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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  May 30, 2016 9:00pm-10:01pm PDT

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we thank you for watching. i'm bill o'reilly and please remember that the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. breaking tonight donald trump and yours truly an exclusive right here. good evening and welcome everyone. i'm megyn kelly. tonight an in-depth look at the most unpresidential campaign in u.s. history. he made up the rules as he went along against all odds he is the last man standing. he took down 17 rivals and even went after certain members of the press, some of whom you know very well. how did he get here and how far can he go? we put those questions to four of the most accomplished men in politics today. men who have their finger on the
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pulse of presidential politics. we showed them the key parts of our sit down with trump and tonight we'll show you that as well including new footage and get reaction from our panel but first a look at trump's rise, including the reasons with his sit down with yours truly got so much attention. america has never seen anything like donald trump. a businessman and reality tv star with no political experience burst on to the scene and electfied voters with big threats. >> we're going to knock the hell out of isis. >> and big promises. >> we are going to win in every aspect of our lives. >> while explaining the art of the deal. >> we're going to make great trade deals. >> he perfected the art of the insult. >> it's rubio. >> against rivals. >> little marco. lying ted. >> detrektors. >> he's a war hero because he was captured. i like people that weren't
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captured. >> and the prosecute ess. >> i would never tell them i hate them. >> beginning with yours trulily beginning with the first republican debate. one of the things people love about you is you speak your mind and you don't use a filter. you've called women you don't like fat pigs, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. your twitter -- >> only rosie o'donnell. >> mr. trump did not like the question at all. >> for the record it was well beyond rosie o'donnell. does that sound like the temperament of the man we should elect as president. >> what i say is what i say and honestly if you don't like it. i'm sorry i've been very nice to you although i could probably not be based on the way you have treated me but i would not do that. >> he sent out a tweet that night. wow, that megyn kelly really bombed tonight and a retweet. fox viewers give low marks to
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bimbo megyn kelly. >> she asks me all sorts of ridiculous questions. there was blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of wherever. >> he explained it this way. >> i was going to say nose or ears because that's a common statement. it's a statement showing anger. >> that set off a firestorm. >> this is a candidate who has had a history of ma soj nisic statements. >> the pundits said the attacks were political suicide. >> more fall out from the latest republican debate. >> his unfavorability with women is sky ward. >> this weekend surely singled the end of a trump campaign. >> a poll shows trump 23%. >> donald trump is surging. >> the more trump speaks the more he spikes. >> it didn't matter what he said or how he said it. >> donald trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. when mexico sends its people
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they bring in drugs, they're bringing crime, they're rapists. >> voters were angry. in january he skipped the next fox news debate. >> megyn kelly is really biased against me. do you think she can be fair at a debate. >> which set off new tweets. >> 80 tweets directed towards megyn kelly. broke it down to see what the most popular words were. crazy megyn kelly. bimbo. >> days later he lost the iowa caucuses. but trump went on to win and win some more. >> another big win for donald trump. >> a huge win for donald trump. >> and then a new debate. >> nice to be with you. >> followed by more fallout. >> can't watch crazy megyn kelly
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yes, ma'am. >> finally a meeting at trump tower. >> donald trump and megyn kelly are making peace. >> their feud. >> you met with megyn kelly today how did that go. >> 17 candidates down and trump is the last man standing. the presumptive republican nominee. >> have you made any mistakes in this campaign? you have said publicly you thought the retweet about heidi cruz was a mistake. >> i could have done without it. >> you said a mistake. are you walking that back. >> no, but i actually didn't say it that way. i said i could have done without it. >> but it was a mistake, wasn't it? you shouldn't have done that. >> i guess you could say she's fair game because she's involved with the campaign but i don't know she just seems like a nice
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person. i have millions of followers. >> i'm familiar. >> yes, you are. >> the thing that gets me in trouble is the retweet. they are more of a killer than the tweets. >> that's one the heidi cruz thing. the comment about john mccain, you prefer people who weren't captured and the comment about carly fiorina's face. do you regret any of those comments. >> yeah, i guess you have to go forward. you make a mistake and you go forward and you can correct the mistake but to look back and say i wish i didn't do this or that i don't think that's good. i don't think in a certain way i don't think that's healthy. >> one of your advisors told republican party leaders down in florida that you have been playing a part and that we're going to see a different donald trump. so which is the real you? the sort of brash tell it like it is guy we've seen on the
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campaign trail or the more humble possibly boring presidential you. >> i think it's best. i change for different settings. if i'm in a board room i'm not going to be shouting and raving and doing it the same way when i'm talking to 12 people than if i'm speaking to 25,000 people in a major arena someplace. so i think actually i'm probably two or three different personalities. >> let me ask you about that because most american parents try to raise their kids to not bully and not name call and not tease and taunt. how can they bring that message when the front-runner for the republican nomination does all of those things? >> well, i do really -- i've been saying during this whole campaign that i'm a counter puncher. you understand that. i'm understanding. now i then respond times maybe ten. i don't know. i respond pretty strongly but in
