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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 1, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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can't wait for tomorrow's show, jane krakowski will be here on the curvy couch. bill: good morning. a fox news alert. brand-new polls on the matchup between hillary clinton and donald trump. the republican frontrunner unleashing on the media in a tirade that some suggest may be about precedence, and dare i say, i think he enjoyed it. bill hemmer here in washington, d.c. >> i'm martha in new york city. we have a new quinnipiac poll that shows hillary clinton ahead 45% to trump 41%. more women supporting hillary,
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more men supporting donald trump. bill: this after donald trump unload on reporters for asking questions about money he promised to donate to veterans group. >> you know my opinion of the media. they are made up of in many cases, not all cases, people who are not good. excuse me, i have watched you on television. you are a real beauty. when i raise millions of dollars, to have people say like this sleazy guy from abc, you are a sleaze in my books. you know the facts. and if you know the facts well. >> you are answering questions we had back then. >> i have been dealing with the
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press a long time. i think the political press is among the most dishonest i have ever met. of course, you are exclude, carl. bill: how we doing? it's nice to see you. let's talk about the quinnipiac poll. men and women. men are from trump and women ... >> the men and women show the kind of chasm that in the past have been hinted at. when you start to see numbers 15 or 16 points, hillary is ahead with women -- trump is ahead 15-16 points with men but with women hillary is up 25 points. bill: is he moving the numbers
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yet with women? >> not yet. i don't think the way for him to win the presidency is about moving those numbers. this poll is pretty close. he's behind overall. but this is a horse race, he's behind. he's just doing it with a different coalition. it's overwhelmingly white and overwhelmingly male. bill: americans don't like either one of the frontrunners and who they can dislike the least. >> hillary clinton thinks voters will say we can't do it. on he hopes you will despise her enough that you can't vote for her. bill: trump loves to hit back in
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the give and take. >> he insults the hat of on at the pro shop. but then points to the judge and said it looks good on you. the insult stuff on the media and smacking them around works for him. people hate the press. be careful about not belly aching about not being yelled at by trump. people don't say how hard it is putting on makeup and going on television. trump paid up. it was after the scrutiny that trump paid out. when did those checks roll out? right before the press conference. bill: i believe we are still a 50-50 country going back to the election of 2000. do you agree? >> no. i think we are a third, a third,
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and a third. how many people voted for barack obama but then voted for mitt romney? not an insignificant number of people. people are changeable and open to this. we end up being about 50-50. but it's a different 50. martha: hillary clinton seizing on trump's comments saying he only came forward about the donations because he was shamed by the press, according to her. >> the problem here is the difference between what donald trump says and what donald trump does. he bragged for months about raising millions for veterans and donating a million dollars himself. but a took a reporter to shame
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him into actually making his contribution and getting the money to veterans. martha: you look at the veteran campaign and what she has said, but she is enjoying this moment. reporter: good morning to you. fox news confirmed hillary clinton will deliver a speech tomorrow in san diego, california going after donald trump on national security in a big military town. the campaign is also out with an ad using trump's own word about john mccain. >> he's not a war hero. >> we know hillary clinton will be returning to california with polls showing the race tightening. she is expected to campaign here extensively in the coming days. martha: she is also answering questions about the personal
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email server. we are digging into cheryl mills' testimony. >> jake tapper asked hillary clinton about her personal server email use. and she seemed to struggle when she answered how she'll put national security ahead of her own personal interest. >> i think that's obvious. the reports that go back to the actual report make it clear that personal email use was the practice under other secretaries of state, and the rules they are now referencing were not clarified until after i had left. reporter: the other candidate running for president on the democratic side is bernie sanders. he hold huge enthusiastic rallies in california. he did one last night in monterey, and he will be here for a news conference this
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morning. martha: mike, thank you very much. as we approach the last primary next tuesday, there is quite a bit of talk about somebody he will getting into this race. bill kristol hoping that a man named david french will jump into this race as an independent. he's a writer, a constitutional lawyer and a decorated u.s. veteran. but charles krauthammer says the idea of a third party candidate is a big mistake. >> another candidate blocking trump from the win. either he's going to win. he's the nominee of the gop chosen by the people. he's going to win or not. if he doesn't win he shouldn't be able to claim he was stabbed in the back. martha: you look at the possibility of somebody getting into this race who has very close to zero name recognition
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going up against donald trump who walked toib this race with a tremendous amount of name recognition his personality and as you aspects of it. it's a tough road. bill: that's something we'll be looking at closely. the republi -- the republicans l endorsing trump. jeb bush and george bush, john mccain and mitt romney will be skipping the convention. tore region rains creating catastrophic flooding in texas. these are stunning picture shot
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from a drone showing the devastation in rosenburg, texas. the river cresting at 54 feet. some horses were forced to seek die land on a front porch. >> think is something we have never encountered. it's frightening to us. reporter: what was going through your mind when you tried to get out? >> that my kid were safe. >> it came up so fast, i couldn't believe it. bill: casey is just outside of houston. how does it look today? reporter: thing don't look too good as the sun is coming out. we are in the eveningwood mobile home park in eveningwood, can. the brazos river is in this
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direction. it has filled homes and subject merged cars. it's too early to tell how many houses and businesses have been lost. but it has got to be in the hundreds. a huge area affected by this historic flooding from houston to austin. the problem is all the rain that fell to our north the last several days is making its way downstream. the brazos are you is the highest it has been -- the brazos river is the highest it has been in a century. siccentury. six people have died the last
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few days trying to drive their cars across a flooded area. we know they don't need any more water down here, that's for sure. bill: casey stegall outside. martha: a stunning warning to iraqi troops trying to recapture the town of fallujah. the united nations pleading with soldiers to think about and factor in the thousands of children trapped by isis inside that city. bill: they call him the candyman. his solutions in a moment.
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by isis. the u.n. says 20,000 children have been blocked by isis to leave fallujah and they are being used as human shields. the u.n. says the children are in an especially dangerous situation, including being forced to join the terrorist group. bill: the questions about the va centers on a doctor known as the candyman for his alleged willingness to dole out medicine. senator, what did you conclude after this investigation as to what the veterans were mission or not getting?
