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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 28, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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is interested in laughing. >> we are always interested in laughing, and crying, which is why we go to cat. >> my cat threw up this morning. but i've never had a cavity and that's pretty cool. no cavities here. >> special thanks, kerry, ebony, paul, jerry, joanne and cat. i'm greg gutfeld.
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i love you, america. segal has d in. and he has the hair of a keg stand champion. comedian scott chaplain. let's start the show. >> presidential elections come down to one thing. who has the catchier catch phrase. it is the new slogan that can be her ticket to beating trump. see if you can guess what it is. >> what is is the big idea of the candidacy?
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>> we are stronger together. we are stronger together. we are stronger together. we are stronger together. >> if you weren't sure her new slogan is we are stronger together. it is a long line of campaign slogans. there was i'm with her and mick america whole again. love trumps hate. as seen on television. p is scandal free for 17 days and counting and my personal favorite, i know you don't really like me and i'm not that good at selling myself unless it is to special interest and foreign interest, but i am not donald trump and shouldn't that count for something? we made the long one up. for hillary suggestion tweet them to slogan for hillary. slogan, the number 4, hillary. or post them on our facebook
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pig and we -- and we will read the best one. what do you think of her slogan? i already forgot them. >> it is stronger together. the 3* -- the point is nobody can trump trump's slogan, make america great again. in politics you reach a point of diminishing returns. the more you try to convince people or come up with a catchy slogan the less impact it has. the slogan "stronger together" if she wants it geared toward general election audience, but it is geared right now toward the democrats. for all of the talk about the real divisions on the republican side and she is trying to bring them together. >> i am confident she will have a fantastic slogan. until then nobody cares.
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>> are you telling my she doesn't need a slogan? back then there were no chickens and no pots. >> let's delve into this. stronger together. is she referring to america or her pant suits? >> good point. >> they are stronger together. >> that was her motto and that's why she didn't divorce clinton in the 90s. stronger together. >> they are a strong team. only if they are together. what do you think of the slogan? i like i'm with her. >> i like that too. >> at least it reminded people that -- >> she was a lady. >> it is true, but as like a guy you hear stronger and you see her and you get like -- you think you you can fight me?
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you hear stronger and then you see this lady's face and you think i can take her. >> only the rock can say stronger jie. one of her other slogans is fighting for you and fighting for us. you are a fighter? >> she is going to be president. it is gonna happen. we have to get used to it. even if she fails at least she will fail within the normal parameters. i am confident that if he fails it will be spectacular. >> he is to presidential slogans what barry manilow was to jinglings in the 70s. >> i will take you back in a time machine, guys. >> and manilow was a great sh -- he was a great senger. >> lola, she was a show girl. 30 years ago when there used to be a show.
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>> hillary ceepts changing and that tells you something. trump will stay with make america great again president. >> it is a great slogan. >> there is a reason you don't change horses midstream. ride it out hill. we have to stick to this one. >> but you can't stick to something that is not working. she had the h for hillary with the arrow, it looks like a hospital sign, right? literally nothing is working for her. the issues are i'd logical and practical. no slogan in the world will fix that. >> i can't i can't remember any slogan. >> it was the second term and an ad. >> and it worked. >> what did he have the first term when he won? >> there is someone in the race besides hillary. moving on. donald trump is starting to attack hillary over her
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husband's personal indiscretions. have there been any of those? ii can't recall. the reclusive billionaire gently reminded everyone of bill clinton's sordid past. captioned is hillary protecting women? it features audio from kathleen willy and juanita broderick. >> no woman should be subjected to. it it was an assault. >> i tried to pull away from him. >> [laughing]. >> wow. >> i mean it is cocky. >> they say hillary plans to ignore trump's deeply personal assault which she thinks can benefit her. clinton will portray him as a bully and talk policy. isn't that what we want to hear is policy from hillary clinton?
