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tv   The Real Story With Gretchen Carlson  FOX News  May 31, 2016 11:00am-12:01pm PDT

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in our final 30, people gather in a british town to chase a wheel of cheese downhill. the tradition goes back hundreds of years. it attracts thousands of spectators, and, yes, it hurts a lot. >> i don't blame them. great to see you, jon. >> thanks for being here. "the real story" starts now. donald trump's news conference on funding for veterans today instead turns into a bash fest of the media. i'm gretchen carlson. this is the rs. trump announced today he did actually raise close to $6 million for veterans charities a few months ago but today's presser also turned in to trump saying he will continue to attack the press for treating him unfairly even though he had kind words for at least one reporter. our chief political correspondent -- >> what you're doing is answering the questions now that we had back then. it was just a question. is the question an attack? is the question an attack?
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>> i think -- i've been dealing with the press a long time. the think the political press is among the most dishonest people that i've ever met. i have to tell you that. okay? of course you're excluded, carl. but i think the political press -- you're in the middle. >> carl cameron joins us now live from trump tower in new york city. carl, how did the news conference about veterans and raising money for them turn into an all-out attack on the media? >> reporter: well, neither are too really new news ideas. this issue of the donations to the veterans goes back to january of this year when he made a promise to make donations and at the time he actually put out a list of some 22 entities that would be the recipients of whatever he raised. for several weeks now he's been saying that he raised $5.5 million. it is $5.6 million he clarified today. and that in the last two weeks they gave another 1 million or 1 fnt
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1$.5 million. they finalized some of the donations. he does not like the press. the idea that he gave me an exception, i take exception to him giving me an exception. trump pounds me more than any other reporter probably in his rallies singling me out for all kinds of criticism. so thanks for the compliment but not so much a compliment. being on the other side of the podium from donald trump is a very combative place to be because he is a very combative candidate. >> so trump also spoke about uniting the republican party. what did he have to say about that? >> he has been critical, particularly last week specifically in the case of susanna martinez, the republican governor of new mexico. there's been a lot of criticism he needs to stop attacking, republicans, said the chair -- finance chairman for the republican governors association. responsible for getting republican governors elected. saying that trump's beating up on fellow republicans is not any way to unite the party. and today he basically didn't back down and whether asked
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about what his white house might look like in terms of tenor and tone, he pretty much said, what you see is what you get. watch. >> if i have a republican that's not on my side, i'm not zb-- wh should i be particularly nice to that person? if a person is not going to support me? i have no obligates. politically, i may be right or i may be wrong but that's who i am. >> reporter: when today asked if he would change his demeanor and stop being so critical of the pre -- or democrats, for that matter -- he said no, going to pretty much keep things the way they are. >> carl cameron, i know you are going to keep covering him. thanks so much. whole point of trump's media event today was substantiate his fund-raising for a series of veterans organizations. he did release this long list you see now. then mr. trump turned his fire on the media claiming they tried to turn his fund-raising into a.
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money issue. listen to this. >> you know my opinion to the media. it is very low. i think the media is, frankly, made up of people that, in many cases -- not in all cases -- are not good people. i have to tell you, the press is so dishonest and so unfair. they said trump was disappointed because i didn't have millions of people going from jefferson so washington. give me a break. it is just dishonest reporting. what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars have people say -- like this sleazy guy right over here from abc -- he's a sleaze -- my book -- you're a sleaze. because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> here now, fox business correspondent charlie gasperino. i know that you broke this story originally about the veterans organizations and whether or not they had received these millions of dollars.
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what do you think about what happened today? >> well, i guess i'm just one big sleaze ball, gretchen. i'm a sleaze ball because i went out, donald trump used vets as a prop because he wanted to get some publicity about his campaign, when he blew off the fox news debate. made a bunch of promises. he actually named the charities at the time. so you presume that they were all vetted. and lo and behold, i went back -- and a few others but we were among the first at fox business and guess what? we are sleaze balls for holding his feet to the fire as a presidential candidate. donald trump has done good things, he's raised million for vets. that's a very good thing. but us making sure he raised that money for voteets, like he said he did, is a very good thing on his part. if he's going to take issue with us on this, what is he going to do when he's president -- if he's president? >> he already said what he's going to do, he's going to keep doing this.
