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tv   The O Reilly Factor  FOX News  May 29, 2016 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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the o'reilly factor is on. to the o'reilly factor's on. tonight -- the most fascinating presidential campaign of this generation. >> we are altogether going to make america great again, folks. >> donald trump taking on hillary clinton and the tough questions. >> we have to cut off the oil and we have to keep the oil. not give it right back to them. we have to keep it ol. >> we have highlights of interviews with mr. donald trump since he sat down with the factor last june. >> the trump phenomenon begins right now. >> we are going to win, win, win! >> caution, you are about to enter the no spin zone.
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the factor begins right now. hi, i'm bill o'reilly. thanks for watching this special edition of the factser. the trump phenomenon. the next hour will focus on the many discussions i have had with donald trump on the factor since his announcement of running for presidency in june of 2015. he had the fury felt by millions of republican voters. we begin when he won the primary in indiana. >> i want to congratulate ted. i know how tough it is. it's tough. it's tough. i had moments where it was not looking so good and it's not a great feeling. so i understand how ted feels. >> for months, it was lying ted. now he's a smart, tough guy.
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what happened? >> well, i want to be gracious. and he was. he was a good competitor. he was a very strong competitor. and it worked out. we had a strong day in indiana, we had a tremendous victory and won all of the delegates in every county. we won everything. and he really competed hard and tough. it respect ted. >> marco rubio said nice things about you. you need florida. you got to win florida. would you consider rubio as vp? >> well, again, i don't want to talk too much about an it, bill. because i am considering a number of people. because we will have a great choice and in the end, i haven't made up my mind. but we have a really good -- i could certainly consider him. but we have a lot of candidates that would be very, very good.
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>> would be the slogan be vote for big don and little marco? no, that wouldn't work. >> no vote to make america great again. maybe we will go that way. >> you have put ben carson in charge of your search committee for vp. you know what happened when bush put cheney in charge of his search committee. cheney became vp. is that possible? >> i don't think he is looking for that. ben is terrific guy. he gave me an endorsement early on. he has been helpful, makes calls, doing a lot of speeches and television. he's a terrific guy. dr. ben carson. >> i believe before you get to cleveland, you are going to try to consolidate the republican establishment support by doing the following, apointing rudy giuliani the homeland security
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chief, christie, the attorney general. i said that trump's going do that. would i be wrong? >> well, i have not made that decision but they would be three wise choices. they would be popular but they would do a phenomenal job, all three of them. no i haven't thought about that. but i tell you, all three would be three very good choices. i think it would be good. >> would you do it before you went into cleveland so you would have a squad you're coming in with? >> i like the idea of doing some of this before we go to cleveland, yes. i could do that and i think it would be well received. >> all right, now, tone. tone. if history is any barometer the clinton campaign will go after you through surrogates, move on, the sleezy left wing websites
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are going to tear you up. are you going to respond that to if hillary clinton takes the high road and doesn't do that? . >> i will be able to figure it out. we had 17 people just now. i figured that out and i will be able to figure it out with hillary. it depends on where she wants to go. if she wants to go the low road, i would be fine with that. >> you're fine with the low road? most people don't want to go on the low road? >> no i can handle the low road if i have to do it. we've had some low roads over the last few months. i'm fine with it if we have to go that direction. >> unfortunately, children were seen demonstrating against you in california. roll the tape on this. >> [ bleep ]! >> that was in ft. wayne, indiana. sorry, i misspoke.
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>> i see young children like that with the foul mouth, the parents ought to be a shashamed themselves. >> the speeches, they disrupted outside. they were threatening. i think you will have to deal with some of that stuff. have you thought about how you're going to deal with people who get overly aggressive? >> oh, i think we'll deal with it just fine, bill. that was not a big deal. i did something that worked well. i went in, i did a speech. i went out. and that was actually for the republican committee. that wasn't one of my events. it was somebody else. it was not a big deal other than there were helicopters all over the place. i felt like o.j. simpson. i was in a van and we were followed by helicopters all over the place. the fact is, that was not really a big deal. >> donald trump looks forward to hillary clinton.
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welcome back to welcome back to our factor special, the trump phenomenon. in the irm pact segment tonight, donald trump is setting his sights on his next political target, hillary clinton. i spoke to him about the secretary. this is what you have accomplished here, has never really been done before in this country. i mean, you, a political outsider, with no legislative experience, wipe out 17 experienced, most of them politicians, ben carson the exception, wiped them out. and you're saying i shouldn't be surprised? i folks shouldn't be surprised? come on, you're surprised. >> well, i wouldn't say surprised bill.
