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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 2, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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the karaoke i want the bump it louder, a little bit louder ♪ ♪ singing along with elton john and rolling right here, right now ♪ ♪ right here, right now take that train ♪ bill: a fox news alert. the democratic leader facing problems on multiple fronts. brand-new polling shows bernie sanders hot on her heels in california as the email scandal continues to dog her campaign. martha: i'm martha maccallum. hillary clinton and bernie sanders virtually a dead heat in the golden state. bernie sanders and donald trump are sensing blood in the water. >> she has no natural talent to be president.
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this is not a president. do you really believe hillary is presidential? this is not presidential material. >> she has a number of super pacs and has raised many millions from wall street and other special interests. in my view, our job is to take on wall street, not take their money. martha: hillary clinton's former staffer who helped set up the server in chappaqua planning to take the fifth and will refuse to answer any questions about installing that server in her house. she is planning a foreign policy speech today and no doubt she'll focus on donald trump. reporter: hillary clinton will outline two competing visions of
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america's role in the world. she will suggest donald trump is unfit to be commander-in-chief. >> he attacked our closest allies, he said we should pull out of nato. he praised the dictator of north korea, he advocated a return to torture and said he wants to ban all muslims from coming to the united states. this is not just divisive receipt rick, my friends, it's dangerous. reporter: she is basically going to say that donald trump is unqualified to be president. martha: they are both saying the same thing about each other. and when you look at this california race, it's very tight. reporter: another poll out this morning suggests the race in
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california is a dead heat. hillary clinton has a 2 percentage point lead. bernie sanders is surging with independents and young people and he's pushing hillary clinton to the left on issues. >> i'm delighted president obama came on board the effort that we must expand social security benefits. tell the seniors and disabled vets you are on their side. we are goinged to expand social security. reporter: bernie sanders has been competing relentlessly, investing everything in california. but he's not alone. hillary clinton and bernie sanders are expected to do more
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events in the next five days. bill: here is a preemptive assault on the promise of a speech that will happen later. >> hillary clinton who lies. you remember that. she lies. she lies. she made a speech and she is making another one tomorrow. they sent me a copy of the speech. it was such lies about my foreign policy. these are crooked people. they have been crooked from the beginning. bill: katie burton, editor of "real clear politics." what a day it was. can she go after him effectively? >> she can go after him but has to do it cautiously. any time his opponents go after him on his personality or style, he was shot down. she can be effective if she sticks to her message.
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but once she gets into attacks on her personality, she needs to leave that to her surrogates. both trump and clinton are facing high negatives. they are very disliked among the electorate. so she has to, i think, stick to what she knows, which is policy. she wants to draw contrasts with trump on that, and raise questions about what she thinks is bad temperament. we'll hear a lot about that, i'm sure. bill: a lot of democrats have signed up since january 1, and that probably helps sanders. if she wins california, is it over? >> i think it's effectively over. she will have clinched the nomination by winning the necessary number of delegates, and in terms of momentum it will
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give her some fuel. she wants to have this race at its conclusion so she can focus on donald trump. she hasn't been able to do that in full force. the race with sanders isn't holding her back. >> we'll see a measure of that today. how does she best contrast with donald trump? >> today on foreign policy she'll raise questions about his ability to serve as commander-in-chief. she'll try to appeal to independents and republicans who might be concerned about some of trump's foreign policy prescriptions. she is also walking a tight line here. she doesn't want to turn off more liberal democrats who have been appealing to bernie sanders who might be a frayed of a more hawk i shall foreign policy tone. she is not trying to win over
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trump supporters. but really reaching out into the middle. that will be hard for her. bill: good analysis here in new york. marthayork. martha: we'll talk to eric trump in a moment, about the labels hillary is trying to pin on donald trump. and information that the pga is going to move one of their tournaments from trump doral to new mexico. we are getting a sense of what it looks like head-to-head between hillary clinton and donald trump. it's going to be something to watch. bill: i thought with clinton and
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sanders on one side and donald trump on the other. it's 3 on 1. martha: a stunning admission from the u.s. state department. somebody intentionally deleted several minutes of official state department video from the agency's website. why would they do that? what is missing in those moments? an answer from former spokeswoman jen psaki about the administration misleading the press about when iran negotiations began. james rosen posed the question about whether there could be secret talks going on with iran and whether the administration purposely misled reporters and a clip of that exchange
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disappeared. >> it was three years ago and the individual who took the call doesn't have a memory of it. there were no rules or regulations in place that prohibited this. we learned quite a bit. we learned there was a deliberate request. this wasn't a technical glitch. martha: garrett, the state department is admitting this was deliberately edited out of the clip on youtube and the state department site. >> the missing video was not the result of a glitch. what we don't know is who that state department official is. that 8-minute clip was from a state department briefing from reporters in december of 2013 when in response to a question
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by james rosen jen psaki admitted the administration purposely misled the press. >> did the policy where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are concerned to lie to achieve that goal? >> i think there are times when diplomacy need privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. reporter: admiral john kirby said requests to edit clips are not made on a regular basis but the editor said she did not remember who specifically the request came from. martha: are there other incidents where they decided to get creative on what they were
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going to hold on to? >> the state department says it does not know. it was fox news that discovered this specific deleted video. had that not happened, possible no one would have known. admiral kirby said he is not able to look at it now. >> i don't have the manpower and resources to look at every single video over the last three years and i don't know that that would be a good use of taxpayer dollars. bill: the waters are rising in place whereas they do not need it. texas dealing with floods of historic proportions. also, there is this today. >> by almost he economic measure, america is better off than when i came here at the
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beginning of my presidency. that's the truth. martha: he said that's the truth. is that the truth? the president calling out republicans for ignoring facts he says on the economy. naturally they don't necessarily agree with his assessment. art laffer gives us his take. bill: a moment of panic when a little boy fell into the cage. here is part of the mother's frantic call to 911. >> we do already have help started there, okay. >> be calm, be calm. be calm. he's grabbing my son. i can't watch this. i can't watch. for as long as i can. new patented ensure enlive has hmb plus 20 grams of protein to help rebuild muscle. for the strength and energy to do what you love.
