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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 30, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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gregg: donald trump reaching out to veterans, telling thousands of bikers at the annual rolling thunder rally that illegal immigrants are often treated better than vets who served our country. ask. abby: i'm abby huntsman. donald trump making it clear he has their back. >> we'll we build our military and take care of our veterans. in many cases the illegal immigrants are taken much better
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care by this country, taken care of than our veterans. that's not going to happen. we are not going to allow that to happen any longer. gregg: a former trump rival, senator marco rubio says he fully supports trump's bid for the white house while also personally apologizing for his bruising attacks during the campaign. gregg: whether it's true that illegal immigrants receive benefits or care or are treated better than threats, a subjective thing that's hard to prove or disprove, is it a statement that may resonate with americans? >> you are right it's a subjective statement and it's hard to prove or disprove. but what ads for potency to the
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message is the fact that the veterans administration has had such problems taking care of veterans. both sides of the aisle concede that, they have tried to fix it. that line of attack will work well, and it's smart of trump to tie the two together. there is concern about the veterans administration and how they are taken care of. given past statements hillary clinton i think will have a hard time dealing with. over time, it's possible some of these attacks will backfire or prove to be not helpful to his candidacy. but for now, i think it was a good move on his part. gregg: marco rubio privately apologized to donald trump and
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he also talked about it. >> i have a bert chance of getting a conservative nomination to if the supreme court than with hillary clinton. if you talk about rolling back damaging regulations to our country, donald trump will support it, hillary clinton will veto it. those things matter. gregg: bob dole, the former presidential nominee is doing the same thing. are republicans beginning to coalesce behind trump? >> we have seen that now for several weeks. one of the things that's being answered is will the party split in two if he is the nominee? there are still some simmering fissures below the surface that could be problematic for him. what we are looking for is for
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donald trump to get above 90% approval among republicans. what makes the sort of about-face by rubio so interesting, it's nothing you wouldn't expect to hear from a rival for the republican nomination because the party always comes together and people who want to run for president don't want to look like they are working for the democrats. he and other republicans went so far in opposing him. rubio called him a conman to is unfit for president. whether you support a supreme court justice tore support obamacare. that's why it seems so odd for him to come so far. it's helpful for the voters to see the party lining up behind him because it makes him look
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more legitimate. gregg: david trucker, thanks for being with us. abby: bernie sanders facing growing calls to drop out of the race. sanders vowed to keep battling hillary clinton all the way to the convention. senator dianne feinstein of california says it's time for sanders to read the writing on the wall. >> he needs to read the sign posts as well as anybody else. i know the passion of a campaign. i know when you are in it, you just keep go, go, go until the last hour is there. well, the last hour is close by. abby: she says this victory could be close at hand for hillary clinton and she need only 73 delegates to clinch the democratic nomination.
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investigators searching for a motive after a deadly shootout in a quiet houston neighborhood. police say this all started sunday morning with gunfire hitting at least two vehicles and even a police helicopter. two people are dead, including the gunman. one witness was there as it was unfolding. >> he shot one of the customers in the head. whoever was around him started running and he went after them with a gun. abby: will carr is live in los angeles with this. reporter: everything started at an auto detail shop on the west side of the city. apparently a man was driving his
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car into the shop when a man came out and shot him in the head. witnesses say he was armed with an ar-15 and he seemed to go on a shooting spree firing at everything in his path. >> it went through that door and through that seat, then it came back to that seat. >> the dude saw me across the street and shot at me. reporter: the gunman shot at a police helicopter and shot at it five times. amazingly the officer on the inside of that was not hurt. two constables were shot as well as a nearby gas pump. the bomb squad had to be called in to detonate a suspicious device. authorities say that gunman was shot and killed.
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abby: how are the constables doing? reporter: amazingly, they are doing all right if you consider the number of gunshots that went off there. take a listen to the president of a local police union. >> one of them took shots to the breast plate and he will be fine. it's rare to see people still wearing those breast plates but most likely it definitely saved his life. reporter: two people killed, six injured. they are trying to figure out the motivation behind this shooting. gregg: the latest push against isis. iraqi troops reportedly entering the city of fallujah as they try to recapture that town that's been occupied by the terrorist
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army. it's behind that deadly wave of bombing in and around baghdad. conor powell is live with more. reporter: to reclaim a key city particularly because of how close it is to the iraqi capital. in recent weeks, militant launched a string deadly bombing, killing at least 24 people in the predominantly she. >> it areas of baghdad. this is an important operation for iraqis, backed by coalition efforts, and it would represent this huge blow to isis because it's such a key city for launching attacks into baghdad. the pentagon has been pushing iraqis to focus on the northern city of mosul. but iraqi commanders have chose'
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to go after fallujah because of the recent attacks in baghdad. iraqi commanders say they control 75% to 80% of the territory outside of fallujah and hold one of the key neighborhood in fallujah. it's a predominantly sunni city. and they are backed by she. >> it and iranian militia as well. so there will be evening but regaining it is an important mission to push isis out of fallujah and the enter country. abby: donald trump claim he's winning the support of women and hispanics, but the numbers tell a different story. >> i think the secretary is right. that is that the american people
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are sick and tired of hearing about your damn emails. >> thank you, me too, me too. gregg: that was bernie sanders at the first democrat i debate last fall. but guess what, he's changing his tune. and there is this. >> mommy i right here. >> up believable video. this terrifying scene at a zoo. a boy falls into a gorilla enclosure. >> he was being dragged by the gorilla. the gorilla took him to one end of the habitat and the little boy started screaming. it's how y connected to each other
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p?p?h...cleasee ya!ake off. when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full. glenn: terrifying moments at the cincinnati zoo as a 4-year-old boy falls into a gorilla habitat. >> oh, my god! glenn: zoo officials say the boy crawled through a barrier and fell into a moat.