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it's about jobs, the economy -- >> you're not surprised you're the nominee? i know you're a confident guy. i know that. but you must have said, this is kind of a long shot. but i'm going do it any way. because i believe in myself. >> well, my message is make america great again. i think it's been a great message from the beginning. from the moment i announced on june 16th, it was pretty well accepted and right after that, shortly after that, we went to number one and i've stayed there for that entire time. up until now, we have been center stage on every debate, as you know. meaning number one at every debate. i don't know. i love the process. i love the people. i have seen so many people. so many millions of people. and this country's great. we have so much potential, bill, and we're not using it. and as you said, i have had 55,000 negative ads.
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55,000 negative ads and i won florida -- >> they don't care. they don't care. what you managed to do is inoculate yourself to all of that negativity by being a unique presence in the political arena. whether you like trump or not -- i'm talking to the audience, not you. i'm going to talk to the audience. whether you like him or not, what he's done is unique. it's never been done before. he spoke directly to the people. he went around the establishment. he didn't take money from the fat cats and he won. now, back to you. 65% of american, they're not in your wheel house. what are you going to do? >> well, i do understand that. and i think now, you know, it's been a very tough battle. as you said, 17 people.
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and i was being hit from every angle and every side. and i had to be very tough coming back. there's no question about that. i had to be very, very tough. and in some cases, i had to be very nasty. and we're in very good shape to go to the end. and i will take on, as i say, crooked hillary and i think we're going to win. a lot of people think i will beat her. a lot of people think i will put states into play that have never been in play. i look at new york state, it's a disaster. the jobs are all gone. they are moving to mexico, all over the world. and new york state -- i will tell you, i think i will win new york. and that would be a pretty big thing. >> so it's not going to be the kinder, gentler donald trump in the one-on-one race. do you believe that when you go after hillary clinton -- let me ask you this. the clintons have had personal situations based on the
6:14 pm
president's conduct in the white house. are you going to dredge all that up? is that going to become forefront? >> i hope not. i don't look to. i would like to keep that out if possible. you just don't know what's going to happen. i would like to keep that out if possible. >> okay f they don't come after you personally, you're not going to come after that personally. can we get that on the record tonight? >> i would say that. when you say i'll be tough with her, she's going to be and they're going to be tough with me. they are going into all sorts of different things. and, you know, i am what i am and i have done well. i built a great, great company. i filed my papers with a great company.
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very good leverage, little debt. and i'm very proud of it. over $10 billion of net worth. >> your going to get into it and so will she. >> no i know that. >> she's got some nasty, nasty pieces of work on his payroll. and they don't directly for us. they work for the pacs. the political activist committees. >> i know who they are. >> so when they come after you, linking to you a huffington post of a left wing website or even a legitimate paper, when they do that, you are going to come back in kind and drag up all the lewinsky stuff? >> there will be retaliation unless it's fair. if it's fair, i will never do that. there will be retaliation.
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>> your theme is, you're dangerous. that seems to be where it's going right now. that's not fair. you don't think you're dangerous, do you? >> no, i don't. i think i'm going to put the country back to work again. >> flot to set you off. when when she goes off and says donald trump's dangerous and he is denigrating women and doesn't like muslim, it's dangerous, dangerous. >> well, they would be lies. that's not true and i think you understand that. >> coming up, mr. trump and a lightning round of questions on "the factor". >> i would be willing to bet i would have a great relationship with putin. >> based on what? >> based on a feel. feels are people. ♪ uh oh.