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we'll play that in a second. elizabeth, let's play devil's advocate here. when he did raise that money for the veterans, a lot of people thought that they weren't props that day, that it actually was a great thing because all these charities now have $6 million that they would not have had. by the way, a lot of people don't like the media and they do believe that they're biased. so will this help him today? >> yeah, i think so. i think it is a smart move to attack the media, because when donald trump says he has a low opinion of the mainstream media, he's with the majority of americans who feel that way. the media's favorability rating is at historic lows. it is really a win-win for him because he gets to go out there, attack journalists, attack the media, and many americans feel the same way, they don't have a lot of trust in them. at the same time he says look, i raised $5.6 million for vets. i didn't have to do it. that makes him look so good as well. >> why did it take so long?
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>> okay, charlie? >> listen. my view is i know a lot of people that raise money. you could pull $5 million out of your pocket if you are as rich as donald trump. i just don't understand -- >> one thing he did explain today is that you have to vet veterans organizations just like you do and you had to wait for government paperwork and such. you don't buy that? >> no. here's why. he listed the organizations up front. you would have thought he vetted them. i can tell you this, gretchen. i can find you five charities that give to vets in about a week and make sure they're vetted. they are major charities. like the marine corps law enforcement association which he gave to. these are easily vetted organizatio organizations. they don't take forever. >> let me go on to what you alluded to earlier, charlie. and i want elizabeth's reaction. donald trump saying that if he becomes president that there will be more of this. listen to this. >> i think you've set a new bar. is this what it is going to be like covering you if you're
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president? >> yes. it is. >> we're going to have this kind of confrontation in the press room? >> yeah. it is going to be like this, david. >> elizabeth? >> i think it will be something unlike we've seen before. but honestly, the obama administration does not have a very good relationship with the press. i know we've been following this wen rhodes iran deal scandal with him. he has a very low opinion of the press and there was a big controversy there with how they treated the press. they don't have a good relationship either so i don't think it would be different in that regard. the name calling is a little different. if you noticed today the press conference, most of the questions were about the journalism -- the journalists themselves like, hey, stop calling us losers. but traditionally administrations don't have a good relationship with the pressnd i don't think that will be very different. >> didn't donald trump say some things that were accurate today about some of mainstream reporting of some of his events?
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he said, look, that's not really what happened but the headlines are so biased. maybe he is the first one to really call out people on this? i know we saw it from newt gingrich a couple of years ago. but do you give him any credit for any of that? >> no, i agree with you. listen, i think the press has been unfair about some aspects of covering him. i can just tell you, on this one issue, he deserves what he gets. he came out there, he said he raised $6 million. it doesn't take this long to vet. my guess is he really didn't raise the money. he held a press conference, he got publicity for his political campaign. he was using vets for that. the media went out there and just held him to his word. that is completely legitimate. that's what we're supposed to do. >> okay. all right. >> call me a loser, but that's what we're supposed to do. >> all right. keep asking the questions, both of you. elizabeth and charlie, thank you. let's go to the other side now. there's lots to talk about on the democratic side as well as the clinton campaign pushes back
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now on the veterans issue. jennifer griffin, live in washington. jennifer, what is the clinton campaign doing to counter trump today? i will add, here we go again where clinton has to counter to trump because he dominates the media cycle. >> well, gretchen, this is the first day that really feels like the general election. the clinton camp focusing less on sanders and more on trump. and in particular, rolling out a multi-state counterpunch to his claims to support veterans and veteran groups. veteran protesters outside trump tower criticizing his desire to privatize the va and mocking his donations to vet groups which they say he did only after being questioned recently by a reporter asking where the money had gone. >> we heard it from inside the press conference that donald trump accused all of us of being here because of hillary clinton. one thing i want to make very clear, i am one of the main organizers of this action. that is unequivocally false.