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zoo workers making a split-second decision to kill the gorilla. >> they made a tough choice, and they made the right choice. they saved that little boy's life. glenn: the boy was taken to hospital with injuries but is expected to recover. animal rights groups protesting the shooting after some of the witnesses say the gorilla tried to be try to protect the boy. >> if you look at the last poll, he's winning with hispanics. he's doing well with women. they are so close in the state of california, donald trump -- the state of california is now in play. hillary clinton is scared to death chris. reporter: he didn't just say gee thing could be better in new mek ke.
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he said she the governor is not doing the job. he's going to go around the country saying the republican governors of various state aren't doing the job? >> it's not about being a democrat or republican. it's about doing what's right for the country. abby: trump's campaign manager on the hot seat with chris wallace. let's get your reaction off the top from that clip we just played. you have lewandowski saying trump is doing well with the women. i want to pull up our most recent fox news polling on that. he's sitting at 63% unfavorable with women. are we not seeing the polls the
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trump cam is getting? >> donald trump brags how he doesn't have internal pollsters. he's really just making it up as far as those polls go. chris grilled corey the whole time and the on thing we heard that wasn't spun is the supreme court will be affected for decade if hillary clinton is president. he need to get more in line with who potentially could be friend if he want to win the country. abby: i have talked to a lot of women who say he should pick a woman to help with the women vote. i asked, is that all it's going
6:19 am
to take? you pick a woman and that solves the problem? >> it would be smart to pick a woman. then she made it clear she didn't want to be there so he lashed out at her. then he lashed out and said food stamps have increased since she has been governor. in the latest polling you can see his favorability is under water. he's losing favorability with hillary clinton. it's incredibly problematic. it's offensive. i reflect what susana martinez being an unknown politician, but
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she is actually not. she is quite a crown jewel of the republican party as the first female governor of new mexico. abby: the polls show trump has work to do with female latinos. i want to show the polls we have among latinos. earlier lewandowski is saying he's winning among latinos in the polling. here you see 74% unfavorable. you have got to win over latinos. >> almost everyone who is watching will probably have to google susanna martins's name to see who she is.
6:21 am
everyone is chasing the woman vote forgetting the man vote also exists. everybody is chasing the latino vote and donald trump is doing better than mitt romney did. and nobody is chasing the white vote. donald trump will almost certainly lose the general election if he doesn't turn that around. but don't neglect this massive base he has. abby: we thank you for being with us. gregg: several people are dead and others missing after devastating flooding. and the impact on millions of travelers. the latest forecast coming up next. plus this. abby: some of our nation's heroes scaling the world's
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gregg: floodwaters shutting down major roads in south carolina. in texas flood-related incidents killing at least 6 people. maria, will the flood threat continue in texas? reporter: there are more storms in the forecast. the last couple hours we have been tracking a line of storms pushing across parts of texas and oklahoma bringing in heavy rainfall.
6:26 am
we have flood watches and warnings because of the ongoing flooding. and we have flooding around the houston area. many rivers running high and the flood stage producing flooding. the forecast is for at least 6 inches of rain in some areas, and potentially higher amounts. so the flood threat will continue. and we'll be expecting heavy rain across arkansas and kansas. flood be so the threat in place as well. we'll bring the risk for severe weather across western texas, parts of kansas and the threat for possible tornado as you head farther north across portions of the northern plains. gregg: let's talk about tropical depression bonnie.
6:27 am
i had to practically swim to work today. reporter: it's on a weakening track so we expect it to dissipate and just be a remnant of low pressure. but a lot of the moisture bringing in a risk for isolated severe weather. you are looking for damaging winds and flash flooding. you can see a lot of that moisture is being pulled northward up across the mid-atlantic and as far north as new england. many families heading outdoors. it won't be a nice day along parts of the eastern -- the eastern seaboard. and by wednesday it will move out to sea. abby: reports coming in, the
6:28 am
battle for fallujah is in full swing. but iraqi forces may be getting more than they bargained for. >> i grew up in a patriotic family no different than anybody else in smalltown minnesota. we always went to the memorial day parade it's one of the most powerful five minutes i had as a kid. you have the world war ii vets and the korean vets and the gulf war veterans still fitting into their uniforms. i will never forget men and women standing up and saluting those who served in true gratitude for what they did.
6:29 am
every town in america is like that. in america you don't fight because you hate what's in front of you, you fight because you love what's behind you.
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gregg: the battle for fallujah is on. iraqi forced entering the city this morning as they tried to liberate it from isis. the generals say progress could be slowed by lack of support from local forces. the government has long been a sunni stronghold, so there are a great many people sympathetic to isis.
6:33 am
and the others have been conscripted or paid off. does that make it more formidable? >> absolutely any time there is passive or active support for the fighters within that will slow any advance of progress the iraqi army is going to make. >> this is not the first time the iraqi security forces have tried to retake fallujah since it fell to isis two years ago. what's the prospect this time because they failed before. >> i think it's important to define success. they are going to take the city. it's what's left afterwards that will be the barometer for how the rest of iraq goes. you have reports of soleimani, the general of the quds force.
6:34 am
you have feet the sunnis on your side and you needs the people to stop passively and definitely actively supporting isis or the success will look like a shiia success. >> the city is dla dilapidated " neighboring ramadi was almost entirely destroyed. so are we going to see fallujah in rubble? >> i believe you are. fallujah will be in rubble. it will be how they handle that afterwards. how the iraqi central government handles the rebuilding of fallujah. do they take it over with pure shiia or do they help the sufficient anies to have a plan in place. you can do the tactics to get the city but you need a plan in place, what you are going to do after you take it.
6:35 am
gregg: what's the american role? >> america needs to communicate to iran, stay out of this. iran is fueling the fires of the sunnis. sunni awakening was the fuel for the sectarian divide recruiting more people pore isis and continue this longer. gregg: this may be setting the stage for a protracted and concerted effort to retake mosul far to the north. and it's an isis stronghold. they captured that a couple years ago. but two months ago iraqi security forces together with the peshmerga were trying to take mosul and all they got were a couple small towns on the outskirts, and they got month where there.
