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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  May 31, 2016 1:00pm-2:01pm PDT

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investors not too happy about it so they're kind of get that out there. we are losing ground as i speak. "your world today" now. attention, summer travelers. the state department today telling us u.s. citizens should be on guard for potential terror attacks all summer long if they're heading over to europe. welcome. i'm in for neil cavuto. tourist sites, restaurant shops, buses, trains, all potential targets as they were in brussels and paris. we begin with doug mcelway on what has officials so concerned. >> reporter: this travel alert appears unusual in that it is very broad, encompassing the entirety of europe. it reads in part quoting now, the large number of tourists
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visiting europe in the summer months will present greater targets for terrorists planning attacks in public locations, especially at large events. the alert notes that europe will host the european soccer championship from june 10 through july 10 in many cities and venues. it will host also the catholic church's world youth day in krakow between july 26 and july 31st. 2.5 million visitors are expected to attend that. the alert cautions that the local polish infrastructure will be challenged with such a huge crowd. despite poland's plan to impose border controls at all crossings. state department spokesman john kirby said there is no specific threat which led to today's travel alert. he tried to tamp down any alarmism about it. >> we issue alerts all the time that aren't based on specific credible attacks. i think we would and should come under a greater scrutiny if we had not issued a travel alert as the summer begins there in europe. we absolutely don't want to discourage travel or tourism to europe. the secretary has said himself
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even in the wake of the brussels attacks, he would want and would hope that americans continue to travel abroad to see the great sights of the world, to attend these kinds of events. we just want them to be aware and to be vigilant. >> reporter: he added this is a renewal of earlier alerts. this new one ends august 31st. back to you. >> doug, thanks. you see something like this and ask yourself how real is this particular terror threat. i think a lot of us start to say what do they know that we don't. what caused this, why now. what does the former fbi investigator bill daly and morgan ortagas, you are just back from europe. would you be reluctant to go back again? >> no. i don't think we should ever let the terrorists win. clearly there's threats but as americans, we are strong and brave and we should be. i think we also have to be cognizant in our travel plans that europe is not the continent it was ten years ago when we
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were traveling there. i just returned and i was proudly in my memorial day weekend spending time at normandy and i think it's ever more important to look at the fight that we have going on against isis and these radicalized individuals in europe and how we deal with that threat. >> what about when we do deal with it, we are dealing with something quite specific here in terms of the, as doug went through, soccer championships, for example, which are very popular. i'm sure some americans are planning on going over there to watch soccer, to go to the tour de france or even for catholic youth day. when you know and you are planning to go to one of those events, how should you change or adjust your planning? >> i wouldn't necessarily change your plans. i have had relatives traveling to europe say what should we do. mine is to say listen, be aware of your surroundings. you need to take personal responsibility when you travel, particularly to a foreign country. >> that's true anywhere you go. it's true here, by the way. >> but in this case you need to be especially aware of what to
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do in the event that something happens. i think the preparation beforehand -- >> such as? >> such as thing, make sure you have copies of your important documents, passport, maybe credit cards, back in the hotel safe or in a different location. in the mayhem that may ensue if you need to get out of a location or if it's stolen, you can easily have it replaced. the other thing is communicate. make sure you have a communications plan. don't rely on the cell system. >> they go down, right? >> they could be overwhelmed by people trying to make calls or send messages or the government could take it down temporarily. be available to use the pay phones in the country or other telephones, know how to do that. you want to tell your relatives that you're safe. >> most of us don't even know where pay phones are anymore even in our own city. i wouldn't even know where to look. you have to make preparations i guess. i think somebody as your background it's easy to think that way. for a normal person, i don't know that they think that way. do you think that way what you travel now, i have to be prepared if something happens? >> no, i'm lucky to get my flight on time at the airport.
