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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 30, 2016 10:00am-12:01pm PDT

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the brave men and women who fought for our freedom. right now there is an event underway to honor those.
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hi, doug. >> reporter: we are awaiting the traditional replaying. there are changes in the vietnam memorial this year. eight new napes were added to the wall. conditions changed from missing to killed innac. and nine names added missing in action to killed in action. we had a chance to visit another wreath laying ceremony in the world war ii memorial. it is bitter sweet occasion. and more and more world war ii veterans are obviously no longer with us. something along the nature of 400 die every day. and 16 million veterans, only 800000 are alive today. i had a chance to speak with three veterans there. na thannial thomas served in the philippines in world war ii.
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and it was the second visit and he loves to come to washington. >> it means a lot. i get to meet new friends and new people and i love that. >> reporter: i also spoke to two veterans from the campaign initily. it was contingent on the element of surprise. the germans infilt traited the hillside with artillery and pounded the u.s. troops. two ways to survive. one to be lucky and the other to dig a deep foxhole. >> you hope it never come near you. you have to dig it deep. i heard after i crawled in the hole.
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all i could see is lights in the sky and that hole was not deep enough. i made it doper and doper. >> thanks take a lighter turn. just beyond the trees on constitution avenue, it is the larger memorial day parade in the country, back to you. >> thank you, doug. campaign 2016, donald trump's campaign manager was on the hot seat with chris wallace over the claims that trump is winning the support with the women and hispanic after trump's recent criticism of governor susanna martinez mart. >> donald trump is winning with latinos and hispanics and women. >> he's not winning with women
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and hispanics. his numbers are under water and he didn't say things could be better in new mexico. she, the governor is not doing the job. he will go around the country saying that the republican governors are not doing the job. >> it is about doing what is right for the country. >> that rubbed a lot of folks the wrong way. >> we'll talk about it with vince and melinda, author of "if they only listened to us" what women voters want politicians to hear. what women want we could go on many hours on that. melinda, we'll start and introduce the facts in mr. his spin.
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2- 21 margin. what do women want to hear from trump or trump need to hear from the women. >> i think trump's whole persona is when men were men, kind of presentation. and women looked good standing by their side. i do what i want and say what i want and you can be like me. and i remember the first time i saw him in the campaign a year ago in iowa. and this was before he started to talk about the beautiful p wall a lot. his message to the group that day, be a trump usuck sowed -- succeed like trump. that played well with white men as we see from the polling, but it has a limited appeal to women and minorities. >> is there anything trump can
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do to change this number with women? he keeps going down the path and maximize the less educated white male vote. >> he is doubling down on it. what he needs to it do is give hispanics in particular reason to think something other than that. the sign on his hat saying make america white again. if you go attack the head of the republican governor's association susanna martinez and his criticism was not off bachlts new mexico has the child poverty rate and lowest high school graduation rate in the country. is it smart to say everything that pops in your mind? or is it better to do something with the long- term in mind.
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or reach out to the hispanics. and not because hispanic love me is not an outreach. >> vince, melinda said something important. do you say everything that pops in your mind and it seems like donald trump does that it as he transitions. is that more important versus talking to do i- hard republicans and hitting on the swing voters as he is under water. >> i think donald trump spoking his mind made him appealing in the primary. people don't want him to self moderate. they like a candidate to speak the truth. he attacked martinez. doing that as a woman, it is totally wrong.
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it shouldn't be done that way. and donald trump is attacking one goff gochlt was he to thin skinned by his treatment with her for not a poring with him, probably. but attacking all latinas or women is silly way. >> it is indicative of the problems with those two groups. it is not only the issue of electability but mainstream republicans, notes inially activist who voted in the primaries but those in the general. brett stephens now from the wall street. >> it's important that donald trump and what he represents the kind of ethnic qute. be so rebucked that the republican voters will learn their lesson.
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they will not elect a man underqualified to be president in any way, shape or formment. >> we get that from brett stephens on sunday and then from bill, the noted weekly standard editor. there will be an independent candidate with a and real chance. is this independent cappedidate idea a role thing you think? >> well, bill crystal hopes it is. i don't know if it is a real thing. there is a lot of systemic challenges. but brett stephens that voters need to be taught a lesson is amazing to me. i think the real lessons are coming from donald trump and the voters trying to teach a republican party a lesson. that the party is wandering
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away. clearly there is something out of line between the electorate and party. the idea of a third party threat who is trying to unsociety donald trump would result in the election of hillary clinton. do they want to see a hillary clinton there? >> it gives them someone else to run again. but to that point, is it helpful for democrats to put forth and push the idea of a third party candidate. and all of the research shows what vince said. the person it helps the most is hillary clinton. and could use all of the help upon she can get. >> it would be counterproductive for democrats to push the idea. independent candidate comes from the right, that would tend to under cut any movement. if hillary clinton is saying
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yes, plose help elect me, that will not work for what she wants to do. >> that's probably well said in terms of what she will say. where does the money come from? vince, melinda, i appreciate your time and we'll get more on what women want next time around. >> thanks for being with us. we are going to talk about the democrats now in the fox nows exclusive. the hillary clinton e-mail controversy. the former general at the state department shredding clinton's claims that other secretary of states did what she did. catherine herrage has the story. >> reporter: thank you, heather. the inspector general from april 2005 and january 2008. in clinton's four year term in
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january 2009. there was no senate confirmed replacement. there was no sheriffs and no inspector general. >> that's a great way to it say. it they are not popular, because they enforce the rowels and there was no one enforcing the rowels during that time. >> reporter: more than 2100 e-mails are classified and some containing intelligence from special access programs. mrs. clinton said the e-mails were retroactively classified. what does that mean to you? >> i don't understand it. it was class foyed by the creator or where it came from or network it was on. >> reporter: moving hilo sensitive intelligence from a government network to a private server like
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mrs. clinton is a deliberate act and doesn't happen by accident. >> how do you think it jumped. >> it could be a screen shot is or photoof a classified e-mail and send it on an unclass foyed network. there are restrictions in the state department as to what copiers can work. it is only a secure copier. that may not have been easy. >> reporter: mrs. clinton and her supporters craw comparisons with rice and powell. there was no equivalency. rice did not use personal e-mail and powell used limited base and did not use a private server. >> there is no interest here but secretary clinton. >> she's running for president.
