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tv   Red Eye  FOX News  May 31, 2016 12:00am-1:01am PDT

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>> thank you for joining us for this very special "on the record." we now leave with you scenes from the 28th annual national law enforcement officers annual vigil. welcome to "red eye." hello, everyone. i'm tom shillue. let's check in with tv's andy levy at the "red eye" tease deck jie. coming up on the big show, steven king and david eggers and other author sign a petition against trump. glad they found the one thing people read less than books. and david brooks say people dislike hillary clinton because she does president have hobbies. and the last person to suggest that is vince foster. and finally a company has a giant ball you can go into to survive a tsunami and hurricanes. it is also good for a weekend with the in laws. am i right, people? >> let's welcome our guests. she is so anti-p dr she only uses mac.
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columnist and author the new book "government gone wild" kristen tate. he is more nervous than hillary taking a polygraph, joe mackey. we'll go with it. >> that is bad for my career. >> his comedy is not low brow, it is uni-brow. comedian sam morrell. and do you know how long it takes to drain a body of all of its blood? he does. sitting next to me is cia covert operator and president of diligence llc, my baker. sho. >> donald trump has lost the literary vote. hundreds of authors including steven king and david eggers signed a petition against the billionaire businessman. and who moves american opinion like amy tan? the position title said the
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political candidate who appears to the moo violent element in society? who encourages violence and demands immediate and forceful response? and what could be more forceful than a petition? is this the ploat of my favorite -- is this the plot of my favorite thriller? or do they think they wrote the book on trump? a heartbreaking staggering ignorance. if you ask me they are all members of the joy less club. we worked hard on those imrasks. >> you worked very hard. >> i feel like you should have got more pay back. >> when the graphic is more impressive than the joke, that's a good sign. >> that's typically how you rate the joke is by the silence. >> baker, do you think these authors will capture the american voter? >> no. i love this story.
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when was the last time anybody read a stephen king book? >> doesn't he crank them out? >>, since 1978. >> he still has a lot of fans. >> yes and if they write a petition, that's terrific. a harshly worded memo, that's good. it will have no impact. at what point will people understand including the egghead tacticians who claim to understand the political system in this country. i don't understand when they will figure out this is a completely new day. the old crap doesn't matter. we are dealing with a different metric we haven't figured out. both in terms of trump and hillary who is under a serious fbi investigation and that doesn't seem to care. nobody seems to matter. >> is it a new time? are these writers? are they going to have any influence, kristen? >> when i am deciding who to vote for, i always consult
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with dave egner. seriously. >> he wrote a great book. >> no one reads books anymore so i really think that no one is shaking in their boots because dave egner signed a letter. i think this letter is so hipocritical. they are calling out trump for being intolerant of those who decent. at the highest level you can seat irs targeted conservatives who didn't align with the obama agenda. and now you have obama threatening to pull funding with schools who don't align with the transgender agenda. the letter is hipocritical and it is a moot point because nobody reads books. >> you sound like somebody who just wrote a book. >> besides my book everybody should buy "government gone wild." >> is that the government says they are [bleep].
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>> sam -- or is it joe? >> i don't know. that was hurtful. >> sam, what do you think of dave egners? >> i haven't read any other stuff. >> the joy luck club? the people who oppose trump are more sophisticated. who is the trump supporters. mike tyson and dennis rodman. if jerry sandusky were to come out and say who he was voting for we know who he would vote for, joe mackey. >> what do you think? would sandusky vote for you? >> he is a felon and he can't vote. moot point. i tell you what, this won't work because they always say the pen is mightier than the sword. but that was said by people who have swords because they
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can kill people because their opponents have pens. >> it was a bril yept only -- brilliant analogy. you say they will not have any influence, correct? >> probably not. the people who have influence are the people that have wardrobe malfunctions. >> exactly. we will talk about that later in the show. meanwhile, trump was dealing with nonliterary dissenters in albuquerque. >> isn't that nice? get him out of here. go home to mommy. he can't get a date so he is doing this instead. get out of here. ing still wearing diapers. >> later trump talked about hillary clinton's tone. >> i will never say, this but she screams and it drives me crazy. i didn't say it. >> he didn't say it it. trump continued.
