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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  June 1, 2016 3:00pm-4:00pm PDT

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>> oh, my gosh. >> ever seen my face bef >> oh, my gosh. >> yeah. that's shaquille o'neal in disguise for lyft. life is full of constant surprise. >> oh, my goodness. all right. this is a fox news alert. i'm bret baier in washington. president obama's state department is admitting tonight that it deliberately edited out of its video records an exchange between our chief washington correspondent james rosen and the department's then spokeswoman. that exchange appeared to acknowledge an earlier lie from a different spokeswoman and then to justify it. at first the edit was called a glitch. now we know different. correspondent peter doocy has specifics. good evening, peter. >> reporter: good evening, bret. there was no technical glitch. the state department admitted today instead they deliberately deleted an eight-minute exchange about whether or not they lied
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to hide something and that investigation was removed from the youtube channel and replaced with a white flash after a briefing in 2013 when an editor got a call from someone at state delivering specific orders to delete our correspondent's james rosen's question and then jen psaki's answer but since they don't remember who called with the instructions don't anyone to get in trouble. >> i asked the office of legal adviser to look into this. they did. they -- they pursued it for me, and we -- we got about as far as we can go. the individual who took the call doesn't remember anything more than it was being passed on from somebody else in the public affairs bureau. i can't be any more specific than that right now. >> reporter: this all started in early 2013. spokeswoman victoria newland denied talks with tehran. when rosen went back at the end.
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year and asked if that was true spokeswoman jen sapsaki so unsatisfactory that it was scrubbed until a few weeks ago and this is the part of the response they tried to bury. >> is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times when where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. >> reporter: nobody would know about government employees deceptively deleting this video if our producer hadn't noticed the edit while pulling tape for a completely different story and the state department said this afternoon they don't know if any other clips have been edited out the same way. bret? >> and they are not investigating further. we will talk about this with the panel. peter, thank you. now to presidential politics. we're in the home stretch of the primary season tonight. for democrats hillary clinton
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needs only a relative handful of delegates to clinch the democratic nomination, but instead of marching across the finish line, she may limp over it because of the doggedness of both bernie sanders and her self-inflicted e-mail crisis. donald trump has already locked up the gop nomination, but he faces problems of his own and also of his own doing, including questionable business practices. we have fox team coverage. howard kurtz examines trump's deteriorating relationship with the press and hillary clinton's reluctance to have any relationship at all. jennifer griffin in newark, new jersey, looks at what's going on with the clinton campaign tonight. james rosen tells us what we're learning from newly released documents about trump university, but we begin with senior national correspondent john roberts in sacramento, california, on trump, the polls and new criticism from the current president. good evening, john. >> reporter: bret, good afternoon to you from sacramento. donald trump was heading west today for another series of campaign rallies and private meetings with deep-pocketed
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donors and as we was coming out here he got good news from a new equip yap poll that finds him locked in a tight race in the general election. in a two-way race hillary clinton leads trump by four points, 45-41 and add in third-party candidates and the contest becomes a dead heat. clinton leads among women and trump among men. trump is more trusted to create jobs and deal with isis. clinton more trusted to handle an international cries, but trump wins by a wide margin on who voters would rather have at their backyard barbecue. in elkhart, indiana, today, the man who won the 2012 who would you rather have over for dinner poll weighed in on trump's qualifications to be president. >> and the republican nominee for president has already said he's dismantle all these rules that we've fixed. that is crazy. the notion that you would vote for anybody who would now allow them to go back to doing the same stuff that almost broke our