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>> does that mean other secretaries didn't use the same practice? >> i think we have shown it is different and frankly a red herring sir and i expect more from you. >> reporter: based on the interview and inspector report it was not claimed and neither rice nor powell did as mrs. clinton did over the four years, heather? >> lots of questions, thank you. >> this memorial day weekend deadly storms in texas. it is causing widespread damage. the forecast is coming up. and a woman feared dead after a crocodile dragged her under the water. what we are learning about what you can truly call a horrifying
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a crocodile dragged her unde welcome back to "happening now". authorities are searching for a woman pulled under the water by a crocodile in australia. the 46-year-old was on a night swim with a friend in a national park and she felt a nudge and screamed a crock's got me and vanished. her friend tried to drag her to safety and could not save her. >> there is concern for their safety. but we'll continue as a search and rescue mission and continue on that vein. >> the woman was unaware that
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the waters were a crocodile habitat. >> this memorial weekend, in texas six people died. in south carolina flood waters are shutting down roads and submerging vehicles. and the rain continues up the northeast. janice don't has more now. >> much of the map seeing showers and thunderstorms. our friends in texas dealing with more rain this week. central texas, saw 2- 4 and even six inches of heavy rainfall in the last 24 hours. north of san antonio, looks like north and east of abilene, texas and more reason is in the forecast. the ground is saturated and flash flooding will be a big
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concern in the work week heading up to oklahoma. hail, and damaging winds and isolated tornados for the northern plains and texas and new mexico. and tomorrow not as high of a risk but we could see strong thunderstorms and. in portions of the midwest and western texas. so you can see the rain moving in over the central u.s. and also over the woke woke, we had tropical storm bonnie. seeing the rain up to new england. and that is going to persist next 12- 24 hours. if you have bar-b-ques or parade it may be cancelled. there is the future radar. the low will remain off of the coast of the carolinas and the chance for showers and thunderstorms persisting and we could see 2- 4 inches of pockets
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of heavy rain over the next several days. if you live in the west states, california very nice sunshine and warm in phoenix today. >> if only we lived in phoenix and california. they never get sunshine in phoenix. >> thank you, jan. >> warm and steamy. speaking of california, senator diane feinstein to suspend his campaign. he has other ideas. and a occur following down the steep cliff. the effort to save the two teenagers inside. >> we have a patient hauled up and one patient who was hauled out. these guys represent blood cells.
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right now, two teenagers are recovering after their car plunged off a steep cliff. it fell 500 feet. first responders pulled down them up the cliff. the second victim had to be air lifted. they suffered broken bones. they were cut off by a bicycler before the crash on that road. >> he ought to be able to read the sign post as well as anybody else. and if he did that, he would know that it is all but over. i know the passion of a campaign and when you're in it and you just keep go, go, go until the
10:26 am
last hour is there. well, the last is close by. >> senator diane feinstein calling for bernie sanders to unify the party around clinton. here now kevin paulscott. a huckabee campaign aide. and emily shire politics editor. thank you for coming in today. emily, is senator fine steine right. >> she is not out of line. the fact of the matter hillary clinton is beating bernie sanders by close to 3 million votes. she's both him by 300. and she could have the nomination locked up by california. she needs fewer than 80
10:27 am
delegates. >> kevun who is he impacting the most. >> the goal is to impact the democratic party platform. it is obvious to everybody that the democrat nominating process is rigged. the republican side. no one wanted donald trump and yet we have donald trump. on the democrat side they paved the way to hillary clinton and her only opposition issocialist he's trying to show that the process is rigged against him and in the favor of the candidate that the party bosses ordained. >> it seems like he asks for more. remove the co-chairs of the dnc rowels and platform committee. >> there is nothing rigged about
10:28 am
the system. hillary is beating him by close to 3 million. >> 9000, i mean 9 million. >> but she's beating him in the popular vote and delegate count. bernie sanders doesn't have anything else to reloy on and it makes him look weaker for sure. >> the fact that she is barely beating a self proclaimed socialist doesn't say a lot. >> it is not barely beating. and people beg to differ and feinstein said sanders should fallout because he is hurting the party far beyond november. >> based on what happens in the convention, the democratic national convention and he steps down. what does bernie sanders do
10:29 am
next, kevin? >> that's what the democrats are waiting to see. clinton has to tread lightly. if she doesn't get sanders supporters to coalesce. she ricks them sitting at home or supporting donald trump. and emily is right about this. they will follow bernie sanders' lead. how she handles her and it will affect the democrats. they could swing the election to donald trump. >> she needs the liberals and young people that support sanders right now. thank you for coming in. we'll see what happens, next. >> donald trump is reaching out to the veterans. we'll tell you what he's saying to those who gave so much to our country , plus. the clinton e-mail controversy.
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tongue, or throat, or affects your breathing or causes rash or hives. kidney problems sometimes requiring dialysis have been reported. some people may develop severe joint pain. call your doctor if this happens. using januvia with a sulfonylurea or insulin may cause low blood sugar. to reduce the risk, your doctor may prescribe a lower dose of the sulfonylurea or insulin. your doctor may do blood tests before and during treatment to check your kidneys. if you have kidney problems a lower dose may be prescribed. side effects may include upper respiratory tract infection, stuffy or runny nose, sore throat, and headache. for help lowering your blood sugar talk to your doctor about januvia. welcome back. donald trump reaching out to veterans this memorial day weekend. thousands of motorcycle revving up in the nation's capital in
10:34 am
the annual rolling thunder rally. it is meant for remembering the prisoners of war and those miss nothing action. james? >> another afternoon for donald trump, the rolling audience are tailor made. white, older and conservative. he took his appeal and telling the crowd that democratic front runner hillary clinton would abolish the second amendment. trump promises if he is elected, the government will pay for veterans to have access to private health care. he talked about immigration. >> we have to take care of our vets, in many cases illegal immigrants are taken much better care by this country than our veterans, and that's not going
10:35 am
to happen okay. it's not going to happen. we are not going to allow that to happen any longer. trump advisor down played the pointed attack on susanna martinez. martinez had critized trump for his tone on immigration and trump stumping in berk berk said martinez needs to get going and do a better job for her state. >> every time trump goes to speak he lays out the problems in ohio or michigan or diana. >> he didn't just say things could be better in new mexico. he said the governor is not doing the job. >> it is not being republican or democrat, it is what is right for the country. >> he disputed he is fact he is
10:36 am
fighting with paul manafort. >> no sunlight between them. i like that. james, thank you you. >> hillary clinton, broke the law. i read all 42 pages of the report. what do people want? it goes on and on and on. we are reaching the final stages of a primary. and hillary clinton is going to win this primary and i say enough is enough. let's get to the major problems facing this nation. >> that is senator feinstein dismissing the controversy. is the media underinvestigating this story?