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i didn't -- >> i didn't say. and she says and donald trump is a terrible person interest. >> some polls say trump is not doing well with women, but trump disagrees. >> i think i am doing really well with women, but what do i know? i want to set records with women and not with men. the hell with the men, right? the hell with the men! >> he believed it so strongly that it is now his campaign slogan. kristen, look, woman. is trump doing well with you and do you think he will do well with the rest of the women? >> relatively speaking, yes. he is doing better with women in the polls as he goes along. we all love trump's bulldog attitude. men and women like that. i love how he responded to the protesters. that's why we all like trump. you noy what really makes me mad about the protesters? >> what? >> they are not protesters. they are riots.
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they were lighting fights and throwing rocks. the media calls them protesters and let's call them what they are. they are rioters. if they were doing this at a hillary rally they would be called terrorists. i love trump's response. >> trump is funny. you guys are comedians. what do you think of trump's humor? >> i tell you what, tom, he can't get a date. that's over the line. a lot of people can't get dates that are decent and hard-working people. >> comedians. >> you are on my list too. there are a lot of protesters/ rioters say this is trump's fault. why would you go to something where you don't like the guy and then blame him? you only have yourself to blame. >> i am getting sick of -- we are in the clubs all the time. the election is not even here and i am sick of it.
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it is that impression and hated i'm imrants and -- immigrants and then hated a really hot immigrant. >> i can't figure out where sam is on the political spectrum. >> i'm all over the place and that's why you need me. you need someone like me. >> he is a truth teller. >> it is true that when they talk about the trump rallies they act as if trump is causing the violence. it is the agitators that is calling the violence. >> absolutely. again there is not going to be anything that we are going to say when we talk about this. it well change the dynamic of the i think we have lowered the bar so far in our political expectations that nothing matters. no logical conversation about what is taking place or the qualities or the experience of any of the candidates is going to have any impact.
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it is like the train left and we are on a circus freak show. i am talking about all of them. and something has happened over the past several years that lead to this point. it is inevitable. we lowered the bar so far that this is what we accept as okay. it is not okay. we are talking the leader of the free world. the next person that steps in the oval office after the screen door hits obama in the backside will be facing more crisis overseas than we have seen in a longtime. we have reduced it to a sideshow. >> i agree. it is obama's fault. >> bernie sanders is going to disneyland to insult disneyland. speaking of anaheim, the human version of droopy dog laid into disney. >> let me start off and be very blunt. we are here in anaheim and everybody knows the major economic force here in anaheim is the disney corporation.
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anybody here work for disney? [applause]. anybody here making a living wage from disney? >> no! >> that's what we are talking about in a rigged economy. >> he went there. disney posted billions in profits, but bernie tell us what the workers get. >> disney pays its workers wages that are so low. >> how low are they? >> so low that many of them are forced to live in motels because they can't afford a decent place to live. >> oh, i thought it was going to be a joke. i thought it was going to be disney pays workers so low that they had to layoff all nonessential dancing silverware. a spokesman responded to bernie ease a -- to bernie's rant.
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that was the actual response from disney. disney pointed out they generate 5.7 billion for the local economy and added 11,000 jobs over the past decade. you can't argue with them numbers, right, sam? >> this is great numbers. can you imagine if walt disney were alive to see this today? he would say i really don't like that guy. i can't put moo my finger -- i can't put my finger on what it is, but i don't like that guy. >> he calls them the disney corporation. >> i like bernie. i can relate to bernie. when i argue with my girlfriend i feel like bernie arguing with hillary. like i don't have a shot, but i want to get my idea out there. >> how can anyone hate disney? >> leave it on a socialist to throw a het blanket on the happiest place in america. that's what they love to do. like the other week he was saying all of these bad things about wal-mart. wall mar has done more for
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poor people than bernie sanders and mother theresa. i think it is hilarious how he calls disney the disney corporation. we know they are so evil. i mean, it is -- >> you know what, trump is actually playing with a lot of the bernie resentment as well. he went wild on carrie. do you think trump will do this better intoe routine? >> i don't think he will. to some degree they are playing the same level of the dissatisfaction of what is out there. what a huge pile of horse [bleep] that sanders is spinning. here is a guy who never had a job and going into his late 30s and early 40s. sucking up the government as we talked about it and referred to the government earlier. doing that and suckg on that. >> i will hear about that at
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half time. the point being is we have a guy that doesn't under what it takes to create a job to make payroll and he wants to get out there and piss on a company that is providing all of those jobs in that county? how do people fall for this crap? they have experiments around the world including now in venezuela where it has fallen into the toilet and people are buying it and believing what he is saying. >> that's it. people are angry and i don't think they understand the politics of it. what do you think? >> i thought it was interesting. bernie sanders mentioned statistics of workers being brought in to replace workers in florida and be with the wages the employees are paid. she said you need to get your facts straight, but then brought up fcts -- facts that were different facts. it wasn't what bernie was talking about. that's like
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someone saying joe mackey is a great comedian and they say i disagree. he is a great dancer. he is a tender lover. >> has anyone ever said those things? >> well fights break out at comedy shows all the time. >> moving on, if hillary clinton took up swimming or scrap booking would we like her more this she has a few vulnerabilities, the e-mail thing and libya and she has no hobbies. david brooks thinks the reason people are not fond of her because she doesn't seem to have a life outside of politics. he writes, can you tell me what hillary clinton does for fun? we know what obama does, golf, basketball, et cetera. when people talk about clinton they talk about it in professional terms. she seems calculated and goal oriented and distrustful. that's not the hillary i noy. and brooke says it is hard from the outside to have a sense of her as a person. she is a roll.