6:36 am
what from your thoughts? >> this is going to be a very long and protracted fight for mosul. in comparison, the numbers in mosul was much bigger in scale it was a city of 2 million. probably now all that's left is a million. this support for isis. fallujah is a microcomes. it's a barometer for how mosul is going to go. it will be long and protracted. anybody who thinks it isn't is just kidding themselves. gregg: we'll wait and see what happens there. dave sears, thank you for being with us. abby: on this memorial day we remember those who risk their lives for the greater good of our country and turn our attention to the national world
6:37 am
war ii memorial in washington. that's where we find doug mcelway. washington, d.c. is my favorite place to be on memorial day. are there any world war ii vets there today? >> there are. there are fewer and fewer with each passing year, but there are a few here in wheel chairs or walking with canes. virtually all of them have some form assistance. world war ii veterans, those who are left, are all in their 90s. the fact that some are here is a test to their endurance. it's the word war i pirks museum. louisiana estimates they are dying nowadays by the rate of 400 a day, which means there are 800,000 world war ii veterans left out of a total of 16 million who served their country in world war ii. people clamor to get close to them to have their photographs
6:38 am
taken with them and thank them for their service and have them recount their story of what they did in world war ii the wreath laying ceremony has not happened yet. but wreaths will be laid by all branches of the service. another group laying a wreath is speaking right now. these are a group of french school children. not a lot of americans realize this. there are more american veterans buried in american cemeteries in france than any other country. to this day i hear if you travel to norman day, the french people we main very, very grateful for the sacrifices americans made to liberate their country. these children are recounting stories of their long-gone relatives even slaved by nazis. imagine what's going through
6:39 am
those kids' minds as they are facing the washington monument and the lincoln memorial. they are all speaking english to these veterans. it culminates tonight with the memorial day concert at capital mall. >> california, alexander rossi for the checkered flag. he has done it. you just won the indy 500, baby! gregg: rookie alexander rossi, just a rookie, mind you. it looks like he coasted through. rossi is the first rookie to win
6:40 am
the race since 2001. he literally ran out of gas as he was just crossing the finish line. he was a 66-1 odds. abby: he can retire now. gregg: age 24, retired. abby: good for him. echos of the cold war getting louder. vladimir putin warning russia will retaliate for a missile shield in eastern europe. gregg: bernie sanders with a change of heart saying hillary clinton's emails are a legit issue. >> they will be keeping them in mind. i don't have to tell them that. everybody in america is keeping them in mind. what are you doing right now?
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>> we walked into an ambush. >> they were trying grab his friend and he went after them. >> i got two good buddies that i lost that night. >> you may believe you don't deserve this honor, but it was your fellow soldiers who recommended you for it. >> i'm so proud of the men i served with. gregg: new fallout over the state department inspector general' report concluding hillary clinton violated federal rules and refused to cooperate with the investigation into her email server. now clinton's democratic rival, bernie sanders, zeroing in on the issue saying americans and superdelegates should read the i am g.'s report. >> the inspector general came out with a report, it was not a
6:45 am
good report it's something the american people and delegates will have to take a look at. i continue to focus on how we can rebuild a middle class and deal with poverty and healthcare as a right. gregg: governor john sununu, author of "the quiet man," thank you for being with us today. last fall bernie sanders dismissed the hillary clinton email controversy saying he had heard enough of it. why the about-face now? >> it wasn't quite an about-face. he certainly addressed it. but he's telling everybody to go read it themselves. in politic that won't have an impact. if bernie sanders want to take advantage of what is truly a horrible report for hillary
6:46 am
clinton, he's going to have to talk about some of the details himself out there. homework assignments doesn't do it. gregg: i read the report, and it basically puts forth that hillary clinton has not told the truth in five principle way, and here they are. we'll put it on the screen. she said everything i did was permitted. the i.g. said no, it wasn't. she violated federal record laws. two, i did it for convenience. the i.g. said she did it to keep her emails private. fourth, it was allowed by the state department. the i.g. said, no, it wasn't. and had she requested permission, it would have been denied. and she said there were no security breach, and her personal server was shut down twice because of hack attempts. it's one thing not to tell the
6:47 am
truth one or two times. but five times? >> the whole reason for not telling the truth five times was that their intention was to create a system that could hide everything they did and everything they communicated from public eye, public scrutiny and any review. so she should be condemned not just for the five lies. but for the intention behind those five lie which was a lib rat effort to hide things. >> she and her campaign over the last several days made the following argument in defense of the i.g. report. gee, colin powell did the same thing. no, he didn't. he didn't have a private server in his home used for all state department business. and even if he did, it's like
6:48 am
saying it's okay for me to rob bangs because other people rob bangs. >> colin powell used the state department system for virtually all of his official business. he occasionally used an aol account, but the predominance of his work was done through the state department system and the aol account was where he did predominantly his private email. hillary clinton hid the system so nobody would be able to get access to what she was doing. and frankly, she wanted to keep it away from the freedom of information act which people would probably apply during a presidential campaign. she thought she would get away with it. but she is getting her fingers burned gregg: president obama said secretary clinton's acts were not intentional.
6:49 am
i look at the statute and it speaks to not intent, but to gross negligence. given what the i.g. has found, does that strike you as gross negligence on part of secretary clinton? >> it does. but the i.g. report talks about her intention and says her intention was to set up a system with limited access. so even her own argument and president obama's very thin protection of her is really not going to cut it. gregg: governor john sununu, thank you for being with us this memorial day. abby: we talked to the vet who organized this incredible climb up mount everest. show me movies with romance.
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abby: former armed the services -- former armed services members scaling the highest peak. this was done thanks to the u.s.ex veterans. the group helped veterans transitioning with ptsd back to civilian life.
6:54 am
sergeant major, thank you for being with us. you survived 30 ied attacks. you raised $100,000. >> we wanted to be one of the first active member teams to scale the mountain. we have a sergeant who lost his leg and he suffers from post traumatic stress. we wanted to raise awareness of post traumatic stress. 22 veterans a day are committing suicide. i think it's been heavy tied to what they experienced over. the more a soldier has deployed the likelier they are to commit suicide. we are trying to help them.
