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tv   Fox Report Sunday  FOX News  May 29, 2016 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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we hope you'll take a moment this weekend to remember all of the men and women who have given their lives defending our freedom. and we'll see you next "fox news sunday." a grateful nation pauses to honor the generations of men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our freedom. our laura ingle in for harris faulkner and this is "the fox report." a moving tribute in our nation's capital. a motorcycle rally known as rolling thunder, rumbling through the streets of washington to remember the prisoners of war and those missing in action. presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump spoke to the crowd there today saying our nation's veterans must be better cared for. plus this. >> i know people, i've gotten to know so many vets and we raised
4:01 pm
$6 million for the vets and we're announcing on tuesday all of the groups that we put up this money and we raised this tremendous amount of money because we love the vets. that's going to be announced on tuesday. >> and kristin fisher is live in washington. trump has faced criticism from veterans over the money he says he's raised for veteran charities, so how was he received at the rolling thunder rally? >> trump has a rolling thunder. ever since he made that comment about senator john mccain way back at the beginning of his campaign, remember, trump said "i like people who weren't captured," referring to the five and a half years that mccain spent as a prisoner of war. but rolling thunder is all about honoring p.o.w.s. so that angered a lot of writers. some veterans accused trump of dodging the draft during the vietnam war. but based on the applause that he received today, it appears that anger may be waning.
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talked about how they would rebuild the military, protect the second amendment and take care of our veterans. >> our vets, our most cherished people, thousands of people are dying, waiting online to see a doctor. that is not going to happen anymore. and if there's a wait, we're going to give the right for those people to go to a private doctor or even a public doctor, and get themselves taken care of, and we're going to pay the bill, and that's should have happened a long time ago. >> trump also told the crowd of bikers and veterans, if there are any protesters here, don't hurt them. be nice to them. although he said he couldn't imagine there would be any agitators in this crowd. and indeed, there weren't. it was a relatively quiet rally, at least by trump standards. >> right. a lot of people watching this, maybe some for the first time, might not know where the name rolling thunder comes from. so tell us about that. >> there's really two explanations.
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rolling thunder was the code name for a military operation during the vietnam war. but the more popular explanation is that that's what thousands of motorcycles sound like as they make their way from the pentagon down constitution avenue. this ride for freedom started in 19le -- 1988. today it's one of the largest motorcycle rallies in the world. >> all right, very cool. thank you so much for that report. >> thank you. >> and one of the speakers today at the rolling thunder ride for our freedom was our own fox news political insider john leboutillier. he will join us at the bottom of the hour with the rest of the insiders to talk about this event as well as all the week's biggest political headlines. and there are a lot of them. stay with us. and that includes growing discord in the democratic party. it is full steam ahead for senator bernie sanders, despite growing calls within the democratic party for him to drop out of the race. sanders holding a rally in california right now ahead of
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the state's june 7th primary. he insists he's still got a shot at securing the democratic nomination despite lagging far behind hillary clinton in the delegate count. meanwhile, clinton has no scheduled events this holiday weekend, but she seems to be staying active on social media. will carr live in los angeles. hi, will. so what did sanders think he should get the nomination at this point? >> he's trying to convince people of his electability, pointing to recent polls for the general election that showed him decisively beating donald trump, the same polls between hillary clinton and donald trump show those two neck and neck. now, sanders says he is the strongest candidate, and he believes he's in position to do well in california, potentially even win, now that the latest poll for the states shows he's only two points behind clinton. on the sunday morning talk shows, he took time to vent about the primary process. >> you have a situation where