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martha: people in texas cannot catch a break. there is more rain for south and central texas. historic flooding has devastated neighborhood and wrecked homes. six people lost their lives in this flooding. a flash flood watch is in place. people near the swollen brazos river are watching the rising water very carefully. >> if they call for an evacuation, we are out of here.
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this is just stuff. live life is more important. martha: animals' lives also in danger. look at these pictures of cattle fending for themselves out there. they are struggling to reach higher ground. what a terrible situation. >> over and over again you find hillary is at the center of a cesspool of corruption that runs from the clinton foundation to the state department to the campaign machine in a way that frankly in the tradition of the founding fathers is sickening. it is everything we had an american revolution to get rid of. bill: former house speaker newt gingrich not mincing words.
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doug schoen and monica crowley, good morning to both of you. doug, you wrote the piece getting all the attention in the "wall street journal." there is more than a theoretical chance that hillary clinton may not be the nominee for the democratic party. >> if she loses california and there is a finding of culpability in the email scanld today, the superdelegates may move away from her. monica crowley for 8 months have been saying that if that happens, joe biden will be put forward by the president and valerie jared. i make that argument in the piece. i see biden champing at the bit.
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my sources tell me he wants to get in this race. we can have a whole new race. bernie sanders is not going to go away quietly. bill: california, the legal issues and the superdelegates. three high hurdles. >> when i first laid out this scenario that the democratic ticket may be biden, that they would need to take care of women and the bernie sanders left and they do that with elizabeth warren. it was easy to do that in early august. it's not impossible. both parties can rip up the rules and nominate whoever they want by acclamation. bill: all these remain
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possibilities, you write, doug. monica, you write today how donald trump is resurrecting the great silent majority. tonight you refer to richard nixon. in october of 199, the great silent majority of my fellow americans, i ask for your support. >> that was note as the great silent majority speech from richard nixon. he was asking for patience with the war in vietnam. but so many regular hard-working americans feel their leadership on both side is not giving them voice and not giving them respect. those were the americans to whom mixon was speaking. he got the support for policies across the board it's the same
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americans to whom donald is directing that. >> i would just make the point, in swing states like michigan, illinois, wisconsin, pennsylvania,io, those voters are the voters donald trump need if he's going to beat hillary clinton or whoever the democratic nominee may be. martha: we watched chaos unfolding at a major university in los angeles. we watched as the s.w.a.t. teams moved their way through the cars. what led to the shooting of a popular professor and what we now know about the suspect. >> i'm so shaky. there is not much else you can do. we were scared someone might
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break through that door and shoot us
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bill: police in ohio releasing this frantic 911 call made by the mother of the little boy who fell into the gorilla call. >> my son is at the zoo into the gorilla. the gorilla is over him. >> we do already have this started. we have help started there, okay. be calm! be scalp * be scalp he's grabbing my son, i can't watch this. i can't watch.
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bill: it took 9 minutes from the point where that call was made to when zookeepers decided to kill the gorilla. what a moment that is that captured the nation. martha: you cannot imagine. i don't blame her. i can't watch. blame to go all around. the gorilla did not survive that incident. new details in the suspected murder-suicide that unfold at ucla. the shooter, apparently a disgruntled student killed the professor and then turned the gun on himself. adam housley joins us live in los angeles. what do we know about the
6:27 am
shooter and victim this case? reporter: it's gone from fear to sadness. a doctoral candidate was the shooter. the professor was the father of two young boys who went to baseball games and coached. it seems the suspect was at one point a ph.d student with him. there had been some rambling blogs about the suspect about the professor that didn't make much sense. but police believe the student was disgruntled and killed william klug. >> bill was such a kind, gentle spirit. obviously very accomplished. caltech ph.d, a ucla tenured professor running his own
6:28 am
research group. but there was never a trace of arrogance about bill. reporter: classes will not start up again until next week. they are planning a vigil for him. martha: how is the situation being handled? what's happening now? reporter: the building is shut down. but yesterday at this time was all hands on deck. a lot in response to what happened in the inland empire december 2 when the attack happened in san bernardino. >> the response happened as fast as it could have. a tragic situation. but law enforcement across our country, we train for these incidents. >> there are questions about how some of these doors opened outwards. you might imagine some students
6:29 am
were concerned about the security measures here. >> our doors don't lock. the fact that the doors didn't lock was a huge issue. we felt very unsafe. >> it caused a lot of unnecessary trauma for students. reporter: it did take an hour ng. as you can imagine, a lot of sadness at the ucla campus. bill: he survived the attack on pearl harbor and some of the deadliest battles of the second world war. then he lost almost all of his savings in a scam. martha: hillary clinton unloads one of her fiercest attacks on donald trump. donald trump's son eric trump joins us to respond.
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>> this is just more evidence donald trump himself is a fraud. he is trying to scam america the way he scammed all those people at trump u.
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bill: we saw the opening bell during the break. the dow closing up a bit yesterday. we are awaiting a big number on the jobs report which is due out tomorrow. there is a suggest there is a slight drop in unemployment. >> i think donald trump has disqualified himself completely. he attacked our closest allies, he said let's pull out of nato, he praised the dictator of north korea.
6:34 am
he advocated getting nuclear weapons, he advocated a return to torture and said he wants to ban all muslims from coming to the united states. this is not just divisive rhetoric, my friends, this is dangerous. martha: hillary clinton blasting donald trump in a rally yesterday. there is more coming today. we'll go national security during a speech in san bernardino. she says he's a threat to world order. let's bring in eric trump, the son of presidential candidate donald trump. your dad calls her crooked hillary and she is trying to label him as well. dangerous done ror.
6:35 am
loose cannon donald trump. >> i see that clip and i cringe. her foreign policy has cost billions of dollars and millions of lives. she left these guys on a roof top in the middle of benghazi getting shot at and getting mortars on their head because she wouldn't pick up a phone call in the middle of the night. she has done no job for our veterans. she has done a disservice to our country. my father would be an amazing commander-in-chief. martha: you can almost start to see the two of them standing on stage together. let's talk about this question of a pivot. a lot of people look at your father over the course of the last week or 10 days, lashing out at the press, going after
6:36 am
the judge, saying where is this change that was promised in terms of behavior and temperament. do you ever say to him time to dial back some of this stuff. >> in that case it's warranted and there is plenty of others. my father raised $6 million for veterans. hillary and bill have donated $75,000. he raised money for veterans and the press hammered him. i said to him one day. no good deed goes unpunished. he said i'm going to go out and say something. i'm not being treated fairly. martha: trump is a private conglomerate. there has to be times when the company thought about going public. there is a different between being a private company and public company.
