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tv   Fox and Friends First  FOX News  May 31, 2016 2:00am-3:01am PDT

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this tuesday morning. thank you so much. i am heather childers. i am abby hunts man. the boy falling into the gorilla exhibit forced zoo officials to kill the animal. 1,000 sign ago petition in support of the gorilla. sgloot's response. >> the zoo is defending its decision to kill the gorilla. what happened over the weekend created a sad day for everyone. the zoo saying it mid the right call killing a gorilla after he drag add 4-year-old boy through the motor into his exhibit when the boy fell in. >> we do not take the shooting of him lightly.
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but the child's life was in darrening. people who question that or are monday morning quarterbacks or second-guessers don't understand that you p can't take a risk with a silver back gorilla. >> the incident sparked a global out cry for activists. they want to know why he had to be killed. >> i don't think it happened in seconds or minutes the little kiddie fined himself in the situation ultimately it's the gorilla that paid the price. >> parents were neglectful. the mother who thanked them for saving her son. she said accidents happen. she removed that from facebook. it already has nearly 100,000 signatures called a new law called harambe's law when a
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animal is killed due to negligence of visitors. a female fore ril law carried a 3-year-old boy to safety after falling nearly 20 feet into her enclosure. the mother said what started off as a wonderful day turned to a scurried one as you might image begin. no charges are being considered against her at this time. we would like to know what everyone at home thinks? w what do you think? >> send an e-mail to facebook, twitter and share them later in the show. >> flood soaked texas bracing for the worst as more wicked weather is set to reek mwreak hn
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the south. >> they were forced to flee as more mandatory evacuations are put into place with rescue efforts underway to save the stranded. two people are missing including a boy in texas and another child in kansas. t>> the river breaking a 60 yea high. >> wind hail and possibly tornados are set to span from texas to north dakota. >> three twisters hitting the ground. >> maria molina joins us with more. >> a lot of extreme weather out there and it is set to forecast. i want to look at the radar. it is a relatively quiet
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picture. most of the rain focuses to the western part of the state to san angelo. most of the warnings have been lifted and are concentrated around river flooding around southeastern portions of the state around houston. that's what we are focusing on with the ongoing flood threat still in place out there. taking a look at the forecast you can see several inches of rain possible from southern texas through parts of oklahoma. but out here there's some purple showing up. that means we could potentially be seeing 8 inches of additional rainfall. that's a huge concern in terms of additional flooding. the risk of severe storms in place across texas as well with damaging winds large hail flash flooding and isolated tornadoes possible. the threat extending across the florida panhandle and as far north as wisconsin. in the eastern u.s. we have been dealing with a lot of moisture. you can see the rain still coming down out here. several inches of rain still
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possible across eastern parts of north carolina over the next few days. abby and heather? >> hoping everyone stays safe. maria molina thanks for that. breaking details. the suspected gunmen and army accused of a deadly rampage may be suffering from ptsd. they are trying to figure out what caused him to open fire. he served four tours in afghanistan. his father believes this is really a ptsd thing. he moved from california to texas to live in a p compound saying this wasn't my son. police are questioning another man armed at the scene. he may have been trying to stop the shooting. garza allege he had loiped fire in an auto shop killing a customer and shooting a car and police vehicle. six people were hurt including two police officers. he is considered so dangerous the fbi added him to their top ten most wanted list. this morning the man wanted for murdering his girlfriend and her unborn child is behind bars.
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philippe fhilicarpio has been on the run since april. that's when the feds say he pete lauren mcguinn and shot her over the head. he was picked up crossing into mexico. he has a history of violence. already spending 14 years in prison for a 2001 shooting that nearly killed two people. it is the va hospital known as candy land because it handed out so many pain-killers. kristin fisher live with what we can expect today. what are you hearing on this? >> what this report reveals is tlur problems at the va inspector goen rale. according to this investigation it failed. it found a facility in wisconsin
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things like ignoring key evidence and disz counting testimony. they faulted the ig's decision to not release its own report even after it found evidence of wrong doing. several va officials have been fired including former chief of staff david houlihan. he was nicknamed the candy man for prescribing extremely high levels of narcotics. they are still under investigation. as for why it never came out with the report they explained it like this. >> it was buried. it just never came to the light of day. it was time after time when people raised the issue with members of the va or department of justice or the fbi or dea. people didn't do anything about it. >> senator johnson's committee will be holding a hearing on this later this morning. two top officials from the va will be there. we will see what they say. >> kristin fisher live for us.
