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tv   Fox News Sunday With Chris Wallace  FOX News  May 29, 2016 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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nomination for president but has a tax on fellow republicans continued? >> poor mitt romney. he choked like a dog. many of the people i competed against have endorsed me. jeb hasn't done it yet. he will get a burst of energy and he will do it. >> as he sets his sights on the general election. >> crooked hillary. >> a preview of trump's strategy moving forward. it is a fox news sunday exclusive. and then, the scathing report from the state department
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inspector general on hillary clinton's use of a private email server. >> it is a mistake. if i could go back, i would do it differently. >> we will discuss what clinton did with two key members of the house intelligence committee. plus president obama calls out trump while meeting with foreign leaders. we will ask our sunday panel whether it will help or hurt democrats in the election. hello again on this memorial day weekend from fox news in washington. it has been a roller coaster week for donald trump. he clinched the nomination, targeted by president obama and
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attacked fellow republicans. joining me now from new york is the trump campaign manager. corey, let start with the highly anticipated trump/sanders debate. first he said he would love to debate sanders. here is what sanders had to say about all of that. >> trump claims to be a real tough guy. pushes people around. come on up. let's have a debate about the future of america. >> as the senator asked, what is trump afraid of? >> well, first thank you for having me on. i want to thank all of our veterans as we celebrate and remember memorial day. you know the question asked of mr. trump was asked in jest during a jimmy kimmel interview.
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the bottom line is the democratic party is stealing the election from bernie sanders. party bosses will not allow him to be the nominee. we are squarely focused on defeating hillary clinton. if hillary clinton is not go to debate bernie sanders, we are focused on letting the american people know that. >> trump wasn't just fighting democrats, he was also taking on republicans. for instance he went after the republican governor of new mexico. she is not doing the job. maybe i will run for governor of new mexico.
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>> why on earth would the now republican nominee, why would he call out the popular governor of a swing state like new mexico who happens to be the head of the republican governor's association. >> here is what happens, and you know this. in ohio or michigan or indiana. our country is a mess right now. what he is saying is as the president of the united states he will bring jobs back. outlining the economy is something he has done because he needs to highlight the problems we have and what we will do to fix those problems. >> i think you would agree is
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that newt gingrich has been supportive of your campaign. here is what he had to say about trump's comments this week. >> i think the attack he made on governor martinez was destructive. you don't want to see a candidate that needs to get stronger with latinos and women attack a latino woman republican governor. >> gingrich said that trump sometimes goes off of the deep end. that does not sound like something that you want in a president. >> what you have, there was no attack on the latino or woman governor. he is saying we need to create jobs build a wall and stop illegal immigration.
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donald trump is winning with latinos and women. >> he has a -- >> so close that in the state of california, hillary clinton is scared to death. >> he is not winning with hispanics. he said she, the governor is not doing the job. >> does is not about being right it is about doing what is best for the state of the country. it is about the economy. you want to make a story about something that does not exist. get it right. we need to stop illegal immigration and put people back to work and cut taxes. the bottom line is that our country is in trouble.
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if we don't put someone in the white house who knows how to create jobs and get things done the middle class will disappear and we can't have that. >> does he stand by his comment that martinez is not doing everything she can to help the people of new mexico? >> absolutely the state of new mexico could be better. we need to stop illegal immigrants. we need to make sure that american citizens have the chance to have their jobs first and not taken by someone from out of the country who doesn't belong here. >> where do things stand with getting paul ryan to endorse trump and how worried are you and how worried is trump about a third party conservative run by mitt romney? >> a third party by any candidate is a complete disaster
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and you are handing over the white house to the democrats. four or five supreme court justices hillary clinton could appoint. if mitt romney decides he wants to get in the race, number one he is a failed candidate. what he will do to the detriment of our country is that he will allow a democrat to appoint four or five supreme court justices that will be devastating to our country. >> what about paul ryan? >> think of all of the people that have come out in the last two weeks to endorse donald trump. we are growing the party bigger. paul ryan and mr. trump had a conversation and continue to develop their relationship. they had a great meeting in washington, d.c. and talked about what was important and agree on many issues. bottom line is that donald trump is the head of the republican party as the republican nominee. we know that he brings people together. him and paul ryan will have a
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great relationship. at the end of the day the choice is binary. you have hillary clinton or donald trump. donald trump and paul ryan will work very well together. >> new subject. you are in charge of the team that will vet vice president candidates for donald trump. he said he is down to a short list of five or six. are you really down to that small of a universe? >> well, there is one person in the country who will pick the next vice president of the united states. that will be donald trump. my role and others are to make sure he has the resources and knowledge to make that decision. we started to shrink down the pool. we are making sure we have done our due diligence so when he chooses the person he wants we gives them the pros and cons and he will always make the final
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decision. >> you are not prepared to say you are down to five candidates? >> i can say the list is very small and we have a good understanding of who the handful of individuals will be and ultimately the decision will be made by mr. trump. >> your campaign is far behind clintons when it comes to campaign infrastructure, polling, data, analytics. there seems to be confusion about which super pact outside group that trump would like people to contribute money to. isn't that a problem. >> it is not. you have the mindset of hillary clinton where you have to have hundreds. we have 70 people on staff. they think that bigger is better. the trump mindset is smaller, leaner, more efficient and better results.
