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tv   The Kelly File  FOX News  June 1, 2016 1:00am-2:01am PDT

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five." >> are you angry? donald trump goes to war against the media while depending his actions toward military veterans. this is "special report". welcome to washington, i'm bret baier. trump isn't making any friends and doesn't care. he turned a statement for veterans related charities into a full-scale assault on people who bring you the news and cover his campaign. it was as many experts looked at it vintage trump at his insulting and uncompromising best. however, he did make some points about raising money for veterans. chief political correspondent
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karl cameron was there. >> let me tell you, these people are losers. >> reporter: in a combative news conference, donald trump attacked the press face to face for questions about his promise to raise money for veterans groups more than four months ago. today he announced having raised $5.6 million and completed donations to more than 40 different veteran organizations over the last two weeks. >> on behalf of the vets, the press should be ashamed of themselves. these are sleaze. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and know them well. >> reporter: trump faced questions on how much he was going to donate. and because the recipients needed to be vetted and wanted to keep a low profile to focus on veterans and not himself. though the press conference today was 200 reporters at trump tower. >> the money has been sent. if we could, i wanted to ke private because i don't think it is anybody's business if i want to send money to the vets. if the press writes false stories like they did where i wanted to keep a low profile, i
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didn't want the credit of raising the money for the vets, i wasn't looking for the credit. >> reporter: trump denounces the questions from the press as criticism and says fellow republicans suggest to "the washington post" that trump has to stop attacking republicans lest he hurt republicans running this fall for congress or any other office. >> if i have a republican that is not on my side, i'm not going to -- why should i be particularly nice to that person? >> reporter: the clinton campaign and the democratic party launched a multi-front attack right outside trump tower today. trump could literally see it from the podium. >> donald trump accused all of us from being here because of hillary clinton. one thing i want to be very clear, i'm one of the main organizers of this action that is unequivocally false. donald trump is trying to discredit veterans because we're not being convenient props in his narrative of bigotry and of
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hate. >> reporter: back inside a new hampshire veteran for trump threw that right back at the left. >> you got a guy outside, mccoy, go do a google search on his facebook. he's out there, his picture is with clinton. they are using veterans as political pawns and it must stop. >> reporter: as if this could be an indication of what his white house would be like, trump said probably. he's not going to change and will be who he is. the search from someone republican trump critics for an independent candidacy does continue. bill kristal of "the weekly standard" today published in this week's edition that he's still looking at the possibility of a choice, a gentleman by the name of david french, a writer for the conservative national review magazine who is said to be willing to consider it. not a lot of money, certainly not a lot of organization and not a lot of name recognition, but somebody who is willing to run as a third-party independent candidate to oppose both trump and clinton, the idea being that
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if the independent candidate could deny them enough electoral college votes, ultimately the selection of the president could be left to congress and someone other than trump or hillary might be able to win. a long shot at best, bret. >> just a long shot and just coming in about french, he's talking with lots of people, donors, strategists, but in the mode of planning for, not just considering it, we'll see where that goes. karl cameron outside trump tower, thank you. hillary clinton is picking up what may be a helpful endorsement tonight. california governor jerry brown says clinton has the best shot to stop donald trump. this comes one week before a california primary against bernie sanders that clinton needs more for momentum and face saving than for actual delegates. jennifer griffin looks at the democrats tonight. >> reporter: democratic candidate bernie sanders continued to barnstorm across california, a day after making a high-profile appearance at the nba western conference finals seated among the golden state
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warriors and remarking that the team pulled from behind when he arrived for the second half. >> they turned it around, that is what our campaign is going to do. a very good omen for our campaign. i believe we have an excellent chance to win here in california. and i believe that we have the chance perhaps to win big. >> reporter: hillary clinton is feeling the bern, attending two fund-raisers tonight in new york and new jersey and cutting short appearances in new jersey later this week to jet out to california where a recent poll shows she is neck-and-neck with sanders. today she received a key endorsement from california democratic governor jerry brown who said she is the only who you know can, quote, stop the dangerous candidacy of donald trump. the clinton campaign expects to cross the finish line in terms of delegates needed to secure the democratic nomination in new jersey next tuesday. the same day voters go to the polls in california where 475 delegates are up for grabs.
