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tv   Outnumbered  FOX News  June 2, 2016 9:00am-10:01am PDT

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>> see you book here in an hour. jon: "outnumbered" starts right now. ♪ harris: this is "outnumbered." i'm harris faulkner. here today, sandra smith, host of "kennedy" on fox business, kennedy herself, national syndicated talk show host megan mccain. #oneluckyguy he is married now, arthur aidala. >> on all my appearances on fox i never stress out what i will wear more when i'm sitting here. there is whole coordination. harris: i want me to put you on the color wheel? usually just the ladies. >> i try never to step over my line, my boundaries here.
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i do notice the little pink in my tie picks up on sandra. hopefully -- harris: that is a lot of thought. >> i'm working on it. kennedy made it kind of easy for me. harris: we have a show of topics? >> really? politics and crime? harris: yes, sir. >> all right, let's get it on. coming from you that is all i can ask for. harris: new concerns for hillary clinton a new "nbc/wall street journal" poll shows her in statistical dead heat with bernie sanders in california. that primary as you know is just five days away. the democratic front-runner leading two points among likely primarygoers. that is well above -- within the margin of error. sanders doubling down and vows to see clinton in in the convention. hold on, bernie. first from the top. president obama says the end is near. >> i think there has been a healthy debate in the democratic
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party and it is almost over. we got on tuesday you'll have some big dates, california and new jersey, where the votes will take place. i think we'll probably have a pretty good sense next week who the nominee will end up being. harris: democrats are throwing bows. we have this sharp elbow from senate minority leader and big hillary supporter, harry reid who says sometimes you have to give up. adding i've never been too good at math but i can figure this one out. i think he better do a little mathing? i didn't even know that was a word. put yourself back in the courtroom. you will do the final arguments. you're hillary clinton, how do you get bernie to step back. what is the final closing argument for him? >> there is no possible way, you can not prove this case beyond a reasonable doubt. ladies and gentlemen, of the jury, the prosecutor does not have the evidence. they don't have the testimony. there is not an eyewitness, there is not a handgun, there is
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not fingerprints, there is not dna they can't do it. if they can't do it, find for my client hillary and find her not guilty of all the charges. harris: bernie step aside and what would bernie say. >> bernie said we're not in a courtroom. this is demcracy. this is america and future of the world depends on it. your life is horrible. i will make great! harris: there we go. sandra: he is going to make the case -- >> hillary very comfortable as a defendant. [laughter]. >> the how do i follow kennedy? come on. put this out there, marist college institute for public opinion says age is the story in this california toss-up. sanders inspires younger or first-time voters and clinton relies on those who are older or who participated in the past. okay. let me give you a couple numbers. "wall street journal," nbc news marist poll, sanders building huge margins with the younger voters.
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looking 18 to 29 age group, 80% favor mr. sanders over mrs. clinton. >> damage. >> view. harris: -- deja vu all over again. >> question whether she will win california. likely she will not. there is debate to be made in the general it could make a difference. there is just no delegate count. she already sealed up everything she needs. bernie sanders supporters i talk to them all the time. they're not living in reality all the time. they think election has been stolen for them for a whole variety of reasons. i don't know at this point this far along in the game how you can get the them to come together. bernie sanders supporters are angry and militant, i see them going for trump. >> but similarity that is glaring here, hillary-obama eight years ago, right? all the young people went for obama. there was tremendous, tremendous rivalry between hillary and obama.
