it is a wonderful thing for the woman and husband and inconvenience for a business. >> they are going after trump. >> thank you.
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the system is broken and the libertarian party has the opportunity to achieve major party status and each and everyone upon of you worked so hard for. >> well that from gary johnson, one of the candidates vying for the libertarian party nomination this weekend. he's seeing support from republicans and democrats disinchanted. but unlike republicans and democrats. they do not hold primaries. the majority of the americans have unfavorable opinions of donald trump and clinton and a recent fox news poll shows johnson receiving ten percent support. extreme weather alert.
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grappling with dangerous weather over the holiday weekend. two people are dead and several others missing after torrential reasons sparked flash flooding in texas. the carolinas are bracing it for tropical storm bonnie. it is it the second named storm of the season and expected to make landfall tomorrow morning. janice dean is following this. janice, what is the latest on bonnie? >> we'll have a wet weekend long the east coast. this is bonnie strengthening to a tropical storm. it is very warm water. the good news, shear is in the upper levels of the atmosphere and inhibits the strengthen. you will see win gusts 25 or 27 miles per hour and this is just the beginning, because as you
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can see with the latest track we think it will move inland overnight around charleston, south carolina and linger on the coast. this is one of the reloyable forecan have the models. we believe it will make landfall in the charleston, south carolina area and hang out and bring us a really nasty wet, windy weekend on the southeast coast. that is the european model. and so not a nice bar-b-que day. that is forecast of precipitation. we could have tremendous flooding here. people need to be concerned along the beaches here and northeast into tuesday. watching this carefully patty
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ann as we being see rip currents long the beaches and high waves and potential for a lot of rain over the next couple of days. >> meanwhile, janice, what about texas and the midwest. >> we are watching that same storm system that brought 19 everyones of rain this past weekend in texas. and the flooding concerns continue. we have a severe thunderstorm watch for parts of the midwest until 9:00 p.m. and we could see large hail and damaging winds and isolated tornados. severe threat for parts of central texas up to the midwest. that is through this evening and we have tornado threat. people need to be on guard especially in central and southern texas and midwest. make sure you have your whether radios. and forecast, it will be a wet
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one for a lot of folks in the midwest. there is a potential for strong to severe storms and including our friends in texas and then tropical storm bonnie that dumps rain up and down the east coast. maybe the indoor bar-b-ques have to be indoors. snshg thank you, janice. >> another bad weather story. eight children hurt. all of them hit by a lightning. the terrible scene happening in a birthday party for one of those children. and new calls for emergency action against zik a. health officials say something must be done to protect pregnant women here in the u.s. deadly plane crash on the hudson river. and what praut down the historic world war ii plane. ♪
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investigators work to figure out why the pilot crashed. the divers helped to retrieve the wreckage. they found the body of the pilot. his name was william gored gored. you can see the plane go wo the water. he had 25 years as an air show performer. that even will go on as planned according to organizers. growing concerns about the zika virus. health officials said warmer weather brings higher risk and the u.s. needs to act quickly to protect pregnant women. it is spread by mos sxhos can be
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sexually transmitted. >> reporter: people should be concerned particularly women considering pregnancy. this is a public health emergency unprecedented and tragic in that one mosquito bite could cause serious birth defects. and now the cvc is fighting to prevent a major outbreak in the u.s. this summer. they are looking for and trying to stop the serious threat around the world. they are asking congress to act and congress is has sat on the bill that would fund the fight against zika and the cvc is still waiting and every day that passes without that bill passed >> the memorial day weekend be
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starts the mosquito season in the u.s. we have to scale up prevention measures and that window is closing. in a public health emergency speed is critical. a day, woke or month can make the difference. >> speed is critical and congress decide to take a two week recess. it is linked to the shrinking of baby's head. pregnant woman are said not to travel to south america. they can transmit the virus through unprotected sex. people are rarely hospitalized and rarely do i from the virus. >> brian, what can people do to protect themselves.
