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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  May 29, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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tweet it to us. that's it for this week's show. thanks to my panel. thanks to all of you for watching. hope to see you right here next week. we begin with a fox news alert out of houston, where a gunman and at least one other person are dead in a shooting. police saying that two gunmen were involved. one of those suspects apparently shot and killed the other. the second suspect was wounded. police finding another person dead inside of a vehicle. many others hit by gunfire. their conditions are not known. streets in the area are shut down as the investigation continues and we'll bring you details as you get them. i'm greg jarrett. welcome to america's election headquarters. >> i'm arthel neville.
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motorcycles revving for the sound, revving in the nation's capital as thousands of bikers kick off the annual rolling thunder tribute to our nation's veterans. >> and the democrats are gearing up for a tightly contested primary in the state of california. bernie sanders telling supporters he is not going anywhere. also, the v.a. grappling with a new round of controversy after the head of the agency compared its long wait time to the lines at disneyland. and the national mall turning into a sea of chrome this memorial day weekend with rolling thunder revving up its 29th annual ride for freedom. the event drawing thousands of bikers as well as spectators, all coming together to honor america's veterans, especially those who were missing in action. kristin fisher is live now in
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washington with more. kristin? >> well, arthel, the rolling thunder riders have taken over the national mall every memorial day weekend since 1988. but this year's ride received even more attention than usual thanks to an appearance by the presummit i republican nominee donald trump. now, this turned out to be a much more subdued event than what we've come to expect at most trump rallies. there were no protesters. the crowd was much quieter than usual. and trump only spoke for about 15 minutes. he focused on the issues that really resonate with most rolling thunder write eriders. he talked about how he would protect the military, protect the second amendment. >> thousands of people are dying, waiting in line to see a doctor that. is not going to happen anymore. and if there's a wait, we're going to give the right for those people to go to a private doctor or even a public doctor and get themselves taken care of, and we're going to pay the bill. and that's should have happened
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a long time ago. >> reporter: that's a line that received a lot of applause here today. taking care of our veterans is really what rolling thunder is all about. it started as a way to build awareness about american prisoners of war. it's really become about honoring all veterans. and today, hundreds of thousands of bikers made their way from the pentagon to the vietnam veterans memorial. spectators lined the entire route. they were waving flags, saluting the riders and cheering them on. at times, it can really feel like a parade. but the organizers of this event, they really don't like that word. they say this is not a parade. it's a demonstration. and it's a demonstration designed to remind americans of the many sacrifices that all of our veterans make on this memorial day weekend. arthel and greg, back to you. >> thank you very much, kristin. bernie sanders trying to rally the support of voters in the golden state today, as california's june 7th primary gets a whole lot closer. a huge share of delegates up for
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grabs in california. sanders says he'll stay in the democratic race against clinton until the primary season is over. will carr is standing by live. will? >> hey there. bernie sanders is focused on winning the nomination. he thinks that california is going to send a big message to hillary clinton. california is so important to bernie sanders. he's now calling it the big enchilada. sanders today said that he thinks he's the strongest candidate on several sunday morning talk shows. he spoke out against the primary system. he wouldn't go as far to say that it's rigged, but he did say it dumb a couple of times with the super delegates and the closed primaries. but through it all, sanders still thinks he can win california, and based on electability should be the nominee who will take on trump this fall. >> obviously, if we don't do well in california, it will make our path much, much harder. no question about it. but i think we have a good chance to win in california. maybe win big, and maybe win
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four or five of the other states that are up on june 7th. >> hillary clinton is not on the campaign trail this weekend. she did tweet this afternoon, our most important task is making sure we give our kids a better life. that's the promise of america. at the same time, several of her supporters went on sunday morning shows and are pushing bernie sanders to admit that the end is near. >> it would be, i think, a very positive gesture for reconciliation if senator sanders were to consider putting his campaign in the very real perspective that it's in, and doing those things that can bring the party together. >> hillary clinton supporters down play the e-mail controversy on the sunday shows today. bernie was asked about it several times. he wouldn't take the bait, but he did say he thinks the super delegates are well aware of everything going on.
