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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  May 31, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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well, log on the for the "after the show show" because our show is already over. >> you want more. >> i need another hour. >> you have martha -- >> that's true. they'll have a great show today. >> run to the radio too. bill: good morning, everybody. donald trump set to go before reporters and answer questions about lingering questions about his promise to donate $8 million to charities that benefit veterans. martha: happy tuesday to you. donald trump is expected to speak at 11:00 a.m. at trump tower. this stems from a fundraiser he hosted instead of attending a
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fox news debate back in january. >> that could only help elect hillary clinton. the last thing the country needs is four more years of barack obama. anything that divides the right of center world is not helpful and i don't think it's a good idea to do anything that helps us elect hillary clinton. martha: carl cameron live outside trump tower where the news conference will start in two hours. what is behind the trump veteran donation. reporter: earlier this year he said he would raise some money and give it top vets groups in lieu of a debate in iowa. there was $5 million or $6 million raised. at the time they identified 22, 23 veterans organizations they
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planned to distribute money to and not all of it has been. part of that is it takes time to vet some of these organizations. back at the time trump held an event in california for veterans and it turns out the beneficiary there was a super pack that consisted of one person who hadn't donnell any work to benefit veterans. yesterday was memorial day, and mr. trump went to the rolling thunder big motorcycle rally for memorial day and to a lot of critics he was politicizing memorial day swraig the money was going to go after the holiday. the question of his finances always lingers. so the question of what is the billionaire doing with his money, there will be questions and we'll hopefully get the
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answers today. martha: what about the question of the third party candidate. reporter: trump did a west coast swing last week and doing a lot of combat with republicans. the idea that the republican party is entirely unified is still have much in debate. in the past when a candidate has had a hard time sewing up his party it was dire straight. but that's not how the trump campaign sees it. there is still the folks like bill kristol who trump has pounded for weeks. the publisher looking for a potential third party candidate.
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the libertarian party nominated its standard bearer and the vice presidential nominee, bill well, the former governor of massachusetts. maybe that's the kind of thing somebody like kristol might be looking for. accept bell and johnson no longer republicans, and are now part of the libertarian party. bill: check out the prominent no-shows at the republican convention. romney and mccain won't be thereby along with george w. burke and his father george h.w. bush. mcconnell said get over it. where are republic chance in that process? >> they are not there yet. the republican convention can be
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remarkable for who is not there. you have the only two living republican ex-presidents will not thereby and are not supporting the presidential nominee of their party. you have john mccain and mitt romney, and they won't thereby. there is word bob dole who ran in 1996 will be there briefly. but no republican who ran for president in the last 20 years will be there. a number of republicans who were in tight senate races, kelly ayote. will not be there. bill: bill kristol is talking about a third-party run. trump said on twitter if dummy bill kristol does get an independent to run say good-bye to the supreme court.
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trump is making the argument a third party hurts rum cans. basically a third party hurts trump. >> you heard mitch mcconnell say essentially the same thing. this is the big hurdle the third-party advocates are saying. in a lot of republicans believe if there is a third party on the right, it will take votes away from donald trump. trump was smart to mention the supreme court in that tweet. the thing that people are most concerned about is the fact that if there is a democratic president, that democratic
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president will likely get a huge number of temperature supreme court picks. we know the third party people have tried a number of candidates like general mattis. mitt romney who says they are not going to run. i have talked to some of the advocates of the third party and they say they have strategy, they have money, they have an organization all ready to go, they just need somebody to run. it's not a good situation to be in. bill: thank you, byron. martha: hillary clinton and bernie sanders are campaigning in th the golden state.
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>> if you promise not to tell secretary clinton -- she is getting vrg nervous lately -- i don't want to add to her anxiety. if you promise not to tell her, we are going to win in california. martha: clinton has a slight edge in california. there are some polls that show it much closer than that. sanders says even if she does sweep in those june 7 primaries, he's still taking this fight all the way to the democratic convention. he has so much momentum and enthusiasm. it will be fascinating to watch. hillary clinton should be at the basketball game and elsewhere. news breaking the battle to
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reclaim fallujah. iraqi forces trying to fake back the city from isis. they say they have the city surrounded. they are trying to drive the militants out. conor powell is live in our middle east bureau. reporter: iraqi troops continue to push deeper into fallujah. but they are meeting fierce resistance from isis. they are setting booby traps to slow down the iraqi troops. they have take and police station and used that. but they have been engaged in a four-hour battle with isis who try to push iraqi troops out of that area. there are reports that isis is using 50,000 or so civilians stuck inside isis as human
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shields. isis has several hundred if not several thousand civilians in positions protecting themselves from iraqi airstrikes and iraqi artillery and coalition tear strikes, trying to use civilians as a slow-down road bump. iraq commanders say they pretty much control all of the certain outside of fallujah. this is a key spot for the iraqi military to try to resecure and retake. in the last few weeks isis used fallujah as a basis to launch attacks in iraq's capital. so retaking fallujah is a key objective for the iraqi military. bill: a funnel cloud drops from
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the sky creating a monstrous tornado. martha: a former state department watchdog is disputing one of hillary's main contentions about the email crisis. bill: a former a.g. is opening up about snowden calling his leaks a public service. >> he performed a public service by raising the debate. ...clear for take off.
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or solutions as it may not work as intended and you may lose blood sugar control, which could be serious. ask your doctor about toujeo®. martha: the past few weeks there have been unbelievable pictures of nature's display. colorado, a storm chaser catching this incredible tornado 100 miles northeast of denver. once it touched down, it took the hour out in all of that area. destroyed the barn. thankfully nobody was hurt. >> can you think of any circumstances under which a secretary of state would need a personal server for government business?
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>> for government business, i cannot. i would have been stunned if she had sent one to me, i probably would have started an investigation. bill: that's a former state department executive. rich lowry, they are saying everybody else did it and there is no violation here. >> the i.g. report shreds a lot of what the clinton said. she was acting in violation of state department policy going back years, she was violating the federal record act and she was repeatedly hacked and warned about the danger of the setup and she did it anyway.