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>> you have to fight fire with fire. trump hates mexicans and trump has to get rid of the dominicans. trump wants to get rid of muslims 1234 sorry, mormons, we are taking utah back. >> you are not allowed to be campaign manager. i don't want to say, but i am the youngest guy on the panel and this is the future. hate wins hearts. >> monica, the thing iy people first try to ignore trump and they didn't work. remember marco went in and try to fight like trump and hillary is trying the ignore. will she stick with it? >> that won't work either. it looks like bill will blow it again. there is a method to this madness. that's a brutally effective ad. again running two for the price of one. bill is a legitimate target.
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he is targeting millennials and targeting younger folks who was not born during the lewinski scandal, but targeting millennial women. the culture has changed with rapes on campus, the more they hear about the facts the more horrified they are about bill clinton's track record. >> bill clinton is not running for president. hillary is on her own merit. i think blaming her because her husband cheated on her. >> it is a slippery slope. >> and he is out on the campaign trail. >> it didn't stop him from getting elected president. how is it worse for her? what they are trying to do is put bill clinton on the sideline so he can't be the effective campaigner he is. what he should understand is the person who will campaign the best is dropple. best is barack obama. that is the person he has to be worried about.
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bill clinton's monday night spouse night and barack obama is doing the explaining like bill clinton did. >> barack obama hasn't really been burning up the campaign trail for hillary. >> not yet. wait until the primary is over. he wants to attack donald trump in a big way. >> not on before of her. >> it is tough. say it is not an effective attack, but isn't a way to blunt attacks on trump? maybe i am politically incorrect, but look at what bill did. >> the shrewedness is shocking. we are so timely. tls -- it is so dye bowl cal that i get the impression that bill cosby is looking at a feed and double tapping as much as he can. >> calling out bill is like woody allen calling out bill
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cosby. yeah, bill is a monster, but didn't he have sex with your daughter? >> well, wait a minute. you are not talking about trump, are you? >> i am accusing him of stuff. >> look, he was having sex with everyone. >> by the way, there is 30 years of donald trump on howard stern. i was listening live every time. it is not a bad thing to have gone on howard stern, but those clips will be coming out drip by drip by drip. >> guess what. no one cares. >> howard is endorsing hillary. >> monica, why does no one care? >> no one cares about this stuff on donald trump because he has been out there for 30 years. he says we are not electing a pope. we are electing a president. and he is not a politician. this is not a traditional candidate so he has a lot more running room. >> he will become more traditional as we get closer to the election and there will
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be more and more emphasis. he is running for president. >> people care, but very few. >> i agree with monica. something unscripted happened on a local news broadcast and it went viral. in san francisco kron sports broadcaster was miffed that they reported on lebron james in space jam that should have been his story. take a look. >> we should tell you that lebron james will star in "space jam." >> are you mad? i already read that. i'm sorry. >> how is steph curry's knee? >> he is nursing it and getting better. >> how long have we been friends, 23 years. have you ever -- i will say it with a smile. have you ever heard me before you came on, there is an irrigation problem in gilroy? never.
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you heard me say it is warm weather today. never. i stay in my lane. and it just -- to a friend to do this -- >> you have to talk to kassin. >> i like kassin so don't pit me against the producer. >> he gave me the script. >> it is hard to get mad because she has stayed at my mother's home and wrote my mother notes and stolen my material. how do i get mad. how is curry's knee? >> improving. lebron is good in "train wreck." i shouldn't have brought it up jie. and michael jordan starred in "space jam." >> it is hard to b mad at katherine. she is a good friend of my mom. there is a time you have to choose between the love of your mother and your mother's friend and the honor and dig ma tee of of -- dignity of crime. jay i was hoping kassim would
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decide on a winner jie. break your silence. >> the sportscaster said he was joking and writing, wow, i must be a good had actor. all of this feedback from people who thought i was really mad. please watch again. i am playing. do you believe he was playing? >> you know what i half expected a disembodied hand to reach out with a sweater. do you remember that? the girl in the cocktail dress. >> yes, it happened in los angeles. >> that was simultaneously riveting and horrifying. i don't believe one second he was playing. she looked frozen and it kept going. it was not a 20-second thing. it went on and on and on. >> we were watching a deep seeded conflict of that gentleman with his mother because he knows his mom likes that lady better.
