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tv   Happening Now  FOX News  May 31, 2016 10:00am-11:01am PDT

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>> thank you being here with you guys. sandra: thank you to senator scott broken for joining us. we're here for "outnumbered overtime." "happening now." now. bernie sanders nipping at hullary hills in california can. can he pull out a win? >> and first, it seemed like a genuine nice guy. a picture of the victim's body
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posted on her facebook page. >> you talk about p every day things, it is something that is not clicking. >> what else they found out about the killer. >> he was off. >> and you tonight know how long they have been here. >> a gruesome discovery. >> and now investigators faced with the daunting task of identifying the victim and how the person ended up in a murky canal. it is all "happening now". but we begin with a fox news alert. we heard from donald trump in the first hour of "happening now" upon and we are about p to hear from another presidential candidate. welcome to the second hour. i am jon scott. >> i am heather nault in for jenna lee today. bernie sanders set to speak out.
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the republican nominee cleared up his efforts for fund-raising for veterans groups and touched on the press. he was specific in that one. and he also talked about president guerilla shooting in cincinnati and his political opponents, listen. >> i wanted to keep it private. if we could. because i don't think its anybody's business to send money to the vets. i think it is bothsome. i love the vets and worked hard for the vets and i have raised a lot of money for the vets and i think when the press portrays it differently, the press is dishonest. it is too bad it was not another way. it was so beautiful p to watch the powerful 500 pound gorilla and the way he dealt with the little boy. it just takes one second.
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he's going to do it in 30. one little flicking of his finger and i tell you, they probably had no choice. >> if i have a republican not on my side. why should i be particularly nice to that person? >> we'll have more on the speech ahead. bernie sanders barnstorming through california ahead of the june 7th primary and holding throw events today. the first scheduled to be soon. sanders' momentum in california is prompting hill hull to cut her east coast tour. and heading back to california. we are live, jennifer is in with the clinton news of the day. we start with mike emmanuel where sanders will hold his second event today. mike? >> reporter: good afternoon. sanders is campaigning here in
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california. doing two rallies today. and sanders took time to go see the golden state warriors huge win over on the oklahoma city thunder in game seven of the nba play-offs. he arrived and golden state won and called it a good omen for his campaign. and sanders had a disruption in oakland. direct action everywhere was protesting sanders' support for animal agriculture and called for animal liberation and secret service shut them down. and they say clinton is getting them nervous. >> that is an excellent chance to win big. and i believe that we do well here in california, we have a good shot of winning the number of the other states that are coming up on june 7th.
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>> reporter: this hour, sanders holds a news conference on health care. he will draw a sharp drau contrast there. he will number santa cruz with supporters that are lined up, jon? >> thank you, mike. hillary clinton stepping up the efforts in california as bernie sanders makes back-to-back stops. clinton is changing her plan to stay on the east coast. she will now go on to california and that's where team clinton is spending times to fend off the challenge from the vermont senator. jennifer has that angle of the story. >> reporter: hi, heather, the clinton campaign expects to cross the finish line in terms of the delegates in new jersey.
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the polls close earlier in new jersey and they had hoped that would overshadow how close the race was in california. today jerry brown endorsed clinton over sanders saying it is the only way to win the president see and stop donald trump. clinton will be in fundraisers in new york and new jersey and with eric holder and corey booker who is talked about a running mate to energize the young voters that are turning out for sanders. she is shifting gears to california. the campaign wants to focus on trump and the general election and fours the first shot and going toe to toe and her personal e-mail account.