6:17 am
a lot of top officials have private emails, but she was using it exclusively with her own server. >> there may have been attempted hacks, but there is no information that her each was hacked. this is minor league stuff compared to what donald trump has to say. he's talking about somebody who wants a nuclear arms race. somebody who want to get rid of nato. >> we have plenty of time to debate donald trump, we have, and we'll. but there is a guy two weeks ago to pled in a plea deal who claims he hacked her server. >> the government systems are getting hacked it seems very
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often no matter where you work. bill: which is another reason to be more careful. >> the most fascinating thing in those emails was her solving the crisis with israel. you say we'll talk about trump's comment on the issue and we are not. bill: catherine herridge, pam brown showed -- secretary rice did not use personal email for government business. secretary powell used personal email to communicate with people outside the government. she believes she was following the practice of other secretaries and senior officials. how do you know when you are being hacked? >> she could have asked for permission, by she can't.
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memos went out under her signature about the dangers of these kind of arrangements. the clintons, someone will come out with an official statement laying down the facts. and the clinton campaign will objecwillobfsca terks. hillary clinton's arguments collapsed because she has been dishonest about it from the beginning. she can't admit that she did it to avoid foia requests. >> i think comparatively this is a small matter compared to the
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things donald trump said he would actually do. i appreciate rich reading hillary's mind. but donald trump's positions, you know, a lot of these things he says -- >> you can't defend this so you are talking about donald trump. yes donald trump's policies deserve political debate. but you can't defend this because the position is not defensible. >> she know she broke the rules. bill he said she broke the rules, now it remains to be seen whether she also broke the law. martha: this story had everybody talking over the past couple days. growing outrage over the killing of a gorilla to possibly save a boy's life who fell into an enclosure. martha: this video is so
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unbelievable. the zoo shot the gorilla. now it sparked a national debate. >> the gorilla took hit to one end of his habitat. the little boy started screaming and the gorilla grabs him again. you pay your car insurance premium like clockwork. month after month. year after year. then one night, you hydroplane into a ditch.
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bill: pretty remarkable. golden state coming back last night to defeat oklahoma city. the warriors trailed the series three games to one adding another accomplishment to what has been an historic season.
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le bron james and the cleveland cavaliers. game one starts thursday night. it will be an awesome series. congratulations, golden state. martha: an exciting summer for cleveland. they have a lot going on. it amazes me you are til playing basketball and hockey in the summer. this story has everyone talk. a zoo is facing serious backlash for killing an endangered gorilla. it started saturday when a 4-year-old boy fell into the gorilla enclosure. you couldn't believe it when you saw this video.
6:26 am
harambe acted erratically the way gorillas would do. but critic are blaming the zoo and the boy' family as well. a lot of people angry about what happened here. what are you hearing. >> reporter: much of the anger is being directed toward the mother. her identity and the identity of the mother is being withheld. a quick response team made the decision to kill the 17-year-old silver back gorilla. a special call was used to lure the female gorilla's away from the even cloud our. you are talking about a creature that can crush a coconut with one hand. >> we did not take the shooting
6:27 am
of har -- the shooting lightly. but you can't take a risk with a silverback. reporter: animal rights activists gathered at the zoo. they generally 15 years in the wild and 50 in captivity. out in the wild they are subject to disease and endanger. martha: how on earth is it possible to fall through a fenced in area. what was the structure like? you should never be able to get anywhere near being able to have this happen. reporter: he made it through the first barrier which was steel
6:28 am
bars. then there was a fence he had to get or. the mother says there isn't a parent out there who hasn't had that moment when they turn their attention away from the kid and the kid got into trouble. bill: the zoo has been there for a lock time. the enclosure has been there for 40 years. this has sparked a lot of talk, a debate. they had a system in place and they followed that system. martha: you cannot possibly guess what the gorilla is going to do with this little boy in between his arms. it's a horrific situation. bill: new details about to go public in the trump university
6:29 am
issue. the comment trump made about the judge unsealing court document. martha: deadly flooding with a river that is about to crest at record levels. >> the river has flooded so many times, i don't know how they are staying.
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bill: the record flooding in southeastern texas getting worse today. the flood caused by torrential days of rain. the overwhelmed river surging to historic levels. reporter: this is the city of rosenburg, southeast of houston. they have not seen anything like
6:33 am
this the last 60 years. all of the water in the area. all of the major thoroughfares have been shut down. at least 100 yard behind those poles is the br brazos river. it's expected to crest and we are hearing it could rise more. a tough situation for people who live in this area. a lot of people have been evacuated. they are scared, faring their homes will be submerged in water by the end of the day and possibly tomorrow. they are seeking shelter. water continues to rise and has been rising all morning. we have been here since 4:30 this morning and we had to move three or four times because the
6:34 am
water continues to rise. that's what you are getting here in rosenberg, texas. they are delling people to get out for their safety. if they want to stay in the city of rosenberg, they have to seek shelter. >> i have a judge who is a hater of donald trump. a hater. he's a hater. his name is gonzalo, pureo who we think is mexican. i think the mexicans will end up loving donald trump when i give all these jobs.
6:35 am
martha: the trial will not happen until after the election. he will hear the case in november. but he decided in leave it that comment that he will release unseal 100 pages of sensitive documents that are related to the case that "washington post" was requesting. you will be seeing those soon. former senator scott brown is with us. is this a moment when you wish your guy wouldn't have gone that far. >> maybe wanted them out. to put them out there this early may be part of the strategy. i haven't spoken to donald. i'll be doing it later. but i'll be curious to why. for somebody like us, the average person to go publicly air your grievances about a case and call it the judge isn't necessarily the best rule. martha: you believe it may be
6:36 am
helpful to him publicly to get the document out there. >> maybe. we don't know what's in the unsealed documents. this is a civil case, so we'll see. obviously it goes to the larger question of judges in the upcoming election. that's why he released a list of conservative judges. if it goes to hillary you will have a liberal court and if it goes to trump you will have a conservative court. that's the real issue. martha: the former nominees, mitt romney and john mccain, every gop candidate said they will not be at convention this summer. what's the impact of that? >> i like every one of them and i would like to shake hand or have a coffee or a beer with them. but to just say hi and catch up on old times.
