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tv   Shepard Smith Reporting  FOX News  May 31, 2016 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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if he's playing through you don't want to get in his way. i wonder if he shot par? thank you so much for being part of a very busy real story today. i'm gretchen carlson let's head right over there. harris is in for shep. have a great day. donald trump holding a news conference about raising money for veterans. instead, spending much of the time sounding off on reporters. >> he's a sleaze in my book. you're a sleaze you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> what got trump to go there? we'll talk with carl cameron who had a front row seat. one week from today, the california primary. for democrats it could be a cliff hanger. wide polling shows bernie sanders is now on hillary clinton's heels. so what happens if she can't beat bernie in callie? clinton could be facing a whole different problem. a top staffer is telling supporters about the private e-mail server scandal and why
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judge andrew napolitano clinton's legal status could be worse than grave. the judge is here on the news deck. let's get started. i'm harris faulkner in today for shepard smith. donald trump unloaded on the media today. calling some news organizations dishonest and unfair. trump, the presumptive republican nominee, called a news conference to respond to reports he had donated only a fraction of the millions of dollars he said he had raised for veterans groups. here it is. >> i'm the only one in the world that could raise $6 million for veterans. have uniform applause by the veterans groups and end up being criticized by the press. yes, i made a speech and during my speech i said let's raise a little money for the vets. it turned out to be a lot of money, not a little money. i thought if we could get to a million dollars it would be great. >> donald trump held a fundraiser for veterans in january. he said he was hosting the event
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instead o instead of participating in a debate. he did raise $6 million. to answer a reporter's question on where all the money went. he gave a lengthy list of veterans groups who received the donation. this comes as trump prepared for a tough general election battle. he has promised to unify the gop. but senate majority leader mitch mcconnell told fox news trump will not change the party. >> he's not going to be able to change the republican party. i mean, we know what we believe in. we have some differences with him. but i think he would have to adapt to where the right of center world is. and we do have some differences. but he brags about, you know, being transactional and a dealmaker and all the rest. that's part of what makes things work in congress. >> they are blasting an effort to have a conservative third party candidate run against trump. carl cameron is live at trump
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tower here in manhattan. mcconnell is the top senate republican. does this mean that donald trump is making headway in terms of uniting the party? that was a voice that was not for him a few weeks ago. >> uniting around his purpose, if not his actual individual candidacy and campaign style. mitch mcconnell, very pragmatic. real legislative technician. knows how to make the wheels turn and stop them from turning in the u.s. senate is signaling for republicans when you get down to it, if you don't vote for donald trump you're helping hillary clinton. yes, the republican party is unifying, but unifying slowly. there are some still in the never trump stop trump quarter. and in fact, according to fred malik, who worked in the nixon administration, one of the more renowned fund raisers, writing in the washington post trump has to stop beating up on fellow
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republicans. trump got about a 1/3 of republican votes and 2/3 are outstanding those folks don't turn out into the general election. insulting republicans is dangerous is the argument, as well as an awful a lot of the establishment types. the argument they're concerned about is that other candidates, whether it's for governor or congress or the house, malik happens to be the chief financier has worried about down ballot damage by the trump campaign. that's where the issue is. mcconnell is trying to avoid that saying if we can work with some of what donald trump says maybe we can get things done. >> real quickly before i go on. maybe i read it wrong. i thought i read recently donald trump said he would understand whatever those other lawmakers and politicians would need to do in their home elections whether it be support him or be quiet. did i get that wrong? >> he did say that. he said a lot of things like that.
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he's said the exact opposite, which he said today when he was asked whether or not he would make an effort to be nice to republicans who have been critical. he said he feels no obligation, his words, to be nice to republicans who aren't nice to him. like wise, he thinks that the press has been wholly unfair to him. i actually asked him today if he thought that asking him questions about his fund raising was tantamount to criticizing, he went back on the whole media is completely dishonest. he was asked if the combative nature of today's news conference which would be something like a press briefing in the white house would be like. he flatly said yes. >> he said you were the exception, don't be too modest about that, fair and balanced our carl. real quickly, there were people who were gathered out front. what can you tell me about that? >> well, mr. trump said that they were organized by the democratic national committee and clinton campaign.