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>> lot of us aren't ready for it. >> i think when we look at this threat the state department issued, it's very wide, it covers all of europe, it covers the whole summer. i don't know how one would actually individually prepare for that. but what does this boil down to from a public policy perspective? we have civil wars in libya and syria, and these open and porous borders, fighters are finding their way into europe and clearly we saw attacks in paris and brussels. really, this comes to us holding our leaders accountable to work with the europeans and with our allies to help have a security infrastructure that keeps not only americans safe but -- >> by the way, from the state department's point of view, for them to tell us this, this is what they know, they pass it along? >> they must have enough chatter from our intelligence community and other intelligence communities that there's
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it's tough to know. >> here, it's certainly on the heels of the attacks that took place in paris and brussels. also, they are well aware of the fact you have fighters coming back from syria and other places, isis fighters. you have more of these people coming back into europe. people never knew they left to begin with. now they are coming back, particularly in major cities as we have seen where they are being protected by their communities and are able to carry out these attacks. more and more, they are concerned about this. concerned about increased multi-national attacks against isis and the reaction to that. so there are a number of things they are keen on. maybe they don't have specifics but you know what? there's enough of the general
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information to tell people be forewarned. >> now we know. from both of your perspectives, keep your summer plans but be more vigilant. thanks. we appreciate it. what impact could all this have in terms of the presidential race, the terror threat? the senior political reporter for "usa today" joins us now. you know, it would seem to make sense that the mention of terrorism and just looking at the polling numbers at all, whether terror threats or terror attacks, is a plus for donald trump. isn't that what the numbers have shown us? >> the numbers have consistently shown us that and of course, this is just a reminder of whether it's happening in europe or here, that we don't want that situation happening, coming to our own shores. you don't even have to be traveling to europe for this to affect you. yes, donald trump does consistently have the advantage when it comes to terrorism. the challenge for hillary clinton is how does she try to turn that around on him in the next several months.
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that's why you see this focus, this overarching theme of going after him and questioning his fitness as commander in chief directly going after him on that issue. >> seems like every time -- >> loose cannon, citing that he would be okay with other countries proliferating nuclear weapons like saudi arabia, that maybe we should pull out of nato. kind of going back to that. but as well, attacking him on just the temperament argument which is really separate from substance but that's where the loose cannon argument comes in. you have heard this and you will hear it again, is this someone you want to have his finger on the nuclear codes. it's a two-track of hitting him but she's up against both the institutional preference by u.s. voters of republicans which we have seen on national security matters, for example, the re-election of george bush as well as a number of the midterm elections when terrorism was a major concern or was vying with
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the economy as a major concern, there's a preference for republicans plus donald trump is coming at this a different way. he's saying that he would be less interventionalist and questioning clinton on her judgment for going in there in the first place. >> it is kind of interesting, the experienced candidate, hillary clinton, former secretary of state, experience in dealing with the military for years and years, she's on that end attacking donald trump. she's saying he's not fit to be president. i'm not sure how much of this is sticking because to go back to our conversation, if you poll people and ask who do you trust on terrorism, in particular, which is what we are talking about here, they go to trump. at least they did in the primaries when he was running against other rps. he polls pretty well against her as well, right? >> he does. i think she's hoping there is some kernel if you want to dive deep into the poll numbers, some hope for optimism for her because for example, if you ask the question a slightly different way, who do you prefer to handle an international crisis, she wins.