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they put last week's state department in context and since last year, secretary clinton said her use of personal e-mail server was a mistake. if she could go back, she'd do it differently. clinton's e-mail account was known by the state department officials throughout the tenure. the state department reports begs to differ. >> it was not clear to the senior staff. oig found no evidence that the staff reviewed or approved her personal system. the clinton come pain would like to put this and the sanders' campaign behind them. >> still bernie sanders and hillary clinton are battling it
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out in california. sanders is not backing down. mrs. clinton leads 50 percent to sand sand 42 percent and he's in striking distance with one week to g. we talk about the prospects with moe lacy. he's now executive director of georgetown institute of politics and public polls. mercedez is a spokesperson for george bush and a fox news contributor. moe, how much of the problem is bernie sanders for hillary clinton? >> well, it depends on how he plays out. there is virtually 0 chance that bernie sanders will be the nominee at this point. hillary clinton needs to win 10-20 percent of the vote in
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california to clinch the nomination and get delegates and she will hit that. there is 0 chance of him being the nominee. where he is a problem is how he decides to play out the final weeks. if he hammers away and continues to allow supporters hammer away, then i think you can have a situation where you are entering into p the convention with a divided party. if he does what she did when running against bark bookkeeper -- barak obama. if she tamps it down it will not hurt. but how he goes out will make or break the end game here. >> clearly she is some what worried. she was supposed to have events
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in new jersey she decided to cancel in order to go out to california and make sure she doesn't lose that primary? >> right, i think that hillary clinton obviously feels she will win that state in california next week. however, she cannot afford to lose a state. that would make her feel like a weak candidate going in november. the state of california, you are talking about a big chunk of the democratic voters are are hispanics andazan americans. and she needs to perform well. again it is porportional. i believe she will get the delegates she will need to get the nom no. for bernie sanders it is not just losing california. he wants his revolution to continue into the convention.
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>> hillary clinton ceded the race to barak obama. but p she laid the ground work for the kind of battle that senator sanders is giving her right now. >> yes and no. i was there. i was traveling with her in 2008 in the back of the plane making the same argument to the press that the sanders' came pain is right now. he's doing what he is be doing. he owes it to the supporters to do this. but in the end of the campaign, the two candidates didn't go at each other. they were not attacking one another and significant number of supporters and said we will not vote she said follow me lead and she campaigned hard for him. that campaign was far more
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divisive. bernie sanders is much further behind hillary clinton. she was winning a lot of states, but barak obama never had the same raw vote lead or delegate lead that she enjoys over him now. it is not divided of party but you feel the divisiveness with his supporters. >> over the weekend, bernie sanders who dismissed the e-mail controversy, now all of the sudden, he said voters should take a hard look at the ig use. he seems to be digging in and actually getting rougher on mrs. clinton, unlike what mo suggested happened in 2008. >> it is interesting that you said that, jon. he could have used the e-mail
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scandal to his advantage. now it is to late. you can see the time crunch coming to the end of the primary season. with that being said, bernie support issers are part of a insurgency and movement and distrust with the establishment and hillary clinton is queen of the democratic establishment. even if bernie sanders said follow my lead, his supporters automatically support hillary clinton. a portion of them, a third of his electorate saying i will stay home and i will not support her because she is tied to the wall street and democratic establishment. it is more divided than 2008. >> here's where i disagree. >> quickly. >> 40 percent of the hillary supporters said they would never support bark bookkeeper obama. >> they were part of the
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establishment. >> hold on, only 28 percent of the bernie sanders supporters said they would not support her. she consolidated the most of the party and a far new fewer number of insurgent voters who want to play outside. >> computer is cutting us off. we will leave it there. >> computers for control of everything. >> and the next president can choose several justices over the next coming years and the high court handed down a big ruling in favor of private property rights. ndeadly flooding with several communities on edge as a major river is about to crest after days of torrential rain. >> we are scared. >> the roof we thought would collapse.
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well, a major victory for private property owner ones in the supreme court. the judges ruled in favor of a minnesota family against the federal g. the army corps of engineers they could not develop it without a expensive permitting process. the supreme court granted the family the right to challenge that decision in court. for thousands of people in southeast texas, bracing for more flooding today. the swollen brazos river is set to crest. six people have died in the
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floods. it runs from new mexico to the gulf of mexico. they have rescued 40 people from the flood waters so far and that threat is not over yet. meteorologist janice dean down in the fox news center. i am certained about people in that area and the worst is not over yet. >> it is not. we are in a pattern where we get a cut off low that situates itself over texas. and so i am concerned that we will get additional flooding. we have seen two feet of rain in matter of weeks for houston, texas, austin, texas and the situation is ongoing. over the last 24 hours, we have seen incredible rain and flooding issues. brazos river cresting throw feet above the record stage.
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we have flood watches and warnings on-going to houston up to the dallas area and another storm bringing in 6- 10 inches more of heavy rain. the situation is dire and we'll be following it over on the next week or so as the next storm system brings more heavy rainfall for most of texas. >> janice dean, thank you so much. fox news alert. we told you hillary clinton is heading to california. that is because of momentum of this man. bernie sanders. he is holding a campaign event in emoriville. >> sometimes you walk in, the doctor or nurse say it is too late and your situation is terminal. that is inhumane and insane and what should be happening in north america.