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there were some veterans who said they agreed with the democrat's criticism but they were part of the protest because they were veterans and because they want to make sure the commander in chief is someone who is qualified. they made the argument some of trump's rhetoric, islam phobic, they're referring to his ban on muslim tourist and immigrants and saying syrian refugees can't be allowed into the countries. liberals they may have served honorably, but they were here criticizing trump. some of trump's military supporters and vets were essentially arguing that the clinton protesters were unamerican and politicizing veterans issues while they as veterans and republicans were participating in trump's politicalization of it as well. >> all right. and around and around we go, carl cameron, thank you very much. let's bring in a senior political correspondent for the washington examiner.
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good to see you. you know, we've seen donald trump do this before, i don't want to spend too much time on this. kind of his relationship -- and a lot of presidents have had adversarial relationships, even president obama hasn't been thrill would the mainstream media. >> no, he hasn't. look, i mean, this story is as old as the republic. pli pl politicians fighting with the press. americans don't trust us. they think we don't tell the truth, we make things up. a politician calling us out helps that politician. it would be a good idea for hillary clinton politically to call outs a bunch of liars t would make voters feel good. i don't agree with him. i produce stories i do my job. we're talking politics here. what we saw from donald trump today was great political theater and also very effective political theater. >> interesting. americans don't trust us. i would say the onus is on us to
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win that trust. as a journalist, that's my opinion. some people would argue they are watching the conventions for the big speeches. this headline i'm about to put out really won't matter much to some votersvoters. some reports that some gop establishment may not attend the convention this summer. is there a name or two that sticks out isn't. >> well, look, you know, we're probably not going to see mitt romney or any of the bushes, meaning any of the most recent elected republican presidents at this convention. that's sort of notable. but, you know, what i would say is that voters i don't think actually care about whether or not other republicans show up to a republican convention. and what these members of congress are going to do and governors is do in what they think is in their personal best interest. i think it says something about party unity. that could have an impact on the election on a practical level.
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but the image of certain republicans missing, i don't think it will be bother trump and i don't think it will have an impact on how voters see things. except for the fact that the more trump is able to coalesce the republican party behind him. he's done a pretty good job so far the more legitimate his candidacy look and the better chance he has at getting to where he needs to get with republicans. that is somewhere above at least to 90% approval inside his own party. he's a long way from that. he needs to get there. and these sorts of things can help him. >> from what i'm reading about what people are saying, how thirsty they are for somebody that's not outside the beltway. not having a romney or a bush might actually help. real quickly before i let you go, also in the headlines today, the donald trump is behind hillary clinton in digital voter data. that's not too surprising, because all along he has been criticized for not running a conventional campaign. those numbers about voters, how
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important is that? >> it's important. if this race is close. look at the polls, it's neck and neck. donald trump is a little bit ahead. hillary clinton is a little bit ahead. in a race like that, who has the better voter turnout operation, better digital and data analytics program can win. that's what a ground game is worth in a race with three points or less. donald trump has decided to out source this to the republican national committee. they're in a much better place than four years ago. they created something they did not have four years ago. it was never intended to be the presidential campaign. it was intended to be sort of the architecture and the foundational infrastructure for a presidential campaign and candidate that brought to the table their own organization and own ability and desire to listen to the data. and so what we're going to find out is whether or not trump's devaluing of modern campaign tactics works. if he runs away with the race it won't matter.
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if hillary clinton runs away with the race it won't matter. if it's close it could really matter. >> thank you very much. you may have seen this, too, this is making news now. maybe hillary clinton was watching donald trump detail his fund raising for veterans or her team at least. he called her out for not doing enough. and clinton has a reaction to it. we'll show you. hope she can multitask, because bernie sanders is in it to win it. how do you shake the bern? she might want to figure that out before california. stay with us. [ guitar playing ] ugh. heartburn. sorry ma'am. no burning here. try new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. they work fast and don't taste chalky. mmmm. incredible. looks tasty. you don't have heartburn. new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching.