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>> what was the thing with -- she stayed at my mother's house and has wren her notes. what notes did she write? >> i don't know. my mother likes monica's politics better than mine so i can feel that. >> monica, stay in your lane. >> since we were kids and i'm sure when we are old it will be just like that. i don't want to jump in on that. >> the expert is talking. >> i can assure you that this is not the first time that two uh dulls have argued over space -- oh wait a minute. yes, it is. jay this is what you -- >> this is what you do in news. we have playful banter. >> i don't think he was mad. i think he was hitting on her.
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>> that is like you met my mom and you still want to have sex with me? that's what is is happening. i have seen it in bars. >> how long did they work together? >> you have just going to walk past me? that's what that was. >> this will answer a lot of questions about the notes she has written. >> your son is scaring me. >> passing them under the door. >> you have to respect your be jo. i don't think she should be doing sports knews. >> everybody wants to own every lebron james story. she poached that. maybe to your point it is like the age old rom-com like i hate you, but i must have you. >> i think she came off well informed. i want to hear about lebron. >> she knows steph curry.
8:17 pm
>> his knee. >> we are missing the point. how could lebron james take over that role from michael jordan? how can we let that happen? why are de bough baiting that. >> last time i checked michael jordan has not won for space jam. >> the really question is why did it take so long. >> the question is why are we doing a reboot of "space yam -- space jam." >> there are so many unanswered questions. >> we will talk at a commercial. w45 is wrong with this picture and i do mean this res for clear. and get ready to rock your barber shop rules. it is friday june senth in new york city.
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folks in south carolina bracing for heavy winds and rain tonight. forecasters expect bonnie to make landfall south of charleston tomorrow morning. and in texas, evacuations there. officials near houston are calling on hundreds of families to leave their homes right now. at least four people were killed
8:22 pm
in this week's flooding. the world health organization says the summer olympics in brazil should go on as planned despite concerns over the zika virus which can cause birth defects. this after 150 health experts wrote the united nations health agency calling for the games to be postponed or relocated "in the name of public health." the w.h.o. says its decision is based on a very careful risk assessment. the olympic games have never been moved over medical concerns. crews going through the wreckage of a world war ii plane that crashed into the hudson river. the thunder bolt is being examined as part of that investigation. it went down friday night between new york city and new jersey. the pilot, 56-year-old william gordon, was killed this that crash. his body has been recovered. the national park service is bracing for record crowds this summer and could cap attendance. yellow stone is among the parks
8:23 pm
planning to survey customers as to what limitations they might accept. this leading to a lack of bathrooms and parking spaces, it's not clear how the parks would make up for lost revenue. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." executive editor of the huffington post, liz heron, posted a photo to twitter and asked, notice anything about our huffington post editor's meeting? apparently she was so excited and proud they are all women, but that's not what the internet saw. the reactionses were swift and hilarious. whiteness? said educated hillbilly. lack of black people? said tom rig. schmitty said is it whiter than a polar blair -- polar
8:24 pm
bear eating ice cream. and if they have a diversity problem, the problem is not there is naff lores -- enough lores, but she thinks she should be so proud of a table full of women. who cares if you are all women. did you do it on purpose? that's bad because you would have demonstrated against men or was it an accident m can you please write an article explaining what is so good about a room with no men. i'm sure there is something good. i would like them to articulate it so i can hold it against them in a future monologue. christopher han -- >> i know it. >> do you see what you people have gotten into? you can't be proud of your do have -- diversity jie. i don't know who was on the video conference screen. i was trying to see if there
8:25 pm
is color on the video screen. i can see there is no men there. there could be men in there. >> like new york, the real city they are in los angeles. who cares what is going on in los angeles. >> the man on the conference call, you have to be kidding me. >> how do five of us not identify it. shut up is what i think. >> what i notice is they need a better decorator and maybe they can pay them. >> it is a little lacking. don't you know how to spruce things un? up? monica i want to know -- it is funny she got caught. didn't she think for a second, oh there is no black people here. we will get it? >> first of all social media is unforgiving.
