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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 29, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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maybe you should consider the implant or -- i'm okay with it if you thought about it properly. >> do it in the wintertime, though. >> that's going to do it. thanks for being with us. >> thanks for watching. donald trump meets rolling thunder. the annual biker parade supporting vets in washington is given a special appearance by the presidential candidate. we're live with just how warm a reception he'll get. plus state department general's report on hillary clinton's personal fervor and e-mails. could the presidential democratic front-runner face an indictment? we'll talk about that with judicial watch, many who say is responsible for cracking this story wide open. and tropical depression bonnie pounding the mid-atlantic with high winds, waves and rain. janice dean is in the fox news extreme weather center with how it will affect your memorial day
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weekend. nice to be with you. good sunday. good to be with you as well. i'm leland vittert. >> i'm shannon bream. welcome to "america's election headquarters" from washington. ♪ a moving display of patriotism on wheels. right now rolling thunder is roaring through the nation's capital. a wave of hundreds of thousands of bikes rumbling from the pentagon to the national mall. it is the 29th year for the event to make sure our prisoners of war and those missing in action are always remembered. now it honors all who defend our country in this election year. the rally is taking on a bit of
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a political tone. donald trump is set to address the crowd in about an hour. we'll bring you trump's remarks live right here. this weekend americans from every state in the union are honoring the brave men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. in new york sail hers are celebrating fleet week. a wave of ships sailed into new york harbor for days of events. they can take a bite out of the big apple, but it's also a chance for new yorkers to get a personal tour of some of the navy's ships. tonight live from the west lawn of the u.s. capitol, it is national memorial day concert. coming up in a bit, one of the hosts, gary sinise, who has long supported the troops, will join us. as trump speaks to rolling thunder, much attention will be paid to his tone. despite being the presumptive nominee, questions still persist as if he can unite the party. plenty of life-long republicans
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remain skeptical of him, be it because of his comments on john mccain, women or flip-flops. david drucker is with us. every month we hear about a new donald trump or a change in tone or a need to change his tone. every month we get the same donald trump. so, deja vu all over again or something different? >> no, you'll get the same donald trump every month. i think that's part of his plan. he looked at the primary. he won. he dispatched of 16 other candidates. in his mind, he thinks it works. it may work. they've caught up with hillary clinton in the polls, they're neck and neck. a lot of people thought that would never happen. what makes us wonder about this is occasionally paul manafort or other advisers or supporters comes out and satisfies there's going to be a pivot -- >> nor presidential trump, something like that 1234. >> yeah. as trump always says, pay attention to him. he speaks for the campaign. he runs the campaign.
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i don't think we'll see much of anything different until we reach a point in the campaign where he's losing and losing badly. >> donald trump talks about the polls a lot. real clear politics average of the polls in florida, ohio and pennsylvania, 42, trump, 44 hrc ohio and pennsylvania. also clinton up by a smidge here. how much of this measures preference and how many of these polls measure intensity? if you will, how do you poll the republicans who are die-hard republican voters but may just not be that excited about trump so they decide to stay home. >> i don't think we'll know the answers to these very good questions for a couple of months because i don't think we yet know what the turnout universe looks like. and every four years, when we're trying to look at the polls and decide what they're really telling us, what we're trying to figure out is who are the voters for each of the candidates? in 2012 there was so much
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disagreement about the polls because, for instance, most of them were finding far more democrats than republicans. republicans said, well, this poll can't be right because if you have 8% more democrats, then clearly this is skewed. the reason the poll found that many democrats -- >> because more people were voting democrats. >> right. one of the turning points for this race that we want to look for in terms of data is once hillary clinton had gotten rid of bernie sanders as presumptive nominee, we get through the conventions and it's clear this is a two-man race with these two people, and when we can watch then how much has hillary clinton been able to bring the democratic party home to her candidacy? the way donald trump has started to do with republicans. >> we talk about the primary, this area of time right before the conventions and then after the conventions. how much, and i'm going to play a sound bite, is donald trump going to have to answer in the general election race for statements like this?