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are you feeling kind of blue these days? maybe it's politics, according to a new poll, just 25% of democrats believe their party is responsive to ordinary voters. less than half of that for republicans. overall just 15% of americans say they have a great deal of confidence in the democrat party. just 4% say -- i should say 8% say the same about the gop. the pollsters say they did see signs of overwhelming interest in the presidential election, 13% of americans say they feel proud. we hate it but we can't stop talking about it. hillary clinton or her team did not like what donald trump said during his news conference. clinton's campaign has tweeted out video of trump criticizing
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john mccain because he was captured during the vietnam war. we have coverage of the left side of the political aisle. it is crunch time in california, the primary is one week from today. first let's go to jennifer griffin. trump went after clinton today. her response? >> well, harris, the clinton campaign hit back hard today. at what they see as trump's achilles heel as he held a press conference outlining the nearly $6 million his campaign has given to dozens of vets' groups since late last year's fundraiser. the clinton camps used a multipronged out reach. protesters outside trump tower criticizing his desire to privatize the va. and mocking his donations to vet groups which they say he did only after being questioned recently by a reporter asking where the money had gone. >> donald trump doesn't understand is that he can not buy the votes of veterans in this country. no matter how much he donates, he still is not standing for the
12:16 pm
values that veterans stand for here. >> the campaign hosted a national conference call with their own veterans representatives from key battle ground states. such as florida and in virginia. lieutenant governor ralph northum, a former army doctor attacked trump. this week donald trump is claiming that he'll fight for veterans but his record shows us he's only out to help one person, donald tru clinton campt a reminder that trump attacked senator john mccain for being a prisoner of war after trump said he likes people who weren't captured. today senator bob dole called for him to apologize. the clinton campaign added trump once begged the mayor of new york to boot disabled veterans who were street vendors on 5th avenue. this is the first day that gave us a case of what a trump general election might look like. >> one thing is for sure, i know
12:17 pm
i asked lieutenant colonel oliver north among solving the problems of vets. he said no matter who wins there will be a mutiny if they attack that first. mike emanuel following the sa sa sande sanders' campaign. going to make her feel the bern in california? >> well, harris, it appears he's trying to outwork hillary clinton in california. he's campaigning relentlessly without days off. sanders is investing anything in california hoping it leads to victory one week from tonight. on healthcare, sanders went after clinton saying basically that he would go further than clinton on that issue. >> clearly it has not gone far enough. how can we be satisfied when 28 million people in this country today have zero health insurance? how can we be satisfied when
12:18 pm
even more -- and that number is growing every day -- are underinsured. >> meanwhile, most of the country considers bernie sanders plenty liberal, last night here in california, an animal rights group looked to make a slash interrupting his event in oakland. they called for the liberation of animals. only here in california. secret service wrapped it up quickly. >> you and i have talked about this before. some members of the mainstream media have spent an inordiate amount of time gazing about the divide in the gop. it will be interesting to see if they cover the divide among the democrats. so what is clinton's strategy if she loses in california? my next guest talks about how to quiet bernie sanders. stay close.
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we're going to stay with the fight on the left side of politics. bernie sanders trying to pull off an upset in the biggest state up for grabs. hillary clinton tries to avoid being embarrassed. let's bring in the national political correspondent for "the washington post". he writes the post news letter called the daily 202. good to see you. >> great to see you. good to be with you. >> i just picked up the new monmouth university poll which shows me maybe why hillary clinton is leaving new jersey and going someplace else. it is squeaky close. what's going on with her? and what can she do in california at this point? >> she still could win. i think a surprise strong victory would help. i think a lot of national groups are trying to tip the balance because they see how close it is. the governor jerry brown
12:23 pm
endorsing her. but i do think there's a lot of liberal frustration and dissatisfaction at this point. i think a lot of people who are voting for bernie think hillary is going to be the nominee. not everyone. but they see it as a way to kind of express some frustration to kind of check a box that they of behind the general political revolution concept that sanders is talking about. but at this point, the reason hillary is going in and canceled events in new jersey they see it as a winnable race. this is a diverse state. the clinton campaign is doing a lot we don't see, you know, to try to get out the asian american vote. she's done very well among a lot of these minority communities in other big states. at the end of the day that could make the difference. california is an interesting state. there's a large liberal population along the coast that sanders has tapped into to.