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>> the american public may not be. we're going to be talking to judy miller coming up about that very subject. will carr. will, thanks. meanwhile, there could be a third option for president beyond the democrats and the republicans. gary johnson winning the libertarian nomination for president. the former governor of new mexico hoping to emerge as a viable candidate and give the frontrunners in the major parties a run for their money. lauren blanchard is live from the libertarian convention in orlando, florida, with the latest. hi there. >> hi, arthel. yes, after the second ballot, gary johnson was able to pick up 55% of the vote. behind me, they're voting on the vice presidential nominee. johnson hopes his pick is able to win. however, weld has received a lot of pushback from delegates for not being libertarian enough. johnson is hoping folks will trust in his pick. >> if it's not bill weld, i don't think we have the opportunity of being elected
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president of the united states. i'm laying it in your hands. >> reporter: the former new mexico governor was the party's nominee in 2012. this year, a fox poll shows him with 10% of the vote in a hypothetical match-up against trump and clinton. 15% is needed to be on the main debate stage. the chairman of the libertarian national committee says this is their year. >> if we show them how the system is rigged, if they see how they're denied their choices in the old party, how they feel cheated out of nominations, that they will flock to a libertarian ticket. >> reporter: the chairman says they received a massive boost when ted cruz dropped out of the race in indiana, and they expect the same to happen if and when bernie sanders drops out. >> okay, lauren, thank you very much. overseas, more than 700 libyan refugees believed to have died in the mediterranean sea while trying to reach europe.
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at the same time, an italian navy ship coming to the rescue of more than 600 others. a helicopter spotting them in the water after their ship sank among those plucked from the sea, 12 pregnant women. officials say hundreds of people packed onboard those smuggling boats have died over the last several days. back here at home, take a look at the weather now. tropical depression bonny putting a damper on memorial day in south carolina. flood waters shutting down parts of a major interstate. meanwhile, torrential rain in texas being blamed for four deaths. two people are still missing, as another system moves toward the lone star state. senior meteorologist janice dean live in the fox extreme weather center with the details. >> lots to talk about. we have what's left of bonnie, and we also have the threat for strong to severe storms across portions of texas, oklahoma, kansas, and new mexico. severe thunderstorm watch in
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effect until 10:00 p.m. local time. and it looks like we have close to a dozen severe thunderstorm warnings in and around that watch. so large hail, damaging winds, isolated tornados and heavy rainfall in the forecast. and of course, we know our friends in texas have been inundated with rainfall, so they don't need anymore, and we have the threat for more severe storm, not only today, but tomorrow as well as tuesday. so those are your severe threats tomorrow as this next system moves out of the wesms and then on tuesday, again, the central u.s., the plains states are going to be on alert. bonnie. tropical depression bonnie now as it has made its way inland across south carolina. still getting a lot of heavy rainfall here. gusty winds. high surf. and the potential for rip currents along the beaches. so be extra careful if you are headed to the beach. we're looking at wind gusts anywhere from 20 to 30 miles per hour. so not over yet. and there's the track of bonnie. we expect the low pressure center to remain, lingering off
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the carolina coastline, up towards virginia, until at least thursday. and that means some showers and thunderstorms in the forecast for that region. and that's going to stretch up towards the mid-atlantic in the northeast. so not a great memorial day monday for the eastern seaboard. unfortunately, things start to improve on tuesday. but for now, several inches of rainfall all along the coast here as this system kind of lingers. so this is going to be an ongoing threat for the next 24 to 48 hours at the very least. your memorial day forecast, a lot of green on the map. my apologies. you know if i could, it would be sunny for everybody. for the parades along the east coast, as well as parts of the central and southern plains, things are going to be wet, potentially stormy. west coast looks beautiful. if you live out in california, you are sitting very pretty. >> back to you. >> that's always the case in sunny california. thank you for that weather forecast. >> we have a scary situation at the cincinnati zoo leading to
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the death of an endangered gorilla. this is new video of the moment after a 4-year-old boy fell into the gorilla's enclosure. a special zoo response team was forced to shoot and kill the animal after it dragged the boy. the child was taken to a nearby hospital and is expected to recover. the zoo's director saying it was necessary to shoot the gorilla in order to save the boy's life. but also adding that the death is a huge loss for the cincinnati zoo and the gorilla population around the world. crews rescuing an arizona man after he was trapped in his car for three long days, all thanks to a couple who were taking sightseeing photographs. they spotted the overturned suv, immediately calling 911. took several police and fire departments over an hour to get to the man. they eventually managed to free him. the couple who also found him happened to have a chain saw, which rescuers then u clear the terrain for a
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helicopter waiting to land. the man is in stable condition. authorities investigating how the vehicle ended up crashing. always good to keep a chain saw in the back of your vehicle. >> you know, i mean -- >> you never know when it's going to come in handy. >> thankfully that guy's okay. but it is a strange thing to have in your trunk. in new york, we are happy because it's fleet week. members of america's armed forces taking over the big apple, and we are giving you a front row seat to all the festivities. and as we honor the service members this memorial day weekend, we're reminded that our veterans affairs hospitals are still not giving our returning veterans the care they need. a look at this continuing problem. plus, bernie sanders reacts to last week's bombshell for the clinton campaign after a state department watchdog revealed hillary clinton knowingly broke the rules by using a private e-mail server.