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>> good morning. as far back as 2004 they were calling dr. hoolihan as the candyman. they all turned a deaf ear to it. we found out what you need to solve these problems is total transparency, an independent office of the inspector general. what happened over time with an acting inspector general, he had been captured by the agency. he lost a sense of mission and was loyal to the agency and he's protecting them. he covered up 140 records on different investigations and inspections. and had those reports been made rub some of those tragedies would have been prevented.
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i talked to the daughter of a vet who suffered a stroke waiting for hours. she said had i known of the problems there i wouldn't have taken by father there. it's about transparency and independence of the watchdog. particularly the veterans administration. i have assumed the role of being the watchdog over the watchdog. >> the va secretary says you can't fire anybody. others contend this is what happens when you see government-run healthcare. do you agree with this or is it exclusive to the va itself. >> dr. hoolihan and his nurse practitioner are gone. and richard griffin retired you under pressure. i introduced a bill for accountability at the committee
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on veterans affairs, and the va was resistant to it. they didn't want the authority to be able to terminate people. we have to bring greater accountability. we need an independent and transparent omples of the inspector general and a va willing to have the tools to terminate people to discipline the bad actors in the system. the vast majority of doctors, nurses caring for people in the va center are doingal great job. so it's a mixed bag, but it's about holding the bad actors accountable. bill: does this report make things better for the veterans? >> yes, because it's holding people accountable and showing the new inpic ind the new insper
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general i'm assure will be transparent, or at least he knows i will be making sure he is. i'll be the watchdog over the watchdog for our vets. martha: we now know what cheryl mills divulged in hours and hours of deposition testimony the other day. we have gone through it. it's 300 pages. hillary clinton's top aide went in there with 7 lawyers and refused to answer many questions. judge napolitano joins us next. bill: there is still talk about a third party and there is still time for that. would republicans be shooting themselves in the political foot if that happens? >> who would do it? it's a guaranteed loss. you can't even get on in texas
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because they missed their deadline.
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martha: we go back to the brand-new developments in the hillary clinton scandal. the testimony from hillary clinton's former chief of staff has just been released. cheryl mills essentially refused to answer any questions when it came to one significant individual, bryan pagliano. he has received some sort of immunity and he set up the home server. he's essential to this case and he has been called a quote devastating witness. catherine herridge joins me now,
6:26 am
and judge napolitano joins me now. cheryl mills is an attorney. she walked in there with 7 attorney. four from the justice and state department taxpayer paid for, and three personal attorneys. there were some areas she had client privilege over because she is hillary clinton's lawyer on those issues. why is she so lawyered up. >> the state department has an interest in the outcome of the case, the state department has an interest in the outcome of the case. but she was mrs. clinton's lawyer while she was secretary of state. she cannot be compelled to reveal what mrs. clinton said to her or what she said to mrs. clinton. i don't know if this is a facade
6:27 am
or a real attorney-client relationship. martha: bryan pagliano set up the server and he reached an immunity deal. catherine herridge says his testimony is quote devastating. you can see why her attorney is in this stage of the game in the deposition would be frequently telling her no, do not answer that. do not answer that. >> this is not the criminal case. this is one of the 39 freedom of information act cases filed against the state department. in two of them. this one and another one, judges ordered these depositions. mrs. clinton and miss mills' lawyers' greatest fears are she'll say something that can be used against mrs. clinton. it was frustrating for me reading this, imagining myself
6:28 am
having been there when her lawyer, a former federal prosecutor, miss mills' lawyer, who is representing all of mrs. clinton's aides, would not let her answer questions about bryan pagliano. this is the key to the case. what did mrs. clinton tell bryan pagliano she was trying to accomplish when she paid him $5,000 to migrate her state department email account and her secret state department email account away from a government venue to a non-protected venue is part of the conspiracy to committees dto committees commi.
6:29 am
martha: the attorney said did they have access to the secretary's email account so they could search her emails in response to the foia request. she says, to my knowledge, they did not have access to her email. she goes on to say to my knowledge the information where her email was if there were a topic that would have been related would have been on communications she would have had on paper, communications she would have had in other materials she received or exchanges that had an seem with individual in a state account. >> i don't think they thought through that answer. this is devastating to mrs. clinton. it means that mrs. clinton, cheryl mills and bryan pagliano who is the next person to be deposed in the case, engaged in a conspiracy to frustrate the operations of the state department. one of its required operations
6:30 am
is the maintenance of records and transparency and the availability of these records under the freedom of information act. there is a statute that permits prosecutions when people conspire to frustrate the operations of the government. she only used a blackberry. she did not use a desktop. she only used a blackberry. her blackberry doesn't work on the 7th floor of the state department. for her to be email literal she had to have emails read aloud to her or leave the 7th floor. she feared the president, the rest of the state department and the public knowing what she was doing. martha: it sounds like cheryl
6:31 am
mills' defense is we didn't walk about it. this is what mrs. clinton wanted so we didn't dig in. we didn't think about the fact that it should have been captured where it should have been subject to a foia request. this is her lawyer who worked in the government for many years. >> you just gave a terrific summary of what cheryl mills said. this is what mrs. clinton did when she was a senator from new york. we now learned she used the private server and blackberry not a congressional device when she was senator from new york for 8 years. judge napolitano thank you very much. good to have you here. bill: in a moment the state department issuing a travel warning for americans over seas this summer.
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there is this today. have a look. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. on behalf of the vets the press should be ashamed of themselves. i have never received such bad publicity for doing such a good job. martha: donald trump on the press. rush limbaugh says the strategy will work well for the frontrunner. >> how many years have people been begging for a republican to just once take on the media the way trump did. charge! so why would you invest without checking brokercheck? check your broker with brokercheck. ...cleasee ya!ake off.
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bill: fox news confirming they found one of the black boxes from the egyptair flight 804.