12:24 pm
he's approached it like a senate candidate. he's been in california for eight days, all day, every day campaigning non-stop. going all over the state. it's a reflection of how much this is do or die for sanders. if he loses, even though he pledged not to drop out until the convention, there will be less buzz and energy. i think hillary even if she loses california, it's still technically on track to get the number of delegates she needs to clench the nomination next tuesday. >> you know, just a couple things for you. i'm curious to know what a real victory looks like. if it's really close does it hurt her at all? i understand she's got enough now if you just do the numbers, she'll get there with the nomination unless something happened we couldn't think of at this point. theop optics, talk to me about that. >> the reason clinton -- they had not planned on spending any money. they told us they weren't going to put any tv ads on the air. they changed their mind.
12:25 pm
i think there's no question that they recognize it would be really embarrassing to end the primary season with a thud. california is the country's largest state. it would be hard to talk about party unity in that period between june and july when the convention starts. it's hard to go to bernie people and say you should get on board. >> it's hard to do that anyway. because the polling has shown -- pretty consistent in the last few months -- that bernie supporters are not hillary clinton supporters. while they may not love what happen across the political aisle for their platform, some of them would like a donald trump over her. >> well, we'll see what happens when that sort -- that shakes out. when you look back at the polls, i think there are certainly, you know, some number of people -- i'm not sure what percentage of bernie supporters that is. it's probably smaller than the polls show because remember back in 2008, there were two times
12:26 pm
john mccain was ahead of barack obama in the polls. it was after he locked up the nomination when obama and hillary clinton were still going after it. after he picked sarah palin to be his vp. some of that is happening right now. republicans who told pollsters a month ago they wouldn't support trump now are. on the democratic side i think there are people who don't want to support hillary, don't love her. but once the choice is donald trump versus hillary clinton, they'll support hillary clinton is. >> we shall see. always good to see you. >> we shall. >> thank you for giving us the 401 with the 202. i don't know. i had to. see you. bernie sanders is turning to the nba's defending champions for a little inspiration perhaps to win some votes. sanders took in last night's deciding game seven of the western conference final. they weren't court side but had good seats. the warriors won after facing elimination, after the game sanders tweeted, last week golden state was down three
12:27 pm
games to one. tonight they finished off a great come back in california. i like come backs. clinton supporters would tell you the deficit sanders is facing much more than the warriors. he's no steph curry. more ahead on the potential road block for the hillary clinton campaign, her e-mail scandal. american forces wounded in the fight against the islamic state. even as the white house still says there are no u.s. troops on the front lines. also, police naming the suspect in the shooting rampage that injured police officers in texas. now the gunman's dad is linking the violence to his son's experience in battle. what's it like to be in good hands? like finding new ways to be taken care of. home, car, life insurance obviously, ohhh... but with added touches you can't get everywhere else,
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in houston was an afghanistan war veteran and may have suffered from ptsd. he killed one person on sunday and injured six others before a squad officer shot and killed him. people in flint michigan can shower using tap water, but should still use a filter for drinking and cooking. scientists say new test results say the water has gotten safer. you remember water supply was switched to the detroit system after high levels of lead turned up in the water. another nort korean missile launch has failed. an intermediate range missile exploded yesterday. it's the fourth failed launch in two months. news continues with harris faulkner right after this. try the superior hold...