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>> he's not a war hero. >> he's not a war hero. >> 5 1/2 years -- >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't captured. >> how does that play in peoria and on the national mall with veterans today? >> in the primary it doesn't matter. it worked for him. i think in the general election, with a different, broader electorate that's more competitive, it could be damaging? we already know hillary clinton and her allies have been pounding donald trump every single day. they're already up with television ads. we'll have to see how it plays. i think there's a danger that a lot of these sound bites that didn't matter in the primary, because we're dealing with a small universe of republicans, will matter in the general election or in certain states when you're dealing with suburban voters, female voters, hispanic voters, things like that. on the other hand, i don't think donald trump would be going to rolling thunder today if it was going to be a hostile environment, if they didn't want
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him there. so, on the one hand these things may not matter as much as we think. on the other hand, given all of the voters and how they'll be competing in the various states, i think some of this stuff actually will hurt him over time. but it depends on how hillary clinton and her allies use these and go after them. >> so far they have not been very effective in their attacks. appreciate your insights. thank you, sir. come back and visit us. well, the republican race has wrapped up. bernie sanders and hillary clinton are still going at it ahead of the june 7th primary in california, among other states. bernie sanders holds two rallies in california later this afternoon. on "meet the press" sanders said california is the big enchilada but a must win for his campaign. bernie sanders is on the campaign trail alone. hillary clinton took yesterday off after a tough week. while hillary clinton is off the campaign trail this weekend, her private e-mail server is still in the spotlight. clinton, her supporters have
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maintained these not the first secretary of state to use a private e-mail account. a point that got pretty heat between chris wallace and congressman adam schiff on "fox news sunday". >> it's a lot of push back. >> i'm sorry. hillary clinton is running for president. colin powell is not running for president. the rules in 2004 were completely different. they're completely different. sir, the guidelines were repeatedly strengthened in 2005, in 2006 and 2007 -- '11. hillary clinton was operating in a different world. can we please stay to it the issue of what hillary clinton did or didn't do and not talk about colin powell. >> i don't know you don't want to talk about colin powell -- >> it's irrelevant to the issue. >> the e-mail debate also raises the question if the inspector of office general, which is far fewer resources than the fbi, says clinton violated record keeping rules. what conclusion do we know about what will the fbi reach? and will want department of
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justice issue an indictment? chris farrell is here. good to see you. thanks for coming in. >> it's good to be on. >> what do you make of the new report from the inspector general's office this week? we do know the secretary declined, paerm, through her lawyers, to meet with them, to be a part of this investigation. did we learn anything new? >> we learned a lot. the language from the inspector general is quite damning. what they point out with respect to rules and guidelines, the foundation for those rules and guidelines are in the law. section 93 is mishandling of national defense information. it's a crime. what's being investigated is a national security crime. that's been glossed over. there's been a lot of happy talk. that's the hard and fast legal jeopardy mrs. clinton and her circle of assistants are really in. >> i want to play a little bit of brian fallon interacting with
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brett who asked tough questions following the inspector general's report. >> in fact, the report today bit a.g. found that some 90-plus different top level officials in the state department, dating back to the bush administration, used personal e-mail for purposes, including secretary powell, including secretary kerry, who followed secretary clinton. so, there was a clear precedent set that it was acceptable to use personal e-mail. >> how is this different? >> well, he's lying, number one. they may have used personal e-mail but no one, no one set up their own server. that's the clear distance. mrs. clinton set up her own outlaw communication channel going around the state department's means of communicating. and you have an inspector general intelligence report that says at least 24 top-secret
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e-mails went across that server. there's been nothing like this in the history of the country. it's unprecedented. >> we continue to have representatives from the administration continue to say, there's no ed of a hack. no evidence that an outside body got access to this information. so, was there a crime? was classified information really in jeopardy based on decisions she made? >> your college has reported in her interview of the remaining hacker that he's been in that server. sidney blumenthal's e-mail hygiene is in question because he hacked blumenthal's e-mail to get into mrs. clinton's server. all of this is documented. no one disputes it. in federal court he just admitted to that. it establishes legal fact. >> there are people part of this administration who are disputing that fact, as we're calling it, because of what -- because of the reporting. they say there's no evidence it
