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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 29, 2016 9:00am-9:31am PDT

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mediabuzz i may respond or maybe you want to talk about trump's twitter feed, @howardkurtz on twitter. enjoy your weekend. i know i am. we're back here next sunday with the latest buzz. this is a fox news alert. the sound of motorcycles revving at the nation's capital this memorial day weekend. thousands of bikers kicking off rolling thunder, the annual event paying tribute to prisoners of war and those who are missing in action as america honors the sacrifices of our brave veterans. hello and welcome to america's election headquarters. iarthel neville. >> and i'm i'm gregg jarrett in for eric shawn. donald trump is about to address the crowd this afternoon near the lincoln memorial. >> what time does everything kick off? >> reporter: it should be getting started any minute now,
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and when it does we should hear them before we sea them, right? after all, that's how rolling thunder got its name, the sound of hundreds of thousands of motorcycles as they make their way down constitution avenue and up to the u.s. capitol and back to the vietnam veterans memorial. the ride actually starts in the pentagon parking lot. the riders began gathering there very early this morning an they come from every state in the union. some have been riding for several days just to get here, but they are united in their mission, to honor our troops and never forget american prisoners of war or those missing in action. >> to commemorate the things that have been done, the things that have been done, you know, the troops have done over the years, and it's -- >> reporter: it's something, right? >> it's tough. it's kind of mixed emotions. you're glad to be here. >> so many people forget what memorial day is about, so for us it's -- it's a way of reminding
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and also a way about reminding. not about barbecues or, you know, store sales, it's about remembering those who gave us the right to do what we're doing today. >> reporter: and that's why the organizers of this event say that, you know, this is not a parade. it's a demonstration, and it's about bringing attention to the needs of all military veterans on this memorial day weekend. arthel and gregg? >> absolutely remembering and reminding, for sure. kiss ten, how long does the ride take? >> reporter: well, it's interesting, right? it should take about 20 minutes for a single rider to get from the pentagon to the vietnam veterans memorial but will it take four hours for all. riders to get there. imagine that, a continuous stream of mows cycles, four riders deep down this street for four hours, and that's why this has become one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the entire world. it started in 1988 with just about 2,500 riders. today they are expecting up to half a million.
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pretty incredible. gregg and arthel. >> as it should be. kristin fisher, thanks so much. and donald trump will be addressing claims of internal strife within his campaign as reported in the "new york times." the newspaper says trump had a, quote, constant stream of changes and scuffles within his campaign staff. just a few days ago he parted ways with his national political director. garrett tenney is live from our d.c. bureau with more, garrett? >> reporter: hey, gregg, donald trump has been pushing back on those reports of infighting within his campaign and this morning his top two advisers made the rounds on the sunday shows to dismiss the report as well. here's campaign manager cory lewandowski on "fox news sunday." >> the media wants to perpetuate the story there's infighting amongst the campaign. bottom line, we're winning. >> also other reports this week this some republican officials are concerned that trump's campaign hasn't grown number to compete against hillary clinton in the general election.