6:36 am
remember that flight bound for cairo disappeared at 2:45 in the morning in the dark of night. france's air action agency says a signal has been detected in the mediterranean after that crash from a while back. what it tells us we do not know. and it's not clear whether that's the cockpit voice recorder or data recorder. stand by for more information on that. we are trying to figure out that mystery. >> i think you set a new bar for being contentious with the press corps calling us losers. >> not all of you, just some of you. >> is this way it's going to be like covering you as president? >> yes, it is. you have many of these people
6:37 am
vetting the people getting the money and working hard. and we have to read probably libelous stories in the newspapers, and people know the stories are false. i'm going to continue to attack the press. martha: donald trump laying into reporters during that news conference. he says nothing will change if he's president. he says this is pretty much what you will get in our news conferences in the future if he wins. carl cameron, what your gut reaction. when you watched this play out yesterday, what was your response? >> great entertainment but unnecessary. trump said at one point, you should be complimenting me. trump has done a great job. instead all you ask is who got the money, who's got it, who's got it. the press' job is not to praise people. it's to ask the people who got the $6 million you said on
6:38 am
january 28 you raised and would contribute to veterans. that is what the press was after. there were two ways to handle it. one way to handle it was the way trump did, taking a 2 x 4 to the press, angry, threatening, calling their stories libelous. 237 he would could $said i have got the names of people who promised to give and haven't jet yet given. you can believe i'll be working them over. here is a wonderful group that i gave to for this reason and these people are doing wonderful work. and i know in the press who thought i wasn't going to get this thing done. but i got it done, didn't i. instead we got an angry, defiant, fuming, threatening bully. i don't think that was good for donald trump. martha: he was indig nantd for sure. -- he was indignant for sure.
6:39 am
you can make a private donation and not talk about it. or say i want to support or veterans. but on many occasions trump talked about this $6 million he was raising and giving it's perfectly within the rights, within the job description of the press. and he put it out there. so it's almost like watching a private company go public, and they suddenly have to face the shareholders and they have to be accountable. they have a fiduciary responsibility. >> i go one step further. he made this a public event. rather than attend a fox news debate he said i'll hold a fundraiser for the vets on the night of january 28 in iowa. he stood up in front of the cameras and cheered when he said we raised more than $6 million.
6:40 am
you have got a choice. you can make a private gift. but don't turn it into a public spectacle like he did in january. the reason i'm not showing up at the debate is i'm going to raise $6 million for the vets. and he proclaimed he raised $6 million for the vets. he had an obligation to make sure that $6 million got contribute. four months later on may 23 is when he wrote his million dollar check. my sense is from reading the stories about $3.1 million committed to those groups early on, another $2.5 million was contributed four months afterwards. martha: these are the facts. there is another side of this, and it's hammering the press and it's something that may work well for donald trump. we have seen this happen time and time again. let's listen to this sound bite from rush limbaugh.
6:41 am
>> many years have people been beg for a republican to just once take on the media the way trump did? all the way from the premise to the details. to the motivation. a frustrated journalist, is it going to be this way, are you going to be attacking us after you become president? folks, in the age of internet trolling, manners are out the window. it's a waste of time asking for manners. >> i think rush is right it helps him. it helps with the 10 million people who voted for him in the republican pry theiries. in the general election 125 million will turn out to vote. i'm not sure it helps him with swing voters. it's unpresidentialal and it would not be good for our
6:42 am
country to have a president trump acting like the candidate trump. the anger and threats don't serve him well in the long run and won't serve our country well either. bill: a possible third party candidate. new polling and what effect that could have on the general election. we'll debate that and see whether it's a possibility. martha: a ride home from school turns to terror for students on board this bus. >> this bus just crashed into the house. we have bleeding children and broken bones. get out of the street, baby, get out of the street.
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>> >>
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bill: more fuel to the fire and the talk of a third-party
6:46 am
candidate. french is a constitutional lawyer, writer and iraq war veteran who is catching some attention. mitt romney tweeting i know david french to be an honorable, intelligent and patriotic person. i look forward to follow weighing has to say. byron york and steven hayes. cozy room here, gentlemen. we have a third party right here. you start. >> this is a wildly implausible idea. remember the bill kristol said this is not a frivolous exercise, a third party candidate can actually win. the idea david french is going to win the white house is not going to happen. if you talk to the third party people they say that was never the idea. what we do hope is to be able to
6:47 am
win enough states to keep the republican candidate and the democratic candidate below 270 votes. but to do that david french would have to win a state. remember ross perot won 19% of the popular vote in 1992 but he did not win a single state. >> i don't think the people opposed to donald trump or hillary clinton speak with one voice. but david french himself suggested it would be a long-shot for him to run. the question is is it worth having another candidate on the balance lot beyond gary johnson of the libertarian party and the green party to give people who don't believe donald trump or hillary clinton should be the next president somewhere to go. charles krauthammer said he will not support donald trump or hillary clinton and he thinks
6:48 am
this is a bad idea. my boss at "the weekly bill kristol thinks this is a good idea. bill: clinton 40, trump 38, johnson 5%. i don't know if that drafts from clinton or trump. here is how trump views that possibility and what it could mean in november. >> if they do an indy, assuming it's decent. i don't think anybody with a reputation would do it because they would look like fools. you look at the election for the republicans, you lose the supreme court and you will have a group of people put on the supreme court where this country will never ever recover. it will never ever be the same. >> i think for republican and conservative voters, that's what they want to hear.
6:49 am
and that's what trump must continue to say. >> that's one of the reasons he brought out a list of supreme court nominees he said he would make. he will have to deal with the libertarian party. they are on the ballot. there is a ticket. two former republican governors on it. that's going to happen. i think you are seeing trump appeal to the republic cab base. when you are talking judges you are talking to the republican base and you are talking to the nightmare scenario with a hillary clinton presidency and supreme court nominees. >> i think that's his strongest argument, to make the argument for the supreme court. he might name a vice presidential candidate early so it would give him some credibility. the fact that donald trump is positioning himself as the savior of a conservative supreme
6:50 am
court shows you how far gone conservatives are in this 2016 presidential cycle. and i might suggest people pushing a candidate are encouraging a candidate like donald trump who suggested his opponent's father may have helped lee harvey oswald in the months before the kennedy assassination might be more circumexpect. bill: 7 weeks to cleveland. i guess this ways we talk about in june. let's get back to new york. martha: there are new developments about the zika virus. for the first time a mother gives birth to a child who has a zika-related illness here in the united states. ♪
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martha: a newborn in new york has been diagnosed with a zika-related illness. the mother gave birth at new jersey's hacken sack medical center. how did the mother contract zika? >> the mother is a 31-year-old woman. she was exposed to the zika virus while living in her native honduras. the child was born yesterday at 3:00 p.m. at hackensack medical center. she was in the youth visiting extended family. the chief obstetrics who is the senior managing editor for fox he said the child was crying and
6:55 am
when he looked at the mother he could see the pain in her heart. the child's grandmother is a microbiologist and she noticed a rash on her daughter's arm and said to her daughter, go to the cdc a number of months ago and it confirmed exposure to the zika virus. this is the second child in the united states to be born with birth defects caused by zika. there have been 591 cases of zika here in the united states. as summer comes it will only increase. martha: how is the baby doing today? reporter: one of the doctors in the emergency room said the child, she is a beautiful little girl. that said, she is suffering from severe birth defects, specifically a partially formed brain and head. we are also told the child has
6:56 am
internal as well as visual issues. the experts say that the child's future is uncertain. >> there are often developmental problems. they can be severe, they can be intellectual problems. it can be problems with sight, hearing. reporter: the aunt of the patient says the mother is not doing well emotionally after the birth. a very difficult time. martha: our heart goes out to them. bill: a brand-new poll in the race for the white house. hillary clinton and donald trump shows a close matchup. but the democrats have a linkerring problem with bernie sanders. bret baier will analyze that. new document released from the lawsuit over trump university. what will they reveal? we are about to find out.