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bottom line, she needs extracurriculars to pad her white house application. then again she could just wait until after the white house to pick up a hobby. it has been done before. he is a good painter, isn't he? >> he is a good painter. david brooks is an insightful man. you read the times cover to cover every day. >> read the "new york times," financial times and "wall street journal" and you have yourself covered. that's how you get enough information from the various sides to have a well informed opinion. >> what if we just want to watch "bar rescue"? >> that's the other option. now i understand why she is so unlikeable. she works too hard. >> that's it. she never takes a break. >> she works too hard. we don't understand it. we spend all of our time [bleep] and with our hobbies. we don't get her because she works too hard. >> you probably read david brooks. does he do right wing for you,
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kristen? >> who is david brooks? >> you don't need him. forget about it. do you think hillary needs a hobby? >> david brooks, he is on "meet the press" all the time. >> well, anyways, if hillary took up knitting tomorrow would that make you vote for her? >> i don't think so. >> they don't hate her because she does president have a hobby. they hate her because she doesn't have a soul. all she does is cares about being president and is power hungry and is unlikeable. she is like a scorned vial old woman. people would like bill clinton. he would play a sacks -- saxaphone and people don't like hillary. i don't think picking up a couple of of playing needles mean anything. >> that's a hobby.
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>> and he was likable. >> maybe she can crow -- crochet it. he is up there and i can't believe i made it this far. she wants to win so badly. >> i lost to a community organizer. what is going on? maybe she does have hobbies. maybe her advisors are like, we can't get you -- maybe she is into vaibing and steven saw gal movies. >> you are into those things. >> if i found out she likes "star wars" books. >> there are good books. when they made a new one, this will turn into a disney show. disney took over and said they are not part of the universe anymore. >> hillary recently introduced a new slogan.
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"stronger together." on monday's show we came up with a few other possible slogans and asked you to come up with your own called # slogans for hillary. next morning that was the number one trending topic on twitter. here are the favorite slogans from "red eye" fans. from nathan, elect me so i can pardon myself. from static, position may vary. from stubbornly me, i am a phony, but i am a woman, but don't judge me like a man. and from trump core. make myself great on you gn. thanks toen who parts paided. participated. we put this up to hell with the men. he thought of that himself. if you have any other suggestions send them to us on twitter with # slogan for trump or face it on the facebook page. we will read the rest tomorrow. here is the rest of the hillary slogan. it is from
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"red eye" fans.
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good morning. here is what is happening. people are bracing for more flooding with several rivers rising in southeast texas. the river is expected to crest on wednesday at three feet above the previous record. during four days of torrential rain at least six people have died in flooding along the river. there are reports of people missing and crews were out in full force rescuing dozens of people. and turbulent weather in colorado. at least one tornado is touching down in a rural
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community just south of the nebraska border. according to the logan county sheriff's office they ripped off the front door of a home and knocked down power lines. so far there are no reports of injuries. a tense situation at a bernie sanders event in oakland, california. several protesters jumping an -- a barrier to rush the podium. they moved in swiftly putting the protesters in handcuffs and sur rounding the presidential candidate. sanders who remained on stage throughout the incident told the crowd, quote, we don't get intimidated easily. the white house placed on lock down on monday after someone threw an object over the fence. a hazardous materials response unit called to the scene determined the item didn't pose a threat. the suspect has been arrested and an all clear has been given at the white house. it happened after president obama returned to the white house after marking a memorial day by remembering our fallen heros at arlington
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national cemetery. the president laying a wreath at the tomb of the unknowns. in an address mr. obama stressed the importance of giving our veterans access to good health care and job saying, quote, we have to do better. that's a look at news this hour. i'm kelly wright. we take you now back to "red eye." >> katie couric's new documentary is under the gun. you ma i not be surprised about the p oi nt of view on guns and you ma i be impressed with her technique. let's look at how she schools the advocates on background checks. >> let me ask you another question. if there are no background checks for the gurchasers how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing a gun?