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the personal story segment tonight. getting to know donald trump. back in june 2015, trump announced he was running for president of the united states. later that evening, he joined us on the factor. >> this is like the lightning round here. you tell me how you're going to solve these problems. putin what do you do to putin. >> he has no respect for our president whatsoever. he has a tremendous popularity in russia. so we have a president -- you look at him, the chemistry is so bad between those two people. i was in moscow a few years ago, and you can get along with those people, and get along well. you can make deals with those people. >> you could make a deal with
6:21 pm
putin. >> i would be willing to bet i would have a great relationship with putin. >> based on what? >> based on a feel, okay? deals are people. >> george w. bush, looked into his soul and said he was a good guy. >> bush didn't have the iq. >> you would buy putin. >> i wouldn't buy him at all. my opinion, it's possible not. i'm not saying 100% but i think i would have a very good relationship. and i tell you what, it's very important for the country to do that. you can't have everybody hating you. the whole world hates us. and one of the things i heard yeerps and years, never drive russia and china together. >> isis? >> i would hit them so hard. i have a way that would be very respective to isis. but when i watch obama get up and say in two weeks we're going
6:22 pm
this -- >> american ground troops in to chase them orlando? >> take back the oil. once you go in and take back the oil -- >> you have to go in. >> with ground troops. >> well, you bomb the hell of of it and you let mobil in goo and the great oil companies go in. >> would you make a deal -- >> that deal allows them to do practically whatever they want. the inspections are going to be a disaster. as sure as you can sitting there, iran is going nuclear. >> what do you do with them. >> personally, i put on the sanctions big league. look, the biggest problem that the world has right now is nuclear weapons. global warming is not our big problem. the big problem is the maniacs that are controlling weaponry that is never like it's been
6:23 pm
before. you have to make them from strength and not from weakness. once they have the weapon, then we don't have the strength anymore. >> the problem with the sanctions, you're not going to get cooperation from germany -- >> that's what leadership is all ability. you have to get them to work with you. they have obama who wants to play golf instead of deal with people. part of being a leader is to get everybody in line -- >> you think you can convince -- >> yeah, i made a fortune with foreign companies. >> i laughed when you said you are going to build a wall from san diego to brownsville and the mexicans are going to pay for it. the mexicans -- >> the mexicans are the new china. >> you are not going to get them to pay -- >> you let me deal with that. i will tell you how. >> okay, tell me. >> i will chart charging for their product coming into this country. mexico is living off the united states. >> you try to strangle them economically -- >> they will pay for the help.
6:24 pm
and mexico will start behaving. >> or you will break them economically. >> i will do something, they will not be thrilled. >> all right. chinese hacked into the federal government system. what do you do to them for that? >> you have to do something for china economically also. the power we have, we have rebuild china. they have taken our jobs, they have taken our manufacturing. they have taken everything from us -- >> why give it back. >> we owe china $1.3 trillion. what you do, if you don't behave, we have to start taxing your goods coming in the country. >> a tariff. >> they charge us. and the largest bank in the world is right under this floor. >> congress is going to have to okay all this. >> they will be all right. >> they are going to have to okay you putting a tariff on china. >> bill, bill -- >> you think you're going to get
6:25 pm
it through. >> i have been dealing with politicians all my life. they are all talk, no action. never going to get done. they are controlled by the lobbyists. they are controlled by special interests. when i tell someone to do something, i'm not going to get a lobbyist to do something. >> you have to go through -- >> i have doing through them all life. this building was not supposed to be built. this building was supposed to be 18 stories tall and it's 68 stories tall. >> just like putin, you're going to make him your friend. you're going to flake congress your friend too. >> i think so. absolutely, i think so. >> let's turn to domestic issues. the reason we have income and e equality while you make an enormous amount of money and others don't, you are well educated. you look out at trump tower, at harlem, you have kids who don't know anything, public schools.
6:26 pm
>> big problem. the african-american kids are in worse shape now than they've ever been and we have a black president. this was not supposed to happen. you have to create incentives for people to work. you have to create jobs. we have to create a kind of economy where people can go out of work. where they are making more money than sitting back and doing nothing. >> that. >> you can stimulate through incentives. >> make kids learn in school what incentive will you -- >> well, you need parents. nothing like parents. >> you can't mandate parenting. >> no it's a huge problem. i would sit down with the best and the brightest. i also think this is one of the most difficult problems we have. we have a president who should be focused on this. i'm sure he cares about it but he did a poor job. if you're an african-american
6:27 pm
youth, you are in worse condition than you ever with. >> the culture is driving it. >> they are all talk, no action and they are controlled by the donors and the lobbyists. if we have an another politician that includes hillary, this country's going down. >> next up, we talk global terrorism with donald trump. >> i must be honest. i have been saying for a long time i'd rather be unpredictable. >> also, how will donald trump do with the women's vote. >> no one respects women more than i do, by the way. i won all the states in landslides and i killed everybody with the women. the women came out in droves. >> i hope you stay tuned for those reports. thanks man. imagine if the things you bought every day earned you miles to get to the places you really want to go. with the united mileageplus explorer card, you'll get a free checked bag, 2 united club passes... priority boarding...
