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tv   FOX Friends  FOX News  June 1, 2016 3:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> and finally the ugly. >> oh, no! >> he should have seen that one coming. his friends are howling as you can here. that's hilarious. that's a no-brainer. thank you so much for joining us. like to have you here today. you'll be here tomorrow. >> yep. >> "fox & friends" starts right now. bye! good morning to you and your family. it is wednesday, june 1st. i'm ainsley earhardt and we start with a fox news alert. brand-new national polls just out only seconds ago providing a new picture of the state of this presidential race. how donald trump and hillary clinton stack up against each other. then donald trump rips the media to their face. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. no credibility. losers. you are a real beauty and i don't like dishonesty. you are a sleaze. looiblous stories.
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>> wait till you hear hue hillary clinton is responding. and arnold schwarzenegger nearly terminated by an elephant. that encounter caught on camera. are animals just attacking us? >> i didn't think the terminator was scared. >> no doubt about it. because your mornings are better with friends. ♪ grng to you and to your family. hope you had a great night. we have a lot to talk about. >> hopefully you went to bed early, because you are up early. if you stayed up too late, you are sleeping through the show. you are feeling in for steve today. >> i guess, so i'm told. i'll sit here nicely. donald trump had a press conference to announce and it was announced the day before at his biker rally that he was going to have a press conference to announce where the $6 million was going.
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what veterans groups. come to the trump tower. >> you know my opinion of the media is very low. i think the media is frankly made up of people that in many cases, not in all cases, are not good people. i didn't want the credit for it, but it was very unfair that the press treated us so badly. go ahead. i like scrutiny, but you know what -- when i raise money -- excuse me, i've watched you on television, you are a real beauty. what i don't want when i raise millions of dollars, have people like this sleazy guy over here from abc, he's a sleaze in my book. you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> is this what it's going to be like covering you if you are president? >> it is. >> we're going to have this kind of confrontation in the press room. >> yes, it is. >> if the press writes false stories, half of you are amazed
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that i raised all this money. i had no choice because the press was saying i didn't raise any money for them. >> brian, i watched you on tv, you are a real beauty. >> he raised $6 million when he didn't do the fox debate. that was a long time ago. it's natural to inquire where the money is. where it's going. pete, especially in light of what's going on over the last few months over well-known charities where the money is not going. >> he made that point and other veterans said you got to vet these groups and make sure you know where the money is going. there was scrutiny from the press. it was a good thing to do. he talked about the va and fixing the va is something we talked about. >> journalists were saying it's our job to ask you about this. he was saying i'm trying to do giving something good.
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i'm giving almost $6 million in charity and you are trying to paint this in a bad light. >> organizing protesters outside the trump tower. many people didn't think that was an important element of the story rmt. >> rush limbaugh says that republicans have been waiting on this type of talk, an honest approach for a very long time. listen. >> how many years have people been begging for a republican to just once take on the media the way trump did? all the way from the premise to the details, to the motivation. near the end of it, a frustrated journalist, mr. trump, is it going to be this way? are you going to be attacking us after you become president? because, folks, in the age of internet trolling, manners are out the window. it's a waste of time asking for
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manners here. >> so right before we went on set, pete and i were talking about why is it that america loves trump so much? why is it that america wants this? and you were saying that long gone are the days where we need to be polite. >> twitter and things like that. that game has change a lot. there's so much angst and frustration about the process. they see press secretaries and the president talking to the president. everyone is bending the truth. he's done with it. i'm coming after you. people like that. he wins in those confrontations. >> a lot of people are horrified about it. donald trump said by the way i have a twitter account. says this, i'm getting great credit for my press conference today. crooked hillary should be dmoshed for not having a press conference in 179 days. she's not had a press conference in 2016 but she's taking a play out of donald trump's playbook.
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she's calling in to shows. >> she had an interview and this was her response to all the criticism about not having press conferences. >> i have to say, jake, i had my team check. i have done nearly 300 interviews just in 2016. and i believe that it's important to continue to, you know, speak to the press as i'm doing right now, and to understand that he's attacking everybo everybody, fellow republicans, democrats, i mean, the press. you just name it. he attacks everybody. it's a recipe for gridlock in washington. >> she's saying she's had 300 interviews in 2016, but hillary, you have not come on "fox & friends." we've asked you every single day since i have been sitting at the
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skeet at least. i get the emails. we ask every single day and you have not come on "fox & friends." you've done 300 interviews. we invite you. >> stop icing out ainsley. >> please, i want to talk to you. >> and they were overly generous themselves on 300. no press conference. the way donald trump did it twice in two days they haven't done it in six months. >> we're getting these polls from quinnipiac. here it is. quick look at the national poll. here it goes. hillary clinton with a four-point lead on the national average in the quinnipiac poll has just come out. they continue to talk about if a third party candidate comes in, for example, a libertarian candidate,s it's 40-38-5. >> interesting. that doesn't even factor in the bernie factor potentially of where he would land or where those people would go necessarily if he decided to run their party. there's so much up in the air.
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i think we have a chance to talk to bernie sanders' campaign manager later on in the show. if you look at those polls for a second, it's pretty astounding, you would think the libertarian would take more percentage points from donald trump, but it looks as though it takes from hillary as well and as does 3% of the green party, that takes from hillary. who those other candidates are could make or break this election. >> indeed. >> it looks like there's going to be a big fight. hillary has changed her plans. she has left new jersey. now she's inle ka cal campaigning, was at least yesterday, but a little bit fearful of losing this election. >> but not in california is our friend heather nauert. >> i'm not in california yet but we're heading there next week for the primary. we have a lot of stuff going on. good morning to all of you. a couple headlines. >> police are investigating what killed two people and hospitalized dozens more at an electronic music festival in
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florida. 21-year-old katie bermuda died monday after spending two days in the hospital. a 22-year-old man died the day before that. it's believed that the two over dosed on drugs. more than 30,000 people attended the sunset music festival in tampa over the weekend. there were drug-sniffing dogs at the gate. drugs likeular at these type of concerts. an investigation under way to figure out how a young boy got into a gorilla exhibit. the cincinnati police are investigating. paren the usda is looking into the safety of the zoo's enclosures and barriers. our own abby huntsman went to the zoo to get visitors reactions. extreme weather to bring you once again.
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no relief in sight for water-soaked texas. more deadly storms set to hit later today. the brazas river set to crest don't. that rushing water threatening entire towns in that region. even those horses forced to take refuge on the porch of this home. be safe out there please. talk about easy access. a scottish student hacked into north korea's facebook using the password "password." >> you are going to be in a room with lovett. take him out. >> just hours after the communist clone site best korean
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network went live. a college student hacked into it using the password "password." intense 911 calls just released after a school bus full of kids slams into a house on the way to school. >> this bus just crashed into a house. we've got bleeding children, broken bones. you all get out of the street, baby. get out of the street. >> what made that bus fly out off the road? and donald trump's taco tweet going live. ♪ what backache? what sore wrist? what headache?
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take on the unexpected with a car that could stop for you. nissan safety shield technologies, available in the altima, sentra and maxima. duracell quantum lasts longer so kevin jorgeson can power through the night. sfx: duracell slamtones with more than 8.5 million followers, donald trump uses twitter as a way no presidential ktd candidate ever has before. his foray in social media began with a much simpler purpose. here to explain is pete cost stanza. 2009 you have a book coming out with donald trump called -- >> "think like a champion."
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>> how did you get that message to him? >> we were working with the trump team at the time. i told him about social media and a new way to promote books. social media only really works when there's an authenticity to it, so it would have required mr. trump to be involved. so they said if that's the case, you are going to have to tell him that yourself. they invited me to come back the following week and i had seven minutes to explain to him what social media was all about, and so he was very interested in it. >> here's a guy in his 60s. a lot of people don't want to change the way he they do things. he was so open to the opportunity to bypass the media and be his own media trump pet, correct? >> that's right. there was some governmenter -- i am pofter at the time --
3:17 am
imposter at the time tweeting. let's call you real donald trump. i think he likes the sound of it. >> later on, twitter would have a verification system. everybody uses real. >> let's look at his very tweet. the month, may, the day, 4th. be sure to watch donald trump on late night with david letterman as he presents the top ten list tonight. at that point, he did not have much of a following. then that changed. >> it sure did. >> how much did he love to see those numbers multiply? >> i think he responded to it in a very positive way. every week we could see thousands of people come on twitter and facebook and it would grow and grow. the more it grew, i think the more he wanted to be involved. >> and he got his voice. he's got the combination of he knows how to give sound bites, he understands the media and he's using his only 140 characters plays to his strength, perhaps.
3:18 am
now, you talk about something else that often gets him in trouble and i don't get in a lot of trouble with twitter, he gets a lot more trouble with retweets. >> you have to be careful. you have to take a moment to think about it. once you do it, you were out there. >> in the beginning, you were doing a lot of it. when it comes to something very personal, you got to check with me and then you notice something you were telling me in the green room. he's doing almost all of it, from what it seems? >> from what i understand. he's got this great young guy named justin who is handling his accounts now for him, they really pull him in and he's tweeting himself andle are involved personal. >> you mentioned too facebook. bring him to twitter, facebook. go to facebook, go to twitter. again, you realized that in 2009. >> yeah and also youtube. it went so well that he invited me back. i interviewed him for an hour and we created a promotional video that went up on youtube and interestingly enough at the end of that, when the cameras
3:19 am
were off, we had a little chat about the new president obama and he said, well, i really hope he can help the economy, and then he said to me, you know, i'm thinking of running for president, and his team qirled that -- confirmed that back then too. >> and he did and he was also. we also did some -- we looked through the stats, through the retweets and found out who was number one for him. believe it or not, this is very controversial, happy cinco de mayo. the best tack could he see are made in trump tower. bottom line, people loved it. >> well, it's one of those wrgs his fans are his fans and they want him to be his himself and like i said when you are authentic on social media, usually it works for you. >> and it is working much more than the other candidates. anyone close to his savvy when it comes to this? >> yeah.