6:57 am
>> we have a judge who is very unfair. and i'll win the trump university case. i don't want to settle the case. i'm a man of principle. most of those people have letters saying they thought it was great. . .
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over ten years? mhm, geico's the company your friends and neighbors trust. and deservedly so. indeed. geico. expect great savings and a whole lot more. martha: after months of legal wrangling, hundreds much documents in the trump university lawsuits have now been unsealed, offering a glimpse inside of the trump playbook. welcome, brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer live today in washington. split show today. that lawsuit claiming trump university used deceptive tactics to lure people signing up. the tactics are playing to people's emotions and using flattering words. trump says the lawsuit's bogus. yesterday accused the judge in that case of being biased against him. >> the judge has been very unfair, has not done a good job.
7:01 am
he has been a very bad judge and he has been very unfair. i will win the trump university case. i already am as far as i'm concerned. because i don't care. you know what? why antagonize, i don't care. i have a judge who is very, very unfair. >> why? >> you will see it in court documents. bill: chief washington correspondent james rosen on the story today. you have looked at this good morning. reporter: bill the unsealed class class-action lawsuit, cohen v. trump. it for profit real estate seminar, the presumptive gop nominee launched in 2005 where trump publicly promised to hand pick the instructors, the documents show he did not but he did personally approve markets materials and set of playbooks for sales force laid out how aggressive they were expected to market these courses even to single mothers with three children who quote, may need
7:02 am
money for food. money, instrucked the playbook is never a reason not enrolling in trump university, if they believe in you and your product they will find the money. you are not doing any favor letting someone use lack of money as excuse. the playbook instructed members, getting excuses answer the first excuse and ask for the sale. if you hear them start second cues, stop, my job to get you to the next level. you will never get ahead in life with excuses. mr. trump won't listen to excuses and neither will we. one sales reprimanded sales manager. i believe that the trump university was a fraudulent scheme testified ronald said in written statement and preyed upon he would terry and uneducated to separate them from their money. trump campaign spokeswoman hope hics much of the unsealed evidence and declarations and surveys from former trump university students demonstrates the high level of satisfaction.
7:03 am
>> we have, many people that will be witnesses, again, i don't settle cases. i don't do it because i don't get sued very often, i don't settle unlike a lot of other people. we have a situation where we will win in court but many of the people that are witnesses did tremendously well. reporter: trump has also attacked the federal judge presiding over the case claiming the indiana native, who is of mexican descent who is biased against trump because of trump's stand on immigration. during the life span of he served on scholarship committee of la raza, advocacy group critical of donald trump. bill: political ramifications what could they be in election year, james? reporter: our understanding the case will not to to trial until after election day. mr. trump has been deposed in this case. possible he could be subjected to another deposition before election day but there is no question it will be an issue. it was during the debates. marco rubio hammered at it at one point. i'm sure hillary clinton and her
7:04 am
team were paying attention. bill: indeed. thank you james. james rosen here in d.c. back to martha in new york. martha: new poll out this morning we're digging into with some. numbers. shows a deep divide among voters what kind of person they're looking for in the white house of the given a choice between donald trump and hillary clinton, voters say 47-39% they would rather invite donald trump to a park cue because that is what this is all about, right? all about which person you would rather come over to your house. 47-41 say they would turn to clinton with personal crisis if they knew her personally. we'll get. >> some other numbers that are a bit more substantive. some indicators can show you how people feel about these candidates and whether or not they want to live with them as president for next four years. bret baier ainge sore of "special report." >> good morning. martha: in terms of personal, who would you rather have a beer with type question, who would you turn to in personal crisis, who would you like to have at a
7:05 am
barbecue, significant or no? >> it gives you a sense where people are. the overall number here is 45-41 for clinton in the new "quinnepiac poll," the new national poll. if you ad-lib tearian candidate gary johnson, the green candidate, jill stein, it gets to 40-38, essentially tied but the barbecue question is legitimate. it is who people are more comfortable with and it is like that question that was asked of, who would you like to have a beer with and george w. bush, while he didn't do well in all polls, he did very well with that. at end of the day where americans got to about their comfort factor. i think negatives for each candidate as we talked about here before, martha, are so high that it will be a race to who is more negative instead of the backyard barbecue. martha: certainly seems that way. let's put the number up bret just mentioned which is of course the headline here. we showed it earlier.