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ever really happened, that any foreign body, china or anybody else, ever accessed this so there was no real threat. >> despite the fact that has put out to that, general hayden, general flynn, others in the hierarchy said they would be disappointed, they would be shocked. not just chinese and russians but other first world intelligence serve services. how could they not have? they would have been fascinated with her her plain unclassified e-mail let alone the classified information that the inspector general documented went across that server. >> we're out of time but i have to ask you, do you think there will be an indictment? >> i personally don't think so. i don't think the attorney general, loretta lynch, will allow it to go forward. >> you know we're watching closely. we know you are and keep pushing on the legal side. many developments to come. thanks for coming in. >> thank you. >> leland? ahead of memorial day the clean-up continues at a veteran
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memorial spray painted by vandals. they defaced a monument to troops missing in the vietnam war. the wall was painted by a vietnam vet in 1992. at least three vandalisms were reported at veteran sites, including in kentucky where a car plowed through a memorial day cross and in virginia where the petersburg national battlefield was looted. fox alert now. an update on severe weather we've been watching in texas. the death toll has climbed to four after torrential rain and flash floods inundated rivers and spilled into roads and homes. authorities are still keeping an eye on those rising waters. yesterday we showed you this. terrifying picture, which 21-year-old darren mitchell posted on twitter from inside his truck as floodwaters overcame his vehicle. sadly, his body was later found
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downstream. >> from some of his relatives yesterday. and rescue crews are searching for one missing swimmer along the carolina coast after heavy rain pounded the area. tropical depression bonnie made landfall along the south carolina coast about 30 minutes after being downgraded from a tropical storm. it's still, though, putting a big damper on memorial weekend plans for families across the coast. inland, rising waters forced police to close parts much interstate i-95. meteorologist janice dean is at the fox weather center with today's forecast. tomorrow's as well. hi. >> hi, leland and shan. we're watching what's left of bonnie that's going to bring kind of a depressing memorial day weekend along the coastline in terms of wet weather. there's your tropical depression making its way inland. making landfall in south carolina around 8:00 a.m. as forecast. you can see, we're starting to see some thunderstorms. those cooler cloud tops on the satellite imagery. there's the radar.
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you can see the center coming onshore around the charleston area. heavy rain, showers, thunderstorms for the rest of today. that's actually going to move up towards the northeast tomorrow. if you have any parade plans or barbecue plans, you may want to bring them indoors. wind gusts, 20, even 25 miles an hour along the coastline. not a great beach day. people are urged to stay in the water. waves are high, rip currents, that threat is ongoing. your track over the next couple of days, the low pressure lingers along the coast, bringing the chance for showers and thunderstorms for at least tuesday. there's your future radar. delmarva peninsula up to the northeast, new york, boston. on monday, not a great day. things will start to improve tuesday. you can see heavy rain in the forecast from the mid-atlantic all the way up towards the northeast. we need the rain. coming on not a great day for it on monday and tuesday. just want to quickly mention, we have the threat for severe storms across the central u.s. our friends in texas and oklahoma up towards kansas. the threat for strong storms
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including large hail, damaging winds and isolated tornadoes again for much of the texas area. so, not only the threat for severe storms, but flash flooding. this is going to be ongoing not only today but tomorrow up towards the plain states and into tuesday for the rest of the country across the central u.s. and even parts of florida. so, just keep that in mind. of course, we'll be here today and tomorrow, memorial day, to keep you apprised of all the weather situations. back to you, leland and shannon. >> as we've heard, folks in texas don't need any more rain. thanks, janice. >> of course. we want to hear from you at home. please, send us your pictures of who you are honoring and remembering this memorial day. tweet them to @anhqdc or @shannonbraem o or @lelandvitter. right here in the nation's capital you can almost feel the rumble. it's the rolling thunder.
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kristin fisher is right in the middle of it. >> reporter: right now hundreds of thousands of bikers are making their way from the pentagon down constitution avenue all the way to the veet noom veterans memorial. they've been doing it since 1988. their mission is the same, to raise awareness about military veterans and prisoners of war. i'll have a live report coming up next. (vo) on the trane test range, you learn what makes our heating and cooling systems so reliable. if there's a breaking point, we'll find it. it's hard to stop a trane. really hard. we showed these hey yeveryday experts...ide? i'm a police officer. paramedic.