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>> reporter: states like new york have zika plans in action. they are using insect soyeds in the ponds to kill the mosquito eggs. it is spread by two species of mosquito. it is infected after biting someone and that mosquito bicycles somebody else and the vicious cycle continues. the mosquito in the united states there. and bottom p line wear your repellant and take stillwater away from the homes. >> the world health organization said olympics should go ahead as planned. 150 health experts wrote to the united health agency and called
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for the games to be relocated. who said it is based on the risk assessment. the olympics games have never been moved because of health concerns. russia said eight of their athletes tested positive for the doping. and the world antidoping agencies still investigating russian doping claims from the 2014 sochi games as well. still ahead. video that you have to see. a raccoon wreaking ha voc. this is in my bathroom. >> serious drama indeed. we'll have the video. and the military families paying
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>> as we take time to reflect on those who guav the ultimate sacrifice of freedom. there is a overlooked generation of heroes. mike has the story. >> reporter: it is said that a national memorial to the americans who served in world war one is a century too late. saying he had nothing to lose.
4:25 pm
joe entered the design for the memorial. and he had never been to dc. his memorial must stood up to others. that stood up to a clash of critical agenda. >> you are 25 years old. you think you can get one to handle national scrutiny. >> probably not. i will deal with it best i can. >> critics say the design would disoccurred the existing memorial to general pershing who led allied forces in world war one. it is it a series of walls and relief sculptures telling the stories from the war. he intends it to be built around the flou flow. >> it has bone structure and
4:26 pm
renowal. and we believe from the beginning that the park can have the memorial. >> it is old school and pouring them bronze. he does nothing digital. he recruits models in authentic union form ofs and puts them in scenes. >> i have 30 years of training and now i am ready to take on a challenge like this. >> he knows the finish project will follow him the rest of the career. what intimidates him is it will be part of the landscape after his career ended. >> that is something i haven't fully wrapped my mind around. >> it will be nine months before
4:27 pm
the ground is broke on the memorial. the commission on fine arts can literally send him back to the drawing board. the national park service is considering ways of capping attendance as it braces for record crowds. yellowstones is planning to survey customers as to what limitations they might accept. the park had 4 million visitors last year, a 17 percent increase from the year before. there were not enough bath rooms or parking spaces. it is not chlor how they would make up the lost rev now. last year the grand canyon created a second gate. >> a police officer got a surprise when responding about a tree in the road. and the fight for fallujah. iraq wants to reclaim a key
4:28 pm
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♪jake reese, "day to feel alive"♪ >>im 58 man nan brown and this is the fox report. it is the bottom p of the hour. if you are just joining us, tropical storm bone is off of the coast of south carolina.
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janice dean is following this. >> yes, it is upgraded to a tropical storm. we expect heavy rain and custy begineds and high surf and rip currents along the coast. you can see with the latest track this storm is not going anywhere. it will hang along the southeast coast until at least wednesday we think. there are the tropical models that make up the cone of uncertainty. it will make landfall around charleston, south carolina and then linger and bringing rain to the the carolinas and all the way up upon to the mid- atlantic and northeast. monday and tuesday, not good news for the bar-b-ques, patty ann, worried about flooding in the southeast coast line and northeast.
4:33 pm
back to you. now to hillary clinton and the ongoing e-mail investigation. clinton maintains she did nothing wrong. the recent inspector general report contradicted statements of how she used the private e-mail server during the time as secretary of state. garrett has more. >> reporter: patty ann, every week we learn more about hillary clinton's e-mail. in addition to the fbi's criminal investigation there is it is a civil case from judicial watch. the conservative legal watch dog group released the transcript from a long- timeitate department staffer. clinton saids her use of personal e-mail for work was widely known. luden thought she was using it to stay in touch with family and friends. clinton never sought nor received permegz from state
4:34 pm
department it officials to use personal e-mail for work. and if she had asked for approval, they would have said no. it is it a security risk and a violation. record- keeping rules. >> there is enough from the ig reports, she is going to be indicted. if anyone saids it is not an indictable offense don't understand what is going on. >> clinton and her campaign said it is nothing new. >> if i could go back i would do it differently. i know people have concerns with this and i happen that. but i think voters are going to be looking at the full picture and what i offer. my life and service. >> reporter: those concerns were in the poll, in which 66 percent of the voters do not view hillary clinton honest and trust worthy. overseas to the middle east.