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donald trump is trying to discredit veterans because we're not being convenient props in his narrative of bigotry, and of hate. >> the clinton campaign tweeted out a reminder that trump attacked senator john mccain for being a prisoner of war in vietnam after trump said that he likes "people who weren't captured." adding that trump once begged the mayor of new york to boot disabled veterans who were street vendors off 5th avenue, the home of trump tower. i reached out to the bob woodruff foundation, one of the groups trump says he donated to, and they did confirm he sent them a check for $75,000 last wreak. >> right. and they also said they were gra grateful. one issue the clintons would like to put behind her -- the e-mail account. story keeps growing though. >> her campaign chairman, john podesta, sent a memo to her leading supporters to put last
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week's state department inspector general report in context. "since last year secretary clinton has said her use of!b jennifer griffin, thank you. we have disturbing new details about a victim of the 2007 minnesota bridge collapse that caused a school bus to plunge into the mississippi river.
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one of the survivors though from that bus -- you're not going to believe this -- now apparently using his compensation money that he was awarding to become a terrorist and help isis. we found multiple incidents where young kids have fallen into gorilla exhibits. we'll play that video for you first here. after a long day,
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fox fuzz alert now on closing arguments in a federal terrorism trial where testimony emerged linking a survivor of the horrific minneapolis bridge collapse back in 2007 to isis now. trace gallagher live with this unbelievable story. trace? >> gretchen, this is a fascinating story of connecting the dots between a major american disaster and how it ended up benefiting isis. when the i-35 bridge collapsed
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in minnesota in 2007, mohammed robel was just shy of his 11th birthday. he and his four dib blings were on the school bus with other 50 other students and adults. i remember covering this thing live while it was happening. everyone's main concern at the time was the school bus, the kids on the bus. mohammed suffered neck, and back and arm injuries, along with some psychological problems. and doctors say he believed that god saved him for a purpose. well, according to testimony in the trial now under way of three men accused of conspiring to join isis, it appears mohammed robel believes his purpose is to fight for the islamic state. when he recently turned 18 he reportedly got a $65,000 settlement for being a bridge victim and court records show that one of the suspects currently on trial told an undercover fbi informant that mohammed robel was in syria, "handing out money like candy, buying isis fighters cars and
11:18 am
paying for their weddings." now he was apparently also approached by some wannabe isis fighters to pay for their travel to syria but there is no indication he actually funded anyone's trip. so far, mohammed robel has not been charged with a crime. prosecutors do believe he is one of a dozen men who left minnesota to join militant groups in syria. but the way, the associated press is the one who linked the court testimony back to the bridge collapse and eventually tied it all to the settlement money. >> unbelievable, trace. thank you so much. for more on this, i'm joined by a fox news contributor and iraq and afghanistan war veteran. you and i are both from minnesota. this story really piqued my interest today because who would have ever thought that reward money from such a horrific event would be uses to help fund isis. but maybe you aren't that surprised because this is a huge problem in minnesota. >> unfortunately, i'm not that surprised. i drive over that bridge
11:19 am
multiple times a week. there is a very large somali-muslim population that came to minnesota because of the civil war. the problem is you have a generational difference. first generation came and never really assimilated and haven't assimilat assimilated. many don't speak english. second generation which mohammed robel is a part of are conflicted between two worlds and attracted often times to propaganda which isis targets not just generally in the united states but to minnesota specifically knowing this population. minnesota has sent more fighters over to isis than any other state in america. it is a real problem because there remain rad hall mosques in the minneapolis-st. paul area that continue to preach fringe ideologies. i would say the authorities there are doing their best but they don't have the hands on it. >> one of the issues that a lot of these turncoats, for lack of a better word, they don't have money. now this guy is awarded $65,000. not only is he a target for isis
11:20 am
to come after but apparently he was easily swayed and now handing it out, according to the court documents, like candy. >> and the bridge collapse was the impetus. i believe a belief in some greater grander mission for himself. once he gets there actually skyped back to his friends who were still in the minneapolis area urging them to come join the caliphate. this is all coming is out as part of this federal terrorism trial. you have networks before location ol somali youth in minnesota motivated by imams, funded internationally to try to create a pipeline to go fight with isis. before it was with al shabaab, a terrorist group in somalia. now it's been shifted to international terrorism. the fear for minnesotans is that target could turn inward, to the mall of america, or target field. so far it has not and the fbi's done yeoman's work on the ground. but the imams are preaching this radical form of islamism. >> it is not just in minnesota.