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that worked better than expected. i'll dial it back. yeah, dial it back. just a little. live business, powered by sap. when you run live, you run simple. live from america's news headquarters, good evening. heerp's what's happening. tropical depression bonnie washing out south carolina. the fasters say the storm is barely moving. it's dropped rain in areas of the state causing roads to flood. it will likely make for a wet memorial day in the northeast. and flash flooding in texas, killing one person today after he car was washed away. so far, five people have died from the weekend flood and the libertarian party names gary johnson the nominee.
6:32 pm
he was the nominee in 2012 when he received about 1% of the popular vote. and former massachusetts gov major bill wells as johnson's running mate. we take you back now to bill o'reilly. a special edition of the factor, the trump phenomenon. and in the unresolved problem segment, global terror and how to deal with it as commandser in chief. i spoke with donald trump about that. what exactly will do you about afghanistan? >> i would stay in afghanistan, one place we should have gone in the middle east because it's adjacent and next to pakistan which has nuclear weapons. i think you have to stay and do the best you can. i don't think you have a choice. one place, instead of going to iraq, we should have gone there first. i would stay in afghanistan,
6:33 pm
because of its location next to pakistan. >> i would keep 10,000 troops there and fight against the taliban. >> probably so. i hate doing it. i hate doing it so much. but again, you have nuclear temperatures in pakistan so i would do it. >> but pakistan is no friend to the u.s. the guy who helped us, the doctor who hemmed us, the pakistani helped us get bin laden is a pakistani. would you get him out? >> i would tell him, let him out and they would let him out. we give a lot of aide to pakistan. they don't have any respect for our president. nobody's a friend to us. they take us like a bunch of suckers, bill. >> we talked about isis back in june when you were just launching your campaign. >> i would hit so so hard, your head would spin. >> give me a headline.
6:34 pm
>> i can't give it to you. >> if you're going to be president. >> maybe i will give it to you. but i'm not going to give it to you now. i have to be honest, we are so predictable, we are sending troops, they will be tomorrow. but in all fairness, i didn't want to say about the oil. we never did it. and we're not doing it in libya either. they just took over the libyan oil. they are becoming richer and richer. because we have people that don't know what they're doing. you know i have been saying the oil. i didn't want to say that either. i would like to get them by surprise. but in our country, the system we have, you have to start saying what you will do. when you say that, you're giving them a lot of ideas. >> there's an implication to your policy, and if i'm wrong in the implication, you need to tell me. in lib yarks for example, when you say that, i say when you elect a president, you're going to send in america bombers and
6:35 pm
bomb the oil fields so they are useless to isis. would i be wrong in thinking that as a voter? >> maybe a little wrong. i will try to take the oil fields. i know exxon mobil. >> they can't defeat isis. you have to send in american ground troops. >> yeah, we have to bomb and we may have to do something. we have to bomb and we're going to get people in the region or we have to bomb and just keep the oil. i have been saying keep the oil for years. >> for to get the oil, you have to defeat the guys on the ground who are now running the oil fields. and that's going to require american special forces, paratroopers, airborne, and you're saying you are going to send in grund troops to defeat isis in syria and libya, no?
6:36 pm
>> bill, we are going to use our so-called allies. we don't have great allies. in theory, they are saying, we will use our allies. we give them all the equipment and the beautiful humvees and the rifles and the first shot is fired in the air and they start running. that's our allies. we have to start to do something. we never should have gone to iraq but we should have kept the oil. i have said that for years. >> it sounds to me like a president trump wrould use ground troops to seize oil from isis and bmpld, kill them. >> well, two things. number one, i want the oil. number two, i would send as few in as possible. and i would try to use other people if possible. if they don't have the capability. >> you have to send u.s. people in with them. >> we have to get the oil. because that is their source of
6:37 pm
wealth. they get wealth in the banking channels. they are getting wealth through there. people don't even know about it. but they are. but the oil is the main thing. we have to cut off the oil and we have to keep the oil. >> more trump coming up. this time, he talks about his pledge to appoint conservativive judges to the supreme court. >> i will appoint judges that are pro-life, yes. >> and how people feel about the trump phenomenon. >> how did you feel about trump on snl? >> i think he was great. >> i think he made an ass of himself. >> not everybody can be as great as bill o'reilly on snl. >> that's true. create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite. pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends. that reminds me... anyone have occasional constipation, diarrhea...
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. thanks for staying with us. and bill o'reilly, continuing now with a factor special, the trump phenomenon. we recently spoke with donald trump and that conversation including woe v wade. and it started with the supreme court decision. >> you said the associated press is reporting, trump has narrowed his vps to five.