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fixodent and forget it. create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite. pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends. jurors in illinois have found drew peterson guilty of trying to hire somebody to kill the prosecutor who helped put
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him behind bars. the former police officer is already serving 38 years for killing his third wife. she turned up dead in her bathtub in 2004. now he faces up to 60 additional years in prison. prosecutors say he asked a fellow inmate to find somebody to kill the state attorney james glasgow. the defense argued the inmate was a lying con man. when his fourth week turned up missing the prosecutor reopened the case. police have not charged anybody in stacy pe's appearance. the islamic state savages attacked two places oirver the weekend. the pentagon reports rocket or mortar fire injured them. and there are reports of a car
12:34 pm
bomb caused one of the injuries. the pentagon says both attacks happened as the men were on advise and assist missions away from the front lines. no word on how either of them is doing. meanwhile, iraqi forces are continuing the fight to take back fallujah from the islamic state savages. iraqi forces fired rockets into isis held pingspositions as the fought off a four hour attack. this comes one day after the iraqis entered the southern part of fallujah with help from u.s. led air strikes the city 40 miles east of baghdad was one of the first cities isis captured. aid workers are warning human catastrophes are looming. al with about 50,000 civilians trapped inside that city. is isis trying to stop these people from escaping? i'm hearing horror stories they're killing them as they try
12:35 pm
to leave. >> absolutely. in the most heinous ways possible. as we've seen before, using snipers, targeting men, women and children trying to escape. we're also hearing that isis militants death squads are going through the city and executing men and boys, even as young as 14, 15 that are refusing to fight with the organization. and of course, again as we've seen all too often using people as human shields. harris, your mentioned the looming human catastrophe. at this point an estimated 50,000 people remain trapped in the city in fallujah, cut off from food, water, necessary medical supplies. again, as mentioned on the verge of that human catastrophe. so far an estimated 750 families which is equivalent to roughly 3 3,000 people have managed to escape. right now, as mentioned the iraqi military has surrounded
12:36 pm
fallujah, entered the southern part of the city yesterday and the ground fighting remains vicious and fierce. it continues tonight. isis has been putting up a fight using booby traps, suicide bombers to try to repel the iraqi forces, they're closing in on the center of the city. >> all right. john, thank you very much. let's get some more clarity on what's happening on the ground by bringing in a former cia military analyst. she's a spokesperson for the counterextremist group. can you tell me a little bit about the desire for isis to keep people from leaving a city . >> they have held fallujah since 2014. we've seen the iraqi security forces are making progress. they have closed in and around the city. it's going to be a slow and steady move towards the center of fallujah. isis is going to do whatever it
12:37 pm
takes, they are using human shields. there's been report of the brutality from the families that have been able to flee. this is not just a military situation we have on our hands here. it is a humanitarian situation as well. >> we've seen them do this before. palmyra, that beautiful city in syria and we saw them do it in northern iraq. they tried to but the peshmerga were able to fend for their own people. you know as we move forward in this whole thing your organization is watching, keeping watch over this. can you tell me what's happening on the ground with isis? we get some reports from the white house that, you know, they're shrinking. then we see the damage they can do almost world wide putting out videos, hitting europe, threatening to hit us here. >> sure. the way i like to think about it is there's three areas, on terms of their progress on the ground. we're gaining territory. the offensives we're seeing around mosul and raqqah, that's part of the territorial fight. what my organization is very focused on is what's they're doing online.
12:38 pm
their recruitment and propaganda. this is how they're able to inspire people all over the world. the third front there's the law enforcement intelligence side at home inspired individuals that may or may not have direct ties to isis but are fighting or planning attacks on the homefront either domestically or abroad. that is one part of the equation. >> that makes sense. we see the threats online and hear about the intelligence here at home and we saw what happened in san bernardino. and so it is isn't just a situation where it's happening over there. this is what i want to ask you, too. are we seeing a situation where it's command and control where isis is telling people in the united states or else where, france, and belgium are these people affiliated in some way and feel motivated? >> we've seen a mix. some individuals that we've seen
12:39 pm
have been in contact with members of isis. some individuals on radar screens are the foreign fighters. this is particularly a problem in paris, brussels, large populations going to fight for certain a syria. there are individuals they may have had no contact who might be sympathetic to the message. there was a report of isis selling women sex slaves online. and unfortunately, the graphic images and message resonates with. >> women's groups can do a lot in the communication online. when you see how women in particularly those under the age of 18 are being targeted online with messaging, there's a real void and an opportunity for
12:40 pm
women's advocacy groups to step up and step into that void to keep those messages from reaching those young women. it's just a thought. thank you very much. good to see you. >> thank you for having me. judge andrew napolitano says the next step in the hillary clinton e-mail server investigation is an interrogation by the fbi. i'll ask the judge next. hillary clinton's campaign puts out a memo to supporters about the scandal. what he think gicize about to happen. ousands of people came out today to run the race for retirement. so we asked them... are you completely prepared for retirement? okay, mostly prepared? could you save 1% more of your income? it doesn't sound like much, but saving an additional 1% now, could make a big difference over time. i'm going to be even better about saving. you can do it, it helps in the long run. prudential bring your challenges