6:55 am
we wanted to tie the everest expedition to combat. in combat you get a bond with your fellow soldiers, everybody is check on each other. we are not going to do everest all the time. but we'll give them a strong bond where they have somebody they can rely on and each into. abby: it's such an important cause to put attention on and money on. you think about the physical shape people are in to make this climb. one of the veterans lost his leg in combat and still made that climb. >> it was important to chad. he wanted to raise awareness. people go through a whole lifetime of training to do mount everest. they went to mounted rainier. and they just decided to go climb mount everest. it tells you about the
6:56 am
resilience of the u.s. service member. we definitely wanted to get to the top. there were trials and tribulations, but they made it. they are getting ready to start the journey home. we are excited to get them back home and keep raising awareness and impact our veterans. abby: this warms my heart today. thanks for being with us today. gregg: critics say it was no accident the state department had no permanent inspector general during her time as secretary of state. and donald trump courting veterans this memorial day weekend saying they get worse medical treatment than illegal immigrants. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
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7:00 am
to win support from our nation's veterans. welcome to brand new hour of "america's newsroom," i'm abby huntsman in for martha maccallum. gregg: abby, great to be here. i'm gregg jarrett in for bill. the presumptive republican nominee calling for better care of our nations veterans. >> in many cases illegal immigrants are taken much care, really, are taken much better care by this country, taken care of than our veterans and that's not going to happen. our vets, most cherished people, thousands of people are dying waiting in line to see a doctor. that is not going to happen anymore. gregg: at that event the motorcycle rally, called rolling thunder where many veterans rode through the streets of washington to remember prisoners of war and those missing in action. james rosen is live in washington with more on this story. hi, james. reporter: gregg, good morning, in addition to veterans care
7:01 am
trump also touched on subject of gun ownership rights, telling the rolling thunder crowd, hillary clinton if elected would abolish the second amendment, something the clinton campaign denies. he nighted recent endorsement by the national rifle association, earliest ever presented to candidate by that group as another point we just heard, fused subject of veterans care with his signature issue of immigration. >> we have to take care of our vets, and in many cases, illegal immigrants are taken much care, really, are taken much better care by this country, taken care of than our veterans and that's not going to happen. okay? it is not going to happen. we're not going to allow that to happen any longer. reporter: on that subject of health care trump told veterans if is he elected they will have access to private medical care are and quote, we'll pay for it. gregg? gregg: james we are, what, i think 50 days away from the
7:02 am
republican convention in cleveland. less than that. is donald trump making strides towards unifying the gop before its gavelorder? >> reporter: he is gregg, perhaps not as quickly the presumptive might like, in part due to some self-inflicted wounds over his denigration of new mexico governor, susana martinez, a latina, trump condemned martin men as not doing the job. trump is waiting to close the deal with house speaker paul ryan. trump's campaign manager told our chris wallace that the men agree on many issues and continue, quote, to develop their relationship. >> donald trump ask head of the republican party as republican nominee. what we know is that he brings people together. he and paul ryan will have a great relationship, because at the end of the day, the choice is binary, either have hillary
7:03 am
clinton in the white house or you have donald trump. reporter: lewandoski claimed trump was talking about economic conditions in new mexico, not attacking governor martinez. gregg: james rosen, thank you very much. reporter: you bet. abby: early reports suggest that speaker rifian will endorse trump before the convention but at least one trump supporter, jeff sessions, says it needs to have sooner. >> i would hope so, and expect so he needs to do that the we don't need to have the speaker hanging out there in my opinion. abby: we have the senior writer at opportunity list joins us right now. i always love having you. in that interview yesterday senator sessions also went on to say that speaker ryan is doing a disservice to the party by waiting so long. last week there were reports from the trump camp he was in fact going to endorse him but the paul ryan camp said, not so fast. what are they waiting for, paul ryan is waiting for?
7:04 am
>> the deal maker, he ryan is trying to maximize leverage in the deal. paul ryan wants concessions from donald trump. toning down rhetoric from when it comes to women and muslims. a lot of things paul ryan wants to see in terms of changes and concessions from donald trump. that he hasn't seen yet. that is savvy and smart doing that. he wants that before the convention. abby: donald trump locked up magic number, 1237. he is biting hillary clinton in the last two fox polls we've had. how much does he need endorsement by paul ryan? how much is that going to matter? >> that is a good point. donald trump only won 40%, if that of the republican vote. there are 6% of the republicans who didn't vote for him. in terms of turnout, in terms of enthusiasm and corey lewandoski said it is binary choice. we heard a tweet from bill kristol last night there will be independent candidate.
7:05 am
people are on the fence when it comes to donald trump. they would like to see him be more con sill story and be more of a uniter. this has been brutal primary in view of personal attacks he made against so many other republicans. abby: trump continues to say i will work with congress. i can make things happen in washington. what does it mean for paul ryan? he is a young guy. he obviously wants a longer career in politics. what does it mean for him if he continues to wait this out longer? >> well i think he is looking at future. he is looking a the millenials. millenials have incredibly negative view of donald trump. something like 80% of the millenials told "washington post" polling they have negative knew of donald trump. if we're looking at next generation of millenials, they are 40% non-white. african-americans latinos have negative view toward donald trump. paul ryan is young man. if he looking at future of republican party, it might be strong and savvy to wait it out. abby: you've been critical
7:06 am
donald trump and campaign. come the convention there was so much talk about a potential contested gop convention. do you think the party will be united? you saw rubio coming out yesterday behind donald trump, even apologizing for some of the things he attacked him on. do you think we'll get to a place in the few weeks where the party is behind him. >> i would be very curious to see what will happen with bill kristol whether this independent candidate emerges. whether that is ben sasse or mitt romney. a lot of people including myself are pretty dissatisfied with donald trump. i don't see him changing fundamentally who he is. i'm registered independent. i'm not a republican. i could definitely see republicans uniting at convention that leaves a big swath of the country is more independent, who really has a hard time with donald trump. abby: what about gary johnson? latest polling he locked up the nomination for the libertarian party over the weekened. in our latest polling he has 10% of the support there. >> yes. abby: that is not nothing because that could have impact one way or other. >> it definitely could. i think what a lot of people
7:07 am
find appeal about gary johnson, he has been a governor. a lot of libertarian fa lo i tends to be theoretical and not necessarily real, it hasn't been applied, gary johnson had that he put rubber to the road. he has been a governor. he has results. that is something most libertarians don't have talking about nominees of the past. abby: i keep saying you are a fool if you know what will happen. this is so predictable. thank you for being here. >> thank you, abby. abby: gregg? gregg: dangerous storm system making its way up the coastline threatening millions of people this memorial day. so far six people died in devastating flooding over central texas. two others are still missing. >> as we were coming down this hill, the, we saw the water in the road and we were trying to slow down. they were a little panicking. don't panic. stay calm. stay calm. so i don't see that i physically was able to do it with my own power. i firmly believe the lord helped us through this situation.