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economy's back makes no sense. >> reporter: as he woke up this morning, trump was still incensed that the press dared to question his commitment to veterans, exploding in his only tweet of the morning, quote, so i raised, gave $5.6 million for the veterans and the media makes me look bad. they do anything to belittle, totally biassed. >> he's a sleaze. >> while trump criticizes media at campaign events the level of vitriol displayed at yesterday's press conference set a new bar. >> the suppress really dishonest and i don't mean everybody, especially the political press. >> reporter: outburst drew fire from critics and pollster fred lunts said he's on solid ground with many voters. >> the average reporter thinks this guy is horrible and the average voter thinks finally someone is standing up to them, shouting them down and putting them back in their place. >> reporter: trump also weighed in on the choice of "national review" writer david french to
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lead an independent campaign for president. the constitutional attorney and iraq war veteran with a wood by weekly standard editor bill kristol to challenge trump for the conservative vote. >> it's a guaranteed loss. they can't get on in texas because they missed their deadlines and now they are missing other deadlines and all he's doing is i guess trying to get publicity for his failing magazine i imagine. >> reporter: today 2012 republican nominee mitt romney said he could potentially support french, tweeting out today that he believed french was honorable, intelligent and patriotic. no signs so far of any protesters here in sacramento, but it could be can a completely different scene tomorrow night in san jose. the bay area always has a special way to welcome donald trump to california. bret? >> john roberts live in california tonight, john, thanks. donald trump has not been stingy with his business strategies, but the sometimes exorbitant prices he has asked to share them with you is
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causing him some problems in the business of running for president. jeff washington correspondent james rosen with new information tonight about trump university. >> reporter: documents unsealed from class action litigation begins presumptive gop nominee donald trump and trump university show contrary for advertisements to the company which promised seminars trump himself did not select the instructors and it also includes a company playbook that urged the sales team to push hard tone roll students even when financially strapped, down even to a single mother of 3 who, quote, may need money for food, money instructed one sales playbook is never a reason for not enrolling in trump university if they really believe in you and your product, they will find money. you are not doing any favor by letting someone use lack of money assin excuse. a former sales manager claims he was reprimanded when he balked at trying to get a financially struggling company to enroll until a $35,000 course. i believe that trump university was a fraudulent scheme, testified one man and it preyed
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upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. >> just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u. >> reporter: trump testified in a 2012 deposition that he reviewed many. resumes of those who applied to be instructors and trump university president michael sexton testified that while trump never reviewed the teaching materials, they did incorporate his real estate techniques. >> we have many, many people that will be witnesses. >> reporter: the 2014 deposition of art cohen who brought the second lawsuit included these exchanges. prior to the earlier lawsuit being filed in 2011, were you unhappy with your experience with the trump event? no, i was not unhappy, cohen answered. in fact, the presentation that james harris gave where he upsold me to a $35,000 investment was a very good presentation. in fact, i gave a positive review of that presentation. you went to the quick turn real estate retreatment at the conclusion of it in june of 20 a 09? did you have any complaints
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about that program? >> no, there were no complaints no. >> reporter: how would you at that time have described the program. >> >> cohen, i thought it was a good class. it gave good information. it was, you know, at a high level. >> the case is utterly equivocal and could go either way. when the evidence is equivocal it depends upon the attitude of the court, the nature of the jurors and the skill of the lawyers. >> reporter: donald trump has hey alleged booisd on the part of the federal judge presiding over this case but is still vowing to take it all the way to trial. that paroleding would likely be delayed until after election day. a separate $40 million lawsuit has been filed by the democratic attorney general of new york state. bret? >> james, thank you. james, by the way, will join our online show later on tonight. if hillary clinton gets her way, she will formally lock up the democratic nomination before the voting in california is even over next tuesday. democratic front-runner spent the day in new jersey trying to finish off bernie sanders there. at least officially. fox news correspondent jennifer griffin is in newark tonight.