11:21 am
they are investigating in every single state isis connections. pete, thank you. growing controversy today after officials kill a beloved and endangered gorilla at the cincinnati zoo to save a young boy after he somehow falls into that enclosure. the decision sparking a backlash from animal lovers around the world who claim the gorilla was protecting the child. that brings us to our question of the day. did the zoo do the right thing by killing the gorilla? tweet yes or no and use the #therealstory. this is our live poll right now. weigh in on this because we'll keep doing this live throughout the show. did they do the right thing? 70% say yes, it was the right thing to kill the gorilla. 30% say no. let me know what you think at gretchen carlson #therealstory. yes or no. reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe.
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welcome back to "the real story." cincinnati zoo under fire after a trained employee shoots and kills an endangered gorilla to save a little boy's life. it played out before a horrified crowd at the cincinnati zoo. the zoo taking a lot of heat for its response saying, look, we had no other choice. mike tobin is live for us in chicago with more. mike, plenty of criticism is going around with the story on both sides. what have you found out today? >> well, there really is. criticism of the mother has the internet buzzing because her kid got away from her creating this dynamic in which ultimately the big silver-backed gorilla was killed. cincinnati zoo of course taking a lot of criticism for the decision to kill the 17-year-old gorilla. the director of the zoo defends his quick response team. he says you need to understand just how powerful and dangerous a gorilla like this is.
11:26 am
tranquilizers would not have worked immediately. what you can see clearly from the video is that the gorilla was getting agitated. >> we did not take the shooting of the gorilla lightly, but that child's life was in danger. people who question that who are our monday morning quarterbacks or second-guessers don't understand that you can't take a risk with a silver-back. >> an organization called stop animal exploitation now says the enclous shesure was inadequate e it failed to keep the boy out. maynard however says the barrier exceeded all protocols. >> that's not the first time a kid has gotten into a gorilla enclosure at a zoo. today we're going to show one of those people have not seen yet. >> here just outside of chicago to the brookfield zoo, where my mom used to take me when i was a
11:27 am
little kid, a 3-year-old fell into the enclosure in 1996. a female gorilla seemed to pick the boy up and cradle him and took him over to a door where rescuers could get him. a bill significa but given the way this gorilla was thrashing the little boy, they say the response team made the correct decision. >> unbelievable this happened before and the circumstances and outcome so different. we'll have more on that in about ten minutes from now. donald trump giving a preview of what a trump presidential press conference might look like. it is entertaining. >> i'm going to continue to attack the press. look, i find the press to be extremely dishonest. i find the political press to be
11:28 am
unbelievably dishonest. i will say that. >> so, what sparked the attack on the media this time and what is he saying about that fund-raising of $6 million for veterans. then this for you. will a third party candidate really get into the race? what the top republican in the senate is saying today about party unity. >> i could only help elect hillary clinton. think anything that divides the right of center world is not helpful. ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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bottom of the hour. checking headlines for you -- the pentagon confirming reports out of south korea of north korea botching a ballistic missile test. today's launch, the latest in a string of failed attempts, including three that happened last month. closing arguments today in the trial of former illinois police sergeant drew peterson. now he is accused of trying to use a prison informant with a plot to kill a prosecutor who helped him convi helped get him convicted of murdering his wife in 2012. there are concerns in fallujah for some 50,000 civilians trapped inside the city. back to politics now and donald trump. today he got vocal support from veterans during his extensibility of you news conference, one lashing out on
11:33 am
hillary clinton for using hillary clinton as pawns. >> stop using veterans as political pawns. donald trump is doing this for the heart. you're all focused on the way he's raise be money and you're not looking at the 22 veterans that are killing each other every day. you're not concerned about the thousands of veterans that are on wait lists. look at his plan on mr. trump's website. he talks about medical cards. he talks about fixing the va. he talks about competition. >> simon rosenburg, a form other bill clinton campaign advisor. larry o'connor, editor at large for guys, one thing i know you're going to agree on, that was an entertain is press conference. it really got entertaining when that veteran got up and called out the mainstream media kind of even better than donald trump did. >> i think that if this guy is going to be stumping for donald trump and if this entire