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so she's hoping that by opening up that two-front war on donald trump, that she will be able to convince people. for example, here's a recent example. we don't know the answer to this yet, but right after the egyptair crash, donald trump tweeted out terrorism. we don't have the answers to that yet. if it is terrorism which all of us are probably guessing that it is, then he's okay, he looks smart. if it's not terrorism, it perhaps fuels that narrative she's trying to create that he's reactionary and not to be trusted in making these judgments. >> because he tweeted that that morning. >> that's right. within hours. >> heidi, thanks. good stuff. now, let's go to wall street for a moment. stocks did take a hit today. we had stronger than expected news on the economy but sometimes you get that. the problem is it sparks fears that the federal reserve could raise interest rates. now they are looking for a june interest rate hike. overall, for the month of may as we wrap it up, not too shabby for the stock market. the s & p 500, broader measure
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than the dow, and the nasdaq, the tech stocks posted the best gains. the nasdaq up more than 3.5% for the month. disney, you want to look at individ was a downer for the dow today. disney down by more than 1%. "alice through the looking glass," this johnny depp movie, i don't know if you saw these numbers but it brought in $34 million over the four day memorial day weekend as it opened up. now, that compares with $116 million for the original "alice in' would wonderland." not a good weekend. trump, meantime, taking heat for taking on the media. what a news conference today. should he be? >> he's a sleaze. you're a sleaze. you know the facts and you know the facts well. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar. januvia (sitagliptin) is a once-daily pill that, along with diet and exercise, helps lower blood sugar.
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i'm not looking for credit. but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have
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people say like this sleazy guy right over here from abc, he's a sleaze, in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> all right. went well, right? donald trump today with quite the news conference. things got intense with the members of the gathered media there at trump tower. he was talking about the money he's been raising for veterans groups. we will talk some about it right now. talk radio host and trump supporter gina lowery joins us. what do you think? needs to act a little more presidential? is that your view on this? >> mine? yes. yes. i would like to see that. i doubt that i'm going to but it would be welcome. this press conference was astounding. if you are going to agree with me, go ahead. >> it was a donald trump press conference. i would say, though, i don't know what gina thinks, it's a win/win in some ways for trump just from a political point of
1:16 pm
view. he can come out, bash the media and talk about the money that he raised for the veterans groups so he wins on one count and given how popular we are in the media, he probably wins on the other count, too, doesn't he? >> he does. because the public distrusts the media as you know. this is why shows like this one have been so successful because you do give both sides. he's coming out saying they are not telling you the whole story. i'm going to put it right back on them and the american public eats this up. but he hasn't even gotten started yet. imagine the moment he starts comparing the things the clinton foundation has done to his charitable acts and things like bill clinton writing off his underwear, remember that story? he hasn't even gotten started on hillary clinton and the clinton foundation yet. this is going to get good. >> but jessica, he basically can come out and say now for all you that ask me questions and that's basically what the reporter, to defend the media for a moment, that's what they are doing --
1:17 pm
>> their job. they are doing their job. >> we didn't know where the money was, we didn't know what had happened, we were saying where is it. now that that's in the rear view mirror, trump can come out and say not only is the media, were you guys wrong to ask that but i have delivered, i have given you the money. i gave $1 million of my own money. he looks pretty good, to be fair, doesn't he? >> i don't know. i have been reading a lot of coverage and maybe i have only been reading left wing media reports that i love so dearly but it doesn't look like a positive report for anyone, really. going after jim acosta and the abc reporter is just not how you behave. most people on both sides of the aisle don't want to see four years of a donald trump presidency where he's hurling insults. >> that's so unfair. >> really? do you think sleaze is a fair thing to call someone who just asked a question? i would also ask -- >> do you think it's fair that they don't report the whole story? do you think it's fair they are not asking questions about the clinton foundation? >> they are.
