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tv   Americas Newsroom With Bill Hemmer and Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  June 3, 2016 6:00am-8:01am PDT

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>> have a great weekend. martha and bill are next with after the show show. now. martha: guys, great show this morning. some show yesterday fists and bottles and eggs were flying as trump protesters squared off supporters of his in california. what a scene. did you see this yesterday. ingly, chaotic trump signs, trump hats set on fire. things not too much better between candidates. i'm martha maccallum here in "america's newsroom." >> nice to be with you here at home, i'm bill hemmer. hillary clinton unloading on donald trump. in sharpest attack. speech dubbed foreign policy address, clinton called out trump by name 30 times and unfit to be president. >> he is not just unprepared.
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he is tempermentally unfit to hold an office that requires knowledge, stability, and immense responsibility. i will leave it to the psychiatrists to explain his affection for tyrants. donald trump's ideas aren't just different, they are dangerously incoherent. martha: donald trump wasted no time firing back in his classic fashion. watch this. >> i watched hillary today. it was pathetic. it was pathetic. supposed to be a foreign policy speech. it was a political speech. had nothing to do with foreign policy "crooked hillary" said, oh, donald trump, his finger on the button. i'm the one that didn't want to go into iraq, folks! and she is the one that stupidly raised her hand to go into iraq and destablize the entire middle east! martha: that is trailer, folks. wait until you see the whole feature. chris stirewalt, join us fox news digital politics editor.
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good morning to you. >> good morning. martha: start with eggs, bottles unbelievable behavior we saw yesterday. >> if they believe hurting donald trump's chances opposing donald trump nothing they could do would be more helpful to donald trump cause then to engage, thuggish, anti-democratic, anti-freedom. this is against freedom. people expressing themselves. that you are trying to squelch the free expression of other people, gives credence to trump and his supporters claims, immigrants are out of control. it gives credence to trump's claim that some rough justice is required when you see this conduct, this makes people who might otherwise be uncomfortable with what trump says, say, maybe he has a point. martha: i don't think we've ever seen anything like this. that woman being pelted with eggs, just incredibly uncivil and, you know, she held it together but really something else. in terms of the back and forth between hillary and donald trump yesterday, she went out there, supposed to be a big foreign policy speech. she basically hammered him during the entire course of it and he came back at her.
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what do you make of it? >> she has found her lane. that is why she ought to, and every democrat ought to condemn the goor badge behavior that took place outside of that trump rally because this is where she wants her focus. where she wants her focus is, make this referendum on donald trump. make this election referendum on his character and fitness for the presidency. not hers, not policies, whatever else, but is donald trump man for the job. president obama did that successfully against mitt romney. she would like to do it against donald trump. martha: thank you, we have breaking news. chris stirewalt. >> live pictures from fort hood, texas, update from a general on search-and-rescue mission for missing soldiers including five dead. >> first report of this incident and continues to be the search for our four missing teammates. while that remains our priority, major general thompson, the
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commander of the first cavalry division and command sergeant major and the entire leadership team is focused making sure we're providing the support and counseling for the families, friends and soldiers as we work through the notification and grieving process. i'd also like to thank the many emergency services personnel, not only fort hood emergency services but the state and local community emergency services personnel who have so willingly come forward and have professionally been searching for our soldiers. i'd also like to thank the community for their outpouring of support, their thoughts and prayers. they will be needed in the tough days ahead.
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you're well aware this tragedy extend beyond fort hood and. as priority remains on searching for our four missing soldiers and we're providing support and counseling for the soldiers, families and friends, affect affected by this tragedy. we have command sergeants major smith and command sergeant of major of fort hood who both are deployed to baghdad extend their condolences to major general thompson and the entire first cavalry division team. again, thank you for being here. thanks for your support and thanks for your thoughts and prayers. >> do you have any information as to the search? leland: wrap-up there in
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fort hood. as of now five soldiers are confirmed dead. four are still missing there in texas in what has been torrential rains there. these five soldiers and their comrades were in some type of a large army truck, a troop transporter if you will, when they crossed over the river bank that swelled over and were swept away. casey stiegel live in richmond, texas, just outside of houston with more. hi, casey? reporter: leland, hi. one thing we should also point out we heard a lot about from the crews on the ground there in in fort hood the terrain where this accident happened is extremely rugged. there is a lot of woods and mix that with the bad weather they are still getting and that is proving to be extremely challenging for the search-and-rescue crews but they are throwing every resource they have at it. they're using helicopters, k-9 units, boats and everything to try to find the four soldiers still unaccounted for right now.
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they are all part as you heard of the first cavalry division of fort hood and they were on a routine training exercise at the time when their vehicle everyturned while trying to get through a low water crossing. it was a 2 1/2 ton vehicle in fact. so that gives you a sense how fast moving those waters must have been. the commanding general of the first cavalry division releasing this statement and it reads in part, i'm quoting here, your thoughts and prayers are greatly appreciated during this difficult time as we care for the families, loved ones and fellow soldiers of those impacted by this tragedy. god bless the first team. the three soldiers who survived and were rescued are in stable condition, recovering at a local hospital, leland. leland: and we are thankful for that. casey stiegel live outside of houston. thanks, casey. martha: what unbelievably tragic situation. we'll get more floods we're learning in texas as well. we will speak in a little while with governor greg abbott about
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the situation that he's dealing with on the ground there. that comes up in the next hour of "america's newsroom." so much loss and fort hood has seen enough of that. leland: they certainly have and also the communities around fort hood, 30 plus communities, counties now under a state of emergency in texas. you can imagine the cleanup for this goes on for months through the summer. martha: without a doubt. we'll stay tuned for more information as it comes through. and another tragedy to tell you about involving our armed forces, involving some very well-known airplanes. one incident that happened in tennessee when a blue angels flight jet exploded into a fireball. >> oh, no, god bless his soul. no! no! oh, my god! martha: oh, my. anguish, of the people watching this situation. this pilot, marine captain jeff
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cust, killed shortly after taking off near nashville. nobody is believed to be injured. blue angels were practicing for a airshow, and at same time, f-16 thunder bird jet crashed after the graduation ceremony in colorado springs. the pilot avoided homes and parachuted to safety. leland: answers about state department intentionally deleting video about iran nuclear negotiations. that is when sparks started flying. so where is all of this heading? the debate coming up. >> this is the policy of the state department where the preservation of the secrecy of secret negotiations are, is concerned, to lie in order to achieve that goal? >> james, i think there are times where diplomacy needs privacy in order to progress. this is a good example of that. steady is exciting.
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every cigarette you don't smoke is a victory. 3 great flavors. $4.99 or less wherever cigarettes are sold. zonnic. every victory counts. martha: a very disappointing jobs report for last month was just released. the labor department saying u.s. employers added just 38,000 new jobs last month. that is the lowest number of added jobs in five years but somehow, this is always interesting trick, right, unemployment rate fell to 4.7%. funny how that works. real unemployment rate is 9.7%. that is the number that shows you, takes into account the people who have dropped out of the labor force and aren't looking for a job anymore.