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>> greeted by new jersey's favorite son jon bon jovi and democratic senator cory booker, hillary clinton took off the gloves today, shifting her campaign to the general election as she inched closer to the democratic nomination. now just 71 delegates short. >> we learned the truth about donald trump's big talk about helping veterans. it turns out it wasn't until the press shamed him that he actually made the donations he had promised. for months it was all just a publicity stunt. >> reporter: she gave a taste what have we are told will be a major national security speech in san diego tomorrow outlining why trump would pose a danger as president. >> he has advocated a return to torture and he has said he wants to ban all muslims from coming to the united states. >> reporter: she left the rally for a cuban cafe in downtown newark where she was asked about her future running mate.
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>> what do you think of cory booker for vp? >> first of all, i'm already her vp, her vegan pal. >> reporter: but she couldn't stay long in new jersey. her campaign is headed to california where some campaign aides fear senator bernie sanders could pull off an upset like he did in michigan. a new quinnipiac poll shows her 14 points ahead of him nationally but also shows 57% of voters give clinton a very unfavorable or strongly unfavorable rating. >> i wonder why secretary clinton and her husband are back in california. i thought we had lost and it was all over, but i guess secretary clinton maybe is looking at some polling that would suggest otherwise. >> reporter: president obama weighed in from elkhart, indiana, on the divisive democratic primary. >> we've got to stop pit being working americans against each other. we're going to have to come together and choose a vision of america where everybody gets a fair shot. >> reporter: a new mayorist poll released tonight shows that
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secretary clinton is leading senator sanders by just two percentage points among likely primary voters in california. the margin narrows to just 1% if you include all primary voters. it's one of the reasons, bret, that secretary clinton is cutting short her time here in newark to head out to california to begin campaigning. bret? >> jennifer griffin live in newark. jennifer, thank you. let's talk now about how clinton and trump are dealing with the media. fox news media analyst and host of fox news "media buzz" howard kurtz is here tonight. we all know how much donald trump dominates the media, but what about hillary clinton? >> she doesn't much like the media either and is far less willing to engage. hillary clinton hasn't held a news conference this entire year and just side stepped a question about when she will actually hold one. she does far fewer interviews than donald trump and is rather cautious when she does them. now, clinton borrowed a trump tactic yesterday by calling in to shows on cnn and msnbc but was mainly asked about trump and
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the veterans. >> so that's a balance problem. >> for all of us it's a balance problem. last week as the "new york times" point out hillary clinton was giving a speech to a union group in las vegas. none of the three cable news networks carried it live. at the same time, they all showed an empty podium in bismarck, north dakota, where donald trump was about to speak to a better headline, awaiting donald trump presser was deemed better than the actual hillary street and that's driven largely by ratings. >> does the clinton camp think it's a problem at all? >> well, her spokesman, brian fallon, told "washington post" building a positive narrative doesn't mean having her on cable news ten hours a day and believe they can get good press by condemning what trump says but that puts her in a pox of largely being reactive rather than generating headlines on her own. >> we saw a lot of social media reaction to that press conference from trump about going after the press, but what's the fallout over all of the sleazy comment about the reporter from abc? >> some bruised egos to be sure,
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but media's unpopularity present for them, us, a big juicy target for donald trump. you know this from your twitter feed and helps him project an image of strength, even when he's bristling at legitimate questions from journalists about charitable donations he pledged and i think he was ticked off at the coverage and there's also this. there's a performance art to what donald trump does and by denouncing the dishonest press and all the rest, he extends the story and he's able to drive the coverage and drive it away from, for example, the newly released documents and the lawsuit against trump university or drive it away from just about anything that hillary clinton says. >> all right. howie, thank you. >> great to see you. up next, president barack obama takes an economic victory lap, but how much credit does he deserve? we'll look into that. first from our fox affiliates around the country, fox 19 in cincinnati with a new statement from the parents of that boy who got into the gorilla habitat at the zoo forcing officials to kilt animal. they said the boy is doing well. they are thanking zoo personnel.