3:20 am
i mean there are a lot of people that use social media very effectively, but i think he is just raised the bar as far as what can be done. >> peter, it was a good move getting that meeting and you made the most of your seven minutes. peter costanza. by the way, his book did become a best seller. a man posts a picture of his dead girlfriend's body who he allegedly murdered on facebook and facebook refused to take it down. how is that possible? we have two people come together to explain.
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. quick headlines, new york city police officers training to be street shrinks. a new touchy-feely rule book forces officers to use common phrases like hello, i'm here to help, rather than using force, look-out i'm going to hit you with something when approaching dangerous people. the changes coming after police-involved deaths. the doj don't believe its lawyers need ethics training if they have to pay for it. they defied a federal judges order to undergo $8 million in training. ignoring another order. that texas guy right there, his name is kenneth amix is
3:25 am
behind bars accused of stabbing his girlfriend, her name is jennifer, stabbing her to death allegedly and posting the pictures of her bloody body on facebook with the caption please pray for us and love you all. well, after his arrest, it took 36 hours for facebook to remove those gruesome images because they did not violate the sites terms and conditions. but wait, haven't they removed much more innocent content before? let's talk about some of those examples. let's talk to our our fox news legal analyst and fox news sciek activity. >> what do you make of that? >> this is a mistake by facebook and i will blame the lawyers. instead of facebook coming out and saying this is an error in judgment and yes we missed it or yes it was negligent, they tried to tap dance around it. maybe they were worried they were going to get sued by
3:26 am
someone or something like that. this is a clear example, you have a human being with blod on his face. you have someone who appears to be a corpse and turned out to be a corpse. that's not something you just rip -- >> use that example or that excuse, why didn't they just take it down. >> they should have. >> until they figured out if it's real or not. >> i think they should have and they just admit they made a mistake. everyone is so afraid in today's day and age. before we came on camera, we talked about the gorilla story earn is talking about. >>. [ multiple people speaking ] >> facebook benefits when people post the most graphic things. thinking about you that's likely to get an audience, that's what facebook wants. people are encourage to post the most graphic, dramatic things and facebook condition respond.
3:27 am
they are overwhelmed. they have created a drug and everybody is using it. >> ainsley has examples of things they have taken down. >> how do you know that? >> she's going to educate us. >> in 2015, the u.s. marine corps, they posted this picture, in remembrance over the u.s. marine corps logo. their post was remo violating community standards. >> how does that work, doctor? >> facebook respects no boundaries other than the self. in other words, they want people to express the basest parts of yourself and get lost of it as you would a drug. wait a minute, i'm patriotic,
3:28 am
wait a second. if you look at the polls and you get 50% of the donald trump people out there, isn't that driving 50% of the community? to facebook? isn't that what they want? don't they want more clicks? >> they want narcissism. >> how is keeping a guy with a dead body -- >> it's the ultimate narcissisn. [ multiple people speaking ] >> look at this one. 2013, kirk cameron, he released these pro christian or faith-based movies. he was trying to post a movie he created called "unstoppable" they took this down as well. they said it was abusive and
3:29 am
unsafe. they took it down. he talked about it and all of his fans were so upset about it that they let him put it back on. >> analyze that. >> it's all about creating something that will change the world but guess what that would mean according to him the united states having no boundaries, having many fewer laws and this is what happens when you design to drug people with themselves, you lose your ability to support people when they say i'm about something bigger than myself. >> although he makes a very articulate argument, i think they just screwed up. i they made a mistake. you think they decided to leave dead bodies in blood over there. >> do you think it's okay for them to pick and choose what goes on? >> my point is i don't think they pick and choose. things fall through the cracks. mistakes are made in every corporation, in every entity people screw up. i don't think they intentionally said let's leave the dead body
3:30 am
of the murderer on facebook. >> it's filtered if you are a religious person they exclude you. if you are a violent person, not so much. fox news alert, this morning, the federal government sending out an urgent terror warning regarding your summer vacation plans. who is to blame for the death of a gorilla after a child fell in the cage? next up, is abby huntsman joins us to tell us more. and happy birthday to morgan freeman. he's 79 today.
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>> an international firestorm still eyupting over the shooting death of a rare gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> oh, my god! >> wow, the parents of the toddler who got into the primate pit now receiving death threats as cincinnati police investigate the circumstances behind the incident. >> well, our own fox news correspondent abby hunts man just got literally from the cincinnati zoo. what did you see? >> we got to check out the story for ourselves, figure out what's going on. the officials at the cincinnati zoo, they say it is safe just days after a boy got into a gorilla exhibit but what did the parents have to say about all this? we talked to some of them yesterday. take a listen. >> it's upsetting. i feel it was more the parents' fault. i don't care how many kids you have with you, you watch your children. >> what if your child was in there? >> i would have been in there. >> you would have jumped in? >> i would have jumped it.
3:35 am
>> i fault the zoo for having an opening that a child could fit through. you can't 100% of the time glue them to you. it's unfortunate all the way around. >> you definitely sympathize with the morning. i had a moment myself at this very is it zoo where i looked down the moment to put a baby in the baby carrier and one of my older was gone. it was a scary situation. >> you cried. >> the parents weren't watching their kid. >> i think it's horrible. it's terrible that they had to shoot it. i'm not blaming the zoo but maybe they could have handled a little differently. >> a lot of different emotions. when i got there, you could feel how sad people were. this gorilla was part of their family. they loved him so much. >> packed. >> it was packed with people and we got as close as we could because the exhibit number was closed off and we took some scroo as much as you could get,
3:36 am
you were see people working behind it trying to fix it so no one could get through again. nothing has happened at this gorilla exhibit for 38 years, so this is pretty unusual but obviously no one wants this to happen again. i won be surprised -- >> is that the gorilla exhibit. >> it looks like he's carrying wood. >> the cincinnati zoo is probably one of the best zoos in the country and it's known specifically for this exhibit. i wouldn't be surprised if down the road you may see some lawsuits from parents or animal rights activists. >> are people digesting that it became the life of an animal or a life of a human? was there any talk that a kid was saved as unfortunate the incident was? or is it all gorilla. >> the woman said i blamed the parents there. i followed up what it was your child, every time i asked the question, of course, you got to save the child first. i think most people are in agreement on that. there are some questions people have was it necessary to
3:37 am
actually kill the gorilla. there are some questions i'm hearing about the safety of that exhibit. it looks like guys were carrying blanks down below. did you see them trying to reinforce? >> nothing has happened in almost 40 years old and this little 3 or 4-year-old, you have to go a long way to get 12, 15 feet to where the gorilla was. the zoo is full of kids everywhere. a lot of people bring ten kids with them. you heard that mother saying i've had an experience where my kid did runaway or got lost. >> they should have done something else. you talk to people say what should have happened? >> what should have should we have with the gorilla? you got to the winning the experts -- go with the experts in that area. >> this gorilla was on the bigger side. over 400 pounds and this kid is
3:38 am
tiny. >> there are other people who aren't as strong as me. >> thanks for going. heather. [ multiple people speaking ] good morning all of you. hope you are off to a great day with a fox news alert that could affect your travel plans. the u.s. state department warning americans about potential terror attacks in europe in the coming months. >> what we know continues to be an interest by terrorist groups to conduct attacks against western targets and americans specifically in europe. >> well, the department says major events, including catholic world youth day in poland, the tour de france and soccer's european championship could be potential targets for terrorists. our government use -- warning
3:39 am
americans to be vigilant using mass transportation. it expires august 31st. for the second time in the united states, a baby is born with microcephaly called by the zika virus. the little girl born has brain damage, intestinal and vision problems. the mom was in the united states visiting family members and she contracted the virus while she was in honduras. the first baby linked with microreceively was born in the united states in hawaii back in january. heart-stopping school bus scare, 14 students and their driver are hurt when their bus runs down the road, falls down a 30-foot embankment and crashes into a north carolina home. >> man, you need to remain calm so that we can help everyone. >> this bus just crashed into a house. i'm as calm as i can be. get somebody here. we've got blooding children,
3:40 am
broken bones. you all get out of the street. >> those injuries ranging from broken bones to cuts and bruises. witnesses say the bus was going too fast around the curb before the crash. the driver is spus end -- suspended with pay. a real life action scene starring the terminator himself. check this one out. [ bleep ]. >> that is a giant elephant. you can see that one. but who would be approaching? arnold schwarzenegger. he's on an african safari ride. the curious animal walking away when the driver turned. luckily the group got away safely. >> do you remember all the whales stuck in california and governor -- -- arnold was governor at the time? we've got to save the whales.
3:41 am
they didn't die. maybe a long time later they did. i don't know. >> do you know if the whales died? >> i don't know, but i love heather's impersonation. great job. let's go ahead and switch gears and talk about the weather conditions across parts of the southern plains because we have been dealing with some incredible scenes out of texas, very heart breaking, significant flash flooding occurring out there and river flooding as well. we pick up more than a foot of rain in some areas over the past week and the forecast is for that unsettled weather to continue out there. we could potentially see another six to eight inches and locally heavier amounts of rainfall coming up over the next few days, not only in texas but also across oklahoma, arkansas, and portions of louisiana. otherwise a quick look at your forecast, high temperatures today, it is heating up across the southeastern u.s. you should make it into the 90s today in atlanta. farther west across the rockies and parts of the northwest, temperatures only forecast to reach the 70s. a lot cooler out there.
3:42 am
let's head back inside. thank you, maria. that's what's happening wd weather. we'll find out what's happening with the whales later. straight ahead, a public university $4 million program to recruit students has a problem. only a third of them actually graduate. the solution? spend more money. everybody is talking about hillary clinton and donald trump but control of the senate also hangs in the balance here. our next guest says it's going to be a nail-biter. a first look at the state that could tip the balance of power. that's coming up next. ♪ ♪
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. . .