8:26 pm
you go on twitter and instagram you think you are doing a good thing. you say look how proud i am doing. for a woman who loves men there is not a single man at the table. here is my bigger point. they are very left wing and that's fine. frankly they can hire who ever they want. the fact that they sit in their ivory tower and verse diversity on everybody else, so force feed diversity to everybody else and then stumbled into the lack of diversity. i find the irony rich and delicious. >> i under people are discriminated against, but at the same time does everything have to look like a united colors of beneton ad. >> it does president that's great. >> do you think it was okay, the original tweet she said we are all women.
8:27 pm
is it great? >> i think it is unique and a tip to the cap is in order. however, i also think it is an old, old saying. it is be not smug on the infer net for trolls lurk everywhere nearby. >> hence the problem donald trump will have running for president. >> it would be okay if you lose the picture of the construction site. >> we can do it. >> does it have a reputation of testosterone? >> it is hard for me to defend the tweet and to criticize it. i am father of daughters and i like women in empowered positions. >> i like women in any position. >> we have that in common sm. >> all of the good of the tweet just undone. >> that's me being a feminist. that's all levels of the executive. >> the real people are
8:28 pm
complaining are other white women. the tweets you posted are white guys trying to make people angry. >> who hates white women more than white women? >> oh god what a brain buster that is. >> i said they are coming down on their own. is that what you are sale ?g. >> that's what i'm saying. . >> this is the left tieing itself up in knots over diversity and is it okay to kiss the huntington post. they are all chicks and there is not a black face there and no men. this is what happens when political correctness goes out of control. are you con torting yourself into a pretzel. >> people have too much time on their hands. >> people are wasting their time when they are tweeting to me. >> coming up, andy gives our
8:29 pm
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to my easiest block. hi, andy. >> hi, tom. >> glad to know that's why you keep me around. >> got to keep him. i need a break.
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>> hillary's new slogan. tom did you really ask people to send up their ideas? >> oh boy. >> that will be great. >> we have fans who don't take politics too seriously and then other people. >> monica you said nobody can top donald trump's slogan which is make america great again. highway did that happen? >> how did trump come up with the slogan? >> how did that become the gold standard of slogans? his his ex-wife said it should be you think it, i say it. and that applies to donald trump, but i think make america great again is snazzier. >> are you confident by the end of the second term hillary will have a great slogan.
8:34 pm
did you mean second consecutive sentence? >> nicely done. >> i pretty much agree with you. it is meaning less. do you have updated thoughts? who do you think hillary's running mate will be? >> john hickenl so oper from colorado. sounds familiar. can we play that? >> i like john hickenlooper. >> hickenlooper. get used to saying it. >> i think john hickenlooper is a good guy. >> i am wearing the same tie. >> you said she shouldn't change horses midstream. but i am with her. it is not really working to the extent a slogan is supposed to work. >> i want a president who is doing the wrong thing, but
8:35 pm
sticks to it. >> fair enough. >> all right. >> everything i have is for -- well you can't remember in a meaningful slogan. >> barry gold water. >> come on. >> jut -- just thinking regan's first term slogan was make america great. trump was playing on that. >> regan's i liked though. >> regan won two landslide victories. >> i had to think about it, but make america great is the first slogan. >> why does not hillary go to tippecanoe and tyler too. >> that's a great one. >> trump video goes a ever slick willy. you said you have to fight fire with fire. that's excellent.
8:36 pm
>> thank you jie. doesn't it some like hillary would be better letting area people attack back and let surrogates go out while she stays? >> what do you mean surrogates? >> her campaign people around her and other supporters? >> she has to do it. you know what i mean, right? it has to be her. >> she is the guy you want to beat up because they say be strong together. >> can't send a man to do the dirty work. >> you think this is a brutally effective ad. it would be targeting those who weren't even born during the lewinski scandal. those of us who remember it say i can't believe he brought this up and others say i didn't know about this. >> that's what trump is doing is aiming at the younger generation who are hearing about it for the first time. their point of reference is
8:37 pm
different. when they are hearing about his long record of alleged rape and abuse and a you colt, they are horrified. what i liked about the ad was the cigar made a return. >> that cigar makes cartoon characters look like villains. >> you question attacking her for her her husband did. >> yes. >> what about her making stuff up. >> you will attack her for believing her husband? >> how dumb was she to do that? >> it wasn't like it was one thing. of course. it was time and time and time again. >> he did some things in their marriage that is between him and her and is problematic. there was nothing proive and no charges. >> you know he was impeached not for having sex outside the marriage, but perjury.
