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tv   Media Buzz  FOX News  May 29, 2016 2:00pm-3:01pm PDT

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"media buzz" is next. we hope you have a safe and healthy holiday weekend. >> on the buzz beater, sex scandals and suicide? donald trump turns to the tawdry clinton tales of the 1990s and takes heat from the media. >> donald trump bringing back a long ago debunked conspiracy theory on hillary clinton but does regurgitating a lie matter? >> donald trump the last couple of days brought up rape with sean hannity and sexual abuse. 20 years after the fact. >> vince foster. >> vince foster. that is despicable. >> discredited allegations of the suicide of hillary clinton friend and one time white house aide vince foster. how should the press cover the press talking about that and the
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sexual misconduct of bill clinton? >> headlines of hillary clinton being hit hard for violating rules with the private e-mail server. is the press finally taking her own. >> and a stunning example of misleading editing to make pro gun people look like morons. few there are no background checks for gun purchasers how do you present felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> with cour ice defending this. all the mystery man behind the hulk hogan and that is a classic case of revenge that could bankrupt gawker.
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>> the media is used to donald trump attacking bill clinton with sex scandals but this week did it in a way many found trouble. >> today you put up stuff about hillary clinton and bill clinton. it is tawdry stuff. i am not sure this is...good. to do that. >> are you talking about what i am doing? >> i am responding to what they do. they have been nasty. she has been very nasty. and i said i would like it to be on policy. >> what was stunning was the discussion in response to questions from the "washington post" about the 1993 death of vince foster. five investigations confirmed the aide of hillary clinton killed himself despite conspiracy theories involving foul play that persisted for more than two decades. >> his sister called your comments to the "washington post" cruel and irresponsible and wrong.
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all the question was asked about vince foster. it was asked of me. what do i think of vince foster? i know nothing about the vince foster situation and have not none anything about it. a lot of people are skeptical what happened. and how he died. >> vince foster's sister broke her silence since the suicide saying what donald trump has said about vince foster was wrong, irresponsible, and cruel. it is not smog that should be part of the campaign. >> conspiracy theories. >> donald trump has repeated long ago debunked falsehood former deputy white house counsel vince foster, a friend of bill clinton and hillary clinton until his tragic suicide >> now, analyzing the campaign coverage is a republican strategist and distributor to the "washington examiner," and
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chief congressional strategist, with "washington examiner." ruled a suicide by no less than ken starr. >> does he deserve criticism? >> he does. there is a distinction between bill clinton and fidelity that the "wall street journal" board not long ago criticized for hillary clinton's role of the clintons war on women which is what the editorial was titled to pushing and pedaling a narrative of vince foster in the "washington post" but this is part of donald trump's thing, where no press is bad press. all press is good publicity. part of the reason he has been able to garner $2 billion of free media. >> donald trump would say he is not peddling but puts it out. in the old day republicans put secret damaging information with fox news and with rush limbaugh but now he said there is an
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outrageous style and he does not need the middleman. >> he changed the riles and he says this stuff and it is working because everyone is talking about it. everyone is talking about a 1993 death of vince foster. who thought that would be part of the dialogue. he is actually making progress in trying to ruin hillary clinton's effort to win the women's vote because he is bringing up the past things that make her less attractive to female voter, an important strategy because the biggest weakness is female voters. >> and it threes for broader pieces about donald trump and conspiracies. >> when ted cruz was still in the race, donald trump speculated of a stab lloyd rumor learning ted cruz' father to j.f.k. assassination. >> i watched in jersey city, new jersey, where thousands and thousands of people were cheering as the willing came
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down. >> some call him a conspiracy theorist? fair? >> a it is fair. >> he talks about it until the press covers it as a "process," story they are not covering the actual conspiracy but as a process story that it was said in a forum so we will cover it. that is wrong. it was interesting to watch cnn. we had jake tapper push back hard on the vince foster saying it was after five investigations was ruled a suicide and then if you watch, hour b hour on cnn they went back and back and back to the comments that donald trump was quoting someone else. in this is a conspiracy that we know is false, stop the coverage. >> that reinforces your point in the process of knocking it down or criticizing donald trump, the media criticism as we know probably helps but the press is
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an echo chamber. >> donald trump is the key of driving headlines. he does it in a genius way. i don't think he believes this stuff. he puts it throughout in a way he with caucus back and say i was asked this. there was an article in the "national enquirer" and he does it in a way where the hands of they are off it and he fill as vacuum and puts this out there. it is driving the headline. >> i was not serious about debating bernie sanders that was for fun. so i have another sound bite having to do with an interview that he gave in the 1990s when he was a little more sympathetic to clinton in the days of paula conference and all the sex-related situations. >> bill clinton...what does he need to do? >> it is so embarrassing. do you have to say where does it start? >> paula jones is a loser but