6:37 am
this transition for your father is almost like going public. you have to answer questions and share responsibilities with the voters. is that a difficult transition? >> look at the number of press conferences hillary clinton has had in 2016. zero. my father is out there every day. there is no more transparent people in the world. we are the most easy to get to. more hard questions probably than any other presidential candidate ever because he's very open to talking to the media. martha: i want to show you something that came out with quinnipiac. voters say they do not believe hillary clinton will rein in wall street and when it comes to the question of building a wall and having wall street pay for it.
6:38 am
>> it's something he believe in. he's a great builder. the wall on the southern borderer isn't a tough structure. second of all it's something he truly believes in. you need to know whose in your country. you need to know who's here and people have to be here legally. martha: you think he will start the process on day one? >> absolutely. martha: this is a quote from somebody who worked for trump university. in terms after political matter. i guarantee you you are going to see and hear this on hillary clinton commercials going forward. i believe trump university was a fraudulent scheme and preyed on the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money. >> 98% approval rating from
6:39 am
people who took the course. people come back' after grading it at a plus, i loved it. i brought this into my own personal life. it helped me start my first business. then they come back and say that. i think we are going to win that case. we have every single one of those report cards. it undermines quotes like that. the university did a great job. martha: any time you have a business, you will have customers and employees who are disgruntled. >> it's like going to harvard and saying i got a great education and i haven't been the success i thought i could have been. trump university had a 98% approval rating. martha: do you think we'll start to see a change in that?
6:40 am
your father looked at the press and said this is exactly what you are going to get. >> he's a fighter. he's not going to hide. martha: you listen to those people and watch the cool up tonights and say it's going to fail. >> columnists also said he had no chance of wing and he's going to drop out tomorrow. what have the comments done? every single one of them have been wrong every step of the way. martha: quick question,ed the pga moving that tournament from trump doral to mexico. >> it plays into my father's narrative. jobs lost, going down to mexico. it's very sad. it's a big sponsor in mexico.
6:41 am
they want to bring the world championship out of the u.s. it had to go. it's sad to see more jobs and more money. it's something people have been doing for a long time. leave this country. bill: president obama taking a victory lap praising the growth of the american economy. even calling out republicans and fox news for ignoring the progress. former republican economic adviser art laffer will join us. martha: a student on this school bus passes out and the driver doesn't seem to take any action. you're late for work.
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martha: a washington state bus driver is out of a job today. she decided to keep the windows on the bus closed on a sweltering day. >> it's so hot. martha: the girl eventually came to and was able to stand on her own. the school says there is no rule against opening the bus windows. why the windows were open and why they had to be closed. bill: who remembers a time when cameras weren't everywhere. the kids are okay. >> by almost every economic measure america is better off than when i came here.
6:46 am
we cut unemployment in half years before economists thought we could. bill: he went to elkhart, indiana to make that point. some business owners and workers who live there don't agree. >> our business leaders succeed in spite of his mandates. we fight back against federal government intervention. bill: art laffer, former reagan adviser. how are you today? >> i'm fine. bill: i think the question of who's right to be decided in november. the president selling his policies. is he right? >> no, he's not right. it's true the unemployment rate dropped.
6:47 am
but what has happened is those people haven't gotten jobs, they just left the labor force. if you look at the correct measure of adult population. there has been no recovery. it's the single worst reconsider are you in our nation's history. and he doesn't talk about that. he just talks about the unemployment rate dropping. >> what was gdp? >> i think it upgraded to .8. today we are below trend by the0 years. it just doesn't get any worse than this. in all fairness, w. was not much better than obama. why hillary would want to run on that record is beyond me. bill: can she run on that record? >> she can, but she'll lose.
6:48 am
when you look at housing. how is new housing sales? you can't have recovery in this economy without a housing market boom. new housing sales is way below the historical numbers and has not shown reconsider are you tendencies at all. >> governor mike pence in indiana says the state recovered in spite of obama's policies. you are giving obama some credit, too. >> let me tell you what mike pence and mitch daniels did. they made the state a right to work state. that's something obamaed a mores. they have gotten rid of the gift and estate tax in the state of indiana. these are two of the best governors in u.s. history, mitch
6:49 am
daniels and mike pence back to back. bill: he says my next point is to bust the myth of government spending. government spending is not what is squeezing the middle class. >> milton friedman says ghost spending is taxation. when government doesn't create resources, the government redistribute resources. and that's what happened with obama and w. i don't want to let w. off the hook with this one. but the two of them together have created the single worst economy and we need a big change and i think it's going to be trump with cutting tax rates, controlling spending. getting rid of obamacare. gutting dodd frank. those are things we need to get
6:50 am
america going. bill: art laffer, thanks for coming back. martha: we are talking about this, the president says critic blame obamacare for the soft economy. insurers around the country, this is based on data and numbers, are requesting big premium increases next year. bill: a world war ii veteran losing his life savings to a scam. how his neighbors got him back on his feet. >> how could anyone do this? you think of a million things. it's something that's hard to describe. it's the biggest tragedy of my life. ...clear for take off.
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martha: a world war ii veteran lost nearly his entire world savings in a fraud scheme. he fought bravely for our country and survived pearl harbor. but he says this scam is the tragedy he had to live through. >> i can't believe this happened to me. i faced almost five years of combat during the war. and made it out alive. but this is the worst tragedy i ever experienced. martha: think is so sickening to me what these people did to him. >> it will make you lose faith in humanity and regain faith in humanity. he's 4 years old.
6:55 am
the scammers, the con artists told hip he won $1 million all he had to do was pay the taxes on him. he wrote a $43,000 check and never saw the money again. then a stranger started a gofundme pain for him. that panel has raised $54,000. so he's going to make some money back in the end. >> what was his reaction to this news that people rallied to help him? >> he said he couldn't believe it. his exact quote was i don't even know how to repay these people for their generosity. everybody that commented said he had done enough surviving pearl harbor and fighting for our country. money well spent there. >> he's a war hero as you pointed out.