8:38 pm
>> and that's why i am hoping that newt gingrich is the republican vp pick. that would be awesome. >> that would be problematic. >> the guy who left his wife while she was dying of cancer so he could be with his staffer. >> scott, you said trump calling out bill for this is like woody allen going after bill cosby. >> i don't think trump has been charged with sexual assault. >> we don't hang in the same circle. >> are you right, but tom noted that by saying trump is doing this and it gives him cover like maybe his stuff doesn't look as bad. >> i will agree with that. sure. >> i like you man. >> i like you too. thanks for being here. sports reporter gets mad because he was joking. he is a living embodiment of
8:39 pm
actually i am not mad meme. he needed to have gotten her to say the whole thing was a joke. if she said we were just playing everybody would have bought it. >> if i had a nickel for every time i got into a passionate argument about "space jam." >> let me ask you this. the guy was mad he didn't get to do space jam. >> it is old news. >> he is mad about old news. >> it was like five years ago. i am not lying. >> i don't run in the same circles as you. >> you don't go to the meetings. itit is a space jam meeting. >> i think he has serious mommy issues. >> just like another guy i remember, norman bates.
8:40 pm
anybody? "psycho" reference. i'm out. >> you asked why we feed another space jam. it is the highest growing basketball movie of all time. 2 theater million world -- 230 million worldwide. >> with inflation, all right. >> the whole thing was kassin's fault. did serious -- it seriously was. >> you said you were doing forensics to see if there are men. identity politics. >> yeah there is con -- conclusive evidence. >> scott, what is the point of the tweet. it said nothing anything about the huffing editor's meeting. >> it was white arm muscle. >> i thought it was part of the fact that liz heron was excited about the video conferencing monitor.
8:41 pm
>> i think that is possible. i am done. >> thank you, andy. jimmy is here to talk about wrangling professional wrestler after the break. wow. jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack knocked over a candlestick onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be.
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>> test test. >> test test
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life from america's news headquarters, i'm jackie ibanez. a young child remains on life support in a paris hospital. he was struck by lightning
8:45 pm
earlier, when a spring storm suddenly hit a children's birthday party. emergency personnel reacted quickly. in all, 11 people, including eight children, were hurt. just heartbreaking. three of those children suffered serious injury. all of the children are said to be about 9 years old. a last ditch effort to retake fallujah from isis is five days old. units are massing on the outskirts of the city. but one iraqi general reported saying so many innocent people are trapped that it may take forces some time to get in there. as many as 50,000 civilians are still in areas controlled by isis. the city has been held by the terrorists for two years now. it's been a busy weekend for an eu naval operation in the mediterranean. the operation rescuing more than 2500 migrants.
8:46 pm
for the first week, 13,000 migrants were rescued. at least two people are dead after the crash of a small plane in southern california. the plane was in flames when fire units arrived on the scene. the cause of the crash is still under investigation tonight. and an experiment under way at the international space station. nasa successfully inflating a new experimental room, but it's not as simple as blowing up a balloon. astronauts had to open a valve to introduce specific amounts of oxygen. the inflatable room is a test for possible future inflatable habitats for space tourists. cool stuff there. i'm jackie ibanez. now back to "red eye." for all your headlines, logon to even tough guys like the undertaker need protection. when they do they turn to my
8:47 pm
next guest jimmy nunin. welcome. >> thank you very much. good to see you. you look at a guy like this and how did you do anything but security? do people come up to you and say you are the security guy? >> i was getting on to naomi campbell's yacht and she walked down -- >> scaws me -- excuse me when i pick up that name you dropped. >> she said i guess you are security. >> i said yes i am. she said at least you look the part. >> weren't you the trainer to celebrities? >> i had had it before wwe and i had a nice training business and would go to movie sets and get people ready >> i want to ask you about
8:48 pm
this. what were your primary duties? >> you took care of the talent. you kept the talent away from the fans and the fans away from the talent. >> who is crazier? >> you would be surprised. it depend on which city you are in. canadian fans are across from nova scotia to victoria island and out of their minds. that's where most of the hot stuff would happen. it could be a calm crowd and then all of a sudden, boom it goes off and i have to do something unpopular. >> they have pretty jacked up personalities on stage. i assume off. what is it like to deal with them one on one? >> somebody described it as me navigating delicate waters back stage. all kind of personalities and different types of situations.
