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tv   Sunday Housecall  FOX News  May 29, 2016 9:30am-10:01am PDT

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then, i decided to have my dna tested through ancestry dna. it turns out i'm scottish. so, i traded in my lederhosen for a kilt. and hello. i'm arthel neville. time now for "sunday housecall." >> and i'm gregg jarrett. welcome. joining us dr. david samadi, chairman and professor of urology at lennox hill hospital and chief of robotics surgery. >> and dr. marc siegel, professor of medicine at nyu langone's medical center, also author of "the inner pulse," unlocking the sacred code of sickness and health." >> good to see you. >> nice to see you. >> let's begin with a lot of folks who expect to spend the holiday weekend barbecuing, why not. >> yummy. >> but there's safety tips you should keep in mind before firing up the old grill. dr. samadi? >> one of my favorite weekends.
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starting this summer with the entire family and, of course, everybody wants to barbecue and jump in the pool, but there's a new statistic coming from national fire protection safety saying the month of july is a very dangerous month and the number of fires have been on the rise for the past decade or so so we want people out there to have a good time but also be careful. keep the kids about three to six feet away from your barbecue. make sure that you don't leave it unattended, but before you really jump in and start doing this inspect the pipelines because three out of five houses are using now gas on their grill and you don't know what has happened to last year. if there's any leak in the pipe or anything in the actual grill, it's dangerous. >> that's a good person. >> can you do that on your own? >> i think the best thing -- you can do it on your own. you can see any rupture in the pipeline and you just exchange it and that's the key. keep it away from home. basic common sense things and people may or may not pay attention. you have trees that have grown over the last year, the branches may be right over the fire.
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just be careful with that. then we talk about the actual safety of the food once -- >> before we do that, i want to get into -- i think that's a common episode that happens every year and it's very tragic. people who don't have gas grills use brickettes and soak them first with lighter fluid and then light it. sometimes people don't think it's actually lit so they go over and they start pouring more lighter fluid. it's actually lit, it goes up the stream and explodes and takes off a hand. >> and these barbecues, whether they are gas or brickette, tip number one, keep them away from your house. don't keep them near anything that's flammable. if you get a burn, i want to know how big that burn is. we use the rule of nines. arm is a nine, a leg is an 18 and your front and back are 18s. we want to know how big the burn is, gregg, because if it's small, you may be able to treat it yourself with just putting water on it, putting cream on it if it's not on your face, keeping and clean and wrapping
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it. if it's large and blisters or turns brown, you've got to get to the hospital right away. blisters are a second-degree burn, but never ever, tip number four, never ever break a blister. your blister is your body's natural defense against this burn. there. cream on there and see it streaking, get to the emergency room. >> the first thing i do, i get a burn. what do i do immediately? >> put it under cold water and make sure it's clean and then after you do that you assess it. you see how bad the burn is and you might use the antibiotic dreams. first thing is cool ware and make sure it's clean. >> make sure you cover it because once you have that skin and protection is gone, then you set yourself up for some sort of infection, skin infection, and if there's anything more than a simple burn i would say go to the emergency room. there are professionals that can really take care of this because a simple burn can become a big complex thing. the other thing we want people to really pay attention is things we have talked about every year. how to cook your food, how to
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not mix the raw food versus with your cooked ones because the e. coli and bacteria, the cross-contamination is always a big problem. last year i think you talked about investing in a great thermoster. >> right. >> because it should go all the way up to 165 degrees. basic tools you need and wash your hand and that board frequently because bacteria can set in, and, of course, it's sunny out there and a beautiful weekend and when the food is out there more than two hours just get rid of it. it's not worth all the salmonellas and all the bacterias and gi symptoms for the kids. very, very important. >> one more point. >> you okay with that. >> absolutely and raw meat with cooked meats introduces a new bacteria. and there's one thing to know that your skin is a barrier. it's supposed to be intact. if you burn that barrier, guess what? fluids leak out and infection leaks in. that's why we want you to go to