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3:45 am
while hillary clinton and donald trump continu the headlines this election season, many don't realize the control of the senate is very much up for grabs this year. republicans currently hold a
3:46 am
54-46 advantage in the u.s. senate so which states could tip that balance of power come november? let's ask scott rasmussen. thanks for joining us this morning. we're going to jump on the map. you set the scene. we've been talking all presidential a long time. >> 2/3 of the senate is not up for re-election. democrats have the advantage here. more republican seats are in play which makes that vulnerable. >> then you get some these states, no republican is going to win california, no democrat is going to win idaho. republicans have the edge here of five seats, 13-8. when we add them together, we're even. >> 34 open. 13 still in play here. >> that's right. now these three states, i call them likely, there's a plausible path where the three republican states here could be flipped, these are the states early in the year that said donald trump will be a disaster for the
3:47 am
republican party. these are the seats they thought they might lose. >> one degree away from a safe state. you could be considered safe but you never know. iowa, missouri and indiana. >> now this is where it's getting interesting. these are the states, four of these five are currently held by republicans. these two, illinois and wisconsin are the only two states i'm currently projecting will flip from one party to the other. mark kirk is the underdog in illinois. >> and johnson in wisconsin. >> he's struggling as well. that's a democrat-leaning state. >> a lot of architecture up there for republicans, though. >> the other states interesting, colorado and arizona, john mccain and michael bennett. these four states right now there's a difference.
3:48 am
the analysts think the incumbents will do pretty well. when you look at the prediction mark, in all four cases, the incumbents do worse. a little bit of that anti-incumbent mood out there. >> let's go to the overall totals. >> in the toss-up states, you got five toss hups and right now -- >> these are the key states. >> three of these are close in the presidential election. >> rubio's open seat down here. >> you've got ohio and new hampshire, also very close in the presidential race. toss-ups held by republicans. you've got pat toome in pennsylvania. >> whoever wins the white can
3:49 am
probably carry their control across the senate as well. >> very interesting. these five states cross over very closely with presidential toss-ups. >> exactly. we'll be hearing about this. i'll be updating this every week, along with the electoral college. >> in the political class, this is the under card. >> one college's plan to force diversity using tax dollars is failing miserably. what are they going to do? spend more cash, of course. and al sharpton is in big trouble this morning. why the irs wants to speak to the television host. ahead. ♪ ♪ i have asthma...
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the university of wisconsin's $4 million a year diversity program is not making the grade. it's called the people program and it's aimed to help minority, low income students with college prep. >> all right. the problem, 23% of the students graduated within four years, compared to the school's overall four year graduation rate of 66%. but instead of scrapping the program, the school says it here
3:54 am
to stay and increased the funding. this man goes to the program and so khalil what is wrong with this program? >> it start backed in 1999 here in wisconsin with the goal of helping low income and students of color. what ended up happening was low efficiency results. the students are taking four-plus years to graj united states with degrees -- to graduate with degrees and spending $4 million on the program and what's interesting i was recruited not because of my low income but because of my skin color. i believe they pointed me out, not because of my low income, both of my parents had college degrees but because of my skin color. i don't see any other reason why i was nominated for the program. >> you were recruited in sixth grade. did the program -- did they promise you big dreams? i mean, they're clearly not making a grade. less than a third of the individuals are graduating in four years.
3:55 am
did they make false promises to you? >> yeah, absolutely. i remember walking into the auditorium. they had the big projector up. everybody was wearing matching t-shirts. it was a way to sensationalize the entire experience. i'm happy that i declined the offer because as campus reform reports, i made the best decision because i'm actually statistically proven to be doing better that i'm not in the program than if i were in the program. >> 22 -- the cost of 22 people is is up to $5 million. if you threw this program out you'd have program out you could fund 160 full tuition can scholarships. looking at the curriculum specifically what do you think the problem is? >> i view the problem as issues within the inefficiency of government. i view this as another government program that is like i said inefficient. if you're spending $4 million and looking to expand the program within the next two to three years, and you're not -- you're not going to accept the
3:56 am
fact that it's been very inefficient, then there's a problem within the bureaucracy, a problem within government. we need to take an objective and more rational view of the situation and of the fact and have a good conversation about what's going on. is this a problem of the people program? is this a problem with funding? what is it? >> thank you for joining us this morning. >> thank you so much. >> i'm sure his future will be bright no matter what program he's in. donald trump isn't the only one slamming the mainstream media. >> i think the liberal media and i have been dealing with you a long time, need to get your head out of your butt, focus on the real issues. >> that retired marine, new hampshire state representative, he's going to be here with why trump is the best candidate for the veterans. katie couric responding to the heat for her selective editing on the gun documentary. will she take the blame? ♪
3:57 am
what backache? what sore wrist? what headache? advil makes pain a distant memory. nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil.
3:58 am
3:59 am
4:00 am
good morning. it is wednesday, it is june 1st. i'm ainsley earhardt. and we have this, a fox news alert this morning. brand-new presidential polls, we have the answer to questions like who do you trust in the crisis? and who would you rather have at your barbecue? donald trump or hillary clinton? >> we'll see. plus, donald trump isn't the only one bashing the liberal media. >> donald trump is doing this from the heart. you're all focused on the way he's raising money. and you're not looking at the 22 veterans that are killing each other every day. >> that retired marine first sergeant is live this hour. and any way you look at it, this is a tricky shot. but can he pull it off? >> oh, no. >> this is the shot of the morning. >> i have a feeling i know what happens.
4:01 am
>> hit play. >> can't play it, it's a tease. [ laughter ] >> mornings are better with "friends." >> this is called a tease. if we played it, people might turn the channel. >> i don't know. i didn't know that. i didn't want any -- some people are going to work. they're wondering what ever happened to the golf shot. >> you'll make people late. >> they should tivo the show. let's hand it over to heath we are -- heather with some headlines for us. police in florida are trying to figure out what killed two people and hospitalized dozens more at the electronic festival at that state. one died in the hospital. and a 22-year-old man died the
4:02 am
day before. more than 22,000 attended the festival over the weekend and there were drug sniffing dogs at the gates. the medical staff quoted the scene as frightening. new overnight, the cincinnati zoo is now looking at whether or not it needs to better secure the barriers around that gorilla exhibit. just days after a 3-year-old boy wandered inside. zoo officials forcing a dangerous image response team to kill the 400 pound gorilla after it dragged the child. this after the police say they're looking into the boy's parents. one twitter user said, next time shoot the parents. poor gorilla. another say, quote, shoot the parents, not the gorilla. i hope they're prosecuted. well, the usda is looking into the zoo's safety enclosures. katie couric taking blame, now saying she regrets this edit in her documentary "under the
4:03 am
gun." >> if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from purchasing the guns? >> long pause, right? well, that long pause never happened. at least not at the point that they implied it happened. that was later added to make people think about the question. newly released audio shows that the real response was this. >> if there are no background checks for gun purchasers, how do you prevent felons or terrorists from walking into say a licensed gun dealer and purchasing the gun? >> well, one, if you're not in jail, then you should have still have your basic rights. >> well, couric said she should have done something about that miss leading scene. an injured dog is rescued after being stuck in the
4:04 am
wilderness forurs. he hurt his leg hiking with the owner, but the 75 pound dog was too heavy to carry him back to california. luckily a good samaritan found them and called authorities. look at that cute little guy on that little thing -- whatever you call it. >> exactly. and heather, the whales? >> the whales did live. >> they lived. >> good. arnold schwarzenegger -- >> eventually they died because it was a while ago. but arnold was right, the whales cannot die. >> good job, heather. >> if you're just waking up, she's talking about a whale story from a long time ago. we showed you this poll, the quinnipiac people did a poll and so far, nationally, hillary clinton with a four-point advantage over donald trump. >> all right. >> they asked them on -- in that poll some questions about well, who do you trust on certain
4:05 am
issues? for hillary clinton it was immigration, nuclear weapons, deploying troops and getting things done. for trump, creating jobs and fighting isis. again, it could cross over on those. those are the ones that tended -- >> creating jobs. number one issue. why they're going to the poll, economy. they like donald trump for creating jobs and not taking businesses elsewhere. >> if elections were based on who creates more jobs, it was interesting to see underneath that some of the people talked about. maybe a barbecue. >> they actually asked these voters who would you want to have a barbecue? they would rather invite trump to the backyard backyard, but 47-41 they would turn to clinton during a personal crisis. >> so what are they saying there? they'd rather have beer with donald trump, but yet -- >> have a deep talk on a personal crisis with hillary clinton? >> right. that's what the american people are saying. don't judge, we just report. how do they view trump a strong leader, honest and trustworthy.
4:06 am
inspiring. >> then how do they view hillary? better prepared and more intelligent. >> write us, what do you think? >> please write us. i think a lot of you might disagree with those categorizations. let's move on. donald trump and hillary clinton will be decided really in the state by state battles, and stunningly new hampshire which for the last three elections have gone to democrats are in a dead heat at 44-44. this according to boston -- i believe this is the boss university -- excuse me the franklin pierce poll and "boston herald" poll and in new jersey, shockingly close. >> that's right. look at this, clinton 38% and trump 34%. that's been a democratic state for years. both of those blue states. >> right. so here's the thing. if you break down what's signed these polls -- inside these polls men are going heavily for trump and women going heavily for clinton.
4:07 am
it's not as if the die has been cast, this is it. you have to win it or lose it. >> the polls are going everywhere, but what they're showing us exactly this is anyone's game. and donald trump is out there fighting in the media of course to make the case that he's the guy. one of the issues has been around vets. he did -- >> was it january? >> they purportedly raised $6 million and he tried to clear the air, hey, here's the groups i gave to. here's some highlights from yesterday's press conferences. it ended up being about the media as well. >> you know my opinion of the media it's very low. i think the media is frankly made up of people that in many cases, not in all cases are not good people. i didn't want the credit for it, but it was very unfair that the press treated us so badly. go ahead. i like scrutiny, but you know what, when i raise -- ex 'cuse
4:08 am
me, i have watched you on television, you're a real beauty. but what i don't want is when i raise millions of dollars and you have this sleazy guy over here from abc, he's a sleaze, in my book. you're a sleaze because you know the facts and you know the facts well. >> is this what it's going to be like covering you if you're president? >> yes. >> veal this confrontation -- we'll have this confrontation in the press room? >> yeah. if the press writes false stories like they did with this, because half of you are amazed that i raised all this money. i wasn't looking for the credit, but i had no choice to do this, because the press said i didn't raise any money for them. >> right. but there's nothing necessarily wrong with the press saying you raised $6 million where did it go? now he has all the answers to all the different foundations. in fact, the a.p. called up -- he listed 41 there leading up to the press conference. they called 30 and they got 30 yeses. the money got in one.