6:56 am
i hope they catch these people that did this. everybody who has older family members need to warn them not to ever give in to these kind of awful scams. obviously he's a smart man who navigated his way through life successfully. >> he said he didn't want to tell his story because there is a level of embarrassment. but i wanted to warn other people. martha: and he's getting married. bill: the state department admit it deliberately deleted foot and about the deal with iran. so who did it. can hillary clinton win at trump's game? howard curt will analyze.
6:57 am
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martha: one mr. donald trump unleashing full throttle attack at the democratic from the time runner after she aims fire scary in his direction calling him unfit to lead the names. get ready for more firorks. we have a brand new hour of "america's newsroom." i'm martha maccallum. bill: i'm bill hemmer. trump and clinton trading blows on the trail. trump opening fire after getting ad vans look at clinton's speech later today which goes after trump's ideas on foreign policy. >> she's not qualified because she has bad judgment. now who said that? bernie sanders said it about hillary. she is not qualified. she is one of the worst secretaries of state in the history of our country. now she wants to be our president. look, i will be honest, she has no natural talents to be president. this is not a president. bill: meanwhile hillary clinton still has to fight bernie sanders. and a brand new poll in california shows the two of them in a dead-heat.
7:01 am
clinton and sanders, two points apart, within the margin of error. senior national correspondent john roberts live in san jose, california. trump hold as rally a bit later today. john, start there. what is the difference on the trail about foreign policy that we'll learn about today? reporter: it will be very sharp contrast, can you imagine hillary clinton and donald trump used to socialize with each other? that has gone out the window. hillary clinton in san diego expect to hit donald trump hard on foreign policy reduce being america's involvement in nato. potentially allowing japan and south korea to have their own nuclear arsenal. his ban on muslims. she is expected to say he would be dangerous for the world should he become president. last night at a big rally in sacramento, where temperatures touched the century mark, it was hot out there, bill, donald trump fired off a preemptive strike against clinton. here he is. >> hillary clinton, who lies, i
7:02 am
mean she lies! you remember that, i started that, she lies. she lies. she made a speech and making another one tomorrow and they sent me a copy of the speech and it was such lies about my foreign policy these are crooked people. these are crooked people. they have been crooked from the beginning. reporter: donald trump also told the crowd in sacramento last night insisting he will try to put california in play. obviously one. big reasons he is here, bill, meeting with a lot of donors because california is a huge piggybank. he wants to put it in play. last time california went republican was back in 1988 for george h.w. bush. will be a heavy lift to put it back in play. he insists he can do it. bill: speaking of heavy lift, obama on one said, sanders on the other. trump took on president obama in what way, john? reporter: well, president obama really took on trump yesterday,
7:03 am
his economic policies, his plans to roll back dodd-frank banking regulation, big speech in elkhart, indiana where he waded into politics pretty heavily probably first time. suggesting to working class families who want to vote for the republican candidate he would like to give them, quote an intervention. with he heard all of that donald trump basically said last night, game on. here is what he said about obama. >> he campaigns, i'm allowed to hit him just like i hit bill clinton i guess, right? [cheers and applause] if he doesn't i don't care. if he campaigns and i think he wants to because he wants to keep this terrible agenda going -- reporter: donald trump will be firing in broad swath no question about it, going after hillary clinton, bill clinton and now president obama. what will happen in san jose today, we're expecting there could be a lot of protesters. don't forget, here is video, the last time donald trump was in
7:04 am
the bay area, end of april, in burlingame for republican state convention. protesters blocked his entrance to the hotel where he was speaking. his motorcade stopped on side of 101 freeway. trump had to walk down freeway access ramp, jump into a little culvert and back of the hotel. they will probably have better gameplan. it could get interesting here in san jose. bill: no doubt. john roberts there live in california this morning. >> we don't lie. that's a key tenet of being a spokesman, you can't lie. the moment you do that your credibility, your authenticity goes right down the toilet. that is not what jen said in the clip. she didn't say okay to lie. she said diplomacy sometimes needs privacy to be effective. >> that was state department spokesman john kirby on "fox & friends" this morning. following a bombshell admission
7:05 am
they delete ad eight minute video on the youtube website and it was not a glitch. it happened purposefully. it happened three years ago. the missing clip, fox news correspondent james rosen asks former spokeswoman jen psaki questions about whether or not there were secret talks going on between the administration and the leadership in iran much earlier than the administration had admitted. at one point she appears to admit that the state department misled, lied, whatever word you want to use to the media about what was happening. originally the state department said, that missing video is glitch, technical thing. here is the missing exchange. watch it. >> is it the poll sit of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal?i think theree times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that.