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trump has said he's relying on the republican national committee's resources and infrastructures across 50 states to help bolster his campaign in the fall. lewandowski defended that strategy and said it's a microcosm for what the nation would look like if trump is elected compared to clinton. >> she's got 800 people on staff. we've got 70 people on staff. they think that bigger is better. that's the mindset that the clinton administration will take to the federal government. you know you just pose that with the trump mindset which is smaller, leaner, more efficient and better results. that's the mindset you need for the federal government. >> reporter: some veterans groups are unhappy with reports that tomorrow on memorial day trump is planning to release a final accounting of his fund-raising for veterans last year when he skipped the fox news debate in iowa. retired major general paul eaton from released a statement saying in part there are 364 other days of the year mr. trump could have used this
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for a political event and hid behind veteran causes for public relations purposes. anyone with the slightest sensitivity to what families of the fallen feel on memorial day and to what this day means would never hijack it from them for politics. as reported, donald trump will appear at that rally this afternoon, and he's expected to be the keynote speaker there later today. >> garrett tenney live, thank you, garrett. meanwhile, bernie sanders hitting the campaign trail in the golden state today as he tries to gather support ahead of california's june 7th primary. california, as you well know, is a treasure trove of delegates, and sanders is vowing to stay in the race against hillary clinton until the primary season ends. will carr live from our website bureau with more. hey, will. >> reporter: this weekend bernie sanders is criss-crossing across california or as he calls it the big enchilada trying to explain to people why he should be the
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one to take on donald trump come november. now, he also made the rounds on the sunday morning talk shows and really went out of his way not to criticize hillary clinton for the e-mail controversy or the state department's ig report into her e-mail server. he did criticize the primary system, especially super delegates who ledge support to clinton before any ballots were cast and also said that closed primaries have really hurt his campaign. that said, bernie says he still thinks he can win. >> what i want to do and i think we can is win california here and win it in a big vote. do very, very well in the other five states, and i believe going into the convention, if we can do this with a majority of pledged delegates, is a very symbolic victory. >> bernie also points to the fact that he is beating donald trump decisively in a number of national polls, the same polls showed that hillary clinton and donald trump are running neck
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and neck. clinton was not on the campaign trail this weekend. she has been tweeting though. one tweet in particular says some on the other side may say our best days are behind us. let's prove them wrong. that comes as her supporter dianne feinstein made the sunday show rounds. >> she needs effectively 73 more delegates. she will have that after the election in new jersey, before the polls close in california. senator sanders has the right to run, no question. he ought to be able to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. and if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> reporter: one thing that hillary clinton, her supporters and bernie sanders all agree on this weekend is that donald trump needs to go down come november. arthel. >> will carr, thanks, will. now to the intensifying battle against isis. kurdish forces launching new offensive in northern iraq
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reportedly getting help from the u.s.-led coalition. the kurds trying to retake villages around the terror group stronghold of mosul in the north, iraq's second largest city. a u.s. army spokesman describing the coalition's role as, quote, advise and assist. well, let's talk about this with ambassador john bolton, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and senior fellow at the american enterprise institute and fox news contributor. ambassador, good sunday to you. it looks like the kurdish forces have already seized one town mufti and the peshmerga are described as among the most capable fighting forces in iraq. how much confidence do you have in their ability to seize control of the other villages outside mosul and eventually mosul itself? >> well, any ground force that's supported by the u.s. air force and naval air is a respectable ground air, and i think that this combined operation, obviously, has been talked about for a long time.
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whether it's really the pre-cursor to a full assault on mosul remains to be seen. it may be a strategic decision. obviously baghdad government forces are now attempting to surround fallujah so this could be a way of trying to open two fronts against isis in iraq. similarly in syria, the so-called moderate opposition has also, with american assistance, to be sure, has also been attacking isis but not with such good results. >> well, as we mentioned, the u.s.-led coalition is providing what the military is describing as advise and assist operations. i'm not sure i know what that means. what does that entail, and should the u.s. actually be doing more to try to retake mosul? >> well, in theory what it means is that we're not taking the lead, that these operations are not being led by u.s. combat units, but as i think and anyone familiar with what's actually happening on the ground will tell you, american service members are right up in the front lines, right at the front
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of the attack with the kurds and with the iraqi government forces. i mean, i think we've got a real contradiction on our hands, frankly. i fully support our efforts to arm and help the kurds. i think they are, as you mentioned, the most effective fighting force against isis at this point, but the fact is in fallujah there's every prospect there is going to degenerate into flat out sectarian conflict between the largely sunni inhabitants and supporters of isis in fallujah and the largely shia militia and government forces that are attacking them and it's a real problem for american strategy and one that the obama administration has made worse i think by relying more on baghdad than we should. >> yeah. reportedly 50,000 iraqis are trapped inside fallujah essentially by isis as the iraqi forces surrounded the city and are removing inward. if i may, let me switch gears. president obama visiting vietnam
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announcing he's lifting the decades long ban on selling lethal weapons to this communist nation which is, by the way, still regarded by the united states as a major violator of human rights. is the decision to sell vietnam arms a wise one? >> yes. i think it's correct. i think looking at what china's trying to do in the south china sea which is take control of what are now international waters and exert its own power over disputed territories is we need to come to vietnam's assistance and the philippines and the other territorial claimants to keep the waterways open. as lord palmerston, the great uk prime minister said, we have no perpetual enemies, we have interests that eternal and bepetual and to those we owe our duty. >> ambassador john bolton, thanks for being with us today. >> glad to be here.