12:26 am
>> oh my. that 10 seconds of silence speaks volumes about howdy accept tiff -- how deceptive katie couric is. that moment never happened. it sound like a great theme park, but it is a website. let's listen and see how long it takes to get an answer. how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking into a licensed gun dealer and purchasing a gun? >> if you are not in jail you should still have it. >> if you are a terrorist or felon? >> if you have done time, you should have your rights. >> the fact is we do have statute outs at the federal and state level that prohibit classes of people from being in possession of firearms. >> as you can hear these people are falling over each other to get their answers.
12:27 am
in fact, they wouldn't shut up. there is four minutes of back and fourth -- forth before she could ask her next question. you should know by now that documentaries are not news. they are propaganda. it is more like a place to enter with a closed mind. it is like college. backer, why lie? why create that? she has plenty of time to make her point. >> anyone who wants to own a weapon is an idiot. they are not smart enough to know how the world should work from the elite point of view. it doesn't surprise mooy at all. hopefully it doesn't surprise people this is how they get cobbled together. i think my voice went all the
12:28 am
time. you walk around and go to the firing range. it is the happiest place on earth you unlike disney. >> i was going to make a joke about a tiny arsenal and his penis and then i realize he has a gun. >> and i am not afraid to use it and by that i mean my penis. >> do you want to jump in on all of this talk? >> katie couric is an old lady who used to have a morning show. >> she used to be on tv in the 60s. >> she was married to david brooks. >> the most surprising thing about the story is that katie couric is still on tv. i did not know that are we really surprised liberal katie couric edited it deceitfully? >> she has a rep to protect. why would she do it?
12:29 am
>> she was a bribe brail and that's what liberals do. good for them for bringing their own recording device and calling her out on this deceitful editing. >> joe, would you sit down with someone like katie couric? >> i would sit down and have a conversation. i'll bring my recorder as well. you could have had fun with the first dancer. the second answer we didn't get to was what law has prevented people from committing crimes and lots of laws have done that. i would murder people who didn't clean up after their dog if i was allowed to. >> yeah, but you respect the law. you are a law abiding citizen. >> i love america. >> joe should murder his stylist or get him a shirt that matches his skin color. >> i didn't know he had a stylist like you. what would "red eye" be
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without half
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welcome back. it is time to find out what we got wrong at the "red eye" news deck. >> mike, you asked when was the last time somebody read a steven king book. >> not that long good in my case. >> when was it? i the last time it came out. >> sorry. >> so what was the last one
12:34 am
you read? what was the last steven king book you read? >> it was his most recent book. >> i am a big fan of the books. i wish he would keep his mouth shut about politics, but he will never do that. >> i was surprised to joe hill's name was not on this list. he was also an author. it is really good. >> when it is time for you to vote you go to david egner -- egers. >> eger. >> i really do. >> i want you to say egers once. >> egers. >> he always knows who to vote for. >> you also said nobody reads books. they are not reading david egner.
12:35 am
>> they are reading government gone wild in stores now. >> see the government [bleep]. >> i get it. i didn't get it. >> it is a good one. >> i just thought it was a sexist comment. but it is actually funny. that's actually funny. >> you said they say the pen is mightier than the sword. it is to make it easier to kill people and sam, you said you know what didn't kill was that joke. it was a good joke though. >> it was a good joke, but it didn't get a good reaction. >> i agree. >> sam just tries to make them look bad in front of girls. >> no one is knocking the content of your jokes, but your ability -- it is getting uncomfortable. >> maybe we need to edit that one out. nobody was laughing.