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it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. ♪ a somber ceremony in france where the longest battle of world war i was fought. today french president francois hollande and german. merkel with a wreath-laying ceremony. the battle lasted ten months. more than 300,000 german and french soldiers died. hundreds of thousands of others were injured. the last known world war i veteran died back in 2012. more than a million
10:22 am
motorcycles and spectators are in the capital for an annual event to show patriotism and respect for those who defend our country. it's called rolling thunder and it takes on many forms. presumptive republican nominee trump is expected to speak at the gathering in the next hour. for now kristin fisher joins us live with the latest. if you can hear us. i know it gets loud with these bikes get going. >> reporter: they call it rolling thunder for a reason, right? right now hundreds of thousands of bikers are making their way from the pentagon down constitution avenue here and then they're ending up at vietnam veteran's memorial. this is one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world. it started in 1988 as we way to bring attention to american prisoners of war and those in action. today it's become about raising awareness and the attention of all military veterans. i have one veteran with me here right now, major general retired david morris, chamber of the
10:23 am
green beret foundation. thank you for being with us on this memorial day weekend. >> thank you for having me. i appreciate the opportunity. >> i would like to start by asking you, in your opinion, what do you believe to be -- are the greatest needs of our veterans today? >> well, we have so many veterans in today's modern conflict that's been going on for almost 15 years that have survived traumatic injuries. we have a lot of amp tees. we have a lot with post-traumatic stress, traumatic brain injury and those kind of things. they are surviving at an incredible rate compared to the last conflicts. they need the support of the american people. less than 1% of population actually serves in military, so i'm a little concerned there's a disconnect between the american public and those that serve. they don't quite understand. if they don't have a member of the family that's served or they've served themselves. sometimes they don't not. they just need to be more aware and help where they can. >> reporter: that's what today is all about.
10:24 am
your foundation, the green beret foundation, is a pretty impressive track record. exactly, how much of the funds you all raise actually go directly to the program you support? >> i'm very glad and proud to say that 90% of our funds go directly to our program to support our troops and their families. we support wounded green berets, short-term care or long-term care. we have gold star families who lost a green beret. we have a wonderful transition called where we help our green berets move on to the next phase of their life. >> reporter: as a veteran, what is it like to be out here today. this is the 29th annual ride for freedom. it's hard not to get emotional out here. there are so many spectators waving flags and cheering veterans on. as a veteran, what is it like to be out here today? >> the thought that comes to mind is this warms my heart because to see so many people here supporting veterans.
10:25 am
and i know the initial purpose of this was to raise awareness of our mia and p.o.w.s but it's gone so much more than that. this honors and remembers those that didn't come home from every conflict, those that made the ultimate sacrifice and also those who continue to serve. that's a wonderful feeling. it just gives me chills to think about it. it's great to be down here. >> general, thank you for being here. we really appreciate your time. the one thing i've heard over and over from the folks out here is memorial day weekend is more than barbecues and hanging out with your friends and family. it's really a time to remember our troops. that's what everybody out here is doing today. shannon, back to you. >> it's quite a scene and quite a sound. to see these folks all over the d.c. area and to give them a thumbs up as they ride by on the highway. kristin, thank you so much. >> reporter: sure, my pleasure. the fight over president obama's transgender bathroom
10:26 am
directive is heating up. still ahead, we've got the man pushing back against the white house. texas attorney general ken paxton joins us. >> texas will continue to stand up to president obama and his agencies whenever and wherever they attempt to circumvent the rule of law and ignore the voice of the people. and it's fleet week in new york city. america's best and bravest are in the big apple. one of our best and bravest, brian, also there. hi, brian. >> reporter: hi. parachuters jumping from helicopters, helicopters landing, mock rescue operation and all with this invedible view. is there a better way to spend memorial day weekend than here in new york? we'll have the latest next. if you're going to make a statement... make sure it's an intelligent one. ♪ the all-new audi a4, with available virtual cockpit. ♪
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a bit of breaking news. police are responding to reports of an active shooter situation in houston, texas.