1:18 pm
nonstop. >> 80% of the money they keep? bill clinton's underwear? why don't they ask those questions? >> listen, i don't know a lot about bill clinton's underwear. i can tell you we have been talking nonstop about the clinton foundation donations. it's nonstop. there's been wall-to-wall coverage on this. donald trump talks about hillary clinton's goldman sachs speeches saying i want to see the transcrip transcripts. reporters ask them to prove the donation and suddenly they're sleaze and slime here? be fair here. >> the clintons have done nothing. >> it's one of the more humorous moments, it wasn't really intended to be, but one of the reporters asked is this what we can expect from news conferences if you are elected president. trump said yeah, basically it is. this is what you can expect. >> enjoy it, guys. because what you see is what you get. right? jessica, this is my question. how much of the clintons given
1:19 pm
to veterans? >> right. that's where the clinton campaign as far as we know has not given a donation like this or clinton foundation to veteran groups would be the trump argument. you say what, jessica? >> i say i don't have the figures on the veterans donations but we know the clinton foundation has given millions and millions of dollars to other causes. listen, i'm all for giving to veterans. i think it's incredibly important. i'm glad donald trump made good on his promise to do this. i would say, though, even going back to february, i believe the fund-raiser was in january. by february the weekly standard reached out to the campaign and said who is the money going to and corey lewandowski said you find out, you call places, you find out. they went ahead and did that and they weren't getting answers. this has taken months to come to fruition. >> today we got the answer from trump. >> finally. >> right. the sleaze and this and that. >> yeah. >> thanks to both of you. appreciate it. there has been a controversy really raging here the last few
1:20 pm
days. i'm sure you have all seen or heard about this story, the boy that slipped into the gorilla enclosure. the animal shot dead. police investigation under way. many blaming the zoo. others blaming the parents. that's next. at red lobster's create your own seafood trios you can try something new with every bite. pick 3 of 9 all-new creations for $15.99. like baked lobster alfredo chimichurri shrimp and crab cakes bursting with crab meat. just hurry in before it ends.
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to cincinnati now where police are investigating and looking at the possibility of criminal charges linked to that gorilla being killed at the zoo over the weekend. what's the latest, mike? >> reporter: well, lot of criticism is being directed at the cincinnati zoo and botanical garden. the most recent criticism coming from a group called stop animal exploitation. their criticism is that the
1:24 pm
encloseure was not add quitly constructed because it failed to keep the little kid out. >> what happened this last weekend made it very clear the physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the enclosures. >> reporter: the director of the zoo said it exceeded protocols but has been primarily defending the decision to kill the 17-year-old silverback gorilla, pointing out that the animal is strong enough to crush a coconut. in this case he had a little boy and was becoming agitated. a quick response team at the zoo drills regularly for emergencies such as this one. they lured two females away with a special call. ultimately the decision was made to kill the big gorilla. >> you can't take a risk with a silverback gorilla. they are very big. three times bigger than a man, six times stronger than that. this is a dangerous animal. >> reporter: as activists and others gathered for a memorial, much of the anger is directed at the mother. to get into the enclosure the
1:25 pm
little boy had to take some time. he scaled the first barrier, made his way through some bushes and a final fence before dropping down into the moat. the family issued a brief statement thanking the staff at the cincinnati zoo and acknowledging the difficulty in their decision to kill the gorilla. the little boy did have injuries mostly from getting thrashed around. looks like he's going to be okay. >> mike, thanks. with the police in cincinnati investigating the possibility of criminal charges involving the child falling into that gorilla enclosure, we have the question should charges be brought? an attorney says no, no charges should be brought at all but another attorney says maybe we should have some charges. could you make that case, misty, there should be charges and if so, they go against the zoo? >> absolutely. the department of agriculture enforces the animal welfare act. under that act, there are certain requirements that have to be fulfilled. one of those requirements is to
1:26 pm
ensure the safety of the barricades. now, that's not just to protect patrons. it's also to protect the animals and keep us out of a situation like this. to the extent that they didn't follow proper safety procedures -- >> assuming the barricades were all good. >> absolutely. the other experts are saying there should have been a second barricade in the pen so if somebody breached the first railing, they would be stopped from actually getting near the animal. >> that does open you up if not to charges to some sort of lawsuit. what do you think? >> i don't think at this stage there's enough information to say there will be charges filed but it is clear that that barrier was not adequate. however, did it rise to the level of being negligent? >> what is that level? legally? >> the end of the day they had gotten inspected by the department of agriculture and they said these barriers met federal regulation. so if in fact they did meet federal regulation there should not be an issue as to the negligence. now, the question arises well, is the federal regulation adequate.