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>> well, tropical storm depression bonnie it is makes landfall and is now soaking south carolina. bonnie was downgraded from a tropical storm after coming ashore earlier this morning. flash flood warnings issued for several counties in the state with as much as 8 inches of rain falling in some areas. more now live from charleston, south carolina with more. jonathan? >> reporter: hi, arthel and greg. well, there's a break in the clouds and now all sorts of tourists are coming out. most of the rain was well in the advance of the center of rotation and now that the storm has made landfall, at least this part of the carolinas is in the clear for now, so a lot of visitors have come out and are enjoying the historic battery, although the waters of charleston harbor are calm. there's still concern when you look out at the atlantic. in fact, all up and down the carolina coast, local officials are urging everyone but the most experienced surfers to stay on shore because of the potential
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for dangerous rip currents. in fact, as we speak up in north carolina, carolina beach, north carolina, there's an active search under way for a 21-year-old simmer who was apparently pulled out to sea by strong currents yesterday. that search is still ongoing. back here in charleston's historic district, even when it was raining, tourists came out in large numbers walking up and down meeting street with their umbrellas. the storm arrived during opening weekend of the festival, a big performing arts festival that each year draws tens of thousands of visitors to charleston. >> the storms actually are having little impact so far on the festival. we have over 150 events in the festival and only nine of those are actually outdoors so the ones that are outdoors in the college of charleston yard and we have a backup for that. >> reporter: coming back to our live shot in downtown
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charleston's historic district, many people were heard they heard there was going to be a lot of rain over memorial day weekend but it's not as bad as it could have been. >> i just checked it, 76 degrees, 89% humidity so the tourists can deal with that. thanks, jonathan. >> reporter: indeed. >> well, as you know, we're on track, keeping track of the path of tropical storm bonnie as it threatiens to wash out the memorial day weekend for millions of americans. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center following it all. hey, j.d. >> hi, gregg and arthel. >> watching the storm. could have been worse and now a depression and, yes, we're going to see scattered showers and thunderstorms across the beaches, people urged to stay out of the waters because of the high waves and rip currents. the system made landfall earlier this morning, and we're going to see some inclement weather along
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the coast over towards the mid-atlantic for the next coupl weekend. there's the track, locke. just going to kind of linger over the next 24 to 48 hours and bring the potential of scattered storms in the forecast. we're watching the depression, what's left of it, and then we'll also see some of the moisture reaching up towards the mid-atlantic and northeast so a beach day across the northeast. hit or his showers or thunderstorms. we need the rain though, and we're going to get a lot of it in some cases, several inches along the coast of the mid-atlantic up towards the northeast and jersey. again, it's going to be hit or miss. it shouldn't be a deluge but it could be annoying for some. parades and picnics. there's your memorial day weekend forecast. as we head into monday along the east coast. not so great and we'll also watch the potential for stormy weather across the central u.s., west coast, not too bad, especially california. >> of course. always sunny in california.