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new fallout for hillary clinton in the wake of a state department watchdog report into her e-mails. that report finding she and her team did not follow the proper guidelines, and now the man who said he was sick and tired about hearing those e-mails, well, he's changing his tune. bernie sanders saying now that voters and super delegates will be "keeping those e-mails in mind when they consider their nominee." >> i wonder if you in your pitch you're making to your super delegates would say this inspector general's report is sufficiently damaging that it might hurt hillary clinton in the general election. >> they will be keeping it in mind. i don't have to tell them. everybody in america is keeping it in mind, and certainly the super delegates are.
1:18 pm
>> let's talk about it with judith miller, author and fox news contributor. i know you have read roughly the 80 pages of the report. they put a lie to five fundamental statements that hillary clinton has made and been relying on in her defense of all of this. we'll put him on the screen. first, everything i did was permitted. no. she violated a federal records law, according to the ig. i did it for convenience. untrue. she told her aide she did it to keep her e-mails private. i'm more than ready to talk to anybody, any time. untrue. she refused to be questioned. it was allowed by the state department. untrue. the ig said had she requested permission, it would have been denied. and finally, she's always claimed there were no security breaches. turns out, there were two hack attempts that shut down the server entirely. i mean, look. one false statement or lie is one thing. but five of them, judith?
1:19 pm
>> well, that's why this report, greg, is so scathing. and it's such a blow to her campaign. and obviously, it's just what donald trump wanted to hear. and it's the kind of report that made bernie sanders, who has not given up on getting the nomination, even though he has no mathematical path to getting the nomination. he still thinks that lightning will strike, or in this case, the fbi. she will be indicted and perhaps he will get the nomination. so what he was sick and tired of talking about and won't talk about, he's now talking about. what's next with bernie sanders? the rape charge against bill clinton? i mean, bernie sanders is really going all out. and helping donald trump win the presidency. >> and with this ig report, i mean, he's armed with a lot of ammunition, the biggest whopper she told was march 10, 2015.
1:20 pm
i did not e-mail any classified material to anybody on my e-mail. there is no classified material. well, of course, there were more than 2,000 classified e-mails, and she personally authored 104 of them. 22 are top secret. you know, judith, that has made it very hard for democrats to defend her. here is congressman adam schiff trying to do so on fox news sunday today. >> well, i know you don't want to talk about colin powell -- >> it's irrelevant to the issue. how can she say it was secure when they had to turn off the server because there were attacks? >> chris -- >> just answer my question. >> i will answer the question. she should not have used the private server. she's admitted she should not -- >> how did she know it was secure? >> look, we know from the report that there were two attempts to breach the sever that were unsuccessful. that's what we know. but please let me at least finish the point -- >> not on powell.