10:37 am
we have talk media news. and nice to see you. tammy bruce at tammy good to have you ladies with us. >> thank you. >> ellen upon to you. if we changed the clock back to 2004 and the principle in the story from hillary clinton to say dick cheney who had a private e-mail server who had a classified material. i doubt miss feinstein would say we have heard enough. >> she probably wouldn't. i fault with with the media for not being obsessed with the justice department. we pay their bill asks they should be forth coming so we can make a decision. >> the history is clear. fbi and justice department complete in private. should we see what is happening and learn about the grand jury
10:38 am
proceedings. >> we don't have to see the documents, but we should know who they are interviewing and how they are making decision. that's what the press should be focused on more. >> tammy, do you agree with this? the washington post has 20 plus reporters on donald trump. should they have 20 plus on hillary clinton? >> of course they should. they want people to ignore this. richard nixon didn't break laws and we are still talking about that 40 years later. it is about ethnics and decision making. her argument is that unless there is a rule chlor for her she will make the wrong choice. these are issues that speak to the american people about decision making and principles and the connection with what is relevant here. you are looking with the media what is important what is not
10:39 am
said. it is what is not done. stories about hillary clinton that are not done are the equivalent of what is said about donald trump. and bill clinton issues and the woman with him she has her secret service code name. that should be an interest to the new york times. what is not reported and said. and simple things like controversy versus scandal. it says something about the media. they are trying to cover her, but there is so much scandal they can't get away not covering at all. >> when it comes to controversy or scandal that the media has been soft in terms of really digging in the core issues here? if i am a new's organization. >> actually, i don't think the
10:40 am
media has been soft on hillary clinton at all. i think they have to look into the justice department and how decisions are made and who is making those decisions. being soft on hillary. we are obsessed with the e-mails. that's all we hear about. >> i am unclear what you want them to investigate with in the justice department. you want to change the rules on that or you feel like the media is not looking at that? >> it is a public figure and not like someone private and who they are talking to should be made public and how they are making their decisions and who is making their decisions ought to be public. >> if i could leland, there is a reason why people talk about the e-mail dynamic. something new is always coming up and with the clintons it is something. and you would love this.
10:41 am
and you heard it in feinstein's voice. enough is enough. and tell that to secretary clinton, her life is filled with this and this is what americans are exhausted by. the attitude of entitlement and the rules don't apply to them. ellen and other good democrats to really want fairness. they need to find someone upon else to run for president. >> they are trying to rebuild her trustworthy numbers. if he makes it. >> and troubling story up next. the high school student charging at his teacher and threatening to beat her and she is now in trouble. >> and long tsa lines, not the only problem for travellers this holiday weekend. massive check in delays, what
10:42 am
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>> things are getting back to normal in jfk airport. it took a at a since a computer outage caused more than a thousand passengers to wait in line in terminal seven. they endured long lines in security checkpoints and airports all across the country. the new york city high school charges at his teacher and threatens to beat her and
10:46 am
she screams out if you hit me i will kill you. the teen complained at the office. the principal banned the student for five days and the teacher was pulled from the school pending in the investigation of whether she would mistreat that teenager. we have our trial attorney and prosecutor attorney. thank you for being here. what was the teacher supposed to do stand there and be beaten. the teacher did what she was supposed to do and in the state of new york. the penal law authorizes the teacher to use nondeadly force. this teacher was in charge of a classroom full of people.
10:47 am
she had to worry about herself and every other student. instead of using force she used words. this is insane. >> she's sent to the department of education and doing clerical work and in exile. but the student at this point will return to class on monday. >> that's right. and heather we are painfully aware there has to be an investigation. think of the irony. teachers are not armed with guns or mace. she spoke. she used words as weapons in self defense. the job of an educator is not intended to be a death sentence and this is what the district will look at. were her actions justifiable under the circumstances. what you have is a classful of
10:48 am
witnesses and some of them may have been interviewed to see what happened here. words can diffuse the situation and by the way, she credits the words with saving her life. >> in a got her in trouble. but the words with the student i am going to beat the blank out of you and i am a boxer and i can blank you up. what type of pres dept does it set for the other students? >> this is the problem. you have a room full of witnesses and other students. now they know that the bad actor only got a slap upon on the wrist and detention, their stories might change. wait a minute. i can be mean and incorrigible.
10:49 am
you guys know. this kid didn't go home and act like a angel. if he's acting like this at class, he does that at home and no one cares to discipline him. the precedent stinks. >> my sister is a teacher. teachers don't get paid enough to begin with. wendy, you have the last word. >> the point is great. the fact that other teachers watching this sets a precedent and not only paid enough. that will depend on how the investigation turns out. other teachers are cited as saying, i don't feel safe in my classroom. you shouldn't have to wonder if you you will progress to a hospital rom. the woman had the wherewithal to save her life. and other ares will do the same
10:50 am
thing in self defense. that will determine the outcome. >> wenda, jana, thank you for joining us. thank you, heather. live pictures coming to you from the white house. they have locked down the front lawn of the white house. the area in front of pennsylvania avenue and layfette park because of a suspicious package. unclear if it was thrown over the fence or whether it was outside. we have seen this a lot over the past couple of weeks. the secret service locking down the front area of the white house. no reason to think it is it drastically wrong and talk to our folks and see if we can't get more information from them or the secret service when we return from break. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
10:51 am
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call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. a fox news alert. as you're looking towards the north fence of the white house complex there, you see some fire trucks and some haz-mat crews there next to one of the gates. our understanding is that someone threw some type of object from the area right outside lafayette park in the plaza. they are on to the white house grounds, and the secret service then locks everything down, clears everyone out. all the tourists there on a busy memorial day and then goes through a painstaking procedure to make sure whatever was thrown over was not dangerous. at this point we have no indication it was dangerous, but there are early reports that someone has been taken into custody. obviously the great hope of the secret service is to question them and figure it out. we'll have more on this as it
10:55 am
develops there at the white house and possibly when they lift this lock down. well, medal of honor recipient ryan pitts is one of many brave americans who risk their lives for our freedom, and memorial day weekend is a time to remember the troops who served and sacrificed everything for our country. but the unofficial start of summer also means big consumer spending. fox business network lauren sim nettie breaks down the bigness of memorial day. >> reporter: break out the brewskies and fire up the barbecue, the unofficial start of the summer is here. >> memorial day is a big weekend where people are enjoying hot dogs on the grill and enjoying nice outdoor weather. >> reporter: the first cookout of the year calls for national hot dog, the national hot dog and sausage council estimate people eat 200 million hot dogs this weekend. aaa says more than 38 million americans plan to go somewhere over the long weekend. the u.s. travel association say we'll spend $12 billion on
10:56 am
trips. just over 300 plus each. >> memorial day weekend will seem busier than ever at the airports especially with the tsa backup. the biggest piece of advice i can give travelers is to do the one thing under your control and get to the airport three hours early. >> reporter: that would be why most americans will drive. >> look at the road trips within your vicinity within a five-hour drive. hotels where you can easily go on a site like orbitz and get a promo code for 15%, 20% off. >> reporter: cheaper gasoline is certainly helping. >> gas prices are currently 48 cents lower than they were same time a year ago. these are the lowest summer prices we've seen some 2005 so that's inspired a lot of people to in fact take a road trip. >> reporter: memorial day weekend is also a good time to go shopping. deal experts say you'll find the best deals on mattresses, appliances and spring clothing, and did you know that memorial day was celebrated on may 30th for decades, but in 1971
10:57 am
congress established the holiday as the last holiday in may to ensure a long weekend. in new york, lauren sim nettie, knocks business. more news and more information on that white house lockdown after the break.