12:36 am
>> it is quiet. we can give it to katie couric. >> by the way a nerd who does read a lot of books, i had not heard of the vast majority of authors who signed this petition. >> you .ed out trump -- you .ed out trump was saying the hell with the men. >> is he with sjw now? >> apparently he is. >> a pivot for the general. >> what does it stand for? >> social justice war hero. >> you said trump's response is why we all like trump. >> what do you mean we? >> the american people. maybe those like you don't like trump. the american people like him and that's why we do so well. >> are you nervous no now that you are on joe mackey's list? >> it is like being on a hit
12:37 am
team list. it is like being on qaddafi's hit list. but you know what -- those people kill. >> what is that? >> those people kill. >> joe is not killing it. >> people tell me i am creepy all the time. >> mike said -- mike, tom said people are blaming trump for what happens at the rallies. you said, yeah, but again yeah, well -- >> that will end up on the loop. >> but you take my point? >> absolutely. >> bernie sanders goes after disney. >> you said if walt disney was alive he would say i don't like that guy. i can't put my finger on why. i assume because he is jewish. >> i'm a jew. i can say that.
12:38 am
he did a documentary on disney last year and had access to all of the papers. >> so other than being casually anti-sametic there is no evidence that it was anti-sametic. >> that is a fun way to describe it. >> and it is in the spare time. >> it is like a cshule gamer. >> i have the free time. >> he is wearing the cotton dockers. >> speaking of disney which owns marvel, any comment on the revelation that you have been a hydra agent all along? >> thank you for bringing that up. you put andy on your list. can you? >> i will. there are viewers who will get that. >> there are two or three of them. >> there is more than two or three.
12:39 am
>> what am i talking about? >> the hydra reference. >> he thinks hillary needs a hobby. you said repeatedly that you will cooperate with the government investigation into your use of a private e-mail server. you declined to be interviewed by the inspector general. oshe is not on the show. sam, you said maybe hillary has hobbies, but we won't know about them. lying is more of a lifestyle than a hobby. >> she was born that way. i have never seen you more upset at how they are more cannon. >> >> rebels and clone wars count, but the books were
12:40 am
better than what jj abrams put out. >> don't call jj abrams fat. >> katie couric accused of falsely editing and the film's director said, quote, i never intended to make anyone look bad and i apologize if anyone looked that way. it is putting that to bed. last week you said you hope people know it was out there. most don't and that's the problem. >> there is a surface underking about media manipulation in general. so it is disappointing in a sense, but not surprising at all. again, it is completely deceptive and trying to adopt a more zen-like approach.
12:41 am
>> on that note. >> thank you, andy. >> coming up, the best story >> coming up, the best story of the night.
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you won't see these folks at the post office. >> coming up, the best story of the night. they have businesses to run. they have passions to pursue. how do they avoid trips to the post office? mail letters, ship packages, all the services of the post office right on your computer. get a 4 week trial, plus $100 in extras including postage and a digital scale. go to and never go to the post office again.
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live from america's news headquarters i'm kelly bright. good morning. here is a look at what is happening. a deadly situation continues this morning in texas. folks there are facing the aftermath of torrential downpours. most of the rain has now stopped, but the threat of massive flooding remains across the lone star
12:45 am
state. at least six people have been killed and another 40 people had to be rescued from the floodwaters near houston. some rivers and waterways are still riding, but forecasters say the worst threat is the brazos river in southeast texas. it is expected to crest more than three feet above the previous record today. growing anger and questions surround a deadly shooting at the cincinnati zoo saturday. herambe, a 17-year-old gorilla was shot after a 4-year-old boy fell into the animal's enclosure. the incident triggered a global outcry from animal rights activists wanting to know why herambe had to be killed. they say he was in an agitated state and could have easily hurt the child. he adds that a tranquilizer was not an option. god news -- good news for 40,000 striking verizon work earlies as their union hammered out a tentative deal with the communications giant. they are expected to be back
12:46 am
on the job by tomorrow. it was one of the nation's biggest strikes. the contract includes 1300 new call center jobs and nearly 11% in raises over four years. and there is word out of seoul that north korea has attempted once again to launch a mid-sidessed -- mid-sized missal, but failed. it would be the latest. peapyongyang could be getting closer to building a missal that could reach the u.s. mainland. i'm kelly wright. now back to "red eye." newschan. >> michelle is waging a war on side to boob. she slams the female celebrities for showing too much skin on the red carpet and instagram. she said we are drowning on under boob and that is just betty white.