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people said obama could never unite the people. unfortunately he did eight years ago. harris: that is a really good point. you would call the space between then and now an opportunity for change and for, you know, lessons learned. so why are we still talking about the same thing? >> by the way, this is so different from eight years ago and it is not just bernie sanders and hillary clinton. you know although president obama, he had minorities and he had many groups she was not able to capitalizon and some of the groups that she had in 2008, such as those in west virginia, have completely abandoned her. it is good news for bernie that he has 80% of the under30 vote. the problem, will they vote. >> am i allowed to disagree with you? i'm not sure. so similar to eight years ago. number one the party that was not in office, which was the democrats all they were saying we need change, we need change. now eight years later, the party in office, we need change. what do the republicans say, we
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need change, we need change. you have hillary clinton, whoever she is running against, what are those people saying? we need change. we don't want clintons. who are they appealing to, young people, first-time voters. so i believe they are similarities. >> they are not just saying they want change from hillary clinton but the change from the obama administration. the entire race is you could say repudiation of that. >> the only difference, she can't seal the deal. she don't want her. they think she is evil and core ripped and can't seal the deal. you think eight years later she would have learned. harris: you gave her good information as closing argument. wonder if she will use it. june 7th, very big day indeed. you need to be here on the big fnc, that is fox news channel. for full coverage of big electoral prize, into the wee hours of the night. it is with coast time. we'll be you will late here on the east coast. sandra: hillary clinton about to step up her war of words with
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donald trump, get ready. clinton is set to give a foreign policy speech in san diego in just a couple of hours. she is expected to blast trump and portray him unqualified and dangerous. this after she unleash ad similar attack on the campaign trail yesterday. watch. >> he has attacked our closest allies. he has said let's pull out of nato. he has praised the dictator of north korea. he advocated more countries getting nuclear weapons. he has advocated a return to torture. and he has said he wants to ban all muslims from coming to the united states! this is not just divisive rhetoric, my friends. this is dangerous. sandra: trump hitting right back last night accusing clinton of using her position as secretary of state to enrich the clinton foundation. >> hillary clinton who lies, i mean she lies! at the same time secretary clinton was surrendering our jobs to china, the chinese government and its supporters
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were funneling huge sums, i mean huge sums of money to bill clinton so that he could give speeches. these are crooked people. these are crooked people. sandra: so we have heard hillary clinton, arthur, call donald trump unqualified, dangerous to be president. and lead this country. and his foreign policy speech, she is expected to lay a lot of this out. why? >> i think, well, she is still trying to win the california primary, right? she is still appealing to her base. tell you last two things he said, he wants to go back to torturing terrorists. he wants to ban muslims from coming into america. look, he campaigned on that platform and he won. he beat 17 other governors and senators and congresspeople and there is a big portion of the american electorate agrees with him, who thinks it would be in america's best interests to go back to waterboarding. that it would be in america's
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best interests prior, between world war i and world war ii, and limit immigration into this country. so she is highlighting things that donald trump, i don't think is going to run away from. sandra: fair point. things she will hit him on what brought him where he is today. >> that strategy from where she sits right now because when she talks about foreign policy, maybe she is reacting to the "quinnepiac poll" that show americans trust her more on foreign policy than donald trump, when she sounds hawkish she alienates the sanders supporters. there are people watching that speech all over california and in california along the coast and they don't like what they are hearing from her. she will get hit on both sides from foreign policy not only from bernie sanders but donald trump on vote on libya and iraq. sandra: democrats and republicans agree, this election one of the most important issues we're looking at is terrorism and national security so this is going to be very important what she lays out for today with
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voters. megan, i want to point out this number, 61% of the american voters say trump presidency would make america's presence in the world worst. >> yes, donald trump garnered more votes than any other primary i believe ever. a primary election is not a general election which is ugly truth a lot of trump supporters don't like to hear. when you're talking about torture, things like that, yes, goes to a certain demographic but as daughter of someone who was actually tortured this is divisive emotional issues people very strongly with on both sides. implicate donald trump's way, it will be mass everywhere, going out to hillary clinton that being said, when i think of hillary clinton talking about foreign policy i think of ambassador stevens dying. i think about benghazi. i think about her not making a call to keep our soldiers safe. you want to dance, hillary, talk about benghazi. for a lot of republicans something we care deeply about
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and want to know answers to. when you talk about keeping americans and soldiers safe that is first thing i think about. harris: drop the mic. sandra: she will make the case in couple hours. hillary is set to deliver the speech hitting donald trump on foreign policy. that's happening today 2:30 p.m. eastern time. we'll have full coverage right here on the fox news channel. a stunning admission from the state department that is censored video of an exchange over the iran nuke there are deal. was there a cover-up? what happened to be thing most transparent administration ever? president obama enters the 2016 presidential race use going after donald trump and saying things like crazy and he wants to have an intervention. will mr. obama be a good surrogate for hillary clinton or was it his policies that led to the rise of trump in the first place. catch overtime on and also find it live on facebook.