1:27 pm
and that may be the question now. not that there should be criminal charges or that they are negligent. >> in a negligence case it's basically about foreseeable risks. is it foreseeable that a child might try to get near the animals and did the zoo take reasonable precautions? i totally agree, if they are up to regulation, up to par, then the zoo has a great case. >> we are all talking about the zoo. i think, mike brought this up a little, there are a lot of questions people have about the role of the parents or the mother in this case. speaking of negligence -- >> certainly they are looking at her actions but we know when we watch young children, you can turn your head for a minute and something can happen. so -- >> what's my legal responsibility as a parent? >> it's interesting here, because it's the animal that was killed and the child that was injured, the scrutiny will be a little different at this point in time, whether or not there's going to be any liability assessed to the mom. the end of the day it's a very hard thing to argue that mom did anything wrong by turning her head and the child going into
1:28 pm
the enclosure. >> you have to have, this is a child endangerment statute. ohio has a misdemeanor charge that maybe depending on the circumstances, but with criminal cases, there has to be a culpability level that rises to a reckless standard. >> if the child, to that point, was hurt severely or god forbid was killed we would be having a different conversation. >> really from a public policy standard, from people looking into it saying hey, wait a minute, what went wrong here. >> i understand that. not from a legal standpoint, there wouldn't be -- >> there absolutely would be. we would be talking about felony child endangerment charges potentially while the standards are still the same, for serious physical injury we would have a lot more push to get criminal charges. right now, this is really a reaction from animal activists and the police will do everything to just make sure all the loops are closed and everything is addressed. >> it ends most likely with no charges. >> that's the likelihood.
1:29 pm
>> thank you both. hillary clinton focusing on bernie sanders as the race heats up for the state of california. should she be more focused on who is catching up nationally? everything you're good at now, you were once... pretty bad at. it's the same for credit. even if you're not good at it now, that's okay. isn't just a score. it's a skill. experian. be better at credit.
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how are protesters getting so close to the presidential candidates plus donald trump's slamming talk of a third party candidate. back in 60 seconds. looking for balance in your digestive system?
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'. now we can talk about california. the primary there is only a week away and for hillary clinton, it's not necessarily a lock. it's really been fascinating to watch this. mike emanuel is watching it in santa cruz and joins us. what's the latest? >> reporter: well, yeah, california governor jerry brown today praised bernie sanders, but ended up endorsing hillary clinton. governor brown saying he's endorsing clinton because she has more votes, more delegates and he called her lead insurmountable. bernie sanders says he's not surprised by the endorsement, noting he's had to take on the democratic establishment in every state. sanders telling all who will listen he still intends to win the golden state. >> this is also as it happens one of the most progressive states in this country. we are going to campaign hard. we will end up talking to over 200,000 californians and i think we got a real good shot to win here, perhaps win big. >> reporter: as for the likely
1:34 pm
general election matchup, the real clear politics average of recent polls has clinton leading donald trump by one percentage point, 43.8% to 42.8%. back here in california, hillary clinton is expected to return to campaign here thursday through monday. her campaign keeps telling us she does not need to win the golden state but it's clear she does not want bernie sanders going out saying he has the momentum after winning the most populous and very blue state of california. we are expecting bernie sanders any moment and he's hikely to get a rock star welcome. >> sure sounds that way. thanks very much. we talk about bernie sanders closing in on hillary clinton but do you see who's closing in on sanders? how about these protesters rushing the stage over the weekend at a rally in oakland. not the first time we have seen something like this happen on the campaign trail this season. we remember when protesters rushed the stage at the donald trump event. look at this. remember this?