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over 400 super delegates came onboard, clinton's campaign before anybody else was in the race, eight months before the first vote was cast. that's not rigged. i think it's just a dumb process which has certainly disadvantaged our campaign. >> on the trail, sanders is trying to concentrate on what he calls the real issues, wealth and equality, free college, tuition for students, and minimum wage. he was asked several times today to respond to hillary clinton's e-mail controversy. for the most part, he didn't take the bait, but he did admit that he thinks super delegates are paying attention. >> they will be keeping it in mind. i don't have to tell them that. i mean, everybody in america is keeping it in mind and certainly the super delegates are. >> not exactly surprising. hillary clinton supporters took to sunday morning shows and down played the e-mail controversy, laura. >> what are we hearing from
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clinton today? >> she hasn't been on the campaign trail. she has been tweeting. in fact, just a couple of hours ago, she had a tweet that was entirely in spanish, and the translation is the mantra of trump benefit regardless of others. so she's swinging at trump. at the same time, her supporters are pushing for bernie to get out of the race. >> senator sanders has the right to run, no question. he ought to be able to read the sign post as well as anybody else. if he did that, he would know that it's all but over. >> evidently, bernie doesn't have his sign post reading glasses on. he has two more events scheduled in oakland, and he's calling california the big enchilada. >> we've heard that. it's all over the place. will carr, thank you so much for us live in los angeles. meantime, the libertarian party is looking to have a major impact on the election this year, as far more voters show
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dissatisfaction with the republican and democratic party frontrunners. today, former new mexico governor gary johnson was officially named the libertarian party presidential nominee at the party's convention in orlando. lauren blanchard is live for us in orlando, florida. lauren, libertarians have not been major players in the past. so why is this important? >> hey, laura. it did take two ballots for johnson to secure the nomination with 55%. but he was able to do it. and notable, in 2012, johnson was the nominee, but he didn't get 1% of the vote back then. but this year, he's encouraged, and i'll tell you why, there's a fox poll showing johnson with 10% of the vote in a hypothetical match-up against trump and clinton. 15% is needed to be on the main debate stage, and also notable this year, the convention is made up of nearly 1,000 delegates with almost every major media outlet covering it. something the libertarians have not had before.
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>> this convention is epic. this may well be the largest convention in libertarian party history. the way i look at it is our time has come. we've toiled in the trenches for almost 45 years. and we've put ourselves in a position to be an option for every single american. >> the chairman says they are on track to be in on the ballot in every single state, which they think gives them a strong chance at being a viable third option. >> so we've got gary johnson at the top of the ticket. what about the vice presidential spot? a lot of talk about where you are right now. >> yes, so johnson wanted -- about three weeks ago, he announced he wanted bill wells. wells was met with a lot of opposition because many delegates thought he wasn't libertarian enough. was able to secure the nomination in a second ballot, just squeaking by with 50% of the vote.
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>> thank you so much for that report. keep on it. and right now, we don't want to hear about this. a powerful storm headed up the coast, bringing heavy rain and possible flooding. will the weather have a major impact on your holiday plans? we'll have the latest for you. eight people hit by gunfire in a shooting. bullets even striking a police chopper. how the wild shootout ended. and the latest on the investigation into what started it all. [crowd cheering] i could get used to this. now you can. when you lease the 2016 es 350 for $329 a month for 36 months. see your lexus dealer. i've been blind since birth. i go through periods where it's hard to sleep at night, and stay awake during the day. learn about non-24 by calling 844-844-2424. or visit
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a fox news weather alert. tropical depression bonnie pounding parts of the east coast with heavy winds and rain this memorial day weekend. flood waters shutting down parts of a major interstate. meanwhile, in texas, downpours triggering widespread flooding, at least four people are killed. others reported missing. meteorologist janice dean tracking it all. man, you've been busy today. >> it's going to be busy, not only today, but tomorrow for a
4:13 pm
lot of folks for our memorial day holiday. let's take a look at first of all the threat for severe weather across portions of texas, new mexico, and oklahoma. watches in effect for a good part of the evening where you could see large hail, damaging winds, flooding rainfall, and tornados. we don't have any tornado-warned storms here, but several severe thunderstorms in and out of the watch box. flood advisories. we have seen incredible amounts of flooding across texas. we have flood watches and warnings for parts of central texas up towards north texas and the panhandle of texas and oklahoma. your severe threat exists throughout the evening and into the overnight, especially for the areas shaded in yellow and orange. and that's going to be ongoing through tomorrow as this next storm system moves in from the west across the central plains, the southern plains, and then eventually moving eastward. all right, bonnie. let's talk about that. one tropical storm made landfall around 8:30 this morning, and it