6:37 am
part of the convention is to bury those hard feelings and move forward and unify. the fact that you have the so-called establishment of the founding fathers of the gop, the new fathers of the gop, i should say. but it doesn't matter. because you have a whole new wave of gop coming in with energy that wasn't there for those other efforts. so i don't think it matters. martha: do you feel like your party is changing dramatically and this is a new beginning where perhaps these individuals who aren't coming as you say will not matter. and is it possible that that's used as leverage to say to other voters, we are not that party anymore. >> this is the new way of doing things. bringing in reagan democrats, new republicans who haven't voted in years who feel the middle class. others who feel like, i'm done
6:38 am
with the old gop. this is the new gop. it may not as fluffy and nice and easy to handle and get your arms around. but there is a large and diverse group of folks excited about this election. martha: you take it camera shot of the former president, the former candidates who are all there. it will be a different scenario. >> that's kind of the excitement, i think. martha: what about bill kristol. he says there is a viable third party candidate who will be announced. >> a lot of the states you can't even get on the ballot anymore. >> we are going to talk about this more with our panel coming up. >> i have a lot of respect for bill, but the train has left the station so he can get on board or leave everyone alone who is going to participate in the
6:39 am
convention and get behind our nominee so hillary clinton isn't the president. everything he is doing i think is emboldening people like me and others to go out and work even harder. bill: the star adele calling out a fan for filming her concert in italy instead of enjoying the moment. bill: they are back. martha: good for her. live in the moment. we spend our entire lives stick around phones in front our face while something is actually
6:40 am
occurring in our lives. she is saying put the phone down, for god's sake. bill: i am if the fan and it's my decision whether i want to watch or not. martha: live moment, go adele. i'm on her side. bill: leave the tripod at home apparently. that's the message from adele. march are's one of the most wanted men in the united states. why does former attorney general eric holden say edward snowden performed a public service. >> there is a fire truck [bleep]. oh, my god. bill: what caused a burst of planes right before that plane
6:41 am
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>> i think he actually performed a public service by raising the debate we engaged in and by the changes we made. doing what he did the way he did it was inappropriate and illegal. in deciding what an appropriate sentence should be, i think a judge could take into account the usefulness of having had that national debate. bill: that's an interesting comments. that's eric holder talking about the man who launched a national debate over government surveillance. he's living in russia.
6:45 am
he would face espionage charges if he comes back home. snowden's framing this as if this an evolving view upon behalf of the administration. what do you think of the comments from eric holder? >> with respect to holder it's too bad you can't impeach somebody retroactively for comments. if that reflects his view when he was attorney general, it's extraordinary how casual he is about classified information. after saying what snowden did was a public service. it's not a question of whether edward snowden did something that in his conscience he those was required to do. what about the consciences of
6:46 am
the american people pop who maid snowden czar. bill: holder is saying there wasn't a useful return on the amount of intelligence which seems to have justified his comments. >> that's something you can debate. i don't think holder if that's what he believes understands what the nsa was doing. we have a process in this country. we have a constitution. we have a congress that passes laws and appropriates funds. what if edward snowden revealed the location of american troops overseas. in this conscience he thought we were doing something wrong. everybody necessary this country
6:47 am
has a stake, and the stake the attorney general has is to be the hand of the president in taking care that the laws be faithfully executed. >> we think snowden is in snos could you, russia. >> in that land of freedom, yes indeed. bill: he tweeted 2013, it's' treason, 2014, maybe not. 205, technically it was unlawful. 2016, it was a public service. >> if in 2017 i was the attorney general and awanderred back to the united states, i would seek the death penalty for treason against him. it hasn't changed the last four years. what he did was despicable and his conduct since then has been entirely consistent.
6:48 am
he's not a grave man. he didn't stand up to the united states. let him get out of the arms of the kgb. bill: it seems that holder is opening the door. why would there be a softening, just because he's out of office? >> i don't know the answer to that question. i think it raises the question was that his view when he was attorney general? you put that lax view on edward snowden along with his utter disdain for hillary clinton's private email server and you have to ask, wasn't anybody watching out for the the the
6:49 am
protection of the classified information? martha: we remember this moment, it ended in dramatic fashion with that shot. we'll talk to the coach and school president about the victory when we come right back. can a toothpaste do everything well? this clean was like - pow. it felt like i had just gone to the dentist. my teeth are glowing. they are so white. 6x cleaning*, 6x whiteningá* in the certain spots that i get very sensitive... ...i really notice a difference. and at two weeks superior sensitivity relief to sensodyne i actually really like the two steps! step 1 cleans and relieves sensitivity, step 2 whitens. it's the whole package. no one's done this. crest - healthy, beautiful smiles for life. ♪ ♪ (charge music) you wouldn't hire an organist without hearing them first. charge!
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martha: it was a game-winning shot for the ages, the buzzer beater that made the villanova the champions. today the team goes to the white house to meet the president.
6:53 am
we have the villanova coach and president of villanova university. we just looked at that picture. i was reading through some arts this morning. one of the seniors who graduated said you better take this shot in those final seconds. but that's not what happened, is it? >> no, it's not. the two seniors, daniel and ryan are used to counting on each other. i thought it was a great sign of faith and belief in each other that he trusted his teammate who is just a junior with the shot. martha: it was a great moment. it's such a special team. you all had a special bond on the court. it meant so much to everybody and the university.
6:54 am
what does this mean, this trip to the white house and the chance to meet the president. >> it's a lot bigger than just meeting president obama. the whole campus community and a lot of people across the country are talking about it, which is great for our university. we get the chance to bring our university and our mission to the white house, and particularly for our young guys. a lot of guys on our team look up to president obama as we all do as a guy that -- he plays basketball, and he's also a great leader and very intelligent man and family man which is what we want our guys to be. so it's a great all around experience for the players and the university. martha: father peter, you led the university so strongly over the past several years. what has this meant for the university and what about the
6:55 am
academic composition of this team? >> it put us on to a national platform that allows people to see the strong academic programs we have across the campus. i also have taken a great deal of pride in the sense of the alumnae and the student. it renews their enthusiasm to the university and villa nova. we have alumnae throughout the world, and we are excited about this. it has put villanova on to an international platform. i told the story about a former student teacher in micronesia who had the class watching the show. to garner the enthusiasm of the alumnae and our student has been special to us. martha: it's incredible the work of service so many of these
6:56 am
student do around the world. coach, a lot of questions about your future. are you going to stay at villanova? >> definitely. i feel blessed. my wife is a villanova alum. i feel blessed to be part of the mission. the basketball program is part of this entire mission at the university. all of our players graduate. that's what's most important. the national championship is great. but we are concerned about the overall development and education of our student athletes. all of our sports and all of our student. so it fits what we like to do and it's a perfect place for me. martha: i know that will be great for everyone to hear. have a great trip to the white house and congratulate the guys for us on a great win.
