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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 30, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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drivers first standard it their engines 105 years ago today. >> used to be butter milk instead of milk. i'm gregg jarrett in for shep. "your world" is next. can. >> hurry up and wait. hi, everybody. i'm in are in neil cavuto and this is a special memorial day edition of "your world." summer flyers getting a first taitz of the lock -- long lines this woke wean. the tsa scrambling to fix a affect marry playing the nation's airports. one carrier reporting 70,000 customers missed flights this year because of the delayed screenings. to fox's mike tobin at chicago's o'hare international airport on what is being done. mike? >> reporter: hello. this is o'hare airport, ground zero for airline congestion.
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40,000 bags did not get onboard flights, people were sleep neglect to terminal waiting for connections. travel is expected to increase over the summer. it's at record levels now and expected to increase another four percent. the question is what is being done about it? congress has approved an additional $34 million for the tsa to convert some part-time staff into full-time staff. the tsa is looking for an additional $24 million to be approved to convert another 2700 employees the meantime, as this won't even be proofed until the middle of june, people are stuck between the convergence of increased volume, decreased staff, and the proliferation of wheeled hand carts people are carrying because they don't want to pay the baggage fees. >> it's a nightmare. we had to wake invery early to make sure we catch our flight and are very angry about that and about this organization. >> you can't get around it. you just have to adapt, and it's not fun but no other way to get
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around the country kickly so you have to stick it out. >> getting here three to four hours before your nighttime, that's ridiculous. they've got to do something to speed this process up. >> now the airlines themselves are pitching in. the ceo of southwest said it's an all hands on deck situation. so southwest and jetblue are dedicating staff to assist the tsa screeners. american airlines and del tar both spending $4 million so their agents will do things like sort bins and assist with lines so the screeners can dedicate. thes to screening passengers. what we don't see the airlines doing thus far is waiving the baggage fee. back to you. >> you want shorter lines, give us more money. the tsa chief asking congress for extra green at a hearing last week. republican congressman ronde santos from florida isn't ready to greenlight more cash. congressman, always more money. why do you say no?
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>> i think what's that bureaucracies do when they fail rather than reform. that say we need to put more money in a system that is not working. you look at these wait times going on right now around the country and they're likely to get worse in the summer months, but yet, even with all the wait times, when people go in and test to try to see if tsa can find the contraband, 90% of them end up getting by the screeners anyway so it's the worst of both worlds. passengers are inconvenienced by waiting a long time but yet the security in many respects is illusory. >> how do you fix that, then? it sounds like it's a failure of management, and one of the reasons that we see these lines is because when the head of the tsa came in last year, with that horrible security report that came out. they had been feeding people through tsa prechecked who had nonknot been screened properly, and after the terror events in the fall, and even after the terror attacks in europe, and
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then that mogadishu bombing they had to stop feeding people through precheck because it was a security risk. how do you fix incompetence? >> here's the thing. there's a problem with the leadership, as you suggest. the morale in the agency is very low you. have very senior people who get paid significant bonuses, and yet some of them have committed misconduct and are still there. meanwhile, the rank-and-file tsa agents is not treated very well. when people try to bring problems, our committee showed that they actually were retaliated against for trying to be whistleblowers. so you have a bad culture where there's no accountability at the top. there's a real bad lack of morale for the rank-and-file, and i think the results are, as you would expect. and here's the things. anyone who has been in one of these lines well know, as the lines go bad there's still usually one or two screening areas just sitting there that no one is using. so they don't adapt to the
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environment in front of them. and i think it's very frustrating for a lot of travelers. >> now the people who actually did pay for precheck go to use it and get through security quicker, and those screening areas in many instances in the big airports are closed because they need the people to help with the longer lines in the regular area. but a lot has been said about privatizing the tsa. it was private before 9/11 but you have 22 airports that have private security and it's overseen by the tsa. do you think that is the direction we need to go? >> here's the thing about when you have private airlines involved. they have an enormous incentive to keep their flights safe because if they don't do that, their whole business model goes in into the toilet. tsa, although i think many of them are well-intended, at the end of the day it's a bureaucracy, and the people are going to get paid to matter what happens so the incentives for tsa to change and adapt quickly
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are not as good as it would be if you had private actors in which their business models demanded that you had absolute safety. >> but you do think that there is a role for the federal government in overseeing at least laying out the guidelines. that was president bush's idea after 9/11. he was not originally in favor of making the screeners federal employees but he did see the need for the national security and the federal government to oversea the screening process. >> and absolutely. and obviously the federal government is going to have a very significant role in providing intelligence and sharing the potential threat matrix with other folks involved in the travel industry. that's a very critical role, and as we have seen now with the terrorists operating in the middle east and places like egypt and in europe, those are folks that can come to our country as well, and so you absolutely need to have all hands on deck to be able to combat those threats. >> congressman, great to see