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the e.r. that's why you have to hydrate yourself. if you have a large burn drink a lot and we may need to give you intravenous fluids. watch out for streak and skins of infection. >> wait, i want to ask, because you said dr. samadi. what do you cover it with, cover your skin? >> with clean gauze, if you have it, absolutely right. put the silvadene on your skin but not on your face. use bass tracin. >> what's that? >> you don't want scarring. any kind of antibiotic cream on your face and everywhere else use the anti-burn pain and put a gauze pad. wrap it and keep it covered. >> what about change it frequent. >> i no, no, no. >> what you basically want to do is cover it up. use a clean pad at home. at home we have a lot of things like tagadan, a tape that you
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can put over a tissue and once you get to the hospital they know how to take care of it and when it comes to dehydration and it's so hot out there. people are drinking beer and drinking whiskey and alcohol and that's a sort of dehydration, so fluids, fluids, fluids is always the key, and, of course, watch that's kids. between the barbecue and the swimming pool, but i think this year we're going to have a great time. i invited marc actually. >> i'm coming. >> and he loved the chicken and the barbecue beef. >> unbelievable. >> i want to make sure the answer of gregg's original question, by the way. you can have a finger or hand blown off. tell people out there, god forbid that happens time is of the essence because it can be reattached, your hand and finger. these things can be reattached by top surgeons like dr. samadi, he doesn't do this, but top plastic surgeons specialized in microsurgery. >> what do you put the finger? >> on ice, it will last longer. >> if your finger is part of the grill, then we have a real big
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violating standard health and safety codes, so dr. siegel, we start with you on this. what should we do, and is there some sort of kit we can get, not to be like a crazy mom that you can stick like a litmus test type thing where you can stick a piece of paper in the water to see if it's clean or not. >> it's a great point. i'll get to that exact thing in a second but this is a mess. a year ago the cdc pointed out there's a parasite growing in a lot of pools that chlorine doesn't even kill. i've got to tell the truth here. 80% of pools don't make health standards. what you can do is not go in the pool if you're sick, if you're having diarrhea, don't go in the pool. if your kids are thinking it's a playground, don't let them go in because you're spreading it to other people. it's a public health hazard. arthel, you made a great point. you can buy a kit. test the chlorine your self, 1 part mer milone in pools and 3 parts per million in hot tubs. the ph should be between 7.2 and
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7.8. you can get a dibstick that tests that. unfortunately, even under those circumstances. >> the chlorine doesn't kill the bacteria. >> some of them it doesn't. so even if you test it, which i'm saying you should do, take a shower and afterwards before, keep people sick out of the pool and even under those circumstances i've got to confess i'm not going in any public pools. >> you're shaking your head. >> bring the entire chemistry lab and test the water it's just not worth it and this study that cdc just talked about, they looked at about 48,000 public hot baths and swimming pools in california, new york, florida and texas. they all failed. >> wow. >> 80% of them have feces, this is a gross topic, e. coli and feces, a lot of body parasites in them that chlorine is not going to take care of them. they all failed, so the message is out there, you know. it's certainly if your kids have immune deficiency or if you have immune deficiency i would not get involved in any of this and
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the message for people that uses public pools please take a shower because there's a lot of parasites and bacterias on your body that can affect other people, and what they also studied in the first ten minutes when people jump in the pool, that's when there's a lot of urine and e. coli that's resistant to chloride. >> another tip. make sure that the drain is clear at the deep end. you want clear water. the lifeguard who better be on duty in the pool can actually save somebody. got to see to the bottom of the pool. i had a patient who said i spent a fortune on a hot tub but i can't keep the chemicals right. got rid of it. so hard. >> that's the important part. any cut or abrasion. that's a place where a lot of bacterias can get in if you have to go to the public places. make sure you cover them and also if you avoid any swallowing of the water. >> look at this beautiful picture here. a hot tub whirlpool and you saw in the distance there the ocean. are we better off taking a dip in the ocean? >> no question about it. >> yeah.