7:06 am
this is the matchup in the new "quinnepiac poll" in national race and it is 4541. very tight race by any way of looking at it. margin of error is plus or minus 2.5. go through more of these to get bret's thoughts on this. 52-41 say trump would be better creating jobs. here is another one positive for mr. trump, 49-41 say he would be more effective at handling isis. now let's look at two positive for hillary clinton. 53-40 say she would respond better to international crisis which is interesting given isis number. 48-45 says that clinton would be better getting things done in washington given the fact donald trump says how he can negotiate and reach out and he will have appeal on both sides, bret. what is your takeaway? >> two things, one is for donald trump and his supporters, that number about creating jobs is
7:07 am
probably the most important because that is the thing at the end of the day that people around the kitchen table really are talking about. barring some international crisis or terrorist attack here at home that will drive as it has every election the election results. that is a positive number for donald trump. i do think there is a comfort factor and republicans would push back against this but there is a, hillary clinton is hits on can you have donald trump in charge of the nuclear codes and she is trying to make him unacceptable as far as a presidential candidate and a president. whether she does that or not, that is the question, the number that is again in this poll, independents go for trump 3 points over clinton. that has come down a bit but he still has an advantage there. martha: she calls him a loose cannon and you will hear that phrase quite a bit i would imagine. here is donald trump on issue of california and hillary clinton and we'll get a quick thought
7:08 am
from you about this -- >> she lost so much lately. seems every night you turn on television, every time there is a vote she is losing, losing, losing. so i guess she won a few up front but she is losing so badly and looks so bad. we'll see what happens in california but she is not doing well. martha: thoughts on california and hillary clinton? looks like it will be a tight race, bret. >> it is tight, it is very tight. every poll has it within the margin of error almost. i think bernie sanders has a real chance. he is trying to dig out a win in california. he is not likely going to get delegates needed to be get the nomination. in fact it is real long shot because of the superdelegate situation but, she may be hobbling across the finish line here if she loses california. i think that is why she is putting in time in final days to campaign there. martha: it will be very significant. we'll watch it closely throughout the weekend and tuesday night. bret, thank you so much, we'll see you tonight on "special
7:09 am
report." fox news will have complete coverage of the final primary, can you believe it folks? it is coming up june 7th, tuesday. several states are on the ballot that evening all day long as voters head to polls in six states, including key state of california where there is huge delegate grab to be had by candidates there. we'll be with you through prime time as results come in. big tuesday night. bill: how far we have come, right? martha: i'll say. bill: sunday afternoon programing i think coming your way. stand by for that. donald trump heads west for a campaign swing through california but there is no getting away from the fallout from the press conference yesterday. trump continued to explain his position about the media with sean hannity just last night. >> the best thing you can do is put down a tape recorder next to you because they make things up. i mean the press is really dishonest, okay? i don't mean everybody but a big portion of them, especially the political press. they're the most dishonest people. they're bad people.
7:10 am
bill: senior national correspondent john roberts life in sacramento, california, with more from there. good morning, john. >> reporter: bill, good morning to you. donald trump is at it this morning. you can tell when donald trump is awake because his twitter feed is working. i gave $5,600,000 to the veterans. they do anything to belittle. totally biased. denigrating the press is nothing new for donald trump. he does it virtually at every campaign rally i've been to. tried and true tactic of politicians over the years to use the press as a foil. but you have to go back a long way to see the level of vitriol to see the donald trump hurled at media. why he was pressed to get the money to those veteran groups. listen. >> the press should be ashamed of themselves. excuse me. i watched you on television. you're a real beauty. like this sleazy guy over here
7:11 am
from abc he is a sleeze in my book. you're a sleeze. reporter: something donald trump does to great effect at campaign rallies. press dishonest, disgusting at worst. reaction from the audience who hurl a bunch of threats towards the press pen. donald trump fielded a lot of tough, pointed questions at press conferences. something about the subject matter and maybe environment yesterday really kind of rubbed him the wrong way and got under his skin. bill: meantime the environment is california. he goes back there today. what is the schedule, john? reporter: will be hot one today, bill. will touch 100 degrees in sacramento. he has rally in sacramento and then san jose and ventura, california. why is trump spending so much time in the golden state when he will win it hands down, bernie sanders and hillary clinton battles it out. sucking a lot of political oxygen out of room. trump wants to stay in that.
7:12 am
bernie sanders holding a rally at 20 miles away at uc-davis. in montana, trump revealed. 15-state election strategy to try to put california in play. that is why he will spend a lot of time here. we'll be soon going to florida, ohio, michigan, pennsylvania. as far as protests don't know how many are in sacramento. better chance of protests in san jose. that is in the bay area. there are a lot of protest groups itching to get out there and tell donald trump what they think of him. bill: we'll see you there. thank you, john roberts, sacramento, california. thank you, john. martha: so we are finally getting to hear from the former top aide to then secretary of state hillary clinton, their long time associates. a judge releasing the sworn testimony of cheryl mills, of hours and hours when she was questioned and why she says they were so busy dealing with the fallout from benghazi, that they didn't handle the email turnover well. curious stuff.
7:13 am
bill: donald trump vowing to unify the party but some top republicans have not gotten on board. trump now says he doesn't need them. does he? we'll ask rnc communications director sean spicer in washington about all that. martha: police in cincinnati, now considering charges against the parents of the boy who fell into the gorilla pen at the zoo. judge alex joins us with his thoughts on that. but first, here's jack hanna. >> almost like saying well if you're standing there, whatever new york city, washington, ohio, with your child, getting ready to cross the street, do we move streets over? greta, we do everything here. we can't do anymore what we're doing building a wall around all the animals in the zoological park. ...clear for take off.
7:14 am
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7:17 am
martha: hillary clinton's email trouble now being blamed partly on the chaos that surrounded the benghazi terror attack this is very interesting. in a newly-released bit of testimony from then secretary clinton's chief of staff cheryl mills, says she did not turn over all the clinton emails. as you remember it took two years for them to get turned over because of this, quote, we had lost our first ambassador in quite some time and we were stepping through sets of issues associated with that and she too had fallen ill, meaning hillary clinton, and there had been a period of time while we were obviously navigating a whole set of issues in that space. so i don't know that this was something that i focused on and i certainly wish i had.
7:18 am
so how does that answer hold up? chris farrell, the director of research and investigations for "judicial watch" which is the organization that received this deposition testimony from cheryl mills the other day and he joins us now. mr. farrell, welcome. >> hi, martha. martha: let's talk first about that comment. she was asked basically, why was it handled this way? why when you leave the state department, turn over everything, make sure you have full disclosure, that you have everything that covers your entire time as secretary of state they just didn't do it and it took two years for them to come forward with the stuff which is really unprecedented? she said it was because of illness and benghazi essentially. >> nonsense. they absconded with records. they knew when they left office they were taking federal government records with them. they hid them essentially for two years. only when the state department came back to them and demanded they return them did
7:19 am
mrs. clinton then destroy allegedly half the records and then provide only dumb paper copies of records instead of digital copies. look, this is effort to blur and muddy up the story and create yet another excuse and i guess you're supposed to feel sympathetic or sorry for them but it just doesn't line up with the facts. it is gamesmanship, it is legal gamesmanship. martha: i want to show you another quote from the testimony, i want to show people at home because you're very familiar with it because you all did this deposition but it goes to sort of the overall tone i got when reading through this in terms of the excuse for lack of a better word for why they weren't forth coming with all of this stuff. she says, i don't think i reflected on were there occasions or where there might be still be something with respect to a personal email or where someone had either emailed me oar i had responded back.