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[applause] and by the way, the result of that, is that it is a 40000 people a year die unnecessarily because they are getting the medical care too late because they are under insured or have no health insurance. 40000 people a year. someone may say bernie, you are right. that is terrible. but at least we run a cost-effective health care system. if you are not spending a lot of money, you have problems. we are spending far, far more percapita on health care than people of any other nation. in the united kingdom everyone has the health care as a right. we spend 300 times more. we spend 50 percent more than the french and everybody has health care there. and significantly more than we
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>> police in florida are discovered after two alligators are discovering the human body. the large and small gators and they tried to scare them away and had to call in trappers so they could safely geted body. >> they have been here for a while. they seem like the alligators had the remains. and we were able to get them back and the investigation is ongoing. >> it happen in southwest ranches where the body was discovered 15 miles from ft. lauderdale just on the edge of the florida everglades.
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facebook is under fire after refusing to remove the picture of a murder scene. jennifer was dead and covered in blood at the time her picture was posted on facebook. it was uploaded to her page, by her boyfriend who was also pictured in the shot and he was bloodied. facebook thought it was posted as a call for help from the victim and not the killer. we'll talk to our prosecutors and trial attorneys, thank you for joining, facebook under fire. can the family sue facebook for keeping it up on her page 36 hours. >> horrible as it sounds. they will not recover anything.
10:27 am
facebook has no duty to her or the family. it is out there and public and she signedwaiver and there is no duty to protect her and they did pull it down up withs they realized it was not a call for help. >> this is posted for 36 hours and how the family found out she was murdered and then police went in and recovered her body. >> this was an important tool and it is true in the law enforcement that we use facebook. it is a public forum and not only can they allow the images to stay on, but use them ha that you place on facebook. they are allowed to lift them from your facebook account and use them for promotional purposes that they want. they are covered legally in regard with this. and i dealt with facebook and sometimes they are slow to
10:28 am
respond but helpful. >> but helpful in the sense that facebook, they would argue that it helped police bring it to the foreand brought the officers to the apartment. >> this is the same facebook that muted conservative news reports but keep the photoup when the family asked them to take it down. >> it is it horrible. you you ask as a legal question. >> facebook said we remove graphic images. we removed it. >> they take their time before they do that. >> and gosh, my personal experience, it is difficult to get stuff down. there threatening violence or something like that, but other things they allow to stay up there because p they don't deem
10:29 am
it offensive. and i want to ask you about the guerilla in the cincinnati zoo. >> we are getting word that cincinnati police are investigating whether or not to file criminal charges in the killing of the guerilla. that killing sparked's public outcry against the zoo and boy's parents. some are calling for action. >> i don't see criminal charges. >> i don't think they will be brought against the parents or zoo. civil charges on whether or not the parents and zoo were reckless. did they push the kid out there or push them to pass those enclosures. there he is. and the zoo for their part were
10:30 am
they negligent. it was highway enough and provided protection. >> it is a big problem. they were soited for a polar bar and now it has the issue. they are agitated on this. in the criminal law there has to be direct causation. under ohio there has to be a essential known risk and any parent sending their parent expects that fencing will be sufficient enough to protect the child. i agree, civil penalties and administrative penalties. i think the zoo made the right call and god forbid that child was harmed they would be charged with manslaughter. >> do you you see legal capability for the parents? >> civil but not criminal.
10:31 am
there is a lot of people calling for the parents to issue charged. >> you don't know what happened with the parents and know what the mom was doing. those kids are slippery little suckers. >> that happens in a lot of child endangerment cases. that is unjustifiable risk. >> we have to leave it there. we are great to see you both. jon? >> this presidential race saw the unprecedented rise of bernie sanders and donald trump winning votes. our next guests said americans are feeling a hangover and acting accordingly. reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe.