7:08 am
force of nature, that that's for sure. gregg: now tropical storm, depression, bonnie, slamming the carolinas, heavy rain and flooding. jonathan serrie live in charleston with more on that. jonathan, what are the conditions like now? reporter: hi, gregg. well, the rain is widespread throughout the region. it is sporadic. we're experiencing a sun break here in charles ton. that is giving residents and visitors the like opportunity to come out and walk throughout the parks, to enjoy the water to have fun but as this very slow-moving storm system moves through the carolinas, people are keeping a nervous watch on areas where it is raining because with that rain comes the risk of flooding. take a look at this video from jasper county, south carolina, yesterday. floodwaters forced police to shut down a six-mile stretch of interstate 95 southbound in ridge land south carolina, that is 75 miles southwest of charleston.
7:09 am
after several hours the floodwaters receded. but you can imagine huge inconvenience to travelers trying to get around over the holiday weekend, gregg. gregg: what about the beaches, jonathan? reporter: yeah, well it is memorial day after all and people are heading out to the beaches and enjoying weather. in many places you can, however, officials are urging swimmers to exercise caution because there is still the potential for dangerous rip currents. as we speak search crews off the coast of carolina beach, north carolina, continue the search for a 21-year-old young man who disappeared while swimming with friends saturday evening. he apparently got caught in one of those current and taken out to see. so far, no sign of him. the coast guard is also helping local officials with that search, gregg. gregg: jonathan, you're in a beautiful place, in charleston, but it is not looking so beautiful behind you there. which is too bad. reporter: yeah.
7:10 am
definitely ominous clouds behind me but as long as the rain holds up, people are enjoying the weather. even when it rains we see a lot of tourists on meeting street carrying their umbrellas. gregg: take one of those buggy rides. they are a lot of fun. jonathan serrie. abby: good advice. donald trump campaign doubling down under fire from fellow republicans, look at this. >> it is not about being a republican, not about being democrat, it is about doing what is right for country. if this was said in the state of nevada, democrat female governor, this wouldn't be an issue. abby: did trump's comments about new mexico's republican governor go too far? we'll have the debate. gregg: fiery motorcycle crash in the middle of a race. the outcome of this terrifying incident. look at that. abby: a day at the beach turns into a nightmare when a shark attacks a boy swimming with his stepdad. >> the father got on top of the son and gave him a hug and while talking to him.
7:11 am
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7:15 am
the race was restarted with all but one rider's bike who was destroyed. gregg: donald trump's campaign on the defensive over his recent attack on new mexico's republican governor, susana martinez. here is the presumptive nominee last week after governor martinez skipped his campaign rally. >> the governor got to do better job. she is not doing the job. hey, maybe i will run for governor of new mexico! i will get this place going. [cheering] gregg: party leaders criticized trump for attacking a latino republican in her home state but trump's campaign manager says they're standing by those comments. >> there was not attack on latino or woman governor. he said we need to do better job. that is what our country needs. we need to create jobs and more people back to work. we need to build a wall and stop illegal immigration. these are things said everywhere we go. gregg: dineen borelli, chief political correspondent for
7:16 am
conservative review, fox news contributor. jessica ehrlich, former democratic congressional candidate and an attorney. good to see you both. dineen, what is the point of attacking what is essentially a very popular governor in new mexico? you can't blame everything on her. she has a democratic senate in this state. she is popular and head of the republican governors association? why would trump do that? >> i just see this as donald trump putting people over politics, gregg. donald trump, i see, he is ceo and i think he views america as a business and with any business it is about good, positive, results. and so when it comes to the economy, when it comes to jobs, which is number one on americans list, that is what americans are concerned about, and if martinez could do a better job in new mexico, that is good for the citizens of new mexico. gregg: yeah, well, now, paul manafort of trump campaign,
7:17 am
saying well, we were criticizing the system, no, trump was criticizing her pretty directly. your governor has to do a better job. she is not doing it. clearly criticizing her and quite directly but, jessica, she is also hispanic a woman, those are you people that donald trump desperately needs. notwithstanding what lewandoski said to chris wallace, we're doing great among women. no he is not. among women he has 30-point deficit. almost the same among hispanics. what do you think? >> well certainly from a political standpoint it seems like once again trump letting his bruised ego get in the way doing, what is more likely a strategic or smart move, speak with her, sit down with her. she was bandied about as being a possible vp candidate for him. then came out and was, loudly, never trump person. so that is really what sparked off this whole thing. wasn't, she just said i will not
7:18 am
go to his rally, she was saying never this guy. i won't support him. that got him riled up. so he responded and i don't think it was because she was, a latino or because she is woman, however, those are people that he needs to be courting and it goes to go what is he actually doing? if he will not work with the head of the republican governors association is really bringing everyone together? gregg: dineen, newt gingrich, who by the way seems to say a lot of favorable things about donald trump, often talks about as potential vp candidate, said it is very, very destructive for trump to attack governor martinez because it really hurts him where he needs the votes the most these days, women and hispanics. he is right? >> well, listen, constructive criticism, i think we live in a pc culture where people are easily offend an and insulted because you make a comment or critique about them. if he said the same thing about cuomo in new york, where we have
7:19 am
high taxes, and he has this war on hydraulic fracturing which is harmful in terms of creating job, would we be hearing the same outcry? i don't see this as attack on female or attack on minority. he is talking about what could be better, job that could be done better when it comes to jobs and economy and that is something that americans really understand and resonate with. it is not about an individual's race or their sex. jobs and economy. gregg: jessica, bill kristol of "the weekly standard" is now promising that there is going to be a very serious and formidable, independent, candidate. whether it is mitt romney or somebody else. would democrats love that, because it would likely take or siphon away more votes from republicans than democrats? >> you know i don't think anybody takes pleasure in seeing a party fissure happen whether