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they are refusing any gifts and instead asking them to be given to the zoo in the gorilla's name. fox 32 in chicago as illinois law enforcement adjourn their spring session without agreeing on a budget for either the current fiscal year or the one that begins next month. the republican governor's last-minute short-term budget proposal was rejected by democrats, causing potentially another budget crisis in that state. and this is a live look at los angeles from fox 11, our affiliate there. a scary situation today on the campus of ucla as the school was locked down after gunshots were heard. the l.a. police chief says the shooting of two men was a murder-suicide in an engineering building. the gun was found along with what might be a suicide note. no identifications have been released. classes have been cancelled for the rest of the day. the campus will reopen tomorrow. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back. ♪
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century. at least six people have died in that flooding. as much as ten inches of additional rain could fall on the houston area in coming days. president obama's open door immigration policies reportedly leading to a huge increase in the number of both legal and illegal immigrants into the u.s. a center for immigration studies analysis of census data reveals 3.11 million people have come into the country the past three years. of those 1.1 million came illegally, up from 700,000 over the previous two-year period. we told you earlier president obama is in northern indiana tonight. he's taking an economic victory lap returning to an area that he says reflects the success of his economic recovery plan, but is the president taking credit where credit is due? tonight correspondent leland vittert in elkhart, indiana, is checking his progress. >> reporter: at jcrv the owner has a problem w.low interest
3:21 pm
rates driving demand his 3,300 employees can't keep up. >> booming is almost an understatement. it's just come back with a force. >> reporter: rv manufacturing accounts for 30% plus of elkhart, indiana's economy. with darryl paying starting wages of $35 an house, the area's economic resurgence has become emblematic of small town america's recovery. unemployment is 4% today and today president obama arrived here to say you're welcome. >> america's economy is not just better than it was eight years ago. it is the strongest, most durable economy in the world. >> reporter: he gave a very different speech just weeks after taking office in 2009 when unemployment in the rv manufacturing capital hit nearly 20%. >> this area has been hit with a perfect storm of economic troubles. >> reporter: back then everyone agreed on the problem as darryl laid off 60% of his workforce. today no one agrees on who gets
3:22 pm
credit for the solution. >> i call it the midwestern mentality. don't give me a handout. just, you know, let me get it done. >> reporter: republicans run the state of indiana and claim its policies like right to work, a balanced budget, common sense environmental regulation and lower taxes that brought elkhart back from the economic abyss. >> our business leaders succeeded in spite of his mandates. we fight back against federal government intervention. >> reporter: the president said elkhart's recovery is further proof his policies work. >> that's what you proved, elkhart over the last seven years. that's what you've shown america. let's keep on showing it. >> reporter: folks here don't wish the president ill but wish them out of their lives and worry the next round of economic policies from this or a new democratic administration will take all the oxygen out of the fire that is the elkhart economy. bret? >> leland vittert in elkhart,
3:23 pm
thank you. the u.s. is getting ready to hammer north korea again. the treasury department has designated the communist company as a primary money laundering concern. there is speculation north korea is laundering money to fund its nuclear weapons program. the dow was up two today. the s&p 500 also grew two and the nasdaq rose four. the tsa is under scrutiny again. it has nothing to do with long lines though. the government accountability office, the gao, is identifying more than 2,500 security incidents in each of the past three years at airports around the country. those incidents range from fence jumpers to workers who forgot their security badges, sneaking through checkpoints. the report says that the tsa is not keeping up with the threat or doing enough to help airports identify their be vulnerabilities. the tsa says it's addressing the situation. up next, the doctor may be out when it comes to veterans care at the v.a. we'll explain. i take pictures of sunrises,