4:14 pm
is going to linger around the mid-atlantic and the southeast coastline for the next several days. what does that mean? that means heavy rainfall is in the forecast. showers and through this region over the next several days. look at the future radar. monday not looking good for some of these big cities, from d.c. through philadelphia, new york, up into boston, as a lot of this moisture from the atlantic works its way in along with another system approaching from the west. the bottom line here, we're going to see the potential for several inches of rainfall from the southeast through the mid-atlantic in towards the northeast. certainly you want to check to see if those parades are going to be canceled tomorrow. i have a feeling it might be. for my kids and your kids across long island. i'll keep you posted. >> thank you, yes. we've got an early start. it looks like it could be canceled. right now, investigators are working to determine a motive
4:15 pm
after a wild shootout in a houston neighborhood. police say it started this morning with gunfire hitting at least two vehicles and even a police helicopter. it ended with two people dead, including one of the suspects and six others wounded. >> you do not know what started this. what we do know is they were shooting randomly. just whoever, happy to come upon them. >> natasha from our houston sister station kriv fox 26 live at the scene. natasha, tell us what's going on there. >> reporter: laura, residents in this west houston neighborhood were just going about their day preparing for memorial day barbecues when gunfire erupted around them in an hour-long attack that left two men dead. houston police received a call at 10:15 this morning of shots being fired on memorial drive. they were told a man opened fire at an auto detailing shop, killing a man in his 50s.
4:16 pm
the shooter then went on a rampage and started shooting at people in the streets. the bullets also struck a gas station, which caused it to go up in flames. when authorities arrived, the suspect started shooting multiple rounds at two police cars and managed to hit the police helicopter five times. thankfully, all of those officers have survived. fire exchange continued until a member of the houston swat team took the suspect out, killing him at the scene, and discovered two weapons. authorities tell us there was a second man at the scene who was armed and taken to the hospital with gunshot wounds. one witness we spoke with said what took place at this horrific scene. >> he shot one of the customers in the head. whoever was around him started running across the street, and he just went after them with a gun. >> and we have a deceased main suspect. we have to get a formal identification on him. go through his background. talk to people who knew him. that's going to take some time. okay? and the same thing with that
4:17 pm
second individual who was armed. and he's telling his version of events that we have to try to get the corroboration on. >> now, besides the two deceased, there were two police officers who were injured with non life-threatening injuries. they have been released and there were three civilians who were injured, also with non-life-threatening injuries. as for the second man that police are questioning, he is also expected to survive and they're currently interviewing him getting more information. from west houston, natasha geigel, fox news. >> thanks so much for that report from the saechcene. two best friends bonded in service of our country now rest side by side at arlington national cemetery. as we honor fallen heroes this memorial day weekend. >> the friendship between first lieutenant travis and lieutenant brendan reflects the meaning of
4:18 pm
memorial day. brotherhood, sacrifice, love of country. >> we were surrounded by the huge chinese force. >> 30 degrees below zero in the valley. 75 below windchill. all of our forces were under attack. so we had to fight our way out of the perimeter. we were surrounded. they were going to arrest other marines. all for one, one for all. make sure the germs they bring home don't stick around. use clorox disinfecting products. because no one kills germs better than clorox. msame time tomorrow, fellas!? new dr. scholl's stimulating step insoles.
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president obama is set to hold his final roowreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemete cemetery. here is more from arlington national cemetery. >> they really believed in something bigger than themselves. >> never gone, but never forgotten. travis and brandon, former roommates at the naval academy. these best friends now fallen heroes. fallujah, iraq, april 29th, 2007. travis suddenly ambushed on patrol with his fellow marines. travis the only one in the group who doesn't return. his best friend, navy seal brendan looney hears the news and breaks down.