6:57 am
bill: senator bernie sanders says he will win california. what happens to hillary clinton's argument if he is right. donald trump will take questions about the millions he raised for veterans. what will he say today? g as i c. new patented ensure enlive has hmb g as i c. plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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. . . . . .
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he. martha: some growing concerns that bernie sanders could pull off potentially embuyer asking upset in california has hillary clinton shifting gears a little bit today on the campaign trail. last minute changes to the schedule and she will now spend more time in the golden state before next tuesday's crucial primary there. welcome, everybody, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." happy tuesday. good to be back. i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. if you're recording us at home, put down the phone or maccallum is coming after you. martha: live in the moment. bill: live. brand new developments, hillary clinton getting a boost from california governor jerry brown. the governor has taken sides a week before that critical primary endorsing clinton in an
7:01 am
open letter to california democrats and independents. "real clear politics" polling average shows clinton ahead in that state, 50%, sanders 42. saying over the weekend, his chances are getting better there. >> i'm feeling good. i believe we have an excellent chance to win here in california and i believe we have a chance to win big and i believe that if we dwell here in california we have a good shot winning number, maybe all of the other states that are coming up on june 7th. martha: hmmm. fox team coverage, mike emanuel in california following the sanders campaign, and first jennifer griffin with latest on hillary clinton. why is secretary clinton cutting short the campaign event that was supposed to happen in new jersey, jennifer and heading to california? reporter: the campaign expects to cross the finish line in terms of delegates needed to secure the democratic nomination next tuesday, the same day voters go to the polls in
7:02 am
california. the polls close earlier in new jersey. they hoped that would overshadow how close the race has become with bernie sanders in california. we've just learned as bill mentioned about a key endorsement for clinton from california governor jerry brown who write, quote, this is the only path forward to win the presidency and stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. clinton was in new york yesterday but tonight will be at a fund-raiser with former attorney general eric holder and later with new jersey senator cory booker who is often talked about as potential running mate, someone could who energize young voters turning out in droves for senator sanders in california and across the country. she will race out to california tomorrow where there are 475 delegates at stake. new polls show her with a near double-digit lead over sanders there but he continues nipping at her heels. a glowing "new york" magazine cover story, martha is out today attempting to give a sense of the candidate and her personal skills including her hobbies.
7:03 am
"new york" magazine had nearly the same cover in 2008 but with a very different headline. last time it read superstar. this time is reads, there is nothing simple about hillary clinton, which could be said about the california primary as well, martha. martha: so interesting, those two covers. jennifer, the email issue, obviously continues to dog her still? reporter: absolutely, so much so that her campaign advisor john podesta sent a memo to her leading supporters over the weekend to put last week's state department eye gee report in context. regretting use of private email. since last year secretary clinton said her use of personal email server was a mistake. what she thought would be convenient way to communicate with family, friends and colleagues using one email account for both work-related and personal e place has turned out to be anything but convenient. if she could go back she would do it differently. he goes on to say that the report confirms secretary clinton's email account was well-known by many state department officials throughout
7:04 am
her 10 you're and there is no evidence of a breach of her email server, according to john podesta. martha. martha: jennifer griffin covering the campaign. bill: bernie sanders taking game 7 of the western conference finals in oakland. looking relaxed and kind of happy, right? martha: having a great time. bill: sanders spends the day in california. he is live in santa cruz california and what does his day look like, bill? reporter: good morning to you. attended that nba game 7 and golden state warriors turned the game around. he called it a good omen. he dealt with drama at an event in oakland. animal activists interrupting the event. secret service investigated it. they were calling for end of animal violence in u.s. clear cloy his plan to make his case
7:05 am
to democrats that he is the stronger candidate in the general election. >> i think, you know there has been someiscussion that some of the media say the campaign is over, she is the nominee on tuesday night after the votes come in from new jersey. that is not accurate. she has received obviously a whole lot of super delegate support, no question about that, a lot more than i have but super delegates don't vote until they're on the floor of the democratic convention. reporter: that is what makes a lot of prominent democrats nervous. they're fine with sanders computing through next tuesday's primaries. they would like him to go away after that. that seems unlikely. at 7:00 a.m. eastern time they're lining up for bernie sanders in santa cruz, bill. bill: mike emanuel in california. martha: it raise as question what if hillary clinton loses in california? chris stirewalt, fox digital politics editor. good morning to you, sir.
7:06 am
>> good morning. martha: probably numberswise it won't hurt her too much, would it? >> no. all the democratic contests are proportional, narrow loss in california versus narrow win from delegate count doesn't matter because she is pretty much there. the broad expectation she will have convinced -- clinched that night by the time we have new jersey. psychological impact of democrats of that loss in the largest, most important democratic state ain't chicken feed. martha: yeah. so what kind of impact could that possibly have going forward in the terms of the strength of her campaign, chris? >> so republicans, as they have demonstrated are getting jiggier with donald trump and a lot of people expected they would. there was a lot of holdout and reticence of trump and never, never, and he went missing about 30% of the republican vote to now he has everything but about 15%. he probably will get pretty close to 90% of the republican
7:07 am
vote by time all said and done. hillary clinton has similar, slightly smaller problem. if those divisions are real, if sanders wins in california, what is he going to do? he will stay. he will go to the convention. d.c. votes a week later. he stays for d.c. around promising fight and difficult. if she wins with clean sweep on tuesday next, the pressure on sanders. you had your chance, you lost, go away. martha: sanders, elizabeth warren, all of these people who seem to be sort of leaving the door open just a little bit of a crack just in case there is some kind of indictment or decision that makes democrats say, you know what, this will be problematic, we need to figure something out. >> joe biden is keeping his aviators polished just in case he needs to go on the campaign trail. yeah, one of, we talked about the social psychology of politics, the reality that is
7:08 am
john podesta's letter reveals, reality there could be a big problem for hillary clinton out there causes people to hedge their bets. as long as they're hedging it is hard for them to make a leap go for a candidate democrats have never been super enthusiastic about to begin with. martha: a lot more coming up. chris, thank you very much. >>ou bet. bill: eight minutes past. some of the republican establishment still showing disdain for donald trump and democrats becoming increasingly concerned about hillary clinton. is a third party candidate possible on both sides? great panel on that in a moment to take it on. martha: veterans administration faces new questions this morning after reports of a quote systemic failure within the agency. how much longer is this going to go on? plus this. >> mommy's right here. [shouting] >> oh! >> oh, my gosh. bill: it is all the talk. zoo officials shooting a gorilla
7:09 am
after the boy falls into the enclosure and asking if it is the right call. what the zoo is saying about its decision today. >> she is animals, silver back, the power they have, could take a green coconut like a marshmallow. you can't open it up with a hatchet. the animal's power is beyond belief. i talked to my doctor and found a missing piece in my asthma treatment with breo. once-daily breo prevents asthma symptoms. breo is for adults with asthma not well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. breo won't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden breathing problems. breo opens up airways to help improve breathing for a full 24 hours. breo contains a type of medicine that increases the risk of death from asthma problems and may increase the risk of hospitalization in children and adolescents. breo is not for people whose asthma is well controlled on a long-term asthma control medicine, like an inhaled corticosteroid. once your asthma is well controlled, your doctor will decide if you can stop breo and prescribe a
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call now to request your free decision guide. and learn more about the kinds of plans that will be here for you now - and down the road. i have a lifetime of experience. so i know how important that is. bill: mentioned this a moment ago. united airlines flight blow as tire on the runway and that sparked a fire.