7:20 am
basically cheryl mills in the testimony said we should have thought more about it. basically secretary clinton handled it all this which with black per, no real computer. she doesn't like computers that much and doesn't sound like everybody pressed her what are we doing here? we're not following federal guidelines on work as secretary of state and how the information needs to be retained? >> two things, one, these are very experienced, highly-educated attorneys, both miss mills and for that matter, mrs. clinton. they have decades of experience in the federal government. they know exactly what they're doing and to pretend otherwise is disingenuous. second point they have a professional civil service behind them. they have members of the state department, career employees, who are there to do their bidding and to support them. so the notion that somehow nobody happened to think of it, or, gee, we didn't remember, it is very disinagainous and insulting to the american public. martha: what about the irony
7:21 am
really all this goes back to the benghazi investigation? because if it weren't for that we wouldn't know there was this other server but the benghazi investigation is still looking for emails what happened that night and what was the communication before that night and during that night and after that night and we still don't have answers to that question. >> exactly. miss mills comes in her deposition she had over arching responsibility for the investigation at the state department but in the same breath says but i don't know if there was ever a foia filed on the matter and claims later on that she definitely, maybe emailed with huma abedin concerning benghazi. this stretches credibility to a point where, you know, we may have to go back to the court and ask the judge to compel miss mills to answer these questions. martha: keep us posted. thank you very much. good to have you with us today, mr. farrell. bill: isis fighters not going away easily in fallujah. new report about the staggering number of children trapped by
7:22 am
that fighting. north korea's leader has a new social networking site. looks a lot like facebook, but seems the system needs a few lessons on password security. hmmm. ♪ and life's beautiful moments. with flonase allergy relief, they wont. most allergy pills only control one inflammatory substance. flonase controls six. and six is greater than one. flonase changes everything. you grab your 10-gallon jug of coffee, and back out of the garage. right into your wife's car. with your wife watching. she forgives you... eventually. your insurance company, not so much. they say you only have their basic policy. don't basic policies cover basic accidents?
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7:25 am
martha: north korea setting up own version of facebook. didn't take long for the site to be hack. a few hours a teenager in cot land said i wonder if i can get into the north korean facebook system. he gained access to clone site, the best korean social network. using default user name, admin and thought, i wonder what the password could be. let's try, password.
7:26 am
boom. that was all it took. and then he got in using admin and password. they will have to go back to the drawing board on the facebook project it seems. bill: a genius. new warning from iraq estimating 20,000 children are trapped in fallujah. this as government troops fight to retake city of isis fighters with the help of us air power above. john huddy live in jerusalem. is there hope those trapped will be able to escape, john? reporter: bill, there certainly is but the odds at this point are definitely not in their favor. because as we continue to hear, isis, as we've seen before, using people as human shields and we're also, bill, getting reports of isis death squads going around and executing people, men, boys, i say boys, meaning teenagers, 14, 15 years old that refuse to fight for the terror organization. so it's a very heinous and horrific situation for all those
7:27 am
people. at this point 3500 people have managed to escape. we've seen some images of those people, but at this point, estimated 50,000 people remained trapped in fallujah. of that number, 20,000 are said to be children that according to unicef. secretary-general of the norwegian refugee council, one of the organizations helping refugees from fallujah, said, quote a human catastrophe is unfolding there, with families caught in the crossfire and no safe way out, cut off from food, from clean water, and of course necessary medical supplies. now iraq's military, has been trying to open safe passages for the refugees, but it remains a precarious situation, because as they're escaping, bill, they're being met with sniper fire and of course landmines, booby-traps and suicide attacks. and there have been reports at
7:28 am
this point, bill, of families, men, women and children, getting killed, not only in the crossfire but from the airstrikes and on going artillery fire and shelling from the city. bill: it will be a fierce battle. first of many too. thank you, john huddy from our middle east bureau on that today. thank you, john. martha: new danger for people in wear-logged texas and parts of texas expecting more rain. is there any relief in sight? we'll tell you. bill: also donald trump says he does not need any republican endorsements. in fact he says he doesn't even want them. what happened to the whole unity thing? rnc communications director sean spicer is live here in washington to address that and more, next. >> the world is a mess. this country is a mess. and i'm not looking for their endorsements. i just want peoples endorsement.
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:31 am
♪ bill: presumptive republican
7:32 am
nominee donald trump saying he would unify the party. he picked up major endorsements along the way but some well-respected republican bigwigs like president bush and president bush and mitt romney still are not behind him. even house speaker paul ryan is holding out. now trump is saying i don't need their endorsement. sean spicer, rnc communication director and chief strategist with me here in studio. >> good to see you. bill: here is what trump said on "hannity" last night. watch this. >> i don't need their endorsements. i don't think it matters or not i get potential presidential endorsements or past. the world is a mess. this country is a mess and i'm not looking for their endorsements. i want the endorsement of the people. that is only thing that matters to me, sean. bill: what do you think of that. >> he has done a good job unifying party, if you look where we were couple weeks ago we are in good place vis-a-vis the democrats. they are fractured.
7:33 am
they have a socialist left-wing aspect of the party that bernie sanders represents saying they will not go back in line and supports hillary clinton if she is nominee. not talking about sitting on their hands but a good ching voting for trump. at end of the day we would like everybody's sport but the republican party is unified. there are outlyers here and there but there are happens every election cycle. bill: these are significant. republicans who used to sit in the white house. >> but there is also, look at senator rubio and rick santorum and his competitors in the primary system have largely rallied around him. i think that is a good thing. i will take where we were are versus democrats any day of the week. bill: can you say cleveland will be ion filing event? >> i think not only unifying but will be electric. i think the world will see a party energized, a party that is unified and a party with solutions that this country, desperately needs. bill: so no talk about all that fractured stuff.