4:23 pm
>> i was lucky enough to meet travis. he was a great friend. i'll never forget him. >> three years later in the mountains of afghanistan, brendan looney aboard a blackhawk helicopter that falls from the sky. the chopper crashing, killing him and eight other heroes. >> their story, our story, is but one of the stories of the incredible american heroes from the last decade. >> sharing a deep love of country and service for themselves. barack obama recognizing it in 2011 on memorial day. >> their relationship reflects the meaning of memorial day. brotherhood. sacrifice. love of country. >> brothers forever lying here side by side amongst thousands
4:24 pm
of heroes. but this tragic loss has given new life to a friendship, one that they call a sisterhood. >> there's such a bond, because we understood the relationship that travis and brendan have. and when you lose someone, you try to look for that piece to hold on to. >> the connection between these two heroes lives on. today she runs the foundation named after him. >> i'm empowered by them. i'm grateful for their sacrifice. it's about the greater good. and doing something similar to what these guys did in the military, being a part of something where you feel like you're giving back. >> brendan's widow came here to arlington national cemetery, sharing big news about a new chapter in her life. >> i just got engaged last month, and, you know, i'm really fortunate in a sense that, you know, brendan is still a huge part of my life and always will be until the day that i die. we get to work with families and
4:25 pm
veterans and children of the fallen on a daily basis. and i think for us, each step that we take, every program that we work with, i'm taking a step for brendan. everywhere i go, every mark that i do, i want to make sure that the way he lived his life, his character, his values, his morals, his leadership skills, everything that he isn't here to do, i feel like it's up to me and to ryan to do that in memory of brendan and travis. >> reporter: this weekend, memorial day. they're president obama's guests during his final wreath laying ceremony at arlington. >> there are so many men and women that we've lost. it's very important that we remember them. >> travis and brendan, they truly represent this generation of men and women. and we say that all the time. you know, the work we do with the travis mannion foundation is not about just travis and brendan's story. it's about all of these men and women who have given their lives and service the our country. >> the two women bound by
4:26 pm
heartbreak, sharing advice for other gold star families. >> i remember screaming the day travis died, it's not fair, it's not fair, and thinking this never happened to anybody else in the history of time. but you find that you become part of this group that you don't want to be a part of. >> it takes a while for you to process and even understand and to not necessarily be in denial that something like this could happen to you and to your family. and i think once you get to a place where you accepted this loss, it's important to figure out how do you live with this loss on a daily basis? >> reporter: honoring and remembering all of our heroes this memorial day, i'm griff jenkins. ♪ ♪
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hmmmmm... the turbocharged dream machine. the volkswagen golf gti. part of the award-winning golf family. all aboard the 28th annual fleet week. it's under way around new york city celebrating the men and women serving in u.s. sea forces. so much fun to watch this. u.s. navy and coast guard holding demonstrations today at liberty state park in jersey city. bryan llenas was there for all the exciting activities. hey, brian. >> reporter: laura, it was a beautiful day for fleet week, honoring the u.s. navy, coast guard, and the marines. today a team of elite navy parachuters known as the leapfrogs jumped from an m-853
4:31 pm
helicopter or sea dragon, hovering overhead. the parachuters using smoke grenades highlighting their spectacular falls. a pair of m-860s or seahawks also flying past the new york skyline today, an incredible sight. the seahawks landing in front of the crowd asthma rihanna -- as parachuted. >> i never had the opportunity to interact with the navy, as well as the military in general. and the fleet week gives us an opportunity to come, talk to the citizens of new york, tell them a little bit about our job, what we do, as well as the rest of the navy. it gives us that opportunity to shed some light in our jobs. >> reporter: the marines allowed the crowd and myself to hold the m-4 rifle. its new lightweight bomb detection robot while others played tic tac toe with navy deep sea divers. a spectacular memorial day
4:32 pm
weekend honoring those who died and those who continue to serve in our nation's military. laura? >> all right, bryan llenas, thanks so much for that report. we want to go back to politics now. presumptive republican nominee donald trump offering a glimpse of his general election strategy last week, saying he wants to put as many as 15 states in play. so here they you have your usua. ohio, florida, and virginia. but others like new york and california haven't gone republican since ronald reagan. and trump says several rust belt states like michigan would respond well to his message on the economy. let's do it. let's bring in our political insiders. john leboutillier, former republican congressman for new york. pat caddell, a former pollster for president jimmy carter. and fox news contributor doug schoen, a fox news contributor as well. thanks for being here on this memorial day holiday.