7:06 am
martha: tucker carlson, editor of "the daily caller," coanchor of "fox & friends weekend." he is one of the people on the show this morning who spoke to admiral kirby and interviewed him about all of this. how did that go? what did you make of what he said? >> first of all a tragedy for admiral kirby who is honorable guy. martha: absolutely. >> very capable, very smart, one of the most articulate spokesmen i've ever seen, but defending the indefensible. i think he misled us that jen psaki didn't concede she lied from the podium or lying take place. jails rosen question was direct. do the spokesmen lie to protect the secrecy of negotiations. the answer is yes. it happened in many administration. it may be necessary. i'm not attacking on that but that's what she said. the problem is not just that they tried to change reality by deleting history, the problem is they're not investigating it. they know who the editor is. who put that white space in the place of those missing eight
7:07 am
minutes but they didn't bother apparently to ask her whether she did this in other instances or not. we asked kirby did she do that in others? i can't tell you that. really? that's the key question. martha: you make a great point. the issue is not whether or not the state department has room to say simply we'll not share that with you. >> that's right. martha: that is part of diplomacy we believe is better off as a private exchange. i think that everybody understands that's part of what happens in diplomacy. >> sure. martha: it is reporter's job try to get the answer when these things began and that is exactly what james was trying to do. due due police sit news of erasing tape. how many times has this sort of thing happened? we want to say we want the story to be this way. >> we want reality itself to be different from what it demonstraly is. a world view and mind set that is odd and troubling and
7:08 am
authoritarian. idea if you control history, this is true you do control the present and future. control what people know about what happened you control their attitude about things going forward. all authority tearian governments attempt to do that. i'm not accusing them being authoritarian but this is authoritarian impulse and deeply wrong. martha: this is goes back to the piece by ben rhodes in "new york times" magazine, some might say arrogant credit the way they present the message and reporters are 27, they don't know a whole lot we want to the get story out there the way we want to get it out there, that is what we do, craft it with the press. suddenly this piece of video disappears. james rosen on "the five," who he thinks may have asked for the video to be deleted because somebody did. >> i had number of state department beat reporters, colleagues of mine, people i know for years, calling me emailing me and giving me their suspicions exactly who issued that order and one of the, without going into those names
7:09 am
because it would be unconfirmed, one factor that has led people to focus on different people is the fact that if this person who issued the order would still be employed by the department of state? >> or elsewhere in the government? >> yeah, that's a great question. what is so interesting to me, there is lying in all administrations. i've seen a lot of it in 25 years in washington. what sets the obama people apart they're unembarassment bit. they don't care if they're found out. they believe the president is world historic figure statue in the mall no matter what happens. they are thinking long term in a way republicans are not. so they don't really care if they're caught manipulating the truth because in the end they believe he they have already won. it is a very -- martha: they believe they have the high ground all the time. >> they certainly believe they have the moral high ground. martha: crazy thing, nothing wrong with leaving video in place. we, we admitted we sometimes do not, we're not ready to share certain things with the press
7:10 am
about diplomatic conversations. no reason to erase tape. >> imagine mind set, to call underling to delete it like it never happened and that is creep my. martha: that person feels they have to. >> good point. martha: tucker, thank you as always. bill: ten minutes past the hour. hillary clinton calling out donald trump over trump university. >> trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable americans, encouraging them to max out their credit cards, all while making promises they knew were false from the beginning. bill: so both candidates now stepping up their attacks against each other. how dirty could it get and will it work? in a moment. martha: a field trip turns into a nightmare for some elementary school students. look at this, the boat they went on, you sign the permission slip at school, that is what happened. thank goodness somebody showed up to pick up the five-year-olds. >> my god, he is in our jacuzzi,
7:11 am
honey. >> oh, my god. >> they just caught him. >> oh, my god. bill: that was a suspect on the run. he wound up in the neighbor's hot tub, for a long time. the owner who discovered the criminal in his backyard, will join us with his story. that you will only here right here. i'm only in my 60's. i've got a nice long life ahead. big plans. so when i found out medicare doesn't pay all my medical expenses, i looked at my options. then i got a medicare supplement insurance plan. [ male announcer ] if you're eligible for medicare, you may know it only covers about 80% of your part b medical expenses. the rest is up to you. call now and find out about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan,
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7:14 am
♪ martha: here we are back. one thing donald trump and
7:15 am
hillary clinton seem to have in common they do not like the news media. now clinton adjusting to trump's media strategy. she is hitting twitter big time, have you noticed this big-time past few days? she is calling into news shows on the phone like he does. if he can do it show can she, right? she is also ramming up her attacks against him, unleashing a direct assault, accusing him running trump university as a scam. watch this. >> trump and his employees took advantage of vulnerable americans. this is just more evidence that donald trump himself is a fraud. [cheering] martha: howard kurtz, fox news media analyst and host of "mediabuzz". good morning. good to have you with us today. >> good morning, martha. martha: the twitter war. she is starting to do that. let's put one of those up on the screen. she says trump university students entrusted trump with their futures and he scammed them.
7:16 am
we're seeing a new side of hillary clinton here, how she is using media in this campaign, do you think. >> twitter tirade. who does that remind us of? now look, this is huge imbalance the amount of media coverage donald trump get over hillary clinton. they think the media laps up what trump does he says a lot of things in their view is offensive or insulting. hillary clinton has given far fewer interviews and has cautious style. now calling into double cable news shows. trump specialty. going on twitter, hitting him hard on trump university and lawsuit and allegations there. i think clinton campaign belatedly starting to adapt a media environment which there is real imbalance between the two candidates. martha: look at donald trump tweet, which is sort of giving into this mode of how it all works. he says, i'm getting great credit for my press conference today. "crooked hillary" should be ad moneyed not having a press conference in 179 days --
7:17 am
admonished. we talked to. donald trump goes after the press in pretty big way he talks to them all the time, howie. she simply does not. she claims she does, often in softer environment and much more regulated one. >> hillary clinton is very selective in doling out media interviews. if you're one of the journalists traveling around the country with her and doesn't hold a news conference in 179 days, your organization is spending a lot of money and you're not getting much here is perfect example of donald trump, he has been at war with "new york times" particularly after recent story about trump's conduct toward women one of women in the lead part of the piece took issue with the paper, actually she had a fine relationship with donald trump, she dated him for a while. nevertheless, last night did an interview with the "times," because paper is coming out with story today, hillary, preview of hillary clinton's speech where she is going to attract trump as dangerous on foreign policy but he got into the story. he didn't have a spokesman do
7:18 am
it, didn't put out a statement because he knows value of having his voice in these stories, whether it is about what she is saying or to drive his own message. martha: she is using adjectives, like he so successfully over course of eliminating rest of his seven teen gop candidates who want to get the nomination he got. can dough do that. >> cause him loose cannon, dangerous, and scammer. he calls her "crooked hillary" over and over again. can she outdonald trump you think. >> six teen republican candidates tried and they're all gone. given hillary clinton's style, a softer, more policy-based style, it will be hard for her to win an insult war with donald trump. give she is is reaching, pivoting to the general election and past california and bernie sanders on tuesday and trying to compete there. the media bears some responsibility.
7:19 am
trump drives more news. hillary clinton last week gave speech to union group in las vegas. they had pictures of empty podium in bismarck, north dakota, banner waiting donald trump that was considered more news worthy than actual speech by prommed democratic nominee. even though trump gives more interviews and access and all of that, we have to be careful we don't appear to be tilting doling out media oxygen too much to one candidate in this race. martha: point, well-taken. howie, thank you very very much. >> great to see you, martha. bill: 19 past the hour. another insurance company sounding alarm over obama care saying it is about to raise its rates in a big way. will the signature law stick? martha: this is a huge story. murder rates are spiking in major cities across this country. the fbi says law enforcement's handstied. what is going in our cities.