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hillary clinton's campaign chairman admits it was a mistake for her to use a private e-mail server as secretary of state. but he says he thinks voters can get past it. the question is, will the fbi get past it? john padesta sent out an e-mail to supporters, since last year secretary clinton has said her use of an e-mail server, personal was a mistake. he goes on the completion of the
12:44 pm
inspector general's examination gets us one step closer to resolving this. end quote. that report found clinton broke state department rules by using the private server. she never got permission to use it. her chairman told supporters, had secretary clinton known of concerns about her e-mail set up at the time she would have taken steps to address them. quote, we are confident voters will look at the full picture of everything she has done throughout her career. let's bring in judge andrew napolitano. fox senior judicial analyst. when they go into the polling booth do they get a syllabus? i think they're going to go on the last headline they saw. >> the statement you just quoted by the overall chair of the campaign marks the first time they have publicly acknowledged taking it seriously. that these e-mail problems could pose a serious danger to her campaign. could pose a serious danger to her personal freedom. it also marks a difference in
12:45 pm
tone. prior to this, mrs. clinton was mocking the fbi and mocking the inspector general. she's not doing that any longer. she is trying to say we take it seriously, we want it behind us. by the way, we didn't do anything different from colin po powell. that's a seriously mistake. it didn't carry any confidential secret or top secret material. >> the other difference i understood, too, we're talking about a personal e-mail account. in her case she had her own server in her house that nobody could physically get their hands on. what's the difference? >> she paid her former aide $5,000 to migrate two government accounts to her e-mail server. a public government account to which you are or i or anybody
12:46 pm
watching could have e-mailed her and a secret account which carried confidential secret and top secret materials. that migration of the secret account is most likely the act of espionage for which the fbi's investigating her. simply stated, the failure to safe guard national security secrets that have been entrusted, that is no where near what general powell did. general powell maybe two to three dozen, mrs. clinton, 66,000 e-mails, including 2,200 that were in that confidential secret or top secret category. >> that's what i call espionage. talk to me about going forward with the memos to supporters. are voters going to look at it in total which is padesta wants them to study up and know the whole case -- or do -- like most people, we take it based on what we knew last? she went before the fbi how did that go and you go into the
12:47 pm
voting booth. >> she refused to cooperate with the inspectorjourn general. the inspector general interviewed her three predecessor. neither mrs. clinton or her senior aides would talk to the inspector general. >> why do you think that is? >> because their lawyer said you have more problems with the fbi than the inspector general. that defies mrs. clinton's publicly stated remarks i can't wait to talk to government officials about this. >> government officials, could they include the president of the united states? could they call the president? could they subpoena him? >> i am fairly confident that some of those top secret e-mails that mrs. clinton sent and received came from and went back to the president. if he didn't know where they were going and if hare's not a witness in this case i don't know who else might be. this is about to come to an end. as soon as the new jersey and
12:48 pm
california primaries are over on tuesday she'll have her interview. she said she's looking forward to it. she can't be possibly be looking forward to it. >> how much pressure is on loretta lynch? >> a great deal of pressure from some of the most important professionals in the fbi to allow prosecutors present this evidence to the grand jury. >> you went to a chilling place. if president obama exchanged some of those top secrets -- and you're saying it's not that big of an if. i haven't seen the evidence. if that happened, would he be compelled to testify? would he have to be subpoenaed? that puts loretta lynch in a -- would you call it conflict of interest? >> another conflict, if he knows his e-mails are in there, can he participate in the decision whether or not this goes to the grand jury or should he step aside? >> is this where you thought
12:49 pm
we'd be right now? >> no. i didn't think we'd be here now. i thought that somehow this would go away. but the more bad news that comes out about hillary, the more serious this is. she hasn't had any good news on the e-mail front in the past eight months. it's a continuing cascade of bad legal news for her. her legal situation presently is grave. or worse than grave. and she's starting to take is seriously. >> you heard who may start to talk about it, bernie sanders is now saying everyone in the democratic party who is in a position of power including the superdelegates should take a look at what was in that ig's report. >> that's why john padesta issued that e-mail over the weekend. who did he send it to? her donors. the people that are funding her campaign. >> going places where we never thought we would. >> yes. >> thank you. >> you're welcome. flooding in parts of texas. it's horrible. and dangerous. the water is carrying snakes and debris into people's homes now. coming up, a live report from
12:50 pm
one of the hardest hit areas and why forecasters say there's little relief in sight. hello welcome to holiday inn. running our own business, we've been traveling a lot. a hotel looking to help small businesses succeed is incredible. thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. book your next journey at thank you. holiday inn is an extension of our team. from bank of america to buy a new gym bag. before earning 1% cash back everywhere, every time and 2% back at the grocery store. even before he got 3% back on gas. kenny used his bankamericard cash rewards credit card to join the wednesday night league. because he loves to play hoops. not jump through them.