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, officials in iraq say government forces have stalled in their advance into fallujah. they blame fierce resistance from isis fighters and concerns over protecting tens of thousands of civilians trapped inside that strategic city. the u.s. is providing air support for the iraqi troops and some training. fallujah has been under isis control for more than two years. veterans waiting to see a doctor at the v.a. may have to settle for a nurse instead. the department of veterans affairs is proposing a rules change aimed at easing the backlog at v.a. facilities. correspondent doug mcelway tells us how that is going over >> reporter: veterans administration is proposing a federal rule change that would allow highly trained nurses to act as doctors doing diagnostic testing, prescribing medications and add ministeringance therebyia. over 6,000 of the v.a.'s 93,000 nurses would see their roles
3:29 pm
expanded, a trend that is also happening in the private sector. >> we do come, first of all, with a nursing background, so many nurse practitioners have many years in health care before they even become nurse practitioners, and we bring that to the table, but we do have clinical education and training during our program. >> reporter: several physicians groups are opposed to the rule change, warning a potential bad outcomes if nurses are left to treat patients with sudden unexpected complications. >> i know well what happens in acute care hospitals on a daily basis. i've been there for almost 50 years. pati seconds later they are at death's doorstep. >> reporter: florida republican congressman dave jolly is outraged by the proposed change noting inning march he asked the v.a. secretary mcdonald about it. >> i know a proposed rule recently went to omb. can you maybe describe your position on this issue. >> the thing we feel least
3:30 pm
comfortable about is anesthesiologists. >> i would so far as to say we've been misled as a congress and a country by the v.a. secretary and by the department of veterans affairs who said they were not going to issue this rule, but in fact did. >> reporter: anesthesiologists maintain the proposed change is unnecessary. >> there is no shortage of physician anesthesiologists in the v.a. >> reporter: in fact, whatever other problems the v.a. has it is practically swimming in anesthesiologists. the american society of anesthesiologists today said there are only seven job openings for anesthesiologists at the v.a. out of a total number of 1,188, well below the private hospital average where there is a greater need. bret? >> doug, thank you. the first baby born in the continental u.s. with zika virus-linked complications has been delivered in new jersey. the child he's mother developed a rash while in honduras but had no other symptoms until arriving in the u.s. zika is linked to a birth defect
3:31 pm
marked by a partially formed brain. concerns over zika are growing as the days before the olympic games are shrinking. correspondent steve harrigan has that story tonight. >> reporter: with just two months from the start of the olympics in brazil there are signs of increasing concern about the safety of athletes and tourists due to the zika virus. 150 health experts from around the world posted an open letter last week demanding that the olympics be delayed or moved due to the possibility and the 500,000 tourists expected could speed the transmission of the virus around the world. >> what degree of public health crisis would we need to have to put public health above the realization of a three-week sporting event. >> reporter: virus which is passed most commonly through mosquito bites has been linked to severe birth defects in infants and neurological problems in adults. there are currently more than 30,000 cases of zika in rio alone where the games are set to begin august 5th.
3:32 pm
>> it's always important that everyone that comes to the country knows about the risk of the virus, not going to places where there's trash accumulated with a huge amount of mosquitos. >> reporter: world health organization rejected any calls to move the games as unnecessary, but they have just changed their guidelines for those traveling to any region that has the zika virus. they now say that the virus can linger longer than previously thought in blood and other bodily fluids and that those who have been in zika regions should practice safe sex for eight weeks, double amount of time previously recommended. the u.s. delegation of more than 2,000 will live in air conditioned housing, be provided with long pants, shirts, a six-month supply of condoms and mosquito repellants. south korean athletes will take it a stef further.
3:33 pm
they will be wearing mosquito repellant infused track suits. >> steve harrigan in miami, thank you. less than a week until the final set of primaries and all three candidates left in the race are gearing up. the panel is next.