8:49 pm
it is not easy. >> you mentioned brock lestner. can we talk about him? >> sure. brock was a different type of goi. the business was not for -- well in the early 2000s i was there before him. he had a medioric rise. the business woulds not who brock was. brock is a guy who wants to shoot elk in his backyard and ice fish. wwe was not for him, but he did well at it. at the same time he was miserable. a lot of us -- i hate to say. it but a lot of us were miserable in the business. one morning we are at the airport and again it is 5:00 and getting on a 5:00 a.m. flight to another city. i shadowed him because he was the tramp. if you were the
8:50 pm
trump i would shadow you. we walk into the airport at the same time and he says if one fan comes up to may and asks me for an autograph i will punch you right in the face and that would be the beginning of my day. he hated wwe at the time he bout his own airplane to fly in so he wouldn't have to -- on his own expense. so he wouldn't have to be with the boys and the fam. >> i love it. i wanted personal stories. thank you for injoing us and we have to go. find out why this female caw what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks. even a claim satisfaction guaranteeeeeeeeeee!
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we will be back the next day with joe mackey and sam morrell and mike baker. >> a west point cadet was seen looking down at her phone while marching with her class to their graduation ceremony. only in obama's america. it had the caption this morning they will finish their 47-month cadet experience. with honoree lead.
8:55 pm
commenters were not kind. al vega said that is wrong with this military and government. this is not just another college graduation. no pride being taught. embarrassment. to think these are future officers and can't even follow basic military rules is so disappointing. wow, they are angry. what was the cadet looking at on her phone? we did some digging and found out. take a look. yep. that's my real tinder profile. that's definitely not a fake profile. >> ♪ we are gonna swipe to the left on that ♪ >> wait a minute. the cadet was convicted of treason. >> that's a tough sentence. >> monica is this that bad of an off -- offense? >> well, if this younger generation lives on their phones we know that. god forbid she was sent into a
8:56 pm
combat situation. they better hope isis is on their phones too. >> maybe she was researching isis. >> isn't parade marching 17 seventh. don't we want some who will walk and protest at the same time. >> and women are better at multi tasking. >> do you think everyone would change their angry opinion if they knew she was double tapping on trump's anti-qlin ton ad? >> what is your theory, scott? >> she is probably writing an angry comment about the huffington post photo. >> there were no military personnel in the room. >> she has a point. there were other comments to be fair. they said this was not a military formation.
8:57 pm
>> and other people were saying she was the exception to the rule and everybody else was in formation. i think the big e question is we are at war and we need military discipline. >> that's ou olay total effects a skin transformation that rivals the leading department store moisturizer. revives skin to fight 7 signs of aging. with olay, you age less, so you can be ageless. olay. ageless.
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hello, and welcome to a special holiday weekend edition of "justice" i'm judge jeanine pirro. it's been a campaign season for the ages. and the real fun hasn't even started yet. tonight we'll preview a jel general election sure to make history. in november, will we elect this country's first female president? or a man with no political experience who has defied the odds at every turn? joining me now to look ahead to this historic matchup is a man who knows a thing or two about washington, d.c., former republican speaker of the house and fox news contributor newt gingrich rich. all right, good evening mr. speaker. >> good evening. >> we're thrilled you have of


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