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she could be responsible for bring down a president indirectly. >> 1998. does it matter in 2016 that donald trump had a different emphasis back then? >> donald trump has come across as someone would people are not sure how southbound tin he is, he has a democratic past but no one cares because he is really a post political candidate and that is part of the popularity, part of the attraction. i don't think it matters to people who are experting him and following him. the people who wonder, those are the die hard conservative whose he must court to win over for the 2016 election. >> the media covering this stuff, the election should be about the economy and health care and isis, it is more sexy than an energy plan. >> you saw this weekend in the "new york times" coverage of an article about mrs. clinton and they are criticizing her saying that she wasn't sexy or it
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wasn't entertainment enough and people are worried. >> sexy campaign style. >> exactly. it specifically is saying, she subsequent, in trying to criticize him on an indemocrat the policy issue and there was virtually no coverage. >> let me come to this, trump clinches the nomination and homing the magic 1,237 he has obsess the identity, or we have, and now he is getting other criticism dealing with republicans saying he is using slash and burn tactics off off after going to mexico and criticizing the republican governor and mitt romney walks like a penguin and all of that but the press loves him. >> they love it. you look at coverage on when it was thought that there would be a contested convention with republicans. i look at the coverage when this is a real chance the democratic
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party could have a contested convention, there is no parallel. the amount of coverage focused on potential contested convention for republicans is different than the coverage on the democratic civil we are going on right now. >> maybe it doesn't matter whether republican leaders like the reluctant paul ryan get behind him. maybe what matters is what the rank and file republicans are closing ranks so he can complete the pivot and go after democrats and independents. >> i am not sure it matters who gets behind donald trump because it has not married inside the beltway. in it matter, he would not be the nominee. >> why so much attention? >> there are 150 reporters running an the capitol reporting on it and obsessing. my frustration, i go to the weekly press conference with paul ryan i cannot get a question on what is happening with legislation which is
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important and it is being dropped by reporters because every question of when he will endorse donald trump. how much matters in the john election? probably not a lot because a lot of voters don't like the g.o.p. establishment. they like donald trump because he is not part of the inside. >> at a teach where donald trump went off on romney and martinez and others, who said shell not be bullied by donald trump, and he went after bill kristol, conservative movement in republican politics trying to draft someone to mount a third-party conserve -- conservative challenge. >> his name is bill kristol. from day one, i watch him, but but why do you keep putting a gay on division that has been proven to be wrong. he has been doing it for nine
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months, he can't find anybody. what a loser. >> is that a waste his time to go 56 a pundit? >> it and typical donald trump. anyone that gets his way that has anything negative to say he attacks. >> so much for the pivot. where is the m where he goes and uses the words like senator, or other words, and he obviously is not. there is a real bat will right new in whether you are going to be having an expanded electorate. what donald trump doing, it is smart going back and assure the republican base the impact of race. >> always beating up on the press, we are a fat target. e-mail us with what you think. the donald trump campaign responds. and was there deception in a gun
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>> now a response from the trump campaign from dallas is katrina pierson, a spokeswoman for donald trump. we started about the media hammering your boss for bringing us the vince foster suicide in 1993 and the "washington post" raised it first. why go there? >> it is simple. look, donald trump answered questions by the media. this is nothing new. when you have a candidate like hillary clinton who is riddled with scandal, whether it is whitewater, travelgate, benghazi , e-mail, when he is
2:17 pm
asked he will response. it is not donald trump's responsibility to protect hillary clinton on any scandal. >> it suggests she has some response bit on the vince foster death which i don't think there is evidence to that but since you pivoted adeptly to hillary clinton, let me play a soundbite of donald trump talking the or might and raising questions about her own television appearances. >> she goes on very few shows and she was on a show and they gave her set up questions and official the questions, i don't think you can ever say i negotiate my questions with you. >> hillary clinton had been on "meet the press," and cnn what evidence does he have that anyone has given her any set of questions. >> a lot of the media talk about this and early on in the campaign when mrs. clinton was on the campaign trail she does not do any media interviews and i don't remember the last time she came on fox after o'reilly or hannity or megyn kelly.