1:35 pm
out in ohio? he was at the airport hangar in ohio. let's bring in a former secret service agent on whether anything can be done to stop the close calls or whether we are going to see more and more of this. what do you think? >> yeah, unfortunately we will see more of this. where are people learning to storm the stage as some kind of protest tactic? they are learning it sadly on college campuses where this happens all the time and little is done about it. sadly, we are watching in live time an evaporation of respect for the first amendment. the right to protest is as american as apple pie. the right to shut down the free speech of others, whether it be bernie sanders or donald trump, there's nothing democratic or american about that at all. it's really sad to watch this unfold in live time. the people doing this have no respect for process. >> talk about the secret service and their role in all of this. i was in the san francisco area right outside of the san francisco airport at the donald trump event, it was the california gop convention, when things turned ugly with
1:36 pm
protesters. i know from speaking to some of the law enforcement there and the agents, they were not happy with how it turned out that trump couldn't even drive into the event. he had to walk in and just climb down that concrete embankment. now we see this with sanders. could the secret service do anything different than they have been doing? tough situation they're put in here on a campaign, especially one like this. >> oh, absolutely. this is a secret service agent's worst nightmare that's unfolding in this election season. i can tell you that from having done it for 12 years of my life. what can they do? they are limited. i'll tell you why. the secret service does not screen for protesters. unlike the protesters who want to shut down free speech, the secret service does not do that. we are still officers of the united states of america and have to abide by the constitution. they screen for threats. there's a difference. we are not allowed to do that. the staff, this is the second point, the staff, whether the sanders or trump staff, these are private events. they are the ones renting the hotel space. these are not public events even
1:37 pm
though they invite the public. they can ask protesters to leave but unless you present a threat, sadly, there's very little the secret service can do. >> what about your relationship with the candidate or the person you are protecting? what are those conversations like? do you say sir, you know, i don't think so today, i just don't feel right about this or -- and how do those conversations normally go? it depends i'm sure on who it is but i'm sure they can be resistant at times, right? >> surprisingly most of the protectees we have are very compliant. let me just say it this way. these conversations happen so infrequently that when you are going up to barack obama, george w. bush or donald trump saying sir, we have a serious problem, we are going to have to cross a fence, they know something's wrong. these aren't the kind of conversations that happen every day. they are usually very compliant. i have never been on the delivering end of one of those speeches where someone resisted. >> i know, i said san francisco is an example, there have been tough spots already for them. dan, thanks. getting back to the economy,
1:38 pm
we were talking about the stock market. is an interest rate hike from the federal reserve imminent at this point? and is that why wall street may be getting a little nervous? i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, . . . you may know it only covers about 80%
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open & secure. because no one knows & like at&t. time to talk about the economy. we found out today consumer spending is surging. home prices are spiking. that has investors worried, naturally, that a federal reserve interest rate increase could be coming, maybe in a couple weeks. the dow was down today 86. should you be worrying? we have a market watcher, a panel set up. lindsey and gary and scott are with us. good to see everybody involved. i must begin with lindsey. what to we think? i don't know, the kind of roundtables where we all give our opinion on whether the fed hikes interest rates is about as interesting as i don't know what, but should we be worried i guess would be the way of asking it, if the fed hikes interest rates, that's going to mess up everything for the market or
1:42 pm
what? >> well, i think it's a very big concern at this point because we have to look at the threshold the fed is using to base their decision on whether or not to raise rates for a second time. for the fed, they are just looking for moderate. they're not looking for solid, they're not looking for strong, they're not looking for robust. they are just looking for a moderate economy. my fear would be that the fed does continue to raise rates with the data showing a bit of momentum after a slow start out of the gate early on in 2016. >> if we are just looking for so-so, basically, not looking for something that's great. gary, i'm certainly no economist but i would say this economy is at least okay, right? >> i'll give it an okay but look -- >> you are barely going with that. >> i have been a big believer that for years, the economy and markets are working off of trillions of dollars of printed