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decrease alcohol use while taking chantix. use caution when driving or operating machinery. most common side-affect is nausea. i can't believe i did it. i quit smoking. ask your doctor if chantix is right for you. if we win california and if we win south dakota and north dakota and montana and new mexico and new jersey, well, i think we will be -- and the following week do well in washington, d.c., i think we will be marching into the democratic convention with an enormous amount of momentum. >> bernie sanders wasn't yelling like howard dean was in iowa, but he was listing the states he wants to and believes he can win. this as a new poll comes out tonight in california that essentially puts him tied with
3:38 pm
hillary clinton in california. this is the case he's making is that he's better positioned against donald trump. a quinnipiac poll backs that up in the head-to-head, clinton versus trump and sanders versus trump, but in the same poll clinton is up by 13 points over sanders nationally and she is 71 delegates short of getting the democratic nomination because of super delegates. we'll start there on politics. tucker carlson, host of "fox & friends weekend" and and charles krauthammer. you heard bernie sanders there and he's making the pitch to california. >> i think he'll march to the democratic convention in philadelphia no matter what happens in six or seven states. the truth is he's as unlikely a candidate really as donald trump. he is without charm. he's elderly and running an economic program that's 80 years old and has been proven not to work and yet he's drawing crowds of people who know for a certainty that he's not going to
3:39 pm
win and they are coming out anyway. what does that tell you? it tells you the power of running on something in contrast to the sort of tepid identity politics campaign his opponent is running. he's running on something that's actually resonating and he's going to extract eye teeth at that convention, no question about that. >> all right. chuck. it's the realism of trying to convince people that in fact he can still win the nomination. >> well, i think he is making an additional pitch which is, as you referred to those polls that show him beating trump and that's been a consistent finding in those polls going back several months now and he's saying in a weird way i'm the more realistic candidate because i'm the one who would have an easier time beating trump. obviously it isn't that realistic because there are the super sell gates and so on standing in his way. i guess his end game goes something like this. i come in as close as i possibly can to the number into the convention and between now and then something develops maybe regarding the e-mails that
3:40 pm
causes the party to need to look for somebody else and i'll be standing there and it will fall into my lap. >> meantime, another person that's anxious to be out campaigning and that's the president who talked about donald trump not by name but by policy issues and also a certain network. >> so their basic story is america's working class, america's middle class, families like yours, have been victimized by a big, bloated federal government run by a bunch of left wing elitists like me. i'm being serious here. i mean, that's the story that's been told, and i haven't, you know, turned on fox news or listened to conservative talk radio yet today, but i turn them on enough over the past seven and a half years to know i'm not exaggerating in terms of their story. >> president obama in indiana today. >> look, he's making it sound as if this idea of the big, bloated federal government rub by left wing elitists is some kind of
3:41 pm
fox news fantasy. how about exhibit "a" obamacare. jonathan gruber and all the others who foist it upon the united states, elitists, pointed-headed intellectuals who designed a program that's collapsing of its own weight, costing enormous amounts of money, having a terrible effect on the medicine -- on medical -- on the medical profession and i think will be gone one way or the other in several years is a perfect example of left wing hyper liberalism obama brought into office. it was this idea that government and should try and do everything thwarted by democrats who stopped the cap and trade and a lot of other measures that obama would like to do, this is exactly what his government lass done and it's given us a very weak economy and all the anxiety that everyone is acknowledging is what the candidates are running on. sanders, trump, all the others as a result of a weak economy, a
3:42 pm
terrible recovery and people who have a sense that they are being squeezed. the irony is it's the democratic candidates themselves who make the case against the big government because of the results of who obama has wrought and how it's affected the electorate. >> you can see the president is anxious to get into this game, the 2016 game. he has been prevented from doing that essentially from this race continuing on the democratic side, but it looks like he's just going anyway. >> there's a big kind of irony involved here which is that the implication of the whole bernie sanders campaign, by implication says the last eight years accomplished nothing. we're not sufficient. we're not progressive enough, and by associating hillary with that, he's accusing her of being a fake progressive, so part of what obama is doing, also by implication, is shoring up hillary, i think, and interestingly i think he's -- his numbers are good right now. his favorability rating is up