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12:53 pm
'. dangerous flood waters in texas. look at rosenburg, outside houston. some drivers struggling to get through. others gave up and stopped. seven people died in flooding over the holiday weekend mostly between austin and houston. nearly 17 inches of rain fell in some places last week. crews have also rescued dozens of people. weather service meteorologists say they expect one river to crest at more than 53 feet today. that's three feet above its previous record, set in 1994. with more rain in the forecast for this week, the trouble in texas could be far from over.
12:54 pm
casey steagall is live in richland, texas. look behind you. wow. >> reporter: incredible complete neighborhoods are under water. look at this over here. it's up to cars, it's lapping up against homes. we have seen it up to street signs, people using boats and rafts to get around. they tell us this is historic, the people who live here. they say they have never seen it this high. the problem is the river is spilling out of its banks from all the rain that fell last week and over the weekend. the river typically floods at 45 feet and now it is at 54. residents here just can't get a break. >> i can see water in the pa pasture behind my house. >> i have been out of the house since friday. i will be probably be out at least a month or so. >> reporter: hundreds of people across this region are under
12:55 pm
mandatory evacuation orders right now as these flood waters continue to rise. harris? >> forecasters are saying relief is a little farther out. how much longer do these people have to wait? >> reporter: well, it is coming. try telling that to the people who have water in their homes. but i can tell you the sun is peeking its head out and that is a welcome sight here as things will eventually start to dry out. the river, also in the good news, is expected to crest today so it will start to recede gradually. but more storms as you said forecasted here on and off all week. meteorologists keeping a very close eye on the weather patterns because the last thing anyone needs here is more water. >> yeah. i'm watching that video you just showed with all the animals. that's the livelihood of so many people in that area. trying to save those animals is paramount, i would imagine. thank you. we'll be right back. ♪ ♪ (singing)
12:56 pm
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on this date in 1859, london's iconic big ben clock tower rang out for the first time. decades earlier a fire destroyed much of the british parliament headquarters. as part of the reconstruction officials decided to add a clock on top of the tower. two months after ben struck its first chimes, it cracked the bell inside. crews never fixed that crack but they switched to a lighter hammer. makes sense. it hit different parts of the bell. historians say the name big ben came from either a british official or boxing champion. they don't know which? either way, ben started helping londoners stay on schedule 157 years ago today. now let's take a look at something else that tells us what time it is. not long until this closes. what's happening with the dow? it's in negative territory right now. and consumer confidence index coming out today with some numbers that were weaker than expected. investors not too happy about it
1:00 pm
so they're kind of get that out there. we are losing ground as i speak. "your world today" now. attention, summer travelers. the state department today telling us u.s. citizens should be on guard for potential terror attacks all summer long if they're heading over to europe. welcome. i'm in for neil cavuto. tourist sites, restaurant shops, buses, trains, all potential targets as they were in brussels and paris. we begin with doug mcelway on what has officials so concerned. >> reporter: this travel alert appears unusual in that it is very broad, encompassing the entirety of europe. it reads in part quoting now, the large number of tourts