6:42 pm
not narrowing out chris christie. is that an accurate report? >> well, i like chris a lot. i have in mind five different people. i think they are excellent. i will announce whoever it will be at the convention. >> can you give me one? >> would love to give you all five? >> it's not even fair to you. >> it's fair to me. you're in charge, you can do it. you just don't want to do it. >> i don't think it's going to be appropriate. >> so i'm out. an experienced politician, i'm out. >> you would be a great -- >> no i don't take orders very well. >> that's a problem. >> all right, let me get to elizabeth warren. she doesn't like you. she is calling you names and stuff like that. what do you they's about? >> well, she is a senator that has done nothing. she just talks and she's put in
6:43 pm
things, she's gotten nothing approved. she's not highly respected. the previous senator, a big support of mine, scott brown,s had given me a lot of information about her. and big failed record as a center. and a week ago, she started tweeting violently about me. every tweet was trump, trump, trumpb. and i finally hit her back. and i think i hit her back hard. >> why is she doing that? >> because she sees in polls i'm going to beat hillary and she wants to make sure the democrats win. she says polls i'm going to beat hillary. there are a lot of polls by individual people that show me beating her easily. she went on a twitter rant that was amazing.
6:44 pm
and i have ent heard from her since. >> i have a question from a viewer, diane from silver spring, maryland. donald trump says he is pro-life. please ask him to name one specific thing to protect the sanctity of human life. can you? >> well, i think what we're doing and i think it's an important element in what i've done. i have become pro-life. i was in a meek fashion pro-choice. but i have seen in my case one specific situation but numerous situations that make me go that way. i will protect it and the biggest way is through the supreme court. the biggest way is by electing me president. >> you're going to judge who would overthrow -- overturn roe
6:45 pm
v wade. >> i'm going to put conservative judges on. one of the biggest things d could be as many as five judges will be appointed in the next 4 1/2 years. and the most important thing -- one of the most important thing, other than the security of the country is going to be the appointment of four to five supreme court justices. >> diane's question is answer as. your specific thing to protect the sankty of life -- >> i will appoint judges that will be pro-life. yes. >> coming up, we'll take a close look at donald trump, hillary clinton and the women's vote. i take pictures of sunrises, but with my back pain i couldn't sleep and get up in time. then i found aleve pm. aleve pm is the only one to combine a safe sleep aid plus the 12 hour pain relieving strength of aleve.
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i'm back. aleve pm for a better am.
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our special, the trump phenomenon, continues now. throughout his presidential campaign, we have heard about the impact of the women's vote. i discussed that with mr. trump. >> mr. trump, i mean, for you to say if she were not a women she would get 5%, suggests the only thing she has going for her is she's a women. >> the only thing she has going for her is she is a women. she has done a terrible job in so many ways. you look at libya, some of the things she has done are disastrous. i would say the primary thing she has going is she's a woman. and she's playing that card like i have never seen anything play it before. >> do you think miss guthrie was
6:50 pm
offended? >> i doesn't really matter to me. she's a nice woman but it's a fact. she is playing the woman card and that's it. and she's playing it as mump as she can. every time she raises your voice, it's like, look at what he's saying. she raises her voice more belie. >> what about the sexism thing? i don't know what this is. any time i say or criticism a woman i'm accused of being sexist. or if i criticize the immigrants i'm ante poor and anti-hispanic. i think that's going to be a major theme. any time you criticize hillary clinton, you're a sexist. are you ready for that? >> i don't think it will a at all. i will bring jobs back. and no one respects me more than
6:51 pm
women. you saw the rally in new york, pennsylvania. i won all these states in landslides and i just absolutely killed everybody with the women. the women came out in droves and i won the women category. i won african-american. i won virtually every category. i wouldn't landslides. >> that mean the one in new york and five the week before. i won with women and about every other group. in fact, every other group. >> okay. you've got about 10 million votes. little more than 10 million votes sin the primaries began. that's more than mitt romney had. i'm sure you know this because you watch the program. i said you're unstoppable, you will get the nomination. that's my opinion. as you know, i'm always right. however, you need 153 million votes more than you have. so yeah, the republican primaries, motivated gopers, have selected you. and there's no doubt about that they have.