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that is the mindset you need from the federal government. mr. trump dispatched 16 candidates in the primary. hillary clinton spent over $200 million in the race. we have better results. we don't need to grow the campaign like the clinton campaign. that is ridiculous. in our state operations, we are very efficient. we have seen success time and time and time again with a smaller, leaner, more efficient team. that is the way we would run the government. >> let's talk about that small, efficient team. there are continuing reports about battles inside the trump campaign, you and the campaign chairman are said to be at each others throats, the national political director was fired. a story in the times that some
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of the workers are worried they are being bugged. it sounds more like game of thrones. >> you know what this is, media hype. i can tell you this. paul and i have a fantastic relationship. we work together closely every day. not just for the campaign but for the future of what we want to accomplish here. we talk 12 to 15 times a day. we are moving forward. we are winning. this week donald trump became the republican nominee by securing more than 1,237 delegates, done ahead of schedule, making sure the unbound delegates came over. we are weeks ahead of where we thought we would be.
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small, lean and efficient and it is go to come right at hillary clinton. >> is there any bugging going on at the trump tower? >> i think that is a lot of speculation. i think we are very happy with . >> we appreciate it, sir. >> thank you. >> up next we bring in the sunday group to prepare. constipated? trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief
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>> he does a lot of the proposals made, display either ignorance of world affairs or a cavalier attitude. >> president obama at a summit in japan relaying the concern of other world leaders about donald trump. it is time now for the sunday group. some people were upset the president criticized trump at an international summit. that politics stops at the water's edge. were you offended by what obama had to say?
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and now that obama's approval rating is back over 50% how effective do you think he will be for the democrats in the election? >> there is a very high corlane between the approval rating and the success of his party's nominee in the fall. how effective he will be is anybody's guess. and i was not offended. it is long gone. besides that he got a question which he answers in a way trump managed to turn into a talking point saying he wants his foreign leaders to be rattled. that is all good. that is a negotiator's stance.
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>> trump not only took it from the president but elizabeth warren of massachusetts over his statement in 2006 that if the housing bubble burst he would be able to make some money. here she is. >> and ways for people getting thrown out of their house. >> well, he said that warren has a big mouth and called her -- >> she figured out how to do something, how to get under donald trump's skin. she hasn't endorsed hillary
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clinton. but she is doing hillary clinton a world of good by engaging with donald trump. i think she figured out how to irk him. >> i am not sure how valuable it is. doesn't do her a lot of damage. she doesn't mind that. >> big mouth. >> i mean she is somebody that demonstrated an ability to throw a punch. that is to the good of the democrats. >> george, i want to go slightly bigger picture. trump was asked this week where he sees the gop in five years and he said i love that question. i see it as a worker's party of people who are -- who haven't gotten a raise in 15 years, who
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feel angry and left behind. could he possibly be reshaping the republican party? >> 50 weeks ago when he began running for president. he would be saying you republicans say this and that. perfectly natural for someone that changed his party registration five times. when asked about his many deviations he said it is called the republican party, not the conservative party. he intends to make it a not conservative party. if he means to make it noncollege educated white voters, he can do that but nowhere near a majority. 30% of americans said they are
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independents. he has a problem with -- forgetting that mitt romney got 93% of self described republicans and lost. >> you know, i want to pick up on this. i was fascinated that trump did it. more that you got an aggressive push back. what do you make of the idea that i guess now unofficial nominee, the man who clinched the nom nation is going after a bunch of other republicans. he is talking about a dog
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whistle to the voters. when he is taking on a female hispanic governor. he is trying to divide us and create a new republican coalition that would be mostly angry white males that the math does not add up unless he completely reshapes it. somehow you have to manage not only to increase the white vote while not increasing hispanic and african-american vote. he said i do not support ryan's agenda.