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thank you, kristin. >> an fbi agent's gun and badge stolen in san francisco. the agent seeing his back window smashed in and hand gun gone. neighbors calling these kinds of break ins an epidemic. kate stein lee was shot and killed by an illegal immigrant using an illegal gun stolen from a federal agent's car. >> a woman throws a metal object over the north gate. it happened moments after give ago memorial speech at arlington national cemetery. a woman who has not been identified is now under arrest. the object she through was apparently not dangerous. the preach comes as they push for a 14 foot white house barrier. >> president obama urging americans to remember the nation's fallen on memorial day. the commander-in-chief laying a
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breathe at the tomb of the unknowns. his comments on combat have people raising their eyebrows. >> iraq and our fight against isil, three americans have given their lives in combat on our behalf. today i ask you to remember their stories as well. >> interesting that he would use the word combat. shes the first time he has done that. three americans killed in combat since the mission started in 2014. the president making these remarks despite declaring the end of the combat in iraq four years ago. secret service agents with burning rally in california. speak beforing a crowd of 20,000 people before the state's critical primary. they were already looking ahead and taking aim at donald trump. >> let me not worry about hillary clinton, the big, brave,
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macho guy. he said he wanted to anticipate bernie sanders then he said he did, then he said he didn't he say to him, mr. macho, i am open to a debate any time any place. >> meantime hillary clinton spent a memorial day walking in a parade along side her husband bill clinton and governor andrew cuomo. >> to the republican side, a key member of the gop establishment telling the donald trump hold out to stop disrespecting voters. >> won the nomination fair and square. he went out there competed like everybody else, got the most votes. i think it is disrespectful of the republican electorate to say, i am smarter than you are and i am not going to support your choice. >> senate majority leader mitch mcdonnell pledged his support
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for trump saying he wants to keep senator clinton out of the white house. he will be joining us on "fox & friends" joining us at 7:30 this morning. >> the time is 11 after the hour. a shocking case of road rage. the violent moments a car runs over a navy veteran riding a motorcycle and ju drives off. >> we are going to die. >> terror on the tarmac. what exploded into flames just as a plane was about to take off. >> who wears short shorts? apparently this woman does and she wouldn't allowed on the plane because of it. >> i can see why. we searched billions of flight combinations
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to make getting here easy. because the hardest part of any trip, should be leaving. expedia. technology connecting you to what matters.
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♪ >> welcome back to "fox & friends first". times square is there this morning from new york city. we are going to take you out to tampa, florida where there was panic on the tarmac when a plane erupted into flames. this happening just minutes before takeoff. the plane coming to a screeching halt as passengers watched fire trucks raced to the scene. wtvt reporter shows us how the terrifying moments played out. >> oh my god, we are going to die. >> 131 passengers and 6 crew wondered what went wrong. >> just on the final -- >> i always hold my cross before
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takeoff. i was missing my cross the plane was going down. >> we were quiet listening to the announcements that were on the plane. they were updating us about every few minutes. >> they were vak whiteed by section down a flight of stairs driven to the runway. >> it was only our second time flying. it was bumpy and it was loud. >> it was something that happened very quick. appreciate the actions of the airport so quickly. >> what if anything could have been done to prevent it? as that began passengers were brought back to the terminal to be rebooked for later flights. >> that was evan axle bank reporting. the passengers eventually took off for houston at 10:00 p.m. >> thanks, heather. five people are dead and more than 50 are hurt after memorial day weekend full of gun violence
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in chicago. among the victims a 15-year-old girl veronica lopez was a passenger in a car when police say a vehicle pull aid long side her a gunman opening fire. there have been 1400 shooting victims in chicago this year alone. darrening caught on a dashcam video the heart stopping moments a man opens fire on an officer during a traffic stop. look at this. miami police officer ducking for his life with bullets just barely missing his head. the suspect then tried to take off. the officer fires back and doesn't miss hitting him right in the arm. he's facing attempted murder charges. frightening crash leaves a tractor trailer dangling off of ap over pass. the driver of that truck recalling the incredible moments before impact.