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gearing up for the general election, her campaign chairman john podesta sent a memo to her leading supporters calling her use of a private e-mail server a mistake and downplaying last week's state department inspector general report. quote, the report confirmed secretary clinton's e-mail account was well-known by many state department officials throughout her tenure. and there's no evidence of a breach of her e-mail server. the state department spokesman and the inspector general had a different take. >> the full extent of her use of private e-mail was not clear. >> reporter: as previously noted, oig found that office of the legal adviser approved secretary clinton's approval system. today's editorial concludes clinton's bad decision had turned into something far worse, a threat to national security, one that she repeatedly ignored despilt multiple warnings.
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meantime, during a five-hour deposition, fox news learned that lawyers for clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills repeated questions about the i.t. specialist who set up clinton's private e-mail server. he has emerged as a key witness in the fbi's ongoing probe. >> jennifer, thank you. the top senate republican wants marco rubio to keep his job. majority leader mitch mcconnell is joining to push to convince rubio to reverse himself and run for re-election for the florida senate seat. >> all of our candidates are going to be in a good position to run. one of the things that we're working on right now in your old state is trying to direct marco into running again. >> marco will get back in? >> i hope so. we're doing everything we can to enkourn hcourage him to run. >> republicans are afraid to lose his seat to a democrat. rubio said it is unlikely to reconsider his decision not to run. now to the story that got the attention of the nation over the memorial day weekend.
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there are reports tonight that the parents of the boy who fell into a gorilla enclosure at the cincinnati zoo are getting death threats. that's because zoo officials chose to kill the rare animal rather than risk the child's safety. this comes as a criminal investigation gets underway over how the boy actually got into the habitat. of course, mike tobin has the latest tonight. >> oh! >> reporter: cincinnati police confirmed to fox news that an investigation is now underway to determine if criminal charges are warranted in the case of the 4-year-old boy who got into the gorilla enclosure. critics say the zoo is at fault due to the construction. >> what happened this weekend made it very clear that these physical barriers at the cincinnati zoo are not adequate to keep people out of the enclosures. >> reporter: and they criticize the decision to shoot and kill 17-year-old harambe. the director of the cincinnati
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zoo and botanical garden said the enclosure exceeded protocol and the quick response team was well trained. a special call lured two females away from the scene but as the gorilla more powerful than six men seemed to become agitated there was no choice. >> people who question that or our monday morning quarterbacks, second guesser, don't understand that you don't take a risk with a silverback gorilla. >> reporter: a 4-year-old boy fell into the brookville zoo in chicago. a female gorilla carried him to a door where zookeepers could rescue the boy. 30 years ago levin merritt fell into the jersey zoo. a silverback seemed to care for and protect him until rescuers could pull him out. however, merrick told the british newspaper given the way harambe was thrashing the boy and getting worked up, zookeepers made the right choice. jack hanna of the columbus zoo
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agrees. >> this is a no-brainer. this gorilla could have taken the boy in what i don't want to say it. there's not a minute to wait. >> reporter: donald trump agreed that the zoo needed to protect the boy. >> i agree they had no choice. >> reporter: the family has attempted to remain anonymous. a brief statement from the family thanked the staff at the cincinnati zoo and acknowledged the difficulty in the decision to kill harambe. >> mike tobin in chicago, thank you. everyone else weighed in, what about you? should they have killed the gorilla or not? go to facebook or twitt twitter @bretbaier and use #specialreport. and those along the river in texas are preparing for more flooding following torrential rains. casey seagle is watching from
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richmond richmond, texas, tonight. good evening, casey. >> reporter: good evening. as the floodwaters continue to rise and inundate dozens of communities, dozens of high-water rescues have been carried out and people plucked to safety. the hardest-hit area is the part of the region that stretches between austin and houston. some spots there received up to 17 inches of rain. so now the real trouble is downstream. communities along the brazos river are bracing for the worst. the river normally floods at 45 feet and is expected to crest today at nearly 54 feet, the highest it has been since 1994 according to the national weather service. now all the water has swallowed up homes and businesses. people who live here can only wait and hope the levels recede sooner rather than later. >> i can see water in the