7:20 am
it is republicans or democrats. at least i know i don't but, you know if it is one of those things they feel strongly, as they do, which it sounds like that the governor of new mexico does as well, they will never vote for trump. she doesn't stand for their republican principles, they feel like there is something they have to do. so you know, it certainly doesn't necessarily harm, i think, hillary clinton, as we know. i think that is the issue everyone has, is they are going after their own in terms of the votes that they're going for. so certainly not going to be -- that candidate will not be attracted to the democratic or even many independent voters. gregg: what is interesting the libertarian candidate, gary johnson is polling at about 10%. usually they get 1%. so the dynamic is changing. jessica, dineen food to see you. >> absolutely. >> thanks. abby: thanks, gregg. coming up new fallout from a scathing inspector general report on hillary clinton's private email serve ir. a former ig now speaking out in
7:21 am
a fox news exclusive saying clinton's defense does not hold water. gregg: more democrats calling on senator bernie sanders to end his presidential campaign. his response to critics urging him to drop out of the race -- >> our message to the democratic leadership is, if they want to defeat trump, we are the campaign to do that. with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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7:24 am
gregg: really scary scene on neptune beach, florida. a 13-year-old boy bitten by a shark, reported to be at least six feet long. the boy was swimming in two to three feet of water when the shark bit him on his calf. >> all of sudden we hear a yell, saying oh, my god, he got bit. the lady runs into the water, carry this is boy, had to have
7:25 am
been at least 12 years old, carries the bought out from the water. all you see is just blood dripping and dripping out for about 50 feet. gregg: the boy was rushed to a nearby hospital with severe lacerations. his injuries are not considered life-threatening. doctors are saying the boy is in stable condition. ♪ abby: well now to a fox news exclusive on the clinton email controversy. this just coming in. the last person to serve as inspector general at the state department before clinton became secretary is now speaking out. he and other critics say it is no coincidence that the position went unfilled during her four-year tenure. chief intelligence correspondent catherine herridge is live in washington. catherine, what more are we learning here? seems like it's a big deal. reporter: abby, as part of our ongoing reporting of clinton emails we interviewed the inspector general at the state department from 2005 until
7:26 am
december 2007. he told fox news if he had been inspector general during mrs. clinton's tenure as secretary of state he would have immediately opened an investigation into her use of personal email, adding, that the inspector general has brought authority and independence to reign in even the most senior political appointees. >> it seems to me there was no sheriff in town during this period with no inspector general. >> that is a great way to say it. inspectors general are not necessarily popular for the reason you said. they are people who enforce the rules and there was no one enforcing the rules during that time. reporter: while mrs. clinton and her supporters draw comparisons with previous secretaries rice and powell, the inspector general's report found there was no equivalency. rice did not use personal email for government business and powell used it on limited basis and did not run a personal server. the debate was heated on "fox news sunday." >> can we please stay to the issue what hillary clinton did or didn't do, and not talk about colin powell. >> i know you don't want to talk
7:27 am
about colin powell. >> it is irrelevant to the issue. >> it isn't irrelevant to this sense, let me finish. >> how can she say it was secure when they had to turn off the server because there were attacks. could you answer my question. >> i will. i will answer the question, she sudden not have used private server. >> reporter: while the campaign insisted the server was approved the inspector general found mrs. clinton never asked for permission. abby: catherine, what did he say specifically about classified emails on the server? reporter: more than 2100 emails are classified and another 22 at top secret level some containing intelligence from closely held programs called special access programs. he said it is very deliberate act of to jump the gap from classified system to unsecured email. there is possibilities including taking a picture with your iphone. >> could be sum prized or they could be copied from a secure copier and someone could have given them to someone else. so there are lots of possibilities but it wouldn't have been easy.
7:28 am
technologically to do it directly should to the be able to occur. that is not to say that bad guys are sometimes step ahead of good guys. it shouldn't occur. reporter: it doesn't happen by can accident? >> no. reporter: he said retroactively classified a term used by clinton campaign and state department is also misleading because content matters and intelligence in this case was classified when it hit the server, he they were just not handling it properly, abby. abby: this is quite a development. catherine herridge live with a fox news exclusive. thank you. >> reporter: you're welcome. gregg: russia threatening retaliation for setting up missile defense system in europe. why analysts say the u.s. must take these threats seriously. abby: a veteran paying it forward, encouraging next generation of men and women in uniform. we of course honor our fallen heres rose this memorial day. ♪ >> i'm a graduate of west point class of 1966.
7:29 am
we suffered more casualties than any other class in the history of west point and one of my dear friends and classmates was mike snell. i didn't see him after graduation until we were together on the 13th of june, 1969. he came by my foxhole with a can of beer. and about 2:00 in the morning that night, we were overrun by the north vietnamese 29th regiment. a young soldier came running up to me. sir, do you know captain snell? i said, yes. i think he is in really bad trouble. we were in terms of personality entirely different but in that one moment, in that one moment on the morning of this of june, 1969, i realized as i held him in my arms mike and i shared a bond in both life and death. no one will ever understand who hasn't lived it. >> share your pride on facebook and twitter and instagram.
7:30 am
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7:33 am
♪ gregg: welcome back. new calls from democratic lawmakers for bernie sanders to drop out of the presidential race. california senator dianne feinstein saying it is all but over. >> senator sanders has the right to run, no question. he ought to be able to read the signposts as well as anybody else. and if he did that, he would know that it is all but over. so the question comes, you know, why doesn't he do those things which bring all democrats together? gregg: bryan yennis live in chappaqua, new york. brian any signs sanders dropping out of the race? reporter: i am in the beautiful hamlet of chappaqua, new york, where hillary clinton owns a home and expected to take part in today's memorial day parade.