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>> welcome back to "outnumbered." first they said it was a glitch but now a stunning revelation from the obama administration. the state department admitting eight minutes of video from a 2013 press briefing about secret talks over the iran nuclear deal were intentionally deleted. our own james rosen had asked then spokeswoman jen psaki if it was department policy to lie to reporters about sensitive negotiations of the now she said, sometimes, quote, diplomacy needs privacy to progress but that was edited out from the department's website and its youtube channel, replaced by mysterious white flash. current spokesman james kirby said an investigation someone ordered removal but the editor that made the cut, can't remember who it was. here is kirby. >> i can't speak for the memory of this individual this happened three years ago. i just can't speak for what she remembered or didn't remember. all she remembered was that it was a request that was passed
9:17 am
on, the caller was passing on request from somebody else in my bureau the public affairs bureau. again we don't find that acceptable. we don't lie. that is a key tenet of being a spokesman. you can't lie. that is not what jen said in the clip. she didn't say it was okay to lie. she said sometimes diplomacy needs privacy to be effective and that is actually true. >> hmmm. already a statement, jen psaki white house communications director said, quote, i have no knowledge of nor would i have approved of any form of editing or cutting my briefing transcript on any subject while at the state department. i believe deeply in providing the press as much information on important issues as possible. someone ordered this, arthur. someone ordered those eight minutes to be removed from the website and youtube channel. what is going on here? >> well, let's just start at the beginning. i mean that's wrong, right? it is 100% wrong. it is inexcusable. if it needed to be removed for any justifiable reason, let's
9:18 am
say, she said something that was a, put our troops at risk and it had to be removed. then you have to put something in there. eight minutes of the video have been removed, upon authority of so-and-so. >> yeah. >> to say it was computer glitch you're just lying to americans and it does make me think of what eric holder said this past weekend i believe it was, which you know, you may disagree with everything he has ever done and you may agree, disagree with the wording he said about eric snowden doing public service. >> edward. >> i'm sorry, thank you but he did bring to light, mr. snowed den, the government sometimes plays fast and loose with their own rules, with their own directives, with their own ways they are supposed to do things. >> yeah. >> what happened here is, i will use the word disgusting. it is a lie. they told a lie to the people, not in a, she actually didn't say anything wrong. she said sometimes there needs to be privacy and this is a good example. she told the truth, yes, you're correct, she told james rosen the truth. harris: in any negotiation. >> then they cut it out and it
9:19 am
is like someone needs to get their hand slapped. sandra: you say they're playing fast and loose with their own rules, what they're saying there was no rules against this. you're making case why it was wrong but they're actually saying there were no rules specifically barring this type of scrubbing but now they're going to put in place new rules so it doesn't happen again. >> i think there should be accountability. how far is the state department going to go, they have an inspector general now. >> legal advisor. >> there are digital record of all these transactions. harris: couple things. on "fox & friends," admiral kirby told tucker carlson. i am focusing on looked ahead. i don't know if it happened before and i don't have the resources to look back. that is my number one question. you have a finite staff. you have a finite staff. not talking with one hundred editors. they localized it to one editor. that editor was told to do something. has that editor told some times that he or she can't remember who told her? how many times has it happened? the other point in all of this, with admiral kirby, we all
9:20 am
interviewed him, we know him well, he is out front of a story that wagons are starting to circle now. and they're circling because you're running. first it was a glitch. a glitch looks nothing like editing! >> right. >> sounds a lot like the katie couric debacle and explanation that she gave. >> yes. >> for really misdirecting the edit in her documentary. >> irony is not lost on me the obama administration espouses to be the most transparent administration possible. the iran deal of anything he has done past seven-and-a-half nears of anything will have the most horrific long-term effects. i think my grandchildren will feel effects of iran deal. i think with i will be dangerous and catastrophic long-term. it doesn't surprise me they're editing out facts. if americans really understood we were giving to our enemies, billions of dollars i think people -- >> talking about facts about
9:21 am