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you. from the fine state of florida. take care. >> you, too. >> from being jammed at the airport, to traffic jams. aaa expects 34 million drivers to hilt the holiday -- highways over the holiday weekend. that's up from last year. lower gas prices might be part of the reason. william is in los angeles with the latest. >> reporter: compared to the last 11 years, the gas prices over the holiday weekend will be the lowest since that period of time, and of course what does that mean? it means more money, more spending, and more money in driver's pockets. >> i enjoy it. it's nice. it makes a difference. >> as long as it stays here going to be all right. >> think it helps the economy a little bit. people can afford to move around a little easier. >> reporter: the aaa expects 38 million will travel this holiday weekend. that is by road, rail, and by
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air. that's the served highest on record. 700,000 more than last year. and because of the lower prices, americans will save $3 billion over the holiday period compared to five years ago. >> gas prices are currently 48 cents lower than they were same time a year ago. these are the lowest summer prices we have seen since 2005. so that's inspired a lot of people to in fact take a road trip. >> reporter: nationally prices are averaging 2.26 a gallon for regular. so why have prices been falling? well, number one, the u.s. is now the numb one -- number one producer of oil and gas, and iran is empumping on the open market, the saudis are producing more to compete and hold their mark share, and the chinese economy is just beginning to perk up. motorists have their own explanation. >> we're producing more of our own oil and less imports. >> i see gas prices being
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stablized currently do to it's an election year. >> because of rue kneable energy, people using electric cars. >> i don't know. obama. >> so because of crude and gas prices are now very volatile and because of those wildfires in canada, you have unrest in nigeria, as well as venezuela, and of course, also have -- crude, because of those reasons and unrest in libya as well, crude prices cracked $50 a barrel last week, and that is up from, what, $26 in february. although that is half the $100 it was two years ago. the good news is experts expect that we will not be seeing $4 gasoline anytime soon. back to you. >> thank you so much. the -- people in los angeles complain about the traffic but i think it's worse on the east coast. >> a lot of us are not going anywhere this weekend because
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traffic is terrible. >> it's because we love our families. thank you. according to a new survey more americans planning to skip out on air travel because of the security headaches. add that to those low gasoline prices prices and depaul university cease a big headache for airlines. how big? >> the data is coming out and it is scary. what has happened is the wave of the delays in chicago, which kicked us to a national story, it's now like everyday conversation among the public. asking them, taking aflight flight, instantly goes to how long the lines are and feeds on itself and put the airlines in a tough spot, trying reassure the public the summer won't be as bad as the tsa warns, and that the public is not buying it. >> tell me if i'm wrong on this. this is my crackpot theory. feel like the airlines are kind of trying to use the tsa created
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problems to win support from fliers because people generally hate the flying experience and it's not just the security. it's being packed into these planes, like, well, you're a tiny little pistachio in a big bowl, and i think that's what the airlines are trying to do, is kind of curry favor with their customers. >> i think they have used this to try to make the argument that this is government bureaucracy that created this but they've got a good point. they builts model around the assumption you can get to your flight with a reasonable degree over predictability and now you just don't know. people get to the airport three and a half hours ahead because they're thinking of the worst-case scenario and that means a short-haul flights are things that people are avoiding. so the airlines that built he summer schedule on a set of assumptions, those fliers are going to be less so they're trying to reassure the public and at the same time the tsa is
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issue otherring the warnings. >> the airlines could cut air fairs if they want team to fly. might create longer security lines. they could reduce the checked bag fees. a couple of democratic senators were call only the airlines to do that but they could do something to make sure people continue to fly. >> it's good to see that this whole problem with line waits has forced everybody to rethink how we're doing the airports and delta in particular, in minneapolis, add manpower to supplement the tsa, and they're no longer saying, your job is security, our job is to get you to the destination. now they're saying, we're going to work together and ad some manpower where we need to be. we're seeing other airlines trying to give better predictions for passengers when they need to arrive. airports want to think about privatizing the system and that debate is going to move forward with more rigor because the 20 airports doing it seem happy and the airlines are encouraging
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airports to think about, maybe there's an option to the tsa we should be looking at. >> thank you so much. have a great memorial day. take care. >> thank you. >> up next, forget the beach. are these going to be the new scenes of summer? police on guard for more antitrump protests. is anyone asking, who is behind them? (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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because no one knows & like at&t. get them oust here. get them out. get them out. get them out. out! out, out, out! >> donalddonald trump's a riot ? look at the riots happening outside his rallies lately. is this rage real or is something else going on here? to shelby holiday on who is hip the protests. who is behind them, people who don't like trump and trying to embarrass him. >> a lot of people who are against trump for a variety of reasons.