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pasture behind my house. and i have never seen that before. >> we flooded last month. we were out of the house for five days. and we've been out since friday this time and probably be out for a month or so. >> reporter: hundreds of people are under evacuation orders tonight in communities like rosenberg and wharton, texas, 30 miles to the southwest of houston. shelters have been set up across the region for everyone who has been displaced. but meteorologists say it could get worse, believe it or not, before it gets better as storms are in the forecast all week. so, of course, any additional rainfall would only exascerbate the situation. and the attorneys are handling the challenges to the president's immigration policy and are undergoing mandatory
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ethics training. the attorneys deliberately misled him and the department is seeking a stay of that order. it says the judge's findings are not supported by the evidence and his order intrudes on core executive branch functions. up next, what american forces are facing in combat inside iraq. first, here's what some of our fox stations are covering around the state tonight. the v.a. is denying him access to life-saving treatment. mark want says the v.a. is looking into the case. fox 32 in chicago as the city settles a police whistleblower trial that could have meant testimony from mayor rahm emanuel. the lawsuit was drawn by two officers who said the department retaliated against them and cooperation with the fbi investigation is into a narcotics operation. and we are looking at a
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severely foggy dallas from our affiliate fox 4. it is a damage to ft. worth's bathroom policy in public schools. the district is allowing transgender students to use facilities based on their sexual identity, not biology. the texas lieutenant governor is asking the state attorney general to determine the legality of that policy. texas is one of 11 states suing the obama administration over that issue. that's a live look outside the beltway. we'll be right back, if.
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the state department is warning americans visiting europe this summer about the potential for terrorist attacks. it says major sporting events, tourist sites, restaurants and shopping centers are possible targets. they are telling u.s. citizens to be vigilant in public places or when using mass transportation. they also say to be prepared for additional security screening and unexpected disruptions. two american special operations troops were injured over the weekend in the middle east. one in syria, the first reported injury of an american in that country and the other in iraq. the pentagon is not revealing the extent of the injuries
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adding both occurred during what they call advise and assist missions away from the front line. iraqi forces to retake fallujah repelled a four-hour counter attack from isis terror attacks today. american forces are supporting the iraqi mission. and today we are learned how overworked the american troops have been. kevin corke reports from the white house. >> reporter: as iraqi forces move deeper into fallujah, it appears that their mission would not have been successful without the backing of the americans. in fact, president obama just recently publicly acknowledged that the americans are fighting. yesterday he made remarks in honoring the fallen at arlington national cemetery. >> in iraq, in our fight against isil, three americans have given their life in combat on our behalf. >> reporter: it's what many have
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already secluded to, secretary gates. but today white house officials are hesitant to say what the public already knows. >> the president believes it's important to draw a clear distinction between a dangerous situation that our men and women in uniform face in iraq and syria right now and the mission that those men and women, that our men and women in uniform were given in iraq in 2003 by president bush. >> reporter: translation? the bush doctrine called on 100,000 troops to acquire and hold iraqi territory while the obama doctrine calls on the iraqis to solve their own issues with u.s. assistance. critics say the president's public acknowledgment is long overdue. >> when you make some sort of great statement about whether the forces are actually in direct contact, that is disingenuous. it is very clear that we have boots on the ground, that are, in fact, operating in a combat role. >>er this. >> reporter: this as the new study shows this is weighing heavily on the combat forces.