4:33 pm
so john, i'm going to start with you. what do you think of trump's 15-state plan, as it's being called? you think it's too ambitious? >> i think the two states that he first mentioned the other day were for california and new york. i don't think that's realistic. he may say that as a feint to try to fake out the democrats a little bit. but it will be clear pretty quickly which states he's going to focus on, both by where he goes and they are going to have to do tv advertising. i might add the hillary super pac is already on in four of those states. ohio, nevada, florida, and virginia. and they're running $90 million worth of ads against trump. so he's going to need to get engaged in those states quite quickly. >> all right, doug, you're on set with me here. have you said that this is maybe not the best idea? >> i guess what i would say is i agree with john. donald trump is not going to win california and new york. if he does, it's a 49-state
4:34 pm
blowout. he is right to focus on michigan, illinois, wisconsin, pennsylvania, and ohio. he has done well enough there in the primaries, he can win blue collar former democrats and independents. that's where the election will be decided. that's where he should focus his time and resources. >> and pat, looking at this election and looking at the markings of changing the electoral map, the states that are in play, what's your thoughts on this? >> my thoughts are that, as all electoral locks are, they go for a period and they break. they broke in '92. with clinton's election. this election will be many states if play. there's nothing wrong with making the other side do what democrats do what they've never
4:35 pm
had to do for a decade or so, which is cover them. which is do anything. we will have some states in play, we just don't know which yet. >> one of the few public signals that trump has given us is this. as we look at this and as we move forward into the summer months, you know, he's very competitive. he likes to be competitive. the states that he's talking about are competitive. this is where he should be? >> well, yes. what pat was saying i think deserves to be underscored. if he makes an effort in california and new york and gets some of that $90 million, the super pac and the hillary clinton campaign is spending, if he getsoney diverted to those states, that's his strategy.
4:36 pm
not sure it's going to work, but it's something the democrats have to watch for. >> john, you're in d.c. what are folks there saying this weekend? it's an important weekend. you have a lot going on today. are people talking about this 15-state plan? >> i don't know about that. you teased at the top of the hour his appearance at rolling thunder where i was asked to speak right before him. this issue is one issue today, really the american p.o.w.s still held alive overseas against their will. that's what this whole rally was about. and mr. trump came and spoke, and never mentioned the issue in his entire speech. he gave his regular campaign speech make america great again, trade deals, cl he says very well. but he never mentioned this issue.which he says very well. but he never mentioned this issue. this is a campaign problem that he needs to fix now, which is tailoring a specific remarks to a specific audience for a
4:37 pm
specific event. it's just fine tuning, add three sentences in to his speech for this audience. i can tell you, when he left, there was disappointment today that he hadn't mentioned why these guys and gals today came from all over america. they were 300,000 people here for one issue. and he never mentioned it. >> that is very interesting. i do want to get to pat. and i want to transition to talk about what happened with gary johnson today. both trump and clinton are unpopular with many people. 2016, the year of a third party guy like libertarian nominee gary johnson gaining traction. here's what he had to say at their convention. >> the two-party system is broken. and the libertarian party has the opportunity this election to achieve major party status that each and every one of you have worked so hard for.
4:38 pm
>> we want to talk with you as well. johnny sage, thanks for tweeting in. let's talk libertarians. will they get more than 1% and why? does it matter? pat, what do you say to that? >> well, they will get more than 1%, i think than they did last time. i don't think they're going to be a major party because they're fringe. what the american people are looking for is they want an independent candidate who is a serious independent who has serious ideas and can help bring the country together against a duopoly that distinguishes itself by its failures. the problem with gary johnson is yesterday he was out answering questions at the convention, saying he wasn't sure that world war i and world war ii were necessary. these people have some pretty fringe ideas. if the american people know that, they're not going to want
4:39 pm
to vote. but we need more than a protest, and until you level the rules that the parties have put in place, to rig the system until you have a way in this, we will not -- it will be very difficult, but it must be done. we must have candidacy for the vast number of americans who are begging for one. >> pat caddell, stand by. we're going to get back to you. hillary clinton's e-mail controversy won't go away. of course, it's a huge topic. a government watchdog says she broke the rules. but will the fbi weigh in as they investigate? more with that on "the insiders" coming up next. don't let dust and allergies get between you and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything.