6:52 pm
but 153 million other americans, you have to persuade them to vote for you. if you're getting hit with sexist, racist, anti-poor, anti-hispanic which you get hit by everyday, you will have a shield to come back and i'm just wondering whether you have that strategy developed. >> i think in my mind i do. i haven't been focused on it yet for a different reason. i've had 17 people and 16 of which who came at me, governors and senators and very smart people. people like dr. ben carson, fantastic guy endorsed me. chris christie endorsed me. they were all coming at me. then focus on hillary. i will win against hillary because i will have a stronger military. i'm better at the military people than she is. the military people are all voting for trump. you look at different groups an sub groups and women will vote for trump. they want security, safety, women's health issues taken care of properly and you know hillary
6:53 pm
won't be a great president. i don't even know if she can run. frankly, i watch you all the time and i see you talking about the e-mail scandal, i don't know how she gets by the problem when so many people's lives have been ruined for doing much less than she did. so on the assumption that she runs, i call her crooked hillary. she is. she is crooked hillary. and i say i will beat her easier than beating some of the people that i've just -- >> wow, listen to you. >> no, i really feel it. >> oh i know you do. >> there is a record that's terrible and she has a lot of problems. i don't know, bill, that she can run. and i don't know if you know either. >> nobody knows. >> she is protected by the democrats. without that, she couldn't run. >> up next, a squirrel. >> what is your favorite? >> the monologue.
6:54 pm
>> they don't have my talent, money or especially my good looks. >> right back. with watters. with twenty-five percent more base horsepower. once driven, there's no going back. i'm getting dark chocolate and a hint of butterscotch. how about you? i taste - whaaaaaaaaaow. wha wha na na na na na na da ba da ba da ba daw! it's good.
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ask your dermatologist about otezla today. otezla. show more of you. and finally tonight, watters world trump edition. shortly after trump announced he was running for president, he was on "saturday night live." ratings were big. so watters hit the streets after it to find out what people thought of mr. trump's performance. ♪ ♪ ♪ >> you see trump on "snl"? >> yes. ♪ you still call me on my cell phone. >> i learned the cha-cha-cha.
6:57 pm
>> i think trump did better than obama. >> ♪ ♪ ♪ >> i thought it was funny, the whole thing. >> i thought it was ridiculous. i didn't think it was funny at all. >> you're fired. >> what did you think of trump on "snl"? >> i thought he was great. >> i thought he made an ass of himself. >> really? >> yeah. >> not everybody can be as funny as bill o'reilly on "snl." >> what was your favorite sketch of the night? >> i liked the monologue when he first got on with the two guys flanking him. >> they don't have my talent, my opini money, or especially my good looks. >> i like when he was given the check. >> i brought you a check for the wall. >> biggest ratings in four years. >> yeah. i watched it and i usually don't watch "snl." >> clearsurely you can't be ser. >> i am serious.
6:58 pm
and don't call my shirley. >> i like the matrix. >> what did you think when they heckled him. >> great. >> you would have said that for $5. >> oh, yeah. why not? would have said it twi. >> any time, man. >> now all kidding aside, you're excited to see melania as first lady, possibly? >> why not. i like the aspect. >> that's not all you like. >> i'm about to rock this place down. >> how is hillary going to top this? >> oh, she has to come back and do her own video. >> clintons should do wife swap on abc now. >> oh, that would be funny. >> did you like the weekend update? >> oh, my gosh. >> someone is saying the things that i have been thinking. >> in puerto rico we got a saying that drunk people tell you the truth. >> completely accurate. >> o so do you think it helps or
6:59 pm
hurts trump's campaign? >> it helps. >> it helps a little. >> someone else would hurt. like giuliani or bush, probably would have ruined them. but trump, it seems to roll right off. >> great, great wab great. isn't that fantastic? >> you think you're now less likely to vote for trump? >> i would never vote for him. never. >> you don't want to make america great again? >> we'll never know the truth. >> i'm more likely to vote for anyone on "snl" because "snl" is good. >> so if ted cruz went on "snl," you would vote for ted cruz? >> i don't know who that is but probably. >> it's exhausting. >> did you ever watch watters' world? >> no. >> i'm watters, and you're in my world right now. >> oh he knows me. >> tell bill o'reilly i'm a huge fan. you keep it real. >> and that is it for us tonight. thank you for watching the special edition of the factor.
7:00 pm
i am bill o'reilly. please remember that the spin stops here. we are definitely looking out for you. for watching. greg gutfeld show is next. i'm greg gutfeld with twice the electrolytes and half the carbs. turning the tide in their respective favors. yes, no, maybe. the answer is probably one of those three options. plus, is the world ready to pick james bond in favor of jane bond? and why must it be a woman any way or a human. i want a plant. james bond. a plant. and later jo anne and katherine in the valedictorian debate you never knew you wanted. a blood batting of history. let's get started america.