4:09 am
one special forces said we don't reveal. >> the journalists said we're asking you questions about where the money is going, what happened to the promise, but donald trump said you're turning something good into something bad. all i'm trying to do is give money to veterans organizations and help people. >> see, he's fighting back what conservatives wanted to see candidates fight back. it may be on the sharp side you might say. but it's fighting back and that chutzpa is something that people are drawn to. >> it's working. hillary clinton is changing her tactic, pretty clear. number one, she has to beat bernie sanders -- >> again? >> she has to fly out to california. she's got the governor's endorsement and meanwhile, she'll launch another facet to the campaign. she is thinking of emphasizing her foreign policy street cred. >> another reset. >> here's some of the catch phrases she's used in the past. >> everyday americans need a champion and i want to be that champion. i want to be a champion for oakland and all of the oaklands of america.
4:10 am
we do need to make america whole again. we have to make america whole. not talk about building walls but building bridges. when we build bridges not walls, we are stronger together. we're going to build a stronger future together. we are stronger together. we are stronger when we are united, not divided. >> it's -- i think i counted -- >> like four different campaign slogans and strategies. that's what you have when you have 750 -- literally 750 people working for you. if you feel like you're in the mud you change things. people out there -- whatever your candidate is not working yet. >> hit the reset button. >> you ask anyone on the streets, whose campaign slogan is make america great again, they all know it's trump's slogan. if you ask what her slogan is -- i don't know. >> i come here to make this program whole. >> we should hit the streets and
4:11 am
ask them who said this, who said this, and make them ail hillary clinton's campaign and see if anyone knows. >> the one who brought us benghazi and the chaos there and libya. it's not smart at all. she's utterly indictable on foreign policy as secretary of state. that's where she pivots? those slogans are empty, people see through it, now it's desperate. it's a panic button. >> but up by four in the last quinnipiac poll. jeff weaver has done a remarkable job with bernie sanders who might be in the last days of his campaign. donald trump isn't the only one bashing the liberal media. >> i think the liberal media, you need to get your head out of the butt and focus on the real issues. >> that retired marine is live with us next with why he is so outraged. >> oh, wait a second. and al sharpton is in big
4:12 am
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4:16 am
donald trump grilled by the liberal media about his claims of donating nearly $6 million to veterans holding a press conference yesterday putting the claims to rest. but everyone talked about the u.s. veteran who took the stage and took the media to task. >> donald trump is doing this from the heart. you oar all focused on the way he's raising money and you're not look at the 22 veterans that are killing each other day. you're not concern about the thousands of veterans that are on wait lists. look at his plan on his website. he talks about medical cards, he talks about fixing the v.a. and about competition. i think the liberal media, i have been dealing with you a long time, you need to get your head out of the butt and focus on the issues. >> tell us how you really feel. joining us right now is new hampshire state representative, al baldasaro. >> we've worked together a few times. >> you have done a lot of great work for the vets.
4:17 am
tell us about that. were you prepared to speak, did you know you were going to speak? it looked like it came from the heart. >> i didn't know. someone said donald trump may want you to speak on behalf of the veterans. but i'm prepared moment to moment, second to second to talk about veterans issues. >> you have been involved with mr. trump for quite some time. i saw on twitter and elsewhere, you took some heat for where are the donations? what did you say leading up to the press conference? >> i said, you know something, donald trump is concern -- he's going around the country. he has not had time. i'm focused on health care and other issues. said i don't have time to track this here. he's an honorable guy. he won't rob the people take your time and relax. >> what is your beef with the liberal media? >> until i learned to spend my own money, they constantly try to find fault. they constantly try to keep you on the defense.
4:18 am
if they were concerned about veterans they would be patting him on the back saying for thank you for all the liberals. why aren't the liberal media focused on the v.a. hospital issues, committing suicides, wait lists and they're instead worried about where the almighty dollar is that trump is doing. it's political. >> indeed. look at hillary clinton hasn't held a press conference in almost six months which donald trump pointed out. it looked like he -- there was almost an authentic reaction on stage. to say, hey, guys, i'm here to announce the guys and you're accosting me with questions about where that money went. >> this is crazy. you know, what it is is this is all political but they're using the veterans. i wish they were -- they would stop using them as political pawns. did 22 years in the military. if i left a piece of classified material out or had it on my phone, i'd be court marshaled and kicked out of the military. something is wrong with this counter. >> you mentioned political pawns, i had the same frustration that happened.
4:19 am
some had accused mr. trump of using vets in the press conferences. you have worked with him behind the scenes. what do you see in his heart toward votes and his desire -- >> you know what i see here -- i wouldn't put my name on a candidate, i meet them all and i look at what they have done for veterans. first of all, donald trump sent over a plane to pick up 200 marines over in iraq or afghanistan. okay. to bring them back home because there was no transportation. what he did, you know that marine that was in prison for four years? he sent him $25,000. he financed the parades here in new york. he's done the monuments. this man has done so much for veterans over the years. he's an unsung hero, been doing this here. >> how do you feel about his plan to reform the v.a.? >> i actually helped him. i sent him the information. they sent the draft back to me, representative -- we sat at the table at my house, we added some stuff, sent it back and he rolled it out. he listens, he utilizes the
4:20 am
talents. as a matter of fact, you know your study -- some of the stuff in this, you had a great study with the concerned veterans of america, and the concerned veterans, we put that together. >> i'm glad to see that. there's accountability and choice in this. >> and keeping the v.a. up and running. modernized them where people -- saying he wants to shut down the v.a. it's an honor. >> thank you very much, al baldasaro. all right, glenn beck silenced. what got him yanked off the radio? and you know her as an ally from disney's hit show, "austin and ali" and now laura marano is making the transition from disney star to pop star. she joins us next. ♪ you're not gonna watch it! ♪
4:21 am
4:22 am
4:23 am
♪ no, you're not gonna watch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪ ♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv.
4:24 am
xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. some quick headlines for you. convicted felons now one step closer to being able to vote in california. the state's assembly working on changing terms like imprisoned to be able to let felons vote. but those who are in state or federal jails still would not be eligible. the bill has now passed through the state's senate. and a new -- new tax troubles for al sharpton. he owes nearly $600,000 and he told "the new york times" he is paying off those debts. but "the times" says that conflicts with what the state officials said. >> some go to jail, some don't pay. meanwhile, you know her as
4:25 am
ally dawson from the hit show, "austin & ally." ♪ ♪ i've got dreams, i've got you and me ♪ >> gosh, she's so talented. now actress laura marano is turning into the real life pop star with her debut single "boom box." ♪ ♪ because you're my boom box, baby, you can say anything ♪ ♪ ♪ yeah, boom box, baby, you can say anything ♪ ♪ >> we were watching the video. before the show in the newsroom. we added to the 26 million views that it already has on youtube. she's releasing an album later this year and joins us right now on the couch. laura marano. >> thank you for having me. >> and tell us about the quinnipiac poll, they were watching the video -- >> right, right. >> it's true. >> what's the actor's name? >> kim jung. in the video. i'm so excited and shocked,
4:26 am
however, about the 26 million views but i have to give credit to ken. he's so hilarious in the video. his daughter is in the video so i think that's definitely helped to get some views. so funny. >> laura, was acting a vehicle for your music career or vice versa? >> i was saying earlier i always wanted to do music. i didn't have the opportunity. no one in my family does music, some my mom knew the acting world. my sister vanessa and i got into the acting world early. >> at what age? >> 5. i was already getting old. >> exactly. what were you thinking? >> i loved it. i wasn't supposed to get the agent. i like -- my sister was going in to get the agent. i kind of popped in. we kind -- i don't have an agent. oh, honey. we'll take you too. >> they took your sister. >> right. it was both of us. but with music it was something that -- you know, i always wanted to do.
4:27 am
i didn't know how. i had voice and piano lessons but i didn't know the business aspect of it. >> here's all the things that happen to you in the last year. you have a new single, say yes to the prom dress the tv show and you were nominated for a teen choice award and got best actress at the kids' choice award, signing to taylor swift's label. >> any pressure there? >> there's been a lot of stuff going on this year for sure. i think i'm so -- i'm such a huge fan of taylor's. when i found out, when "1989" came out a couple of years ago i was so hyped about it and then i signed with big machine. this is so surreal right now. i don't know -- >> what is it like to be a role model to young girls who love your show? >> for me, i honestly love my fans, i love my fans of all ages. when i meet little fans it warms my heart. the biggest thing you can be, in
4:28 am
any sort of position is just to be your authentic self and be your genuine self. which is sometimes hard to be when -- there's a lot of pressure. >> yeah. i have been trying to tell pete that. he doesn't listen. >> come on. >> oh, pete. >> how to make the transition. >> it's hard. >> all grown up. >> all grown up. >> so you're going from -- on the disney side more to the pop side. some have failed in the transition. it's a difficult one. >> sure. i think it's about -- i know this sounds so cheesy, but literally just being yourself. which is hard to do. i think working on your craft is super crazy important. i push myself and try to improve every single day, but, you know, at the end of the day i remind myself if i'm not being myself or if i'm being -- trying to succumb to certain standards around me, that's not doing to help anyone either. not introducing something creative and new. >> you could be like me, have no
4:29 am
standards. >> you have standards. >> not really. >> you were a student at usc -- >> yes. part-time. >> i'm a graduate of usc, south carolina. >> hold on here. trojan. >> gamecock. >> my mom was at usc. but my dad went to ucla. >> but you might see her on campus? >> my mom or me? >> you. >> my mom doesn't go there anymore. yes, i go on campus. i'm going part-time. i won't graduate until i'm probably 37. it's important to me to go to school and kind of -- i love college. i love being in the classroom. >> you have inspired me to be myself for the rest of the show. >> if you'd only listen. >> thanks, laura. congratulations. we have bombshell testimony from a former state department official blaming benghazi on hillary's e-mail shot. this is the shot of the
4:30 am
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now i use this. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent the urge to smoke all day. i want this time to be my last time. that's why i choose nicoderm cq. [ laughter ] [ bleep ]. [ laughter ] >> got that on video? >> i don't know what's better the reaction, the laughing. >> talking about a laugh. trying to hit the perfect shot on california, but falls backwards into the water. >> i love that he thought he could step on something.