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10:59 am
11:00 am
a fox news alert. you're looking live at the white house now as the north lawn and the complex is often lockdown after someone threw an inidentified package over the fence there by lafayette park. haz-mat crews are on scene investigating exactly what that package is. our kevin corke who had been herded into the briefing room joins us now. kevin, you're still in the briefing room. haven't been let out yet and give us an idea of what's going on snow know what that's like, leland. we spend a lot of time over here at the white house. literally the door to my left, electric lock we cannot leave the facility by way of the north lawn which is typically the way
11:01 am
we would come in here and i want to give you an update. suspicious package is what we are told by the secret service, but i would say they are being fairly close to the vest on this particular situation. usually something like this happens, and let me just explain for the people at home. someone has a political problem with the president or somebody just wants to be a jerk and they throw something over the fence and usually they investigate it. they lock things down for a while and eventually things are cleared up and traffic continues to flow. we're talking about foot traffic in front of the white house. this time it's been i think a little bit different. as you've pointed out we've seen haz-mat vehicles inside and we've been on lockdown for quite some time and, again, the secret service is being fairly close to the vest on this one. they are not giving us a great deal of information. meantime, we'll do what you and i have done on a number of occasions. we'll hang out here in the press briefing room in the hopes that secret service will eventually and soon give us the all clear. meantime, they continue to investigate that package. by the way, we've also heard and i'm not sure if you've gotten confirmation on this as well,
11:02 am
that they may have someone in custody on that and, of course, if that's the case, that could provide pretty important clues as to the content of that particular package. meanwhile, the president as you know, serving as commander in chief for the final time on this memorial day did make his way over to arlington national cemetery for the annual laying. wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. the president, of course, talking about that america should recall the sacrifice of those who have served so braffly and so honorably, many of them paying ultimate price. he also said that this country continues to do all it can to support the troops, even as we try to extract ourselves from hot spots all over the middle east in particular, like afghanistan, syria and, of course, iraq. >> in iraq and our fight against isil three americans have given their lives and combat on our behalf. today i ask you to remember their stories as well >> reporter: president using the words military commanders have been using for some time,
11:03 am
combat, to describe what's going on in iraq. meanwhile, you may have heard the president tell the story of master sergeant josh wheeler who died in iraq, whose wife ashley was at arlington today along with their baby david. a very powerful moment and an unforgettable reminder of the cost of war and the sacrifice of oh, so many. meanwhile, we will continue to keep an eye on what's happening here at the white house north lawn. all clear in terms of activity. there doesn't appear to be anyone who is making their over from lafayette park and as they continue to keep things clear here and keep people out of this area we remain on lockdown so when we say all clear, i don't see a bunch of activity on front of me and we're still on lockdown and as we get more details i'll bring them back to you. for now, back to you. >> see if you can get a snicker bar out of the candy machine and wait with it. >> you know me too well. >> back soon after they are back on the lawn. hopefully it's to report annual
11:04 am
clear. back to you soon. >> reporter: you bet. well, turning to politics now, and while more and more republicans coalesce around donald trump as the presumptive nominee, some holdouts remain on capitol hill. several members of the house freedom caucus are concerned that trump may continue president obama's practice of bypassing congress and using executive orders. fox team political coverage for you. we begin with rich edson and the republicans. hi, rich. >> reporter: good afternoon, heather. donald trump said he would use executive orders to accomplish his agenda and home conservative house republicans would challenge trump over that issue the same way that they have confronted president obama. the current administration has released controversial executive actions on immigrants and house control. members of the house freedom caucus, three dozen republicans who have opposed to the white house and their own congressional leadership say they will check a president trump if he abuses his executive
11:05 am
authority. >> when it was bush, then the bush that republicans did everything bush wanted him to do and questioning everything and vice versa. bush didn't veto a single bill that the republicans sent up. and the same things happened now with the democrats. the same democrats who were whining about overreach of the executive when bush was the president are allowing this president to go above and beyond anything that bush did. >> reporter: tree dom caucus members want to discuss their concerns. earlier this month top trump adviser paul manafort met with some caucus measures. chairman jim jordan told "the washington times" he'll vote for trump and enthusiastically oppose hillary clinton. caucus member raoul labrador says he'll support trump though suggests he'll avoid actively campaigning for him, and congressman justin amash has opposed trump over executive power concerns. our caucus members have through statements pledged to support
11:06 am
the gop nominee. others have refused to comment. in an interview earlier this month with bret baier trump did say he would negotiate with congress and denies he would use executive authority more than president obama. heather? >> well, he did write "the art of the deal." rich edson live for us is, thank you, rich. >> and now on the democratic side senator bernie sanders holding multiple events today in california while hillary clinton is spending memorial day at her home just north of new york city. more team coverage from chappaqua, new york. brian, have we seen senator clinton yet? >> reporter: good afternoon. we did see senator clinton here at the parade a couple hours ago. she's had a house here since 1999 and she's been coming to this parade since then. >> i love it. i love being here. my favorite parade.