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♪ leland: a top obama administration official teeing off on fox news, this follows the state department's bombshell admission that someone purposely deleted eight minutes of video from the agency's website and youtube channel. it happened in a briefing there three years ago over questions about the iran nuclear deal. in an email, former spokesperson jen psaki claimed to fox news correspondent james rosen that the editing referred to video, not just a transcript as she previously suggested. and then, she turned up the heat. saki writes, i understand it is inconvenient for you that i have nothing to do with this, given you have spent the last three weeks vilifying me on television. i would encourage you to also ask the state department if there is any evidence, hopefully you will find the time to spend on the range of global events happening in the world in between attacking my character. here now, juan williams, author
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of the book, we the people, also a fox news political analyst and mercedes schlapp, former media spokesperson for president george w. bush, also a fox news contributor. welcome both. happy friday. juan, take you back to your time as a reporter from "the washington post" there on the white house beat. seems you always know you're on to something when they start attacking the questioner, rather than the question. >> no doubt about it. so what we have here is a situation where i think the administration feels on the defensive now. john kirby, who is the current state department spokesman, leland, says there is no cover-up. he came on "fox & friends" he is the one to make sure it doesn't happen again but when you see the kind of reaction from jen psaki, see kind of reaction coming from the administration at the moment, you understand they're back on their heels of this question, it is hard to get around the idea they don't like the exchange that took place between james rosen and jen psaki because it suggests there
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was some duplicity at play. leland: all right. well, obvious they now admit they were the ones who deleted it. they said intentional act now. you talked about kish by, state department spokesperson on "fox & friends." take a listen. >> i want to thank james rosen, your correspondent for bringing this to my attention, because if he hadn't a couple of weeks ago i would have never known this occurred. so first of all, kudos to him. he is journalist that i have great respect for. leland: now, mercedes, state department, says, oh, gee, we reached the end of the line. we can't figure out who possibly ordered depletion leagues. would that have flown in the bush administration if that exact same thing happened? >> absolutely not. the state department says they can't trace phone records from three years ago. my foodness, they were able to track down emails and phone records from james rosen. how interesting. it really comes to play in the fact that they are on the defensive, because they're off message, quite frankly, plays
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into narrative corruption, media manipulation, censorship, this is something requires for someone in the administration to get fired. leland: juan, do you buy that this is just going to go away in the way the administration seems to want, state department says seems nothing more we can do, or time for media organization, "washington post," other people, starting to demand answers? >> you have to demand answers. i'm a big believer you don't mess with the record. let me be clear, there was some thought, maybe according to the federal records act there might be legal issue here, that someone had violated the law. what we're told by state department, this was not deletion of the official record but public record therefore there is no actual criminal activity at stake. i think when you have this kind of deletion, man, you are messing with history, leland. remember they had francois holland issue talking about terrorism and islamic terrorism. when he said that at a
6:18 am
conference in washington, that got he deleted from his video record. you can't have that. that is not the way democracy is supposed to work. especially era when we have concerns as journalists all of us, going back having the real record, so that we can tell people what is going on, and hold accountable officials in our government. leland: makes it very hard to talk about the global issues, mercedes, that jen psaki wants everyone to talk about when they can't even tell the truth about their position on the global issues. >> last time i checked this iranian issue is a global issue and the mere fact that they lied to the american people, that this administration has decided to say, we weren't having these secret negotiations or secret diplomacy with iran, is unfair. it is inappropriate. the american people have the right to know. especially when you're talking about an incredibly unpopular deal that the united states has made with this iranian regime. leland: well, we'll have to see if the state department can't figure out who called ho when.
6:19 am
one would think american diplomats have records sitting around. we'll see. juan, mercedes, have a great weekend. thanks, guys. >> thank you. martha: we have breaking news on a dangerous person who made it across other southern border. a chilling new report that individuals from terrorist hotbeds are being smuggled in an operation across the southern border. one got through despite the fact he was on the fbi's terror watch list. plus a well-known general forced to step down at a top university. why? we'll tell you.
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martha: frightening news from our southern border. people from terrorist hotbeds collaborating with smugglers to get themselves across our southern border. one of these individuals was
6:23 am
from afghanistan, allegedly involved in a plot to launch an attack in north america. congressman duncan hunter is demanding answers from the homeland security chief jeh johnson. "the washington times" writes this, the documents obtained by congressman hunter confirms fears of a pipeline that can get would-be terrorist immigrants from hotbeds to the threshold of the united states. let's bring in buy i don't know rork, political correspondent from the "washington examiner" and good morning to you. >> good morning, martha. martha: this is a disturbing development. we heard a lot about people trying to get across the border and concerns that there could be terrorists among them and this looks like that confirms this. >> go back to the republican presidential debates earlier this year. this is what all the candidates were talking about, the problem, the possibility of that a porous u.s.-mexico border that
6:24 am
terrorists could come through the united states through there. terrorists that can not fly in through jfk can get over the mexican border. this really changed the immigration debate. think back to a few years over the "gang of eight," it was how much does immigration affect american jobs? does it overstress health care systems or education systems. but after the rise of isis, you have seen a real change in the immigration debate. this is exactly what a lot of republicans have been talking about. martha: so what happened here was these individuals got across the border and then they were caught by border surveilance. so the border patrol is saying look, this is a victory. they got through but our system worked and we found them but the problem is according to this "washington times" story, after they found them, they ran the watch list that the border patrol has access too, nobody was on there, they thought the guys were okay. turns out one of them was very much on the fbi terror watch list, right?
6:25 am
>> exactly. ed good news from the border patrol point of view, yes they were caught. we don't know how many others might not have been caught. but then when we do know, is that thousands of people crossing the border are given a piece of paper and then let go. and, according to "washington times," six of these people, one from pakistan, one from afghanistan, made asylum claims. they did a little paperwork and they were let go at that point they successfully entered the united states. they don't have to show up for a court hearing. they are here to do whatever is they were planning to do. if it's a terrorist act, that is something police will have to follow. martha: one of the issues, you have a fairly sophisticated smuggling ring terrorists may be using to get across that border but the other one that keeps just sort of coming back and smacking us in the forehead, byron, these watch lists don't line up. why is it that all of these years after 9/11 there is still
6:26 am
no ability on the part of our intelligence officials to have one list and to have one person's name scan those lists quickly and know whether or not he is on the fbi list? >> that is a great question. goes you will the way back to the september 11th attacks. remember in the investigations after september 11th, there were some people saying we didn't connect the dots. one agency didn't talk to another agency. there was a whole new bureaucracy created in the department of homeland security, which is in charge of what is going on here. and still there is no real coordination here. it is a very difficult task. obviously there are thousands and thousands of to follow in countries which they do not have strong identification systems and the like but even now, u.s. agencies are not talking enough to each other. martha: which is crazy. there is this tide list that identities, data list, that the fbi uses. what good is having a list if a
6:27 am
border patrol agent can't scan it, find out, hey, guys, you know what? the person we just picked up, the fbi is interested in him? how can that be? >> you have to find out who exactly the person is. this is large problem with migration inflow in europe as well. basically european officials have depended on migrants to identify themselves. if someone is coming to the united states for ill purpose, they're probably not going to do that. this creates trouble in a lot of areas, not just having a definitive list but actually defining or identifying specifically who this person is. martha: yeah, no doubt. southern border issues and immigration and people infiltrating them is probably going to be a net positive for donald trump when we go through this campaign period and it looks like this story makes that case to some extent. byron, thank you very much. >> thank you, martha. leland: all right, we'll have
6:28 am
more on this during the second hour of "america's newsroom." we'll talk to republican congressman duncan hunter of california. he is the guy who really uncovered the documents that is the basis of the story you were just talking about. martha: these watch lists are so unwieldy. there are hundreds of thousands of name on them which are repetitive. leland: misspelled. martha: amazing in the era of technology and way you look stuff up on your phone, there is not a more simplified, cogent way to get this together that it can't happen anymore. this is crazy stuff. leland: stakes are high. martha: we'll talk to duncan hunter on that. did you see this yesterday? hillary clinton went off on donald trump. >> making donald trump our commander-in-chief would a historic mistake. martha: that speech could be the most direct attack to date on donald trump and he didn't hesitate, as you might imagine to fight right back. and it is only june. can you imagine what it will look like in september?