7:34 am
senator bernie sanders does not appear he is dropping out anytime soon. he is intensifying attacks against clinton and democratic party. sanders continues to campaign in california ahead of the primary, next tuesday. sanders was once sick of hearing about clinton's emails changing his tune yesterday, saying recent i.g. report on clinton's emails is quote, not a good report for her. voters and delegates will have to take a hard look at it. at same time sanders campaign continues to go after democratic leadership, formally asking the dnc to fire two democratic convention chairman accusing them of being biased hillary supporters. dnc rejected the request but the sanders campaign vows to bring up the issue at the democratic national convention. gregg? gregg: brian, meantime, sanders is upping his rhetoric against donald trump, isn't he? >> that's right. senator sanders on saturday saying that trump is a danger to the entire world. he also mocked trump, calling
7:35 am
him a big macho guy while saying wanted one-on-one debate with mr. trump and mocked him for saying there is no drought in california. >> we don't fully appreciate the genius of donald trump who knows more than all of the people of california, that knows more than all the scientists and snows there is no drought. reporter: of course sanders maintains that he should be the democratic nominee because he says he would do, he has a better chance of defeating donald trump. gregg? gregg: and it's never over until the plus sized lady sings. i'm trying to put it politely. bryan, thank you very much. abby: is that what they say? ♪ gregg: they don't really say that. abby: all right, russian president vladmir putin threatening retaliation after the u.s. set up a missile defense system in nearby romania. insisting that the nato-run system is designed to protect europe from rogue nations like iran.
7:36 am
putin does not believe that russia he says is now forced to respond. gillian turner, former security staffer to president burke and nice to see you. >> thanks, abby. abby: vladmir putin says he will retaliate and because we should take seriously and in the past he followed through on some threats he made? >> absolutely. the what happened, he issued the threats to the romania and poland on friday, because they were hosting components of the missile shield system they constitute direct immediate threats to russia's territorial sovereignty, to their security interests and so he is reserving the right to retaliate however he sees possible, meaning no options are off the table. i think that the broader strategic context here many will recognize this is just continuation of putin's sort of ongoing chicken and egg game with the united states where he
7:37 am
likes to be very provocative and claiming he is taking defensive action. abby: you have had unique experience, working with two presidents including president obama. how are they talking about this do you imagine behind closed doors? you have been on his national security team. what are they saying and how do they respond to vladmir putin on this? >> i mean i imagine and i certainly hope that the obama administration is taking this threat very seriously because one thing we know about putin is that he rarely issues idle threats in that part of the world, in the even european and former satellite states. he is very happy to come forward and call everybody's bluff. it is what he did eight years ago in georgia. what he did most recently in 2014 in crimea. i think the military needs now to be prepared for multiple contingencies. abby: this all comes of course as donald trump has been out on the campaign trail hitting nato basically saying nato has not been doing their job. he was speaking about it yesterday, talking about the trade deficit. here is what he had to say. >> you look at 298 nato
7:38 am
countries. -- 28 nato countries. many of those countries are not living up to obligation paying us. we're protecting nato and these countries and they're not paying up you have always be prepared to walk, folks. you have to always be prepared to walk. >> putin called trump a brighter person, talented. without a doubt trump returned complimenter because he called me a genius. he said trump is real leader. seems like donald trump is saying a lot of things people in russia want to lear? >> i suppose so. there are certainly, a certain contingent of american voters i guess will like the fact that president putin essentially endorsed him for president of the united states. when it comes to his nato comments, i think what mr. trump is doing is really encapsulating the emotion and sentiment that a lot of americans have about this strategic alliance today which is that we as americans are carrying the burden, the brunt
7:39 am
of this financially on our shoulders, which is correct, but i think it would be very shortsighted to pull out of that alliance as it really short circuits a lot of forward maneuvering manuevers, forward operating bases and contingency plans we have at our fingerprints. it would undercut our ability to collect intelligence in western europe and whole host of other things. we just don't reap economic benefits from this what we do is really reap a lot of security and national security interests from this relationship. abby: yeah. it comes at certainly an unsettling time is a message that seems to be impacting a lot of people. gillian turner. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. happy memorial day. abby: you as well. gregg: lines are getting back to normal at new york's jfk airport following massive delays yesterday afternoon. a computer glitch causing check-in delays a the terminal used by british airways. >> the line has been pretty long. >> have you ever seen anything like this? >> no.
7:40 am
i've been quite a few places everywhere and i have never seen anything like this before. gregg: officials say an internet server had issues, you think, which forced passengers to be checked in manually. the so-called glitch is now allegedly resolved. abby: that sounds fun, huh? gregg: yeah. never fun flying british airways. abby: wrongful death lawsuit announced in the shooting of kate steinle. >> to have to see his daughter in his arms dying and crying for help and a mother who lost a daughter, they don't want anybody to go through what they went through again. abby: heart-breaking. they are suing the officials nearly a year after the 32-year-old was murdered by an illegal immigrant. gregg: a stunt in the making, a decade in the making, look at this, the world's most iconic site. abby: can you imagine? you're here to buy a car.
7:41 am
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7:44 am
abby: we are back with incredible stunt. the great wall of china turning into a landing strip. a world famous base jumper, jeff corliss, dropping 10 though feet to complete a stunt called human arrow. he flew through the air 120 miles an hour and hit a target suspended over great wall. corliss has been planning the stunt for a decade. unbelievable. i'm afraid of heights. gregg: i have trouble with the stairs. the parents of kate steinle filing a wrongful death lawsuit nearly one year after her killing. the 32-year-old died last july after being shot on busy san francisco pier. the family claims lack of communication between the city's sheriff department and u.s.