1:17 pm
hispanic groups, people protesting women's rights, now native americans. but also a lot of people who are for trump and sometimes that's why things get dicey outside of his rallies. but a lot of these -- >> i can tell you that a trump supporter didn't hit jonathan hunt with a rock the other day in n.l. >> most of the protest outside, when you see them provoking police and running up to the barriers, those are people protesting donald trump, against donald trump's message, like i said, for a variety of reasons but there to voice their opposition to the republican front-runner. >> what do you expect to happen as the summer wears on, particularly leading up to the republican convention in cleveland? >> it's going to be a hot summer. a lot of political unrest. we know that donald trump is going to have to campaign in swing states. swing states have high population of hispanics. florida, new mexico, colorado. those are the states where he tends to get a lot of protests -- >> do they -- >> he wants to put new york in play and there have been some
1:18 pm
big prosts here as well. i've covered them and the main issue of the people are his comments about hispanics, mexicans, building the wall, anything the says on immigration. >> what about outside agitators and the reports we're getting on that. >> outside agitators are real problem and again, some cities are ready for this, but we saw two very different pictures in california and new mexico. california police were ready, they arrested people without any big reports of violence. new mexico's police didn't seem prepared for the kind of rally donald trump was holing, and we saw broken glass, things thrown as horses and cops. >> a couple things. this is -- i have seen this all over -- do these protesters reals why when they bring mexican flags to the protests they're helping donald trump campaign? >> they are, and we saw him turn around after new mexico and say, those people outside being violent, those were thugs, waving the mexican flag. i don't know if they realize that is turning into an attack
1:19 pm
against them, and mobilizing trump supporters. >> what about the preparations going on in cleveland right now? because i know both cleveland and philadelphia will both each get $50 million in federal security funding because there's national special security event, but it's not just about the money. it's about the planning for all these pro-trump rallies in cleveland and anti-trump. >> so the cleveland, 20 million of that money will go towards equipment. 20,000 sets of riot gear, 300 patrol bikes, three miles of steel barrier. they're spending $20 million just on the gear alone. there will be 5,000 cops, officers deployed, and working with homeland security, secret service, state and local law enforcement, so cleveland says it's ready, but cleveland is also had issues with law enforcement. >> i -- with some of those protesterser -- they're very well organized, and you have to wonder who is hip them in terms
1:20 pm
of whether it's the two remaining democratic candidates. >> from a lot of different angles. a lot of different types of protests and especially around the convention there will be marches, there could be demonstrations, speeches youch don't know what you'll see. >> shelby holiday. >> i'll be reporting. >> thank you so much. and speaking of democrats, think it's intense between hillary clinton and bernie sanders now? they could be headed for a tension convention in july. we report, you decide. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways
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is a battle brewing ahead of the democratic convention? some democrats reportedly trying to dump debbie wasserman schultz
1:24 pm
as bernie sanders vows to stay in the race, warning that the convention could get messy, his word. how messy? we have -- bernie supporters are as strong-willed as trump supporter, if not more so. >> that's exactly right. bernie is to the left what donald trump is to the right. right down to really encouraging his supporters to get into that physicality, and he is really quite a sore loser. he does not want to let go. like glynn close in the bar in fatal attraction and is determined to take this to convention. >> a method to his madness because people are talking about is he waiting it out to see if the fbi recommends an indictment of hillary clinton? that he is waiting in the wings and owes it to his supporter's have continued to give money to his campaign. >> he doesn't owed to the supporters putted the fbi has nothing to a it would go for bernie sanders, that's why joe