6:29 am
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and stool softeners for comfortable relief of hard stools. dulcolax, designed for dependable relief leland: hillary clinton unloading on donald trump what is likely the most direct speech so far. she mentioned trump's name 30 times and attacking him on foreign policy and questioning his temperment on whether he is ready to be president. >> which can not let him roll the dice with america. this is not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. because it is not hard to imagine donald trump leading us into a war just because somebody got under his very thin skin. leland: mike emanuel live in napa, california the, this morning as the some comes up there. mike, a lot of lines of attack
6:33 am
here. give us clinton's line on trump's thinking. reporter: leland, good morning. hillary clinton says electing donald trump would be a historic mistake and that donald trump is temper mentally unfit for the presidency. >> imagine him deciding whether to send your spouses or your children into bottle. do we want him making those calls? someone thin-skinned and quick to anger who lashes out at the smallest criticism? do we want his finger anywhere near the button? >> no! reporter: clinton did not lay out new foreign policy solutions. instead it was a series of attacks on trump. expect plenty more as we head into the fall, leland. leland: this is just the beginning. think about the speech and the sense that trump has been hammering away at the iran nuclear deal. clinton is forced to defend that right? >> that's right, hillary clinton says that it should be block
6:34 am
every path to nuclear weapon and she says donald trump doesn't know the first thing about iran and its nuclear program. >> donald trump says we shouldn't have done the deal. we should have have walked away. but that would have meant no more global sanctions, and iran resuming their nuclear program. and the world blaming us. so then what? war? telling the world, good luck, you deal with iran? reporter: we are in california today with a primary here in the golden state on tuesday. bernie sanders continues campaigning up and down the golden state, holding large rallies including one last night in chico. polls suggest it's a dead heat here in california and sanders is trying to deliver a embarrassing loss to clinton in a key west coast state. leland. leland: things really tightened up in the polls. mike emanuel, napa, california. thanks, mike. martha has more. martha: hillary clinton showing her cards in that speech to be
6:35 am
sure. expect to hear the trigger finger, loose cannon rhetoric all the way from now until november. she is the one with the foreign policy experience. she will argue, that trump is dangerous, can't be trusted. retired lt. general michael flynn says her past actions, he believes her the dangerous one. watch this. >> secretary of state who uses unsecure email server to send and receive highly classified, national security information, knowing that she's not doing the right thing, the rise of islamic state, failure of libya, the failure of the russian reset, the failure of the pivot to the pacific, iranian nuclear deal which she was directly involved in, yemen, there are some things that she touched that are just utter failures. martha: going to be interesting right? sam clovis joins us now, national co-chair and chief policy advisor for the trump campaign. sam, welcome. good to have you with us this morning. >> thanks, martha.
6:36 am
it is an honor to be on with you. martha: you watched the back and forth yesterday and it is clear that hillary clinton has watched the donald trump rise on the gop side and she has seen how he has accomplished it, in part, by making mincemeat out of the people he ran against, calling them names, "lyin' ted," little marco, all of that. she has decided she will go after him calling him dangerous, calling him a loose cannon, that his finger on the trigger is a bad idea. how is that going to go? >> well i think there is a couple of things to take a look at. first i think the whole premise of her speech was supposed to be on foreign policy. i don't think there is very much in there and certainly if she wants to extend the record of barack obama, i think that's, we'll be happy to run against that. i think that will be very important from that aspect because of the utter failures that general flynn and others pointed out. we don't need to rehash that but i do think that one of the things that is very interesting here i think this speech may have been just as much focused
6:37 am
for people inside of the beltway people in washington and people in california. i think she is sees that bernie sanders is right over her shoulder and i think this is really, what that speech was about. and i think one of the things that's interesting, because the premise going in, everything has been done is okay, i'm going to extend that, we're going to be fine. well the truth of the matter is, the american people are totally disgusted with the way things are. if she wants to run on that, i think we'll be happy to run against that the. martha: sam, don't you think over the course of the next several months she will distance herself from certain policies, certain things done in the obama administration, say, i wasn't president then but i'm running for president now and there are things that i would have done a little bit differently? >> well, i don't know. honestly don't know because so far she's tacked left very hard left and, i think it is hard to get left of this president. i think bernie sanders might be out there. left of, but i think that bernie
6:38 am
sanders has made her tack left very hard. i think if she tries to tack back to the center and it will look confusing. that will show weakness on her part as a candidate. martha: could be. in terms of policy, and you're a policy advisor for mr. trump, the biggest criticism against him he is not fond of digging in, in terms of learning foreign policy, understanding what is going on with iran, with the sunni culture very sus the shia culture. are these issues that he is curious about, that he digs in on and that he will be able to face off with hillary on that debate stage? that is what she is going to demand? >> i'm an old fighter pilot and we have flight test data on this and i can assure you he has great curiosity about these issues. i talked personally to him about this. he has an excellent young man with him nearly every day. steven miller is a tremendous asset to this campaign. i'm working most of the strategic things and i know as
6:39 am
we get closer and closer to the convention and then as we get ready for the debate season coming up after labor day i think we'll be primed and ready and i think this whole campaign has been focus canning on a crescendo. the fact we caught up with mrs. clinton this fast i think really startled her as well. this is why she pivoted to the personal side as opposed to policy side. martha: you may be right about that, but a lot of people look to this period and through the summer months as the time when donald trump will need to bring into the fold the rest of the people he will need to win. nobody can say he has not done extraordinarily well and exceeded all expectations being able to win the nomination and being able to close the gap in some of these polls against hillary clinton but now he has got to reassure people who are nervous about him and that is exactly where she is going. what is she going to do to do that. it is long anticipated and many
6:40 am
people believe it hasn't happened. >> one of the things we're in constant dialogue with people all over this country, people who are experts. frankly i want to tell you we're not exactly keen on going to the tried and true 30-year inside the beltway establishment people who frankly have gotten us in the ditch along the way. so we'll be looking for fresh talent. the other part of this is we really are focused on the future. we're going to be focused on how to make america great again. if we think what has been going on has been good, all you have to do is take a look at the job numbers that came out today. my word, i mean what a hideous number that is. i can't believe anyone would say because we had positive job growth that was a good thing. it is not. just simply not, this economy is in the ditch. the country is in the ditch. we have people have no confidence in the government of this country and don't have a lot of time here but i will tell you in my discussions with people, particularly from europe
6:41 am
and in eastern europe in particular, they are ready for a donald trump presidency because they feel abandoned and left behind by this administration and hillary clinton has been at the very point of the sword when it comes to american foreign policy and they really are looking forward to a donald trump presidency. martha: all right. we'll talk more about that. so hope you will come back. good to see you. >> i will. great honor. thank you, martha. you bet. leland: fisher man thrown from his boat is now thanking his lucky stars. the coast guard, as you can see, coming to the rescue. you will not believe how long he was treading water without a lifejacket. >> wow. new revelations in the hillary clinton email scandal that could be surfacing as at the worst possible time for her campaign. a judge says more emails need to be release but not from hillary clinton. who does he want to see stuff from now? we'll tell you when we come back. >> i will say this. hillary clinton has to go to
6:42 am
jail, okay? she has to go to jail. that was a phony hit job. [cheering] she is guilty as hell. that detergent was like half the price!