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hillary clinton is running for president. colin powell is not running for president. the rules in 2004 were completely different. they're completely different guidelines. sir, the guidelines were repeatedly strengthened in 2005, in 2006, in 2011. hillary clinton was operating in a different world. >> and there's your back and forth over hillary clinton's e-mail controversy on "fox news sunday." that was chris wallace's response after adam schiff defended clinton, comparing her e-mail use to colin powell's e-mails while he was secretary of state. our political insiders are back with us. john, pat, and doug. all right, doug, your thoughts on that. >> i'm a democrat. i am. and i will continue to be supporting hillary clinton. but there's a big but, laura. and that big but is this is serious, serious stuff. chris wallace was right to ask the questions of adam schiff as he did. the inspector general's report raises major, major questions
4:44 pm
about what secretary clinton has said and what she did. it's bound to have influence on the prosecutor even if it has no formal legal standing in that process. and it could hurt her in california where she's within two points of being behind senator sanders. so by and large, laura, a very, very bad week for the former secretary of state. >> and pat, i want to go to you. as we look at what the rules were, the rules were certainly different back when colin powell was in office. that has been discussed. leaning on that is maybe a little tough. >> well, let me just make a comment here. remind the audience again, i was the youngest member on richard nixon's enemies list. my credentials on these kind of subjects are pretty personal, but real. you know, when we had watergate, we had the 18-minute gap where
4:45 pm
rosemary woods lost 18 minutes of a tape or erased it by accident or whatever. for years, my party rightfully took morally a superior ground over this kind of issue. we have a situation where secretary -- talked about the big lie. she's into what i call the big spin. it is absolutely ridiculous watching senator feinstein this morning, the governor of colorado who wrote a book about being truthful in politics. all of them taking a tack to support a lie. they know it's a lie. they do it and they swear oaths to their offices, to the constitution. they're not some political campaign operatives. but i want to know on the democratic side, where are the cohens? where are the people in my party
4:46 pm
who are willing to stand up for right and wrong and put their country before their party? >> pat, she's struggling to prove that she can be trustworthy. we've been talking about this. >> somebody who wants to see her elected. but the issue of trust, as ron said this morning with chris wa wallace, does matter and it is important. the only thing that's happening is her trust and credibility is being undermined. >> now, she didn't comply with these department policies. you know herbert than most. >> she believed, i think wrongly that the rules allowed her to do it, and she clearly did some things that were mistakes. instead of apologizing at the
4:47 pm
outset, making it clear she had made a profound mistake, there was story after story that had proven to be less than the truth. >> as we look at the report and the way she set up her e-mails, the e-mails made staffers nervous. the staffers said we were very nervous about this. >> that's another point. i want to let john get in here. but i just want to say, she refused to testify. six staffers refused to testify. the i.t. person who set it up resigned, quit the state department. against all of that. this is mistransparency. this was set up for that, and we find e-mails being put forth about potential hacking, trying to hack about things that we haven't seen. all of which are hidden, along with 30,000 e-mails. they also decided to get rid of. it is from the beginning a crisis and it is a big one. it's almost as big as watergate.
4:48 pm
>> all right, pat caddell, stand by. we also want to hear from you. we're looking for your tweets. you can send them to us at political insiders, and me, too. we'll have the insiders and their thoughts on memorial day, coming up next. after a long day, dave stops working, but his aleve doesn't. because aleve can last 4 hours longer than tylenol 8 hour. what will you do with your aleve hours? here's the plan. you're a financial company that cares, but your logo is old and a little pointy. so you evolve. you simplify. you haven't changed. you still help people live their best lives. and finally your new logo is ready, and you decide the perfect time to show the world is right... now. we showed these hey yeveryday experts...ide? i'm a police officer. paramedic. the value of nissan's... [safety beeping] intelligent safety shield technologies. whoa! like forward emergency braking that could stop your car for you. save even more with holiday bonus cash this memorial day,
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memorial day weekend offers a chance for all of us to remember the countless men and women who have given their lives to ensure this nation remains the greatest honor. but we can't forget our military continues to combat terror around the world, including the fight against isis in both syria and iraq and operations and afghanistan. our political insiders are back with us. john leboutillier, pat caddell, doug schoen. john, you spoke today at rolling thunder in front of 300,000 people. nice, big crowd for you.