7:34 am
>> fenn i think, look, it is great cocktail conversation for folks to have but when you look at numbers, when you look at reality it is just not there. i know it is not as easy to talk to about the democrats but numbers bear it out. the democrats have a much bigger problem on their hands than republicans. i know we have some big names but at end of the day look at overall numbers in polling. republican party is unified. all the competitors he fought tooth and nail over the primary process have come together and said he's the guy. bill: i think you said two or three weeks ago, it is not your job to change donald trump, more or less, right, paraphrasing? mitch mcconnell is doing round of interviews with a new book, he says donald trump will not change the gop. >> he is a different kind of candidate. he is someone not a politician. he is successful businessman. he is not out here to reshape the party. he as he says he wants to make america great again. he wants to fix broken government whether lines at tsa or problems veterans face in
7:35 am
this country getting care they need and deserve. he wants to fix this country. he wants to create jobs. he is not looking to be a party guy. he wants to make america better. bill: thought it was interesting comment from the senate majority leader, another prominent republican who suggests he will support donald trump. maybe it is not endorsements you have to worry about. maybe it is the women in america? >> when you look again, i think there is a lot of media narratives when you look at the polls just don't add up. look where the democrats are. you have opportunity for the first woman to be president of the united states and who are they supporting? a 74-year-old socialist from vermont. they're not supporting hillary clinton because i think women are not monolithic group that only vote because of someone's gender. they will create jobs and who will take care of looming health care crisis. united healthcare pulled out of the california. that will send premiums skyrocketing. this is health care system that hillary clinton proudly champions and now millions of americans, women, who are running households, who are running businesses will face
7:36 am
those additional costs. bill: let me get to clinton. you put out a big memo. we'll talk about that in a second. all talk past 24 hours about third party candidate. do you see it happening and if so does that doom republican chances? >> no. this is america, people want to get on a few ballots here or there. anyone from conservative republican standpoint to get on ballot is helping hillary clinton. there is no two-ways about that. there is no path to electability. to be clear, any conservative, any republican does not want policies of hillary clinton to be in the white house and name supreme court justices needs to understand that any support of anyone but the republican nominee does just that. bill: that was trump's message yesterday. >> he is absolutely right. number two, a candidate for president needs three things, a candidate, organization and money. none of the twitter, tweets discuss any of that. it is purely a tweet discussion. that is all it amounts to because there is no substance there.
7:37 am
bill: june 1st, 2016, here's your memo. summer is only starting but hillary clinton is already feeling the heat. >> that's right. bill: what are you finding in the story? >> for months, almost years now she talked about the fact she acted completely in accordance with the law. here is the inspector general of the state department appointed by barack obama saying she unequivocally broke the rules of the state department and she did not follow protocols. this idea it didn't matter and she had all the authorities to do that, not only did she do that, but her aides sought to actually obstruct this investigation, have stood in the way of the american people understanding what really happened. so i think this really goes to the core of hillary clinton. she has one set of rules for her, one set for everybody else. bill: how much do people care? >> they care a lot. they want the president to know they care about them. follow rules that are trustworthy. this instance is one more emblematic of who hillary
7:38 am
clinton is. started way back in the '70s and '80s. every decade there is another clinton scandal. people remember that hillary clinton doesn't represent them. he doesn't represent their problems. there is reason they don't trust her. time and time again shows she has a second set of rules for herself. bill: we cover ad lot of ground. nice to see you in person, sean spicer from the rnc. thanks. martha: people in texas can not seem to catch a break these days. new concern right now is more rain. forecasting predicting some areas could get three inches more of water heading into those areas. it could pose a dangerous flood risk into the weekend. meteorologist maria molina on this for us in the fox extreme weather center. good morning, marie jaw. >> hi, martha. the big problem is how much rain we received recently. this saturated ground in parts of texas. some areas estimating as much as
7:39 am
eight to 12 inches of rain out there, close to the city of houston and also southwest of the city of dallas. the forecast, like you mentioned is for more heavy rain out here. there could be spots potentially pick up more than six inches of rain, even as much as eight inches out here. we'll watch it very closely, heavy rain threat not only across texas and oklahoma and parts of arkansas early this weekend. because of this threat we do have number of flood watches in effect, places like san antonio and dallas and city of waco. taking a look at future radar and computer models, consensus here is more activity to continue to fire up next couple days, keeping things wet and unsettled across texas into areas across arkansas. martha? martha: maria, thank you very much. we'll keep an eye on it. meantime, bill? bill: martha, thank you. there is new fallout after shooting of gorilla to possibly save a boy's life. >> oh! [screaming]
7:40 am
>> oh, my gosh. bill: some are calling for criminal charges against the parents. what the parents are telling the public this morning. plus this. martha: unbelievable. reckless driver trying to pass a truck by driving on the shoulder. what was this guy thinking? we'll show you video when we come back. >> [bleep] [bleep] protection
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7:43 am
bill: so dash-cam video capturing terrifying near miss, near miss in ace straw yaw. -- australia. i mean wow. [bleep] not sure what the driver of the car was doing. he was trying to overtake two trucks on shoulder of the road. this is a mistake. he swerved across both lanes of a highway, losing control, landing in a ditch. no one was injured down under. ♪
7:44 am
>> this is upset. , i feel it was more the parents fault. i don't care how much kids you have with you, you watch your children. >> [inaudible] >> i would have -- >> i would have jumped in. >> i did fault the zoo for having opening a child could fit through, because you can't 100% of the time glue them to you. martha: that is a big debate after zookeepers are forced to kill a 450-pound gorilla. parents of boy who fell into the gorilla enclosure at cincinnati zoo are target of criminal investigation. critics are calling for child protective services to investigate the boy's parents for negligence. judge alex ferrer, former police officer and circuit court judge and good to have you with us this morning. >> thank you, martha. martha: i want to get into the zoo and federal regulations with you in a moment here.