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he attacks her. >> she said she was too busy. >> he took it as he had when ryan said that and lashed out at her which has been his way of dealing with things. the politics, it is always and everywhere about addition and not subtraction. i was surprised they doubled down on it. >> you can tell that. >> giving in a fantasy land he is the republican nominee. the way you go after him is the same way.
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he is a thin skinned and small minded man. when you call him small like elizabeth warren did. >> he is tied in the polls with hillary clinton. we do have to reflect the reality that it seems to be selling. >> not only almost tied in the polls with hillary clinton he clinched the republican nomination while she has not. he did that in may and she won't until june. she has a serious challenge yet in california. you don't want to dismiss donald trump. does that mean he has rewritten the rules when it comes to like having a campaign infrastructure. she is building one and he is way behind. >> let me quickly ask about that and we have to go.
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>> i think we would say no, that is not going to work. but he has been a different candidate this year. you do not dismiss it. >> you can take his candidacy seriously but not him as a person. >> i think we should do both. we have to take a break. up next the state department inspector general issues a highly critical report on hillary clinton's use of private email. we will ask two key lawmakers whether or not she broke the law and what would you like to ask the panel? how will it affect the presidential race? we may use your question on the air.
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>> a look outside the beltway at the town of davis junction, illinois and its memorial
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honoring local veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice. now to the hillary clinton email scandal. a new report by the state department inspector general says clinton's use of a private email server while secretary of state violated department policy. gentlemen, the way that i want to structure this is to show what clinton said and then when the report concluded. >> it was allowed under the rules of the state department. >> nobody signed off on it? >> no. no. it was allowed. >> here is what the report said.
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no evidence that the secretary requested or approved it. >> she didn't try to get permission. if she did she would not have received that. the state department hasn't allowed employees to forward on from a private email to their official one because they said it was not secured. is an estabd has been established for a long time. you cannot do this. >> when two members of the state department's record keeping decision complained about it and expressed concern he instructured the staff never to speak of the email again.
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clinton never got approval. >> she was mistaken about that. she thought it was approved and she was wrong. the report makes clear that second powell also thought it was appropriate to use a private server. >> that is not true. >> second foul had two computers in his office. some of the computers included state department business. >> he had a state department laptop which he never used.
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when secretary powell was asked -- >> let me ask another question. did he ever use a private server? >> he did use a private server. it wasn't his own but one owned presumably by american online. exclusively he used a private server. >> another point which i think is critical. the oig found that the retention by secretary clinton of her emails mitigated that fact. that did not preserve any of his emails. that, to me, is far more sequential than the fact that the secretary did preserve them. >> when did clinton leave the
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state department? >> 2012 or 2013. >> january of 2013. do you know when she turned over the 55,000 pages? >> after she left office. >> december of 2014. two years later. >> that is right. absolutely right. but let me ask you. senator langford, the idea of comparing it to secretary powell. >> i heard this over and over again. it is apples and oranges. secretary clinton kept a private server in her home. it is about controlling all of these records. i keep hearing the large numbers. turned over 55,000 pages. wonderful. the report says there were emails they found that were two hillary clinton that were never
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turned over. we still don't know what it is. she self filtered those emails. we still don't have those. >> excuse me for interrupting both of you. i wanted to move on to another subject. and the security of the information that clinton kept on her private email server. here is clinton. >> there were no security bre h breaches. >> but the report found in january 2011 a technical support staffer shut down the server twice because someone was trying to hack us. the next day a top state department official told a staff not to email the secretary anything sensitive. in her defense clinton said there is no evidence anyone got into her server. >> that is something you cannot know. we have 1,300 plus emails some level of classification from
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what we have and know of right now and many of them top secret. that is a major problem. you do not keep that. the issue is that she willfully retains information on a nonsecure server separate from the government system that she knew was classified or should have and kept it in an unsecure location. that is a major national security breach no other cabinet level official did. nobody did what she did. everybody else seemed to understand the rules but her. she prioritized her political security over national security. >> we have never heard about these attempted attacks until the ig's report. if the server was so secure why did they have to keep turve of turning it off and you don't always know if someone has a successful attack because hackers do not leave fingerprints. >> that is true.