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>> the saw the cars behind me and i didn't want to crush them. >> a chain reaction crash sending the big rig dajing off the bridge in new york. the truck driver jumping to safety walking away with only minor injuries. >> that happened live on the air. there was a concern the fuel would explode so they cut all of the wires. >> 20 minutes after the hour. a fireworks explosion. >> the hunt for the vandals laughing as they set fire to a front porch. >> a dozen being treated for the measles. >> the place where that disease came from.
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>> a community wide alert as the number of measles cases sky rockets. 11 are confirmed there. state workers unknowingly exposing people at a denny's wal-mart and a high school graduation. symptoms include fever, red watery eyes a runny nose with a red rash. >> cell phones for your health. your cell phone could give you cancerment it is a brand new study linking the devices radio frequencies to brain and heart tumors in mice. critics are shooting down the findings. a small sample size and it is a preliminary report. the results of the $25 million
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government funded study may not be released in full until next year. >> summer is around the corner. you may want to think twice before lathering up. the sunscreen you wear could increase your possibility of getting cancer. all day sunscreens do not last as as long as they claim. other problems they found people aren't using enough and they don't reapply often enough. researchers are saying that sunscreen is giving people a false sense of security putting them at a higher risk. speaking of summer, the short shorts causing quite a stir on a jetblue fight from boston to seattle. a burlesque performer known as maggie mcmuffin that she needed to cover up or get off the plane. she just arifd from a con ekt inning flight where she was asked to change. >> my problem with this is it is entirely subjective. when we start to make women's
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bodies subjective we get into a lot of shaky areas in this society. >> she went and bought a pair of shorts before getting on the plane. jetblue apologized and gave her a refund for the shorts and her flight. >> i don't think it was the body that was subjective it was the shorts. nearly 40,000 workers finally returned to work this week. fox business is here with the details. this is the greatest we have seen in current history. 40,000 workers are going back to work. they have a new contract they need to vote on it. ter expected to approve it. here's what they had get 13 one of the things the company won was the ability to refigure the healthcare plan for those workers. as you know that's an expensive proposition for american
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companies. >> i am glad that was resolved. >> what d american flags. the sales are back in all floor re. >> it is amazing. american flag sales are up get this about 15 percent year over year. this is kind of interesting. part of this is an election year. patriotism seems to be back stronger more than ever. especially over the memorial day weekend. the most popular flag 3 by 5 foot flag is the most popular seller right now. >> a lot of people headed to the movies. you have 1 and 2 for us. >> movies got horrific reviews. but the first the winner was x-men apock -- apocalypse. hugh jackman made an appearance. maybe that was part of the sales. it didn't hit the numbers the studio wouas hoping that it wou.
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the biggest was alice and the looking glass. this is the johnny depp movie. it bombed with a capital b. it brought in $34.2 million. most of the audience was female and a lot of people surveyed just kind of lost us over the weekend. it is pretty much why we believe it is because of djohnny depp's personal problems amber hurst filing for divorce and she accused him of assault. >> he's having a rough week. >> yeah, he is. >> i did see a preview for ""beauty and the beast" coming up. >> i am ready for bad moms. >> "through the looking glass" looks weird. >> still to come about 36 minutes after the top of t-- 26 after the top of the hour. one week out before the figure contest in california. >> in 1859 big ben went into operation in london. in 1996 benjamin netanyahu was
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>> an inges employinexplosion og by the hour. a push for the parents to face charges. >> a va pain-killer abuse scandal. >> i don't want to be rude but i am not much of a conversationalist. the last thing i want to be known as a blabber mouth. >> cramped and inconvenient. how to avoid the dreaded middle seat on a plane. none of us like it.