4:35 pm
the war to stomp out isis. iraqi forces are moving in on the city of fallujah, as the battle intensified for that key city, 50,000 civilians remain there with no way to get out. so many innocent people are trapped it may force them to delay the assault. and paramilitary forces. discovered a network of tunnels. it is it isis minimizing casulties. >> a new offensive in syria. capturing a small village and pressuring the american supported alloys. john hutty has more from our mideast bureau. >> reporter: isis launched a major offensive in northern syria and dangerously close to the turkish border and trapping
4:36 pm
more than 100,000 people in the cross fire, men, women and children. isis entered the town of muria and pushing syria forces out. mirria is between aleppo to the south and the a zaz. it is it a major supply route for the rebels fighting the government and isis militias. isis has the ability to launch attacks and capture new territory despite the losses in iraq and other parts of syria. fighting in aleppo between syria forces and rebel factions and putting more strains on the u.s. backed fighters struggling to stay alive. thousands of innocent civilians are caught in the cross fire. 150,000 people remain trapped between the turkish border and
4:37 pm
the city ofazaz. doctors without borders had to shut down a key hospital as isis is pushing closer to it and gaining more ground, patty ann. >> john, thank you. tragic news for basketball fans. nba bryce dejohn jones was shot and killed in texas. they found the new orleans guard collapsed outside of a dallas apartment. the man who lives there shot dejean after he kicked open the door. the new orleans pelicans are devastated with the loss of a young man who had a promising future ahead of him. >> and a big rig skids off of the road. transportation officials are using the video to teach us all a lesson. that's our top story in america.
4:38 pm
california, the truck jack knives and the driver stores to a run away ramp. the deep gravel slows down the big rig. fortunately the driver is okay. transportation department reminds the importance of making sure trucks have an escape route. >> new jersey, a police officer escaped serious injuries when a tree falls on top of him. he responded to a branch fallen on the road. he suffered a probingen wrist and needed 13 stitches in her hand. >> a woman found a raccoon in her kitchen. the critter run through the bathroom. humane society said incidents like this can be expects in spring time as animals look for
4:39 pm
food for their babies. gnathan's famous hot doors turn 100 years today. nopening up the hot dog stand in coney island and bordered three hand dollars and opened up the stand with his wife ida. >> they are selling the franks at the original price of $0.05. that is the fox watch across america. one of the most iconic building in the world getting a make over. and we'll tell you the story bewith upped the light show. record low gas prices are prompting americans to put the pedal to the medal. what you need to know this holiday season. it's true what they say. technology moves faster than ever.
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>> as we get ready to honor our fallen heroes, the country is in the middle of the second biggest travel weekend ever. triple a say 30 million americans will be leaving home. many upon of them taking to the skies despite long tsa wait times. the authorities moved up extra screening lanes and give passengers a break from taking off the shoes. from the sky ways to the highways, they are enjoying the gas prices. they are are coming in at
4:44 pm
two:tlochlt mississippi the lost at 2:09. william breaks it all down. >> reporter: i think it helps the economy a bit. people can afford to move around easier. with gasoline prices at an 11 year low. triple a expects 30 million travellers to hit the road this holiday weekend. >> it is good for commerce because people will spend money. >> reporter: the national average of regular is 2.30 essentially lower than five years ago. >> gas prices are lower than a year ago. these are the lowest summer prices we have seen since 2005. that inspired people for a road trip. >> reporter: why are they lower, fraking is the number one oil producer. iran is selling on the open market and saudi arabia is
4:45 pm
pumping more to keep the market share and the chinese economy is flat. motorist have their own explanation. >> we are producing more of our own oil and less imports. >> it is an election year. >> reporter: they are dependent on drewed. because of wildfires in canada and venezuela unrest. the price of a barrel of crude is higher but lower than two years ago. experts don't expect $4 a gallon gas any p time soon. >> people were taken to the hospital in a lightening strike. four people are in life threatening condition in a lightning strike in a park in
4:46 pm
paris. france, the lightning struck a birthday party at the park. witnesses say the storm was sudden and unexpected. the off duty fireman did first aid before emergency victims were transferred to the hospital. italy, migrants and shipwrecks. only a fractions are crossing the mediterranean. a charity said there are more children than before. the united nations said 14000 migrants were rescued at sea this past week. australia, sidney land marks lighting up upon in the vivid sidney festival. >> i can't believe i have is the opportunity to see this on the doorstep of my front yard.