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one pac cleans tough food better than 6 pacs of the bargain brand combined. cascade. martha: incredible rescue on the high seas. the coast guard saving a florida fisherman who spent nearly 20 hours in that raging water with no lifejacket and managed to keep his head above the water. that is unbelievable story. fell overboard north of clearwater, florida, wednesday after he got lost. coast guard located him next day several miles from there. the fisherman said his navy training saved his life. leland: a federal judge ordering the white house to hand over a new batch of emails connected to hillary clinton. the release could come as early as july 11, just days ahead of the democratic national convention. tom dupree, former deputy assistant attorney general joins us now. good friday to you, sir. thanks for being with us. >> thank you.
6:46 am
leland: as we learn more about the emails they are going to be released they are connected to hillary clinton, not necessarily from her. are these game-changers or is this another bloc pulled out of the jenga wall? >> they could be potential game changers. obviously we'll know when we see them. what people are interested in seeing the nature and extent of communications tweep usaid which is agency and clinton foundation. we've seen some evidence of improper communications, potentially improper influence. i think idea that the emails might provide more evidence of that. leland: we heard rumors surrounding the fbi investigation into hillary clinton es email server that it may have expanded a little bit into the clinton foundation, whether there was favors done or improper influence on those kinds of things. cot emails be part of that or give us insight into that? >> i think they could. one thing they could certainly illustrate the extent either mrs. clinton or others close to
6:47 am
her were using private email addresses which were launched from her home brew server to conduct official business or make communications that had an official component to it. and so the more we learn about this, the more signs we see of troubling usage of emails, of improper connections, improper communication, and it keeps going. right now they're fighting battles on multiple fronts to try to keep emails from the public. leland: we're talking on one hand about emails, we the public get to see. the lawsuits for these emails was filed bit rnc on other side you have the fbi investigation still ongoing. you've been at the justice department before. give us a sense where the fbi is in that investigation and what it means in terms of how the doj are dealing with it. >> they're dealing with the conclusion. they're still interviewing witnesses, collecting evidence. but all indicators, public indicators we've seen thus far suggest that the investigation is nearing its conclusion. once it does i anticipate there would be a recommendation that comes up from the career
6:48 am
prosecutors within the justice department and career officials at the fbi as to what should happen, whether mrs. clinton should be charged. whether she should not be charged. what the proper steps are for the government to take. at that point the decision really becomes one made by the highest levels of the obama administration. that would go up to and include the attorney general and in all likelihood the president himself. leland: he said he doesn't want to put his hand on the scale when it comes to this. do you believe him? and as a president do you have the ability to put your hand on the scale, all the way down whether someone is indicted or not? obviously the attorney general works for you but how does that happen, that process? >> right. well, i would like to believe there will not be a political thumb on the scales. that said there are things that the president has said that do raise concerns on that front. you will recall a few weeks ago he made public comments where he suggested this might be much ado about nothing. and look, presidents can exercise authority in all sorts of ways. he could certainly give a direct
6:49 am
order to attorney general i lynch not to indict that would probably be too heavy-handed. he could communicate views in i other way, subtly signaling to attorney general and career prosecutor what the outcome would be here. i hope he will not do that and he will let the process play out in fair, neutral, impartial way. leland: if that does happen what james comey, the fbi director chooses to do with the information, if people ignore, shall we say their recommendations. mr. dupree, we appreciate your time with us, sir. expertise, insight and your service at doj. >> great, thank you so much. leland: all the best. martha? martha: three-star general forced to withdraw from an appointment at a prestigious university. why dozens of faculty members claimed that this man was not fit to teach. leland: plus, boxing legend muhammad ali is in a phoenix contrary hospital. it's a sad situation they say. we'll bring you the very latest on his condition. you don't let anything keep you sidelined.
6:50 am
that's why you drink ensure. with 9 grams of protein and 26 vitamins and minerals. for the strength and energy to get back to doing... ...what you love. ensure. always be you.
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♪ martha: listen to this one. a retired three-star general and former u.s. ambassador was forced to withdraw from a position at northwestern university after dozens of faculty members, signed a petition criticizing him as a quote, non-academic with a skewed perspective on international politics. mike tobin reporting live from chicago. mike, tell us the background. what's going on here? reporter: well, he has two graduate degrees. he lived and worked in korea, china, italy and belgium. he served as u.s. ambassador to afghanistan under president obama but faculty and some students at northwestern university in evanston, determined that karl eikenberry fit for appointment to new global studies institute because
6:54 am
he is a retired 3-star general. a student started a petition opposing his department, a ex-u.s. general will think about internag politics in terms of war and perspective u.s. interests. 46 professors post adler in the daily northwestern as a faculty deeply kit committed to academic integrity we believe it would be irresponsible while the universities core mission of independent research and teaching becomes identified with u.s. military and foreign policy. in email to "the washington post," ikenberry writes, this is the worst stereotyping he can imagine and affront to any veteran. he asked rhetorically what is it about a military officer's career makes him unqualified to serve. martha. martha: this is unbelievable. such an unbelievable story. so these critics, these teachers, who somehow believe that studying the u.s. military and studying foreign policy doesn't fall into the category of global policy studies were able to force him out of this
6:55 am
post? reporter: it was actually ikenberry who stepped back in april, telling university that conditions were not right for the post. he had been approved by faculty senate. clearly he wanted a job. he purchase ad home in near by winnetka. this was appointment director of buffett independence statute of global studies established with a record-setting donation from the sister of by buff. martha? -- warren buffett. martha: unbelievable, mike. you did go to northwestern. leland: unbelievable, really not all that surprising considering what goes on college campuses they are unbelievably afraid of being politically correct. how does that change? clanks with money and donors. one gentleman, former colleague, former student there, long time ago he wrote to me in email, this is shameful. i'm not proud of our alma mater. he has a lot of buildings named after him on the campus. you wonder if that gets the administration on campus, finally.
6:56 am
martha: why don't professors say to students studying international policies, and forry studies, come to the class of this esteemed general, they don't have to call him esteemed, call him whatever you want. come to the class. if you disagree with him, speak out, question what he is saying and then you will have a debate and you will have discussion about foreign policy you will learn from his experience, and we hope you will disagree. we hope there are debates going on in the class because that is the process of education. do they not want these people to be educated? they don't want them to hear anything antithetical what these professors believe is the right way to run the country. leland: or anything they might be offended by. god forbid. martha: so sad, so sad what is happening on college campuses across this country. this is prime example of it. unbelievable. leland: think about what happens to the rest of the kids after this. after holding out, paul ryan now endorsing donald trump but is his support not exactly a total embrace? we'll break down just how important this is. we're going to ask "fox news sunday" anchor
6:57 am
chris wallace who is standing by. martha: donald trump keeping up the pressure in california right now where all eyes are focused as hillary clinton fights to avoid what could be a crushing loss potentially in the golden state. you're late for work.