7:13 am
>> fire truck [bleep]. oh, my god. we're going to die. bill: this is flight heading from pam at that to houston. you can see it never made it off the runway -- tampa. all 131 passengers taken off the plane and booked on other flight. officials say it did not cause any significant delay. that is the picture. martha: neither donald trump nor hillary clinton are that popular when you look at their favorability numbers with their parties and there has been a lot of talk about a possible third candidate jumping into the race and questions about that really on both sides when you look at the bernie sanders situation. senate majority leader mitch mcconnell weighed in. and he said not a good idea, folks. >> that can only help elect hillary clinton. after eight years of barack obama the last thing the country needs is four more years just like the last eight. i think anything that divides the, sort of right of center world is not helpful and i don't think it's a good idea to do anything that helps us elect hillary clinton.
7:14 am
martha: ed rollins, campaign manager for president reagan's re-election and chief strategist for a pro-trump super-pac. joe trippi is the former campaign manager for howard dean. both fox news contributors. ed, given your current position on all of this i will guess you also think a third party would be bad idea or third candidate jumping. bill kristol said somebody is ready to go. who would that that person be? >> they have to have a awful lot of money. very late, difficult to put one together. it would be nothing but a fringe to take a few votes here or there. i think reality it will not happen. i think donald trump is reality of our party and hillary clinton is nominee for their party and knock-down-drag-out fight for the presidency. martha: to be sure. it is interesting when you note, take a look at this, joe, there is still these resistance pockets on both sides. as i said you look at unfavorability numbers and they're high for both
7:15 am
candidates, when you look at the pockets of resistance, you have to ask yourself there a possibility that someone else gets in here or is that all hogwash do you think? >> it is certainly possible. i agree with ed. they would have to have tremendous amount of money somewhere, just the sheer dynamics trying to get on the ballot, other things become pretty tough. that is why we haven't had a successful independent candidacy in the past. the other thing i point out, look, we saw kind of divisions with obama and hillary clinton in 2008. the people saying they weren't going to vote for obama after supporting hillary. we see that with sanders and we definitely have seen that on the republican side. in the end it turned out to be one of the biggest victories democrats had in 2008. everybody coalesced around obama. i think trump does have some problems though when you see his some of the nate candidates not going to the convention and
7:16 am
trying to put distance between them. martha: but let me jump in on that for one second, joe, every time we hear that donald trump, something has happened that is going to make it much more difficult for him, it turns out to be positive for the trump campaign, ed. you hear both former president bushes and mitt romney, john mccain, they will not show up at convention. is that something that turns out to be positive for donald trump you can think. >> no one remembers who was at last conventions. conventions are almost 4,000 delegates and alternates, thousands of reporters, thousands of partisan people who like to go and party. it's a big event. you can't remember who is there or not there. it is a big tv show. donald trump's event. donald trump will dominate it. he will run it the way he wants to run it. whether bushes are there or romney, it doesn't really matter. the people deciding they need to stay back home campaign a lot better off. awful hard to get publicity or
7:17 am
governor or senator, going to conventions because you can't get back home to comment on local television. martha: when you look at the race, joe, as it is shaping up, we were talking to senator scott brown, donald trump could take places like maine and new hampshire. not a lot of electoral votes and potentially virginia and california. how do you see it? >> good luck with california. i don't think that is going to happen. i'm not sure virginia would be in play for him either. pennsylvania, there are places, look, where he is going to try to force some difference on the electoral map and, you know, if the jury will, it will obviously still be out on that. i think one of the problems, i agree with ed about the convention. i don't think not showing up there is a bad deal but with some senate candidates they could dodge the convention but they're not going to dodge donald trump coming to their state. are they on stage with him or
7:18 am
not? did he say something? what is their response to what he said? are they with him or against him? these things will play out all the way through. a lot of those senate races out there and have impact, you know, a republican senate candidate moving away from him in north carolina or new hampshire, could hurt his ability to pick up those states. martha: we hear a lot about that, standing on same stage, sometimes it matters, sometimes it doesn't. gentlemen, thank you very much. see you next time. bill: outrage at a famous zoo. officials shooting a gorilla fearing life of the boy who got into the closure. could parents face legal charges as a result? plus this today. [gunfire] martha: shows are sights and sounds of the battle to retake fallujah once again. the latest attempt to retake the city from isis, how will this play out? general jack keane announce us
7:19 am
next. -- joins us next. what are you doing right now?