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just about all cases i've been responding to what they did to me. so it's not a one way street. >> let's talk about us. >> okay. we were always friendly. >> right. good relationship. >> right. and then came the august 6th, 2015 debate and i asked you a tough question about women using only the words that you had used. i thought it was a fair question. why didn't you. >> i thought it was unfair. i didn't think it was a question. i thought it was more of a statement. >> afterwards you said you didn't feel that the moderators had been nice but do you think it's the journalists role to be nice to presidential candidates at a debate. >> fair. >> you used the word nice. >> okay. no, i don't think so. i might have said they weren't nice but that doesn't mean they have to be nice. >> it's not a cocktail party. >> in a certain way what you did might have been a favor because i felt so good about having gotten through, if i can get
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through this debate you can get through anything. >> you're no longer just donald trump, businessman or donald trump, host of celebrity apprentice. now you're steps away from the presiden presidency. have you given any thought in this position to the power that your messaging has on the lives of the people you target and on the millions of people who take their cue from you. >> i have. i see suffering. i have a very big heart. a lot of people don't understand that but people that know me do. we have to take care of our country. i do feel america first. america has been fourth and fifth and ninth. >> you know what i'm saying, when donald trump targets somebody and says this person is bad, that person is bad, it creates a firestorm in those people's lives and many of these people are civilians who haven't
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put themselves out there. >> it's in response to something that they did. >> but they're listening to you and they're taking their cue from you but that's the question is now whether so close to the oval office whether you will take that responsibility seriously and change your tone to try to be more unifying and less divisive. >> i take it seriously and i understand what's going on. when i see 25,000 people that have seats and not one person during an hour speech will sit down, i say sit down and they refuse to sit down, that's a great compliment, but i do understand the power of the message. there's no question about it. >> i want to talk about the tweeting. you pick up your iphone and tweet yourself. >> usually after 7:00 or 8:00 i'll do it myself. during the day when i'm in the office i have a number of people that i call out a tweet to. it's always my writing. when we were having our little difficulty you probably had some pretty nasty tweets sent your
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way. i don't want to say but i heard that. i don't want that to happen but my fans really love -- we have an unbelievable bond. >> you retweet some of those. not just the fans. >> not the more nasty ones. you would be amazed at the ones i don't retweet. >> that was a retweet. did i say that? >> many times. >> okay. excuse me. not the most horrible thing. not the most -- over your life you've been called a lot worse isn't that right, wouldn't you say, you've had a life that's not been that easy. >> it's not about me. it's about the messaging to young girls. >> there's a certain amount of fighting but it's a modern day form of fighting back. >> let's talk about what we just saw with trump and basically the theme of that interview was temperament and his anger, his
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ability to control himself. he calls it counter punching. my push to him whether that's true when you're talking about members of the media or so-called civilians who have a disagreement with you which will happen as president, somebody will come after you. >> this was a very good piece for him. he was very calm and deliberate and reassuring, none of the anger or angst was there. i was saying after seeing it this is the temperament you want to show to the public. >> was that intentional on his part? >> sure, it was. obviously his wife and daughter and everybody else told him be cool in this interview. it's an important interview and you have to do it well. >> mark? >> i saw some evolution there. you have advisors and friends saying you got here by letting trump by trump so don't change a
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thing but in order to be president you have to change a lot. george w. bush did and ronald reagan did, you can't be a counter puncher in the white house and there's a lot of times you have to wait. >> or you can't punch at all. you're annoyed at the media who say things about you that may not be true but you can't come after them for a year in every case. >> that's right but i think a lot of people will have seen that interviewed and be reassured that there's a loss combative trudonald trump thered more presidential. >> he didn't apologize. i mean here he said these things about you, about others. he should have 99 out of 100 people would have said this went out of control and i didn't want it to go like this and he set it
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up and he could have said i've learned from this, which is another thing you didn't hear, he said i'm sorry, i've learned from there and it shouldn't have happened. i think he's problematic as a candidate and a president because one thing about presidents is they all make mistakes and it's your ability to admit it's a mistake. >> he wouldn't admit that the heidi cruz retweet was a mistake. >> being a president has to be humbling. >> one of george w. bush's asked about a mistake he couldn't name one. people want to hear that you are human and make mistakes. that's authentic and that's what voters are hungry for. >> i think he shows leadership. >> or weakness. >> that's never going to come out of this man's mouth. >> is that disconcerting to voters. >> not to his voters.