10:31 am
houston police tell us this. they say one suspect has been killed. another suspect in the situation has been wounded. apparently taken to the homent. authorities also say they found another person dead inside a car. houston public safety officials in the area are urging people to stay indoors for the time being. we'll update you as we get more information on the situation. > . over 4,000 navy sailors, marine and coast guardmen invade the big apple for memorial day weekend for fleet week. the celebration began in 1982 honors the u.s. military sea servicemen. bryan has a front-row seat to some of today's festivities. joining us overlooking new york city. hi, bryan.
10:32 am
>> reporter: hi, leland. a beautiful 85-degree day here as families come out and enjoy the festivities for the 28th annual fleet week where we honor the u.s. navy, the u.s. marines and the u.s. coast guard. incredible day of events. today a team of elite navy parachuters known as leap frogs jump from an mh-53 helicopter, known as sea dragon, hovering 5,000 feet overhead. active navy s.e.a.l.s using smoke grenades and one even attaching an american flag in honor of those who serve the country and continue to serve in our nation's military. a pair of seahawks also flying past the new york skyline today. an incredible sight as they propel by 1 world trade center. marines roped down in full gear. a navy s.e.a.l. parachuter telling us what fleet week is all about to him. listen. >> i lived in a small town in michigan. never had the opportunity to interact with the navy as well as the military in general. and fleet week gives us an
10:33 am
opportunity to come, talk to citizens of new york, tell them a little bit about our job, what we do as well as the rest of the navy. it just gives us the opportunity to shed some light in our jobs. >> reporter: meantime, the u.s. navy showing off their gadgets to kids and families like a sug-v, a new remote controlled robot used for bomb detection. others had a chance to play tic-tac-toe with deep sea divers capable of staying underwater for six hours. i put on 115 pounds of marine gear. that's what this weekend is all about. remembering those who served in our military and gave our lives and continuing to honor those who do so. a beautiful day. leland? >> bryan, tell everyone you talk to, thank you for us. take care, sir. texas and ten other states are suing the obama administration over its directive on transgender students. tied to the threat of pulling
10:34 am
federal funding from many schools that don't comply. texas, as you know, has sued the obama administration before over issues from obamacare. ken paxton filed a suit, the latest one n a north texas court saying the president should stay out of states and their schools. thanks for your time today. >> thanks for having me on. i appreciate it. >> why now? you have as we said two other big cases pending at the supreme court. you don't seem hesitant to challenge the administration when you feel like the rights of the state are being imfringed upon. by the administration's own admission, it doesn't have the force of law, but they definitely in the letter spell out the threat of taking the federal funding. >> wshlgs you hit it. it's the fact they're threatening to take away federal funding from 100,000 schools, millions of school children, and we don't think he has the authority to do that under law. so, we challenged it. we don't want that federal
10:35 am
funding taken away. we want our students to be safe. >> what these agencies are saying is basically we're not changing the law. we're not adding to the law. we're giving guidance. we're expanding on -- or defining exactly what the law already says about people respecting people. and they say that transgender students must be treated as every other student. so, what's wrong with that? >> that's not actually the way the law is written. the statutory law was passed in the '60s and '70s. there have been attempts by congressmen to change it, to do exactly what the administration did. that's been unsuccessful. now the president decided to do it on his own. so it's clear it's not in the statute and he doesn't have the authority to do it. >> i have spoken to parents who have concerns, who have -- they worry about locker rooms and bathrooms. even, you know, hotel assignments for band trips, athletic trips, academic team trips. is there an easier way to handle
10:36 am
this? to settle this on a case-by-case basis or is the only way to solve it is to do what the federal administration has done? >> you've hit a great point. i've met with hundreds of parents. that is their concern. we do deal with it on a case by case basis and it's worked well. we don't seat need for the guidance. this situation is not made better by the guidelines, it's made worse. >> while you're fighting the directive, you've asked for an injunction. you and ten other states have said you want the policy blocked now before you move forward. at least one school board member i talked to locally objects to this. she has great concern if this moves forward, it would be impossible to undo. >> we've been successful in the past. on the same basis there's really no authority for the president
10:37 am
to do this. this is something that congress should do. so, yeah, we've been successful like we were in the immigration case. the idea here is we don't want this going into effect because then schools are forced to do it and we won our litigation several years down the road. the administration gets what they want, even though they weren't successful in litigation. >> do you any idea what amount of money you're talking about with texas schools, when we're talking about federal funding being withheld? >> it's billions. we're talking about billions of dollars. don't have the exact number but it's bls of dollars. of course, nationwide, obviously, billions of dollars. affecting every child in america that's in the public school. >> and this -- my understanding is k through 12 and higher education as well. it's my understanding this would start at the youngest level of students who show up to school. >> yes, that's our understanding as well. that's why it's affecting so many parents, especially parents of young children, are concerned about this. >> the administration feels by its position -- it hasn't really
10:38 am
respond substantively to your lawsuit. i know the department of justice says it's reviewing it and it will push back until confident these measures are aimed at protecting the civil rights of all students, specifically those transgender, and we know you're in for another legal fight. we'll track it. ken paxton, thanks for being on. coming up, new video and photos appear to show u.s. special forces in the front lines in the fight against isis. but the pentagon has an interesting spin on that. fox news analyst general bob scales coming up next to separate fact from spin.