3:43 pm
over 51%. >> president barack obama's at 51, yeah. >> and i think he is crying vindication right now. it's what that speech that you just did was all b.hey, i'm supposed to be so terrible, if so why am i so popular? >> meantime the democratic presumptive nominee, we should point out, she's on her way probably to the delegates was out talking about trump university today. >> every day we learn more about donald trump. just yesterday we learned the truth about donald trump's big talk about helping veterans. it turns out it wasn't until the press shamed him that he actually made the donations he had promised. well, today, we're learned about another scam, the so-called trump university. he is trying to scam america the way the scammed all those people at trump u. >> trump u. okay. hope hicks with the trump
3:44 pm
campaign put out a statement. the court's order, unsealing documents has no bearings on the merits of the trump university case. much of the unsealed evidence including declarations and surveys from former students demonstrates a high level of satisfaction and trump university taught valuable information. trump university looks forward to using this evidence along with much more to win when the case is brought before a jury. is this -- does this have legs, tucker, and what about this whole dustup? >> of course, trump university isn't wholly legitimate. would you send your kids there? i don't think there's a single person who thinks trump u, i hope my children good ate from trump u. people knew that going in at the beginning and they know it now. by the way, is it much more of after scam than princeton? i don't know. that's open to debate. sure also, it change the-minute of a single voter? people who said oh, trump u wasn't on the level, i'm voting hillary. probably not. we've seen for the past year trump getting a pass on these issues. people knowing who he is and supporting him for reasons that
3:45 pm
have nothing to do with the details of his biography. >> on the republican side you get a lot of pushback saying where are the investigations into the clinton foundation? where is the other shoe to drop with all the things that they are involved in? now we're hearing tonight that bryan pagliano, the i.t. specialist, is going to plead the fifth in the e-mail investigation. is there a tit for tat here that is equal when it comes to problems for both candidates? >> look, there's always been a double standard with trump, for trump. it will happen after trump where the -- the investigative zeal always is whetted in the press if it has to do with republicans. in the first line of every story it will say xx, a republican. if it's a democrat it will be paragraph 18 but i think with hillary, the reason people are holding back right now, because it's in the hands of an fbi. we're going have an explosion one way or another or we're
3:46 pm
going to know by people who have subpoena power, 120 supposedly fbi agents. this is going to come out one way or the other. next up, the state department admits intentionally editing a briefing featuring our own james rosen. what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming and when if i break down. must be gerry. hey... in means getting more from your car insurance with the all-powerful drivewise app. it's good to be in, good hands.
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3:50 pm
glitch in the state department video. >> a portion of the state department's december 2nd, 2000 press briefing was missing from the we posted on youtube and website account. >> that hasn't changed. >> obama administration said we showed under. >> u.s. negotiations with iran. >> is it the policy of the state department where the preservation of secrecy of secret negotiations is concerned to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. >> the specific request was made to excise that portion of the briefing. we do not know who made the request to edit the video or why it was made. >> we tried to pursue it you about i mean it was three years ago. and the individual who took the call just simply doesn't have a better memory of it. and there were no rules, no
3:51 pm
regulations in place that prohibited this. there was a deliberate request that this wasn't a technical glitch. >> this wasn't a technical glitch. they don't know who made the call to request it. and the investigation is stopping, according to the state department about this editing of the video. jen psaki who is now the white house communications director was spokesperson at the time at the state's department eliseed a statement i have no knowledge of or would i have approved any briefing transcript. as much information on important issues as possible. this is starting to percolate around the media, "the washington post" glen kessler just tweeted out speaking as a former diplomatic reporter states removal of james rosen fnc's q and a was outrageous and there are many others weighing in at this hour. just learning about it this afternoon. we're back with the panel.