1:21 pm
we're done with colin powell. >> i think it's very telling. >> adam schiff isn't telling the truth because the ig report did not say that the two hack attempts were unsuccessful. they said they didn't know whether they were successful or not. but this whole colin powell thing, i mean, for hillary clinton to say colin powell did it is like selling it's okay to rob the corner bank, because other people rob banks. >> also, greg, colin powell did not have a private server. he had a private e-mail for private communications. what hillary clinton had was an e-mail that was private that was used for state department communications. she had a private server. no one has done that before. it was, as the inspector general's report said, unique. so even that assertion is incorrect. >> and hillary clinton keeps saying that none of the documents were marked
1:22 pm
classified. well, their markings are irrelevant. it's the content that counts. and for her to somehow imply, gee, as secretary of state and the keeper of the nation's top secrets i didn't really recognize what they were when i saw them or even wrote them is to argue her own incompetence, isn't it? >> well, she also said that the rules were unclear about what the state department would and would not allow when it came to private e-mail servers and private communications. in fact, by the time mrs. clinton became secretary of state, the rules were clearer than they had ever been before. so it's hard to find a statement of fact that she's made about this that turns out to be true according to the inspector general's report. and what's really amazing is that in the beginning, the clinton people tried to dismiss this report, dismiss the investigation by saying oh, this is just a conservative news
1:23 pm
story. well, now it's been a story above the fold in every paper in the country, and it's a story that bernie sanders is picking up on. it's a story that's damaging her terribly. and she's got to figure out an answer other than gosh, i thought it was legal, and i'm really -- i made a mistake. she hasn't even fully apologized for it. it's a real challenge for her. and she's got to figure out a way to make this, if not go away, at least let the american people think that she is more trustworthy than she seems, which seems to be her major political stumbling point right now. it's what's dragging her down in the polls, and this just feeds it. the report feeds that theme. >> it may only get worse when the fbi concludes its criminal investigation. judith miller, thank you very much. >> thank you very much, greg. when we come back, the v.a. embroiled in another round of
1:24 pm
controversy. why critics are calling the head of the agency tone deaf on the problem of long wait time. and the u.s. military is putting on a series of spectacular performances for fleet week here in new york. bryan llenas gives us a preview. >> reporter: if you've never been to new york for fleet week, don't you worry. we've got the highlights, parachuters, helicopters, and even under water tic tac toe. all of that next. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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a fox news alert out of houston, where two people, including a gunman, are dead after a shooting. this was the scene afterwards on houston's west side. police now saying that two gunmen were involved. one of those suspects apparently shot and killed the other. the second suspect was wounded. police finding another person dead inside of a vehicle.
1:29 pm
many others hit by gunfire. now, their conditions not known. this happening at memorial drive and will crest drive, if you know the area, and streets in this area are shut down as the investigation continues, and we will bring you details, more of them, as we get them. it is a proud tradition dating back nearly three decades. thousands of marines, sailors, and guardsmen gathering in new york city for fleet week. bryan llenas is live at liberty state park in new jersey where crowds are getting an up close look at all of it. and some of the military's dive and parachute teams are there as well. bryan? >> reporter: it has been just an incredible and beautiful day. couldn't ask for a better day here, as the 28th annual fleet week continues, an effort to honor and highlight the u.s. marines, the coast guard, and of course, the u.s. navy. today, we saw a team of elite
1:30 pm
navy parachuters, known as the leapfrogs, jump from an mh-53 helicopter, or sea dragon, hovering 5,000 feet overhead. the parachuters, many navy smo that spectators can take in the spectacular falls. one even attaching an american flag in honor of those who serve and continue to serve in our nation's military. a pair of mh-60s also flying past the new york skyline. an incredible site as they propelled by the one world trade center. the marines roped down in full gear. >> i lived in a small town in michigan. never had an opportunity to interact with the navy, or the military in general. fleet week gives us an opportunity to talk to the citizens of new york, tell them a little bit about our job, what we do as well as the rest of the navy. it gives us that opportunity to shed some light in our job. >> reporter: in the hudson river, the coast guard came to the rescue, jumping in and
1:31 pm
demonstrating a mock search and rescue mission. unbelievable. the marines allowed the crowd, including mideast, to try on their gear. the u.s. navy showed off the sug-v, new lightweight bombs detection robot. while others played tic tac toe with deep sea navy divers. it has been an incredible day, a time for family and friends, and of course, to honor those brave men and women who died fighting in our military and those who continue to serve every day. >> bryan llenas, looking pretty good in uniform there, bryan. thanks very much. >> reporter: no problem. what really counts is how does the veteran feel about their encounter with the v.a. when you go to disney, do they measure the number of hours you wait in line? what's important? what's important is what's your satisfaction with the experience? critics blasting the v.a. secretary for that statement, calling him tone deaf for comparing wait lines and wait