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his voters applaud his strength and i think one of the great things is he's the decision maker and he can straighten out this mess in washington and everyone is a wimp. >> we looked at this closely and the interesting thing is that voters don't really vote on issues in presidential elections they vote on attributes and the most important ones are strength, trust and values. when we were running against al gore we were losing on every issue but we were winning by 20 points on the issue of strength. that's where donald trump is coming from. >> do you think that democrats or less meaning independents are going to feel the same? >> i think it's -- we know he knows how to turn the volume down. that's what that interview showed. he can turn the volume down. but the same concerns that democrats and left leaning independents have had from the
9:16 pm
beginning were only amplified in this. he doesn't know how to apologize and be less divisive and bring people together. every time you gave him an opportunity to do so he pushed away. he doesn't know how to tell the truth and those aren't things that are going to help him moving forward with those people who weren't already with him. >> up next our panel has an interesting take on what is driving trump's run for the white house and we'll ask the candidate about the people he targets. >> the real question about trump is whether he wants this. barack obama made a joke at the white house correspondents' dinner that here is a guy that was looking to improve his real estate holdings and now we're wondering if cleveland will survive to july and a lot of people have questions about trump and whether he really wants this or he's doing this as a vanity project. a vanity project. thoughts on that?
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you've probably had some pretty nasty tweets sent your way. i don't want to say but i've heard that. i don't want that to happen but my fans really love -- we have an unbelievable bond. we have an unbelievable relationship. >> you retweet some of those. >> not the more nasty ones. you would be amazed at the ones i don't retweet.
9:21 pm
>> did i say that. >> many times. >> okay. excuse me. >> what do you think -- >> not the most horrible thing. over your life you've been called a lot worse. >> has he effectively neutralized the women issue by the way that bill had affairs that she assisted him in his alleged abuse of women. >> unlike donald trump i'm not going to pretend to speak for women, however i don't think so. what is so jarring about that ad is its his voice. it's his words. i'm a dad. i got a little girl at home. if anyone talked about my little girl the way he talks about women, i mean i would lose my cool. >> you know what they say, he's
9:22 pm
an equal opportunity offender. that he makes fun of the men too. he uses derogatory terms for everyone. >> how is that a plus. if you were teaching a class and you had a id ckid that said thau would say no. you teach people with respect. you don't want to be an equal opportunity offender, you want to be an equal opportunity respecter. >> i said how are american parents supposed to teach their children not to bully when the republican nominee does those things and his answer was he's a counter puncher. >> that's fine if you're running casinos and putting together real estate deals in atlantic city and selling steaks. as the president of the united states you have a unique role model in the role. >> he is not the victim and that's the argument he's making. he is the victim who is hitting
9:23 pm
back. se not the victim and i don't want a president who walks around thinking they're a victim all the time. >> i know women don't vote necessarily on women's issues, the democrats play that up in pretty much every election and the republican women say i'm going to vote based on my pocket book or national security but this is different. >> it's 53% of the country are women so you can't say the women's vote. there's all kind of segments and anybody that tries to generalize fails missable lie. if you get 10% if we lose the gender gap by more than 10% you can't put it together. if you're getting 55% of the men's vote and you're getting less than 45% of the women's vote the likelihood is you're not going to win. >> if i could say right now that mitt romney had a gergender gap would be true.