11:07 am
>> nobody will rain on this parade. >> well, so far anyway. >> reporter: that was clinton earlier talking as she was marching in the parade. it did not rain as hillary clinton along with her husband bill and new york governor andrew cuomo marched together before honoring the veterans in a ceremony. this holiday weekend a needed reprieve for secretary clinton considering the fact she's getting attacked from three sides, bernie sanders continuing his campaign, donald trump and a you have to i.g. report criticizing her use of a private e-mail server. senator sanders, meanwhile, has been spending the weekend campaigning in california ahead of the primary there on tuesday despite calls yesterday from the state senator dianne feinstein to drop out of the race and unite the party. sanders instead has picked up his rhetoric and sanders who said he was once sick of hearing about clinton's e-mails changed his tune yesterday saying the recent i.g. report is something people should look into and
11:08 am
voters and delegates will have to take a hard look at. at the same time, the sanders campaign continues to go after democratic leadership formally asking the dnc to fire two dnc chairmen because they are biased hillary supporters. the dnc rejected that request, but the sanders campaign says they are going to continue to bring up this issue at the democratic convention. the party asking for unity and sanders saying that he believes if a this they win a lot of the majority on tuesday, june 7th, especially in california, he can go into that convention with momentum and perhaps swing some of the super delegates his way but hillary clinton is just 73 delegates shy of that magic number she needs to clinch the nomination. she's expected to get that on tuesday. leland? >> we'll follow the numbers. bryan llenas there in northern chappaqua. thank you, sir. appreciate it. to some extreme weather for you now making for a soggy memorial day on the east coast. the remnants of tropical storm bonnie bringing heavy rain from
11:09 am
the mid-atlantic all the way to the northeast. part of a major highway was reopened in south carolina. that's some good news, after floodwaters shut it down. meanwhile crews in north carolina, they are searching for a man who disappeared while swimming in the ocean. more live from charleston, south carolina with more. hi, jonathan. >> hi, heather. the rain has been holding off here in charleston for most of the day, and that's been allowing residents and visitors alike to walk along the battery and enjoy the views of charleston harbor. we went up to several of them and asked them how the storm over the weekend affected their holiday plans. >> very impressive. not a lot of wind but a lot of rain, that's for sure. >> just kept coming down and we kept looking at it and saying let's hope it stops, and it has. >> it's nice right now. we finally got out. we took our children to the museum and going to take them to the aquarium.
11:10 am
>> having a great time. how bad can it be in charleston, you know? >> reporter: but the rain has been causing serious problems in other parts of the state. about 75 miles west of charleston, heavy rains caused flooding in jasper county sunday. police had to shut down a six-mile stretch of the southbound lanes of interstate 95 around the highway 17 interchange. a major intersection in the town of ridge land, and they had to wait several hours until the floodwaters receded on their own and in north carolina, as we speak, the search continues for a 21-year-old tourist who vanished while swimming with friends in the town of carolina beach in north carolina on saturday. authorities believe the young man may have been caught in a rip current. and as the sun comes out and the weather improves, many people are wanting to go back to the beaches, but officials are urging people to pay close attention to the lifeguards, close attention to the bang, because until the system completely moves out there is an
11:11 am
increased risk of those dangerous rip currents. heather, back to you. >> ominous looking clouds behind you still in charleston, by i way, thanks a lot. >> reporter: great town. >> yeah. >> it is indeed. back to politics. donald trump and hillary clinton are running virtually neck and neck in polls as we prepare for the general election in november, so what does this mean for mrs. clinton's campaign and are the constant attacks by bernie sanders hurting her. plus, nato is calling for the world to get tough on russia as president putin issues a new threat against the united states and our allies. a few moments ago i referred back to when nato, the european union and even russia were working together to overcome the divisions and conflicts in the former yugoslavia. since then moscow has decided its interests are better served by working against us, rather than with us. we searched billions of flight combinations
11:12 am
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11:15 am
fox news alert. just outside the north lawn of the white house, and you can see d.c. fire department technicians suiting up in their hazardous material suits, and that's because they are going to investigate a suspicious package that's been thrown over the north lawn fence there of the white house. a few things to keep in mind. the president is there at the white house right now. white house is on lockdown. number two. we've heard that there's at least one person who has been put into custody. the associated press reports that was a woman put into custody as this event was going on. three, as you watch the dc fire department suit up, important to know they are in their has douse materials suit and can you see them putting on some of their breathing apparatus and protective suits but not their bomb suits. what, if anything, can we read into that? perhaps they have inspect that had package with a robot.
11:16 am
oftentimes that happened. happened just after president obama returned from his memorial day speech at arlington cemetery so around 12:30, 15:45 when this would have begun. it's already 2:15 now. as we are watching them just getting ready to go investigate the suspicious package thrown over the north lawn fence. more details as they become available. heather. >> more visitors there than normally. >> tons and tons of tourists. latest polls predicting a very close general election matchup between donald trump and hillary clinton. the current real clear politics average of polls shows clinton with a slim one-point lead nationally, just one point, this despite the turmoil of the republican primaries and the never trump movement within the gop. so is hillary in serious trouble? i should say hillary clinton.
11:17 am
thank you both for joining us. >> thanks for having me. >> what about the latest polls. she's gone down significantly and this lead has come down to one point. what is causing that? >> right. so i think hillary clinton is her own worst enemy and the best thing that could have happened to donald trump in this election cycle. when you look at that data and parse is down further and look at how she's doing in demographics she's supposed to be totally crushing shy's barely competitive with donald trump. when you look at unfavorability and favorability ratings among women, which is supposed to be her wheelhouse, she has barely something like an 11-point lead over donald trump which is pretty surprising giving that every other thing out of trump's mouth is something not so great about women. this speaks to the larger fact she has a lot of mistakes in her past. i think people aren't going to forget that she joked about
11:18 am
getting a sex offender off and they won't forget about the fact that she's made light of or tried to minimize allegations of sexual assault in the past. >> and you can add to that, lauren, the i.g. report most recently that's come out that's not gone away and the investigation is still outstanding. >> first of all, i think we're hugely overweighting the importance of these polls. in total there are about five polls that came out in the last couple of days, polled a total of 4,000 americans out of 146 million registered voters, and, you know, at the same point in the campaign in the last two presidential psychles you've seen similar data where the candidates ran neck-and-neck. we don't elect our presidents through the popular vote. we have an electoral college so the popular vote-related polls are not especially meaningful and i think we're overreading into them. what's really interesting is to look at the electoral map and where the democrats, you know,
11:19 am
led regardless of who the candidate is and the way in which democrats have dominated the electoral map, even as the consistent states that they have won since the early '90s. >> but this is a very different race. >> but still have an electoral college. >> many people saying, you know, those states, the swing states specifically, could change. it can swing and be all over the place. >> in both directions, a lot of questions about whether republicans will retain states like arizona and have been won historically and because of the increased participation of minorities and representation of minorities that may become a clear state. pennsylvania, north carolina are going to be very serious contests but you look at even what happened in florida. the passion of minority voters in florida and the frustration with some of trump's anti-minority rhetoric it's going to be a serious problem. not challenges and issues for hill hi. i think we all understand that and the more he goes after her the more it becomes real. >> let me jump over to bre.