lying and lying about it. harris: the meat of this deal, ben rhodes not long ago was bragging about the fact they spun out a different tale a narrative through friendly reporters. what is it about this deal that they want to scrub interviews, they want to spin? what is in it? >> we're giving $100 billion to a country that screams death to america, death to israel in the streets. harris: it is the side deals. >> it is, i can't talk about it so much because i will get emotional, of everything they have done this by far puts americans in the most danger. harris: we need to know what was agreed to. because our kids will have to live with the agreement. >> what is the connection with ben rhodes? james rosen was investigating some of ben rhodes's comments when he stumbled upon the missing eight minutes. harris: could he suggested or be one of those things it gets suggested when certain topics come up you scrub them. >> credit to james rosen. harris: many times over, james. >> more new details on hillary clinton's email scandal. former testimony from a top aide
9:22 am
revealed clinton used a private account when she was u.s. senator where she could have been putting our national security at risk for much longer than originally thought. as crime spikes across the country there is growing concern about new rules that say, some say turn nypd officers into defacto street shrinks. what they're now required to do, and whether it is putting lives at risk. more "outnumbered" in a moment. ♪ i'm betty white and i'm known for
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9:27 am
timing is interesting, obviously with all that we have going on around the world, but he wants to detail for them the security challenges that we're facing as the united states and kind of their role moving forward as members of the military. so that is what he will be talking about. but you can watch this streaming live because it is a gorgeous, very patriotic sight on we wanted to show you. meghan? >> all right the man who set up hillary clinton's private email server, bryan pagliano, will plead the fifth on monday when he is deposed in a lawsuit over clinton's emails. he remember he also refused to answer questions back in september when he was called to testify before the house benghazi committee. this as we're learning more from clinton's former chief of staff cheryl mills testimony. according to transcripts she admitted that hillary clinton used a personal email account for official business when she was also a united states senator. in response to that revelation the principal technologies at aclu use, tweeted quote, i'm
9:28 am
sure many in congress do this but it's a huge cybersecurity problem. i want to go to you first. i mean, this has to be a huge cybersecurity problem. she has been doing it for a long time before even working for the president, so how big of a deal is this? >> i guess the, the investigation widens and broadens which i don't think that part of it is good for anybody. you know, i will tell you this. if i was hillary clinton's lawyer, she hired me, i would be on the loudest podium i could be at, and i would say, listen, it is time to fish or cut bait. either come here tell me i committed a crime, or tell me that i didn't commit a crime. but what you're doing to everyone, to the american people is just wrong. i have a personal feeling about it, not really related to hillary clinton but feds do this all the time. they do this with my clients. they leave you hanging out there. harris: why do they do that? waiting for you to make a mistake. >> which means, they don't have enough. because when they have enough,
9:29 am
they pounce. when they don't have enough, then they have to wait to make a mistake. harris: have a lot more than they had. how would you say this case stacks up where it was six months ago? >> having miss mills talks helps them, helps the prosecutors. pagliano taking the fifth is exactly what he should do. it is what anybody who should do, you want free legal advice, folks? when feds give you a subpoena. get a good lawyer, if you have the ability to invoke the fifth amendment privilege against self-incrimination that george washington and thomas jefferson everyone else fought for, don't forget, england, you were guilty until you had to prove yourself innocent. we decide to find a country the other way around. >> can i ask you a quick question though. bryan pagliano is given immunity by the justice department. someonheard his voice even though he pled the fifth before the benghazi house collect committee and plead the fifth in the "judicial watch" case he does have immunity. how does that play in? >> there is a piece of paper you get. signed by the attorney general
9:30 am
of the united states of america. if it gave him full immunity he could not take the fifth. >> okay. >> that is what takes away your privilege, because they're telling you we can't charge you with a crime. >> because these are two different cases? >> correct. he must not have a immunity agreement that is broad enough to cover this whole thing. >> this is getting very complicated. >> but it is very complicated. >> i have a problem. i think she did something illegal that put america's national security to at great risk. we don't know what to extent. you're an expert, how do you make it simple and accessible to the american people to show them she has done something highly illegal? >> here is the complicated part. james comey at fbi is known to be non-partisan. at cocktail parties he is not to be known as a clinton fan. he has the power and authority, hand the case over to loretta lynch, the attorney general, the number one lawyer in the country and say, here's all my evidence. impanel a grand jury.