9:24 pm
mitt romney won women and white voters. it's not gender and sex that's dividing here. >> it's single women. >> we do less well with single women. >> married women prefer the republican. >> donald trump has surprised and shocked the political world but the concept of donald trump shouldn't have surprised us because i went back and looked at 1992 and i looked at fundamentals about the country versus what they are today and they're five times worse. there's a giant opening for a guy like trump but i thought it would come through an independent candidacy. he happened to do it through the republican party. >> here's the difference. when perrot was at 39% in the polls leading bill clinton and bush. >> for two months. >> then what happened is he self deinstructed and the difference
9:25 pm
between him and donald trump the moment the media started treating him like a presidential candidate he got in the fetal position and crawled under his bed and wouldn't come out. >> it's like it gives him more power. >> i was a fighter 50 years ago. i know how to counter punch. he doesn't in knock you down, he kicks you. he wants that -- that's his whole persona now. is that good? the piece that you did with him, that's the persona that i want if i'm involved in his campaign. that's what i want the country to see and over time that would have raised some of the perception. >> but you got to rev up his supporters. >> there's no question that trump is a master manipulator of the media and that he loves to win and will punch anybody he thinks stands in his way but the real question about trump is whether he wants this. barack obama made a joke at the white house correspondents
9:26 pm
dinner that here is a guy looking to improve his real estate holdings and we're wondering if cleveland will survive july and a lot of people have questions about trump and whether he really wants this or he's doing this as a vanity project. thoughts on that. >> it's a tough vanity project because at the end of the day e either wins and he gets all the vanity he wants and he gets a bad defeat and that's not good for your vanity. it's important that you go through this process. we've been around candidates that have lost and it's a tedious process. >> up next for the first time you will see donald trump answer our questions about hillary clinton and the general election. and our panel has some thoughts on that matchup. let's talk about hillary clinton. most of the polls have her beating you in a head to head matchup. she has 90% name recognition. what could you tell us about her that we don't know. it's more than a network and the cloud.
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9:31 pm
what can you tell us about her that we don't know. >> she has had a very corrupt system going. if you look at her career whether it's white water or the e-mails and so many other things and i'll win new york or come close to it. >> she's beating you by 30 points in new york. >> i'm doing well in new york. no other republican would come to new york to campaign but i think i'll win michigan and pennsylvania. i think we're going do very well but don't forget the process is just now starting. >> who is more likely to go to war, you or hillary clinton. >> well, i think she would be much more likely to go to war. i think that i will be known as a tougher person than her but i think that people aren't going to mess with me. i think she would be more likely to be forced perhaps to go to war. i think our country will be much more respected with me as president than with hillary clinton as president. if you look at her votes she voted very strongly in favor of the iraq war. bernie sanders said some horrible things about her for
9:32 pm
that decision and others that she doesn't have good judgment. bernie sanders said she has -- >> you are on record as having supported that in a radio interview. >> supported what? >> the war in iraq. >> no the opposite. >> you did say that on radio. >> i was speaking to howard stern on his show long before the war and he asked me a question and i said i don't know. maybe, maybe, maybe. that was before the war started. >> are you for invading iraq. >> yeah, i guess so. you know, i wish it was -- i wish the first time it was done krirtly. >> then they have me later on saying shortly there after that we shouldn't go in. >> what's going to happen in the general election. >> that question is very important. there were 16 candidates running and some very significant people. >> much better field. >> you got to go back to 1980, very strong field and he basically knocked these guys
9:33 pm
out. that's in part because no one else in the field understood the moment we were in and you do have to give him credit that he understood the moment that we're in, what the electorate is looking for. he understood that even republican primary voters don't want ideology. they want -- >> is that not -- he can read a room, he can read a country better than anybody. >> there's no play book on it. >> there is and isn't. you mentioned the word pl popularist. he was running as a pop list. his supporters hate wall street as much as bernie sanders supporters. >> i'm sorry. go ahead. >> to finish the point. what donald trump is out there saying is i don't care about ideology. i'm going to try to level the playing field for you. the rest of the republican field let him run with that. they gave him a wide open field on that. no one challenged him on that point. marco rubio tried once. he had a great moment in that debate where he talked about
9:34 pm