1:32 pm
times at the v.a. hospitals to lines at disneyland. the scandal over long wait times at v.a. hospitals and clinics nationwide came into public view a couple years ago. since then, the agency has remained under scrutiny, and just last month, the government accountability office found wait times were grossly underestimated. so how can we get some of our most deserving of americans the treatment they need? let's bring in republican congressman of new york, thank you for joining us here on this holiday weird, sunday afternoon. i know you're happy to be here. what was your immediate reaction when you first heard secretary mcdonald's remarks? >> well, tone deaf, because when you go visit a disney theme park, we don't have veterans dying in line. and actually, disney does
1:33 pm
measure wait times because it's directly related to the experience. our veterans returning home deserve the highest quality and standard of care, and when the secretary of veterans affairs down plays scandals, it's just really -- a few weeks ago, when "usa today" reported that several supervisors in many different states instructed employees to falsify wait time lists. so what we want to hear is our secretary frustrated, moat vatded, not try to down play it, not try to down play it. >> referencing those reports you just mentioned, detailing how the department of veterans affairs supervisors in several states instructed employees to falsify wait time list, you wrote that there needs to bea accountability and correction to make sure that never happens again. what would you say that would entail and what are your plans to put that into action?
1:34 pm
>> for one, you need to hold individuals accountable. while you might have many v.a. employees all across this system working hard to serve veterans, when you have employees underperforming, they need to be held accountable. some need to be fired. others need counselling. others may need a position changed. you have to acknowledge when there is incompetence and fix it. that's the message that needs to be sent to veterans. it goes further than this. when you see nearly billion-dollar cost overruns with the denver v.a. hospital, when you see in wisconsin candy land as they call it with the v.a. hospital -- >> right. if you bear with me, because i want to go there in a moment. i don't want to skip over something that you just said, congressman. and that is you said you have to fix it. so how do you fix the department of veterans affairs, and how quickly could it get back to, you know, working effectively and treating our veterans completely and in a timely manner? >> well, so a few different
1:35 pm
things. but one is under the current rules and system, the management at the v.a., the administration needs to hold people accountable, whether it is written counseling or to the extent of firing someone. we can improve the laws, and the house passed a v.a. accountability act last year. the senate needs to pass this legislation now and the president needs to sign it, which will give the v.a. more flexibility to hold additional employees accountable. under current law, the albany straton v.a. director was removed from their position by the v.a., and the review board said you can't do that and put the person back in their position. so to some extent, laws need to get changed. but also, when the new administration comes in, whoever is elected president in november, when they come in and replace secretary mcdonald with someone new, you have to improve the culture of the v.a. because the whole thing just seems like one big cover-up when one v.a. administrator after another comes before congress,
1:36 pm
and instead of coming to congress saying this is what's wrong, this is what we need to fix, instead, they come to congress and just tell us about how everything is working perfectly, so to a certain extent, the culture at the v.a. has to improve as well. >> and i want to go now to that report that you referenced, a report that senator ron johnson plans to release next week, coming up. so this week. detailing a congressional investigation in toma, wisconsin. they are reportedly overprescribing opioids. what can you tell us about that? >> i'm looking forward to seeing the report. everything that has come out publicly so far, it seems like there is a serious issue at this one v.a. hospital. it is not unique to just this one v.a. hospital. when i was on active duty, you go to sick call, you have a headache, they give you tylenol with codeine. you're missing an arm, they give you tylenol with codeine. it's not the answer to
1:37 pm
everything. when we have veterans coming home and they're going to their local v.a. hospital, they have the physical wounds of war, the mental wounds of war, when you just try to give them medication to solve all of their problems, you're not helping them overcome the symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder, so they may lose their lives because medication isn't the answer to everything. >> congressman, thank you so much for your time here, sir, and we'll talk to you again. >> thank you, i look forward to it. >> okay, take care. the infamous mom accused of bolting across the border with her son, remember the affluenza son, it was on a probation for a deadly driving crash, now facing charges as well. also, greg, a grand jury indicting tonya couch this week, that's the mom. why the so-called affluenza mom could be convicted of money laundering. our legal panel will discuss this, and court will be in session after the break. after a long day,