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we don't know of a successful breech. but i want to get back to the comparison with secretary powell. >> come on. >> hillary clinton is running for president. powell is not running for president. the rules in 2004 were different. the guidelines were strengthened in 2005, 2006, 2007, 2011. hillary clinton was operating in a different world. can we stay to the issue of what hillary clinton did or didn't do? >> i know you don't want -- >> it is irrelevant to the issue. >> i will answer the question.
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she shouldn't have used the private server. >> how did she know it was secure? >> we know there were two attempts to breech the server which were unsuccessful. we are done with powell. >> i think it is telling there is no interest than anyone but secretary clinton. >> she is the only one running for president. >> did that mean others practices. >> i think we have shown it is different and i expect more from you. from the start clinton said she would cooperate with any investigation. >> i am happy to answer any questions that anybody might have. >> here is the inspector general's report. let's talk about powell's standard here.
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oig interviewed through her counsel secretary clinton declined the request for an whatever. he agreed to an interview. >> okay. >> do you think she should have agreed to an interview? >> she certainly could have. she will be meeting with the department of justice. >> why shouldn't she speak to the inspector general of her own department. he spoke and cooperated with the investigation. he did not respond and still
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hasn't responded. >> i am not going to vote powell for president this time. your reaction to the in fact hillary clinton did not cooperate or participate in the investigation. >> not only did she not participate in the investigation the other staff did not participate. the it folks did not participate. they barred all folks and they had very limited access. the i.t. person that handled this resigned from the state department. even though hillary clinton would not step up, clearly secretary clinton violated the rules. the fbi will step forward and see if she violated the law. she would not speak to the inspector general about it.
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>> and very briefly if i can. >> my reaction goes back to the same thing. there is a conspiracy about this. the ethics are extremely important. the law was clear that you have to retain and use government systems and step forward and testify. they failed to do any of these things. this was about her political security. up next we will bring back the sunday group to discuss clinton's use of a private email server. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. >> as i say crooked hillary. crooked hillary. she is as crooked as they come. >> donald trump piling on after the state department ig report found hillary clinton violated the rules in using a private email server. we are back now with the panel. let's look how clinton's numbers have dropped since the story first broke in march 2015 about her private email and personal server. back then 47% had a favorable view of her. 50% unfavorable. basically even. now down to 37% favorable, 61%
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unfavorable. same with whether she is honest and trustworthy. now it is 31% to 66. that raises the question, does the i.g. report do damage to clinton or the damage has been done? >> the damage has been done but political campaigns are fluid and peoples opinions can shift and change. this cements the fact that she cannot be trusted. one more step in that direction. this is an unusual campaign. each of these candidates, trump and clinton seem to be each others best hope. what is striking about the rise in the polls of donald trump is a period of bad news for hillary clinton and his vulnerabilities to be his possibilities. it is remarkable. >> we asked you for questions for the panel and we got a bunch
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about the i.g. report. >> if she did this in the state department what will she do when she becomes president. >> and does anyone really think hillary will be indicted or will she be prosecuted or get a get out of jail free card? >> i don't think that we know what the results of the fbi investigation are going to be. i think it is skeptical that she will be indicted. and while the inspector general's report is critical, i do not think it does new damage. she will be the first woman nominated to be president. honest and trustworthy issue, this is her achilles heel.
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>> do you think the colon powell defense gets her off of the hook? >> no. all of us of a certain age understand the use of email has changed. >> 12 years ago. >> yeah. >> the policy changed. >> then the policy changed. number one there are differences in the context and he is not running for anything. >> i am not going to vote for him for president anyway. the democratic race continues even though he has declared victory over sanders. >> i will be the nominee. that is already done in effect. there is no way i won't be.