2:18 pm
she does do the softball interview questions and no one asks her the tough questions in the media. i heard your segment earlier with cnn doing the coverup work for hillary clinton when it comes to things that donald trump is saying. they are going out of their way to defend her without her defending herself. >> wait, you are saying cnn by stating there were several investigations of vince foster's death and it has been debunked that the clintons had in toying do with this is covering up for hillary clinton. i don't follow. >> they are defending. constantly defending. several anchors are many networks defending her, whether it is a scandal or with the e-mails. you just do not see that on the other side. we have known for a long-term that wednesday have a tough time in the media in a presidential election. donald trump is that contained of candidate they are having trouble fighting back against because he does stand up for himself. he is not going to be silenced
2:19 pm
by the mainstream media. >> you can characterize the enemy however you want, but she has done far fewer than donald trump. the in not, a big piece i am sure you read it, growing sense of paranoia and internal combat undermined the daily message and two "new york times" asked for comment "you too would not know how to write a good story if you tried, dream on." what about the substance of "new york times" article? >> look, i have been hearing since donald trump entered the race the trump campaign is in turmoil, the staff is not getting along. we just bet 16 other candidates, mr. trump is the republican nominee. we are building it to a national team. these types of reports are false. they are going to be times when everyone is talking and cutting with each other that could agree or disagree but that doesn't
2:20 pm
mean there is wrong with the campaign. more importantly, we hear a lot of the sources come from "anonymous people," inside the campaign which i have to challenge because a lot of thing i have heard coming from the anonymous sources are false. >> every campaign i have ever covered has internal continuations and the press can blow it up. interesting tweet from donald trump about this or he had a series of them. don't believe the bias and phony media quoting people who work for my campaign. the only quote matters is one from me. what about other people? when we talk to you? >> the key term is phoney. as i mentioned you have anonymous sources supposedly inside the campaign. they are just phony reports. that is what he is talking about. in they are yeting people who don't have a name, that is a problem. we consider that to be phony. i am giving you thattance as a national campaign spokesperson.
2:21 pm
donald trump was speaking to the phony reports. >> it has more credibility when i hear you say it on camera it has more croweddibility. >> bill cosby is holding to trial. will that be the ultimate media circus. but the silicon valley billionaire who secretly got revenge. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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what would help is simply being able to recognize a fair price. truecar has pricing data on every make and model, so all you have to do is search for the car you want, there it is. now you're an expert in less than a minute. this is truecar. >> bizarre twist in the gawker case now the $140 million verdict has been upheld over the posting of the sex tape of the wrestler and his best friend's wife. >> all i want dead know what for everyone to know what gawker is about. and they destroy lives. >> a mystery man was said by "new york times" to secretly bankroll. what was the message?