11:34 am
election comes down to the charitable work of trump versus clinton, i would like to hold up donald trump helping the vets in this press conference to hillary clinton and her foundation helping russian businessmen gain access to uranium rights in north america. i like those odds. let's go for it. the media i think -- the fact that trump targeted the media the way he did was actually even more entertaining than this vet. it was a beautiful thing to behold. >> simon, we talked about this a little bit earlier. but i'm actually thinking that this is helpful to trump today. for sure with his supporters. i'm not sure about independents but i want your take on this. this is one thing that hillary clinton is not that great at. let's just be honest. is being off the cuff, it is calling things as she sees it and he's going to continue to do this. >> yeah. i don't think it was a good day for him. the reason why -- i think what you're seeing now is the context of this is that he's getting asked about a lot of stuff that he's never been asked about before. because he had never been this
11:35 am
far before in a political process. things like dishonest accounting and things like his tax returns and his relationship to the mob in new york, these are kind of all unpleasant things that are coming out. no, look. it's been covered extensively, right? these are questions that are being raised. i felt he was thin-skinned today. i don't think he dealt with this well. i think he attacked -- there is a line that he crossed today i think with manile journaliy ljo calling them names. maybe it feels good to his supporters but over time this is going to turn the press corps against him even harder. >> i'm not sure that that matters with the voters though. >> yeah, sure doesn't. >> it is going to affect the press coverage of this race. >> oh, please. >> the republican candidate has you could pretty much argue there's been bias against them forever. but let's play this now because i want to show you that it is not just the press corps that donald trump is going to continue to take on. it's other politicians, too. listen to this. >> i'm not a fan of mitt romney. mitt romney lost an election
11:36 am
thaes that he should have won. and if you read the front page about the "wall street journal" about mitt romney, he looks like a fool. >> why take that fight on? what about the governor of new mexico? >> she was not nice. i was fine, just a little bit of a jab. but she wasn't nice. you think i'm going to change? i'm not changing. including with leher. >> should he become "more presidential"? >> well, listen. i reject the premise that you have to be presidential and therefore lose any emotion or any sort of opinion about other people. donald trump should not change what he's doing. he should stick with what brought him and by the way, if he's going to conform to anything, he should conform to what the voters have asked him to do and he needs to stick with the promises that he made. but i just want to go back and talk about journalists again. did he see them arguing with him and yelling at him? >> i've never seen that with hillary. >> thank you! thank you, gretchen. we know who the political journalists are in this town. it took eight years for katie couric to show her true colors
11:37 am
with this deceptive editing she did on her gun reporting. we new year's ago when she interviewed sarah palin who she was. >> don't get me started on brian williams either. >> simon, dealing you back in here. should trump attack to the gop? this is a big question today or does the gop need to atapt to trump. here's senate majority leader mitch mcconnell on that? >> he's not going to be able to change the republican party. i mean we know what we believe in. we have some differences with limb. but i think he would have to adapt. >> should he adapt to the republican party? >> well, i'm sort of with mitch on this in the pragmatism. donald trump won the election fair and square. he is actually going to end up getting more votes than mitt romney did in 2012. i think this is going to be a continued dance between the establishment and republican party and donald trump defying common ground. but i think there is a lot of common ground. i am a little surprised how much emphasis you hear in the national conversation around the differences between donald trump
11:38 am
and the republicans. look, tax cuts. rolling back the aca. climate skepticism. hard-line immigration policies. interventionist foreign policy. that sounds like a house republican. donald trump i think is squarely aligned with many republicans and is a electricilegitimate an leader of the republican party. >> do you think donald trump should adapt to the republican party or they should adapt to him? >> i'm sure simon wants him to do that because he wants hillary clinton to win. no. mitch mcconnell -- i hate to tell him this. he is a good guy, i'm sure. he is not the republican party. i know a lot of republicans, none of them look and act and talk like mitch mcconnell. we are real americans who have real caring concerns about this country and we voted and he won and donald trump needs to listen to the voters, not mitch mcconnell. >> all right, guys. now remember, you agreed today that the press conference was entertaining. all right? >> absolutely. >> see you next week. good to see you. >> thanks, gretchen.