trump u and how you're out there screwing the little guy and trump started to crumble. that was his worst moment in almost any debate. if that's a democratic attack on him in the fall i'll be curious to see how he handles it and it ties these things together. >> my point is this, in 1999 george w. bush started articulating a message about compassion that attracted democrats like me to become republican. he talked about things that got my interest. whatever trump's ideology is or vision is is going to be formulated in this campaign and at the convention speech and there's a lot of things that are getting attention like he's to the left of republicans on trade and not typical -- >> how about him saying that hillary's more likely to take us
9:35 pm
to war. >> he could be to the left of hillary on trade and foreign intervention. >> he's going to be the head of the republican party. >> there's two arguments you could make. you could make the intellectual argument and i could make that argument and there's an emotional argument. the emotional argument wins. >> the question is how does he do against his opponent. he heard himaying he is maintained he's going to flip states that go democrat red, new york, which i pointed out she's beating him by 30 points. michigan, pennsylvania, he believes he can turn red. >> possibly. >> now her camp is saying he is going to turn states different colors. he's going to turn utah from a red to a blue. >> not going to happen. >> maybe oregon. >> not going to happen. >> one thing we do know for sure everyone who is hispanic today is probably going to be hispanic on election day and everyone is
9:36 pm
african-american and everyone who is white. there seems to be two groups of voters, men and women. if you look at it, ronald reagan in 1980 got 57% of the white vote and won a sweeping landslide. mitt romney got 59% of the white vote. >> you had a third candidate. >> true. >> it's a different -- the fact is that -- >> you can't win with just whites. >> there's a political mandate. >> you can win with all the whites but you don't get all the whites. there's enough whites to win an election. >> when george w. bush ran we got 41% of hispanics. mitt romney got 27%. >> you have -- i think there's a political imprerogative that's undeniable that republicans have to do better with non-white voters and a moral imprerogative
9:37 pm
because to govern the country, a country that is changing and that is the essence of our country is this melting pot, republicans have to do better on this. still ahead our panel weighs in on what they called one of the most telling moments in the whole interview while donald trump talks strategy. >> i've gotten they say if i believe fox which i do they say that i've had $2 billion worth of free air time. >> the free air time comes in some part because of the controversies that you've generated. >> perhaps. >> is that why you i'm mary ellen, and i quit smoking with chantix. i always came back to smoking. i was absolutely frustrated, absolutely. i did not think chantix would work as well as it did. along with support, chantix (varenicline) is proven to help people quit smoking. chantix reduced my urge to smoke. some people had changes in behavior, thinking or mood, hostility, agitation, depressed mood and suicidal thoughts or actions
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i want to bring it snu okay. go ahead. >> you were born a rich man's son and you grew to become even richer. what if you hadn't been born rich? what do you think you would have been? >> i was in real estate. i didn't want to do real estate.
9:42 pm
i wanted to make movies. i wanted to make movies and i wanted to be a professional baseball player but ultimately i decided that i did real wiwell real estate. >> what is the difference between being a businessman and the president. >> there is a difference. you have to have more heart in my opinion as president. the decisions are so much bigger. when you're going to send somebody into war where you know potentially thousands of people are going to be killed on both sides, not just our side, on both sides, these are massive decisions. these are unbelievable decisions. and i would say a president needs heart. >> now, you seem almost unable to let things go when people come after you. you call it counter punching but as president -- >> how can you possibly say. >> as president you're going to have to let some things go. why should the voters believe
9:43 pm
you can do it. >> i believe i can do it but i'm going to be loyal to the voters. i will fight very hard for the voters like i fight for myself. >> including when it comes to members of the press? >> if you get treated dishonestly by the press and i'm not referring to you but there are many people that treat me dishonestly. >> even if that's true and they're corrupt, didn't we go through seven years of a president that most republicans said was way too thinned skin when it came to media coverage? >> i can't report on other presidents. i can only say this. i have great respect for good writers and not all of the media is dishonest at all. there's some tremendous people in the media. much of it is. i've gotten they say if i believe fox which i do they say that i've had $2 billion worth of free air time. >> right. >> or whatever they happen to call it. i've had actually an amazing number. i didn't realize it was this big.
9:44 pm
55,000 negative ads have been against me. despite that here i am. >> the free air time comes in some part because of the controversies that you've generated. >> perhaps. >> is that why you did it? >> i guess it might be a little bit. for some reason i get ratings. i don't know what that is. you have to explain that to me because i never understood it. >> did melania or ivanka ever tell you to stop the tweets. >> sometimes but many times i've beaten many people that are smart. i think melania would like to me me be more presidential but then after -- let me say this. i don't think if i wanted to act -- i could act that very easily. that's an act. >> to be presidential. >> i think it is to a certain extent. i think if i used that demeanor, just demeanor, i probably wouldn wouldn't be talking to you.