1:25 pm
biden was making announcements about work regulations in ohio this month. >> you still think he would step in if michigan happened to hillary clinton, it would be bernie vs. biden. >> he would try. the idea you give it by default to the other guy, so i think that kind of hail mary was won't work, and we have seen donald trump clinch the republican nomination. i think that's going to make it tougher for bernie because now that is wrapped up on the republican side, and hillary's people are going to be saying, come on now, a lou me to fight the general election you. were only a democrat as of last year. you're harming me. >> does it weaken her candidacy? i look at the remaining contests and in 1980, jimmy carter lost five of the last eight primary contests to ted kennedy, and in hindsight it was an indication of what a weak candidate he was
1:26 pm
come november. >> yes. but look at the other side of the aisle, just this week we saw the presumptive nominee couldn't get an endorsement from suzanna martinez in new mexico and half his open party won't stand with him. rarely have seen two nominees so disliked by their party. >> bernie challenges her to a debate and then she says, no thank you, and people fund why. shen the acknowledges he is still in, standing around spending hat the fbi recommends an indictment or their super delegates turn against her which they did in 2008. >> meanwhile, donald trump said maybe he is playing -- he would never actually debate bernie sanders because says ill we debate bernie sanders, and trial to give a boost to the sanders campaign. democrats are going say to bernie sanders, you've had your
1:27 pm
fun, it's time to go home. >> messy, how messy in philly. >> it can get reasonably messy but some heavyweights from the democratic party -- maybe not deb where i downer, debbie wasserman schultz but they will go to bernie sanders -- >> they did that after nevada when his supporters were sending death threats to the chairwoman of the party in city state and he kind of sort of apologized for that but kind of not really. >> these bernie bros are not doing him any favors and hillary clinton is finding it difficult to get a good news story but maybe the misogyny of the bernie supporter so much against her will help her york. >> you're talking about them like some people talk about trump. good to see you, louise. a mac attack. union backed protesters slamming mickey ds, demanying a 15 tuesday minimum wage but will
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trust number one doctor recommended dulcolax constipated? use dulcolax tablets for gentle overnight relief suppositories for relief in minutes and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief i'm gregg jarrett with a fox news update. president obama honoring america's fall can heroes this memorial day. [taps playing] >> the president laid a wreath at the tomb of the unanyones at arlington national cemetery and called on americans to honor the fallen by caring for the loved
1:32 pm
ones and fellow troops they leave hip remains of tropical storm bonnie dumping rain on millions of americans. severe storms caused deadly flooding in the state of texas. the director of the cincinnati zoo is defending the decision to kill a gorilla after a young boy fell into its enclosure help says the animal was hurting the boy. he also says looking back zoo officials would make the same decision again. i'm gregg jarrett. now back to "your world." have a safe and healthy memorial day weekend. >> $15 an hour. we need it now. right now. >> wage rage. protesters storm mcdonald's headquarters with two days of angry protests. the demonstrators demanding a 15 tuesday minimum wage.
1:33 pm
capri says, mcdonald's can afford it, lisa says it will only cost jobs. lisa, now, speak. >> hi. this is absolutely going to lead to job loss. and this us nothing more than an organizing effort by the -- who spent $18.9 million on the effort last year alone and it's important to be honest.who raising the minimum wage to $15 an hour is actually going to impact. we're talking about 16 to 24-year-olds who are the majority of minimum wage easterners in the country. the majority of them are living in households that make above the national average and two-thirds of those individuals will sea pay increases within a year. so not only is this going to lead to job loss but we're talking about teenagers and young americans here. >> capri, in the city of chicago, the minimum wage in a year or two is already headed to $13 an hour. so, 13 is not good enough?