4:47 pm
n150 artist created art to be projected on land marks around the city. one of the first displays pays tribute to the culture. >> russia. these guards making flash in moscow. they jumped in fountains and waved flags. that is the trip around the world in 80 seconds. >> practice what you preach. this is remarkable. >> for any 96-year-old guy perform first aid is impressive. but the guy who invented it is incredible. you may not recognize his face. but you have heard of him. the man who created the heimlich maneuver uses it. >> and a small community honors
4:48 pm
the veterans of the great war. >> they were coming in. it was a huge hit. don't know what happened. i went unconscious and next day they took me over. it was an awful sinking feeling. nothing unleashes power... quite like the human foot. introducing the 241 horsepower lexus is 200 turbo. with almost twenty percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. what knee pain?? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
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♪ come with me now... where every amazing, despicable, wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. >> one small town in illinois is going boost call to remember those who gave their lives in world war i. they raised hundred times that for a stunning memorial.
4:52 pm
here is the touching story. >> a labor of love for country. tucked away in the beautiful farm lands of rural illinois, this unassuming garage is a heim of a artist of what is american masterpieces. >> it a tribute to my friends. >> the small down of davis junction decided to replace the memorial with something more meaningful. they commissioned cody to do this job. code's pitch to sculpt what high knows. the soldiers of his renningion who lost louves in iran and afghanistan. >> i know friends who lost friends. >> it took one year to carve the skrupture. he went to detail on each piece.
4:53 pm
and thousands of pictures of soldiers in uniforms and replicating what he saw. >> i think the hands came out great. >> they had two different meanings. this soldier is armed and ready for action and this soldier is got his head down and reflecting after a lot years of service. >> there is a lot of moments. >> cody worked summer jobs to work under the scriptures initily. >> i probably hit my thumb a thousand times. >> it is magnificent pieces of art that represent the country past and present. >> they will have it to last
4:54 pm
several and future generations will see the impact that veterans have made. >> in davis junction, illinois. fox news. >> great story. the man who invented the heimlich maneuver used it to save a woman's live. dr. henry heimlich is 96. he demonstrated and knew what to do with a choking victim. >> i put my arms around her and pressed where i describe it on the abdomen to the rib cage and after the first compressions the pose of meat came out and she started breathing. i felt wonderful having saved
4:55 pm
her. >> the woman he saved said dwoin intervention put them in the same place at the same time. the heimlich has saved more than 50,000 lives in the united states alone. >> what are you thankful for this memorial day weekend. >> stephen said the freedoms bought and paid for by our vets. we have more coming. tweet me@pattyannbrown. we'll have your responses, next. allergies.
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truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. a crazy cool exeriment under way in the international spaes station. nasa inflating a new experimental room. astronaut his to open a valve.
4:59 pm
it is a beam and a test for future inflatable habitates for tourist. they will enter the room after making sure it is air tight. >> star gator ares will get a look when mars inches closer are to earth. the two planets will be separated by a mere 47 million miles. you will need a serious telescope to look at the red planet. what are you thankful for memorial dwa weekend. liberty and freedom and deborah said i am thankful to the few who gave to many. and roy said he's thankful for pa v on on my tv. tweet me at pattyannbrown on fox
5:00 pm
report. thanks for watching. the factor special the trump phenomenon hosted by bill o'rielly starts now. monday. the o'reilly factor is on. tonight... >> the most fascinating presidential campaign of this generation. >> we're altogether going to make america great again, folks. >> donald trump setting his sights on hillary clinton and taking on tough foreign policy questions. >> okay. >> and we're going to keep the oil. not give it out through the back door. >> we have a full hour with mr. trump. he sat down with the factor last june. >> i have been dealing with politicians all my life. >> we're going to win, win,


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