1:43 pm
money, 0% rates as well as negative rates and actual countries buying up their markets to keep them up. i'm not so sure markets going to continue to react to that type of stuff. look, we are 59-1 the last 60 meetings on predicting they are not going to raise rates. i don't think they are. if you realize yellen on friday said in the months ahead, not june, so i'm going to say no. just remember, it's an election year. yeah, we had a month where the statistics looked pretty good. last month, statistics stunk. i'm thinking she's going to stand pat. >> seems amazing, almost sounds like gary is suggesting the federal reserve takes politics into account. i didn't think that was supposed to happen. >> or they might get something wrong, too. that's really the scary thing, you guys. i got to disagree with both of you, because i think the economy stinks. i don't think it's any good. i'm telling you. because i think you got gdp that can't grow over 1%, a labor force participation rate is up
1:44 pm
but virtually multi-decades low. wage growth is 2.5% year over year. there's no growth in this economy that would suggest a fed hiking rates. that's what i think you are seeing here. >> i agree, no, the economy does not justify a rate increase. but the question was will the fed raise rates. the fed right now has blinders on. they are not focused on the fact the economy is subpar. they are focused on the fact we have moderate growth with an expectation that we will continue to see improvement despite the fact the fed's forecast has been inaccurate for the past six plus years. >> totally. >> the question is will the fed continue to raise rates. i think they will even though they shouldn't. >> go ahead. >> if they raise rates, they are going to be at a half percentage point. it's still the easiest monetary policy in history while europe is printing a trillion a year, japan is printing a trillion a year. i'm just waiting for albania to start printing so there's plenty of easing to go around the globe.
1:45 pm
it wouldn't be a biggy no matter what. >> who's worried about, i was talking to bob schillor earlier, the housing guy. he seems worried about some bubbles again, especially out west, in some of the housing markets. to what extent are you guys worried about something like that, going down the road we just came out of? are you, scott, at all, about housing being an issue again? i know we are talking about slow growth in the economy but he was talking about fast growth in the housing market. >> yeah. there has been. for many of you, your house is your largest asset. it's recovering because of the low interest rate policies stipulated by the federal reserve. not because of economic growth. which means it's kind of unnatural. what scares me, once these rate hikes kick in, yes, it would only be up to half a point but then what comes after that? three quarters of a point and on forward? you will cut off one of the biggest growth engines of anything this economy's had because the fed's going to start hiking rates. i think it's a mistake. >> there you go. everybody's weighed in. we will wrap it up there. good to see you all. donald trump blasting some
1:46 pm
of the new calls for an independent candidate from a conservative voice. bret baier breaks it down for us next. sfx: climbing sounds duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones because you can't beat zero heartburn! i take prilosec otc each morning for my frequent heartburn ahhh the sweet taste of victory! prilosec otc. one pill each morning. 24 hours. zero heartburn.
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i don't think he has anybody because now he's saying well, it will come some day, it will come, in the future. well, if you read his tweet, his tweet was almost like it's imminent, like it's going to be announced this morning. then all of a sudden he announced maybe not so fast. who would do it? look, it's a guaranteed loss. you can't even get on in texas now because they missed their deadline. now they are missing other deadlines and all he's doing is i guess trying to get publicity for his failing magazine, i imagine. >> that is a sneak peek of
1:50 pm
donald trump's appearance on hannity 10:00 p.m. eastern on fox news. and trump responding, if you hadn't figured it out by now, to bill kristol's plan to find a third party presidential candidate to run this year. bret baier joins us, the host of "special report." this year. bret baier joins us now. >> bill kristol in the past has said he has said things to be provocative and to stir up conventional wisdom and whether that tweet was really looking about trolling those looking for an independent candidate or not, we'll have to find out. so far, there isn't this mystery figure. a lot of people have talk about mitt romney, ben sass from nebraska, tom coburn from oklahoma, but none of those people have said i'm in and that is the issue here. donald trump is right.