1:34 pm
they got have 15? >> well, apparently the folks at mcdonald's think they need $15 an hour. what we just heard from lisa is exactly what we always hear from folks, that oppose the minimum wage increase. and what we need to remember is that, yes, while there are teenager that are out there working summer jobs or after school jobs, i tell you, as someone who represents 330,000 ohioons who is also a licensed social worker and works with vulnerable population, the reality is there is a lot of americans that unfortunately are trying to raise a family on not one but two or three minimum wage jobs. we need to be able to grow the economy from the middle out, not from the top down. if you have money in your pocket to support your family, don't have disposable income you're notes going to be able to go out there and purchase the goods and services from other companies that also need to employ. >> really quickly, i'm going to push back. in the state of ohio with some exceptions for small employer is believe the minimum wage is
1:35 pm
$8 -- >> 8.10 indecked of the decade. >> so, capri, do you think the minimum wage should go to $15 an hour immediately or over a couple of years in the state of ohio? because you know that it will cause job losses. >> i firmly believe that we need to do it in a pragmatic way. we need to increase the minimum wake but in a way that it is incremental like in the state of ohio. what we have seen over the last decade we have not seep outside of the obvious cyclical issues in our economy, nationwide, we have -- that is not impacted our ability to create and retain jobs. >> lisa. >> well, first and for most, the facts and statistics are from pew research -- >> i have one here -- >> hold on. >> sorry. >> i just said i've got you -- i will back you up on that. everything you said is accurate. >> we're talking about businesses and these restaurants that operate on razor thin
1:36 pm
profit margins. 3% profit margin here and it's common sense, when cash goes into one pocket it has to come out of another. we're asking the businesses to either raise costs on consumers, which the fastfood industry isn't going to do because it that what customer goes to fastfood for cheap meals, and secondly, or your asking them to layoff employees wind chill though the congressional budget office said that raising the minimum became to 10.10 would have to 500,000 to a million job losses here. so we know for a fact that this would lead to job losses and it's also just common sense. >> capri, final word. >> what is also common sense is making sure that individuals have money in their pockets to support their families -- >> then let this dirk. >> by getting the government out of the way not putting the government in the way know. it's go to lead to job legislations 'wendy's -- >> here's the to go. >> one at a time, [overlapping speakers] >> -- being able to participate
1:37 pm
in the economy to be able to create other jobs. not mention the fact that when you have -- >> they won't be in the economy -- >> rely less on social assays stance some that is a -- assistance and that's a good thing for the taxpayers. the more money they make, the his they have -- >> they're not go to day job. >> quick final word, lisa. >> the whole point is there won't be jobs so won't be people working and we're talking about the same individuals who are going to need the jobs. they're entry level jobs, 16-year-olds to 20-year-olds. you're look at the average unemployment rate for those individuals is double dippings. you're talking about less jobs, less opportunity. that hurts the economy -- >> that's the final word here. >> development investment. >> work force development invest. >> any final word is this is about ewan unionizing the country, because the companies say we have an exemption on the minimum wage. if you unionize and give us all those dues we'll guarantee you don't pay the stated minimum wage because it happened in cities across the country. laid idea, thank you so --
1:38 pm
ladies, thank you so much. >> want your kids to question climate change? don't hold your breath because their schools did something with their books. we'll explain. racell quantum lar so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones mr. brady, we've been expecting you. will you be needing anything else? not a thing. beautyrest black. get your beautyrest.