4:34 am
his friends are howling and laughing. he walks back on the fairway completely soaked and emass cue lated. >> i thought i have room here. yep. all the way in. >> right. well, he looked as cool as you would look getting out of the water with your friends -- >> it would be two-point penalty if he moved the ball? >> i mean, if it was a good shot maybe it was worth it. >> i don't know if he really hit the ball. meanwhile, according to reports, heather nauert is poised to do the news. >> i am. good morning. >> what ever happened to your husband will? good morning to you. i have breaking news, egyptair crash, the government says that a french ship is picking up signals in the mediterranean sea. believed to be from flight 804's missing black boxes. but egypt has made multiple
4:35 am
contradictory claims throughout the search. it could be key to finding out what caused that paris to cairo flight to crash last month, killing all 66 on board. more on this story as we get it into the newsroom. well, conservative news host glenn beck yanked off the air after a guest hinted that donald trump could be assassinated if elected. take a listen to this. >> i don't think there is a legal means available. i think it will be a terrible, terrible position the american people will be in to get trump out of office because you won't be able to do it through congress. >> well, i would agree with you on that. >> well, his radio show is suspended for at least a week and sirius xm is evaluating the place in the lineup. passengers are happy to get back on the ground after panels started to fall from the plane as it landed. it tried to touch down in
4:36 am
newark, in new jersey last week. passengers say they saw mechanical boxes and other parts exposed when the ceiling collapsed. the pilot circled the airport half an hour before coming down safely. no one was hurt. well, the tv weatherman sam champion calling out american airlines in a long twitter rantd over -- rant over what he calls shameful behavior. he tweeted on board his plane in california. so american air just swapped passengers on a flight they said was too heavy and they wanted to swap me next. well, then the airline tweeted an apology. he responded saying you can't say plane is too heavy for safety, pull someone with a seat assignment off and put someone else on. and those are your headlines. airlines sometimes do that, they have weight restrictions. see you soon. all right, let's hand it out to maria. i think she's outside. come on in after this -- >> she has a question for us. >> it's wednesday, that means it's science trivia day, ready
4:37 am
for the question? >> no. >> i don't know what the heck you're talking about. >> but here is your question. on average, when do most tornadoes occur? during the month of march, april, may or june? which month do you think -- >> i can tell, a lot of tornadoes this month. so should which say may? i say may. but we have had three -- >> do i have to call rick reichmuth? >> no phoning the meteorologists. >> go with may. >> you are correct. it is the month of may. now, still very active, so everyone out there, you have to pay attention. we are still in a busy season for tornadoes and severe weather. but let's go ahead and switch gears and look at the weather conditions that are forecast for today and over the next couple of days. because the big story has been the flash flooding and river flooding ongoing across texas. look at how much rain we have seen over the past week with some areas picking up more than a foot of rain and the forecast calls for another half foot of
4:38 am
rain or even locally heavier amounts out there across parts of texas and into parts of oklahoma and arkansas. otherwise, temperatures across the southeastern u.s. forecast to be very summer like. cooler as you head into the northern plains, fargo, just 62 degrees for the highs today. let's head back inside. >> thank you. are you trying to figure out how to save and how to invest your money, but you're not sure exactly where to start? here with the answers to your money questions is finance expert, author of "retire inspired" chris hogan. man with the best voice you ever heard. hey, chris, good morning. >> hi, good morning. >> see? >> indeed. >> all right. we'll go through some e-mails that our viewers have sent us. if you'll answer them, we would appreciate that. brian? >> all right, i'm going to start first because ainsley introduced me. i plan to retire in 2017 and i will be 62 and i have never invested in anything. is it too late, chris? >> well, i would tell karen that
4:39 am
it's never too late to get started investing but it's really important for her to really get into high gear. and understand her options. i would advise her for to check out my irq tool, free tool to help people understand about investing and their retirement dream. but it's never too late, but she does need to get moving in the right direction. >> where can they find that tool, on your website? >> yes, ma'am. they can find it on chris hogan becky from virginia asks i have a life insurance policy with a cash value of $6,000. should i cash it in and purchase term life insurance, if so, what should i do with the money? what do you think? >> well, i would tell becky that i remember term life insurance, but here's what i would do. i would want to make sure that she got a term life policy full and in effect which means in place. then she could take a look at cashing out the whole life policy and using that money toward attacking debt or building an emergency fund. that way she keeps herself
4:40 am
covered regardless of her health situation. >> chris, this is ruben from texas, we have three to six months of expenses for an emergency fund. is the three to six month rule still applicable in retirement? if not, what do we do with our emergency fund? >> well, i would tell ruben this. number one, congratulations on having an emergency fund. remember the goal of having it is to keep a cushion between you and life happening. so just because you're retired doesn't mean we want to give up that cushion. peace of mind. remember your emergency fund is not an investment it is insurance. it's there just in case. so leave it in the money market account and stay focused and keep investing towards your dream. >> all right. you can open up a money market account at your bank and it provides a higher interest rate than in the savings account, right? >> you're absolutely right. >> i learned that from you. thank you, chris. great to see you this morning. >> thank you for having me. >> thanks to the three people for writing.
4:41 am
bombshell testimony from one of hillary clinton's closest aides blaming benghazi on clinton's e-mail scandal? we'll go inside the brand-new evidence next. we have more on the controversy surrounding the death of the gorilla saving a child who fell in his cage. animal rights activists protesting saying that the gorilla's life matters just as much as the child's. dr. keith ablow on that ahead. nexium 24 hour introduces new, easy-to-swallow tablets. so now, there are more ways,
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4:45 am
all right. hillary clinton's e-mail headache not going away by a long shot. in the hot seat, long time clinton confidant cheryl mills who admitted in the deposition that she bypassed state department servers by using her personal address to e-mail mrs. clinton. she partly blamed the attack on benghazi, get this, for clinton's failure to release e-mails. joining us is tom fitton who won the right in court to question key members of clinton's staff. first off, stunning. she showed up with a lot, seven to 11 lawyers including herself. >> yeah. seven lawyers for ms. mills. we had four attorneys. i was there as president of judicial watch so i watched the procedure proceedings. but it was tough going for the attorney who was conducting the questioning because the government lawyers and mrs. mills' personal attorney
4:46 am
objected vociferously to many of the questions. >> what was your goal in talking to her? what was the main aim? >> we wanted to find out about the clinton e-mail system. which is i guess the question of the year. in terms of how that system impacted the freedom of information act. the american people's right to know. two courts have wanted these questions answered. so we did try to get the answers and ms. mills admitted that foia was impacted negatively and she suggested that they wish they had thought of that at that time. >> wow. where does benghazi factor into this? it's extremely hard for congress, trey gowdy and company to get a lot of these communications. but yet, now that figures into her inability to furnish you the answers you need? >> you know when you leave government office at the federal level you're supposed to leave your records behind and make
4:47 am
sure they have been preserved. we asked ms. mills about that, her response was that we didn't focus on that necessarily because when we were leaving, benghazi had happened and that actually happened several months before. mrs. clinton was sick. >> how much do you think cheryl mills knows about why this server was put together, what was it there for and what were they told before they set it up? >> i think she knows more than she's willing to say in the sense that we asked questions specifically on that. we were told we couldn't get into it for attorney/client and other reasons. for instance, she talked to bryan pagliano, the clinton i.t. official who supposedly asserted his fifth amendment and he has immunity, we wanted to know what did they talk about, what did she learn? i was doing it as mrs. clinton's attorney, so you can't find out. >> wow. she made herself mrs. clinton's attorney, and she kardashianed you in the way that kardashian
4:48 am
was used by o.j. perhaps. you want to find out what and who would be next in your quest? >> we want to find out about this freedom of information act, how it was upended by the clinton e-mail issue. we want to know where those missing e-mails are. mrs. clinton only turned over half the e-mails she took with her. up next is a key state department official who supposedly told folks or was aware of the e-mail system and they didn't want individuals talking about it. was aware of the open records law and next week is bryan pagliano, the i.t. official. >> and colin powell also had a private e-mail and now the clinton camp is saying these are two of the same things. is it? >> no, it isn't because mrs. clinton obviously didn't check into prior practice before setting up her e-mail system. powell didn't have a private server. he used the classified network.
4:49 am
he didn't conduct all of his business on his -- on his personal account. and mrs. clinton and her allies are using what he supposedly did as an after the fact rationalization and excuse. ms. mills testified that mrs. clinton continued her practice of using personal e-mail. that's all she did. she didn't use it for convenience. she used it because she had done it before in the senate and kept doing it under a new e-mail account. >> bryan pagliano is next. we look forward to finding out what happens inside there and come back on the show. >> thank you. >> all right, tom fitton, thanks. straight ahead, we change gears. animal rights activists protesting and holding vigils, and they said the gorilla's life mattered as much as the child's life and dr. ablow has something to do. at on this date back in 1997, hanson was at top of the
4:50 am
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show me "previously watched." what's recommended for me. x1 makes it easy to find what you love. call or go online and switch to x1. only with xfinity. well, social media is still exploding over the shooting death of a gorilla at the cincinnati zoo. >> oh! oh, my god. >> the parents of the toddler who got into the primate pit forcing a zoo worker to shoot and kill the gorilla are getting death threats now and they're the focus of a police investigation. but with the child's life on the line, why are so many americans outraged over the death of the gorilla? let's talk to our fox news
4:54 am
medical a-team psychiatrist, dr. ablow. why is that? why do we have people with signs out there with gorilla lives matter? >> i think it's tough, because people aren't being asked to make difficult choices in their lives, what are they willing to put on the line in order to achieve the greater good. it's easy for people to now say, oh, such a cute animal. look, i love animals. i think it's sad that this animal died, but let's be honest, a lot of those protesting are wearing leather sneakers. cows' lives don't matter? why the gorilla, because it's cute? by the way, the gorilla is caged. he doesn't want to be there to begin with. so the bottom line is it's okay to cage the gorilla, keep it in a habitat so spectators can look at it. but when the life of a child is at risk, these people may not know what it's like to be parents and make tough choices. i would question their parenting skills because you know what, i'm a psychiatrist so i tend to look at things logically for the factual basis.