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a texas grand jury indicting tonya couch on two felony charges. you may recall she's the mom of ethan couch, the teenager whose lawyers used the so-called affluenza defense in a 2013 drunken driving crash that killed four people and paralyzing a fifth person. tonya couch facing charges of hindering the apprehension of a felon and money laundering after she allegedly helped her son flee to mexico while he was on probation. joining me now, trial attorney kristen wilson, and defense attorney richard st. paul. good to see you both. so hindering after pprehension. is that like aiding and abetting a felony? >> providing aid to someone who has committed a crime in. this case, it was her son. he violated probation, allegedly, and she provided, allegedly, money to him, housing, food. so yes, that's aiding and
1:43 pm
abetting. >> well, he definitely violated his probation because he left the jurisdiction without permission, right? >> he left the jurisdiction without permission. that's certainly part of it. >> and she knew it. >> she absolutely knew it. she helped him leave the jurisdiction and go down to mexico. >> slam dunk? >> i think so, on the hindering charge. the hindering prosecution charge. the wire fraud feels a little bit more like a stretch because it's essentially the funding of that hindering apprehension, so it feels a little bit more tenuous of a charge. >> yeah, i mean, it's withdrawing a substantial amount of money, somewhere between $30,000 and $150,000 we heard, and then using that money to help a felon escape justice and the law. >> right. so money laundering is typically the proceeds from a criminal activity. they weren't involved in, like, gambling or prostitution -- >> but that's a criminal activity, isn't it? escaping the jurisdiction? >> aiding and abetting after the crime has been committed. the crime was him leaving the
1:44 pm
state of texas. that was a crime. >> but then they spent the money while on the lam. >> but what's the criminal activity in spending the money? i think it's a stretch for the money laundering. we think about mobsters and money laundering there, gambling, extortion. but this, it's a stretch for the money laundering. >> what is her possible defense to this? is it oh gosh, we were just taking a little vacation down to mexico? >> i don't think any defense attorney could go forward with that. i think it's going to be the mother protecting her child. the mama bear trying too protect him and being afraid about what could happen with him in jail. i think that's the only way that they can go and have any sort of credibility with the jury to say that she didn't understand what she was doing is just going to fall flat. and even more so, turn the jury against her. >> she's looking at ten years behind bars if convicted. and what i don't get is the judge allowed her out on bond.
1:45 pm
she posted $75,000 bond. and she's at home. isn't she the definition of a flight risk? >> didn't she already -- >> she already fled. >> she already did it. so typically, you're looking at whether or not you're a flight risk. the bail is to secure you, to make sure you come back to court. she already left the country before. >> and she fought extradition to come back. >> she sure did. i don't know why they allowed that. and $75,000 to millionaires is nothing. >> you know, she has a prior record. running a motorist off the road. also failing to adequately secure her kids in what i think looked like a speeding case. bad behavior, and those were convictions, does that count against her in this proceeding? >> there's two different things we're going to look at when they set bail, which we've already talked about is somewhat ridiculous and they tend to look at flight risk and danger to the
1:46 pm
community. so those prior charges may come into play there. >> but what about if she's convicted in sentencing? can he say, you've got a record? >> i think it's going to be questionable if the judge actually puts that in as part of why sentence is imposed. but as a prosecutor, i sure as heck am going to be arguing that there's been a continuous disregard for the laws and putting herself and her family's interests above and beyond the law. >> what about the fact that she was helping her son who killed four people, left another person paralyzed? i mean, my goodness, does that count as an aggravating factor in tonya couch's sentencing, if convicted? >> look. i'm sure that that will arise. the whole aiding and abetting is tied to what her son actually did. in terms of her prior bad acts, since they don't have anything necessarily to do with previously aiding and abetting or money laundering, it's likely that her prior convictions won't come into play. >> right. and probably not the dad who has an unbelievable 22 accusations
1:47 pm
on his record. almost like big julian, "guys and dolls." 30 arrests and no convictions, i got a perfect record. it's amazing. richard st. paul, kristen wilson, good to see you both. >> gad to see you. >> got a "guys and dolls" reference in there. analysts are scratching their heads over a new financial report, showing that despite low interest rates, u.s. companies are spending less and less on new machinery. up next, a look at what's going on here and what it means for the economy at large. with my moderate to severe ulcerative colitis, the possibility of a flare was almost always on my mind. thinking about what to avoid, where to go... and how to deal with my uc. to me, that was normal. until i talked to my doctor. she told me that humira helps people like me get uc under control and keep it under control when certain medications haven't worked well enough. humira can lower your ability to fight infections, including tuberculosis.