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book 4 nights at before july 16th to receive the fourth night free, plus 350 dollars in spending credits. looking for your kid to get different points of view in school? now might want to look away. one city's public school district will start banning books and educational materials that question climate change to mark mar ran know who says this is crazy and karen says more schools need to do the same. why? >> well, climate change and its causes are proven facts. at this point if we substituted, let's say, tobacco companies and said smoking may cause cancer, that's a fact. well know smoking causes cancer. we want our textbooks to reflect the fact and at then it point climb change is proven scientific fact and it's makes sense that only the facts are provided. >> so there are no skeptics,
1:42 pm
mark. you might beg to differ. >> having just made a movie called "the climate hustle pile featuring u.n. scientists who all come out and stay they just have wrong. we had fun showing the consensus in the 1970s about man-made global cooling. the coming ice age and now even people like nasa, and the cia got involved. blaming extreme weather on that. so the idea that kids can't be told -- by the way, this is worse than they can't hear anything skeptical. they can't hear any doubts about the severity of man-made global -- alleged severity of man-made global warm can go being called citizens of the world, things about climate refugees and climate justice. it's getting in very deep. >> taryn, some of the resolution is perplexing -- head-scratching, since i'm having trouble saying that word. but they talk about the
1:43 pm
curriculum will include making students aware of living wage jobs in the just-transitioned away from fossil fuels, and working toward a future free of fossil fuels. also going to be teaching these students that fossil fuels basically help lower income people? they have brought nations like china, the biggest polluter in terms of carbon monoxide emission out of poverty. are they going to teach them and how it's going to hurt poor is you shift to alternative fuels? >> i think what she be teaching our children is not matter who saying but instate that carbon emissions which we know have impacted our environment. we're attaching them to be good stewards to our environment and to their future. which is important, because no matter what you want to debate, at this point we know carbon emissions impact climate and it impacts climb change, and despite everything we have said these are proven scientific facts. the severity or anything of the
1:44 pm
things you want to describe for talk about are really beyond the fact that when it comes down it to, much like smoking causes cancer know, carbon emission cause climate change so we need to debate -- with don't need to debate the larger issues involved. we need to make sure our students know the facts -- >> mark, that's what way that to do and want to scare -- want to basically remove books from schools and scare people into thinking that climate change is like smoking cigarettes for 50 years. >> this is absurd. carboncarbon monoxide is a gas s essential nor life on earth and your guests are dem kwonizeing it like tobacco, cancer -- it's absurd. the idea that these kids can't be told there's an alternative perspective, then 97% news is myth and fabric base and pulled out of thin air, according to even u.n. scientists. the fact that kids can't hear a frame of this -- you can get a job in the portland school
1:45 pm
system. comes down to conformity must be enforced in the name of diversity and they cannot allow dissent. it's sad. >> mark, thank you so much. taryn, thank you for being here. >> it's not just long lines. summer travelers are dealing with. we're getting new warnings about the zika virus coming to america. doctors are starting to worry. should you in ladies, why just dream of worry-free nights? i'm linda, and like millions of women worldwide i trust tena. and with new tena overnight underwear i can now sleep worry free all night. the unique secure barrier system gives me triple protection from leaks, odor and moisture so i can keep being a sweet dreamer. tena overnight underwear and pads. only tena lets you be you. when they thought they should westart saving for retirement.le
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♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. memorial day weekend heralds the start of mosquito season in the u.s. we have a anywhere low window of opportunity to scale up protective measures and toot window of opportunity is closing. >> that was comforting. new warnings and new worries over the zika virus. to dr. jennifer coddle.
1:49 pm
scary stuff. >> we need to be informed. we need to be prepared, and we need to heed these warnings. we have a chance here to get ahead of zika. that's what we're trying to do. so we need to lisp. we need congress to approve funding and as consumers and people in america, we need to be ready. >> doctor, there's no test even if you think you have gotten zika, there's no test to even confirm that's what it is. >> there actually are blood tests but they're not necessarily widespread at this point. that one of the things that increased funding would allow us to do, to help us do, to make that more widely -- readily available. and that's something that is important, especially with a disease like zika. remember, zika -- the symptoms a lot of people who contract it don't know they have it. the symptoms can go fever and joint pain and eye irritation or rash, but most people who get it won't know they have and that one of the things that maked it so-so much more complicateed.