4:55 am
anyone protesting the death of the gorilla i wouldn't let them baby-sit my kid for the life of me. these are very, very irresponsible people. >> let's listen to the image activist and get your reaction. >> the bottom line here is we have wild animals that are designed to be in the natural habitat that have been brought into captivity and whenever there's an conflict between the wild animals and people the reaction is the same. >> well, i mean, look, i have a couple hours to spare for him. i'll donate those hour, this guy needs a little bit of help. the outcome is the same? isn't the zoo designed to keep kids and adults safe and that's another issue. was it safe enough? but the bottom line is, listen, we can all em pa thiess --
4:56 am
empathize with our dogs and cats but the human beings are held in a higher esteem. if you're a dad or a mom, you want that gun fired instantly, because that kid could grow up to be a leader among men and women. that's what we have to preserve. very sad about the gorilla, but not even close. that guy, he needs my help. he should lay back, let me help him. i could help him see why that's the case. i could put him back in touch to parent. maybe his parents adored him and they would have done the same thing. >> great to see you. he made his opinion on hillary clinton's e-mail scandal crystal clear. >> the american people are sick and tired of hearing about your damn e-mails. >> thank you. thank you. me too. >> but now, does bernie sanders finally want to hear about those damn e-mails? we'll ask his campaign manager, jeff weaver, live, straight
4:57 am
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[ upbeat music ] strut past that aisle for the allergy relief that starts working in as little as 30 minutes and contains the best oral decongestant. live claritin clear, with claritin-d. good wednesday morning to you. it is june 1st. i'm ainsley earhardt. donald trump rips the media right to its face. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. no credibility. loser. you're real beauty. i don't like dishonesty. you're a sleaze. libelous stories. unbelievably dishonest. >> those are just a taste of it. so will the latest war of words help or hurt him? and hillary clinton has another campaign strategy. half of the voters want her to stay in the race, even if she's indicted. bernie sanders campaign manager -- incredible. jeff weaver, we'll ask him about
5:01 am
it. he's here to react. >> he's got bernie in the last week, we will see. >> fists fly at costco. [ screaming ] what is she saying? >> get away from my kid. >> wow. everybody is fighting. what is that? it's over a parking spot, believe it or not. as long as it's smog important, you have no regrets today. >> great spot. >> fantastic. god forbid you walk three minutes. meanwhile -- by the way, can they give us bags to leave costco with? >> no. >> you basically walk out like this. "fox & friends" starts right now. it's true. >> you walk -- >> it's true. you put them in the cart. we don't care how you get them to the car.
5:02 am
you bought them, now go. >> because you're buying in bulk. >> there's the guy at the end going -- oh, yeah. this better be yours. >> that explains why they were fighting over the parking spot. you have to be close. >> you have to be close. there you go. >> i know what you're talking about. he shakes, he looks. do you think he looks at your items? >> he's look agent the items. >> what do you buy at costco? >> probably cereal. it doesn't fit in the closet so it's perfect. way too big. >> right, heather, chex cereal. >> i like their chicken salad. as long as there's not a recall. >> you can get tires one day. you can get a fence. you know? >> you can even see a fight. >> i go to costco for fences. >> fences.
5:03 am
way to go, pete. glad you're mending fences back home in minnesota. good morning to you. i have a couple of headlines right now. police are trying to figure out what killed two people and then hospitalized dozens more in an electronic music festival in florida. a 21-year-old woman and a 22-year-old man are dead from what's believed to be drug overdoses. they both attended the sunset music festival in tampa over the weekend. more than 30,000 were at the event. it had drug sniffing dogs at the gate. the medical staff is quoted as saying that the scene was frightening. it's the worst flooding that texas has seen. take a look at this jeep going over what turned out to be a waterfall now. it is only getting worse in that state. take a look at this dramatic video just in to our newsroom. that jeep no match for the turbulence of the brazos river. it just swallows it whole.
5:04 am
>> and then some more incredible and terrifying video coming in. take a look at this. dozens of horses with nowhere to go. they're trying to escape the rising floodwaters there. they head to higher ground on the porch of this house. rescuers forced to go door to door looking for those who are trapped and telling people to get out. we all want you to be safe there. keep watching us through the day for any updates. a costco shopper, what we have been talk about this, beaten and bruised during a wild brawl all over a parking space. [ screaming ] >> two men fighting and then the ladies step in. two couples involved in the melee throwing fists and exchanging insults in front of the packed store. one of the couples had their daughter in the car who was
5:05 am
cryicr crying as an employee tried to help. not a good idea to fight over a parking spot. take a look at this, it took $15,000 to build this thing and it took seconds for this to happen. a 4-year-old boy -- oh, no, in china. pushed over the statue. one hour after it went on display. there was a no touching sign. 4-year-olds can't read, give the kid a break. the artist heartbroken, but didn't ask for any money. i better check to see if where my kid was. something that he would do. >> i would like to say you're overexaggerating, but you're not. they'd go right for the lego. >> i don't know why it cost $15,000 to build that. >> all the legos. >> at my house it's free. you have to buy the lego, but $15,000. they hired somebody?
5:06 am
>> labor, parts. let's bring in jeff weaver. jeff weaver has done an incredible -- he's done an incredible job getting bernie sanders to the threshold of the nomination. but with six days left does he have enough to take california, new jersey and everything else? jeff, welcome back. >> thanks, glad to be here. >> jeff, what do you think it says the fact that hillary clinton jetted out to california? >> well, i think it's pretty clear that the polls are closing here rapidly in california. you know, recent poll had us only two points down after being much further back than that. the momentum is clearly with the senator here. he's talking to crowds, 10,000, 20,000 people at a time. we're doing advertising here on the air here in california. i just arrived here in california, but i have to tell you, tremendous amount of energy on the ground for the senator in california. >> jeff, donald trump was hammering the media for being in the tank for hillary clinton. we have been playing the sound bites from yesterday.
5:07 am
how do you feel about that? do you think that the media is in the tank for hillary? >> i wouldn't say they're in the tank for hillary. absolutely not. i think what's outrageous about what donald trump did is that he himself has benefited from hours and hours and hours of uninterrupted coverage of his rallies. he's received i mean probably well in excess of $100 million free coverage from media who just puts his rallies up on the air, hoping he'll say something outrageous. so he's really not in a position to complain about media coverage. >> but is it fair for hillary clinton to punch back when she hasn't held a press conference for six months. he's out there answering questions and she hasn't done that. >> it's true that hillary clinton has been much more difficult for the media to reach. if you talk to those who cover her campaign i think there's frustration among the media about her accessibility. you know, bernie sanders is out there every day, very accessible to the media. holds media avails all the time.
5:08 am
the secretary, you know, has a much more scripted program. >> what stood out for you with the i.g. report as you -- only one person standing in the way of the nomination, hillary clinton. this i.g. report looks damning from almost every single. do you see yourself looking at that and maybe giving something to your candidate to bring forward because bernie sanders famously said no one cares about your damn e-mails. have you guys changed your position? >> no. the senator has not changed his position. there are so many substantialtive differences between hillary clinton and bernie sanders, he supports a $15 an hour minimum wage and she does not. and he supports universal health care and she does not. and free tuition, she doesn't support that. so many substantive differences. >> this is new, jeff. you're in second place with those issues. this could be something that gets into character and integrity and how you act in office. >> well, i think that the i.g.
5:09 am
report really speaks for itself. anybody who is interested in it can read it. but look, the process is still going on. there's an fbi investigation going on. i think the state department proper as opposed to the i.g. is doing its own investigation so this has a ways to play out. let's see where it goes. >> there's a new rasmussen poll out that says if hillary clinton is charged with a felony, 50% say she could continue to run until the court determines her guilt or innocence and then 43% say she should immediately stop campaigning. what's your reaction? >> that's a wild hypothetical. i find it difficult to believe that a candidate who is under indict can't continue to run. >> pending felony charges if that were to happen would disqualify her, she should drop out? >> no. i just talked about it from the practical standpoint. i think that would be difficult to continue running a race. but you know, there's no indication that's going to happen, frankly. but you know this race will go
5:10 am
on. senator is doing well in california. i think we have an opportunity to win. >> no one has worked harder than you guys. you went from nowhere to everywhere. everybody knows who you are around the world. if hillary clinton does run into additional turn lens, don't worry, they'll trot out joe biden. not bernie sanders. what's your reaction to that? >> well, we our off in speculation land, but i have to say that bernie sanders has -- by the time this process is over, he will have won over 20 states, he has 2 million individual contributors. if hillary clinton is not the nominee, bernie sanders will be. >> you're spending a lot of time in california with the primary coming up on tuesday. you spent time at game 7 watching the warriors play oklahoma city. and i believe the senate was in row 15. you received some criticism because these are not cheap tickets. these are thousand dollar tickets with a celebrity.
5:11 am
he's also been criticized for enjoying fine dining on chartered jets when he went to rome and elsewhere. is there fair criticism that bernie sanders is another limousine liberal, he likes to talk about the 1%, but ultimately likes to join them also. >> well, i think anybody who knows the senator knows that's certainly not the case. he lives a middle class lifestyle, doesn't have a lot of money. i think he's one of the poorest members of the united states senate. i find that a little bit laughable frankly. i have known him for over 30 years. he lives a humble life for a senator. >> how does he explain the la h lavi lavish trips? >> it wasn't a lavish trips. he was invited by the pope to talk about income inequality all around the world. they chartered a plane for him to get there along with a bunch of media folks.