2:25 pm
it is peter thiel billionaire, co-founder of pay pal. nine years ago a blog publish add story under the headline peter thiel is totally gay. outing the businessman who is not totally public about his sexual. he told the columnist that this and other arms about his friends ruin people's lives for no reason. i saw them have a damaging way of getting attention by bullying people when there was no connection with the public interest and said it was very painful and paralyzing for those targeted. gawker founder defended the original story on this. >> i don't think outing someone's sexual preferences is fair. >> i am gay. the author of --. >> it does not mean you need to tell --. all the story and the author. but to main thin this code of silence around a gay public
2:26 pm
figure in a way you never do about a straight person. >> now exploring the sale of gawker warned of the danger of rich guying gathering out revenge fantasy. >> we have had a billionaire behind the curtain, pulling strings and hiring law firms pursuing a decade long strategy and it is extraordinary. i am slightly impressed. >> now, from stanford, california, we have farhad manjoo technology columnist for "new york times". what do you make of peter thiel saying it is philanthropy striking a blow against mean spirited journalism. >> that is a crazy idea this is somehow in the public interest. in this one instance you can say, because the jury found that gawker went over the line but these, this one suit of hulk hogan was one of many that he is funding and the real danger here
2:27 pm
is if you have billionaires funding lawsuits against the press in secret you are...that has a chilling effect on the press. there are instances where you could have many people file lawsuits that may have no merit and, still, ruin a small publication like gawker. >> i am troubled by the idea of billionaires who just don't like a media outlet or for ideological reasons secretly funding lawsuits but in they have no merit they would be therein out but in this case gawker handed him a sword because posting this sex tape a jury had to be convinced and obviously they awarded a video of many millions dollars. your thoughts? >> i would be cautious new yorking in lawsuits have in merit they then out. something that technical billionaires and other billionaires have said is the legal system doesn't work as cleanly as that.
2:28 pm
people thiel is a funder of many small companies. in they were attacked by the legal system, for example, in uber or other start-ups were hit by huge lawsuits that called for $100 million judgment for every wrong person, they would not think that is good for start-ups generally, for businesses and an industry. there are many instances we have fund of people suing news companies and the legal costs exceed what many companies can afford. >> that is a great point. we will see you later in the show, and a footnote, gawk certificate a liberal website whose editor said donald trump or the rivals would be a disastrous president and peter thiel will be at the republican convention as a delegate the we will ask farhad manjoo when he
2:29 pm
runs, will the twitter tirade backfire? hillary clinton is talking about the investigative report of the e-mail.
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>> hick's e-mail scandal was fating when the st. inspector general issued a stinging report. all the report said that the state department did not and would not have approved your exclusive reliance on a personal e-mail account. here is the question: did you break the rules? >> walt, district court makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under our secretaries of state. the rules were not clarified until after i left. >> yesterday's state department ig report was pretty scathing. and it seemed to contradict many of the things you said about the
2:33 pm
e-mails. >> chuck the report makes clear that personal e-mail use was the practice under other secretaries of state. >> back to the panel, police that, and wolf, do you see a change in the media tone? >> for now, it will change as the election progresses here, and they will get softer on hillary clinton. >> right now? >> criticisms with well deserved. you look at the "washington post" editorial it was scathing toward hillary clinton but she deserved it. what she did was outside protocol of the state department and she broke protocol. she break rules. >> the "washington post" and the "new york times" have tough editorials and these are liberal editorial pages slamming her. is it fair to say the liberal media are not buying her explanations in the wake of the ig report? all the media has been going at this issue for a very long time and you can see the story being covered for more than 12 months so it happened to be something
2:34 pm
they have avoid. they are asking the property questions. there is a new report that came out that did war ran the questions so it was present in the role 9 media played to have the questions asked. >> the story was originally broken by "new york times" a year ago. but it has run out of gas, when it was covered. coverage was increment am because we department know what is going on with the ig investigation, so why the striking thing? because it is a new report or because she is sticking to her talking points? >> i think the media knows the credibility is on the line, that the media is not trusted they more and the mainstream media is aware of this and i think this is bare minimum coverage in my opinion there they did cover what came out this week, because they had to. the mainstream media can play it up as much as they want or as little as they want. in she were a republican, can you imagine the swarms of reporters with would be keeping this out in the press? i believe the coverage would be
2:35 pm
a lot different in she had an "a" after her name. thank you has not been a lack of coverage. to say it is one of those things where this is in news per se so this did beg some of the questions but this has been long, long, long chronicled. >> and 9 point is in it were a republican they would be asked to step down and forced to step down. >> can you not make that leap. >> absolutely. in you have a candidate who is facing a criminal investigation by the f.b.i. there is absolutely --. >> she is the first candidate facing a federal investigation. >> absolutely you look at --. >> you look at the scandals, whatever it is, even a sex scandal --. >> are you asking trump item to step down? >> he has he done?