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"fox & friends first" continues rights now. >> taylor swift to get your weekend started. the sun is trying to come up. good morning. thanks to all of you for watching. you are watching "fox & friends first". >> it was a little rainy yesterday here. i am heather childers. it is half past the top of the hour. we begin with this for you. the call is getting louder to charge the parents of a young boy who fell into a gorilla exhibit prompting officials to shoot him dead. >> now we have an on-line petition in support. >> abby and heather good morning
2:32 am
to you as well. the anger among animal rights activists are growing. there's a petition with almost 100,000 signatures calling for a new state law to charge to hold the parents criminally responsible. the animal rights activists claimed the parents were neglectful with their child. the 4-year-old managed to crawl into the exhibit where harambe gorilla lived. he dragged the child through the motor. the horrifying scene caused zoo officials to shoot and kill the gorilla sparking outrage to animal rights activists but the zoo stand by its decision. >> an animal by one hand i have seen take a coconut and crush it. he was disoriented. he had never had anything bick that going on. and that also led to the decision of course not to dart the animal. >> in the aftermath the parents of a child faced the firestorm
2:33 am
of criticism. the mother responded saying as a society we are quick to judge a parent who takes their eyes off their child. if any one knows me i keep a close catch watch on my kids. accidents happen. what started off as a wonderful day turned into a one. god protected my child. as more people add to the memorial to harambe some animal lovers are calling for the parents as we have stated to be prosecuted. the zoo says it is not considering my charges. this whole incident is bringing back memories from 196's illinois. quite a different situation. there a female gorilla carried a 3-year-old boy to safety after falling nearly 20 feet into her enclosure. that was into tnot the case as on saturday where harambe was dragging the child around. maynard says in the real world you make difficult calls but you have to make them and the safety
2:34 am
of the child was paramount. >> that is absolutely correct. kelly wright. live for us. >> definitely a difficult call for the folks at the zoo. there is no shortage of opinions. >> gordie says i think the zoo did the right thing. i think there should be charges brought against the parents for being neglectful. john writes parents of the kids at the cincinnati zoo need to be charged with child neglect and endarreningment. this is their fault. >> when did an animal's life become more valuable than a child's. >> patience rent's primary hee job with the safety of their children. >> keep sending us your comments on that one. >> in the meantime switching to severe weather. flood soaked texas bracing for the worst as more wicked
2:35 am
weather. tens of thousands emerge suburbs overnight. mandatory evacuations are put into place. the masses brought the river into the southeastern part of the state. possibly breaking a 60 year record high. winds, hail, rain and tornadoes set to texas and north dakota. farm lands torn apart. >> maria molina tracking the latest. >> we are expecting more rain across parts of texas. right now it is relatively quiet out there. we have dry conditions across the eastern and western parts of the state. we have a number of flood warnings in effect in the eastern parts of the state.