5:12 am
i'm sure fox people were on there as well. it was a charter fare, the menus may look good. i have eaten on the planes, it's not always what it looks like on the menu. >> if hillary clinton gets over the threshold june 7th, on june 8th, what do you and bernie sanders do? >> well, look, the senator has said he'll go all the way to the convention. in the democratic process we have pledged delegates that are elected by people and then the super delegates who are elected officials and party leaders. neither candidate will have enough pledged delegates after june 7th to win the nomination. that's just a fact. hillary clinton is not going to have enough and senator sanders is not going to have enough. the super delegates -- >> super delegates, you're going to convince them to come to your side? what could change? it's got to be the indictment. what else could change the calculus of the super delegates? >> i think super delegates are like every other voter. super delegates will vote at the convention. as you get closer to voting you pay more attention to the election frankly. i think the polling has been out
5:13 am
there in the world, you have seen it, certainly some of the fox news polls have borne this out. bernie sanders is a much stronger candidate against trump than secretary clinton. she's losing in some battle ground states to him. the difference between the two is in single digits. bernie sanders trounces trump, particularly among the independents. and bernie sanders just a much better position to do that than secretary clinton at this point. >> jeff weaver, congratulations on your success. thanks for being with us. >> and over the next few days it will be big. jeff weaver join us. >> it's ironic that the socialist is making the electability argument which is being made on that side. >> but he's right, most polls have him doing better against trump. who's to blame in the gorilla situation? the parents or the zoo? abby huntsman spoke to some yesterday and she is here with the responses.
5:14 am
it's happening, the selfie culture has been cemented in history with this selfie statue. >> no. >> who came up with this? soon. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice.
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5:18 am
the cincinnati zoo where that toddler got into that gorilla exhibit now saying that it will re -- it's going to consider raising its fences. >> oh! oh, my god. >> the parents of the toddler, there's their picture with the kid, got into that exhibit -- the parents of that child who got into the exhibit, they're speaking out this morning. releasing a statement confirming their child is doing fine, and they're now asking people to make donations to the zoo in honor of the dead gorilla. >> interesting. abby huntsman just got back from the cincinnati zoo with a report. >> we got back last night. we have to check out the scene, figure out what really happened and the officials at the cincinnati zoo they say it is safe days after the boy got into the gorilla exhibit. but what do the parents have to say about that situation? we went to the zoo and we asked them. here is what they said. >> it's upsetting. you know?
5:19 am
i feel it was more the parents fault. i don't care how many kids you have with you, you watch your children. >> but what -- >> i would have been -- >> you would have jumped in? >> i would have jumped in. >> i do fault the zoo for having an opening that a child could fit through. you can't 100% of the time glue them to you. i think it's unfortunate all the way around. >> i definitely sympathize with the mother. i had a moment at this very zoo, i looked down to put the baby in the baby carrier and the my son was gone. it was terrifying. it was scary. i certainly sympathize. >> he cried, how come? >> because they shot the gorilla. >> you don't think it was right? >> because the parents weren't watching their children. >> i think it's horrible. it's terrible that they had to shoot it. i think they could have -- i'm not blaming the zoo but maybe they could have handled it differently. >> you can see there just the different emotions, the
5:20 am
different reactions. you guys are parents so i'm sure you thought about this. every time someone would say i blame the parents, it's their fault, i would follow up with what if that your child, they felt the zoo did the right thing. but still everyone is so sad because this gorilla was like part of their family. they loved this guy so much. >> right. but it's still a gorilla as opposed to -- >> to a child. >> the other thing i'm wondering what those barriers look like. i know you some footage of what the barrier looked like. because they're working on it now, but clearly there's an issue there. >> that was the question, how tough was it to get inside where the gorillas were. we have our phones -- that's the video we took off of the cell phones. >> what are we seeing right now? >> it's closed off and they're working -- look, like they're fixing things so it can't help again. but you have to go through multiple barriers to get to where the gorilla was. it's not easy. >> thanks, abby. great job. donald trump unleashes his
5:21 am
fury on the media, but in the end it's the american people who are listening. what did the voters think about it? frank luntz is here to answer that question, next. i can do ea. benefiber® healthy shape helps curb cravings. it's a clear, taste-free daily supplement... ...that's clinically proven to help keep me fuller longer. benefiber® healthy shape. this, i can do. find us in the fiber aisle.
5:22 am
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5:24 am
we have some quick headlines for you. the white house and the former attorney general not on the same page when it comes to the nsa leaker edward snowden. eric holder says snowden leaking the documents was a public service and the white house said that's not the president's take. both agree that snowden should come back from russia to face charges. want to get elected to congress? marry the lawmaker you hope to replace. alan grayson married a doctor who is running for his congressional seat as he runs to
5:25 am
take a senate seat. grayson was involved in a bigamy case when he discovered his ex-wife was married to somebody else after 24 years together. donald trump not holding back his disdane for the media. >> when i raise money -- excuse me, i have watched you on television. you're real beauty. but what i don't want when i raise millions of dollars have people say like this sleazy guy right over here from abc. he's a sleaze in my book. because you know the facts well. >> is this what it will be like covering you if you're president? >> yeah. >> does this work with the voters? let's ask frank luntz. >> you know, he called me a slob which was accurate. this is back about a year ago. i am, look at me. the problem is he called me an idiot and as a ph.d. from oxford
5:26 am
university, i am a slob. i'm -- i dress like a clown as you guys if you want to get the shoes in. >> no, you have gym today -- you have converse. >> but they're trump shoes. these are going to make america great again. i'm hoping somebody can get this shot. here is what's so powerful about what donald trump is doing which is the american people hate political correctness. not just the republicans. independents and some democrats as well. second is that they're tired of being told what to think and how to think. by the press. >> right. >> they want to make those decisions themselves. so as he is doing this, the average reporter thinks this guy is horrible. the average voter thinks finally someone is standing up to them, shouting them down and putting them back in their place. the only people who have credibility ratings as unfavorable as members of congress are members of the press. >> wow. that's true. so when he was yelling at the press he's really not hurting himself because the american people go, okay, he's showing an aggression. he wants to win. >> it's the reason why the top
5:27 am
5% of the country doesn't like -- the highest income people don't like him. because he doesn't speak their language. but why he's getting so blue collar workers and working class members. >> you study the political class, this is what you do for the living. you're watching and learning and all the experts have been wrong. but you said something interesting in the break. you said that donald trump said why should i change because look what i have done so far being me. but your answer is very interesting. you think he's got to change. doesn't mean it will get you the rest of the way. what do you mean? >> the person who taught me this was newt gingrich in 1994. what made you successful as the opposition leader would not make you successful if you were in power. reagan said the same thing in 1980. one thing to say it as a critic. >> right. >> it's another thing when you're elected president and how you behave. donald trump absolutely shocks and just embarrassed the pundits
5:28 am
because of his style. but what got him to the nomination, with that segment of republican and independent voters does not get you to 50% among the new electorate which is all of america. >> so frank, do you think he needs to say, this is how i get rid of the $19 trillion or get rid of isis or name the people that would do that? >> i want to give you credit because in the break, you said he probably should name his cabinet. you're right. because that tells you the people who are going to around him. in my interviews with trump voters that's the firm one -- the number one thing they say to me. as long as he surrounds himself with bright, experienced people that's what i'm looking for in the businessman and in the next president of the united states. >> wow. so i mean, so far, we're seeing that he is very comfortable with the rallies. let's see if he's going to be comfortable with the super pacs and raising money. >> he has an important convention speech. the less he's reading from the
5:29 am
teleprompter which is what hillary clinton has to do, the more effective he'll be and then of course the debates. >> all right. bill kristol is rolling out a candidate, a third party. >> meaningless. meaningless. >> why? >> because this is not someone who's ever held elective office, not someone that the american people know. not someone who has the money and the experience. it is absolutely meaningless. >> 1% could make this election. >> yes. but you should be looking at gary johnson, former governor of new mexico and bill weld, former governor of massachusetts. they're much more credible. >> and your sneakers say? >> make america great again. there we go. that's donald trump. here's the thing. i'm selling these for so much money. i'm winning by selling these sneakers. >> there you go. absolutely. he's got a righty and a lefty. good to see you, frank. meanwhile, coming up in the final half hour, brand-new presidential poll out answering questions like this.
5:30 am
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what knee pain?? what sore elbow? advil liqui-gels make pain a distant memory nothing works faster stronger or longer what pain? advil. ♪ ♪ that pretty little smile this is your shot of the morning. no, that's not a smile. clearly you can see that. she is in shock right now because inside that delivery room she thought she was -- >> she thought she was having a little girl. so imagine her surprise when she
5:34 am
got a baby boy. >> wow. >> does that happen anymore? >> see the sonogramologist. the australian couple has a lot of pink gifts to exchange. the picture the really worth a thousand words. am i correct? yes. >> oh, could you imagine? what if you were preparing, you did the nursery in the colors, all the gifts. this day and age that doesn't happen anymore. >> all kids are a blessing. >> what do you mean what am i talking about? nowadays -- i know. i know. i chose to. but what if i had decided not to and they told me i was having a boy and i really had a girl. that doesn't happen anymore. >> you would be so thrilled. i know you well enough to say you'd be thrilled regardless. >> my point is you don't hear about that happening much anymore. >> true. >> then you get the pink smock dresses. >> that's right. it's a southerly thing. >> we have sonogramologists?
5:35 am
in the meantime, they don't want to hear our girl talk about babies and how much we love them and all that stuff. all right, i'll get to the news right now. good morning to all of you. i hope you're off to a good day. in charlotte, north carolina, there was a heart stopping school bus scare. 14 students and their driver hurt after their bus runs off the road, falls down the 30 foot embankment and crashes into a north carolina house. >> you need to remain calm so that we can help everyone. >> i'm as calm as i can be! get somebody here. this bus crashed into the house, i have bleeding children, broken bones. y'all get out of the street! >> my goodness, no wonder she was frantic. the injuries to the children range from broken bones to cuts and bruises. witnesses say the bus was simply going too fast around a curve before it crashed into the house. the driver is now suspended but with pay.