1:51 pm
you've already passed may 9th getting on the general election ballot in texas. that required 80,000 signatures. there are other ballot deadlines coming up in the next few days here in early june, and you start running out of road if you can't get on big states in the general election. >> now, from a practical point of view if this mystery person does appear and bill kristol does have somebody and they run as a third party candidate, what is stopping clinton and trump to getting 270 and getting the election in the house? what's the goal? do you know? >> that is the imaginary goal that you prevent hillary clinton from getting to 270, the electoral votes needed and you prevent donald trump from getting to that number and you get enough states and electoral votes to prevent that and then the election as you just
1:52 pm
mentioned gets thrown to the house of representatives and then republicans who are elected decide who the next president is and they don't have to actually choose from the people running currently which is a part of the -- >> follow along with this logic if it makes any sense, it's speculative, does that mean more likely it would had look at somebody in the congress or former member of the congress, we're getting ahead of ourselves? is that the type of person they would look at? >> maybe. it is really far-fetched. if it's mitt romney. a recent poll at him at 22%. can he win other states he didn't win against barack obama and against hillary clinton because of her high negatives? maybe. would he take more from donald trump than hillary clinton? probably and would the result likely be that the election
1:53 pm
would not go republican and go instead hillary clinton. that's what most people look at. i don't think there's this person. while a lot of people answer polls saying they want this third party as an option, when you put a person behind it, the numbers aren't there. >> so if we -- just before i let you go, bret, we're mentioning whether there's a real person out there. it remain to be seen if kristol puts someone forward. we do have gary johnson running as a libertarian candidate. in this particular case, this poll, 5%, in the state of new jersey, and some other polls nationally showing him larger. maybe the spoiler is already out there if you only need, the ralph nader rule, a few votes in each state. >> gary johnson when he was added to the head-to-head to
1:54 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton, he got 10%. you need 15% to get in the debates. they are knocking on that door. massachusetts governor william weld and that could change the equation if there are dissatisfied voters and it could swing the election one way or the other. >> it's good to see you. bret baier. "usa today" declaring hillary clinton broke the rules and now our own kathryn harridge is next. that's great! and the holiday inn has really been that. holiday inn has been a part of the team. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. i really think small business is tough. it's better to have friends out there. you have a great day. appreciate it. it makes life on the road much easier. now members get more savings
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1:58 pm
aide sheryl mills during a five-hour deposition late last week in washington repeatedly objected to questions about brian pagliano's role. according to a transcript released by judicial watch, they objected to the line of questioning about pagliano's. i'm going to instruct her not to answer. it's a legal question. when asked whether pagliano made a deal for immunity. this pattern of repeated objections was seen throughout the deposition by the 7 lawyers for mills, clinton's one time chief of staff, including four attorneys and as well as mills' personal representative.
1:59 pm
josh earnest referred all email questions to clinton's team. >> they can discuss the decisions she made as secretary of state as she relate to her use of email. the focus of the white house has been on the institutional questions has been raised about the way in which the state department manages its records and manages its email system. >> the clinton's team response appears to be shifting with a new memo from her campaign chief of staff emphasizing they put the emails behind them and that clinton acknowledges she made a mistake and if she had a do over she would not use a personal service. to wrap things on your world today, point out i'll be in for neil over at the fox business network tomorrow cavuto coast-to-coast at noon eastern time. and this man, mitch mcconnell will be on coast co-toast.
2:00 pm
he's been in the news lately. we will talk to him about a number of different topics. we thank you for joining us on your world today. the five starts right now. >> hello, everyone. i'm eric bolling along with kimberly guilfoyle, juan williams, dana perino and greg gutfeld and this right here "the five" in new york city. this is the five. 5:00. ♪ ♪ new developments in the story everyone was talking about over the memorial day weekend, the fatal shooting of a rare gorilla at the cincinnati zoo after a four-year-old fell into its enclosure. the zoo stands by its decision to kill the gorilla to protect the little boy. >> naturally we did not take the shooting of the gorilla lightly but that child's life was in


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