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after 14 years of war, the number of veterans with multiple tours of combat duty is the largest in modern american history, more than 90,000 soldiers and marines, many of them elite fighters who flooded four or more times, including sergeant josh wheeler who the president mentioned yesterday in his remarks at arlington. wheeler died fighting in iraq and had been deployed to iraq and afghanistan 14 times earning 11 bronze stars, 4 for valor. "the new york times" referencing a harvard study. meanwhile, fox news can confirm thanks to the pentagon that americans are not on the ground in fallujah tonight. instead, we are told, they are advising from 30 minutes away. and also in baghdad, all at the division level. bret? >> kevin corke, thank you. another embarrassment tonight for north korea. its latest attempt to test a missile capable of hitting american military targets has failed. but the senior foreign affairs
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correspondent greg kelvka tells us that is not exactly good news. >> reporter: north korea is once again testing their ballistic missile. with a range of over 2,000 miles, it can threaten a u.s. navy base on guam. japan's patriot missiles are standing by on high alert. according to north korea, the missile barely got off the ground. >> translator: north korea attempted to launch a missile. as of now, a military presumes it has failed. >> reporter: three other tests of the missile also failed. according to some, though, a dangerous learning curve. >> i think they would have learned something from the most recent failure. so we shouldn't take too much heart that they failed. the fact that they keep testing is the problem. >> reporter: this comes after the fourth test earlier this year of a nuclear device. experts say north korea and its
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pro-nuke leader kim jong un has enough to make 20 bombs and is producing more. this all as the obama administration is developing a policy of strategic patience, that's trying the patience of the u.s. economist magazine that wrote, quote, mr. obama put north korea on the back-burper. whoever becomes america's next president will not have that luxury. this is a misunderstood expression from the last obama term. this term they are getting tough. >> the outcome we're looking for is north korea agreement to negotiate the denuclearization of the korean peninsula. >> reporter: analysts mark fitzpatrick adds, however, that diplomacy wins and sanctions against north korea will have to be ratcheted up even more. and some kind of military response cannot be ruled out before it's too late. bret?
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thank you. when we come back, the economics of obamacare. and the president's tax experts are now saying they are not sure they are legal.
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the nation's largest health insurer is pulling out of california's obamacare market. reports united health group has added the golden state to the list of exchanges it is leaving because of major losses. tonight it turns out republican lawmakers are not the only people with major reservations about how president obama has funded his signature health care law. correspondent rich edson tells us the administration's experts have their own issues with obamacare. >> reporter: an unusual secretive meeting. according to irs employee, to a
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former irs employee, fisher told the congressional committee, quote, we were given a memo to read. we were instructed we were not to take notes and we would not be keeping the memo. fisher says that memo provided the administration's legal justification for the way the white house wanted the government to pay for a particular obamacare subsidy. fisher disagreed. he said the irs commissioner john coskin overruled him and sided with the white house. the republicans charged the administration decided to move forward with these payments despite objections from irs experts. in a statement, chairman kevin brady of the house ways and means committee wrote, quote, administration officials knowingly circumvented congress and undermined the constitution. house republicans are suing the administration over this arguing the government is paying billions to insurance companies in a way inconsistent with the health care law. these estimated $130 billion in subsidies over the next decade
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are designed to offset costs insuring lower income americans. >> this is another example where the law is being administered in a way differently than it was literally written and the administration is using a broad interpretation in order to make obamacare work in the marketplace. >> reporter: democrats say government officials often disagree over policies. they won't to fisher's deposition claiming, quote, the commissioner gave me plenty of time to air my concerns. in tend, he made the decision that i actually would expect him to make. it was a decision i disagreed with. in a statement the top democrat on the house ways and means committee senator levin wrote, quote, regarding the allegedly unusual meeting at the office of management and budget, omb routinely meets with agency officials. what is unusual, however, the unprecedented subpoena issued by the house republicans in an effort to find someone who disagreed with the administration's decision. this case will also work its way