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call one reverse mortgage right now to get the details, find out if you qualify and get your free information kit. fox news is america's election headquarters, with a lot of people scratching their heads over on the rise of the outsiders this year. in a wall street journal article. the 2016 race. washington bureau chief writes, the search for an explanation for this year's bizarre political climate leads to a conclusion. the recession and scared and
10:36 am
scarred deeply. >> they are scared and scarred? >> the scared part was easy to see in 2007, 8, 9 and 10. the scarred part is relevant. this is not going away. and what you can conclude looking at public poling, people got scared. the economy recovery in nominal terms, but i don't think that people feel they are going to recover. they are not forgetting, it is not the depression, but like it. people never forgot that experience even if they recovered. that may be at work. >> your column asked if they are why so unsettled, why did they
10:37 am
not throw out the politician in the 2008. and why did the president win reelection? >> they did throw out the republicans when john mccain run for the third george bush term. people were unpacking a bit in 2012 and it was a severe shock and underway is the recovery. and four years later they don't feel better. havings said all of that, statistics do tell you, 74 straight months of job creation and one of the longest peacetime expansions and. some people have recovered, but the memories have not gone away. >> right track and wrong track number is a gauge in politics. it stands that cent percent of the americans think we are on the wrong track right now. >> in the terms of the arc of
10:38 am
the story. the economy nominally got better, but the wrong track got worse. there was a divide. it is between alleged economic reality and the way people thought about p things was not as wide. economic recovery and people feeling worse. that is opposite of what normally happens. >> it gives a couple of candidates in bernie sanders and donald trump that are far from conventional. we had the donald trump press conference. and carl cameron asked the candidate will it make it more difficult to unfoy the party. >> here's the way i look at it. if i have somebody not on my side. i have gotten great applause from the press as an
10:39 am
achievement, because p the republican party is well unfoyed. people you never thought possible support trump. we don't talk about that. the big story is how fast the republican party is healing. it was a rough campaign. >> so, is he right, is he healing the party, jerry? >> where do you start. compared to three weeks ago, yeah. that is a bit of overstatement of how much healing is going on. and it represent people coming over to donald trump than him moving to them. that's the notice that is going out to republicans, if you are with me, we'll declare it pretty soon. you will not necessarily get kind treatment from donald trump. martinez found that out last week. don't expect a lot of unitty of
10:40 am
the election 2016. thank you, jerry. >> appropriate it. >> we have unity. >> and we have unity here in the fox news channel. the financial situation is so bad in venezuela, that airlines are cutting their flights there. latin american's and germany's are the latest to cut ties. they will not hand over money belonging to 24 different airline carriers and it is a difficulty in the curerency. >> they are searching for a hacker reprogramming the construction sides. the person suggests he is a bernie sanders and not the only message they left for early morning drivers. >> and iraqi forces, fighting to
10:41 am
take back the isis stronghold as tens of thousands of citizens are trapped in fallujah. we'll look at the next target in the war against the terrorist. you wouldn't take medicine without checking the side effects. hey honey. huh. the good news is my hypertension is gone. so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck.
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>> two u.s. service members injured in separate isis attacks over the weekends. both occurred to u.s. special operations forces and the first report of injury to a u.s. service member on the ground in syria. joining us to talk about this and a key battle still underway in iraq, raveed jamali. he is a senior fellow in the foreign policy institute. we now have confirmation of a wounded service member apparenty on the ground in the syrian border, what does that tell you?
10:45 am
>> two things. it is no surprouz that we have troops in contact there. and why are they disclosing this? what benefit does it have to disclose intimate details of our operation. >> you think the pentagon should not let that information out? >> the specifics of the troops and they are closerded secrets and should remain so. i don't understand the benefit of doing so. >> as that is underway obviously. the battle for fallujah also underway and undertaken in large part by the iraqi government. can they succeed? >> the thing with fallujah, it is the sunni triangle. what is crazy you have iranian backed militia and the long- term game is not isis or isil. but what happen in the iranian backed militia will they lay
10:46 am
down their arms? of course not. what is the long- term strategy with iraq. >> it is a thorny question for the pentagon and other leadership. if you wind up empowering the iranian backed shiits at the expense of the sunnis. this brought the whole violence to bear in the first place. we need leadership to look at. this there is isis and look at the solution here, that is iran, the only winners in iraq and syria right now are iran and we have yet to deal with them. >> if it is an iraqi operation to retake fallujah, that is critical for the health and ultimate survival of that government, isn't it? >> it is the unit that hoists the flag has to be an iraqi flag. if it is it one of the sunni
10:47 am
backed iran militia that is no buenoand disturbing to see they are in the front lines fighting here. >> what about mosul? >> this is the next big p thing and what is frustrating, we have iraqi forces and kurdish forces and shia and iran backed forces. mosul is the next and second largest city that isis is holds. we laid siege to both cities and no doubt forces will go out. who goes in it has to be iraqi forces. it cannot be the kurds or the shia militias. but the senior iraqi army has failed without u.s. air support, they would not be where they are. >> you say isis and isil are not long for this world? you are confident they will be defeated. >> in terms of the cities they
10:48 am
hold absolutely. they will remain be a threat. but we have is the best trained military. and i don't think they stand a chance against us. it is it a question of the vacum they pose. when we love who takes it. it is a debate. >> but the detractors of the way the administration is prosecuting that battle of isis is, we have gone at it with a hand tied behind our back and we have not thrown everything we could at isis. >> because there is no strategy post isis. our strategy is embargo isis and stop the flow of them moving out and we still don't have a strategy. i don't know what we are going to do with iran. they say we are in iraq now and we walk out. what is your solutions. >> josh earnest, the president's spokesman said it would be
10:49 am
a long tough fight against isis. clearly they are trying to tamp down expectations of process. >>na veed. intelligence reserve officer, thank you. >> heather? >> former new mexico governor believes it is already to shine. he believes they will make an appealing option for voters. >> we are two governors that have served in heavily blue states as republicans. and so, we are small government guys but we are socially liberal. and i think that is the make up of most people in this country.