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>> by the way, you saw that woman in the picture there. just had her feet dangling in. that's fine. put your feet in the hot tub and then go swimming in the ocean, again, providing there's a lifeguard on duty. keep your kids inside at all times. don't let people go into deep water. important points. >> in terms of cleanliness, the ocean is actually better? >> much cleaner. >> it cleans itself. much cleaner. >> look, we don't want to scare people because it's memorial day weekend but if you go there once or twice nothing bad will happen. if you're the type that will go to a lot of these public pools, maybe you should invest in something small, one of these small -- >> that's what i was going to ask you. >> at your house, like a portable pool. >> they are reasonable and it's -- it's -- >> don't go diving into those things though, the four-foot -- the ocean is cleaner, maybe certain parts of the bronx are an exception. >> all right. bronx is always an exception. >> and we mean that in the
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welcome back. now for should i worry, our weekly seg meant about, you know, everything that worries us. this viewerasks, i had lasix eye surgery several years ago but i'm noticing my vision is getting worse. i'm using drugstore reading glasses for help with work on the computer. how do you know when to switch to an actual prescription? dr. samadi, i had lasik surgery and the doctor warned me ahead of time, it's going to give you 20/20 but eventually you'll have to use reading glasses. lasik can't do anything about it. >> what concerned me about this particular person, he or she was doing well and over time the vision is precipitating and they're not doing so well. in that particular case, you should absolutely see your opt that molgophthalmologist. i have no problem for people
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using drugstore eyeglasses. having it based on ophthalmologist and know what your eye vision is exactly, cataract or macular degeneration. as we get older, stability of the lens will start to go down. that's part of aging. starting at age 40, and unfortunately even six months ago, i started wearing one of these. it's a part of life. the point of this segment is, you buy one of these drugstore, you may have -- not the same degree of acuity. having a doctor that will look at it. the other thing like presbiopia, your doctor needs to do it. a lot of these drugstore glasses won't do it. once a year or once every 18 months, i think it's a great place to go and visit your doctor. >> what do you say, dr. seeing snl. >> lasik is prepared on 11
9:52 am
million people right now. it's the cornea, outer covering of the eye, the it becomes a cone and doctors flatten it out. distance vision is supposed to last like that, and it does in 95% of the cases. the problem is you get farsighted. you shouldn't go to a drugstore and buy glasses. we don't know if it's glaucoma, macular degeneration. your ophthalmologist has to examine anybody who has a change in vision. it has to come from an eye doctor, not a drugstore. >> what mark was saying, you may actually -- this person may have some underlying glaucoma, which is increasing the pressure in the eye. if you don't see the doctor it may be too late and you can actually lose your vision. it's okay to use some of these glasses if you're just having fun and you've already seen a doctor, you want to save money.
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don't automatically go and self-prescribe yourself and start using. especially if there's a change in your vision. that was the key in that question. >> he had lasik surgery but now he's having trouble seeing. is that normal? can you get it redone? >> can you get it redone, but most of the time they're going to do it because you become farsighted. lasik can make you less nearsighted or less farsighted. if you're having trouble reading, they can fix one eye and that would be your reading eye. most of the time we can do it with glasses. i'm not against the drugstore glasses, i just don't want that to be the first stop. >> it's just a lens in your eye. like a camera, it focuses, lose its flexibility and that's how they can adjust it. >> we move on. memorial day is here. we're having a good time this weekend. it means bathing suit season, yea. a lot of people opting for cosmetic surgery, though, to help them look good in those bathing suits. is that the best approach? the docs are going to cut to the matter.
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afdave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? it's bikini season. more women are turning to cosmetic surgery to get beach ready this summer. not just women, though. a lot of men as well. so, we'll talk about if it's a good idea for anybody. dr. seigel?
9:58 am
>> well, all i want to say is i'm very conscious of the body image. there's no free lunch out there. there's something called a mommy makeover where you have a breast augmentation and a tummy tuck and it can help a woman's self-image after having a baby. i don't rule it in and out, but as an internist i worry about the risk of bleeding, infections, scarring. that's usually a small percentage of risk but that's my role in life, to say, look, this can happen. it's getting easier and easier to do these things but you should ask yourself, is this really what you want? what's involved? what's your self-image? >> i think the world is changing. you know, i have a different take about this. this is not being a surgeon, but i think if you've gone through pregnancy and there is certain fat in your body you just can't get rid of, no matter how much exercise and diet, and that's where plastic surgery plays a
9:59 am
huge role. i think plastic surgery when chosen carefully, done by an experienced surgeon, is absolutely the way to go. today we have great, excellent breast implants, very natural. we have brazilian butt lift. know you'll get a kick out of this, but they're injecting fat in the breast if you want to go one size higher or lower. we can do all of this. look, last week we talked about the armpit and deodorants. now men can get botox on their armpit or hand to prevent sweating. i think medicine is change drastically. i think if you're not happy with your self-image, there's help out there but you have to choose wisely. i don't like someone to go to a medical spa where they have no expertise, get botox and get -- >> first of all, point i want to emphasize with botox and fillers and those kind of things, that's less invasive. is that going to do it for you? if it doesn't do it for you,
10:00 am
maybe you should consider the implant or -- i'm okay with it if you thought about it properly. >> do it in the wintertime, though. >> that's going to do it. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for watching. donald trump meets rolling thunder. the annual biker parade supporting vets in washington is given a special appearance by the presidential candidate. we're live with just how warm a reception he'll get. plus state department general's report on hillary clinton's personal fervor and e-mails. could the presidential democratic front-runner face an indictment? we'll talk about that with judicial watch, many who say is responsible for cracking this story wide open. and tropical depression bonnie pounding the mid-atlantic with high winds, waves and rain. janice dean is in the fox news extreme weather center wit


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