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>> i kind of think that on june 7 the people of california will have a message for secretary clinton. >> how much damage is bernie sanders doing to hillary clinton. and it seems possible that what if he beats her in california? >> it will be 2008 all over again. in 2008 california came late as they always do. she persisted in california against barak obama. not prevent the party from becomes united. people say why is sanders doing this. he is having the time of his life. huge crowds there from vermont. that is part of it. people said he is not being a
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good democrat. his attachment to the party might be slight. third, in 1960 barry goldwater, junior senator from arizona went to the podium at the chicago convention and said if you want to take back the party let's go to work. he is the nominee four years later. he may have the sense that barry goldwater did that there is a movement out there that needs to be fueled to transform the party. >> i understand the argument she did it to obama. do you think it is hurting her? >> i don't think it is doing lasting damage. months from now people won't remember. >> i was going to ask you about that. how confident are you or how likely do you think it is that sanders gets on the podium and holds hands with hillary clinton and holds them up and much more
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importantly what about his millions of supporters? >> 80-20 he gets up on stage. >> look what we have today. the spokesman for two of the campaigns lie saying they are winning on hispanics. the spokesman for hillary clinton repeating her misleading statements about the email. it is why we now have a situation among the independents, minus 74%. neither one of the candidates are worth trusting. campaigns are not just about who will win an election. no matter who wins we will have
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somebody in the white house who has shown they can't be trusted. >> i think that is what voters feel. you know nixon and kennedy, what a terrible choice we have. most people believe the top two finishers are unacceptable choices at a time we need a serious and able leader we are not likely to get one. >> i talked to one of her senior leaders. this senior official said it doesn't matter. trust does not matter. i was saying this is go to bring down her trust figures.
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said trust does not matter. that is not the case. trust does matter. you might be able to win if you are running against donald trump. trust does matter. >> looking at it politically, here is a question. if voters find they are both unacceptable do they not turn out? >> interesting but not excited. >> or do they get so alarmed? they turn out and have a high turn out. the impact of barak obama. that is where barak obama could have impact. turn out among african-americans and helping hillary with younger voters. >> we found barak obama can do that for himself he is not good
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at doing that for anybody else. thank you panel. up next the power play of the week honoring america's fallen
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. >> soldiers placing flags in front of 230,000 grave markers at arlington national cemetery. it is a holiday tradition that we profile a man who created his own special program to make every day a memorial day for our fallen heroes. once again he is our power player of the week. >> when you are playing it, it is only 24 notes. but it is so meaningful to that family. >> tom day is talking about playing taps at the funerals of military veterans. he should know.
11:57 pm
he is the founder and the president of an organization called bugles across america. all told, how many funerals have you done since you started? >> 200,000. >> really? >> in ten years. >> right. >> it started in 2000 when congress gave every death a right to a military funeral with full honors. the problem was the military only had 500 buglers. they sent someone to play a recorded taps on a boom box or recorded device. tom day did not like it. >> i call it stolen dignity. that the veterans can't get live taps when we are out there ready to perform live taps.
11:58 pm
>> recruiting 400 horn players within a year. >> now we have 6,270 and doing 2,200 funerals a month. >> the day runs out of his basement. families can go on the website. a message is sent to every horn player. dave gives away bugles and helps with uniforms while they get support from foundations, he runs a deficit. >> how do you make up for the short fall? >> make it up for myself. >> $15 to 20,000 a year? >> probably $10,000. >> you put the horn down. the flag has been presented. the family comes over. the kisses. the handshakes from these families, there is no amount of money could ever buy the feeling
11:59 pm
that i get from the family once i finish the 24 notes. >> with soldiers killed in iraq and afghanistan and veterans of world war ii dying every day there is a flood of military funerals. day wants to keep going until he dies and leave his organization in solid shape to carry on. >> i want every family to have live taps at that going away presentation of their veteran. it kind of tells the marines guarding the gates in heaven, live taps. we are go to let this veteran right in. >> since we first ran the story tom day's organization has grown to more than 5,000 active members who play at more than 2,300 funerals a month. if you want to learn more go to our website. and that's it for today. we hope you will take a moment
12:00 am
to remember all of the men and the women who have given their lives defending our freedom. we will see you next fox news sunday. holiday weekend. >> on the buzz beater, sex scandals and suicide? donald trump turns to the tawdry clinton tales of the 1990s and takes heat from the media. >> donald trump bringing back a long ago debunked conspiracy theory on hillary clinton but does regurgitating a lie matter? >> donald trump the last couple of days brought up rape with sean hannity and sexual abuse. 20 years after the fact. >> vince foster. >> vince foster. that is despicable. >> discredited allegations of the suicide of hillary clinton friend and one time white house aide vince foster. how should the press cover the press talking about that and the


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