7:45 am
immigrations and customs enforcement led to steinle's death. immigrant juan lopez remains in jail after the shooting. the gun belonged to the ranger with the bureau of land management. we have a national law journal contributor and former general counsel. debra blum joins us a criminal defense attorney. good to see you both. kent, it is a misconception that you know, governments have immunity. they have limited immunity. you can actually sue under the tort claims act. so can the steinles actually win this case by arguing two things, the city is negligent for ignore, the law, and the feds are negligent for refusing to enforce the law on sanctuary cities? >> gregg, you know my view is that the family should get a huge settlement in this case after everything they went through. i think there was a total breakdown of the system and should they win, yes, will they
7:46 am
win? i unfortunately at least i think in court unlikely they're going to win. there was a 2011 case as you may know in california, almost the same fact pattern, there was innocent american killed by an undocumented immigrant. in 2011, the appeals court in california threw that case out of court. i think same thing will likely happen here, except there is so much negative publicity over this case, it is public the family may get a settlement because the city wants this to go away. gregg: debra, sanctuary cities like san francisco are blatantly illegal, because congress 20 years ago outlawed sanctuary cities. we'll put it up on the screen. any person who knowing that an alien remains in the u.s. in violation of the law, conceals, harbors or shields that person from detection shall be fined or imprisoned not more than 10 years. well the sheriff in san francisco, runs the jail. let sanchez go. he, all the evidence shows that
7:47 am
he purposely did it. even put it in writing that he wanted to shield sanchez. so he is a city employee. the city is dead bang guilty on this, aren't they? >> well i would like to discuss the sanctuary policy. in most u.s. jurisdictions once somebody is arraigned an immigration detainer is placed on that illegal immigrant. so they're not able to leave jail after their case is settle. what happened here, the san francisco jail knew of this illegal immigrant's multiple federal reentry convictions and they do have a policy in rare circumstances where they will alert the federal government that that individual is being released. that is what should have happened in this situation. gregg: but my point is, the sheriff actually put in writing, quote, there will be no detention for or release to i.c.e. on any grounds. so kent, i mean, hasn't he essentially caused enormous
7:48 am
liability for san francisco by virtue of his own illegal actions? >> yes. you've got it exactly right, gregg. you're a law and order kind of guy. they put it in writing in a memo as you said they are going to flout the federal immigration laws. what this case is actually about, it's a bigger issue, are we okay in this country, letting cities if they don't like a federal law they can blow it off and ignore it. that is not okay in my book. we open the door with these kind of sanctuary cities to make their own laws about anything if they disagree with federal law. that's a big problem. there are 200 diswho have laws and they shouldn't be allowed to thumb their nose. gregg: the problem, debra, the federal government, including the obama administration doesn't want to enforce the law. >> the federal government could have gone into court and got a court order that would have stopped the release of mr. sanchez. gregg: but they didn't do it. so aren't they liable as well
7:49 am
because the federal government, and i.c.e. is being sued here? aren't they liable. >> i.c.e. is being sued and so are rangers because their gun was used in the commission of this crime because this is quite frightening and gun was not properly secured in the ranger's car. there is liability across the board and meet elements of wrongful death claims they're alleging. gregg: kent, the feds failed to enforce the law, didn't they? they're liable here? >> i really think so and i think what needs to happen to change this, the federal government they need to sue cities like san francisco to enforce federal law. it will not happen under democratic administration. gregg: better yet, it is felony to shield or harbor which is what the sheriff was doing. charge him criminally and throw him behind bars. i have to leave it at that. >> the federal government needs to -- >> we have to examine the state versus federal law issue. gregg: there is tricky little thing called the supremacy
7:50 am
clause, article 6, whatever. good to see you. >> i'm with you, gregg. gregg: thanks. abby: gregg, moving on, just moments from now, president obama holds final memorial day wreath laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. gregg: an inspiring story one war hero paying it forward. first we honor one of america's heroes this memorial day. >> you could hear the firefight. >> hand gren made came in. reached over to grab it. went to throw it away, and severely, amputated my hand. >> he did not consider the long-term repercussion. >> just, very humble to know that the guys thought that much of me. and my actions that day to nominate me for it. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes.
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♪ abby: welcome back. this memorial day a decorated war veteran is motivating others not only to serve but to serve well. brigadier general john thompson is retired from the army but is on a mission to promote combat leadership and a winning attitude. jonathan serrie has more on this. >> right. >> this country is a great country. i don't need some political candidate to tell me we have a great country. we have a great country, the greatest country on earth. reporter: the retired brigadier general is not shy about his love for america or willingness to fight for her. his combat leadership was on full display during two tours of duty in vietnam. >> you have to have courage to do what has to be done. you have to sate example on daily basis and take action necessary to kill the enemy. reporter: lead from the front.
7:55 am
>> lead from the front. you don't have to be the leader every time you about by god be prepared to join the front. reporter: at 81 this highly decorated war vet continues to receive honors including west point's distinguished graduate award. rather than look back on his own celebrated military career, general likes to pay it forward and honor america's future warriors. each year he returns to his alma matters to present a pistol to the captain of the west point rugby team and cadet at marion military institute who shows strong potential to lead in combat. >> to note straight kids to serve and serve at the tip of the spear. reporter: tip of the spear very important to you? >> very important because not everybody wants to do it. i never have found a crowd at the front line. reporter: he doesn't take the service lightly having witnessed dozens of young men make the ultimate sacrifice in an unpopular war. >> 44 soldiers were killed under my command that is the tragedy of vietnam. for every day of my life it will
7:56 am
be memorial day for those 44 soldiers. reporter: in marion, alabama, jonathan serrie, fox news. gregg: today we're remembering america's heroes who made the ultimate sacrifice here is a look at arlington national cemetery where moments from now, president obama will take part in a wreath-laying ceremony. we'll bring it to you live at the top of the hour.
7:57 am
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martha: is in the show, we hope you and your families are having a wonderful memorial day weekend, it's something dear to my own heart as my brothers are in the military . my brothers at sea, will on the right just graduated from the naval academy. "happening now" start right now. bill: bye-bye.
8:00 am
heather: americans paying tribute to our fallen heroes this memorial day. welcome to "happening now", i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. jon: you are looking to now at arlington virginia, the national cemetery there. i'm leland vizard in for john scott. let's listen in. [national anthem playing ]


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