1:50 pm
>> how worried of you as a doctor of a serious widespread outbreak, particularly the southern part of the country? >> i am actually very worried. i can't tell you. i actually am very worried. the thing about zika is we have the mosquitoes right here on hour soil in the united states that are capable of transmitting this virus. and all we need right now -- the keyses of zika in the done through are from people who got the virus from centralling elsewhere and come back to the united states with it. awl all we need is the local mosquitoes to bite those people with zika and transmit it to other people. that is what we're afraid of. that is what we're trying to get ahead of. but yes issue am worried about it. >> have we had people often compare zika to dengue fever as similar transmitted virus but have we ever had a serious outbreak of
1:51 pm
that in this country? i know locally but nothing anything that was a national health crisis. >> some of the outbreaks and remember the mosquitos that can transmitted zika can transmit dengue so there are a number of different diseases that can be transmitted but remember what's important about zika here is that now we know zika can cause brain defects in babies. the stakes are so much higher with this disease than they are maybe for others and that's one of the differences here. that's why i think not that we need to be alarmed and inflammatory but we have to be prepared because when it comes to pregnant women this is big deal and anything that effects pregnant women effects all of us. >> literally wearing mosquito repel ent that has deet in it
1:52 pm
and then draining your swimming pool and making sure there are no puddles of water in your background. >> we know mosquitos like standing pools of water but i think this year this is going to be the summer season where we start wearing bug spray in this country and deet is one of the active ingredients. you can find this in your local drug store and i think being prepared and if you're traveling out of the country make sure you know where you're going and you're prepared. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. speaking of memorial day, comparing long lines at the va to long lines at disney, veterans not getting benefits because the government thinks they're dead. is this any way to honor the men and women who protect america and the freedom we cherish. you're on the fourth floor. it makes life on the road much easier. book your next journey at
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first the va secretary sets off a firestorm by comparing wait times for veterans to the lines at disney world and now a new report claims that the va declared thousands of living veterans dead over the last five years and then cancelled their benefits. former army ranger says enough is enough. shawn, when you think it can't get worse it does. it's disgusting. >> it is. i mean, the va secretary's comments are highly insulting to combat veteran addres and i thi diminishes their health care needs but what bothers me the both is the meaning behind the analogy and that is it seems like the secretary is punting on va wait times which would be devastating to the veteran community. i'm out there every day talking to veterans on the street and every single one of them say that wait times are getting worse and if you're a veteran on that list and you're in sick and in need of medical care you want
1:57 pm
to see the doctor. to me as a veteran it shows me that bob mcdonald is not taking his duty seriously. >> what else do you want being done in terms of how our veterans are taken care of and their health care? >> i think a very positive step and a great first choice would be giving veterans choice. i think that's important. let's make the va compete with other hmos and providers and remove the bur accuracy. you open up the competition and create a dynamic place for the va to do business and i think health care will improve. >> i have the choice card that's been implemented but you say badly. >> right. the va has totally bungled the choice card implementation because they don't can't to see
1:58 pm
it expand ed. many doctors don't take the choice card and when the veterans are using the choice card their coverage is denied. ultimately we need to fully implement the program and give veterans true choice and freedom of where they can get their health care. >> what do you make of that story that it came out of congressman jolly's office that the va has more than 4,000 times over the last five years basically named a veteran, said that he or she was dead and then cut their benefits? >> it's a tragedy. it just shows you that a big government single payor system -- the va is basically a single payor system and big government agencies run rampant in government like that and it's in desperate need of reform. >> why is it getting worse? all the people i know and every person i work with they fully
1:59 pm
understand the sacrifice that men and women have made and make every day to protect our freedom, why do people in government not get that? >> i think that most people -- most veterans when they get access to their care at the va with medical health care providers they're happy with their care once they can get in but they have to jump through so many hoops to get access to the care. it's absolutely crazy. if we remove that and give them the choice to go wherever they want, they're overall health will improve. it hasn't got enbettten better,k it's a funding issue. i thi >> thank you for your service very much on this memorial day. we thank everyone who has ever served and protected our
2:00 pm
freedom. we value it and we know why we have it, because of you. thanks for watching. have a terrific memorial day. we thank the veterans today and every day here at fox news. hello everyone. it's 5:00 in new york city and this is the five. welcome to the five on this memorial day. we hope you're having a great holiday weekend. on this day we honor americans who have died serving our country and to our living veterans and those currently in the armed forces we salute you and thank you. we're excited about today's show and we're doing something different. it's graduation theme, our advice for the class of 2016 and more. first tips from these commen


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