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through the federal court system. the federal judge has already sided with republicans. the case is on appeal. bret? >> rich, thank you. senate republicans are taking aim at the veterans affairs inspector general's office for the way it handled allegations of main painkiller abuse at a v.a. facility. the i.g.'s office discounted evidence and testimony, needlessly narrowed its inquiry and has no standard for measuring wrongdoing. the facility in tomo, wisconsin, was referred to by vets as candyland because of the free-flow of prescription drugs there. a fox news exclusive there, new information on the relationship between abortion providers and those who traffic in human body parts. here's chief legal correspondent shannon breem. >>reporter: republicans on the house panel investigateing this
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are requesting multiple -- a top fetal procurement committee and two planned parenthood affiliates which appeared to give individuals outside the clinic access to, quote, patients individually identifiable health information, which would be a direct violation of federal law. >> i think that women who are going into these clinics have absolutely no idea that an outside organization that is a business, that makes a profit, is looking at their information. >> reporter: marsha blackburn says this shows they were allowed to illegally review patients most private information in order to match them up with a daily order stem express had for specific fetal organs and body parts. in addition, the patients were consistently given invalid consent forms that may also violate federal law. >> the forms will say, do you
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want to donate to participate in the cure of alzheimer's or cancer or various diseases? well, these fetal tissues have not been used and that type or research or cure. >> reporter: democrats on the panel continue to ask that the panel itself be disbanded. saying in a letter to house speaker paul ryan, quote, the danger posed by the panel is real and serious. democrats say blackburn is abusing her subpoena power to, quote, intimidate scientific researches and doctors. under federal law it is illegal to sell fetal issue though donations are legal. blackburn said that's one of the reasons she's using subpoena power when the parties won't cooperate to determine why specimens for which tissue procurement companies may abortion companies in the range of $50 to $75 wind up listed for sale on the web for hundreds of thousands even tens of thousands of dollars. bret? >> we'll follow it, shannon, thank you. stocks will mix today. the dow lost 86, the s&p 500 was
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down 2, the nasdaq gained 15. donald trump goes ballistic today on the media as hillary clinton vows to fight in the media for equal time. we'll get reaction from the panel when we come back.
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when i raise money for the veterans, and it's a massive amount of money, find out how much hillary clinton's given to the veterans. nothing. and then i see a few guys standing out there, they don't know what they are there for, they are there because hillary clinton's campaign sent them. >> i, of course, have given money to veterans' charities. and john mccain and i actually helped raise funding for the intrepid fallen heroes fund. and i worked with senator lindsey graham to expand health care to national guard and reserve members. so much of the work that i've
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done has met tens of millions of dollars in increased benefits to veterans and their families. >> raising money for veterans is becoming a campaign issue today. donald trump vicarating some members of the media asking him questions, and he raised some $5.6 million, he says, and all the checks are out and he listed all the organizations that have received these checks. meantime, outside that event as he was holding this news conference, there were protesters holding signs, veterans saying that trump is essentially against veterans in some way. it turns out, this is "the daily beast" saying this, that marine veteran clinton supporter alexander mccoy served as a spokesman for the demonstrators. went to great lengths to hide the clinton's involvement with organizing the protest. then they said the clintons
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wanted to bring possible aten degrees to the protest. one of the elements is we'll talk about the clinton/sanders race. steve hayes is here, ron fornier of "the national journal" and charles krauthammer. okay, steve, kind of a heated event today between trump and reporters saying he's paid the money to the veterans. >> well, a little eruption from donald trump today. for five months reporters have been trying to get the details of what this event did. and asking, i think fairly basic journalistic questions like, what was the total amount given? who received these funds? and in some cases, who gave these funds? and they had very little luck getting that information from the trump campaign. i would argue that in a paypal economy, when i can wire you $25 while we're sitting here at this table, and you'll have it in the bank account tomorrow, the trump campaign should have been able to provide that information much
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earlier than it has. now it took him five months. it's a good thing donald trump raised money for the veterans. people have raised questions about why he did it and the original intent of that event to distract from the fox news thing, but i think it's basically we're all better off when private individuals or private organizations get money to veterans groups. i think when trump is complaining about the news media targeting him on this, he's targeting donald trump but they are asking basic questions. one last thing, he's right to suggest that there's a double standard. that the media are far more interested in his businesses and his alleged scams than they are in hillary clinton's fund-raising and clinton foundation and what have you. although he shouldn't be surprised by this. >> here's just a taste of some of the back and forth where reporters today at the news con inference. >> on behalf of the vets, they should be atamed.