2:36 am
they are forecast at flood stage coming up today and tomorrow some of you. taking a look at the forecast. it has potentially more than 6 inches out there. we are expecting severe weather in wisconsin and parts of the florida panhandle with damaging winds large hail and isolated tornadoes through the day today and through the night. >> we have been dealing with what's left of bonnie bringing in the tropical moisture up to parts of the northeast. most of the rain will be localized across parts of the carolinas where we could see additional rain through the day today. let's head back inside. >> that is a wet one. maria molina sthooivengs. >> it is known as candy land because it handed out so many
2:37 am
painkillers. what can we expect today? >> this investigation found systemic failures in a va inspector general's review in a facility in wisconsin. it fell to the ig's decision to not release its own report answer after it found evidence of wrong doing. several have been fired including former cheese of staff david houlihan. he was nicknamed the candy land for extremely high levels of narcotics. according to usa today five months after they closed the case 35-year-old marine corps veteran died days after the chief of staff signed off on adding another open yet to the 14 drugs he had already been prescribed. listen to what his father told fox last year. >> they put him back on one medication they had him on earlier that he went crazy from and put him on a smaller amount
2:38 am
this last time which i didn't understand why the doctor put him back on this again. he couldn't take it any more. >> at the same time the new york daily news is reporting the number of legal settlements made by the va more than tripled over the last five years largely due to a spike in medical malpractice cases. two top officials will have to face the senate committee later this summer. heather? > turning now to the white house family feud fueled by donald trump. several big names in the republican party say they will skip the convention in cleave lapped. the push the along with former presidential nominees mitt romney all expected to be no shows. trump has the delegates to clinch the nomination. now he and likely democratic
2:39 am
opponent hillary clinton have something new to worry about. weekly sanders editor bill crystal using the holiday weekend to announce a search for a third party challenger. crystal tweeting this. just a heads up there will be an independent candidate an impressive one with a strong team and a real chance. but the associated press says even if someone adds it to the rain their chance of winning slim to none. >> independent candidate at a late day are exorbitant. you would have to have someone who would declare their candidacy immediately have name recognition across the country, have a built in finance network and then you deal with the question of getting into pallbas where states have already closed. if it happened five, six years ago you could see it as an actual realistic path.
2:40 am
it would be a suicide mission it would be to stop another candidate to get into the white house not to actually win. >> trump took to twitter with the response warning a third party candidate could swing the race to the democrats. >> never a dull moment. >> no takers so far abby. >> the golden state warriors record setting season, it is not over yet. one series deficit for the thunder in aim 7. final scored 96 to 88 leading the way with 36 points. the defending champs will face the cleveland cavaliers with a rematch of last year's final game one is thursday. check out this cute moment. after the game he tried giving his daughter riley a kiss, she did not want any part of it. heather she is saying let's go to the finals.
2:41 am
>> the only one to ever be voted unanimously. >> the time is 20 minutes after the pour. d edward snowden perform a public service? oo we can argue about what snowden did what he did. i think he actually performed a public service. >> they are now backtracking new this morning edward snowden's response. >> you notice anything different about these search engines? apparently google doesn't care about honoring the fallen on member cal d memorial day. when we breathe in allergens, our bodies react by over producing six key inflammatory substances that cause our symptoms. most allergy pills only control one substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase outperforms the #1 non-drowsy allergy pill.
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have already used ziprecruiter. and now you can use ziprecruiter for free. go to
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>> 15 minutes to the top of the hour. many previous secretary of states used personal e-mail. that claim just got busted. a fox news exclusive interview the inspector general from 2005
2:45 am
to 2008 his boss condoleezza rice she never did. >> secretary rice did not have a personal serveor. i would have been stunned had i been asked to send an e-mail to her to a personal server or private address. i would have declined to do so on security grounds. physical she would have sent one to me i would have sent an investigation. >> there was no inspector general. he benefited from the lack of over site. >> edward snowden is calling out former u.s. attorney general eric holder for his about face. holder making headlines when he referred to snowed dans leak nsa security file as a quote public service. snowden should still stand trial. tweeting this 2013 is treason, 2014 maybe not but it was
2:46 am
reckless. 2015 still it was unlawful 2016 it was a public service next to 2017 it is blank. he spent the last four years as you know in exile in russia. >> a four-year dir city program is failing miserably. instead of scrapping the program all together the public school is increasing funding. they have non white low income students attend college. 23 percent of participants graduate. that is less than students with similar background who are not a part of the program. it is getting harder to avoid. sister network fox business is here with how not to get stuck in the middle. i am always stuck in the middle seat. >> it happens to me as well. there are things you can do.