10:39 am
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jen stops working, but her aleve doesn't. hey mom! because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? new pictures and video that appear to show u.s. special operation troops in the thick of the fight against isis send the pentagon scrambling to explain. in a series of statements and
10:43 am
clarificatio clarifications, spokes people attempteded to spin the picture despite them showing u.s. forces at the tip of the spear. these pictures appear to directly contradict the president and defense officials' unequivocal statements that u.s. special trips are only an advisory role. joining us is major bob scales. >> good to be here. >> who do we believe the white house or pentagon on or lying eyes? >> you have to believe what you see on the screen. look, special forces have always dressed up like indigenous forces. they grow beards, wear native costumes. the closer they get to the front lines and the closer they can be identified by isis, the more they're going to look and act like the people they're trying to advise. but tony thomas himself, the commander said just last week, he said, quote, i think all of our folks appreciate that they are in combat in a combat zone. that's what --
10:44 am
>> that says it from jsoc commander. it doesn't say that from the president or defense department. >> the administration wants to manage this war for domestic political ends. jsoc merely wants to go out and kill bad guys so you have two completely different approaches. >> you talk about managing a war for domestic political end. it all of a sudden terribly brings back thoughts of vietnam. >> the difference was lyndon johnson wanted to manage the war to escalate it. this president doesn't want to be seen as -- >> is it equally as dangerous, though? >> oh, i think it's far more -- you know, either you go all in or you get out. overwhelming force. you win wars convictly. because remember, the united states does not fight long wars very well. we fight short wars gloriously. the object of the powell doctrine is to get in with
10:45 am
force, break the will of the enemy and then turn around and go home rather than sitting around in two countries fighting an ambiguous war for 14 years. >> you talk about fighting an ambiguous war for 14 years. this is the 14th or 15th memorial day we are at war. as you look at what's happening in iraq and syria, and we now know there are u.s. special forces there, it has -- you have to think there are going to be more and more deaths, not less and less. >> yeah. but to me, leland, it's more psychological. look, i fought a war for a year. damn near got killed. and i thought i'd done my duty and came home. these guys, especially these jsoc guys on their fourth, fifth, sixth, seventh, eighth rotation in the combat zone. many haven't seen their kids grow up, haven't been home for birthdays, holidays. yet they go back over and over and over again. the numbers are increasing and there's just too much war for too few soldiers. here on memorial day, i hope the
10:46 am
american people understand that while our footprint may be smaller in these areas, the amount of effort and danger and commitment these guys have is just absolutely incredibng mostn never understand. on the other hand, you listen to the administration, valerie jaret says, we ended two wars. don't know how it plays with this. appreciate your service. the man who plays lieutenant dan has been a fierce champion for our troops. gary sinise will be on set after the break to share a personal message of thanks. ♪ let anything keep you sidelined. that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals.