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ashamed. instead of saying, thank you, mr. trump, or trump did a good job. you are all saying who got it, who got it? i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. i like scrutiny, but when i raise money, excuse me, i have watched you on television, you're a real beauty, what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars, have people say, like this sleaze guy right here from abc, you're a sleaze. >> it went like that for a while. obviously, the media is an easy target for politicians. we talk about that a lot. >> hillary clinton does the same thing, tries to fob off the responsibility. >> maybe not in the exact same way but she does. >> she'll get there. donald trump is raising attention for veterans in this country, good for doing. that i don't think the story has big legs, but it does remind us of things we have known about
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donald trump. he's obviously very thin skinned. he does not want to be held accountability. he's obviously disingenuous. there's many things he said today that were not true. for example, he said from the beginning i only thought i could raise a million dollars. you said the day of the fox news debate that you were going to raise $6 million. and sleazy reporters, some of us are sleazy, but if it was not for the media, he would not have donated the million dollars. a fact, not an opinion, he would not donate the million he promised until "the washington post" called him on it last week. >> charles. >> let me demonstrate, this is a classic trump maneuver. he counter attacks against the press because you can't lose in doing it. there's no love lost. for the president, i think he did it effectively and it distracted on the fact that now the a.p. is reporting that half the donations were given after "the washington post" began to
1:44 am
look into the story, which indicates that the press was not only doing its job but it stimulated the execution of the donations. >> the trump campaign says, the trump campaign in response to that says they added veterans groups and there was a vetting process and that the checks went out in orderly fashion. that's their response. >> that's fine. i would leave it as a heck of a coincidence. but on the other hand, i think in the longer run, yes, this plays very well. it plays particularly well to the republican primaries. how is it going to play in the general election? it's not that people don't like seeing attacks on the press, but it is a sense of trump's character. is this what you want in the white house? he was asked, is this how you're going to be behaving in the white house? he says, yes. at one point he was asked about the attack on susanna martinez, which he said was because the economy was bad in new mexico. but in this press conference, he
1:45 am
said, well, she wasn't very nice to me. now is that going to be the criteria to which a president decides whether to attack, praise or ignore anybody else, either a politician or foreign leader, another country, by the kr criteria of how good are they to me? that appears to be the only one that applies to trump. >> he also ripped on bill kristal for the third-party talk about the independent conservative run. now we are learning a name that perhaps the name on the wish list for bill kristal and others is david french. he's a national review writer. this is from bloomberg. two republicans intimately familiar with bill kristal's efforts to recruit an independent candidate to channel hillary clinton and donald trump. the person bill kristol has in
1:46 am
mind is david french. french is a veteran of the operation iraqi freedom according to the website, the national review, where he's a staff writer, a constitutional lawyer, a recipient of the bronze star and author of several books. he lives in columbia, tennessee, with his wife nancy and three ... ron, that is gaining a lot of attention. >> no. but the fact of the matter is we might not need a huge name to make a difference in this campaign. there's a lot of data out there and anecdotal data showing the public is sick of the two public parties. you could have a dead man and dead woman run outside the party and get 5% to 10%. we already see double digits with gary johnson. so french or however kristol comes up with could be the fourth ticket, we could have five or six. it is not totally inconceivable
1:47 am
that this goes to the house. >> i like the idea of a dead man. >> in all honesty, he can't lie, at least. >> trump says this throws the election to hillary clinton. >> well, i think the people who are critical of efforts like this one aught to decide if it's really unimportant and not going to have any effect or whether it's going to throw the election to hillary clinton. because you hear both arguments. look, i have not talked to bill kristol in detail about this. i don't know that that is actually the candidate, though it may very well be. as you noted, he floated it in the magazine. this along with several other names. i think what he wants to do is to go somewhere to make sure that there's a bigger debate, to have a debate that goes beyond hillary clinton on the one hand and donald trump on the other. as ron pointed out, you saw "the washington post"/abc poll that said 6 in 10 americans either hate or dislike both of the two major party candidates. last week there was another poll that showed that vladimir putin
1:48 am