6:58 am
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call liberty mutual for a free quote today at see car insurance in a whole new light. liberty mutual insurance. martha: donald trump stomaching in california now with some new energy bolstered by long-awaited endorsement that came yesterday afternoon, first in the form of a tweet as these things go from house speaker paul ryan. he is planning a big rally today in reading and security staffers are making sure they don't see repeat of yesterday's despicable show of violence. [shouting] martha: what is going on here, right? brand new hour of "america's newsroom." glad to have you with us on a friday. i'm martha maccallum. leland: nice to be with you. nice to be with you at home. i'm leland vittert. bill hemmer is on assignment this fine friday.
7:01 am
violence erupting at a trump event yesterday. protesters attacking supporters outside of the venue. you see the riot police there. meanwhile on stage trump trading blows with hillary clinton. he is firing back after she stepped up attacks against him in a major speech. >> they're not even really ideas, just a series of bizarre rants, personal feuds, and outright lies. this isn't reality television. this is actual reality. >> when you watched her today, she does not look presidential, that i can tell you. she does not. [booing] this is not a president. four more years of this stuff and i'll tell you we're not going to have a country left, believe me. and if i win, believe me, make america great again, and it is going to be greater than ever before. leland: senior national correspondent john robert was there for the violence and the aftermath joins us now live. good morning, john.
7:02 am
reporter: leland, good morning to you. there for the rally as well which was well-attended despite game one of nbc championships. inside, lot of celebration, big enthusiastic crowd but outside quite another scene. protesters, people bent on violence intermingled on the street, confronted trump supporters. my colleague shot video of a guy being sucker-punched on side of the head. it wasn't until he was knocked down, police came in to intervene. another very troubling scene. one woman, who was waiverring a trump shirt, who had been facing off with protesters, was sort of cornered in the front of the marriott hotel. she was trying to really stand her ground. and, doing admirable job of that, she got egged a number of times before people let her inside. authorities eventually let her inside. a lot of complaints today that the san jose police stood by and didn't do anything until this got well out of hand.
7:03 am
that is when they declared it unlawful assembly. we were walking down the streets and riot police got involved. big political topic, hillary clinton's foreign policy speech in san diego. more of a screed against donald trump provoking a very sharp from him last night in san jose. let'sly a little bit of when hillary clinton said and donald trump's response. >> donald trump ideas are not just different, they are dangerously incoy inherrent. this not someone who should ever have the nuclear codes. >> i watched hillary today, it was pathetic. it was pathetic. [booing] it was so sad to watch. and you know, she is up there and supposed to be a foreign policy speech. it was a political speech. had nothing to do with foreign policy. she made a political speech, tonight, folks. it was a pretty pathetic deal. reporter: we're likely to hear more of that when donald trump
7:04 am
takes the stage here at the reading airport which promises to be a heated rally and not just for the fact it is forecast to be 106 degrees in the sunshine, when trump takes the stage. leland: we'll make sure you have a few bottled waters out there. give us a sense how paul ryan's long-awaited endorsement is being received. do trump supporters care? does the trump campaign care? >> leland, donald trump famously said he didn't need paul ryan's endorsement. politically better to have it, but not to have it. brings in line most if not all members of the house. ryan has broad approval of the conservative wing and mainstream wing of the pub bees in house. ryan tweeted i will vote for donald trump this fall. confident he will turn the house gop agenda into law. no secret we have our differences. we have more common ground than we have disagreement.
7:05 am
ryan decided to get behind trump after the two talk ad number of times including in person. he said trump releasing list of 11 potential supreme court nominees was very, very helpful. which may explain, leland why trump released the list in the first place. close on the heels of his meeting with members of the house and senate the other day in washington. leland: yeah that list seemed to solidify a lot of people's opinions. john roberts, reading, california, will stand by for the trump rallyir. martha: a fact, speaker paul ryan as of yesterday afternoon is now supporting donald trump. so what is the impact of this? here is what the congressional -- democratic congressional campaign committee had to say about it. quote, ryan's dragged out decision underscores how truly vulnerable makes house republicans in swing districts but ryan only caused them further damage. joining us chris wallace of "fox news sunday." good morning toe you. >> good morning martha.
7:06 am
>> the that is big issue for some time paul ryan held back hisendorsement. he didn't actually endorse he said he would vote for him. there is concern down ballot for people not trump fans. what do you think? >> first of all ryan's endorsement and his office said afterwards, that is what we should call it was about as tepid and arm blanked as it could have been. he delivered it not in washington in a news conference. delivered it in article in local paper in wisconsin in the home district. no talk about appearing with trump, campaigning with trump. simply that he is going to vote for trump. look, i don't know that it's a big positive for trump but, refusing to endorse him would have been a negative and would have been a bad issue both for trump and ryan and house republicans. at every turn we would have said about what about ryan? are you going to endorse him now, particularly going into the convention in cleveland and to
7:07 am
the degree that he kind of did it, kind of finessed it, yes it is endorsement but arms length as it could be, he is just going to take the issue off the table for himself and for other house republicans who are running for election or re-election. martha: what does it say about the whole thing though? i mean, what does it say about what paul ryan thinks is really going to happen in november? is he trying to keep his powder dry? is he trying to maintain ability down the road to say i wasn't really that supportive of him? we are on the same page on some things but not on others? what is he up to is the real political question here? >> i think what he is up to is damage control. he is trying to limit -- not obviously enthused about donald trump but he doesn't want to make it an open wound in the republican party, excuse me, and he, you know he wants to protect his members. i thought it was very interesting, in his statement, in his op-ed piece in the local peep, he said, we think trump will sign and put into law our agenda.
7:08 am
he wasn't signing on. he made it very clear, he wasn't signing on to the trump agenda. he was saying trump would be a vehicle to put into law his conservative republican agenda in the house. so, again, about as tepid, about as lukewarm as it could have been but i think he is hoping that the issue now will just go away. martha: you know what paul ryan is concerned about and tax reform is very high on his list. he wants to get rid of obamacare, there are suggestions donald trump wants everyone to be covered. that sort of thing. he wants some people to pay more taxes. this would be the meat of discussions that these two gentlemen have had, begs the question, did he get donald trump to say, all right, you know, when you want to run your tax reform bill, you know up the flagpole, i'm going to be there supporting that 100%, that kind of thing? >> no. i think it is very clear and in fact, ryan explicitly said, there are continued
7:09 am
disagreements that we have, in effect he said, he is better than hillary clinton would be but where those differences are are, where they come up in the campaign i will reserve the right to speak up. in addition to issues that you talked about i think are of continuing concern to ryan, one is entitlement reform. ryan really made his name talking about reforming medicare, medicaid, social security. trump said he wants hands off those. the other that is a huge issue is the separation of powers and the question of executive action. obviously ryan and the congressional republicans have been very upset by executive action by obama. they're concerned, i know there were specific discussions between ryan and trump on that issue. will trump respect the role of congress and not try to go around them with executive actions. i'm not sure he has gotten a definitive answer on that at all. martha: donald trump making a interesting bet on some of those issues in order to get elected he needs to take those stances and it will be quite interesting to see in the long run if he
7:10 am
does get elected, if the pivot everyone is waiting for comes after the election and what kind of assurances he may or may not have made to paul ryan. fast it -- fascinating what is going on behind the scenes. thank you, chris. >> thank you, martha. martha: he has been an early supporter of donald trump and we'll hear he has to say when the former house speaker weighs in on the ryan endorsement. coming up with "fox news sunday" with chris on sunday. leland, disturbing reports that a man tied to terrorism made it into the united states via mexico. he got caught. what about next time? california congressman duncan hunter demanding answers. he joins us live next. martha: legendary beloved boxer muhammad ali hospitalized at the moment for respiratory problems. we'll have latest on his condition. plus there is this. >> is it your fault or your
7:11 am
government's fault? it is your government's fault. we have to get your governor to get going. she has to do a better job, okay? your governor has to do a better job. leland: strum trump's recent lash out at new mexico's first republican latina governor, why one of the top republicans in congress is worried that trump could drive away latino voters.