4:52 pm
tell us about the rally and about the mood about what we're talking about here. >> well, a couple of things. i was amazed. i got here yesterday, i had been around hundreds personally of vietnam vets from every state. they came from all over the country. i cannot tell you how many of them watch political insiders, watch fox, and wanted to tell me that. i only watch fox, i love pat and doug and you. frankly, i think, speaking for pat and doug, we thank them for watching us, obviously. >> absolutely. >> but more importantly, i picked up a couple things. first of all, these guys and gals have paid -- their whole life has been spent fighting for the country, still promoting this cause of the p.o.w.s and other issues. and they believe in america more than ever. when you talk to them. they are disgusted with the political system, the political process. both political parties. they run up against it themselves in the v.a. and all
4:53 pm
the stuff we hear about. and i heard it all the time. and i also heard some for trump. no one for hillary. and a lot of people saying i wish there was another candidate. i really don't like anybody. >> as we talk about what our military is doing now and the battle for fallujah, let's talk about america's role moving forward. >> well, you know, we have now had three battles for fallujah. this will be the third one. it was like our producer martin said it's like going back and recapturing bethstone three times. we have lost so much of what we gained here. and this week, our president was in hiroshima, in effect. didn't apologize by words, but by intent. he was apologizing to a nation, by the way, that has never apologized for pearl harbor, for the batan death marching for the killing of the burmese and the
4:54 pm
british, the rape of nan king. i was appalled he didn't defend our servicemen in that war who saved civilization in asia. >> a lot of people talked about that this week as we all watched in great interest to see what president obama had to say. let's talk about the big picture about what america is doing here. >> well, that is really the question, pat and john speak eloquently, but on memorial day, in addition to honoring those that have given their lives and committed themselves to serve, we have to ask, what do we stand for? what are we doing to combat russia, china, north korea, iran to establish our role in the world as madeleine albright, a democratic secretary of state put it, the indispensable nation which we most assuredly are. we stand for freedom and liberty, and we cannot forget that on memorial day. >> john, to you in d.c., the
4:55 pm
mood of the people that you talk to today, when they say they want another candidate, they would like something else to vote for. do they say who? >> the biggest sign facing the podium when each of us spoke said hillary for prison, 2016. >> oh, all right. >> so i think that gave us an idea. >> can i just say one last thing? >> real quick. >> one last word about our veterans and whatever. what doug said. we do not honor the people. we are not honoring the people in keeping faith, with the people who gave the last measure of devotion for freedom. >> final thoughts with "the insiders" next. introducing the 255 horsepower lexus is 300 all-wheel-drive. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back.
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yes! one phillips' colon health probiotic cap each day helps defend against occasional digestive issues. with three types of good bacteria. live the regular life. phillips'. and we have final thoughts with our political insiders for you now. pat, let's start with you. >> well, i just want to say the country is ready. what they want is a real alternative entering this race, and you find that everywhere, and the system has made it such
4:59 pm
to make it difficult for that to happen, but it needs to happen. >> john, to you in d.c. >> you know, i'm here, as we said, at the top of the show for rolling thunder, which is the issue of the american p.o.w.s left behind in vietnam who are still alive. i will just predict that the hand of god will still play a role here. this issue is not over. and something good will yet happen about these wonderful men. >> all right, john, thanks for that. and doug? >> well, what john and pat said are both true. it's a tough, tough period for hillary. she's got california coming up on june 7th. she's got the inspector general's report leaking on the -- what the prosecutor does. huge, huge time. the democratic race is not over. >> all right. doug, pat, john. thank you all so much for being here on this memorial day weekend. and that's how "fox report" this sunday. we want to thank you for
5:00 pm
watching and would like to take a moment to thank all of our military men and women for their service to this great country. have a great memorial day tomorrow. see you soon. ♪ [ horse whinnies ] ♪


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