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>> a trouble new report from the commerce department showing companies are tideening their purse strings for spending on new machinery, computers and other foundation am items. this is despite a strengthening economy that would seem to encourage those investments. however, that is not happening. we will bring in our financial advisor, president of the diversified financial consultants. good to see you. >> it is called foundational items. what are we talking about?
1:52 pm
what is going on? >> we are looking at a picture that is either the glass half full or half empty. parts of the economy are doing well. the consumers are sound. existing home sales are on fire. the companies associated with that such as home depot or lowes but parts of the economy are in trouble and it is part of the economy that involves a great deal of investment like energy and exporters. it is a tale of two stories. >> what will galvanize companies to spend on the goods? if you an energy company, the industry is basically decimated. drilling is halted. people in that industry have gotten laid off. there is an amazing amount of capital investment that needs to
1:53 pm
be made in the infrastructure. pipelines, trucking, railroads and drilling equipment has come to a screeching halt as higher prices rebounded in the energy sector companies look at that and say we can drill profitably and we will see the jobs and the infrastructure start to come back. exporters have a different problem and it could be worse. interest rates in the country are low. but relative to what is going on around the world they are much higher. in some places in the world, interest rates negative which means they are charged to keep money on deposit. interest rates in this country are very attractive to foreigners. they come in and invest in the country pushing the value of the dollar higher and their currency lower and for exporters their products are more expensive abroad. that is a problem that is likely to persist. >> in it is not persisting or is? >> likely. we hear in the next month the fed could rate interest rates
1:54 pm
again likely in june or july that will make the dollar even more attractive and, again, if you are -- think of boeing the they want to sell airplanesant the world they compete against the european group and the european planes are cheaper than a being plane. therefore, they have to work harder and cut costs. this comes down to eliminating good high quality jobs in this country and exporting the jobs overseas. >> what is the fix? >> certainly...look, the consumer, to switch gears, could be the fix here. the consumer which has benefited from the lower energy prices, really, has been holding on tight to the savings. the consumer rents in 70% of the economy. until now they have been paying down the debt and the savings rate is all-time high and slowly getting the money back.
1:55 pm
we see night housing and spending is coming back. in the consumer opened up the purse strings, they would certainly help the economy. that would help. >> but you know what will happen those who have been working to save their money, they will wonder why they should spend in they don't know what el will happen. thai is exactly the point. the fear factor. it is the fear factor. all of the brilliant economists, saying the money will come back, well, everyone is wondering why it did not happen? >> got to leave it there. thank you, dominic. >> have a great day. >> the big crowd gathering to watch pilots show off skills in memphis this weekend. look at that. more of that coming up. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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>> vintage fighter planes stealing the show in memphis. >> this is a p-51 mustang flying sideways, doing tricks in front of the crowd. sitting along the mississippi river part of 901 fest celebrating memphis music and traditions. organizers say it is important to keep the memory of the fighter planes alive this memorial day weekend. >> we appreciate your time this sunday afternoon.
2:00 pm
that does it for us. "media buzz" is next. we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday weekend. >> on the buzz beater, sex scandals and suicide? donald trump turns to the tawdry clinton tales of the 1990s and takes heat from the media. >> donald trump bringing back a long ago debunked conspiracy theory on hillary clinton but does regurgitating a lie matter? >> donald trump the last couple of days brought up rape with sean hannity and sexual abuse. 20 years after the fact. >> vince foster. >> vince foster. that is despicable. >> discredited allegations of the suicide of hillary clinton friend and one time white house aide vince foster. how should the press cover the press talking about that and the


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