2:36 pm
>> what about 9 criminal investigation on --. >> donald trump is not. >> she is under criminal investigation and in a legal sense but not a political sense and she also is although she cannot shake bernie sanders she is win the provide marries so i don't know it is the media's role to ask any candidate to step down even bernie sanders because he is not winning. mrs. clinton has been asked about the vince foster business of her husband's sex life and she denexts it. i say, maybe that is smart but i say she has trouble making news. trump is a news tornado and she is a breeze. is that a problem? >> donald trump is sitting below the belt and she hits above the belt and he has been more successful with the below the belt punches getting more attention. no one is talking that she said he is not qualified they are talking about him criticizing her. abut hillary clinton above the belt issues say she made a major
2:37 pm
push of donald trump having said he liked the idea of the housing market collapsing because he could make more money was a one-day story. >> is it 9 responsibility to talk about more policy and not make it about the politics of personality? >> you she should be called out. bill clinton was one that rewrote the rules of the community reinvestment that spearheaded and led us to the housing public democrat and the financial bubble. >> but she is not called out for that. >> my point is, here is words that could be embarrassing. businessman was a businessman entitled to make money, foreclosures and that sort of thing but how much media action has that gotten compared to the latest sexual allegations? >> to answer the point you look at the juxtaposition between hillary clinton and donald trump handling the media it is a problem for hillary clinton this guy earned $2 billion in agree media in republican provide marry and the woman went months
2:38 pm
without even talking to the resolution for a period of time. >> some of the media was not favorable but he earned it. >> great to see you this sunday. next, with katie couric underfire for deceptive editing in a gun control documentary. [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief.
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>> katie couric knew she was wait -- wading into a political mindful on gun control "under the gun," which builds a case for tighter background checks. >> how do you feel a person on the government's terror watch list cannot board a plane but and locally bay a gun? starbucks combined. >> that's a good >> she told her friend mat lowery she tried to put aside her personal feelings after covering columbine. >> i wanted to have an open mind and what gun owners were afraid of. all the president of the virginia citizens defense league, but his two hour interview was left on the cutting room floor said things
2:43 pm
seemed on go well. >> it was polite and nice back-and-forth and i thoughtwelr job of representing us. >> but she and the filmmakers are underfire on a dramatic moment in the trailer. there are no background checks for gun purchasers how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun? >> eight seconds of stunned violence. but that sequence with members of the virginia gun rights group was edited in a misleading way. hear from an audio tape what actually happened. >> how do you prevent felons or terrorists from talking into a licensed dealer and purchasing a gun? >> well, in you are not in jail, you should still have basic rights and --. >> if you are a terrorist offer felon?
2:44 pm
>> you should have a right. >> fact is we do have statues both at the federal and state level that prohibit classes of people from being this possession of firearms. >> the problem was, it made our members look like they were idiots and they could not answer a basic straightforward question. their areas were diverted in the video, and they looked down and almost ashamed. because of how it, the light it cast on our members and our organization, and gun owners in general, that katie couric does, indeed, owe us an apology for what she did. >> but the film's director said in a statement my intention was to provide a pause for the viewer to have a moment to consider this important question before presenting the facts on american's opinion on background check. i for intended to make anyone look bad and i apologize in
2:45 pm
anyone felt that way. katie couric, she said she agreed with hour director and is very proud of the film. >> a source said that katie couric questioned the edited silence but deferred to the director's judgment. >> how would she like it if we took video of her and asked her a question and showed her sitting there dumb struck. >> and they talked about out rage of the national rifle fell association, and gun owners are duped and sold a bill of goods by the n.r.a. >> the against league is not one of those groups that is ripping the media, and he said he has had positive spokespersons from "60 minutes" to "nightline." the media has been relatively fair, but they have -- other
2:46 pm
than what katie couric did, it has been fair. we do not usually get as much time but as long as the main part of our message is out, that is all i care about. high is still angry at katie couric. >> it wasn't fair. it want right. it wasn't professional. and it was very bad journalism. >> what her director does is use editing to distort what happened. that disportion, first noted by the washington freebie con would be against the policy of any news division. she has had an amazing successful career including her current role asia -- as yahoo's chief news anchor but now show has given her critics a very big target. >> donald trump's twitter feed was powerful weapon but our friends say this could damage