2:47 am
airlines have been profiting. they allow them to get their seat after check in. southwest charges you if you want to board early. there are tricks to avoid the middle seat mayhem. the earlier you book the more likely you are to get an i'll or window if they are offered for free. your ticket will be cheaper in you go 57 days in advance or longer. second you want to look at the type of plane when you make your reservation. some planes only have five seats. regional carriers like delta connection and united express have only 3-5 seats per row. that lessens your chances obviously. the boeing 767 has one middle seat per row in coach. with the long flights the middle seats is the worst. >> remember when flying used to be a luxury?
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>> it used to be fun. >> 10 minutes until the top of the hour. in a shocking case of road rage, the violent moments a car runs over a motorcyclist and drives off. the story behind who was riding that bike. >> guy in an alligator suit. >> the monster alligator strayed out of jurassic park and stunned the gull fers on the course. >> is that real? >> speaking of alligators. >> what is going on. have you seen th-- did you see ? >> it is a 300-year-old alligator before the meteor hit the earth. also tell you about this. on tap over the next three hours we are going to have a quality conversation with senate majority leader mitch mcconnell in studio with his book a fascinating look inside his
2:49 am
negotiation with president obama and more. casey anthony's attorney live on our show. he will respond to the claims that he had a sexual relationship we all know her. jeff corrine on the gorilla killed at the cincinnati zoo to save the 4-year-old child. and indy 500 winner, the rookie live in our studio. don't miss a minute. with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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welcome back to ""fox & friends first". explosive vandalism. the hunt is on right now for the culprits who used illegal fireworks to set this house on fire.
2:53 am
that surveillance video showing the group setting off fireworks at the front door of a house in maryland before running away laughing. the blast burnt a hole in the front of the house, shattered the front door. the fireworks were so powerful, they are banned in that state. a shocking case of road rage caught on camera. [ bleep ]. do you see what happens there? the silver car, it runs over the motorcyclist in the middle of the road. this happening in tampa. one of those victims, a navy veteran who had just left a memorial day ride. the man recording the video says the violence started when the driver ran the bikers off the road. the bikers are all expected to be okay. that's the good news. the driver of the car under arrest and facing charges. horrible. as we spend memorial day weekend remembering the american
2:54 am
heroes who gave their lives, a top islamic activist is spending hers criticizing the holiday again. for the third year in a row, zahara billoo posted this on twitter. google facing flack for how they marked memorial day. google and bing. google with a tiny little flag and yellow ribbon below the search bar. >> i'm switching to bing. the time now is 6 minutes until the top of the hour. sewed dar more scplef -- soda more expensive than gasoline. a single can of coke will cost
2:55 am
you more than $13. >> and a an animal baby rescued by wildlife officials. >> so cute. >> oh! me. well somewhere along the way, emily went right on living. but you see, with the help of her raymond james financial advisor, she had planned for every eventuality. ...which meant she continued to have the means to live on... ...even at the ripe old age of 187. life well planned. see what a raymond james advisor can do for you.
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i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice. where. before we leave the house, here's what's happening for you today. donald trump set to release a full list of veterans groups that received donations from his january fund-raiser. at the time, he claimed he
2:59 am
raised $6 million for vets. the senate unveiling its findings of a year long investigation into the toma va hospital which was nicknamed candy land because it handed outed so many painkillers. and the gorilla shot and killed at the cincinnati zoo after a boy fell into the exhibit. they want the parents charged. time now for the the good, the bad, and the ugly. good, incredible rescue, a baby elephant saved from an open storm drain in vi land -- sri lanka. >> fuller, go easy on the soda. in canada, it can cost you more than a tank of gas. suites are a hot commodity.
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and finally the ugly. >> have you ever seen that big? >> no, never. >> i think that's two guys in an alligator suit. >> that's a real-life alligator suit. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ good morning to you and your family. it is tuesday, may 31st. i'm ainsley earhardt. outrage mounting over the cincinnati zoo's decision to shoot and kill a gorilla to save a little boy's life. the zoo is now doubling down on its decisions as celebrities are expressing outrage and a memorial day vigil is held in the gorilla as honor. they say his life mattered


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