had lower unfavorables than either of those two. i think this is about getting people another choice. >> sure. but until you put the name behind it, you don't know where the numbers fall. last word. >> whatever name it is, i think it's a mistake for conservatives to run another candidate with the explicit intent essentially of blocking trump from winning. either he's going to win, he's the nominee of the gop, chosen by the people, he's either going to win or not. and if he doesn't win, he should not be able to claim he was stab in the back. that would be a terrible mistake in the future. next up, a quick lightning round on the gorilla zoo uproar. and then winners and
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[screams] >> oh my god. >> this is the video that reaply captured the nation's attention over the last day and a half. cincinnati police confirming that there is a criminal investigation underway. if anyone saw this 4-year-old boy falling into this gorilla enclosure in cincinnati. they criticize. others have criticized the decision to shoot and kill the gorilla harambe. others are questioning the zoo and enclosure
1:53 am
protection. what about this and where this all stands. quickly with the panel. steve? >> well, i think we may learn more about where the blame should be apportioned in the coming days. as to the question of whether to shoot and kill the gorilla. this is a no brainer to me. i don't understand the debate. when you saw the child being felonned around like a rag doll. it may be sad they had to kill the gorilla. there is no question it had to happen. i believe the zoologist to ho said if we tried to tranquilizer him earlier it could have antagonized him more and further jeopardized the life of the boy. it's sad you had to lose the gorilla. >> overshadowed a much more important story yesterday that is the sacrifice of our men and women. i didn't like the idea everywhere i turned yesterday i was seeing this story. secondly, somebody just wrote a book about struggling. still struggling to be a decent parent my is myself. i feel sorry in a way for this mother. we don't know what the details are she is being
1:54 am
condemned as a bad mother based on no evidence. i know i lost my son in a maul. i lost my daughter in a parking lot. parents lose track of their kids. kids are pretty fast and we are pretty slow. i think we are a little too quick to judge in this country. >> charles? >> this is a completely open and shut case. there is no question that you had to do that. the gorilla could have killed the child either accidently because of his inherent strength or if he were agitated. it's not -- the real question is should we have zoos? why do we still have them? i wouldn't put the blame on anybody here. this is the definition of a tragedy. no one is to blame. and that's why everybody is so sad about it. but, we ought to re-examine whether we ought to enclose confined animals especially if they are higher animals. >> we had a touch on it. everybody was talking about it. up next, winners and losers for the month of m
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well, we didn't do
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winners and last week so we are doing winners and losers for the month of may. winner first. >> my winner is paul ryan for his refusal to endorse donald trump. you have seen him pause, i think, in part to protect some of his members in the house of representatives. but, also, because he has deep concerns about donald trump as commander and chief. and what he would do as the executive of the country. i think it's appropriate for ryan to withhold his endorsement. he may enend up enforcing if the trump experiment fails, there will be a big debate among movement conservatives. i would expect paul ryan would have a role in that. >> loser? >> loser is debbie wasserman schultz you expect her to be disliked by republicans. she has managed according to recent reporting to be disliked by clinton campaign, elements of it, the obama white house, and bernie sanders who is now backing her opponent. >> quickly, winners and losers? >> winners donald trump for sealing the g.o.p. debt nomination despite telling the truth and historically low approval ratings.
1:58 am
hillary clinton for failing to seal the democratic nomination despite amid a horrible record for telling the truth in historically low. >> winner and losers. >> little sister of the poor winner challenge the federal government on being force to do provide contraceptive coverage with a sceal scalia court held out. loser is the never trump movement, which was strong until indiana. then fell apart like a north korean missile. >> thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. we got winners and losers in anyway. greta goes "on the record" right now.
1:59 am
>> it is june 1st. donald trump and veterans. >> this guy is a sleez. you are a sleez. you know the facts and you know the facts as well. >> is a mystery presidential candidate about to stepfo forwa and try to take down trump and clinton? >> an investigation being launched into the parents of a little boy who climbed into a gorilla enclosure? >> i don't care how many kids you have with you, you take care of your children. >> you would have jumped in. >> i would have jumped in. >> honorary members. the two brave young boys who just joined the ranks of the fdny. "fox & friends first" starts right now.
2:00 am
♪ >> we are up and you are now, too. you are watching "fox & friends first" on this wednesday. blue skies out there. thank you so much for starting your day with us. we begin with donald trump bashing what is called the sleazy media for questioning his support of your nation's veterans. >> is the mystery presidential candidate about to step forward? the contender some think would offer an