11:39 am
time for my take. even with all the seemingly political unrest this election cycle, a new poll out about political parties and our like or dislike for them caught my eye today. turns out images of the two major parties has not suffered because of a wacky primary season. 44% of you still see the democratic party in a favorable way with 36% still liking the republican party. surprisingly, that hasn't changed much from march of last year when the numbers were 42% and 36%. but i also think it is important to throw into the mix the recent approval ratings for president obama which have been higher recently. 52% according to gallup. fox news, 49%. so, why do i think this is important. because history has shown when a sitting president's approval rating is high, it's good news for the same political party to win the white house. so, will that be true this time? in a year when not much of anything has seemed to follow political norms, i'm going to say today -- who knows?
11:40 am
now let's to california where bernie sanders has the clinton campaign on edge. that's one way to put it. the democratic front-runner cutting short her plans on the east coast adding events in the golding state to head off the chance of an embarrassing upset potentially by sanders. but for now, sanders has the state all to himself. senior political correspondent mike emanuel live in santa cruz, california. i spent a lot of weekends there when i was in college out there. mike, what issue did sanders hit hard already today? >> well, gretchen, ima'm sure y had a good time here. bernie sanders going after hillary clinton on the issue of health care. of course hillary clinton favors improving obamacare while sanders favors a medical for all, a bigger system. health care is another issue where sanders says clinton isn't good enough. >> we got a dysfunctional system and we are going to change that system. that is what the american people want. we are going to take on the private insurance companies. we are going to take on the drug
11:41 am
companies. the function of health care in a democratic civilized society is to provide quality care to all of our people in a cost-effective way. >> reporter: so here in california today, sanders taking aim at the profits of the insurance companies. also the drug companies, trying to connect with liberals out here in california. >> any sign of enthusiasm dropping potentially for sanders as it appears clinton is getting closer to the nomination? >> reporter: no. the sanders movement seems to have plenty of energy. here in santa cruz, the arena here is filling up. many of these folks have been waiting here more than four hours. sanders continues doing rallies as he barnstorms the golden state doing multiple every day. sanders seems to feed off the energy of the crowds and sanders says he's making hillary clinton nervous here in california. gretchen? >> all right, plik. i'm sure you don't have any free time but if you do, you can head
11:42 am
out to the beach in santa cruz and get a couple wine coolers. that's what i used to do when i traveled there. >> a little surfing, maybe. >> oh, yeah. that, too. have fun, mike. back to this now. could the zoo or even the parents face criminal charges now in the incident that took place in cincinnati over the weekend? everyone has an opinion about how the cincinnati zoo handled this case. let's take another live look at our poll. it is happening right now the a gretchen carlson. tweet us #therealstory. 64% -- it's gone down now. 64% of you say, yes, they should have killed the gorilla. 36% say nope. keep the votes coming. a big debate coming up.
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11:46 am
also, hillary clinton's campaign chairman has a new message brand-new for her supporters and it is about that e-mail controversy. we'll talk with judge andrew napolitano about what he calls clinton's "cascade of legal misery." that's coming up when i fill in for shep next. back to "the real story" now. what is the real story on the tragedy at the cincinnati zoo? it sparked a polarizing national debate. it all began saturday whether zoo coopers decided to shoot and kill a rare gorilla after a 4-year-old boy fell into that gorilla's habitat. some animal rights activists say the ape was trying to protect the boy and blamed the zoo for not having safer barriers. others are blaming the boy's parents and even suggesting they should face criminal charges. a national geographic explorer is with us, and eric is a criminal defense attorney. the one question i am hearing a lot from people on social media is why didn't they just
11:47 am
tranquilize the gorilla? >> well, i'm sure that would have been the solution that everyone wanted. however, for the little boy, that would have been incredibly dangerous because a tranquilizer dart hurts. once that gorilla feels that ouch, his response is to become more agitated and more stressed out. the tranquilizer doesn't take immediate effect. all you would have is an even aeng g angrier and more confused gorilla are still more time to injure that child. >> you believe shooting and killing this gorilla was the right action by the zoo. >> i think it was incredibly unfortunate but i do think that the zoo made the right decision in order to save that child. >> let's get to the other side of things with the attorney here, eric guster. there is now scuttlebutt coming out of cincinnati that there could be possible criminal charges in this case. what would that be? >> there could be criminal charges in reference to child endangerment or negligence in
11:48 am