11:20 am
what do you think the end result will be for hillary clinton? >> i think her goose is cooked. we don't have to look at polling data to indicate this. look at states that she won in 2008 and won in 2016 like ohio which, which she won both times and see she did win this time but lost half a million voters so even the people who voted for her eight years ago are not so sure about her now. >> and something i was looking as when you take a look at the polls, stay away from the numbers specifically as were you mentioning, if you look at what is happening to hillary clinton, she is slowly going down and donald trump is slowly going up, so if that is a trend that continues, then she will be in trouble. >> well, look, i mean, trump has been extraordinarily effective in destroying the reputations and the credibility of the candidates who have run against him. that's fundamentally how he's won the nomination and he's been incredibly effective using the media and using his free media to go after other candidates in very personal ways. >> but he doesn't real very to
11:21 am
use the media in terms of the fbi investigation, in terms. clinton foundation, i mean, those are things that hillary clinton has done to herself. >> well, i think they will continue to be issues and i think had the campaign will have to manage those but the reality it's very hard to respond to attacks when they are perpetual and constant and changing every minute of the day. i mean, she is getting it from all sides. i do think that we're going to see a significant increase in her numbers after the convention. i mean, that always happens, first of all, and i think the polling numbers early on. bre, we'll come in november and see which one of us is right. way too early to be talking about any candidate who is going to win or lose. one thing we've learned in this election nobody can predict. >> speaking of the convention -- >> we don't know what's going to happen there. thank you both for joining us today. >> thanks for having me. >> thank you. a fox news alert as the white house is still on lockdown. a cameraman of ours positions in lafayette park has been able to get this shot, and it appears to show a couple of the d.c. fire
11:22 am
department haz-mat crews investigating a package that was thrown over the white house fence as president obama was inside. one person in custody and white house still on lockdown. more information on the other side of this b
11:23 am
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right now new fears that the real estate market is in a bubble that's about to burst. some expergts are saying there are signs like a sudden surge in pricing luxury homes for sale. maybe a glut on the market, and also the national banks are under pressure to tighten up some loan terms. sound familiar perhaps? mitch rochelle is with price waterhouse cooper, your real title and we'll call you a real estate guru here for the next couple of minutes. >> i like that, real estate
11:26 am
guru. >> should folks be worried we're going through another 2008 bubble? >> no, i'm not hurried. >> okay, we're done. >> segment over. >> 12 months, 13 months of supply on the market before the bubble burst the last time. now we're down to 4.7 months of supply, so that's a big difference, and what's happening actually now is the low supply is actually what's driving the prices up, but that's because there's demand and people want to buy homes. last time we had a ton of product flooding the market. >> this vignes substantially changed in the way loans are done? so much of the fear last time and so many of the problems last time came from the idea that almost anyone can get a home loan, no real research being done or vetting of these people. have those really been fixed, the internal problems? >> i would say it's fundamentally fixed. you actually need something called a down payment and that's different from before when you could buy more than the purchase price to fix a home. the underwriting standards are really, really tough.
11:27 am
a friend of mine is in the process of refinancing a property that they own and refer to it as a financial colonoscopy. >> lovely visual here on memorial day before barbecues. this all came out of articles in the "new york times." a worrisome pile-up of $100 million homes was the headline of the article. cued the tiny little violins and the question was there's a canary in the coal mine. there's a big glut of fancy homes there may be a big glut of not so fancy homes. is that a good comparison? >> the median house price in this country is 321,000. a lot different than 100 million so i think it's a completely different market and what's interesting is those are worldwide, that glut, with you in the united states truth be told there is an oversupply of the ultra luxury condominium product and sippinging home broadcast. >> we've seen the feds crack down on that in new york and
11:28 am
miami saying if you're going to be a foreigner and come in, we've got to know where the money comes from and who you are. >> another interesting fact though, the investors who are looking at ultra luxury product have actually pivoted away and decided to buy investment properties instead because if they want to rotate assets towards u.s. real estate they would rather it be income-producing. they are here and are shifting away. >> demands demand and prices up and helps prices. appreciate your insights. heather in. >> still to come, isis claiming responsibility for a deadly wave of bombings in iraq as government forces gain new ground in retashing one key city from the terrorists. the latest on the battle there straight ahead, plus, as we remember those who have served in our armed forces on this memorial day. coming up i will speak with a wounded veteran on the long road to recovery and the organization that he's teamed up with that's going above and beyond to help those like him.