10:50 am
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i'm gretchen carlson. donald trump's press conference about raising money for veterans turns his attack on the media. is trump right or wrong for doing so? one of the lone survivors of the bridge collapse may be using some of the money he was awarded to now help isis. we have those exclusive scary details. and we have on multiple incidents as well where young kids have fallen into gorilla exhibits at different zoos but with very different outcomes. the tapes are here on "the real story" just six minutes from now. right now, dallas officials are investigating after someone hacked into the department of transportation signs along a major interstate there. overnight a construction sign along i-30 was changed to read "bernie sanders for president." another one reads, "donald trump is a shape-shifting lizard." this isn't the first time it's
10:54 am
lapped. it is actually pretty easy to hack into these things apparently. transportation officials say they believe the culprit broke locks to physically reprogram them. tampering with the warning sign is considered a misdemeanor, punishable by a fine and even two years in jail. >> i'll just get you the plane banner for your birthday. >> okay. what a guy. the libertarian party looking at major impact this year as polls show more voters are dissatisfied with both the republican and democratic front-runners. over the weekend the party named former new mexico governor gary johnson as its nominee. his running mate, another former governor, bill weld. mike berman from the fox business network is live in washington with a look at that ticket. >> reporter: you might remember gary johnson received more than 1.2 million votes nationwide in the 2012 presidential election while the former new mexico
10:55 am
governor will try to build off that for november. the libertarian party on a second ballot selected johnson over the weekend as its presidential nominee. the former massachusetts governor, bill weld, chosen as his running mate. johnson has higher sights this time around. >> at a minimum i think we're in the presidential debates. there's a real possibility that we can achieve major party status in this country. and who would have dreamed that that was possible four years ago? >> while current polling that suggests that could be possible, the fox news poll from last month show johnson captured 10% support nationwide. when paired up in a three-way race against donald trump or hillary clinton. it is unclear if he plz more voters from trump or potential clinton voters but his highest levels of support come from
10:56 am
independents and those under 35 years old. trump was asked about johnson earlier this morning and flatly dismissed his candidacy. >> i think it is a total fringe deal. i think he's a fringe candidate, you want to know the truth. i look at him and i watch him and i watch his motions and i watch what he says. i think that he is a fringe candidate. >> johnson has since responded tweeting out, so donald trump calls me a fringe candidate. strangely enough, that's what he was called a few months ago. now we have trump and johnson going back and forth. >> the battling continues. thank you, blake. it is a tradition like no other. not the masters. hundreds of people stumbling down a steep hill after a wheel of cheese? there's nothing better than that. i do that for a wheel of cheese. any day. isn't that tasty? we've got the final 30. that is coming up next. i got wisconsin roots.
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in our final 30, people gather in a british town to chase a wheel of cheese downhill. the tradition goes back hundreds of years. it attracts thousands of spectators, and, yes, it hurts a lot. >> i don't blame them. great to see you, jon. >> thanks for being here. "the real story" starts now. donald trump's news conference on funding for veterans today instead turns into a bash fest of the media. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the rs. trump announced today he did actually raise close to $6 million for veterans charities a few months ago but today's presser also turned in to trump saying he will continue to attack the press for treating him unfairly even though he had kind words for at least one reporter. our chief political correspondent -- >> what you're doing is answering the questions now that we had back then. it was just a question. is the question an attack? is the question an attack?


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