reference to the parents. because parents are supposed to make sure their children are being held safe, that they are out of harm's way, and if the mother was not properly paying attention to her child, which allowed him to get into the animal's cage, that is one of the problems. >> there is a three-foot fence there apparently. has not been problematic before. could the zoo be in trouble? >> yes. the zoo could be in trouble. whenever you have a zoo in an entrapment like this, the zoo has the responsibility to make sure the barriers are safe enough and prevent anything like this from happening. of course sacases have happened similar to this but they have the responsibility to keep the animal safe and the public safe as well. >> maria, calling your attention to these two other examples eric was talking about. there was one at the jersey zoo? england, then in 1996 in the chicago area zoo in brookfield where kids fell into these enclosure enclosures. in those instances is the
11:49 am
gorillas actually cradled the young unconscious boy in one of them. you see that here and helped and seemed to care for the young boy in the other example. so/guess there just wasn't time to see what this gorilla in present day was going to do because the child's life could have been in danger in a split second. >> the examples that you're giving me don't at all surprise me. gorillas are in fact known as gentle giants. they are incredibly kind and protective and i've seen them be wonderful fathers in the wild. however, this gorilla, i have watched the video over and over. there's no question that he initially seems to be almost protective in that same way of this little boy, but with the rise in the crowd, with the yelling, with the agitation, you could see where the gorilla's body language changes. his lips were pursed and he continued to grab the little boy
11:50 am
which is typical silver-back behavior in the wild when they fit suppressed. they'll pick up a large object, bounce it around. >> thrash it. i think it was fascinating that the dart team -- i assume now all zoos have dart teams. they called it in to action. they were there within a couple of minutes. eric, the zoo could have been in more trouble if this gorilla killed that boy. thank you. deadly flooding about to get even worse in texas. they continue to just get pommeled. look at these images.
11:51 am
large parts of the state already underwater. guess what? more rain on the way. right back on the real story.
11:52 am
11:53 am
11:54 am
some extreme weather to tell you about today. flooding in texas reaching new historic levels. floods being blamed for seven death now, and forcing residents to evacuate. with the brazos river cresting at its highest level in decades. janice dean is live with more. i should know how to pronounce that river. >> you were right. >> what's going on there? >> our friends in texas are seeing way too much rainfall. in some cases record setting rain for the spring march
11:55 am
through may. over two feet of rainfall for our friends in houston and austin and more rain is on the way. you can see this next system moving in and developing the potential for not only severe threat, but heavy rainfall. so over the last week or so, in brennan, texas, close to 20 inches of rain in a matter of 24-48 hours. flood advisories are posted for much of texas into oklahoma. we'll watch the next low pressure move in. nothing to steer it, so that's going to mean a potential for more flooding rainfall for the central part of the state. again, much of texas does not need to see anymore rainfall in the foreseeable future. it looks like three to four, even six inches of rainfall through friday for houston, texas, again. the rivers are running very high. the brazos river, three feet above the record. it's going to reach in the next couple of days. so there's your forecast showers, thunderstorms, for the
11:56 am
next several days. at least five days. the severe threats for parts of texas, large hail, isolated tornados, again the flooding threat is incredible. we'll be monitoring that throughout the work week. we want to wrap up with warm temperatures across the southeast. phoenix, 98. getting into the hundred to 110 degree range by later in the weekend. heard you talking about wine coolers earlier on there, my friend. i wish i was there with you sglo the real story on that, coming up tomorrow. >> fantastic i'll tune it. >> see you. >> all right. he is a golf course regular checking out the fairway on a sunny afternoon. move along, nothing to see here. except that huge gator. every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car!
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11:59 am
here's a hazard you never want to see on a golf course. a giant gator at the buffalo golf course. this one was huge.
12:00 pm
15 feet long. if he's playing through you don't want to get in his way. i wonder if he shot par? thank you so much for being part of a very busy real story today. i'm gretchen carlson let's head right over there. harris is in for shep. have a great day. donald trump holding a news conference about raising money for veterans. instead, spending much of the time sounding off on reporters. >> he's a sleaze in my book. you're a sleaze you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> what got trump to go there? we'll talk with carl cameron who had a front row seat. one week from today, the california primary. for democrats it could be a cliff hanger. wide polling shows bernie sanders is now on hillary clinton's heels. so what happens if she can't beat bernie in callie? clinton could be facing a whole different problem. a top staffer is telling supporters about the private e-mail


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