9:31 am
let my agents go before the grand jury and present the case. our limited understanding that has not happen. usually, meghan, has not happened because they're not confident enough they have got it. feds unlike the state government, won't bring a case unless they are 100% sure. harris: is the bar higher because of what is at stake? >> bar should be higher. harris: president already said she doesn't have anything to worry about. >> we don't know what the president knows. >> they can't give the report over until they finished their investigation. she is the biggest fish. last one they are going to talk to. from what we know, our limited information, she has not yet spoken to fbi direct and when that happens, i'm guessing then they can finish and -- >> hillary clinton doesn't have to answer to anybody. >> she said she would anytime -- harris: you can't plead the fifth and run for president. sandra: want to get your take on this story as well. meantime murder rates spiking in cities across america. new concerns in new york city
9:32 am
that police are being turned into therapists. new sensitivity measures are in effect when police encounter dangerous, emotionally disturbed people following chokehold take down of james garner and tennis star james blake. as reported in the "new york post" the measures have the feel of a therapy session. they include, quote, i am, insert your name, and i'm here to help. and, you seem to be saying, insert, and you seem, insert appropriate motion, these new measures, stirring this emotional reaction from recall former nypd homicide detective bo dietl this morning. >> these are not children. they pay them lousy $41,000 starting salary with college degree and expect them now to be psychologist or psychiatrist? it hurts me inside. we have to treat them professionally.
9:33 am
kills me inside we're taking the heart out of our great police officers out there, policemen, police women out there. they are there to protect us. sandra: they are there to protect us. bo was so fired up about this morning. arthur i would love your take. critics say this will turn the police officers they're to help and protect all of us into therapists on the street and possibly endanger them on the job. >> i will start by saying bo dietl is the greatest guy on planet, first and i never want to publicly disagree with him but -- if commissioner bill bratton 25 years ago started decline of crime, ray kelly in the middle, bernie kerik maintained it and commissioner bratton is back again to create the safest city in the united states of america and maybe the world, if commissioner bratton is behind this, then i'm going to follow police commissioner bratton into the wars of hell because if he thinks that this is what is going -- he is a very pro-cop guy, commissioner bratton. harris: right.
9:34 am
>> he thinks this will help police officers, look what happened to the police officers who got involved with eric garner. they were facing charges or were facing charges for murder, manslaughter. facing departmental issues. there is a lot, a lot of words that can de-escalate a situation before a police officer has to get physical. no cop wants to get physical. no cop wants to be rolling around on the floor. harris: and in the litigious environment we are right now. i will say this, i think they're already doing this. my friends that are police officers that domestic violence calls are most dangerous they respond to. >> they are. harris: if you don't have your heart first gear, those situations can go south very quickly. they're already doing it. >> you look at this, brings mockery among the nypd. it is incredible department, people motivated to become police nowadays what a tough environment, i really want to know about people's feelings. i think i will go into law
9:35 am
enforcement. >> yeah. harris: showing your feelings doesn't make you weak. in fact it can make you a great diplomat. sandra: meghan, we agree something has to be done. police commissioners are looking at spike in violence across the country and change needs to be brought on, something needs to happen. >> my fear with this, this could be a gross overreaction. meaning, like you said you have to be so sensitive to every situation. i'm not a police officer but i have utmost respect for the nypd, people put in the situation where you sometimes have to think fact fast and react you talk about eric garner situation i think are bad apples making poor decisions as a general and as whole they're amazing people. they're here to protect us. i agree with you, if you ask them to think too much in a situation instead of being instinct wall with training this could be a gross overreach. sandra: bo dietl every time he sees a police officer on streets of new york city, stops them, that for what you do, thank you for your service.
9:36 am
>> so do i. sandra: could be one of the big x-factors in the presidential race. president obama joining fray as hillary clinton and donald trump duke it out! the sharp attack the president just unleashed on trump. does this help or hurt hillary clinton? plus right after the show head to for "outnumbered overtime" where you can join our, hmmm, unfiltered chat. it is live by the way. now you can also find us live on facebook. go to a bit of extra fun on the couch after the show. harris: do you have wedding pictures? after a long day,
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♪ harris: despite the fact that his party does not yet have an official nominee, president obama is jumping into the 2016 presidential race, during a rally in indiana, yesterday, he leveled some of his harshest criticism yet to date, at donald trump.