9:45 pm
>> if you don't become president will this all have been for nothing or will you have changed america? >> i will say this, if i don't go all the way and if i don't win, i will consider it to be a total and complete waste of time, energy and money. >> in that interview he said i wanted to produce movies. he wanted to be in the limelight and he found a way to be in the limelight his whole life. >> my sense is he started off with more than a notion, it would be a fun thing to do, i'll do this and have fun and if it doesn't work out i'll do other things that have made any successful but i think as this has happened he's gotten it in his mind i can do this. it's not that big a deal. >> i want to ask you before we go, show of hands. how many people at this table think donald trump is going to win the presidency? >> i think he can.
9:46 pm
>> if you had to bet, you have to choose red or black. no prediction? >> i think it's possible. i don't think it's probable. >> you guys? >> it's very hard -- >> hillary? i know you don't want her. >> it's very hard for a republican to win nationally now. >> thank you all. >> thank you. >> so much. >> thank you. carry on regardless. >> amen. every big tv event has a back story and you'll see ours next. >> now we're over here at watch what happens live and very pretty. look what is waiting for us here. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars
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>> good morning. what a day. how is everything going so far? >> better now that we have some coffee, right? >> yes. >> this is all very exciting. we're about to go up and see george. >> megyn kelly of fox news welcome back. tell us about you have an interview coming up. >> it was fun. it was in and out. i can't believe how much energy they had. we're back at fox news now. this ought to be fun. this is home turf. >> we'll take you to the studio. >> okay. >> megyn kelly, she's live. she's on the couch next.
9:52 pm
>> she woke up super early to be on with us and we appreciate that. >> my gorgeous husband is here to do a number. >> i've been a lucky guy my whole life. >> are you nervous. >> a little nervous but it will be fun. >> you're going to be good. >> watch. this is a true professional. >> well, hello. how's it going? >> fabulous. >> you've had a busy morning. >> it has been a busy morning. that's why i had to bring my husband to work because we don't get to see each other anymore. >> thanks to you both for letting us go on a date with you. >> i love it.
9:53 pm
>> started out the day and this is watch what happens live. ready to go there. come on. here we go. now we're over here at watch what happens live and very pretty. look what was waiting for us here. you've been spotted. >> megyn kelly. >> we're done with watch what happens live and now we're over here at the theater in the upper west side of new york. this is for fox broadcasting. very nice. check out the green room. what's in there?
9:54 pm
>> this is what we need. this is is a beautiful thing. yes, they did so good. that's what we need right about now. it's almost 6:00 p.m. >> please welcome megyn kelly. [ applause ] >> my goal this past year has been to conduct myself with dignity and like a professional and i'm not perfect but i think i can check those two boxes. >> congratulations. >> thank you. >> congratulations on the special. please come together. >> thank you. thanks for having me. >> all right. here we are, live on the kelly file set. after a long day it's time to do my real job which is actually to deliver the news. >> how are you going to do the news like this? >> oh, yeah. [ laughter ] >> it's 8:57 and we're feeling a
9:55 pm
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kelly file" sometime very soon and we hope you'll join us for that. we'd also love to have mrs. clinton as well. any time. we're here, hillary. hi. we're hooere. thanks for joining us, everyone.
10:00 pm
share your thoughts on twitter @megynkelly. i am megyn kelly. this is "the kelly file." good night, everybody. tell us what you think about tonight. thanks for watching. i'm sandra smith. we're going we're going to have a strong border, yeah, we're going to have the wall. who's going to pay for the wall? >> mexico! >> we want people to come into our country but they have to come in legally, folks, otherwise we don't have a country. get your money ready. you're going to pay for the wall. going to bring back jobs from china, japan, all these countries. politicians don't now how to stop it. i'll stop it quickly and easily. syrian refugees are now being resettled in rhode island. we don't know where they're from. they have no documentation. we all have hearts and we can build safe zones in syria and we'll get the gulf states to put up the money. we're not putting up the money. we're going to build our military bigger, tt