7:12 am
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martha: boxing legend muhammad ali rushed to a phoenix hospital with respiratory issues. the last word that the 74-year-old is in fair condition, however some sources have reported that his condition may be worsening. obviously there is some mixed messages are coming in here. we're working to get an official update on his condition. he has been hospitalized several times in recent years, most recently in 2015. he was diagnosed with parkin -- par kin son's in the early '80s. leland: disturbing new reports that a human smuggling network managed to sneak illegal immigrants from the middle east through the mexican border including a man from afghanistan who has known ties to terrorism and was part of an attack plot in either the united states or canada. that man is in custody. it raises questions about national security and border security. california congressman duncan hunter leading the investigation
7:16 am
and co-chair of the donald trump's congressional liaison committee. thanks for being with us this morning. >> thank you. leland: you uncovered documents that these public reports are coming from and in those documents if i understand it right, the homeland security administration saying this is success because we caught the guys, not a failure because the guys were able to get across the border in the first place? >> yeah. that isn't true for a number of reasons. number one, back of the napkin math that border patrol agents do, they say for everyone guy they catch, two or three make it through. that is just back of the napkin math. if you catch one afghan with terrorists ties you can assume others have gotten through. that is number one. number two, when they first caught the afghan the border patrol's database did not flag him as a terrorist. they had to go to a different database which flagged the afghan as a terrorist. the same time there were five pakistanis with him. we don't know where the pakistanis are at all.
7:17 am
they weren't flagged on anybody's database. we're trying to track down whether they were released in the u.s. just like they were here in san diego trying to find work, or whether they were flagged and kept in custody. so we're trying to find out, number one, why the databases didn't work. number two where the are pakistanis came through with the afghan. i assume they all know each other. these are assumptions pretty easy to be made. number three, the american people would have had no clue on this if wedidn't get the documents from homeland security. the american people would have had no clue what the obama administration and homeland security tries to make it looks like the only people coming across the border are nice people looking for work. they don't have anything bad to do or say about americans. that simply isn't true. the ease evident way for terrorists to get into the u.s. is across the southern border. in san diego here where i'm talking to you from, we have actual border fence. we have 13 miles of double border fence and high speed road in spotlights.
7:18 am
that needs to continue on through arizona and texas because in this story, the after again terrorists crawled under a little fence to get into the u.s. and he was caught 15 miles in. so a lot of problems here but the main thing is, we don't know who is coming into the u.s. and what they're bringing with them. we simply don't they. that is what is scary. leland: a lot to unpack here. let's talk about the watch list here, the failure, the epic failure what was supposed to happen if you catch these guys and run them through databases. is it as bad as it seems or is this comedy of errors a one-off deal? >> no i think it is as bad as it seems. what you probably have multiple databases with multiple government contractors that probably costs taxpayers tens of millions of dollars that don't talk to each other this goes into whole different direction as opposed to using commercial software from silicon valley where everything would sync up. this is monumental failure. when you think about 2001, we're
7:19 am
15 years from 9/11 and we still don't have homeland security bases that sync up with the department of defense and fbi in master terror watch list. leland: stunning. >> border patrol agents on the ground encountering these people, crossing the border, need to know who they're dealing with when they apprehend them. shouldn't take two weeks later to realize they're a terrorist. leland: to your point even if they apprehend them, everyone that gets caught, a number get through. congressman, appreciate your insights. as you find out more about this come back and tell us. >> we will do it. leland: thank you, sir. martha? martha: wow. the state department is stumped who ordered this video edit to on the video on iran deal. they received the end of the road there. keep walking. plus there is this. >> [shouting] leland: emotions running high in a courtroom and you might say, it was understandable. we'll tell you why this man
7:20 am
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leland: welcome book. the authorities say a ucla gun man who killed the professor before taking his life possibly had another target on cam pugs. he had someone try to check on his catch. search of his minnesota homelleh the name of his estranged wife on it. when officers checked on her they found her dead. >> we believe at this point she was deceased prior to the ucla shooting. because we're so early in the investigation, the timing we don't know exactly at this point.
7:24 am
>> no other calls come in this week on her well-being, any noises? >> that's correct. no other calls this week to that home. leland: investigators say the kill list had the name of another professor on it who just happened to be off campus at the time of the shooting. ♪ >> carried out the necessary investigation was a dead end in terms of finding out more information. martha: there you go, right? the state department ended its investigation into who ordered the deletion of part of a 2013 press briefing video which they just generally keep all of that stuff but, gone was several minutes of questioning from our own james rosen to then state department spokeswoman jen psaki about whether parts of the iran nuclear talks were kept secret. the state department telling james this morning that saki did not request that video edit. they say she is the not the one who asked for that to be cut. kt mcfarland, former deputy assistant secretary of defense
7:25 am
under president reagan and fox news national security analyst. welcome, good to have you with us this morning. so the state department say, it's missing, that section of the tape and we talked to people and the person who cut it says they just don't remember who told them to cut it. >> i'll tell you this is pattern of criminality, frankly and cover-up. they're rewriting history. look what the pattern is. remember the irs was investigating and persecuting conservative groups and tea party groups and when congress said show us the records, oh, we don't have those anymore. we destroyed those. or hillary clinton and benghazi. where are those emails? oh, well i deleted those emails because i determined they weren't important. now you have got the state department spokesman where they have changed the public record, they dethe looed the public record. we don't know who did it. first they said it was just a glitch. now they were caught red-handed but we don't know who did it, move along, move along, nothing here to look at.
7:26 am
when i worked in the nixon administration as young aide in white house basement, there was 16-minute gap on oval office tapes. martha: rosemary wood. >> he had to resign because in threat of itch peoplement because there was 18-minute fan. they seem to get away with it for a while. martha: what is on there is of substance. what he was questioning was so, hey, based on this new report we see in the "new york times," it looks like the administration was talking to the hard-line mullahs about a deal. that all of this discussion started with hard-line mullahs, not with moderate folks who they say came in later some it is significant that they're denial that they were talking to people earlier in the game is suddenly missing. >> a lie upon a lie upon a lie. james rosen said in effect i think you misspoke or maybe you even lied to us when you represented iran, how you dealt with the iran negotiations. they kind of said, well, maybe we can't talk about that now they have gone back to delete
7:27 am
that because, it didn't make them look good. now when they have been caught in that, caught red-handed they're pretending it doesn't really matter. again it is a pattern of deceiving the american people, frankly deceiving the media and then getting away with it. i don't think they get away with it forever and here's why. when political appointees tell career civil servants we want you to do, in effect something that is illegal and certainly unethical, the career civil servants always want to get it in writing in case some day they're held accountable for it. my guess somebody bottom this in writing. you will eventually find out what happened. martha: two quick things here, mad mid-lynn albright was discussing hillary:'s email andt whole debacle on cnn. let's put the quote on the screen from madeleine albright. she said she made a mistake and nobody is going to die as a result of anything that happened on emails. >> wrong on two accounts. four people did die in benghazi,
7:28 am
and we don't know why or under what circumstances or why they weren't given adequate protection at the embassy. the second thing, if hillary clinton compromised secure information, some of that secure information was things like, this is the name of the spy we have operating at the highest levels of al qaeda. that's the kind of thing that is compartmentalized in top secret, secure information. if that was compromised or hacked into, if some bad guy, some other country got their hands on it, that probably did cost lives. martha: thank you, kt i want to mention you wrote a great piece on about the foreign policy, so-called foreign policy speech yesterday that hillary made. so i would encourage everybody to check that out. thank you. great to see you as always. leland? leland: fox news alert. there is tragedy in texas, four missing soldiers swept away in raging floodwaters. five dead. the latest on the search and the state of emergency in that state. martha: everybody watching california. hillary clinton and bernie
7:29 am
sanders are in a very tight race there and nobody is backing down as we count down the days to tuesday's big primary. >> let california, one of the most progressive states in this country, show the world that california's going forward with the political revolution. thank you all very much! how fast is it? plenty fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. it's not how fast you mow, it's how well you mow fast. even if it doesn't catch on, doesn't mean it's not true. the john deere ztrak z535m.