2:47 pm
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shoshow me more like this.e. show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. >> donald trump is a force of nature on twitter with eight million very passionate followers. but a technical columnist said the strategy could backfire. now, we bring back farhad
2:51 pm
manjoo. you say he self factive because he sounds hike a real person but the twitter army can be domineering in the attempts to silence critics. >> one of the things he does really well on twitter is sound authentic. people like him on twitter for the same reason in the media generally he sounds like a real person. you look at other politicians' twitter account they sound like a press release. hillary clinton speaks in the third opinion on twitter. so donald trump is a master at this medium. the question is whether it can help in the general election the way it helped in the provide marry. that is where i wonder or worry that it is effective but it will not be. >> you as someone who live on twitter explain why a targeted audience in the primaries is one thing but now twitter is i will suited to the message he needs
2:52 pm
to get out. why? >> twitter works well to get at the base, same as cable news, mass media. it works. you get everyone listening at the same time. and twitter has compounded effect what he said it is on cable so he can get everywhere. but in the presidential or general election, especially when it is close, what the obama campaign did well in 2008 and 2012 was used this online federal very to get real people out in the ream world doing work for you. they tied what was happening online with e-mail addresses and real names and raising money and the donald trump campaign has not done that and twitter is a bad tool for that. >> donald trump has said he doesn't really only believe in the data-driven approach but may not have the money to do it. to come back to twitter you say that twitter has 140 character
2:53 pm
medium but it penalized nuance, but maybe it takes bombast to win the election. >> that gets you in the media, the bombast, andment takes but he is drowning out everyone else's message including hillary clinton. but that is now presidential elections are won in battle ground states in there are a few percentage points difference, the way that works you get people online to do that off line. the major thing is to get people who are your supporters to get nonsupporters of people in the center voting for you and this is no evidence that twitter works that way. twitter is good at getting the red meat out. can you get people whipped up
2:54 pm
that way. when trump is going to the center or pivots, the cinco de mayo tweet was an example, that ended up backfiring. he dominate the media but people made fun of him. >> you pointed out that donald trump's twitter was its own wire service driving news coverage everywhere, your newspaper, magazines, et cetera, and i take director point but not to be underestimated. farhad manjoo from "new york times" thanks forgetting up early identity in california. from to see you. >> still to coming facebook changes rules in response to liberal bias but is it enough with bill cosby heading to school will the media go haywire ? i've made plans for later in case this date doesn't go well. same here. wouldn't it be great if everyone said what they meant? the citi double cash card does.
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>> facebook said they were not bias in picking trending topics but zuckerberg is making changes. facebook will for longer assign an importance level based on top ten news sites which are mostly "new york times" and "washington post" and cnn but it includes fox. facebook is admitting that journalists being human have biases and rely on establishment outlets does take things away from key sawyers on right and the least. zuckerberg deserves credit for trying. more than a deck said since allegations surfaceed against bill cosby, long ignored bit media and this week his fortunes took a turn. >> stunning fall from grace. bill cosby portraying the all american tv dad was ordered to stand trial in pennsylvania for sexual assault. >> bill cosby nicknamed america's dad will now face his first criminal trial for alleged sexual assault.
2:59 pm
>> reports say he drugged and sexually amanda constand back in 2004 and she is one of more than 50 women who have made similar, remarkably similar allegations against cosby. "usa today" called it 9 biggest celebrity case since michael jackson and the media interest. be intense given his tarnished status as an icon. i hope my profession does not put itself on trial but turning this criminal case interest an ago -- o.j.-like situation. >> a special shout out to our vans and members of the military on this memorial day weekend. thank you for your service. we posted a lot of original content on facebook. you may
3:00 pm
want to talk about donald trump's twitter feed, or maybe you already have. look forward to enjoying your weekend and see you next sunday. >> i am chris wallace. donald trump colleges the going nomination for president. as attacks on fellow republicans continue. >> poor mitt romney he jokes like a dog. many of the people i competed against have now endorsed me. general hasn't, yet. >> he get a burst of america and do it. >> as he sets his sights on the general election. >> forget hillary clinton, she is as crooked as they come. >> a review of the strategy with campaign manager and a g news sunday exclusive.


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