11:29 am
michael murphy and three fellow s.e.a.l.s were surrounded by a much larger enemy norse. >> sitting ducks. guys getting hit left and right. >> the survival of his men moved into a clearing where his phone could get reception. >> i saw him grab his rifle. >> he gallantly gave his life for his country and for the cause of freedom. >> i was happy to get rid of this sucker and you're going back and you're fighting for your life, so fooling around and trying to worry about whether you got one, i didn't know
11:30 am
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11:33 am
fox news alert as the white house north lawn is on lockdown. live picture there coming in. you can see through the trees hazardous material teams from the d.c. fire department inspecting some type of package that was thrown over the fence and then that prompted a lockdown by the secret service, and for some reason they have called out this hazardous material. one person is in custody and a woman put in handcuffs and a huge area around the white house has been clearing off on a busy, busy memorial day for tourists there. we've been able to get a crew on to pennsylvania avenue and that's where we find doug mcelway with what he can tell us. doug, we see the fire trucks behind you. >> reporter: that's right. let me give you an interested of where we're positioned right now. at 17th and pennsylvania and right where the ordinary area of pedestrian flow of traffic begins at the white house,
11:34 am
pennsylvania avenue ends at 17th and pennsylvania and becomes a pedestrian thoroughfare from that point on. they routinely close this area off for comings and goings of dignitaries and white house staffers, important white house staffers, but it is all closed off to all pedestrian personnel here. this began happening shortly after the president returned from the wreath-laying ceremony at arlington national cemetery. as you said, the associated press is reporting that somebody threw an unknown substance over the white house fence on to the north lawn. shortly thereafter a woman was detained and we're told, by the associated press, she's in handcuffs right now. not an unusual situation to occur at the white house but what is unusual is the number of haz-mat vehicles. as you can see, a lot of them there. some firefighters donning the haz-mat suits and seem to be going about this very, very methodically. it's my understanding that they have not yet examined this unknown object which was thrown over the fence but are in the process of doing so.
11:35 am
from what you said, leland, you may have a better view of it from where i am and you may have access to cameras where you may not see. >> i smoke to a couple of uniformed secret service officers outside the cordoned off area who said nothing was thrown over the white house fence and that there are a couple of incidents going on here that may or may not be related, but that's not coming from official sources, the public affairs office of the secret service. it's coming from officers who are mingling about out here. that conflicts a little bit with what we're seeing the associated press report. i tend to go more with the associated press report and from what you saw that you have cameras witness to and let me add if we pan way over here to the left side, we're situated right near the renwick art gallery, newly renovated, which has just reopened its doors and a lot of people are exiting the renwick gallery not knowing what
11:36 am
all the activity is about. a typical normal tourist day here as far as most people are concerned except for the fact that the white house is on lockdown and they are examining this package which apparently was thrown over the white house fence. >> been on lockdown for a little bit more than an hour, and from our camera position there in lafayette park you can see the has mass crew down on their knees examining something. what that is we don't know. there they are. they are continuing to work on it, and as you pointed out they have been incredibly methodical about it. back to the white house, doug, as you get more information or our kevin coaching inside does as well. thanks a lot, doug. >> you bet. as we honor those who have served this memorial day there's a group dedicated to helping veterans wounded in battle. luke's wings provide families with means to travel and visit recovering service members and joining me now the organization ceo and co-funder fletcher gill
11:37 am
along with one of the many veterans his group has helped, retirement staff sergeant jonathan meadows injured serving in afghanistan and the sergeant's wife melissa. thanks for joining us today. >> thank you. >> fletcher, i'll start with you. luke's wings. describe your mission for it and we were just wondering why did you decide to start this? >> well, thanks for having and happy memorial weekend to everybody. we were founded in january of 2008 so it's been almost a decade now. we were inspired by the service of a wounded warrior at walter reid named luke shirley. he had lost an arm and a leg in battle and what really stuck out to us was the fact that his mother was there every day changing his bandaged and taking care of them, and we started to think, well, geez, i bet more moms would like to come in and take care of their wounded warrior sons and daughters and probably get home, you know, and sleep in their own beds and make sure that the rest of the family was okay so in 2008 we set up
11:38 am
luke's wings to do just, that to provide travel for families of our wounded warriors during their recovery in and out of military hospitals. >> so they can be together. what a great idea. jonathan or staff sergeant meadows and melissa, you've also been able to take advantage of luke's wings. staff sergeant meadows you were deployed to afghanistan in 2006 and 12. how has the organization helped you and your family? >> helped me a lot, especially with my recovery. getting my family with me was a big, big help in my recovery. with all thigh therapies and everything that i was going through, i just had enough. i was ready to just give up and quit and that time i was just heady just to give up so bad that i was ready just to -- suicidal thoughts were just coming through and just getting my family with me, that they --
11:39 am
that they got my family with me and my mother and all it changed my thoughts and they helped me a great deal. >> and one of the treatments that your family members have been able to be a part of with you has really tremendously helped you, and that is art therapy. tell us what you're doing with your art now. >> my art is wonderful. i'm creating soldiers and different -- different types of creations that, you know, i've seen overseas and other things that people have seen, and i put it together, and i'm hoping it will help other people understand and see what soldiers have seen and been through and, plus, i want to give back to organizations so i'm starting to -- to make these -- these
11:40 am
pieces to -- to give to -- >> for auction. >> up for auction. >> so that they can help -- so we can help raise funds. you have no idea how fantastic it's been to have our family with us. >> well, it was very fantastic for you to join us on this memorial day thank you so much for your service, appreciate it your organization. >> thank you for your support. >> thank you. >> bye-bye. >> fletcher's wife lindsey also does great work. on this memorial day there are still thousands of americans in harm's way protecting us overseas. in iraq they are helping iraqi troops push into the city of fallujah west of baghdad. that assault take being place today. it has been under isis control for two years despite air support from the u.s.-led coalition. the offensive has been slow to say the least.
11:41 am
our conor mowl is following the battle from the middle east bureau. hi. >> reporter: hi, leland. this operation began last monday and today iraqi commanders say they have begun to insert special forces units into the city of fallujah and now that iraqi troops control about 80% of the territory outside of fallujah, so this operation is making progress, but it has slowed by what commanders in iraq say is fierce resistance on the part of isis. there's believe to be 65,000 or so civilians stick inside the center. commanders are calling for them to leave but isis is not allowing them to leave. only a couple hundred have managed to escape during this operation f.would be a very big whether if isis were to lose fallujah, not only the first city and major city they have taken control of but also because they have used fallujah in recent weeks to launch
11:42 am
attacks in baghdad which is only about 40 miles or so. today there were at least two attacks killing 24 people there and in recent weeks we've seen around close to 200 or so people killed in isis bombings in baghdad, so this operation to clear isis from fallujah is really key to restoring stability and security also in baghdad and that's the main reason why it's been undertaken now and not the other key city of mosul, leland. >> a lot of fears about how long it could take to take fluja fully with 5,0001,000 isis fighters. conor powell live in the middle east bureau, already there monday night. thanks, conor. raumdan begins june 6th. >> yeah. nato urging member countries to take a tougher stance on russia. the president of the nato parliamentary assembly calling on european partners to work towards boosting defense funding ahead of nato's upcoming summit in war snau. >> in warsaw we must reaffirm that deterrents, conventional
11:43 am
and nuclear and collective defense remains nato's first and essential mission. we must increase our forward presence in the east and make sure we have the processes, the forces and equipment in place to reassess the presence rapidly if need be. >> well, this comes as russia threatens retaliation against the u.s. and our allies for setting up a missile defense system in eastern europe even though the nato-run system is for defense only. >> never misses an opportunity. there's a new twist in the hulk hogan sex tape lawsuit against the website gawker. now, two well-known billionaires are getting involved on either side of this case, so how could that impact gawker and change the legal landscape? tired of re-dosing antacids? try duo fusion! new, two in one heartburn relief. the antacid goes to work in seconds... and the acid reducer lasts up to 12 hours in one chewable tablet. try new duo fusion.