3:52 pm
chuck? >> well, you know, i look at this, the scandal is not that somebody from a podium would lie or mislead to protect a sensitive diplomatic mission. that has happened before. we are all living in the real world. we know that goes on. what is a little bit new and different and i kind of agree with my colleague glenn kessler outrageous is that they would edit this in that way after the fact. watching jen psaki at the podium even answering the question from james rosen whatever happened to no comment. instead of fumbling for some sort of formula where she could give a non-denial denial she could just say no comment, no comment, no comment. she couldn't bring herself to do that. very strange. >> what about the investigation is over. we're going to move forward. it's not going to happen again. one, we don't know who made the call to edit it. >> no, we don't. >> two, the person apparently forgot like they just forgot who it was, who made the call. >> or admirable kirby.
3:53 pm
smart enough to know the difference between right and wrong, long pretty impressive career in the pentagon. in the position of defending the indefensible. a lot of takes place. probably has to. this isn't attack on history and reality itself. it's dispersioning what happened. physical record itself. if you set out to expunge any inartful response jen psaki has given it would give an entire apartment. this tells you about their mind set. this doesn't fit into the categories that the public should see therefore they are expunging it? that's insane. >> the answer about why they couldn't remember and how long it's been reminded some today of a previous exchange with another former administration official. >> they tried to pursue it but, i mean, it was three years ago. and the individual who took the call just simply doesn't have a better memory of it. and there were no rules, no
3:54 pm
regulations in place that prohibited this. >> did you also change attacks to demonstrations in the talking points? >> maybe, i don't really remember. >> you don't remember? >> dude, this was like two years ago. we are just. >> dude, it is the thing that everybody is talking about. >> we're talking about the process of editing talking points. that's what bureaucrats do all day long. >> that was tommy vitor. >> isn't that when he called you dude? >> dude. >> i liked that part the best. this incident is so appalling it's almost comical. in the old soviet union if stahlian decided he didn't like you, you disappeared but then you were air brushed out of all the pictures, the photographs that had been taken in the past. this was the source of aof amus. the old joke was everywhere else it's impossible to predict the future and the soviet union. impossible to predict the past. this is now happening in the u.s. this is truly, this amazing story and, remember, they tried to pass it off as a
3:55 pm
glich. so that was either an obvious lie or sort of a lame attempt at a coverup. i love what kirby had to say today the state department spokesman. he said this was not and is not in keeping with state department's commitment to transparency. well, no kidding, sherlock. when you actually lie about the deleting history, that is not transparent. the real story is why are they pretending that they can get away with the passive, a request was made. well, why can't you find out who made it? there are only a finite amount of people there. this is important to find out. this is a big deal. >> we will see where it goes. and if it's followed up on. and, obviously, you can imagine perhaps a big uproar if this had been a republican administration with the same efforts. that's it for the panel. stay tuned for a word on hillary's emails.
3:56 pm
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finally tonight, the media does seem to be agreeing about one thing in regards to the hillary clinton email story. >> yet another drip, drip, drip of report saying that she didn't follow the rules. >> the drip, drip, drip of this investigation. >> this is a steady drip, drip, drip. >> drip, drip, drip. >> drip, drip, drip. >> it's just one more drip. >> soon it's going to be a big puddle and one of these days it might just drown her. >> if you are wondering why so many democrats are attracted to bernie sanders this is kind of why. bernie doesn't have any drips, drips, drips.
4:00 pm
which for a 74-year-old man is pretty remarkable. [cheers and applause] >> oh, yeah. thanks for inviting us into your home tonight. fair, balanced and you up afraid. "special report" online right now. the biggest stories all right here a frantic 911 call for the first time you are going to hear the mother's panic stricken cries for help as her son is in the hands of a massive gorilla. a man cheered -- man beat someone to death with a tire iron and got praise from his neighbors. it's a must-see story. but right now, new polls just out. and secretary hillary clinton with a slim lead nationally over donald trump. clinton with a 45% of the vote and trump behind with 41%. but, in other polls, it looks like clinton could have trouble even getting the nomination. "on the record" is taking you inside the numbers. and just a short time ago the pga tour getting blasted for doing something that has donald trump all fired up. what's that? sending jobs to