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the rest is up to you. so if 65 is around the corner, think about an aarp medicare supplement insurance plan, insured by unitedhealthcare insurance company. like all standardized medicare supplement insurance plans, they help cover some of what medicare doesn't pay. and could save you in out-of-pocket medical costs. so don't wait. call to request your free decision guide. and gather the information now to help you choose a plan later. these types of plans let you pick any doctor or hospital that takes medicare patients. and there's a range of plans to choose from, depending on you needs and your budget. so if you're turning 65 soon, call now and get started. because the time to think about today. go long. martha: the navy now investigating the crash that killed a blue angel pilot in
7:33 am
tennessee. >> no, no. oh my god. martha: obvious anguish on the part of the people who were watching this yesterday. the jet went down during a practice flight or an air show that happened this weekend in nashville. in a separate incident, the pilot of an air force thunderbird also crashed following a flyover in colorado. not pilot thankfully survived by ejecting from his plane area alicia live from our denver bureau with more on this. what more can you tell us about the colorado incident? >> the pilot, major alex turner was so skilled he was able to take his f-16 fighter jet as low to the ground as possible and then he slid it on his belly in an open field
7:34 am
before stopping. he also took it far enough away from anyone else on the ground. it happened after the graduation ceremony ended and the thunderbirds were heading to the airport in colorado springs to land. minutes earlier, they allowed the 20 3000 people including thepresident at the falcons stadium with their traditional flyover at the end of the graduation ceremony but something went wrong with major turner's plane, forcing him to reject . >> the deputy to report that major turner is in good health and that no civilian structures or individuals were hurt. >> he made aconscious effort to direct his aircraft away from some of the local neighborhoods here in the area . reporter: because of his skills, the plane itself is still largely intact and martha, after the incident he was bank in person by the president. martha: let's go back to the other story which is so sad. this deadly crash that happened during an exercise in tennessee. reporter: this wasn't long after we receive details of the thunderbirds crash that
7:35 am
news crossed that the u.s. navy blue angels had experienced a crash as well. marine captain jeff koons was with the team, his f-18 fighter jets practicing for a show in tennessee when his plane crashed during takeoff. to live nearby and had watched the fighter jet performance team practicing say captain koons saved so many by not rejecting, staying in the cockpit until the moment of impact which kept his jet from harming others. >> that man is a hero, an absolute hero. he apparently went completely down with that plane when he could have, he could have ejected. he could have taken out neighborhoods. reporter: before the blue angels and served in afghanistan, he leaves behind a wife and two young children and both crashes are now under investigation. martha: such a sad story, alicia, thank you very much. leland: with the devastation
7:36 am
and heartbreak in texas, search efforts underway now for four missing soldiers, five others were killed, three hurt when their truck got swept away during a training exercise at fort hood. >> yesterday we suffered a tragic accident where we lost five of our soldiers. our priority has been since the first report of this incident and continues to be to search for our four missing teammates. leland: greg added, governor of texas joins us now. you are busy, i appreciate you taking the time this friday. >> certainly leyland. this is just the latest tragedy that we have suffered in part because of the incredible torrential rain inside of texas that we have been hit by and obviously we never want to see a man or woman in uniform injured or
7:37 am
harmed in any way so this is an absolute tragedy for fort hood once again. but also, leland if i could point out, this demonstrates to everybody the same message i am trying to convey up and down the state as we continue to experience rising waters. even soldiers can get swept away by rising waters so for the average civilian citizen in texas, especially the reason i will be going to later today, please understand, do not drive into rising waters because even our finest candy swept away. you need to protect your life and safety first. leland: absolutely and you were watching video rightnow, cars being lifted up and swept away , if it can lift up with a army truck it can do that to a car. i'm looking to some of the numbers out of texas. 450 water rescues this week, 31 counties under a state of emergency. it seems like what you're dealing with there is a statewide crisis, some even call it a biblical flood if you will. >> it is statewide. i was in the northern region
7:38 am
of texas yesterday at the top of the brazos river where flooding was taking place. as soon as i finish this i'm heading to the southern region of where the brazos river goes into the gulf of mexico where flooding is most dramatic and that may be where you are showing scenes right now but there have been so many homes, so many cars, so many other pieces of property that have been lost because this but my primary message today is person for most that texas needs to focus on and that is protecting their safety. the rising water is coming up so fast, people don't realize that one moment they may be on dry land, just a few hours later they may be inundated. leland: so people need to be vigilant, they need to listen to local evacuation information and never, ever drive into floodwater. if you can give you one other story, we heard yesterday when i was in hood county, i hear it every single day and that is some people actually go around barriers within the roadways thinking they can
7:39 am
make itthrough and they get swept away. there are barriers in the road, do not drive down the road . leland: not only can they get swept away but it puts endangered the lives of so many first responders, brave men and women who come out to see them. governor, safe travels down to houston and we are praying or some dry weather and clear skies. >> thank you leland. martha: game one of the nba finals goes to the golden state warriors as the defending champs hold on to be the cleveland cavaliers. golden state bench coming up big in this one, point guard sean livingston leading the way with 20 points. as a personal post season best for him, a small run by that cavaliers in the third quarter had steve feeling the frustration. had coach smashing a clipboard. the team went on to win 104 to 89. we have a couple people from cleveland reallypulling for the cavaliers ,sorry guys .
7:40 am
leland: it happens. all right. harsh words from senate majority leader mitch mcconnell. what he has to say about donald trump's relationship with hispanics. has the damage been done? plus, there's this. >>. [shouting] martha: very emotional father goes after the defendant inside a courtroom. we tell you the background story here. p?p?h
7:41 am
7:42 am
7:43 am
. leland: welcome back. friday morning at america's newsroom. of emotions reaching the boiling point in a cleveland courtroom when the father of a woman killed by a convicted sex offender lunges at him. >>. [shouting] no, no.