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11:47 am
off the road. this is the cross bronx expressway. we're told that the driver managed to get out okay, but there are some fears of fuel inside the truck catching fire so con-ed crews are out there working to deactivate the wires so hopefully that will not happen and once again this is going on right now, but it does appear everyone is out safe. some new information in the hulk hogan sex tape lawsuit against the website gawker. two silicon valley billionaires with a history of bad blood appear to be squaring off in the case. here's how it works. pierre armidier, co-founder of ebay is reportedly leading the charge to support gawker in its appeal of $140 million judgment against it, while hulk hogan's original lawsuit was reportedly bank rolled by rival billionaire and paypal co-funder peter field. joining us to discuss, a defense
11:48 am
attorney and former prosecutor and criminal defense attorney. gentlemen, appreciate you both being here. >> thank you. >> great to be here. >> in the sense that we've talked a lot about this case as a first amendment invags of privacy case and what the original lawsuit was about. now it's absolutely fascinating you had two billionaires, one for a long time, totally silently funding this thing. >> yeah. well, i mean, it's kind of shocking. i've got to tell you. what they should have done is called ucf and had like a billionaire boy's club backyard brawl and instead of doing that they used this clandestine method in which they were bank rolling a lawsuit as a third party but not a listed party in the lawsuit. it smelled fishy. super fishy. >> chip in, that sense if you're a lawyer and some billionaire comes to you and says, hey, i want to go sue x, y, z company and i'm going to find this person in another case, hulk hogan, to do it, you're
11:49 am
absolutely under no obligation to disclose who is paying your bills, right? >> absolutely not. you don't have to disclose anything about who is paying your bills and it really shouldn't matter. the truth of the matter, this is a trend going on in many lawsuits as lawyers who don't have the financial capacity and maybe the claimants themselves don't have enough money to fund these very expensive lawsuits that could go on for years as i expect for this one to go on as well. >> so as we look at this, now that you have sort of equal money on both sides, at some level does that help get the best verdict if you can pay unlimited sums to unlimited lawyers to fight it out, or does that pervert justice in some way? >> well, the -- i think it perverts justice. here's the thing. flip side to that coin is now people with deep pockets who have no ability to get involved with litigation with the target that they have can now find people that don't have the same financial stability that they have to help fund a lawsuit against somebody that they have ears on. it seems, at least i've heard,
11:50 am
that there was substantial influence by field on the hulk hogan camp in terms of what the outcome. case was in terms of turning down settlements and other manners in which hogan should have made the decision on his own, but he was clearly influenced by field. >> seems through the whole thing, chip, now that we understand what's going on, that this was a deeply personal attack on gawker, but he came ought it sort of through this surreptitious way. do you want to go after any newspaper, somebody that's upset with the newspaper and then you sue them? > i think for people of mean, and even celebrities, are sick and tired of having their privacy, the most private, intimate moments, given -- published by gawker and other types of internet organizations who are doing it not for the purpose of any newsworthy event. even they published -- when they put out the videotape, it wasn't for the purpose of news. it was because it said the
11:51 am
internet has made us all deviants and voyeurs who are shamelessly watching this sex. >> got to run,. thanks, guys. see you son. >> thank you. >> take it easy. i can to help prevent another one. a bayer aspirin regimen is one of those steps in helping prevent another stroke. be sure to talk to your doctor before you begin an aspirin regimen. hello welcome to holiday inn. running our own business, we've been traveling a lot. a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at to be taken care of. in good hands? like finding new ways thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else, like claim free rewards... or safe driving bonus checks.
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♪ whoa go with me now it's made for those who vacation like they mean it. universal orlando resort. welcome back. happening right now. police working to figure out a motive after a wild shoot out at an auto shop in houston. will carr has the latest on the story. >> reporter: right now authorities trying to figure out why a half a dozen cars, even a police helicopter, got shot yesterday. now, they say that everything happened in an auto detail shop in west houston yesterday morning. a suspect had a hand gun and ar15, walked into the parking
11:55 am
lot and shot a man in the head, killing the man. he then ran into a nearby neighborhood and started shooting randomly. he hit a nearby gas pump, sparking a fire, and then narrowly misseds toes of people in the area. take a listen. [gunshots] s. >> he shot one of the customers in the head. and then whoever was around him started running across the street and everything, and he just went after them with a gun. >> trying to figure out what is going on. the dude looked and seen me across the street and shot at me. >> then it went through that seat, then come back through that seat, grazed the back seat. >> reporter: at one pound the gunman turned his fire on responding police officers, two deputy constables, certified
11:56 am
officers, were shot. they will be okay. check out this police car, shot 21 times. amazingly the officer who was driving inside was not hid. the same time members of the s.w.a.t. team responded and eventually shot and killed the gunman. >> i'm confident that had it not been for those officers able to take out the suspect, that we would have more deaths here today. did a phenomenal job, everybody involved. >> reporter: the bomb team had to respond and detonate a suspicious device. in all, six people shot. they had nonlife-threatening injuries two people killed, including the suspect, and, again, authorities still trying to figure out the motive here. >> will carr, live from l.a. thank you. >> you bet. >> we'll be right back as we remember america's fallen heroes this memorial day.
11:57 am
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thank you for joining us this memorial day. >> great to be with you. you need to go home and get some sleep. >> trump, hillary clinton, and who? a new nominee is in the race already. pulling double digits the polls. so can this third-party candidate actually hurt the other's chances? a lot of politics ahead. a holiday weekend washout for millions of americans, and forecasters warp that deadly flooding could get worse. police officers under fire. [gunshots] >> a shooter even aiming at a police helicopter and now the big question, why? and honoring our nation's heroes this memorial day. >> all those who can't be here and were taken too soon.


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