7:20 am
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martha: police on cape cod investigateth the drowning of a star college swimmer during lifeguard tryouts. 22-year-old jack jacubic. died in pilgrim lake. he had been a lifeguard at another beach in the area before. he just graduated from college in new york and had planned to become an assistant swim coach at his alma mater. bill: iraqi forces now trying to retake fallujah fighting in the heart of the city. [gunfire] so you have iraqi forces with american air power overhead, deeper in fallujah trying to reclaim territory taken by isis
7:23 am
for two years. general jack keane, retired four for general, fox news military analyst, chairman of the institute of study of war. general, good morning to you. >> good morning, bill. bill: i know, remember what we went through to get that town. what are they going to go through? >> well considerable to be sure. what they have done is they set the stage by using the iranian-backed shia militia to surround the city. that has taken weeks for that to unfold. now they're bringing in what they describe as iraqi security forces, their counterterrorism force. for our viewing audience, equate that to elite rangers. these are infantry troops very good at what they do. they will be the assault force. they began that assault yesterday on the southern edge of the city in a place called nehemiah, which is actually an agricultural sprawling area. they got in there and isis this morning attacked them pretty vigorously for about four hours and they were able to repulse
7:24 am
the attack. so far what isis is using against them, mortars, snipers and car-laden bombs they try to drive them into the force. fortunately they have been able to take out those car-laden bombs principally because of anti-tank weapons we have given to the iraqi security forces. bill: i'm reading five to 700 isis fighters, is that the number you have? >> yeah, that is pretty good. bill: they will fight to the death, aren't they? >> it is less than 1000. normally they haven't in the past. when the battle is up the remnants sort of squeeze their way out best they can but they will fight ferociously. this is classic urban warfare, block by block, building by building. isis what it has going for itself inside of the city, they're holding people that are there, somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 hostage, to help use them as a shield. number two they have a lot of tunnels to protect their movement in and around the city to places laden with ieds. think of that as bomb barriers. and they will use snipers and
7:25 am
mortars to attack the force as it tries to come in and these car-laden bombs as well. the counterterrorism force should prevail here. it likely will take weeks for them, weeks for them to do that. bill: i -- >> that ace challenge, we'll get to that when we get to that point. they can't do this without our help, right? without our air power it is not possible? >> well, certainly 50,000 people in the city as a shield does inhibit air power to certain degree but air power will be crucial as it has been in the operation up to this point. we will not support the iranian-backed shia militia who are on the outskirts surrounding fallujah. we will only support the assault force going into the city. but, bill, here is a classic point we have been emphasizing from the outset where tactical air control is on the ground with the assault force, we would be able to guide and direct those bombs so much more effectively and protect civilian lives.
7:26 am
they will not be there. so it is going to be more after challenge how we use air power. bill: one last thing, i didn't realize this but isis looks at fallujah like the mecca in saudi arabia. why would that be? >> well, isis, in fallujah the movement that took place by saddam hussein's thugs to retake what they had lost in the 2003 invasion began in fallujah, in the spring of 2003. and then bit late 2003 and 2004 al qaeda in iraq was born right there in fallujah. this has always been a city has sympathized with the radicals. they have initially sympathized with isis coming into the city back? january of 2014. however, it is 2 1/2 years later. food, water, electricity has been scarce and they are living under intimidation and terror.
7:27 am
some of that sympathy may have evaporated to some degree. bill: thank you general. it will be a tough battle as you know. jack keane in washington, thanks. martha: so we are just minutes away from some brand new comments and a new conference from donald trump. there is the podium as they get ready over at trump tower. he will speak a short time about the $6 million that was donated to veterans groups and about where that money went. bill: say hello to an american rookie. age 23, stunning the driving world. upset win at indy 500. alexander rossi is with us today to tell us how he pulled this one off. ♪
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
thousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges jo there is a lot of activity right now passing across the news requires on this story as pentagon confirms north korea attempted to launch intermediate
7:31 am
range ballistic missile and it blew up shortly after takeoff according to reports that we are getting. the united states saying we strongly condemn north korea's missile test in violation of u.n. security council resolutions which expressly prohibit their use of ballistic missile technology. we'll see what further reaction comes of this but the pentagon reporting a little while ago that north korea has launched a missile and that attempt as failed. bill: trying again, aren't they? martha: yep. bill: we are about 30 minutes away from the start of a news conference for donald trump. presumptive republican nominee will announce a full list of veterans groups that got donations from a fund-raiser that he held back in late january. trump hoping to lay to rest questions about where the money went. jeff dewitt, arizona state treasurer, trump arizona campaign. welcome back to "america's newsroom." >> i'm great. thanks for having me on, you bet. let's get to the veterans issue first. why the delay, going back to late january? >> even back then the campaign
7:32 am
would say the all the money was distributed by memorial day because we wanted to vet all the groups we were giving money to. one thing you don't want to do, and there are dozens of groups receiving money from the fund-raising is give money to the wrong groups because that can be politically unsavvy move. bill: i think you're right about that. is it five million, is it six million, is it five 1/2 million, what is fit. >> i will see in half an hour. i don't want to up stage the event but it is going to be a number right in the range you're saying. again a lot of money. and it is a great thing. you look what donald trump is doing for veterans before he is even elected, when you contrast to obama's va secretary who is comparing wait times at the va to disney land you can see we have a lot of work to do with our veterans and donald trump is the only one moving the ball forward trying to take care of our vets. bill: we expect to see him in 28 minutes. a couple other topics to go through. third party, bill kristol, others are pushing for this.
7:33 am
if you had a third party candidate run, i mean that person could get up to 20% of the vote according a poll taken a week ago in the "washington post." what do you think about that dooming chances of donald trump to win the white house? >> well, bill kristol seems like hillary operative at this point about what he is doing but we've seen this movie before. in 1992 with ross perot. we know how it is going to end, and that is going to get hillary elected. that is how the clintons first got in the white house before. so it's a bad idea all around but i think the american public has caught on. we've seen that we've tried it. it didn't work. and i don't think that a third party run will be anywhere near as successful. you've already seen mitt romney chicken out of it. he was rumored one to be the third party candidate. he has chickened out. i don't think anyone of any stature at all to put their name on it. bill: if it is not romney what kind of name you come up with throw a few out.