7:45 am
let's address that question first. do you see any culpability on part of the parent here? >> i don't really know what exactly happened. we only have these little excerpts from witnesses who were there but you know, if it is, like most zoos that i have been too, they have a small little barrier fence, a little space, bush, hides beginning of the moat, wouldn't take long for child to scamper over the fence and across bushes. evidence of that the fact that there is loud crowd watching gorilla exhibit and nobody tried to stop the child. one person saw the boy as he was going through the bushes and couldn't stop him. so that goes to the critics who say this boy must have had a lot of time to do what he did. as far as the parent are concerned, i think prosecution, looking to prosecute the parents for what i guess would amount to child endangerment is a bit of an overreach. parents try to do their best. even in a mall, a park, you lose
7:46 am
sight of your children where there are not protective fences and moats to protect you from cars or predators, it just happens. i think if the parents have put the child over the fence so he could get a better look at the gorilla, absolutely prosecute them. martha: we don't know if that was the case. i want to show you something that, i was having a hard time visual usizing exactly what it looked like. this graphic printed in "the cincinnati enquirer," kind of blew me away. as you described, judge, but i know it is a little hard for people to see this on screen. i want to talk them through it. on left-hand side, you see people watching. there is a three-foot fence. anybody who has a pool in this country has a four-foot fence around their swimming pool, okay? three-foot fence. then you have got hedges, and then that's it. you have 15-foot drop. the other part of this story, everybody has seen the video what happened with the gorilla and boy in the water.
7:47 am
boy fell in. gorilla heard the splash. went down the ladder, what you sea see happened. he dragged the boy up the ladder on other side of the wall. took him over to the grass and thrashed him around a bit. how can this be this easy to fall into this thing is my question? >> you know, zoos are always competing with the idea of creating some kind of a safety barrier but yet keeping it somewhat natural so you're not looking at animals in cages. this is their compromise of the you know he, reality is, i think that, your children can always do something that endangers them. they can be standing next to i at an intersection and run out in front of a car. you know, in this particular case there is a lot of furry, i'm a animal lover. i love some animals a lot more than i love some people but reality is, that the situation zoo really didn't have a choice. if they had not taken action and gorilla killed the boy, it would
7:48 am
have been a lot more than criticism against them. martha: as lawyer, as you look at this case, do you think that the zoo has more to worry about than the parents? because you know, if you go to the zoo, and the bronx zoo has these fences like 10 feet high and they curve in a little bit just in case somebody climbs up them? i was just astonished there is a three-foot barrier and then a 10-foot drop into this water. i know they said federal regulators had checked out the zoo recently. this meets federal regulations. that opens possibility those need to be looked at as well in this case? >> yeah. like i said, this is, i hadn't seen that graphic you put up there, but that is pretty much the way i remember most zoos i have visited. most are going for that open look. is there possible liability? of course there is. a question whether a jury would agree that the zoo deviated from a standard of care and endanger ed the audience, the
7:49 am
patrons that came to view the animals. of course the counterargument will be from the zoo's part, you know what? parents will bring their kids, but they have to watch their kids. we have a three foot fence. that kid had to climb a three-foot fence. that is for a jury to decide down the road. martha: if you have kids, three feet is nothing. >> over it in a heartbeat. martha: that is no problem. put graphic up one more time. you can see the other side of the graphic where he pulled him up this ladder, like king kong, all the way up the ladder to the grassy side of there, that is when he continued to kind of thrash this boy around a bit according to reports. that is when they decided to take the shot. we talked about this yesterday and people said, you know, that it was wrong for them to shoot that gorilla. but i say if that is your child, you're going to have a hard time with that. >> i disagree. workers from the zoo, it had to kill them to shoot the gorilla. martha: of course it did. >> they were comment the fact
7:50 am
that they have seen that gorilla crush a coconut with one hand. martha: yeah. >> first of all he was pretty rough with the child, baby gorillas are a lot more durable, let's say than human children. so, even accidentally he could have killed a child. but at any moment, if he had been training willized, doesn't work like movie where they shoot him with a dart, he falls down. take as good amount of time to fall asleep. during that time he could become scared and protective of himself and hurt the child. martha: thank god the little boy is okay. as you say what a tough decision it must have been for the people at zoo to take that shot. think about what went through their minds at that point as well. judge, thank you, always good to see you, sir. >> always a pleasure. thank you, martha. bill: we're going to get to "happening now" in a moment. first president obama returns to one hard-hit down in the midwest. he says that town is very
7:51 am
different seven years later thanks to his policies. some critics are saying, not so fast. we'll take you there.
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>> in six minutes on "happening now," new polling to share with you. from quinnepiac, hillary clinton versus donald trump, how close the race is. new polling in california put as new spin on bernie versus hillary clinton standoff. we're a week away from critical primaries in california and new jersey. people weigh in new mexico and south dakota. politics next on "happening now." bill: returning to a town hard hit by recession. his critics say other forces did most of the heavy lifting to mend it is economy. leland vittert went to find out.
7:55 am
live in elkhart, indiana. how bad was it, leland? reporter: good morning bill. it was pretty bad. when the president comes back to the high school today, essentially you're welcome when he visited back in 2009, unemployment here at 20%. now it is 4%. the president and his advisors say because of democratic policies. the president's policies. yesterday we went to a local rv manufacturer, the biggest industry in elkhart. he told us he can't hire enough people at $35 an hour to keep up with demand. he said the president didn't have much to do with his success. >> i would like to think the industry fixed itself. it is hard work and the loyalty and can-do spirit of this community, not sticking their hand out, buckling down and getting work done. reporter: state republicans would like a credit as well. this is run by republicans, republican governor, republican state legislature.
7:56 am
they say their policies like balanced budget, lower taxes, very reasonable economic and environmental regulation is what brought their state back in spite of the president's policies. >> our business leaders succeeded in spite of his mandates and of things he puts in place. we fight back in the state. we fight back fence federal government intervention. reporter: back in 2009, bill, everyone agreed on the solution. now no one agrees who gets credit for that. we can expect the president to make a pivot to 2016 campaign. draw contrasts, unless there is democrat reelected we risk going back to the great recession. obviously republicans say that is exactly what would cause another recession. back to you. bill: leland, thanks. we'll watch the trip in elkhart, indiana. thanks. martha: new court documents shed light on inner-workings of trump university.
7:57 am
former employees call the university a fraudulent scheme. what impact might that have if any on the campaign? new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love. new ensure enlive. always be you.
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that does it for marcia today, i will see you back in new york, martha, have a great one p9 good to have you here. "happening now" starts now. jon: well, presidential candidate donald trump with more choice words for the media in that ongoing feud, causing some people to raise more questions about his temperament. welcome everybody to jenna lee, i'm jon scott. heather: trump calling out several journalists in that news conference attended to address questions for fundraising over veterans groups. in a federal lawsuit


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