9:41 am
>> republican nominee for president already said he would dismantle all these rules we passed. that is crazy! if that is what you're concerned about the economy, the debate is not even close! one path would lead to lower wages, it would eliminate worker protections. when i hear working families thinking about voting for those plans, then i want to have an intervention. harris: going after donald trump usually get as response and this did, warning the president his own record will become fair game. >> he campaigns that means i'm allowed to hit him just like i hit bill clinton i guess, right? did you see our gdp? it is like almost zero. if that happened in china, they bo a revolution. they have no respect for our country. they have no respect for our president. they think he a total lightweight and now he is going
9:42 am
to be campaigning. you know what? he shouldn't campaign. he should go out and do the job that he is supposed to be doing, not campaigning. harris: i've been curious all along why president obama has elevated donald trump by mentioning him in speeches and now he is directly going after him. who needs his help. is he trying to help hillary, bernie, what is going on? >> i don't think he has a choice. you know what i want to find. i want to find an individual who i sat here with you guys a year ago, when trump announced i want to find a individual who would say a year later trump would have secured the nomination. harris: i know who it is. >> hillary and sanders are still fighting it out, in the last primaries. to me, that is still blows my mind. harris: you know who would say that? donald trump. >> donald trump would say that. >> this is what i will say about the president. he is obsessed with donald trump. two things here. one he is completely obsessed with donald trump. he can't stop talking about him. he has a huge man crush.
9:43 am
second he can't control his own urges to be the center of attention. in order to want to be the most powerful person in the world, do you have to be a little self-centered? at this point come on, we have more important things to talk about than you. >> one thing i have to say, president bush, however you feel about him, i'm personally a huge fan. he kept it completely classily on the way out. he didn't get involved. he still hasn't criticized president obama and god knows he could. i don't think that has anything to do with policy. president obama is iting? the white house, someone else is on late night shows. let me finish. someone else's tweets are more popular. i'm just saying. because i feel like, making valid point. >> and i agree with you but more than that. he articulated it, donald trump wants to dismantle all we've done. that, that is the essence of it is. his legacy gone if trump comes in. obamacare is gone. all economic policies are gone. he will take an eraser and erase
9:44 am
the eight years. harris: with recent challenges to obamacare, it is suffering some blows anyway. >> would need congress and senate on his side. harris: as the president's legacy as you said, it will take hits anyway. might not even take donald trump. sandra: harris, forgive me if you pointed out obvious, giving a speech in town of indiana, that has suffered a drop in un-- sorry, rise in unemployment over the two terms that president obama served in office. at same time he is touting how strong the economy is and how much better off than they are eight years ago. this town is suffering economically. it was a tough case for him to be making. i point out that irony. secondly the passion you heard in that speech, i think we all wish we would hear him talking about fighting isis and helping small businesses and growing this economy. >> agreed. sandra: those are a couple things just sort of the -- harris: or kate steinle in san francisco. >> donald trump winning by margin he did in indiana, goes to show he is speaking to economic hardship, he understands people in that state
9:45 am
are hurting and they bottom line want jobs and a better future. president has not been able to offer that. harris: one thing for donald trump though. this is now triangulation. you have got him being hit from all sides. it will be interesting to see how he and his campaign deal with this. this is full frontal attack, coming someplace else. first semester freshmen complain about stress and even racism after prestigious university says it will stop holding some of their grades from future graduate schools and employers. shouldn't students be responsible for all of their grades? ♪ i have asthma... of many pieces in my life. so when my asthma symptoms kept coming back
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harris: more "outnumbered" in just a moment. let's go to jon scott with what is coming of "happening now." hi, jon. >> hi harris. police are expected to speak about the ucla shooting suspect that killed a professor and
9:50 am
himself yesterday. they said he had a kill list. the woman on that list has been found dead in minnesota. on campaign trail, hillary clinton set to give a foreign policy speech in california today. expected to criticize donald trump's policies as much as tout her own record. and mr. trump himself also heads to california. we'll talk with a couple of campaign veterans, karl rove, joe trippi about his strategy for the general election. it. it is all coming up on "happening now." harris: see you then, thanks. >> thanks, harris. >> students at one of america's most elite universities may have to start cracking books from day one. oh, god forbid. starting next year johns hopkins will stop concealing grades of first semester freshmen from future graduate schools and employers. right now transcripts only say satisfactory or unsatisfactory. wouldn't that be great? two dozen student groups voicing outrage at change, saying it will stress them out. here is one student, quote, i'm
9:51 am
paying to have a support network, academically and mentally. i can't be expected to do well in class if i'm depressed and have anxiety. if the school is worsening my anxiety, that is their problem and they need to be held accountable for that. harris: wow. >> accountability. that is a big word. johns hopkins administrators say, covered grades my give students a chance to slack off and delay learning of good study habits. harris, where i went to college at ucla, my fox prayers and my heart are with my bruin family obviously after the tragedy yesterday. and we take academia very, very seriously and that means, if your grades are shaded and not shown, then that's not a fair offering to employers at graduate schools. it gives you in fact unfair advantage because everyone, every freshman in their first semester has tough time. it is part of the process, isn't it.