7:20 am
bill ol' reilly with our take last night. >> no question 3-year-old boy falling into gorilla cage leading the animal to be shot to death is a major story but is it more important than 69 people shot in chicago over the same period of time? ...clear for take off. see ya! when you're living with diabetes. steady is exciting. oh this is living baby! only glucerna has carbsteady, to help minimize blood sugar spikes. and try new glucerna hunger smart to help you feel full.
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7:23 am
martha: what a story this is. a field trip for some elementary schoolchildren did not go as planned. their boat sank in the chesapeake bay off maryland. this happened last night. charter boat they were on hit something in the water. 22 people were rescued, including 14 children by a work boat. the captain was hospitalized for a head injury. no word on his condition. two other people suffered minor injuries. they were all saved. bill: this is headline too, martha. largest health care insurer in
7:24 am
texas wants to raise its rates, blue cross-blue shield seeking an increase of 60%, 59.4% the company says it is trying recoup losses from the last two years under obamacare and many other insurers plan to follow suit, they're not alone. melissa francis from fox business network. money, how are you. >> good though i brought bad news. bill: what is going on? >> costs are skyrocketing. 60% in texas. 44% in uniform. not uniform. washington state, 5%. but the problem is same everywhere. lower than expected enrollment and people who do enroll are sick, so they're using up more health care. so costs are skyrocketing. the company, like company in texas, blue cross-blue shield say they're losing money hand over fist. they lost 416 million in 2014 and 592 million last year. they are a public company. they can't throw money away like that. bill: wasn't supposed to go this way, was it? >> no.
7:25 am
bill: control the increases of costs. >> right. bill: for viewers, for voters, for patients what does it mean to them? >> it means higher cost unless you qualify for subsidies. if you qualify for subsidies, the government pays for 70% of your premiums, you're okay. that is a few million people. that is not everyone. everyone in the middle who gets slammed by everything else, you are the ones who are going to get slammed again and here you're looking at, you know, price hikes, these are business owners, self-employed people, early retirees, regular families out there, you will be paying this price and there is nothing you can do about it. bill: you predicted this. >> anyone who could do math did. bill: krauthamer has a prediction too. this is what charles said last night. >> jonathan gruber and all the others who foisted upon the united states, design ad program that is collapsing of its own weight is costing enormous amounts of money, having terrible effect on medicine, on medical, on the medical profession, and i think will be gone one way or the other in
7:26 am
several years, is perfect example of left-wing, hyper liberalism. obama brought into office. bill: that is a doctor speaking. >> yeah. bill: you've looked at it? >> yes. bill: you think he is right? >> he is absolutely right. i take to doctors all the time who are driven out of business, selling their practices and getting out because they can't afford to be in business. they aren't making any money. at same time people see their health care costs go up. people at bottom who doesn't have health care insurance before and do now. that is great for them. we're paying more to support them. that is not how it was sold. we could have decided if it was worth it and gone forward. it was not sold that way. now we'll see a lot of people decide to go without insurance and risk the fine because they can't afford it. bill: stay on it. melissa francis, fox business, thank you. >> yeah. bill: martha. martha: president obama jumping into campaign 2016 now blasting donald trump's economic plans without mingses him by name, so
7:27 am
will the president be an asset to hillary clinton or a liability? we'll take that on. bill: mark that on your calendar, june 1st, the day things went to another level. check out the little piggy, he is in the back of the squad car. what kind of trouble is this piggy in? ♪ looking for balance in your digestive system?
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put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. martha: texas getting more of what it does not need you could
7:31 am
say. they have got a new round of severe thunderstorms bringing several inches of rain in parts of the region. the high water leaving many, even the cows, trying to find high ground. casey stiegel live in richmond texas. how is it going? reporter: martha we've been talking to a lot of people since we've been on the ground. a lot of people are frightened about the forecast today and tomorrow. it has been pouring rain all day since we got out here this morning. i will step out of the way and let you take a live look, why people are so afraid. you can see the last thing they need is any more rainfall here. look back in the distance where you see the fast-moving water there? that is a street. that is not the brazos river itself that spilled out of its banks. the river is just beyond that. it is already more than 10 feet past flood stage. it crept up into all these people's homes and there is no signs of it goings down anytime soon.
7:32 am
we've seen a lot of people in here, getting around with canoes and rafts, using broomsticks as paddles, really anything they can and when we talk about the rainfall this is what has forecasters so concerned. the national weather service says that the houston area here could get eight to 10 inches of rain through friday. up in dallas, three to five inches of rain expected there. another three to six inches possibly for the austin area as well. so, this is a very, very widespread event. it is impacting thousands of people. hundreds of high water rescues have been carried out. they continue. this is going to get worse, sadly before it gets better, martha. martha: not good news. casey, thank you very much. we'll keep watching it. bill: donald trump running up against a new opponent on the trail. president obama weighing in on the campaign blasting trump's economic plans and calling
7:33 am
trump's -- financial reforms, crazy among other things. we have the emily tish sussman, center of american progress action fund. ladies good day to both of you. circle the calendar, okay? june 1st, 2016, things changed. in one corner you had clinton, sanders and obama and in other corner you have donald trump. i will play a clip from yesterday, first from the president and then donald trump reacting. watch here. >> if we fall for, you know, a bunch of okey-doke, just because, you know, it, you know, it sounds funny or the tweets are provocative, then we're not going to build on the progress that we've started. >> they have no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president.