7:44 am
leland: the father had just finished giving a statement to the courtroom when he turned around and lunged at the defendant who you can see was grinning at the father from behind that desk. the father had to be dragged outof the courtroom . the defendant had just been sentenced to death for the murders of three women. martha: the gop at risk of ruining its relationship with millions of hispanic voters, that according to senate majority leader mitch mcconnell who says latinos could turn their backs on trump the same way millions of african-american voters did with barry goldwater way back in 1964 and he blamed it in part on his constant attacks on prominent hispanic politicians. here's some of that. >> i think that the attacks that he's routinely engaged in, for example going after
7:45 am
susanna martinez, a republican governor of new mexico, the chairman of the republican governors association was a big mistake . martha: joining me now, tony vega republican strategist and brad woodhouse, a communications director for the nc and president of correct the record. welcome, good to have you here. as donald trump often does, he's changed his tune a little bit on susanna martinez. here's what he says now, let's put it up on the screen. he says, i would like to have it, meaning her endorsement. i respect her. i have always liked her he says. tony, what do you think? >> i believe him. number this is part of the donald trump charm friendly but is not about to susanna martinez. the republican party has an enormous deficit with hispanics. donald trump notwithstanding. mitt romney, other than making one comment in the debates about hispanics supporting themselves only got 12 percent of the hispanic vote so we do have to repair that relationship.
7:46 am
if you would trump, he is basically at around that 27 percent number in most polls. there is a variation, as low as 18, some as high as a third of the hispanic vote but the reality is if you look at results, when he's been on the ballot in these primaries, hispanics have had a choice. they voted for trump. in the primary, overwhelmingly. in texas he performed poorly and on the majority of the border counties along the mexican border which happens to be a majority hispanic population so, has the potential to over perform although i'm not suggesting he necessarily is going to do as well as george w. bush in 2000. martha: brand, a lot of people in different sort of breakout groups i think this is true for women to, don't really love being lumped into these groups. they say we care about the issues like everybody else does so hispanics are concerned about jobs, they are concerned about values, they have many concerns and
7:47 am
may not want tobe grouped into sort of well, i guess it's going to be an anti-hispanic vote time for donald trump . >> i think that might be right martha but remember, it was donald trump that lumped them altogether. all the mexicans coming across the border are rapists. all the mexicans coming across the border are murderers and the judge overseeing the trump university case is bad because he's a mexican descent. martha: he didn't say he was bad, he was just saying he's against me cause i want to build a wall.he didn't say he was a bad person or a bad judge. he was suggesting that he's biased. >> he's biased because i want to build the wall because he's in of mexican descent which is a ridiculous statement. first of all, this judge was born in indiana. he is a latino but he's an american citizen, has been his entire life so look. i think it's rich, by the way and i agree with tony. publicans have a real
7:48 am
deficit. the last decent thing republicans did or said about latinos was in the autopsy report the rnc issued after the last shellacking of the president where they saidthey needed to do more to reach out . martha: i sense a lot of handwringing and a lot of time trying to figure out what happened with mitt romney and one of the conclusions was the rnc had a lot of work to do with hispanic voters in this country and if trump loses with that group in a way, there's going to be a lot more handwringing. >> no doubt, martha. no doubt. and in the aggregate, the growth and opportunity report which is the postmortem is right. the republican party has to expand. i worked for jack kemp, on acolyte of the big republican party. but the reality is donald trump has reached the electorate in a way that puts a lot of other nontraditional republican voters, blue-collar voters, independent voters in play and these are voters in critical states. pennsylvania, michigan, wisconsin, ohio.
7:49 am
when you look at hispanic voters as important as they are, and this is to your point, the most important state with a large hispanic population is florida. you have cuban-americans there who overwhelmingly vote republican. this kind of idea that trump is going to lose hispanics on that, i don't think is really substantiated you really drill down and break down where it matters. martha: does it make you nervous when you look at the ideas that have been turned on their head in this election cycle so far in the primaries and you try to apply the things that happened in the past to this race between most likely hillary clinton and donald trump? >> is that to me, martha? martha: does it make you nervous when you try to apply old ways of looking at things to this race? >> first of all, i don't think this is an old way of looking at things. remember, as tony said, it was mitt romney that talked about self deportation. he classified all these people in one spot that they should self the port, trump
7:50 am
has said he will round them up and send them home. it's not us making an issue, lumping all hispanics together. the polls are doing that. i don't know what tony is looking at and suggesting trump will not lose hispanics en masse. a latino decision pull at his disapproval rating among hispanics at 89 percent. >> i just want to point this out real quick. a clinton pollster said looking at hispanic polls, the sample sizes are too small. there's a plus or minus of 10 percent in these polls . [overlapping conversation] the latest poll shows trump with a third. [overlapping conversation] if you are talking about small sample sizes, this whole issue you raised about him winning latinos in republican primaries, you're talking about small sample sizes. martha: we got to go. you're going to be talking about small sample sizes all week long but thank you very much you guys, it's good to see you both. leland: you're going to be
7:51 am
talking about this at home too. move over amazon. walmart getting into the drone gain. how that could help you get your passages signed, sealed, delivered and maybe a little cheaper. >> digital records. x-rays, mris. all on account...of penelope. but with the help of at&t, and a network that scales up and down on-demand, this hospital can be ready. giving them the agility to be flexible & reliable. because no one knows & like at&t.
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♪ no, you're not ♪ yogonna watch it! ♪tch it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download on the goooooo! ♪
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♪ you'll just have to miss it! ♪ yeah, you'll just have to miss it! ♪ ♪ we can't let you download... uh, no thanks. i have x1 from xfinity so... don't fall for directv. xfinity lets you download your shows from anywhere. i used to like that song. leland: walmart getting ready to enter the drone zone. one of the biggest retailers in the world, the largest as a matter of fact, working with the faa and nasa to develop drones or its distribution centers. the drums would be able to take pictures, scan barcodes. they're hoping it can speed up the process of inventory check month to a single day. eric schipper joins us now, thanks for being here. >> absolutely.
7:55 am
leland: is this actually going to work? >> it actually will. it's fascinating. these drones will be able to take inventory, really do what a worker could do in a month, they can do in a day so the the fascinating thing as well is amazon has been talking about drones and it's a big competitor of walmart. walmart wants to give its consumers the best possible experience, it's under heavy attack from amazon so they're going to likely begin to use drones now for home delivery which is fascinating as well so you can imagine, you order and have a drone show up on your doorstep with your package. leland: in so many ways, this changes everything you might say. not only in terms of how we do business but who does the business. if you have a drone delivering packages, you don't need as many ups drivers. you don't need as many in people in distribution centers. what happens to all those jobs? >> well, they are saying they will find other areas for the
7:56 am
different workers but the reality is that it likely will impact jobs over time. but the experience to consumers will be a good one and so there's this balance. there's no question, technology is going to continue to impact jobs, robots are coming for people's jobs and businesses either get on the bandwagonor potentially they go out of business and walmart, walmart wants to be competitive. they want to continue to be the dominant force they're going to have to go the way of the drones . leland: they've certainly been the ones innovating from the very beginning. thank you. martha: it is chaos in california, protesters got rowdy, i don't know if rowdy is the right word. some of them were rowdy, some of them were downright violent as this rally donald trump was out last night. the latest from the campaign trail after this. we will be right back. >>
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leland: so great to be here. bill hammer on an exciting assignment, we will see what he's working on martha: he's working on a documentary we will see soon. everybody have a great weekend. leland: enjoy the weather, hopefully no rain in texas . "happening now" starts now. jon: it's getting hot out there. hillary clinton and donald trump trading attacks on the campaign trail in a preview of what could be a rough and tumble admiral election battle. welcome to "happening now" on this friday, i'm jon scott p7 i'm heather childers in for jenna lee. rough and tumble to say the least. mrs. clinton unloading on donald trump in a foreign policy speech, questioning his credentials, his temperament and leadership ability. meantime, trumphitting right back on twitter and at a rally in california, watch . >> donald trump ideas aren't just different, they are


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