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wizarding adventure reveals moments that are truly epic. this place is made for those who do more than just vacation. ♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. as you know, we have been following rolling thunder today. a very important memorial day tradition here in d.c. where we honor veterans, missing in action, our p.o.w.s. you're looking live at a scene there. we expect donald trump in an
10:51 am
hour or so. he'll be there speaking on behalf and to our veterans today. we'll take you there live when that happens. for the 11th year in a row gary sinise and gary will co-host an event. joining us now, one of those veterans, jack farley and gary sinise. thank you for being here. what dross yaws you to the even? >> the first time i was here was 2005. i was on a uso tour and they asked me to be part of a uso segment. so, i brought my band straight from germany where we were playing for the troops in d.c. i played in front of 200,000 people. the following year they asked me to come back and co-host with joe, who has been a dear friend of mine for 40 years. and from that moment on, i was just -- this is the way i spend
10:52 am
my memorial day weekend. it's very, very important. it's a great way to raise awareness and to honor those who have given their lives and remind people what memorial day is really all about. >> it's absolutely fantastic. >> jack, you were injured in vietnam up. came back and served in many other ways as well as. why did you want to share your story. >> the producers came to me and said, this is the 50th anniversary of vietnam. we want to celebrate. we want to recognize vietnam veterans, so we need somebody. can we focus on you? >> you have a great story. >> i said, okay, you can. >> i was helped by a tremendous number of people. i spent a year in walter reed. then i continued my schooling
10:53 am
and lived a nomrmal life. about 20 years out i started getting involved with the wounded. first as a ski instructor, one-legged ski instructor, and then more and more causes. when these wars started in 2012 i helped set up the amp tee program at walter reed and got involved and was there almost every day working with these wonderful, amazing kids. we've had over 1580 amputees in these two wars. a lot are doing very well. a lot -- we had over 60, believe it or not, go back to iraq and afghanistan as amputees. >> we know for many of them, that's their heart's desire. that's what they want to do, go back and be a part of their brotherhood and sisterhood of being there. gary, tell us about some of the highlights or what we should look for in this year's concert. >> well, one of the highlights is jack's story. i have the privilege of being able to play jack and tell his
10:54 am
story. we've been crossing paths at walter reed for many, many years. we both started kind of spending a lot of time there around the same time back in '03. and to be able to kind of come together and sell his story to a national audience, representative of so many vietnam veterans and their stories is a real privilege. it's just -- that's going to be one of the highlights for me. but we have joe doing a story about anzio and alten who was a gold medal winner. trace adkins, alfie, the national symphony orchestra. just another fantastic concert. >> thank you for your decade's long commitment to our troops. jack, thank you for your
10:55 am
service. we thank you both. >> you can catch the full event tonight on pbs at 8:00 eastern. for more information on how you can help the men and women in uniform, go to the website at the bottom of your screen. still to come, you're looking live now at rolling thunder, the stage where donald trump is expected to speak just a little while from now. we'll bring you his address live when he takes the stage. ♪ thank you.
10:56 am
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real is an animal rescue. amazing is over twenty-seven thousand of them. there is only one place where real and amazing live. seaworld. real. amazing we asked you to send us pictures of those you are honoring and remembering this weekend. donna may says she's thinking about 1st lieutenant jonathan p. walsh. he served our country until april of 2012. and this is sergeant jane phipps, honoring her uncle, marine sanchez who died at age 19 19. and dana served two tours in vietnam where he was injured. dana says he was her rock and a man of integrity. thank you so much. yeah, we're going to keep tweeting out those pictures. >> so many stories, so many people to thank as well.
11:00 am
>> it's a must. by the way, we want to remind you that shortly we will take you live when donald trump speaks to rolling thunder here honoring our vets in d.c. meantime, here's chris wallace. we'll see you in a few minutes. i'm chris wallace. donald trump clinches the gop nomination for president, but his attacks on fellow republicans continue. ♪ >> poor mitt romney. poor mitt. he choked like a dog. many of the people i competed against have now endorsed me. no, jeb hasn't done it yet. he will get a burst of energy, and he will do it, believe me. >> as he sets his sights on the general election. >> crooked hillary. she's as crooked as they come. >> today a preview of trump's strategy going forward with campaign manager corey lewandoski. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, the scathing report from the state department inspector gener


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