7:34 am
they think he is a total lightweight and now he is going to be campaigning. you know what? he shouldn't campaign. he should go out and do the job that he is supposed to be doing, not campaigning. bill: when he was talking about they, he was talking about china at that point. ashley, it is on. go. >> it is. barack obama was fired up yesterday and that was the preview teaser that ernest and others at white house had given before he spoke, he has been on the sidelines for far too long. what we really saw this election will be obama versus trump. not clinton versus trump which obviously is the general election but he didn't endorse her. what he did instead was rebuke republicans, specificallily donald trump for things he said without calling him out by name but calling out his policies. as though he is running for his third term. i think donald trump hit nail on the head when he went after him for things that democrats have done and have come out there, you know what? we don't want anymore of this. and that's why i think clinton
7:35 am
will have very tough time against trump in outsider year because she is the ultimate political insider. bill: let me get to emily on that. what about a third term obama, does that work or sell now? >> well, looking for a third term. i think the president is, appealing to reason. look what, everyone of the things trump has come out with we can call them policies but basically just sound bites. when he is confronted with them, he will change them, modify them, it happened during debates, on the debate stage, during one of his debates where he changed one of his positions on immigration, which is most basic position everyone seems to know b hard to call them policies. what the president was saying, this is real life. this is not a reality show. trump, the thing that trump is good at, the thing he is master of manipulating media and manipulating narrative. what he does every single day. >> obama isn't? >> we follow him. president was saying that is not how you govern. you can't just say that we can take trump's most basic promise he will build a wall and deport
7:36 am
11 million people, right? that is the thing everybody knows about him. every single economist, conservative economist across the board, progressive economists are saying that would explode the deficit. how is that consistent with anything else trump is saying about the economy. bill: go ahead, ashley, defend it. >> yeah, first of all i think obama is the ultimate puppet master here of the media. look what he has done throughout his seven 1/2 years but at same time you want to reduce the sound bites, yes we can. how about his slogan going into '08 and 12? at same time, emily what we need to point out here everyone knew obamacare as his signature piece of legislation which has failed horribly and even though yesterday he tried to spin this as somehow an economic win for him, people are struggling. obamacare premiums are rising. people can not afford it. and yet even though he says over 90% of the americans are insured because it is mandated that it is that way and people are taxed. it is not, oh, we have a choice. now it has too happen. guess what?
7:37 am
small businesses are closing because of it which is why trump is running. bill: i got it. you both laying out the national debate. emily, trump's name is not used by the president, at least wasn't yesterday but what is okey-doke? is that short for okey-dokey or, what is that? >> that's a great question. i don't know. i feel like it is obama's verbal equivalent of wearing his mom jeans or dad jeans. >> oh, man. >> i don't know what okey-doke is. i think it is clear. we got the reference. we knew what he was referring to. he was referring to a very simplistic way of talking about the future of the country which is exactly what trump is doing. bill: do you both agree that we have entered a new era in this campaign. >> oh, yes. i think most likely. i think the president joining in the fray is, i think probably less about campaigning and a little more protecting his legacy. >> which is what hillary wants him to do. it is campaigning emily. >> we can't get away the president is 51% approval
7:38 am
ratings higher than any recent president at this point in the presidency. not just democrats. we have majority of people supporting the president. so i -- bill: what trump he will say we're not doomed and we'll see how trump reacts to that. lady, thank you, thank you for respecting each other. okey-doke. martha: thanks for playing nice. this story is not so nice. there has been a huge spike in deadly violence across this nation. this is an untold story, largely. nearly 70 murders and hundreds of people shot in chicago alone over memorial day weekend. so what is happening here? what is going on in our cities? we will tell you. plus this. >> oh, my god, he is in our jacuzzi honey? >> he is in our jacuzzi? >> yes. >> owe, my god! >> they just caught him. >> oh, my god! bill: this you can not make up. police in hot pursuit of a suspect in some very hot water.
7:39 am
martha: that is phrase you don't say to your husband every day. i asked my dentist if an electric toothbrush was
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7:42 am
bill: unofficial start of summer was a deadly one in chicago yet again. nearly 70 people shot over the weaken. 30 other major cities seen a spike in murder rate. that caught the attention of the fbi. peter doocy live with that story in d.c. today and where are the murder rates going up the highest, peter? reporter: bill, statistics show it is all over the map. 1365 murders through may 12th more than 100 higher in the same time period last year. some of the cities with the most staggering increases in the murder rates are san antonio, with 55% more homicides at this point in 2015, chicago with 54% more than last year, and dallas, with 44% more than last year. and now former fbi official tells us, scary statistics like that are here to stay unless elected officials stop
7:43 am
encouraging hostility towards police departments. >> politicians need to come back and realize that they need to be vocal about supporting police so that the public can support them as well. when the police have the support they need, the public's going to get the protection they deserve. reporter: the fbi is keeping tabs on part of the country with sky-high murder rates but director comey says agents have a tough time pinpointing the single factor behind the rise. >> it is hard, but almost surely not one reason. we have a wave of highly pure heroin washing across the country. we have a wave of highly pure meth across the mexican border. we have a lots of guns in hands of bad guys. reporter: not every big city, baltimore and new york have seen their murder rates drop. bill. bill: staggering. peter doocy in washington on that. martha has more. martha: that is the question what is fueling this spike in homicide. we have the managing director of
7:44 am
kroll investigations and security. he is a former boston police chief and led the boston marathon manhunt. this is a very scary situation. i remember this when i was a kid back in the '70s, that the murder rates were sky-high. what do you think is refueling it at this time? >> well, there is a lot of different potential reasons and we have to figure out what is causing it in the different areas and address those problems. so it could be more people getting out of prison, could be the heroin and opioid epidemic, and could be that law enforcement is feeling some people think it is law enforcement pulling back because they're less likely to get proactive because of youtube videos. it could be a host of reasons or could be just good numbers that since the '90s, law enforcement across the country has done really well reducing violent crime. how low does it go before we start seeing homicides going up again? so, no one knows for sure.