5:36 am
well, brand-new abuse allegations surfacing against the actor johnny depp. he is now accused of trying to suffocate his wife with a pillow. well, that's according to one of her close friends who found amber heard bruised and battered. a judge issued a restraining order against depp just days after heard filed for divorce. and we are now learning that northwestern university refused to hire a retired army lieutenant general karl eikenberry months after it named him to lead a new department at that school. critics ultimately derailing his appointment, questioning his qualifications as former military, publishing an open letter in february saying this. quote, as faculty who are deeply committed to academic integrity, we believe it would be irresponsible to remain silent while the university's core mission of independent research and teaching becomes identified was military and foreign policy.
5:37 am
really, northwestern? well, eikenberry decided to withdraw in april due do that opposition. it appears that the selfie culture is here to stay, oh, no. there was a bronze statue commemorating the photo snapping act. it was erected on the houston suburb and it will probably be there forever and ever and ever. part of a donation of ten statues honoring the new generation of art and culture. wait, we're not done evolving. people are taking selfies with the selfie statue. i'm going to go. i'll see you soon. i hope you have a great day. >> hosting the other show today? >> i don't know. >> it was a sign of the apocalypse. >> you're actually going home? going home? >> no, i'm going to do another show. see you soon. >> thank you, heather. great to see you. hard working woman. let's hand it out to our friend maria who has weather out
5:38 am
on the plaza. how does it peopfeel? >> it feels great, the sun is coming out. i want to take you where things have not been so pleasant, that's across the parts of the southern plains and texas we have been picking up significant rainfall. over the past week and also dealing with a lot of river flooding out there with a number of flood warnings in effect. you can see the rainfall totals over the past week. as much as eight to 12 inches of rain came down out there. the forecast over the next couple of days is for things to remain unsettled. six to eight inches of rain and flooding will remain a concern. otherwise, temperatures across the southeastern u.s. today are toasty. 89 degrees for the forecast high in atlanta. out west, on the cool side right now. but they are forecast to be climbing over the next few days. let's head back inside. >> thanks. let me tell you what's coming up over the next 22 minutes. the liberal media thought they had donald trump cornered and then they took the mike. >> no credibility.
5:39 am
loser. you're a real beauty. i don't like dishonesty. you're a sleaze. >> and the media response is silence. where are the backbones? peter johnson jr. is here to hope us find their backbone. he'll be their chiropractor. al sharpton is in big trouble this morning. why uncle sam wants to speak with the liberal tv host, next. >> big surprise. >> not good. good luck with the meeting today. thank you. as our business is growing, and you're on the road all day long, it's exhausting.
5:40 am
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5:43 am
her last one was about six months ago. but has promised to hold one soon. and $7.8 million. that's how much it would cost to put the lawyers through ethics training which they're refusing. they're defying a court order after accusations they deceived the state of texas about president obama's immigration reform. finally, $600,000 that's how much al sharpton owes new york state. the debts to date back to back to 2008. he's in no rush. the press should be ashamed of themselves. no credibility. loser. you're a real beauty. but i don't like dishonesty. you're a sleaze. libelous stories. unbelievably dishonest. >> well, those are just a few choice words donald trump had for the press yesterday. the presumptive nominee slamming and shaming reporters in a tense press conference over veteran donations and voters just might agree with him. the last gallup poll shows that the public's trust in the news media dipped to an all time low.
5:44 am
only four in ten americans trust the press. on the other hand, they consider trump to be a quote, strong leader who's honest and inspiring. so is he on to something here? let's ask our fox news legal analyst, peter johnson jr. >> good morning. he's on to american history. history in this country, something called yellow journalism. that's a history in this country called a corrupt media, about publishers that own candidate, about publishers that -- i don't want to say a bad word, but proselytize certain parties. that's a double standard, you go after republicans, you go after conservatives and middle of the road people and crucify them if you can. so donald trump is responding to american history and he's saying to the american people, i'm going toe to toe with the press. i'm going to use intel for rat langua
5:45 am
language, i'm going to go over the bounds when i think they go over the bounds. in spite of the symbiotic situation, they live each other, trump and the media, it's a texas cage death match in that one of them needs to come out alive and donald trump says to the media, you're not going to eat me alive. yesterday was an eat me alive press conference where the press thought they had the goods on donald trump and would take him down in his own building. he said not going to happen today, boys. that's what happened yesterday. >> even if it means they'll go back to their newspapers and write negative stories about him? >> absolutely. that's a famous indiana congressman that said you don't fight with the press because they buy buy ink by the barrel. but trump said i can take on the boss, i can take on the fixed media. fox news did it and in response to fox news, the clinton team, the clinton machine, came one an organization called media
5:46 am
matters. >> yeah. >> and their people financed it. so they let's take fox news down. that's an effort by the mainstream media and the mainstream liberal democratic establishment to take down candidates and take down media. and what donald trump is doing in his intemperate way, he is fighting back. i have a message, you may not like it, but you won't take me down. i will be heard fair and square. i will either win or lose. but i will not lose because of an unfair media. and the american people like that message. even a lot of democrats like that message because they have seen an unfair media for a long, long time. in fact, people have been victimized by it. you have seen the buttons, victim of the press. trump said i won't be a victim, no way, no how.
5:47 am
>> peter johnson jr., thank you. he served our country with honor, but his family said he died because of the out of control prescriptions the v.a. hospital known as candy land gave him. that marine's father testified on the scandal and he's going to join us live, next. but first let's check in with bill hemmer for what's coming up at the top of the hour. >> good morning to you. brand-new polling numbers. fascinating american divide. and what's the rnc saying about this? we'll talk to them live here in washington. the v.a. has failed. that's the charge from a leading u.s. senator. he will give us his solution today. hillary clinton's chief of staff was deposed, did she answer anything about the server? and what the parents in the cincinnati gorilla case are saying about this today. martha and i will see you, split show today, 12 minutes away on "america's newsroom."
5:48 am
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a systemic failure that's how the senate describes the v.a. leadership after a year long invest into the medical center in wisconsin. three deaths are under investigation, nicknamed candy land because it handed out so many opiates and pain killers. in a hearing yesterday held at toma, sloan gibson admitted agency mistakes saying at the end of the day, we own this. v.a. leadership owns this. we had ample opportunities over the years to fix this. joining me now is marv simkusky. his son overdosed, and he testified yesterday. marv, thank you for joining us this morning and your courage at that testimony. tell me a little bit more about
5:52 am
yesterday's hearing. what were you -- what were they taking a look into and what did you find out? >> well, they took a look at, you know, a lot of different things that had happened in the past at the v.a. facility. and all the problems that happened in the past, that, you know, they're trying to correct and they brought a lot of the problems to light with -- at the hearing. >> marv, you know, what's -- the details of your son's case are so tragic. and i know you know that more than anyone else, but an internal report found that the opiates were being overprescribed, but it was kept under wraps. your son died five months later of toxicity. do you feel like if that report had been exposed that things would have changed? >> you know, i think a lot of things should have been done prior to my son's death.
5:53 am
yes, he probably would have been alive today if things had been done differently. now, you know, that my son passed away my family is looking for solutions to the problems at the v.a. facilities to try to help all these veterans. so what happened to our family and our son doesn't happen again in the future. >> sir, you and your courage here and your son a powerful testament this is a human tragedy that's happened at the v.a. and the systemic failures. tell us about the last time you saw your son jason. >> i saw my son the morning that he died, august 30th. i went down to take him husbais truck. he was going to come back home. he was there that weekend, and talked to him the night before, he was fine. and my -- i went down this morning on a saturday, with his daughter and his wife to take
5:54 am
him his vehicle so he'd come back home and, you know, he just wasn't right. he was slurry. just it wasn't him. you know? you know -- so i talked to the nurses and they said that, you know, they gave him some medication for a migraine. he'll be all right in a couple of hours and my son was laying in the bed holding one side of his head. and, you know, he just waved us on, we sat for a while with him. and then we left and then four hours later we get a call that my wife -- my wife and i got a call that he stopped breathing and they were trying to resuscitate him. it was probably the worst day of my life, for our family and, you know, i just felt so bad i left my son there that day. i never thought this was going to happen to him. you know, i never expected to get a call that he'd be passed away.
5:55 am
so, yeah, it was a hard day. i felt so bad for him because nobody was in the room with him when he passed away. you know, i would have never left him if i had known that would have happened. >> your story is powerful and chilling. in fact, you even said in other testimony that the doctor pointed at you and said you were part of the problem? >> well, yeah. one of the doctors, you know, just a few days before my son died i met with. and said that, you know, i know thousand build houses and pound nails but i don't know anything about taking care of my son. and, you know, i knew my son better than any doctor there. you know, i mean, he worked with us every day when he wasn't at the v.a. facility. and, you know what, it was just a bad situation all around. >> marv, what would your message be to bob mcdonald or the
5:56 am
message to the leadership of the v.a.? what needs to change? >> i think they should start listening to the veterans. obviously the veterans are the most important part of this whole solution. and start listening to them and hear what they have to say because, you know, they deserve top notch care. they deserve, you know, the best treatment possible. and i think that, you know, the veterans need to send a message and all of us do that, you know, too much prescription drugs is not the answer to the problems that these veterans are facing. you know, i think minimum amount of medication help more, and in my son's case, you can see what happened. overprescribing what does -- it leads to death. >> well, thank you for your courage and testimony. thank you for joining us today
5:57 am
and for the legacy of your son, jason. we'll be right back. >> thank you. ♪ (cat meows) flea bites can mean misery for your cat. advantage® ii monthly topical kills fleas through contact. fleas do not have to bite your cat to die. advantage® ii.
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12 months free at can't wait for tomorrow's show, jane krakowski will be here on the curvy couch. bill: good morning. a fox news alert. brand-new polls on the matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. the republican frontrunner unleashing on the media in a tirade that some suggest may be about precedence, and dare i say, i think he enjoyed it. bill hemmer here in washington, d.c. >> i'm martha in new york city. we have a new quinnipiac poll that shows hillary clinton ahead 45% to trump 41%. more women supporting


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