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>> exactly. >> j.d., thanks very much. >> all right, j.d. thank you. when we come back we have a story of a sheriff's deputy shot in the head at a traffic stop in georgia. what we're hearing about the suspect and the latest on the deputy's condition. >> and it has been decades since a republican has won new york state in the general election. donald trump says he could do it. he has a shot at it. well, does he really? we'll analyze that coming up next. we hit this house, japanese made a bunker out of it and we fired at it and flew concrete chunks off the bunker. i got hit in the neck and the medic put a butterfly on it and i cautiously moved the squad to the rear. able to take the block house and i turned and had part of my rib blown out of my back so i take one of the lieutenants and put him in charge. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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fox news alert to georgia now. a sheriff's deputy recovering after being shot in the head. we're told the deputy was shot during a traffic stop. the nearby alabama sheriff's office is saying 24-year-old joe lee garrett turned himself in
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late last night. he is now charged with aggravated assault on a police officer. getting back to politics now and turning blue to red. that's what donald trump says he will do in the general election. california's just one of the states that have been voting democrat, but mr. trump says it's in play for him. >> i want to focus on 15 or so states because we have to win, and i want my energy to be put into states where it can go either way and we're going to play javy heavy, for example, for california. no other republican wouldn't even go to dinner in california, wouldn't do it. >> let's talk about it now with the executive editor of "the daily caller." vince, considering that everything about donald trump and the way he's run his campaign has been unconventional, does trump have a chance in the blue states? >> well, he's definitely
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demolished political expectations all throughout this campaign. what i will say though is given the numbers right now in states like california and new york, it doesn't seem very likely, but, again, as always, we have a long, long time until we get to this general election, and in that time donald trump either will have the ability to force these states to take a second look at him and win them, potentially, or he could force hillary to expend resources to prevent otherwise blue states from turning red. donald trump is going to actually spread the field in a way that could put hillary clinton on her heels and i think he's already begun to do that. >> you mentioned the numbers in california and new york and right now i want to take a look at a map of the traditionally blue states that trump is targeting. new york, california, minnesota, maine, pennsylvania, virginia, ohio, michigan, florida, wisconsin. i mean, what are trump's biggest challenges and roadblocks in some of these states, and if he doesn't get overwhelming support, what's the base level vote percentage that trump would
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need in the blue states to beat hillary clinton in a general election? >> well, he's going to need to pick off a handful of those states in order to get the electoral college vote up to the point where he can win this thing outright and get to 270. and in trump's case, if you look at the hillary clinton campaign, that's as good of an indication of any where they see real threats from donald trump. they have begun to put resources in place like wisconsin. >> what are the rod blocks? >> pennsylvania. >> can you tell me some of the roadblocks that trump would face in some of the blue states. >> the roadblocks are going to be to convince democratic voters that he's not a wild right winger which i think would not be a difficult challenge for trump, especially because he is sort of socially liberal and does have liberal ideology and is very appealing among working class white voters so it's ultimately going to be to put aside whatever caricature that hillary clinton creates of donald trump and make voters realize that he's a very different candidate and hillary is coming out obviously early to try to define donald trump. >> let me take a look at a real
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clear politics average poll gauging a general election matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. so as of a week ago, clinton is ahead of trump in california, 53.3% to trump's 36%. as of a month ago in new york clinton was ahead of trump by 22 points and clinton with 55.5% to trump's 33.8%. so, i mean, should hillary clinton be worried about trump tramling in her own backyard or should she stay the course? >> my sense is she should stay the course and focus on the battleground states where she is concerned she can lose to trump. michigan, pennsylvania, wisconsin route because right now those numbers suggest hillary clinton does have some safety, despite the fact that donald trump is taking a big gain. alluding to ronald reagan and what he was capable of doing and ultimately, hillary clinton if she's going to win this fight, it's in places where a lot of white working class voters have broken away for bernie sanders and do have the capacity to
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break away for donald trump. donald trump has much more cross-party support than hillary clinton according to all available surveys. >> how it does trump's trek throughout the blue states impact the down ballot, either immediately or in terms of a setup for future races? >> my -- my general sense is that trump and clinton as a combination are going to be beneficial to republican down ballots because clinton interestingly as a caricature of democrats is sort of the one driving force that exists in all of american politics that will bring republicans out to the polls, almost despite who the nominee is, i think, and in donald trump's case, you know, there was some early concern, but it looks like the party in general is coalescing behind him and that sort of coalescing will decrease the extent to which there's intra-party animosity which would depress people from coming out to donald trump. my sense is donald trump will perform well amongst
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so i just started poking around on ancestry. then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. and hello. i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm gregg jarrett. welcome. joining us dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyu langone's medical center, also author of "the inner pulse," unlocking the sacred code of sickness and health." >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> let's begin with a lot of folks who expect to spend the holiday weekend barbecuing, why not. >> yummy. >> but there's safety tips you should keep in mind before firing up the old grill. dr. samadi? >> one of my favorite


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