7:45 am
i was at the major chiefs meeting in major city chiefs meeting in new york where this was discussed of the problem of homicide in chicago is different than the problem of homicide in memphis. in chicago, you have generational gang activity. memphis, alcohol-fueled incidents and people with personal relationship challenges. no one can put the finger on it but pay attention closely to look at what best practice can be applied to the particular city seeing increase. martha: yeah, we all talk about the rise in drug use, the rise in gang activity, as you mentioned. one of themost troubling factors in there is the potential though, that police officers feel they're not supported, and that if they're doing their job, and they get caught in the wrong way on a youtube video, they're not going to be able to provide for the families anymore. is that palpable fear you hear among police officers in this country? >> i think that's a thought, that is a conversation. i remember when the rodney king video came out, kids, do nothing
7:46 am
and do it well, trying to get officers not to get proactive on their streets. anecdotally in massachusetts and new hampshire, police officer out in 12:30 in the more thanking in massachusetts by himself. ever time not to be proactive on midnight shift. officer made a stop of individual, eventually shot and killed and murdered. two weeks before, that in officer saw suspect fit a description and he engaged the suspect and was shot. another officer was shot in the. when there is big incident and cities and communities may have a short-term effect but overall the police officer who is, this is their vocation, not a job, go back out do their duty and keep their communities safe. martha: we saw reaction from the white house during the baltimore situation and during ferguson as well in terms of "black lives matter," the president has supported the movement in some of the statements that he has made on it. do you think the president needs, and white house needs to support law enforcement in a
7:47 am
more forceful way? they have done some events recently at the white house. but what could they do? what more could they do? >> i think all political and elected officials need to support law enforcement. community needs to support law enforcement. law enforcement needs professional with the community as well. it has to be two-wray street. we're working together. are police officers pulling back or could it be community members not contacting police because of lack of trust? it is establishing trust between the police and community. that will impact homicide rates, people who actually get involved, get invested in the problem and there are things going on outside of their windows. martha: what kind of leadership would you like to see on that front. >> i would like see people stand up to say what they want from their police department. what do you expect from us? when we're right we need to you support us. when we're wrong, give us a chance to see if we fix it and if we need to hold people accountable we will but majority of police officers every day go out and above and beyond to keep people safe in the communities and majority of the communities
7:48 am
that i've seen support that. martha: yeah. families, drug use, all of this, and police attitude and attitudes towards police, and as you say, the other side of that equation as well in terms of communities all need a lot of work. we need to bring the numbers down. chief, great to have you with us again. >> thank you, martha. bill: very important stuff. guy running from police finds himself in hot water. yes, that is a hot tub and it is not his hot tub. meet the homeowner who had a rather interesting morning. i like the bride more than the groom. turquois dresses... so excited. did all her exes get invited? no one's got moves like uncle joe. ♪ should i stay or should i go? ♪ when it's go, book with choice hotels and get a free $50 gift card for staying just two times. book direct at you always have a choice.
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7:52 am
republicans look to broaden their tent, hiring hispanic outreach leader. can she make inroads with this growing demographic. lessons from the lockdown on campus at ucla. a former fbi commander what law enforcement is taking away from that coordinated effort. all ahead on "happening now." martha: we look forward to that, jon. here is a police officer in arizona who really knows how to bring home the bacon. [laughter] could watch that all day, right? a pig in glendale got loose and ran hog-wild. the pig was not going down without a fight. took a officer and professed pig whisperer. did you know there was such a thing? bill: no. martha: i don't know what is going on. the officer said once inside of the squad car he gave the pig water and cue couple members and was taken to animal rescue. he call that right? martha: you will have to come
7:53 am
with me, sir. bill: busted bacon. we will follow up that, with this. a suspect led police on a high-speed chase, literally ending up in hot water. >> oh, my god he is in our jacuzzi, honey. >> he is in our jacuzzi? >> yes. >> oh, my god! >> they just caught him. >> oh, my god! bill: police found him, in the backyard, and the homeowners got it on camera. started with a traffic stop. driver kept going being crashed and kept on running. police found him there. he was semiconscious. he is okay but facing a lost charges. joining me is the owner of that hot tub, don norel. that is something i never thought i would say, don. good morning. how are you? >> good morning, i'm doing fine. thank you for having me. bill: police knock on your door at 5:30, right and they say what? >> they are basically screaming
7:54 am
at the door, startling me out of bed and saying police, open up. we need access to your backyard. and, i said what is going on? i was like being, woken up out of a dream. and, and literally thinking i was dreaming all this but, he says, no, we have a felony evasion suspect might possibly be in your backyard. bill: you thought you might have been breaking the law, right? >> right, right. bill: so he is in that hot tub, i think for 30 minutes. what is the water temperature under that cover? >> well, i usually keep it at 104 degrees. so, it was, it was quite warm. bill: so he is okay? >> i hope so. bill: we're told he will be all right, but the guy is in a lot of trouble. so you lived in that home since childhood? >> yes.
7:55 am
bill: was it your hot tub. did you put it in? >> yes, i put the hot tub in. bill: you never expected the guy to be in there. i heard you say you would put a lock and key on it? >> we'll probably be locking that up too. really who would have thought, how do you get into the backyard? there is 21-foot wall that separates us from the, you know the freeway. but, really the only way, that we now thought to get into the backyard was from the front, or from the sides but i guess, if someone is really determined, they will come over that 21-foot wall. bill: that is unbelievable. i don't think you need a lock and key, don, because i don't think this is ever going to happen again. >> probably, bill, you're probably right. it is probably like being hit with lightning or something like that. bill: what does your wife think about this? >> she was very startled and
7:56 am
shaken up pretty much during the day. the fact it was kind at the last moment where the one officer, as they swept the yard one way and they were like, retracting their steps and, it was almost like a last minute, oh, we better look in there. martha: oh. >> and so, i mean, our hearts were just racing that morning. bill: i'm sure. >> but it was after, you know, after the police had gone and after all all the commotion, it was basically, what if they didn't do that at the last minute? bill: i hear you. you're a great guest. and, thank you for sharing your story. >> thank you, bill. bill: taking it with all the best that you can. don, thank you. martha: he is right. what if they didn't look in there? he would have climbed out later in the day or who knows what could have happen.
7:57 am
bill: honey, need to check in the hot tub. martha: he is in the hot tub, honey. moving right along. hillary clinton, bernie sanders, back to other stuff, folks, fighting a fierce battle in california as race for the golden state winds down. you do all this research on a perfect car, then smash it into a tree. your insurance company raises your rates... maybe you should've done more research on them. for drivers with accident forgiveness, liberty mutual won't raise your rates due to your first accident. liberty mutual insurance.
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>> did you like the pig with the cop? or the guy in the hot sun? martha: have a good day everybody, goodbye. jon: lots of action in the democratic race for the white house with both candidates in california trying for a big push just days before the biggest primary of them all and the race they are getting tighter. good morning, i jon scott . heather: i'm heather towered in for jenna lee. it is the countdown to california, the showdown with hillary clinton and bernie sanders getting the golden state hard. tenders holding events kissing on the environment as


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