12:47 am
no, she notes that it is one thing for kim kardashian to flash her cleavage. the problem is the kardashian deaf yen see is the norm among entertainers who consider themes trail-blazing feminists. they point out sierra and sisters gg and bella who each make a leafing unwearing flimsy attire, she said and the twenty something pop star is a serial boob flasher. that's right. she is an fbf. i know because after i read her article i subscribe to all of the women instagram accounts. sam is she right about this? oh yeah. she had a breast the size of her head. i get annoyed when the kardashians try to see themselves as the feminist
12:48 am
trailblazers. came kardashian is a feminist in the same way woody allen is an involved father. >> i mean he is involved m. >> he is involved, yes. >> what do you think? you are a woman. there is this constant pressure to one up the next gal on-line, isn't there? >> kind of. this is like economics 101. when there is a demand are to side boob and under boob you will get more. americans clearly love this stuff. kim kardashian gets tons when she posts the to be pictures on-line. in europe people let it all hang out. you can see boobs on the beach and on tv. no one cares where you see a boob. but if america where we have all of these rules and are covered up men freak out about a boob and we created the culture. >> it is men's fault. >> it is all men eats fault. >> wow. we are the ones who are demanding the instagram photos. but you know what, i bet most of kim kardashian followers are women.
12:49 am
it is other girls looking at her. >> and i never freaked out over a boob in my life. and second of all i don't know any of those -- i have no idea who those celebrities are. >> they are like david brooks to you. >> now i have to look them up. >> they all look great. >> that's good news. i don't disagree with you in the insurance -- in the sense that european culture, they don't make a huge issue over the drinking and the kids drink maury responsibility. you don't get the binge drinking. it is much like the boob thing. >> let it hang ut -- out. >> that's a good analogy, isn't it? >> do you find you need to tape things up in the right way before taking instagram pics? >> i don't like smut, but this guy does ntd freak out about a boob. he is like james bond.
12:50 am
maybe you are right. maybe more boobs are the solution. >> just let them hang out and we won't get all excited over an instagram photo. >> that's right. shaken not stirred. no big deal here. >> you want to survive a catastrophe? find out after the break. sir, this alien life form is growing at an alarming rate. growing fast, you say? we can't contain it any long... oh! you know, that reminds me of how geico's been the fastest-growing auto insurer for over 10 years straight. over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more.
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next "red eye" abbie huntsman and greg johnson and katherine ward. >> while the world is ending you will be having a ball. the survival ball is a personal safety system designed to withstand tsunamis, heart quakes, -- earthquakes, hurricanes and trump protests. it can float and has air supply for one person for one hour and there is a surround sound music system and you can upgrade with a toilet installed which i would put ahead of the sound system, but maybe that's just me. the company behind this amazing orb has not said how much it will cost. there is one rule. no outside food or drink. i'm intrigued. rather than get the ball here is how i plan to survive the disaster.
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now that's how you survive an earthquake. did you ever see one of those disaster beds? >> i have seen one of those disaster beds. i have been a part of many disaster beds. >> the thing is they say it has an air supply for one hour for one person and then they show it with two seats. >> that's the double. there is a single and a double. the double has two supplies for two people for one hour. >> you will need more oxygen than for an hour if you are in a situation. imagine you are trapped under the wreckage of a theater- 30-story building or a tsunami. i think they need to work on the air supply. you have to put some home comforts in there. >> they have to test them out. >> there is a major design
12:56 am
fall in this ball. thisy should have made it into a cube. imagine a hurricane comes or a tsunami and you jump in your ball and before you know it you are flying down the freeway at 60 miles an hour. it is like a yes, gerbil on crack. it should not be a ball. it should be a cube. >> what do you think is stronger? >> a ball. >> a ball is stronger? >> that's a good point. >> you will be in the ocean. you would have vomit all over you and rolling around and it would be awful. >> you rolled around in vomit. is it unpleasant? >> that reminds me of my trip to new orleans. this is a good idea. they are on to something here. it would be nice if there is a disaster and everyone who made fun of me from my giant orange disaster ball. so sorry. so sad. >> they would be knocking to get in and you would say sorry? >> that's the middle finger. we have to blur that out now. >> you could have waited.
12:57 am
we are seconds away from the end of the show. >> why does it have a window? >> good night, everyone. >> good night, everyone. that's it. america's veterans are on the tour of their lives.
12:58 am
at dav we're on a mission to help veterans of all generations get the benefits they've earned. help us support more victories for veterans. go to
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as american troops assist iraqis in an effort to drive isis terrorists out of fa lucia, americans at home remember their heroes who never came back. this is "special report." welcome to washington. i'm in for bret baier. it is a solemn, but calm memorial day here in the nation's capital. president obama paid respects to the fallen, a half world away, it is anything but calm. americans are, again, engaged in conflict. in conflict where the bullets are just as real. kevin begins the coverage tonight from the white house. >> reporte


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