7:34 am
>> i don't have any idea. i think it is failed politician looking for attention. it is not going anywhere. third party candidate will be successful as north korean nuclear program. it will not get of at ground. who will do it, somebody seeking attention like bill kristol is. he made a lot of predictions donald trump would be out by this date and he is completely wrong everything he said. i don't think this will get off the ground. it is a bad idea. we need to rally around donald trump and he is the one get it done to get republican in the white house, protect our supreme court. bill: mitch mcconnell says trump will not change the republican party. we know what he believes in. he talked about a center-right country. what do you think about that in terms of meeting of the minds in coming together, perhaps, recognizing what mcconnell's position is? >> i think all republicans, keep in mind, i come from arizona. we are further right than most states and we're very, very
7:35 am
conservative and we voted overwhelmingly for donald trump here and so he does have a broad appeal to even the most conservative. he will bring everyone together because when it comes down to checking a box on the ballot, when you're looking at donald trump's name and looking at a clinton, every republican in the country is going to be checking the donald trump box. i don't know how anybody can not check that box. he is, he has a broad appeal, i think broader appeal than most people do. mitt romney really had a hard time capturing conservatives. a lot of them stayed home. this is where donald trump will excel and bring more people out than ever before. that is why he has millions more votes than any other republican candidate in history. bill: mcconnell says he needs to be more studious and use a prepared text which is really isn't what trump does. we'll see what happens in 30 minutes. last question though is arizona in play because democrats say it is based on immigration issue? >> well, they're dead wrong.
7:36 am
arizona, we are the forefront of seeing problems that come from the border that we have, the porous border and we see more crime and everything else than any other state from this almost. so, immigration is big. when you run as candidate, i know personally myself, you have to talk about solving our immigration problem and fixing our porous border because we deal with so much first-hand. no, i don't think arizona will be in play. i think donald trump has a lock on it. you saw that in the primary. i think he will lock up most states we never thought of winning again as republicans. bill: i've got to run. thanks for coming back. jeff dewitt, phoenix, arizona. we will speak again. thank you, sir. >> great, thank you. martha: taking a major grilling before a senate panel this morning as two top veterans affairs officials prepare to answer new charges of serious and systemic health care failures at v. amedical center in toma, wisconsin. this is still going on, folks.
7:37 am
doug mckelway live in the d.c. bureau. doug, there is a new twist. seems like the fault lies with the watchdog who is supposed to be guarding against v. aabuses. you how could this be happening? reporter: that is exactly what is happening. these abuses came into light as as a result of senate inspection of va at the toma, wisconsin, medical center. i.g. did not quote, release its investigation report which concluded two providers at the facility prescribing alarming levels of narcoticses. the chief of staff at the time, houlihan who was nicknamed candy man because he doled out some bills. use the i.g. did not release the investigation there was no follow up with later close the case. five months later 35-year-old marine vet died from mixed drug toxicity after that doctor, known as the candy man, prescribed another drug to the 14-drug cocktail the patient was
7:38 am
already taking. >> he was frustrated. they put him back on one medication that they had him on earlier he went crazy from. and, they put him on smaller amount this last time which, i didn't understand why the doctor put him back on this again and, you know, you start to get anxiety built up. he couldn't take it anymore. >> it was very, never came to light of day but time after time, when people raised issue with members of the va or department of justice or fbi or dea, people just didn't do anything about it. reporter: today's field hearing gets underway in wisconsin at 11:00 eastern time. martha: sounds like not only place where they have the problems where they're failing to do their job? reporter: in fact a federal office which oversees inspectors general, office of special counsel and it recently skewered the va inspector general for lousy investigations of v. amedical centers in illinois, louisiana and texas. "usa today" also reported there
7:39 am
were 140 other v. "ai" gee investigations that were -- va i've gee investigates that were never released. bill: controversy over a zoo's gut-wrenching decision. >> oh, my gosh. bill: zookeepers shoot and kill a 17-year-old gorilla to fell inside of that closure. did the zoo do the right thing? >> small plane loses power, leaving pilot to rely on his wits as he struggles to land on a high wray. >> i take off, i don't think i'm take making moye beale. i think i will put it down the road. are you declaring emergency? i went back to gulfport. said affirmative, i'm declaring an emergency.
7:40 am
7:41 am
7:42 am
bill: maybe a major headline in 18 minutes with press conference with donald trump the day after the memorial weekend. we'll hear who will get the
7:43 am
money and how much money will be given. stand by, donald trump live in new york city from trump tower here on fox. martha: meanwhile there is raging debate today over the decision to kill a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo to save the life of a four-year-old child who fell into the gorilla's enclosure. >> mommy's right here. [shouting] >> oh! martha: this is stunning video ever. can you believe what you are seeing before your eyes? so now critics are taking aim at the boy's parents, mounting them to have petition to face charges. meanwhile zookeepers are defending their actions insisting they would do the same if they had to do it all over again. they say they absolutely had to shoot the gorilla. they had no choice. jack hanna agrees. >> these animals, silver back males the power they have could take a green coconut, squish it like a marshmallow. you can't bust one with hatchet.
7:44 am
animal's power is beyond belief. six full-grown men can not hand i will chimpanzee full grown. the gore little la, with you will at screaming, the young child, what is this, he grabs the child. runs him through there like that. that was dead give away for me. martha: dan stock dale, wildlife advocate and animal expert. ed good to have you with us this morning. do you agree with jack hanna they had no choice? >> actually i think there were some other choices. first off, we have to underscore the fact that parents as well as the zoo were negligent in this. the zoo has a responsibility to the create an exhibit that's safe. the visitors to the zoo are children. their parents. we have to make sure a zoo is safe place for children. secondly there is enough blame to go around for everybody. the mother should have been watching her child better. >> everybody i think can agree the two beings who are not at fault here are the gorilla and the child, right. neither one of them had capability to change this.