9:52 am
harris: my uc sister, uc-santa barbara, thinking about what happened at ucla yesterday as well. this comes under the guise, gosh i need a safe space what world will think about actually work i did or didn't do in college. can they create a safe space from facts? you we just don't want trigger words but safe places from facts. when employer looks at entire history, he knows more about you, that's why they hire you. what are you embarrassed about? get it done. >> look at improvement over set period of time. arthur? harris: look at trends. >> i have an interesting position because i actually went to a law school, city university of new york, that we had grades internally so we knew what we got but externally it was only pass fail, which put us at a disadvantage because if you're an employer, he has meghan and has 93 average and here is arthur, passed every class in law school. >> tell you what they do?
9:53 am
law firms count it as a c. they look at that pass is just good enough to get through the class. don't count that as an a. harris: don't count your work ethic. >> i had a lot of fun in law school. didn't work out too bad. i'm on the couch with you. >> i come on the show pretty often shows how millenials are pampered crybabies that can't handle reality. i know many millenials serving in the military, paying off student loans, doing tons of jobs. you just showed president obama with air force graduation. there are great millenials out. sandra: i will take that side and defend this a little bit, this one student activist, all parents complaining makes us look coddled. but i'm paying so much. i expect to be able to be critical of that service when it doesn't support me. speak about college and amount of money he is paying to go to college. that is a fair point. doesn't sound so good but fair point. >> support yourself. go to study groups. go to the ta or professors.
9:54 am
sandra: kennedy, the argument is becoming i'm paying so much, i deserve more. it is not a good one but that is what happens. >> you're paying so much because it is cartel. it is system set up -- harris: you want them to cover up your history. >> dishonest and it is a big fat lie. well, go to texas, hook 'em horns. a texas down divided over selfie statue, i said it. selfie statute. expression of way people live now is it, or sad commentary on our times? we'll discuss. ♪ what's it like to be in good hands? man, it's like pure power at your finger tips. like the power to earn allstate reward points, every time i drive. ...want my number? and cash back for driving safe. and the power to automatically find your car... i see you car! and i got the power to know who's coming
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9:59 am
expecting us to take pictures of statue of two girls taking a selfie? imembarrassed for everyone. should they be embarrassed? >> no. part of life. supposed to be statues of people doing everyday things. whether we like it or not it is part of life. >> i took a lovely selfie of me and meghan. that is what art is. it is provocative. supposed to make you think. should it be publicly funded? no, never. if there is market, if there is donor, that is fantastic, but that is what it does. harris: i'm curious to know, people now are coming up and taking pictures, selfies with a selfie. critricks are saying, curious why they say, this shows we're going backwards in civilization. sandra: because we're taking self if is? harris: yes. sandra: shows technology improved in short period of time in this country and globally. harris: there you go. >> if i was living in texas i would want a statue of chris kyle. i would have a problem in my
10:00 am
hometown. unbelievably stupid or art or not. i'm not hire to say what art is. it is stupid. harris: arthur has a big announcement to make on >> no, can i do it now. harris: we're out of time. >> i'm having a baby. cheers -- [cheering] a fox news alert. we expect an update on a new victim on the reported "kill list from the ucla shooter that killed a professor. another victim, a woman is dead in minnesota. in addition to the first victim, william klug. a police news conference in minneapolis is expected to begin any moment. it just started. >> reporter: it is difficult for me to answer


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