7:45 am
but i am shocked that you say there was any choice other than to shoot this gorilla. and i love gorillas and i love watching them and nobody wanted this to happen but how can you say there was any choice to do anything other than take the life of this animal in this situation? >> listen, if harambe wanted to kill the child, it would have happened just like that in an instant. martha: oh, come on. come on. if that was your child in there, you would say, wait, don't do anything, give him a few more minutes and let's try to end this peacefully? >> what i'm saying anybody that knows gorilla behavior and observed gorilla behavior, if he wanted to kill the child he would have killed it instantly. there was not -- martha: i know you're an animal expert and i'm not, when he dragged that child around in the water he could have easily thrashed him against the wall accidentally and killed him by the sheer power he has in his
7:46 am
body. we know from watching people who work with lions for 25 years and whales for 20 years, sometimes things happen and they kill. i'm not saying it was intent to kill but, of course, this gorilla could have taken that child's life any moment? >> the gore little la could have but the point is he didn't. if you look at video, there was not -- the gorilla was taking child to area of safety as people around the area were screaming at it. okay. if the gorilla had intent to kill, it would have killed. martha: sir do you have children? >> yes, i do. martha: and if that child, if that was child being thrashed around in the water, you would have said don't take out the gorilla? >> i think to, just to an observe every that doesn't understand behavior, the you know, general public would probably say, yeah, they're right to kill the gorilla. but if you understand behavior you understand if the animal wanted to harm the child it would have done some we have
7:47 am
back in 1987 that was protecting its child. you have got a gorilla with the child in the corner in the cincinnati zoo incident and you have got everybody around screaming at the child. martha: what would you have done to free the child? how would you have freed the child? >> okay. so that brings us full circle to one of the problems with a lot of animals that are in captivity in nutured environments. a lot of folks are very against having any human interaction with animals. want to keep them as wild as possible. that is a real problem when you have animals that are in captivity that do have the ability to act aggressively. what i would have done, would have gone on way before the incident occurred -- martha: no, what this was happening what would have done, given everything that happened, the child's in the water and gorilla standing there, i agree with you, moment it looks like it is being protective. who knows what will happen next. >> yes. martha: what would you have done at that moment? >> at that moment, had i been at
7:48 am
the zoo and had i been on staff there, i would have used whatever technique they have trained that animal to do to come to station in another area of the exhibit. there is no evidence that that even occurred. martha: well they did actually use the devices that they had and training that they had to sway the female gorillas away from that environment but they clearly felt there was no way that they could interact with the gorilla and prevent him from perhaps, protectively, trying to help the child and, in that instant, hurting the child in that moment as well? i mean i can't imagine how you could possibly argue that they, they had any other choice. final thought. >> of course, no, of course there are choices but the real critical point here is that we've taken a critically endangered species and eliminated a male out of that population. most people don't realize, 25% of the species in the world are projected to go extinct within the next 25 years.
7:49 am
if we have these animals in captivity or nutured environments it is paramount upon us to make sure animals are safe, the public is safe when they come visit them and that we're doing everything we can to protect these species. martha: i understand what you're saying if you believe the animals shouldn't be in captivity at all, everybody is potentially sympathetic to the argument, however once this moment happens you have to choose the life of this child over the life of this animal as tragic as that is regardless of what negligence led to the situation unfolded. dan, thank you. good to have you with us. appreciate you weighing in today. thank you. >> thank you, martha. bill: 11 minutes now before the hour. here is jon scott on a tuesday. good morning to you, jon. >> good morning, bill. we are awaiting a news conference from donald trump. he is expected to detail his charitable giving to veterans groups after some criticism on that issue. he's also expected to take questions. we will have mr. trump live expected at the top of the hour.
7:50 am
plus bernie sanders really giving hillary clinton a run for her money. one of our guests predicts bernie will win in california. that would be a huge upset. what might it mean for the democratic party and the race? that's all ahead, "happening now." bill: see you in ten minutes, thanks, jon. >> thanks. bill: cinderella story of the indy 500. check it out, 24-year-old alexander rossi stuns the field. he is a rookie and he is live with his risky winning strategy to win it all. ♪ soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice.
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♪ >> california's alexander rossi, to the checkered flag and he's done it! >> checkered flag, you just won
7:54 am
the indy 500, baby! bill: yes he did. indy 500 getting a fresh face, alexander rossi, 24, winner indianapolis 500. 66 to one long shot. he rang opening bell today on wall street. that is where he joins us live from the floor of the stock exchange. how are you doing, good morning, congratulations to you. >> thank you very much. i'm doing well. bill: i see where you i read that you said you need to see a psychiatrist. how come? >> the indy 500 is unbelievably long race. there is lot goes into it. there were highs and lows, three times i thought i was going to win and lose separate times. to come away in the end is phenomenal. bill: awesome stuff, the team owner screaming in your ear. no pressure, right? >> no. i mean brian has been unbelievable from day one and great to work with him and michael andretti is such an honor. made my job and my life as rookie so much easier.
7:55 am
bill: did you overrule them because you were running low on fuel towards the end? no, no not at all. it was team decision we made to roll the dice a little bit with 90 laps to go. we knew it would be tight. every lap we were talking about how to figure out to make the fuel mileage work. we cut it really close. i was out of gas on turn 4 leave on final lap. bill: you had to be towed in to drink the milk. that was really close. what were your calculations? i have enough to get there or this was gamble? >> we were two laps short so we had to make up two laps over 9laps space of time. bill: how did you do it? >> we got creative. used cars around me and used slip stream and draft we did our best to kind of, you know, drive in their tow and i was using clutch to freewheel the car through the corner. it worked out for us. bill: sure did. i was reading where you have very little experience in oval
7:56 am
racing. >> this is only my second oval. so this is all still very new to me. bill: but the brickyard, that's, you know, they haven't changed the dimensions in that track probably 100 years, right? >> no. actually the current track is laid over the original bricks and history that exists at the indianapolis motor speedway is i believe to run there for the 100th running for indy 500 is unbelievable. bill: how are you feeling? has it set in. >> i'm a little bit tired. i feel good and feel honored and privileged to be here. i'm looking forward to detroit next weekend. we have a race coming up. andretti motorsports has a lot of work to do for rest of the season. bill: you sound very confident. thanks for making america proud on memorial day weekend. >> thank you very much. bill: alexander rossi, out of california, we'll buy stock in you, how about that. >> thank you. martha: what a great story. congratulations. we're moments away from the start of a news conference from donald trump, the presumptive
7:57 am
republican nominee will release the full list of veterans groups that received the money.
7:58 am
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>> great, great to be back. >> see you tomorrow. >> have a good day everybody. leland: we begin with a fox news alert, donald trump is about to speak out, trying to dispel some of the controversy over his donations to veterans groups. good morning, i jon scott. heather: i'm heather goward, in for jenna lee. we will go live to trump tower, that actually is alive picture of trump tower in new york city as we await a news conference and that is where the presumptive republican nominee set to unveil a list of those veterans groups that mister trump says received millions of dollars in donations from that fundrais


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